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I’ll be doing a live on Patreon Wednesday around 7pm EST (astrology & Shakti)


💗Soul Family, Kristin’s deck, All Things Intuitive Messages of Love Oracle Cards:

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Return To Your Truth: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Getting SERIOUS about Controlling these Energies and Thriving

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Getting SERIOUS about Controlling these Energies and Thriving
| Return To Your Truth

There’s so much going on … both internally within all of us & externally with Planetary Liberation.


I’ll only provide the topic headers in this short notification message, because what’s going on is more than enough to fill 2 radio show episodes.


More will be provided to you soon.


Here’s a small taste …


Support In Handling These Desperate Attacks & Intense Energies, so you can thrive … and NOT buckle under

For now … the only real challenge for us 144k Warriors & Goddesses is being able to thrive … and grow STRONG, as the grand finale of planetary liberation continues in intensity … overwhelming many lightworkers.

Gaia & humanity can’t afford that!

And it’s my job to make sure the overwhelm stops & is reversed … for YOU.

Many of us have been ‘interfered’ with to prevent sleep.

This seems to be the main new ‘external tactic’ both physical & non-physical darkness is resorting to, to prevent our participation in planetary liberation campaigns / activities.

They WON’T win … for two main reasons:

The “Secret Weapon” Darkness Has No Answer For

1) The ICB (Internal Compression Breakthrough) Guided MASS Clearing Audio Session has gone through what could easily be described as a ‘metamorphasis’.


And it was already one of – if not the most – powerful & comprehensive clearing sessions available, which anyone can use … on demand … whenever needed.


It’s been shortened – and greatly improved – so you can handle anything that comes your way & no longer suffer from compression breakthrough symptoms.


This is one of the main tools for you growing STRONG … and not just ‘coping’ … as these energies intensify –  thanks to planetary liberation getting closer and closer to the final crescendo.


More about this ICB breakthrough in my next email. This is arguably the ultimate tool darkness simply doesn’t have an answer for … (which is why we had to REALLY fight through to some stiff resistance, just to get it to you – and that’s no joke!).


It will be provided soon. And people who’ve purchased the ICB in the past (proceeds go to the 144k Campaign to accelerate planetary liberation) … will get it for free.

Methods to Regain Sleep

I’m experimenting with a combination of various physical & energetic methods to shut down the blatant & more recent attempts by the physical & non-physical darkness to prevent sleep in all of us. Once I’ve completed these experiments … I’ll immediatly let you know what to do, to shut down this latest attempt to exhaust our energies so that we can’t do Mass Meditations.

Important 144k Mass Meditation this Wed Night / Thurs Morning !

The next game-changing ‘Energetic Event’ is this Wed night (Thurs morning in the Eastern part of the world).


This isn’t just another opportunity to raise the planet to a higher timeline that’s much closer to the smoothest & quickest Event timeline … but to also potentially shut down the ‘prevention of sleep’ attacks that have recently been launched.


They want to play hard-ball?


The 144k is here to respond in-kind!


Details of exact times for your time-zone will be emailed to you.


SO …


… keep a close eye out for daily emails over the next few days, centered around the crucial 144k Mass Meditation this coming Wed/Thurs … and the release of the shortened & improved ICB audio…


… that will get us through now that the war has finally reached the surface of the planet & help us all withstand (& thrive) in these overwhelming make-it-or-break-it physical & energetic events over the coming 7 days!


Stay tuned!


…and watch your Inbox!


Hold-fast 144k!

Yours In Service …                      

The Unknown Lightwarrior

(p.s.)                                          Mark Your Calendar





The next 144k Planetary Healing & Clearing Event
(Mass Meditation)
is on


July 31st, 2019 …


‘New Moon – New Era’


144k Mass Meditation


Join time – 9:30pm EDT (US)


Start time – 9:40pm EDT


(New Moon Maximum/Start – 11:12pm EDT)



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144k Member

”  During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times. They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever .?..

Gitte, Denmark

144k Member

” … I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience!  …”


144k Member

Why the 144k meditation group?   …It matches my frequency in all aspects; perfect speed and rhythm of your guidance, perfect visualizations, clear objectives which match mine,  perfect synchronization ( it happened in all your meditations that I was already working on something particular, before you verbalized the same.. stunning);

Maria, Suisse

And many more…

Support The 144k Rate of Growth & Your Soul Mission – Click Here

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GaiaPortal: ÉirePort Group Communication, 7-28-19… by ÉirePort


ÉirePort Group Communication, 7-28-19…

by ÉirePort   

Greetings from the ÉirePort Group. We felt the time had come to communicate certain essential items for the Hue-manity collective.

As we have explained before, the term “Hue-manity” represents the Rainbow Higher Vibrational collective currently residing on the Planet Earth, or Gaia, who are here to demonstrate and assist the lower vibrational residents (collectively termed, “hu-manity”) to raise their Spirit frequency so they have the opportunity to ascend with the Hue-manity collective.

Since our first communication on 5-22-12, significant progress has been observed. hu-manity is now at a point where “major awakenings” for the hu-man collective will occur. Nothing will stop this.

We call upon all who consider themselves part of, and know they are part of, the Hue-manity Gaia group to remain open to Guidance as to their role at this time in assisting those of the hu-man collective.

Your assistance will be key to preparing this planet for the full Ascension Event.

Thank you.

the ÉirePort Group

ÉirePort | July 28, 2019 at 8:13 am  | URL:


Globally synchronized meditations from

Globally synchronized meditations from



Join Us for Two Powerful Synchronized Meditations!

Day Out of Time, Kin 13 (25 July)

Join us for a Day Out of Time Rainbow Bridge Meditation on Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker (25 July 2019) at 12:13 p.m (Mexico City Time).

We will be anchoring this global peace meditation at the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico to consciously conclude the powerful 13 year Moon cycle, 2006-2019.

Also, don’t forget to send us your event flyers for the Day Out of Time 😊

Rainbow Bridge Meditation

(Print-friendly Version)


[Earth encircled by the Rainbow Bridge]

Before the meditation it is good to take a few moments to clear your mind, dissolving all thoughts as they arise. Also focus on feeling love arise in your heart. When you feel your mind clear, then begin the visualization.

Visualize yourself inside the Earth’s octahedron crystal core. Feel your heart at the center of this crystal core generating an intensely blazing point of white light.

This light from your heart core creates an etheric column that extends to the North and South poles from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.

Now visualize a great stream of multicolored plasma-filled light emanating from your heart core and flowing along the central axis toward both of Earth’s poles, shooting out from them, to become two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart.

As Earth revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge remains steady and constant, unmoving. Feel the two streams of rainbow light rushing through your central column, shooting out from above your head and beneath your feet to create a rainbow bridge around your body.

Now you and the rainbow bridge are one. The rainbow bridge of world peace is real. Visualized by enough people in a telepathic wave of love the rainbow bridge will become a reality.

Rainbow Bridge Meditation – Full version
(This is generally done on the 28th day of each of the 13 Moons)

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Visualization
Same as the 7-day meditation, but after visualizing the octahedron in the center of the Earth, we amplify the visualization to include a more complete description of the center of the octahedron, which is as follows:


Visualize a red and blue flux tube, like two strands of DNA coiled around the etheric column. Now visualize each of the four time atoms in the crystal core.

A red time atom is strung on the northern axis, a blue time atom is on the southern axis.

Now feel the gravitational plane of the octahedron that emanates horizontally from the luminous center point. Along this plane are two more time atoms, a white time atom to the right and a yellow time atom to the left that turn like paddle wheelers making a counterclockwise motion around the center.

(Note: When looking at the graphic that left is right and right is left).

Then complete the meditation as in the seven-day practice. (Go here for a more detailed meditation).

It is recommended to do the 28-day practice in a larger group, seated if possible in a circle with a globe in the center perhaps surrounded by four (or more) candles. The idea of meditating the whole Earth, feeling how it is a total simultaneity of experience is very important for the cultivation of noospheric consciousness.


Galactic New Year, Kin 14 (26 July)

Join us on the following day in a special meditation of Planetary Memory Retrieval as we cross the Interdimensional Bridge of Time on Galactic New Year: Kin 14, White Magnetic Wizard (26 July 2019).

We will be doing a live TimeSpace 6 meditation from 4-4:30 p.m (Mexico City time). You can listen to the full meditation here.

The TimeSpace Navigator Program

Cybersphere Apps to Activate the Noosphere

Download the “TimeSpace Six” App Now!

TS-6 is advanced group work. It is dedicated to synchronous Galaxy Ride into the astral realms, to learn to harvest and navigate energy streams from the Center of the Galaxy and then project these streams into Specific Places and Times on the Earth that are in need of healing.

