Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights: Grand Trine & Kite: Waking Up to Your Power and Joy


Exciting news!

Last Friday Jupiter trined Neptune – one of the pivotal positive transits this year.


June 1, Jupiter will be exactly trine to Venus – completing the expansive “Grand Trine”! We’ve arrived at one of the most optimistic, positive, flowing moments of 2018!

Jupiter and Venus will be at 15° – number of spiritual alchemy, HEALING through happiness, and creating magical transformation.

  • ANY Grand Trine brings fortunate, harmonious energy flow.
  •  But THIS one is made even more special since both “benefics” – Venus and Jupiter – are involved.

Venus governs beauty, love, the flow of finances and our intrinsic values. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, wealth, wisdom and truth. Merged with the third planet in the Grand Trine, Neptune – planet of longevity, spirituality, intuition and unconditional love – this is beyond magnificent!

And it’s happening in the sensitive, intuitive Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, creating many openings in your life right now to SEE clearly.

  • You are naturally a “seer”, an intuitive – a channel.
  • It’s easier now than ever to access those infinite internal resources.

As a result of honoring your eternal connection to Source, you eliminate fear of anything, once and for all.

This Grand Trine is an activation your natural alignment to living an abundant, passionate, vibrant life! It’s also creative, romantic, tender and sweet – a triad of LOVE.

On Friday, June 1 something else happens to this Grand Trine as the Moon enhances the impact of blessings bestowed on you.

On the same day, the Moon arrives at 15° Capricorn opposite Venus, at 15° Cancer. This adds a powerful extra dimension! Capricorn and Cancer are “cardinal signs”, so this formation represents a brand new alchemical awakening about your career and family of origin – your divine mission and your home – soul family.

Plus… with the Moon at 15° Capricorn, we now have a wonderful “Kite”!

(Check out the Grand Trine and Kite in the astrology chart below.)

The MOON becomes the focal point of the kite. This means, the focal point are your FEELINGS. The kite is asking you to take flight with your HEART as your compass.

  • Fly without fear!
  • JUPITER supports you to completely TRUST your intuition – your synchronized pulse with Source.
  • VENUS supports you to value the impact of beauty, love and abundance in your life
  • NEPTUNE supports the awakening of unconditional love through listening to your intuition – the direct line to Source that brings us all together as ONE.


What are you waking up to?

The true Source of your divine power. Your beauty. Your courage. Your origins….

Here is another clue:

Notice how the planet Pluto is right next to the Moon – forming a conjunction. This is very powerful. Pluto is about empowering you through transformation.

  • You have been asleep to the true measure of your power.

This great awakening is showing you that you CAN access what has been there all along. You can do this at ANY time. Your ability to shift your life is instant… and the time has come.

Your awakening is that YOU are the SOURCE of everything in your life.

You are not meant to follow, but to LEAD.

Take this amazing Grand Trine and Kite as a call to wake up!

One wonderful way to see how you are uniquely designed to manifest happiness, abundance and love is revealed by Jupiter’s placement in your astrology birth chart.

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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