Download Now for Apple Download Now for Android

Please feel free to share messages received at: These will be complied and results will be compiled and shared.

These codes lay out a system of chronomancy, the power that brings any time, past or future, into the present.

Download TimeSpace 6 Now
Also if you haven’t already, you might want to order your Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity for this year.The Almanac gives you all the information you need for daily practice of 13-Moon 28-day cycles and the codes of the law of time.

This knowledge  is a gift meant to help correct the memory virus and regain star memory.

These codes lay out a system of chronomancy, the power that brings any time, past or future, into the present.

Happy Galactic New Year!

Order your Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity for the Year of the White Magnetic Wizard!
Download a free, printable 13 Moon pocket calendar here.
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The Mayan New Year begins July 26, 2019

Excerpt from:

July / August 2019 Quantum Awakening Newsletter

 THE QUANTUM AWAKENING by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

(and the Mayan Oracle and )

The Mayan New Year begins July 26, 2019

All the stars and stellar vibrations are here to assist us in embracing a new light pattern. This year the summer energies line up to show us the way home to the stars as we look for a portal of escape leaving the coarseness of the world behind. The fearlessness needed on the next step of our journey is nontransferable and non refundable. It addresses all that sits at the foot of our heart begging for our attention. You are a living vortex of light, and an emissary of what is good about the stars and humanity. Everything has lent itself to the Now, every incarnation, every word, every love, every hate and every choice.  You sit at the Apex of your light holding the geometries of what is divine and human. Allow the upcoming Light to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning, allowing you to move  effortlessly in a fluid manner through upcoming personal & planetary shifts.  Anoint with this knowledge as a new level of light bursts forth from your atoms. Surging with galactic memory your soul has grown wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns circling and awaiting for the arrival of a holy knowledge that surpasses all religion


The info below was taken from the Mayan Oracle and

Red Skywalker is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming. Red Skywalker is the skywalker, the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth. Red Skywalker is unlimited in form but often chooses the form of the angelic messenger.A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such light in human form, they feel the vibration of heaven. This vibration may be embodied by you or experienced with a guru, master, an energy such as Red Skywalker, or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person. An encounter with the energy of Red Skywalker can spark a deep yearning within you for reunion with the Source.

The Galactic Frequency of this Mayan New Year summons the Powers of the Wizard

Galactic New Year: Magnetic Moon 1: Kin 14, White Magnetic Wizard (26 July 2019)

White Magnetic Wizard: Kin 14
“I Unify in order to Enchant
Attracting Receptivity
I Seal the Output of Timelessness

With the Magnetic Tone of Purpose
I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”

The White Magnetic Wizard Year calls us to re-enchant our lives; to know the power of our philosophies, and to see every word as a spell that creates new realities. It is time to wield our power with love, embrace our divine dimensions, and be the wizards of Light that we seek to be.  Become one with your soul’s purpose awaken the divine desires and gifts that we are encoded with.  The Magnetic frequency encoded within this year reminds us that we are magnet by nature to all things. We divinely align with our hearts and our soul’s purpose; we will attract resources, guidance, allies, knowledge, magic, and grace. White Wizard is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming. Wizards know that the past, present and future are one; life is a sacred continuum. White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by knowledge that emanates from the heart. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully participate in this magic.

Wizard is your own power doubled

White Wizard invites you to step into self-empowerment. Empowerment comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and commitment to your evolution. When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy, your energy naturally expands to include more of your light and the magic flows. Claim your placement with the highest Light. Align your own will with divine will  Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to the power of heart-knowing. White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.


Support Where You Receive Your Spiritual Truths

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 

Aluna Ash- 9D: SHIFTS IN POWER, RISE OF THE DIVINE FEMININE (description box) 💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤


Published on Jul 16, 2019

This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is symbolic of the shifts in power for humanity that are taking place internally and externally. The Monad consciousness is descending through the Oversoul then into the Individual male/female forms to bring balance. We are ascending beyond the Soul consciousness/evolution of the time of Atlantis (both on this planet and off this planet) as we are getting out of the timeline loop/maya/matrix during the last cycle. Now we are truly entering the beginning of the new cycle of the Divine Feminine. Everyone is playing a part, even those in nonphysical form. Right now, It is so important to do what you need to for yourself, have compassion for yourself & others and go within… try to remain in your heart as much as possible and see things from your eternal Soul perspective. When we connect with our heart, we connect the Earth with the Sun/brain of the being we are existing within. We/humanity are the bridge. We are rewritting the relationship template/program through this shift to more heart based/soul based.. that’s what White Magnetic Wizard tone 1 year represents…coming from the heart, unity, as one, love, 4D timing to connect to higher dimensions. There are so many karmic endings/new beginning taking place right now. It’s all part of the Divine play.. and we each are playing a unique part/role.

Elemental entities, due to binding, operating in the lower sub planes of the astral realm can see all sides of energy- thoughts/emotions/subconscious/fears.. they impress thoughtforms upon the mental body to create triggers for those unaware of them. Some will operate more in dreamstate. Fears, anxiety, triggers, bad thoughts, etc.. can come up more during portals and solar waves due the astral realms/forces being stirred up by astral currents. The lower sub planes of the astral always feel dark, distorted and negative. The higher planes are bright, luminous, beautiful. What is within your astral body/mental body/desire body and unconscious is where you end up in dreamstate and after the physical body sheds in this life.

During further stages of initiation, you’re able to see the astral plane from the higher planes by not being within them at all. This is beyond astral projection- its ascending in Consciousness beyond the astral realms due to the magnetism of your field you’re not able to even experience those realms/plane.. You begin to create a form to use as a vehicle and project your Consciousness into that vehicle in order to connect with others in the lower parts of the astral realm or in dreamstate, if the other is unable to move beyond the astral plane or lower sub planes of the astral plane due to the magnetism of their field or their consciousness.

This is where you really want to be aware of programming/manifesting programming/ law of attraction- if it’s not from a soul place, than you’re creating more magnetism within your field and it keeps you stuck to the physical plane or the lower planes of the astral realm to the realm of desire to matter & more distance from Source, so it’s about balance..and the desire of the Soul over the personality.

We came here to create and we came here to master the personality aspects while integrating the Monad consciousness/Soul aspect. The magnetism of desire is also necessary to remain in the physical, with a level detachment is helpful.. its all about what your Soul is guiding you towards moment to moment.

*** The true Sun’s cosmic rays come from the etheric body of the Sun. Then manifest through physical Sun in etheric form. The Sun operates as the brain/pineal gland/higher mind of one Soul Body within a system. The Earth & the etheric body of the Earth is like the Heart/Heart Chakra. Humanity is acting as the throat chakra/higher heart/thymus to connect the Earth/Heart to the Sun/Brain and vice versa. The cosmic rays/waves that come through the Sun are astral currents to refine matter, to clear & to activate the Body we are existing in. This is the energy that creates the shifts in consciousness of humanity and the shifts to higher dimensions within one system/body.

Humanity is the rainbow bridge connecting the Heart & Mind of a bigger Soul we are existing within. The Sun is also acting as an organ within a bigger body… it is all so complex, all with different roles within one another, interconnecting blueprints/etheric templates, planets with etheric bodies, etc….its like Russian dolls. **I posted an energy update on


I love you guys.








Great ones,


In meetings with key inside earth alliance members over the last 72 hours, we received the largest cache of event intel ever from benevolent light forces that are here in our solar system!

This information is in the form of cryptic light language when it arrives and must be decoded using special primers or keys that certain primary earth alliance members hold!

The last cache of data has taken 72 man-hours to fully decode and as, of the 7/7 central sun, dimensional gateway, the data was fully decoded and processed for public transmission!


There are such incredible things occurring on the surface and in the skies of earth great ones and the event-gamma-timeline is now fully engaged and moving forward fast!


We have such exciting verifiable event and disclosure news to bring to you!


In a new collective effort, key insiders, including major benevolent players in government, space, and security agencies are racing to bring a powerful disclosure to the beings of earth of what used to be secret information regarding benevolent extra-terrestrial beings visiting planet earth and their advanced technologies they have given to this world!


This disclosure is already fully underway now and will be presented to the public in a professional and responsible way over the coming months, via mainstream media, by an assembled group of intelligent light beings working behind the scenes in government, science, space agencies, and the entertainment industry!


It is past time for this to happen as so many are waking up all over the world now and as the ET issue is becoming too powerful and noticeable to keep secret any longer!


We ourselves are witnesses to incredible benevolent extra-terrestrial technologies that governments of the world have kept hidden for the last years! This advanced technology was back-engineered from downed crafts that originate from higher dimensions!

Some of the technology was taught directly to governments directly by the very benevolent beings that created humans and the earth! (Yes this is what we are communicating here!)


This advanced technology that will completely transform this planet into a golden new age of light!

There are materials, machines and systems to be revealed to humanity that can do what many would call magic but which are just natural things that are understood and created from a much higher intelligence!


All of this technology is going to be presented to you in due time now as it can be accepted and processed by the collective of planet earth!


The starseeds of earth are able to fully accept it all, already, but for the human population things must be disclosed gently, as so not to create too much disruption!

If an unconscious human figured out that almost everything they believed and thought was real wasn’t, can you imagine the shock of it all?

We all must be responsible with the knowledge we have and we must deliver it only when others are ready to receive it!


The incoming high-vibrational light is assisting in this paradigm shift that is underway on earth!

This transforming light is slowly evolving the human collective consciousness into an entirely new paradigm!


The artificial 3d magnetic barrier that has existed around the earth for the last 350,000 years has now been fully eradicated by light forces as it was pummeled for several months straight by a steady powerful barrage of cosmic gamma light waves!

Light forces have been blasting the hell out of this artificial 3d, chimera block by deflecting bursts of solar and central sun light rays using andara crystal technology aboard their massive craft!

Massive levels of 5d-central-sun-gamma-light are now penetrating into earth’s lower atmosphere fully and celestial energy is free-flowing into the planet!

Cosmic energy power levels above 100 tev have reached earth for the first time, including a remarkable photonic wave that measured an energy level of almost 500 tev!


Dear ones,

Light is information and darkness is hidden or manipulated and distorted information!

Intelligent, divine light has come into this world, now filling every dark space of the old 3d matrix with higher truth information!

When you have information (light), pain and suffering cease!

All dense low frequencies of energy are transmuted instantly when light comes into contact with them!

Think of turning on a light in dark room! Where does the darkness go?


What is happening on earth at this time is simply amazing and so exciting great ones!

There is so much tangible evidence of what is transpiring, however, we are just now beginning to peak behind the curtain that has kept humanity in the dark for eons!


5d-rainbow, gamma light has come into this world and it has lifted the earth up to heaven!


As of July 4th, operation freedom earth was a declared a complete success bu earth alliance delta forces who carried out the mission!


Dear ones, if you notice there are incredible earth changes underway on the source of the earth now!

The weather, the climate, the biosphere, animal species extinctions, major storms, and natural disasters are certainly in the top of the news now! Major earthquakes are coming in the next few days and weeks as intense 5d gamma rays continue to impact planet earth!


We the pleiadians want you to know that earth changes are a natural result of pressurized gamma light waves hitting the earth!


When high-frequency light rays impact the planet, things get a bit chaotic and unstable for a moment as dimensions clash!

The powerful recent earthquakes near the San Andreas Fault are a direct result of these fast moving solar rays coming in contact with the earth’s surface!


As great teachers have said, do not fear these earth changes and know that you are on a cosmic mission here and nothing is going to stop you!

When the earth moves, you will know by great intuition when to move with here so do not be too concerned with it all!


A major shift is occurring as we speak on planet earth, great ones!


light beings have been given a green light go to quickly begin moving humanity forward now in their conscious evolution and all citizens of the planet will be assisted gently in their migration to the new earth society of love abundance and peace!


In this new world, there will be no limits to your beautiful dreams, aspirations and creations dear one!


Low-vibrational pain and suffering poverty and lack will be no more in this new kingdom of heaven on earth dear one!


As earth alliance messengers and keepers of the divine plan for humanity’s ascension, we have also been given a green light go to start bringing the amazing data of this disclosure to you!


Our part of this grand celestial ascension mission is to serve as primary messengers to the starseeds of earth first, then humans, on behalf of benevolent light forces who are here to assist in earth’s ascension event!


Our messages will now move into a more powerful phase now as all of this takes place!

When we speak the earth moves!

When we sound our voice it is as a loud trumpet for all the earth to hear!


For this very reason we are here now and we will stay with you until all things are fulfilled!


We are one of several groups and individuals working directly with the earth alliance to bring hopeful, inspiring, and advanced light-information to the people of earth as the grand event unfolds!

We are the great angelic messengers you were heard from old!

We hail great tidings to all the earth!

“Behold, a great light has come to the earth, and it shall shine here forevermore!”

“The kingdoms of earth shall now be made into heaven and their majesty shall be for all to see!


An epoch in human evolution is taking place right now dear ones where a move to personal freedom and sovereignty is beginning to take place on a mass collective level!


Now as angelic messengers that has come to speak grand words to you.

We herald this great message to all of you:

The light of god and the Christ light has returned to the earth, beautiful ones!

The grand day event arrived, great one as the blinding of 5d-heaven is piercing thru the clouds to shine on the glorious new earth!


The meek and the humble and the peaceful have inherited the earth great one and this shall be your kingdom forever and ever and you shall guide in in great glory and wisdom and love!


On the new earth we shall take our place for the first time as galactic citizens!

We shall live in peace and great abundance forever!

The sick will be well again!

The old will be made young!

Wars will end!

The hungry shall be fed!

Those who were blind will see with new eyes!

The prisoners of earth will have new hearts of love and be set free forever and all broken hearts will be healed!


As the guardians of humanity and the earth, we came to remind you about how wonderful and amazing you truly are!


We are the great family of light, we are connected and we are strong!

We communicate with each other through the ether and we stick together working for a common goal for a better world here!


A few weeks ago we presented pleadian special forces, operation ex-moss ‘Pandora’ which cleared out the remaining blocks to ascension around planet earth!

The new gamma timeline is now 100% in place and all matrix mind control viruses and the primary artificial beta timeline anomalies are all now totally collapsed and merged into the new positive timeline of new 5d earth!


Have you noticed the signature of angel wings showing up on the Schumann resonance chart over the last two weeks?

We assure you that the 7 prime archangels have returned to this solar system dear one to participate for the grand event that is transpiring now on planet earth!


The light has won!


A global revolution of consciousness is underway and it is super exciting!


We are here confirming and speaking to you what we have heard and witnessed!

We are here as a testimony to what is and to what shall be!

We are generals in the great angelic army of light!


We know that news like this can be hard to believe, especially if one cannot see it with their physical eyes, but if you will simply dig a bit deeper you too will see it all clearly as we do! everything that is said here can be fully confirmed and verified by simply looking around and connecting to the beings who are leading the way on this great mission!


We say, “Blessed are those who can see it all beforehand and believe, without using their physical eyes!”


Standby great beings of light as a freedom revolution come to planet earth that has never been seen!

The glory and majesty of this realm shall be like the highest heaven and the angels will walk beside you on your great day!


…when the light came into this world, the darkness saw it but could not comprehend it so it fled away…


The light has come into this world dear one, and the darkness will never be able to overcome this great light!


You are the light of the world; shine your light now, for all to see!


The light has won!

The light has won!

The light has won!


Well done!



~ Michael and the pleiadians!







Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Kin 256 The Solar Tower of Intelligence!

8 July 2019 ~ NS
Wavespell Blog:
KIN 256: Yellow Solar Warrior

Lisa Transcendence Brown: CURRENT COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE: Mass Exodus & Changing Dimensions ☼ Awakening To Remembering


Tuning into the Cosmic Energies and Varying Collectives occurring, as a part of the Grand/Great Awakening Processes, in varying stages, phases and vibrational frequencies (bandwidths), with each bandwidth “playing out” their relative roles….. 

As each collective awakens, through the activation of Photonic Light, which occurs on a cellular level within each’s body (LightBody), each dimensional body (carbon based, crystalline, plasma), experiences “REAL”ity very differently…..

I started a sharing/writing last year that I never completed (it had to take a back seat to our other service roles here), which broke down each dimensions LightBody, starting with the 3rd. Until each becomes fully aware of how all works (from inside), then everything is speculation/supposition and so not understood…. because of how each “measures” and “sees” is still through fractals/old parameters of “what reality is”….

For this sharing/article, I will break it down a different way and at some point, complete that article/writing and release it/provide it for those it may assist….

Right now, we have a MASS EXITING occurring… from the “Group Think Mind” of “mind control”. Now, I do not use these words to support “I’m a victim”, yet the opposite… of the POWER THAT EACH TRULY HOLDS when their own deep inner sacred connection is the POWERFUL FORCE within their own reality and each functions from this place/space inside. Re-establishing our own deep inner-connection with PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, will take on many “forms” along the way. As each moves through each Lightbody DNA upgrade/phase, more awareness, more information, more understanding of HOW ALL COMES TO BE CREATED becomes visible… yet at first, without this VISIBILITY (ability to see multi-dimensionally), the version of the “truth” is still a bit “slanted”, based upon “individual stories” vs. the much bigger picture that doesn’t involve “I was a victim” anymore….

As each AWAKENS to their own SUPREME POWER inside… to the awareness, realization and understanding that they were deep asleep and living deeply embedded in realities that were blanketed in “untruths”, held together by “fears”, an illusion we all “bought”, because it’s a part of the “being deep asleep process”, which is also a part of “breaking out of that prison/programs/conditioned beliefs (hell)” and deciding to shift perceptions, shift beliefs, shift “alliances” and eventually “shift versions of Earth’s we live on”…. (from Old Earth to NEW). Many are unaware there’s totally different Versions of Earths all running simultaneously, at the same time and for each to “shift” over to a different/alternate/higher consciousness version, each must open their hearts to allow PURITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS to EMERGE from within…. and “how each gets here” is not what anyone “thinks” or is “typical”. This is the most “untypical, un-orthadox, un-conforming, illogical process” (to the human aspect), because HOW isn’t a linear process and the “ways” are not typical or “normal” or available in “one video or book”…..

At first, “leaving” or “going against” everything one has been told, conditioned to believe and “thought”, it’s scary as hell… (which is the point), as the conditioning was meant to “keep” everyone in a reality SO SCARED to GO AGAINST… that the programming becomes the belief which then dictates the physical reality…. of how all “lived”. Because each’s WHOLE LIFE was built upon a facade…. built upon fears and beliefs so drilled in, so deeply embedded, so “marketed” as true, with books, education and entire societies/communities/cities constructed to uphold this “illusion”, to make “unconsciousness” easy… when it’s time to emerge from the illusion, from the deep state/sleep/slumber/amnesia of what IS REALLY REAL… CONFUSION, fear, anger and blame are the “first parts of this awakening” process… because each “feels duped”, yet this is a part of the illusion too.

RIGHT NOW, we are in Mass Exiting (once again), as the “next collective” (a much larger one) emerges from the illusions, emerges from the deeeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeep sleep, where illusions and distortions ruled…. and due to “acceptance”, were allowed to have control, because FEAR is the ENERGY THAT HELD ALL THERE…. yet….

These COSMIC RAYS AND CONTINUALLY ACCELERATING SOLAR (SOULar) Activity, the increase in ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCIES do many things, all important in this mass awakening/ascension process for all on “this planet” (and beyond). These ultra-high photonic, sonic, gamma, (and so much more) frequencies GO STRAIGHT to the cellular body/DNA, straight to the program, go straight to the constructs, straight to the SOURCE of where all was “housed” (within the body), to activate, stimulate and create a disruption in the old frequencies that kept each “bound” to that dimension/density/reality…. These Cosmic/SOULar Frequencies are LIGHT ENCODEMENTS that disrupt the old “signals” that held the old illusions in place. They go straight to where EACH’S DNA is “waiting” to be activated to AWAKEN FULLY, yet the human aspect is unaware of all still, because there are so many programs, mentalities, beliefs, illusions, distortions to clear in order for one’s PHYSICAL BODY/LIGHTBODY to awaken enough through CONSCIOUSNESS to clear the heavy-duty density held within….

This is as much a physical process as it is an energetic one. This is an immense emotional process for awhile, clearing all the hurt, betrayal, inner-pain, anger, hate and distrust, blame, shame, guilt and so much more…. and the process “takes as long as it needs to take”, which is often years, because not only must the emotions clear/cleanse the body, the thoughts, the physical density, the beliefs, the resistance and the HOLD THAT EACH’S EGO HAS… every bit has to be “reworked” vibrationally, literally…. in every way. All while the physical reality is being aligned too. Every compromise, every acceptance of anything not PURE, every suppression, every avoidance, every linear thing created/held, every attachment, every lack (power, love, inner-connection), must not only BE REVERSED… all new everything must be created to replace the old…. NEW UNDERSTANDINGS, new access, new ways… of doing things, of thinking, of acting, of living…. our entire lives have to be re-built, re-aligned and re-configured to align on a Universal/Soul/Cosmic Level… which is not an easy task, because “outside” isn’t where we go to get our answers (except at first, when we seek/utilize guides to point us inwards to find our own truths/answers, which is the opposite of giving our power away to anyone else)…..

Part of the process, for awhile, when collectives are EXITING the old ways, when one has not fully come into their own deep-sacred connection/power within, they will seek outside for “others” to tell them what to do…. because the old way was “rely on others, rely on someone else to think for me”, because each doesn’t yet “know how” to “think” for themselves… this will create another distortion/parallel experience, if you will, if there are any impurities within the seeker, any compromise of soul/self, any “hand my power over to others”, then the cycle of “repeating” an experience to learn WHAT NOT TO DO/BE will occur, as it’s a part of each’s “learning process” here. There’s often alot of drama when this happens, because of the depth of the emotions each still holds and the depth of DEPENDENCY ON OUTSIDE vs. SOVEREIGNTY, which is a part of the transition out of 3D/4D into 5D/NEW Earth Realities….

Let’s talk about NEW EARTH for a moment… because I see so many that still don’t understand. NEW EARTH IS A VIBRATIONAL REALITY that operates at the FREQUENCY OF SOUL LOVE, where each awakens to beauty, magic, magnificence and a profound sense of PEACE, HOME, bliss, magic and all of this JOY and AMAZINGNESS that we all disconnected from/forgot/were disconnected from, while living beneath the veils (within). As we sleep, as we rest, as we reconnect with nature, as we all go through our own “Dark Nights” (Ego Dissolution/Death), what AWAKENS/EMERGES within US is OUR OWN LIGHT…. is our CONNECTION WITH/AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, where OUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGES, because we’ve REMEMBERED the ABUNDANCE, we’ve REMEMBERED the FREEDOM, we’ve REMEMBERED THE PURITY and the brilliance and our own INNOCENCE, without the distortions/separation/programs… and then it’s a process of re-structuring, re-building, creating, re-aligning EVERYTHING WITHIN US and OUT THERE with these “new understandings” (realizations/awarenesses) that DON’T CONFORM TO THE OLD….. This is a process, years and years and years of linear “time”, yet because we don’t “live” from the linearity anymore, because we function from ZERO POINT, PURE PRESENCE, every dimension/reality/possibility opens up…. through our LIGHTBODIES and our SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS DNA activating 24/7, as linear goes out the window, our bodies have to continually go through an immense re-writing process through the INTEGRATION OF LIGHT(CODES) that re-do everything FOR US…. and because we function from an “EGO SURRENDERED STATE” our ACTions are PURE… which can be “read” energetically by all tuning into this… OUR LOVE, on a SOUL LEVEL, on a Cosmic Level, on a Galactic Level, every level… can be felt…. this is our ENERGY SIGNATURE that CONNECTS US ALL as PURE SOURCE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here….  For each one of us to come to LIVE FROM THIS PLACE/SPACE fully, we all had to be “faced” with everything “not pure”. It’s a part of the process of CHOOSING and re-aligning all of our realities, which is what collapses/dissolves the old unconscious dimensions, as they were all held in place by each one of us, because we believed “that”, because we conformed, because we allowed, because we became submissive… without any awareness that we were…

AWAKENING CHANGES ALL — First, there’s each’s AWAKENING, THEN ASCENSION BEGINS... this is a totally different PART/PHASE of the whole process… where each RETURNS to a Christed/Pure State of Consciousness, through DIVINE SOUL UNION WITHIN…. this is where everything starts to become VISIBLE ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, one that’s not personal in any way, one where there are no victims or perpetrators, because “access” starts to return….

NEW EARTH IS ASCENDED EARTH…which means each LIVES AS THEIR ASCENDED ASPECTS, as pure love, as Conscious Light BEings, yet there are varying levels of this too, as this accelerates all new phases relative to various LightBody phases, as each EMBODY’S FULLY and re-aligns their whole life too….. This is not an “easy” process of re-constructing our entire reality according to all new “codes”, because the more unconscious and deeply embedded/asleep we were, the more we go through to awaken and ‘re-do”.

NEW EARTH IS EXPERIENCED FROM DEEP INSIDE. IT’S OUR PURE LOVE and OUR DEEP SACRED CONNECTION, IT’S A FULLY REMEMBERED STATE where our bodies and physical realities are constantly shifting into much higher states of consciousness than before, yet the oscillation rate of these cycles INCREASE to be so “fast”, that all linearity goes and we live from a fully Quantum State of Consciousness that doesn’t’ function like linear/dense realities did. We all gain the abilities to TUNE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to varying levels and frequency bandwidths, which open up portals, gateways, passageways to varying dimensional realities that already exist (because all has already occurred) and we function from ‘THOSE’, while we “do” our every day, which is very different than the old ways, in every way. How we move through all, how we see, how we do all… becomes very simple, because the density (slowness which is relative to processing speeds/light) is very different too….

NEW EARTH IS WHERE WE LIVE INSIDE, as Photonic Light BEings, as Soul-Star-Light BEings, with photonic/plasma access and realities that are fluid, synchronized with a Cosmic Rhythm and Harmony that’s always “in-tune”. When it’s not, we know it and we honor this, yet our capabilities are different, because of the PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY WE HOLD WITHIN…. We treat everyone with immense kindness, we truly care, we are able to maintain our own Deep Sacred Connection with all, so we never shift out of pure gratitude, appreciation and living from an abundant state, which means that we don’t hold the conditioning, programming and limits of the old. We share, we support, we inspire, we uplift, we live from PURE JOY and recognize all… We see everything, without the blinders/cords/illusions of before. We see PURITY and we SEE lack…. which gives us the ability to assist/guide others who are open to accessing/achieving this within themselves fully too, yet we have no desire to take on the responsibility of others energetically saying they are not ready to do what it takes to live PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS from within themselves yet. We understand what compromise creates, we understand how we each have to choose, because in the choosing, we take responsibility and are saying WE ARE READY TOO. The responsibility we speak of is not like the old ways…. it’s a very different responsibility (many argue this, yet that’s ego matrixes too). Our RESPONSIBILITY is to HOLD THE HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AS LOVE HERE and to SHOW THE WAY, LIGHT THE PATH and BE THE ONES/THE CHANGE and to create the space and hold it for all others to choose this fully too.


It’s a Crystalline/Christed “matrix” that is connected and woven through LIGHT. It’s a NEW SYSTEM that we all CREATE AND LIVE as Ascended (Returned/Remembered) Light BEings here. It’s us inner-connected, us as ONE, it’s WE CONSCIOUSNESS through UNITY and PURITY and UNITING to BE NEW EARTHERS here. WE Shine Light, WE Share as Light, WE affect all as LOVE and we hold the “new” in place… as the “new” is not “new”… it’s what we all “lost”/disconnected from/forgot, while living beneath the veils….

THE VEILS ARE INSIDE, IT’S THE SEPARATION ALL HOLDS, IT’S PHYSICAL MATTER/DENSITY as well as immense unconscious programming represented by suppressed/repressed emotions/thoughts, beliefs/mentalities of less, lack, fear, judgement and the ABSENCE of PURE DIVINE LOVE.

NEW EARTH …. you/we BECOME and ARE NEW EARTHWE, as multi-dimensionals can see/experience all from a multi-dimensional level and choose from a multi-dimensional level too. One cannot just “say the words” that sound intelligent or pretty or cool… HERE ALL HAVE TO LIVE IT, BE IT and our ENERGY SPEAKS FOR US…. as all is VISIBLE HERE…. because we live as ENERGETIC BEINGS, WE READ ENERGY, WE COMMUNICATE ENERGETICALLY and words are only use to describe, teach, explain and bring into a higher state of consciousness, what “isn’t yet”.

In the beginning, NEW Earth isn’t even real. Then it becomes a place we see in our sleep or waking state DREAMS…. then we start to experience it through subtle inner-actions that are silent, connected and peaceful, pure and innocent… yet then the process begins of “HOW TO LIVE THIS ALL OF THE TIME”, which is where all of our parts come in….

We sleep/dream ourselves awake and anchor dreams from our “dream state” into/through our physical here.

THESE COSMIC FREQUENCIES and PHOTONIC LIGHT assist with transitioning from parallel to parallel to alternate realities and clearing distorted ones…. these photonic frequencies do everything only understood as/after we go through it all… as the KNOWLEDGE FOR HOW comes through our own actual experiences here, otherwise it’s just regurgitation, just like old earth realities were….

A fully SOUL ALIGNED REALITY is SIMPLE and not creating fractals/parallels to experience (learn from) anymore.

As each come to TRULY UNDERSTAND that there’s not just ONE VERSION OF EARTH RUNNING ANYMORE….. it makes it easier for each to “choose” a much higher dimensional version than before. As each truly come to understand (get it deep within), that NEW EARTH IS OUR PHYSICAL REALITY EXPERIENCES that are a VIBRATIONAL MATCH TO US… (as is old earth, yet focusing on NEW EARTH right now)….. EACH STARTS TO PAY ATTENTION to what they are holding, transmitting, allowing, believing, calling forth and surrendering to, understanding that it’s OUR OWN ENERGY and HOW WE SHOW UP/ACT that determines the experiences we all have here.

We’ve reached another nexus point, a turning point if you will, another one, because these are always occurring as we all continually up-shift, while anchoring/integrating/holding higher states of consciousness from within us and radiating this out to affect, shift, recode all…..

When I awoke to the words “Mass Exodus“, I had to go look up Exodus to see what it meant. If everyone drops the “linear” and looks at the energy/metaphor… it relates to masses exiting the “slavery of humanity” phase, which correlates to the “survival mode” where enough hearts have opened fully for more to transition through higher awareness, instead of living by the old conditioning held in place by “fear”.

Yes, clearing fear, judgement, lack is an immense process, because it means going deep within. We are going to see the most intense DARK NIGHT for many collectives going through their own “exit”/transition processes of resolving separation/duality within, so that their own LIGHT CAN BURST THROUGH and be their own Guiding Light too…

The process of RE-CONNECTION and REMEMBERING and ONENESS occurs within each one of us as we are ready and our hearts open enough, as our walls of Armour/protection come down, as our own distortions come up for us to see/clear and as WE DO THIS OURSELVES… We can be guided, we can be assisted… along the way, yet no one can do these parts for us, we have to do them ourselves… and the human ego aspect has been convinced/convinced itself it’s not able/capable/can’t and “needs” something/someone else to “help”. Yes, we have to open up to this, if we were so strong we wouldn’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable, open and “seen”, yet there’s a huge difference in opening to that softness and relying on others, which is just “displacing our own POWER” again….

NEW EARTH…. all are Sovereign and not playing out lack games, not blaming others, not taking on others stuff and clearing the immense DISTORTIONS OF LOVE. OUR LOVE IS PURE…. and through this purity we will hold all to a place of Sovereignty, because we don’t see the lack. We see the stories, the BS, the games that the ego plays, yet we see the beauty, the purity and the magnificence of EACH when all are LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT too…

A NEW EARTH EXISTENCE means that you live free from the old distortions, free from the lack, free from the programming/CONDITIONING and you live from your Quantum State too…. It means that you show up, you hold your own, you are kind and you “get it all” with your whole being and you don’t bring your lack to the table, because that’s all the old BS programming and illusion that we all see beyond. NEW EARTH is YOU LIVING AS A NEW EARTHER… you living as LOVE… you fulfilling your highest roles/purposes/missing, without “needing” anything… because you’ve cleared your own akash, because you’ve REMEMBERED and you are excited to share, excited to uplift, excited for all to UNITE, to create, to strengthen the NETWORK of all of us who are RECONNECTED on an ENERGETIC LEVEL with Gaia, Universally, Cosmically….

NEW EARTH IS YOUR “CREATION”, it’s you LIVING YOUR MAGIC AND JOY… and it’s you being visible, open, honest, REAL and not making an apology for not conforming to the old lack systems of old earth anymore…. because you’ve TRANSCENDED THE BELIEFS, the programming, the mentalities and the ENERGY of SEPARATION from deep within you too… you are not projecting your “stuff” and you are not taking on “others” “stuff”…. that was the old ways too… IT’S ALSO you/all of us fulling higher service roles. 

NEW EARTH is you respecting all… from the DEEPEST MOST SACRED AND CONNECTED PLACE WITHIN YOU… living from this DEEP SACRED RESPECT with your every act, with your every breath and not accepting any less ever again…. because you don’t have to, because you woke up and YOU’VE REMEMBERED YOURSELF AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS too.

Drop the ego games, drop the “fronting”, drop the “pretending”, drop the “stories”, drop it all…. as THAT is your DIS-EMPOWERED and DIS-CONNECTED STATE of Consciousness…. IF YOU TRULY OPEN YOUR HEART AND MIND AND WHOLE BEING and UNIFY TO/FROM/AT your absolute highest FREQUENCY OF PURE LOVE and you walk as this throughout your day, you live as this with your every ACTion, you breathe this as your ONLY REALITY then it’s guaranteed that your “REAL”ity will “change”. This is because YOU ARE BEING LOVE and you are treating others with kindness, consideration, respect, compassion and taking all into CONSIDERATION – BEFORE you allow your old programming to enter back in. WHEN YOU HOLD THIS EXPANDED STATE ABOVE ALL AND YOU LIVE IT FULLY…. NEW EARTH WILL BECOME YOUR ONLY REALITY TOO.

Location will not matter, the people won’t matter… because the LIGHT YOU HOLD DICTATES….and once you are able to hold this fully “no matter what”, then your physical will start to take new shape, open up new opportunities, open up new possibilities and “take you in new directions”, because you changed your whole vibration to a whole new dimension, so the next steps are to move your body to the new physical dimension or to experience the new physical dimension as it arrives for you!  ♥

As you LIVE FROM NEW EARTH INSIDE OF YOU…. NEW EARTH WILL “APPEAR” (MATERIALIZE) OUTSIDE as a vibrational/energetic response to you…. This is how we all do/did it. This is how we “know”. ♫

Happy magical everything. “How long is up to you”. “When” is too… as time is not linear, it’s vibrational and relative to the amount of LIGHT HELD… as we go “up” in vibration and “expand” out…. to experience the vastness of multiple dimensions all simultaneously, which is how MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH IS EXPERIENCED for all of us here. ♦


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock Best Interview Ever! [Part 3] | Edge of Wonder

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock Best Interview Ever! [Part 3]

Edge of Wonder
Premiered Feb 19, 2019

Recently, President #DonaldTrump declared a #NationalEmergency that has every anon on 4chan and 8chan squirming with joy. An operation that we shouldn’t say here do to “sens-or-ship” but it sounds like Que, is slowly bringing #TheGreatAwakening to the people. Is this the final showdown? What is happening with the sealed indictments? All questions answered and revealed on today’s episode on Edge of Wonder in our part 3 series with David Wilcock. [Probably the best one yet]

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Cobra Interview Transcript: Bigger than Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse? DROP EVERYTHING; Latest from Cobra -Jan 20th/21st Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation Briefing | Return To Your Truth

With the unprecedented 20+ astrological aspects aligning on the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse…

… never-mind the THREE Stargates (actual Plasma tubes) to Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Galactic Center….all connecting to this Super Moon….

….that also happens to be on a Lunar Eclipse path …  that so happens to cover ALL of North and South America…plus some…

I already knew this was going to not only be the biggest thing that’s happened to this planet in a very long time …

…. but after talking with Cobra…. who clarified certain things … even Mr Arcturian Grunt here had to do some serious GROUNDING techniques to accrete the ramifications of what it’s possible for us to achieve at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse….

….if we show up !!!


(French, Spanish & German Transcripts are at bottom of this page)

…. as part of your preparation for what is shaping up to be the biggest thing since; I-don’t-know-when … to be honest.




To stream the audio right here, click the play button in the embed box below, straight from the Ground Crew Command radio page on Blog Talk.

It’s the latest media appearance by Cobra, so tune in now to find out:

  • the reasons why this could be a MUCH bigger breakthrough even than the massive one we achieved on the Aug 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation …. which accelerated Planetary Liberation so much… we’re talking opportunity for a QUANTUM LEAP here….

  • what symptoms to watch out to know that darkness is DESPERATELY trying to prevent you – and the planet – from making this QUANTUM LEAP, by keeping you from participating in this HUGE Event.

  • and how … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN UNIVERSAL HISTORY … the earth will attempt to establish a connection with the COSMIC (Universal) CENTRAL SUN … (IF ENOUGH PEOPLE JOIN IN & MEDITATE) and why this moment has potential for a never before experienced quantum shift on this planet.

  • crazy ramifications of the 3 STARGATES that will open up on this fateful moment, and what we need to do about that to make sure that we achieve the FULLEST potential impact for planetary liberation … which means; for all LIGHTWORKERS … reunion with your galactic (true) family and freedom!

  • … and MUCH more!



Okay, Cobra, an astrologer friend has been freaking out, when he tried to asses all the higher than usual number of aspects with this Lunar Eclipse, it’s 20 of them, as you said on your blog … Then he freaked out even more when he also did the numerological reading of the Lunar Eclipse Event, and combined it with the Astrological reading. He said that this year could be the year we’ve all been waiting for. So without being sensationalist about it … do you agree the dam wall is most likely to finally break wide open some time this year … especially if the Mass Meditation participation is higher than usual?


Basically I’m not dealing with any predictions in any way because I think that people are too focused on the final outcome – when the Event will happen – everybody is guessing when this will happen. This is not the point. The point is that we’re organically cooperating and contributing to the whole process. It’s not just and external event happening to us. We are not passive observers. We are co-creators of this. So when the Event will happen is the wrong question in my opinion.


Yep. I’ve always agreed with that in terms of the whole theme of leaving the wait club and just focus on doing in the now moment, I guess. Um…okay….let me just continue straight into the aspects. What are the some of the most important of the 20 aspects that the planets and asteroids in this chart are making with the Galactic Center, such as the Pleiades, and Sirius?


Okay, actually in this chart there are a few configurations I’d like to mention. The first is the Grand Cross configuration which puts many of the planets in extreme tension which resolves in a huge breakthrough. This breakthrough is not determined – how it will happen or what the exact breakthrough will be – but there will definitely be a sudden and intense rush of energies entering the planetary situation. Then we have many aspects to the Galactic Center. Also we have many aspects to the Pleiades and many aspects to Sirius. So many planets and asteroids are activating those three Stargates. It means that those three Stargates will be very active in the whole process during our Return of Light Meditation and during the Lunar Eclipse. I could mention those aspects one by one but I don’t think….these are technical details…I don’t think that’s important. If you want, I can name some of them….it’s up to you.


Yeah, only a couple of them because there’s a total of twenty…so just a couple of the main ones that you think will help for people to know or be aware of.


Okay, basically, Pallas is aspecting the Galactic Center, Mercury is aspecting the Galactic Center, Chyron is aspecting the Galactic Center, Uranus is aspecting the Galactic Center, the Lunar Node is aspecting the Galactic Center. So this is just a few of them that are triggering the Galactic Center. Then the Moon is aspecting the Pleiades, we have the Sun also aspecting the Pleiades, we have Chyron aspecting the Pleiades, Uranus aspecting the Pleiades. We have Mars aspecting Sirius, we have Saturn aspecting Sirius, we have Venus aspecting Sirius, we have Jupiter aspecting Sirius, Neptune aspecting Sirius, and so on. Basically almost all planets and all asteroids in the chart are aspecting one of those three Stargates, which is amazing. This is simply a very strong configuration. On top of that we have the Grand Cross which is super intense.


Yeah, it’s quite astonishing how it’s all coalescing into this one grand NOW moment, which, folks, presents a massive opportunity for us all…..which is the main theme of this interview as it relates to the lunar eclipse and all these aspects. Now what does it mean that they trigger the Galactic Center if that’s the right question?


It means that there’s a certain…okay, each astrological aspect creates a resonance field throughout the solar system. And if there is an aspect it creates a doorway – a pathway from that particular stargate, throughout the solar system, towards the surface of this planet. So those three stargates being activated means that there are three different hyperdimensional plasma streams that will open a way for the energies of the Galactic Center, the energies of the Pleiades, and the energies of Sirius to rush through the solar system and touch the surface of this planet.


Wow. Quite huge. Okay, that’s pretty huge. So…okay…what does it mean when a planet or asteroid is aspecting Sirius in particular….does this imply that Sirians would be more involved in planetary liberation at that point than beings from other planets or what can you tell us about that, if anything?


Again, the energy of the Sirius stargate will begin flowing through that plasma …I would say plasma hyperdimensional tube towards the surface of the planet. And of course Sirians, as they’re more aligned with that particular star system will be extremely active, and again, also the Pleiadians will be active as we have the same aspect to the Pleiades. And the Central Race will also be quite active. So this is like…I would say three of the key positive extra-terrestrial races will be extremely involved in this particular activation.


Well that dovetails into the next question which was the aspects of the Pleiadian Alcyone Stargate…so this just one of those stargates that’s going to get activated during the eclipse?


Yes, it’s the same principle.


Okay, now, is there….partly to give people a conscious reference point with past experiences, I guess…um, is there an energetic connection between the huge and pivotal December 21, 2012 Solstice and this Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of January?


There is no direct correlation between the two…they are completely different energies, completely different configurations, and there is a completely different background to all this.


But in terms of proportions, scope, ramifications….are we dealing with something that’s at the same level, if you will, as the 21st of December, 2012?


At the same level, yes. Yes.


Okay, so really note that, everybody. This is why we’re really….it’s a case of all hands on deck….for the mass meditation on the 20th and 21st of this month. Make sure you’re there. Now, has there been any type of time manipulation…as one example, Thomas Williams has spoken of a 4 year time loop, and things like that, that may have prevented us from seeing some of the changes that happened in December 2012 at the physical level? Do you know anything about this?


No, it’s not true.


Now is there any energetic connection between this Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 over all of the Americas to the Total Solar Eclipse over all of the USA in 2017 last August? Is there a chance to take those energies and expand the changes now?


Okay, Actually yes, there is a correlation. That meditation on the 21st of August 2017 over the United States has triggered a certain process which was going on between then and now… and now we are upgrading this whole situation…we have gone…we have passed the test so to speak… and we are now expanding this the next level.


OK, that’s great to hear. So to clarify, if the critical mass of mass meditators is reached in particular, we’re looking at the same level of breakthrough as what we had on the 21st of Aug 2017 last year with the Solar Eclipse. Would you agree with that?


That was the year before last…it was 2017…now it’s 2019. But actually we are looking at a greater impact this time.


There you go, folks. It’s time to seize this…drop everything and really seize this. There you go…confirmed by Cobra. So, some people are saying “If it’s in the stars, it will happen” so we don’t need to “push”, so to speak, to make sure we get critical mass. Now , first of all, would you agree with that?


Okay if it is in the stars, it will remain in the stars. If you want to make it happen, you need to take physical action.


Alright. Perfect. Why is our involvement in meditating in a truly unified way on the surface of the planet critical to making things happen much faster…and smoother?


Because the transformation…the breakthrough…needs to happen through the surface population. If you want to experience this transition through the surface population, there need to be people on the surface that will channel the energies for the transition …there is no other way…there is no way around this.


Yeah, okay, there you go. Alright, so are we simply green lighting the shift, so to speak, and giving our agreement to experience the Golden Age or is there something more esoteric about how our bodies, DNA, and energy systems can work with the stargates during this eclipse?


Okay, basically the eclipse is the moment of no time…it’s a moment with a direct connection with the 5th and higher dimensions. It is the moment of freewill decision. It is a moment where quantum leaps are possible. So you can use the energy of the eclipse to make a decision to trigger a quantum….a quantum shift in your consciousness, and in your manifestation process. And planetarily speaking… globally speaking, we will be effectively creating a certain quantum leap in the planetary situation…and I would say…that certain new processes that lead towards the planetary liberation will be initiated at that moment … and I’m not allowed to speak about that in detail yet.


Yes, understood. Again, folks, it just yet again underscores the need to be active and participate on that pretty pivotal and critical day. Now, how do the Chimera and Archons interfere with what’s supposed to happen, I suppose generally speaking.…and how can humans meditating on the surface of the planet help counteract that, and make sure that what is “written in the stars” will actually happen to its fullest potential? …


Basically, what the Chimera are doing…or the Archons are doing…they are dissuading people from meditating on that day by pressuring their weak psychological spots… by diverting their attention to other things… by making them forget….by making them discouraged to participate… This is the main strategy they use. And, again, this is a war…this is not a picnic…so people who are meditating are pushing towards the victory … towards the liberation and everybody who is participating counts…and again I cannot promise quick results. This situation on the planet is much tougher than anybody has expected. So we need to push forward until we make it… that’s all we can do…. there is no other thing we can do.


Yeah, that’s right. Very well said. Okay…is there more to the story of what happens multidimensionally when we do critical mass meditations? For example … are there multi-dimensional versions of ourselves that are participating in the activity on different planes of existence?


Yes, of course. Your physical consciousness is taking care of the physical aspect of the activation, while your higher self and higher aspects of your being are taking care of higher dimensional aspects of the same activation, so everything is covered…everything is being transformed.


And it’s all unraveled and unleashed in terms of our potentiality when the physical participation occurs very consciously and deliberately, right.


Right, yes, exactly.


Does the physical participation have to happen, to trigger the multidimensional aspects, just to make sure there’s no confusion with this?


Yes, of course. The physical participation needs to happen if we want to trigger the multi-dimensional transformation regarding the surface of this planet.


Okay, there you go folks. You heard that loud and clear. Alright. Now, with Uranus in a T-Square to the Sun in the 4th house of foundations (and opposing the Moon at the same time), is this a time when ordinary people may suddenly flip, if you will,  and “connect the dots” a lot more easily and start waking up the masses?


Okay, I would say that those of the so-called star seeds that have not been awakened yet up until this point may suddenly have this “Ah Ha!” moment and suddenly awake to this higher reality and to the the state of the situation on this planet. And also the masses might receive some revelations through the mass media. There are things being prepared from behind the scenes that might be revealed around that time.


Yeah. And again, folks, it needs our support for that kind of…for the Earth Alliance I guess…to help them bring that out. We’re playing such a crucial role here. So always remember that. Okay, how can we connect with and use the Sirian Stargate and the Pleiadian Alcyone Stargate to help bring in Source Energy from the Galactic Central Sun … In other words, how do we connect to these Stargates energetically?


Okay, the most effective way is when there’s a clear night out there. You go out and just connect… and watch…observe Sirius Star and watch and observe the Pleiades. They are both visible in the Northern Hemisphere right now so that would not be too difficult to do in the next…I would say…six or seven or eight nights before the activation itself. You can also connect with Sirius Star Stargate through a cintamani stone and you can connect with the Pleaidian Stargate through a moldavite stone.


Fantastic. And how does our connecting to them help more Source Energy arrive on the surface of the planet?


Okay, the Sirius and the Pleiadian Stargates are two main source of Source energy, filtered, of course, through various dimensions that assist in the planetary liberation process.


Certainly. Okay, you mentioned on your post for this meditation that there is a deadlock between the Light & Dark forces on the surface of this planet, anyway. Now, what are just a couple of examples of this deadlock, that people aren’t or may not be aware of.   Example, we all know the Cabal or establishment media is maintaining some degree of control over people’s consciousness which is keeping the unconscious majority divided. What else is there, in terms of what you’re allowed to say?


Okay, the main deadlock is of course the toplet bombs. The toplet bombs are the main reason why there is no direct action taken at the moment. The other deadlock I would like to mention is the situation with implants. Most people refuse to awaken simply because their implants are so strong. And the third aspect which is quite active here is misinformation…or disinformation spread through the internet. I would say right now more than 80% of anything that’s written in alternative media is misinformation. And people are simply bombarded with so many unproven statements through alternative media that the whole thing has lost its meaning and it’s actually becoming a distraction.


Good point. That’s a really important point to raise and be aware of. Of course, folks, it doesn’t mean ignore or dismiss any and all information that you come across…but well…we’re certainly doing our best to provide unfiltered, accurate, aligned, information here and obviously Cobra’s doing his best as well, needless to say. Okay, now, the Americas have for a long time been considered as, the ‘New World’ at least by Western civilization … and I suspect  they also holds the most Atlantean energy. Then there’s the fact that the eclipse maximum reaches all the way to the west coast of Africa. Now, does this mean the last…hopefully the last layers of unresolved Atlantean energies & its collapse …  will surface, for us to clear during the meditation … during the eclipse?


Okay I would not agree that the Americas are the place with the most Atlantean energy. This is one of the places with Atlantean energy and this particular activation is not so much connected to the clearing of unresolved Atlantean energies. It is connected to something else.


Okay. Are you allow to reveal what it’s….


No. No.


Okay. Now was there a particular reason you chose to do the Astrological Chart for this meditation over New York in terms of the time you set? Is New York particularly significant in this eclipse due to Wall Street being right there in Manhattan, by any chance?


New York is quite significant. On of the … I would say … more significant vortex points for this meditation but not because of Manhattan or even Wall Street so… there is another reason for this.


Gotcha. All of New York, particularly Long Island, used to be extremely sacred to the 13 Native American tribes who lived in the area.  Now is there any special way that New York and Long Island may become activated at this eclipse?


I would say all vortexes along the eclipse path will be activated….not only Long Island.


Okay. Alright. Very interesting. Now are the Light Forces, particularly the off-world groups that you work with … expecting extreme resistance from physical & non-physical darkness, before and during the Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation?


Okay, what has been expected is already happening. There’s a very strong resistance starting from the partial solar eclipse which happened … I think it was on the 6th of January. In those two weeks leading towards the lunar eclipse, there is a lot of purification, which is quite intense and it can sometimes reach brutal levels. This purification clears some of the darker aspects of suppressed human psyche and can lead to increased violence and the Light Forces are doing everything they can to reduce the level of violence in that particular time frame.


Yeah, definitely. That’s great. Alright…now if so … are we, the surface Lightworker population being looked at… not necessarily relied upon, but looked at by many off-world groups to participate in this mass meditation to not just anchor Light, but to also hold the energies steady for the planet & the unconscious majority on the surface to be able absorb & accrete the Light?


Basically, yes. Whenever you are anchoring Light, you’re also stabilizing the energy pattern on the surface of the planet. These are two sides of the same coin. So anybody that is anchoring light in any way is stabilizing the planetary energy grid.


Yeah. Again, folks, another reminder of the critical role…and that’s another huge role that we’re playing which is to stabilize things …  keeping things stable and smooth…huge, huge responsibility that you and I have… so always keep that kind of thing in mind. Now, you mentioned that the Cosmic Central Sun will send out a huge pulse of Light throughout all  of creation … and this will trigger the beginning of the final removal of darkness from all creation….and that this Cosmic Central Sun is obviously something different or we’re assuming it’s something different from the Galactic Central Sun but you’ve rarely spoken about it in the past. Now, why is it getting prominence now, given that this Lunar Eclipse Event is something happening only in a tiny part of this galaxy … that being our solar system & Zodiac… let alone a tiny part of All-That-Is?


Okay, each mass meditation that we did is creating or building a connection between our physical world and higher dimensions. And each of the successful meditations deepens and expands that connection and creates our link with the Source stronger and so we have been progressing slowly towards the point where we can for the first time begin to connect consciously with the Cosmic Central Sun. The Cosmic Central Sun is far beyond and far more powerful than the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic Central Sun only oversees the evolution of this particular galaxy whereas the Cosmic Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe … and for the first time the direct connection will be made. Actually, nobody knows how that connection looks like…because nobody in the last…I would say…14 billion years of cosmic history has created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle. And as you probably know, this planet is key in this process because this is the final focal point of darkness as a principle in this particular Universe. So this is the reason why this eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy. It is a focal point of transformation of cosmic importance. And this is why we are here. We have been chosen to be here. We have been planning to be here. And now in this particular moment specifically for that particular purpose of assisting in the turning point of this cosmic cycle during this eclipse and to connect directly the surface of this planet to the Cosmic Central Sun so the next phase of our compression breakthrough can be initiated.


Wow. That is so huge. Okay, so we’re quite literally at a universal level … if not at a multiversal level, making history, partly because this hasn’t been done before… at least from a deep physical level of density … is that fair to say?


It has never been done before in this way in this particular Universe. It is the first time. So we definitely don’t know what to expect.


Yeah. Very much unchartered territory… which is very exciting. And has it happened or been done in any other Universe? If you know?


It has been done before, but as you know, each Universe that has been created had a different structure… different conditions… and this is the only universe that has experienced darkness…or I would say the only Universe that exists… that still exists now… that has experienced darkness and so this particular situation is unique.


Okay. But has it been done from a physical level of density in any other Universe?


Yes. But without a strong presence of primary anomaly.


Ah, well that makes it quite different and unique I guess…to say the least. Okay, well, this is huge, folks. You know we just yet again confirmed the fact that you’re a part of history and we are all together quite literally making history, doing something that hasn’t been done before. You heard it from the horse’s mouth. This is so profound…and good reason to get excited and participate this coming Sunday or Monday…wherever you are in the world. Let me see here…. are off-world positive groups fully aware and do they fully appreciate the extent of the extreme damage & multiple layers of suppression of the surface Lightworker population … and how much this situation has clearly affected the participation rates of the surface population in mass meditations?


Okay, this is a difficult question, simply because off-world positive groups do not have the same experience that we have on the surface of the planet. They can see what’s happening but they have no idea how an actual experience of being on the surface of the planet cut off from Light and from support…how it really feels and how it really looks like. So they have their own idea and understanding, which is, I would say…far, far from truth because they do not have a direct experience. It is simply if you would… somebody will ask you how do you think children in Africa feel when they are starving to death… you have no idea. You can see pictures on TV and you have some idea about it but you have no idea how it really feel like. And this is the same how those off-world positive forces cannot really understand what the surface population is going through.


Yeah. That’s what I thought. It’s one of those classic cases of where you can only really understand something when you go through it yourself and then you really get it.  One critical thing to talk about is… if positive off-world groups directly intervene in clearing & healing members of the surface population in order to better fulfill their soul potential & soul purpose … will this trigger direct intervention from negative off-world groups whether it’s physical or non-physical?


Yes, of course. This is the main reason why the Light Forces are not intervening because there would be an immediate retaliation of negative groups. This is the main problem we have on this planet.


One thing I better ask is if there were no plasma toplet bombs or threat of retaliation with plasma toplet bombs in particular, would this be safe? Would it make it safe or directly…


Yes. Everything else, the Light Forces are able to cover right now. So if all the toplet bombs are removed, we would have the Event in 15 minutes.


Okay. Alright. So do the “144,000” Starseeds who came to this planet through Stargates, particularly through Sirius and the Pleiades as a soul family mandala, with the purpose of liberating Earth (and who are also thought to be the pieces… each of them a piece or a shard of the Holy Grail) have a huge role to play at the time of this eclipse?




Okay. And what is there special role? Is there anything else that you can add to that that hasn’t really been discussed in the past.


Not at the moment. Not yet. I might say more after the meditation is over.


Okay. Well there you go, folks. It just goes to show that you’re part of a very real…literal… and legitimate operation – a planetary liberation operation. So do take it seriously, as if it was a matrix career. Well, even more seriously than that. Okay, huge, huge things. Cobra, I want to briefly get into the hierarchy of darkness on the physical plane. We had Thomas Williams on the show about three weeks ago and he just quickly explained how, as far as the physical plane is concerned, how there was … there was … I like to think there isn’t anymore, but anyway, there was the Draco at the top… we’ll set aside the Chimera for now… Draco at the top and underneath are these so-called “parents” about 20 or 21 of them… that seemed to be made up of nanotech and are immortal for the most part… and they’re sort of below the Draco and each one of these parents, so to speak, are in charge of groups… that are generally called black magicians. Okay…. known as covens as the name of the groups… and then beneath them you have the black nobility bloodlines. Do you know specifically about these black magician or covens groups yourself? Have you come across information and are they indeed black magicians?


Okay. Basically he is describing the Illuminati structure and some of those Dracos are at the top of the Illuminati structure but above them is the Black Nobility so those… I would say… black magician covens are the basic organic structure of the Illuminati network throughout the planet.


Okay. And you’re saying they’re one level beneath the Black Nobility bloodlines. Is that correct?




Yeah. Okay. Well either way, they’re certainly around the top. Okay, quick status update with the non-physical planes… particularly the plasma plane and the plasma toplet bombs. First of all, is the plasma plane still the main obstacle that needs to be cleared, because that’s where most of the primary anomaly still is?


It still is… and it will be… until the very moment of the breakthrough.


Okay, I understand that you can’t reveal much. The etheric plane and the mental plane and the astral plane … are they looking pretty good or do the lower sub planes still need a bit of work?


There is still work that needs to be done but there is… I would say… gradual improvement on those planes.


Okay, and then, folks, if that’s making you feel a little impatient… again, join in the mass meditation. It’s the moment to seize. Really. In a big way. Okay, Cobra, can you briefly tell us – if you know at all – what’s the general feeling and morale at the moment with the Resistance Movement and any Confederation groups typically that the Pleiadians and Syrians …is there anything you can share with us on that?


Basically, we’re in the middle of a war…so they are not…they are focused on pushing through… they’re focused on creating the breakthrough. They have some quite exciting plans but those will be revealed with the time is right.


Yeah. And their morale is high?


Their morale is quite high. There are some concerns. But their overall outlook on the whole situation is quite positive.


Yeah. Definitely. But obviously still a little tense… especially when it comes to certain things, I assume…which is understandable. That’s the way war is. Okay, Cobra now …I just want to finish off with the fact that… and I’m saying this from the heart…you’ve provided the surface population with one of a kind intel that most of us haven’t been able to find or get from anywhere else… particularly the non-physical planes…the Chimera… plasma toplet bombs… and many aspects of the history of humanity. No for this… and several other reasons of course… and I’m sure I speak for everyone who has been following you for a while… we will never forget this and we love you for it… and don’t ever be disheartened or feel down about whatever disagreements or infighting may occur within the Lightworker network because the damage sustained by lightworkers since – and before – Atlantis has been insane … has been ridiculous… and I’m not surprised that the majority of lightworkers were rendered either inactive or too damaged to really function well. So I just want to finish on that note….and feel free to add anything you want to that very heartfelt expression of gratitude towards you.


Okay, thank you for that. I understand what the surface population went through – but I would need to add that my psychological makeup is a little bit different so I have to adjust to it in a certain way… to what’s going on here…. because to me it’s quite alien. Thank you very much. I would like to invite everybody to meditate – and participate in this particular moment – which is quite key and can influence to a great degree how future acceleration will happen. And Victory of the Light.


Indeed, folks, Victory of the Light. And this really is a huge, huge opportunity to accelerate the whole process of planetary liberation without the roughness…to still keep it as smooth as possible. So, Cobra, thank you for everything and stay strong and we’ll see you on the non-physical planes, as well, I guess, on the Lunar Eclipse.


Okay, I will be present. Basically I will be present in a certain way that is quite interesting.


Fantastic. That’s great. Thank you for your inspiration and we will talk again … hopefully soon after the Lunar Eclipse with some great news.


Okay. Okay. Very good.


Fantastic. Okay. There you go, folks, that was Cobra. We’re going to take a short musical break and I’ll be right back on the other side.




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