Ascension Notes: Equinox & High Dimensional Light – 16-Mar-2018 by Kara Schallock

So much wisdom and heart in Kara’s insights, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will find resonance with her lovely expression. ~PB

Ascension Notes: Equinox & High Dimensional Light – 16-Mar-2018 by Kara Schallock

It may seem that we are in a deep freeze; silent; inactive and still, while we dissolve remaining illusions, old beliefs and old patterns. A meditation that helps is to create a special room; perhaps a cave; with your favorite colors and items…or ask that it be created for you. This special space is your Pineal Chakra. When you meditate here, you activate and expand your connection to your Soul Guidance. Your Pineal Chakra is connected with your Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras, so these are activated as well. Your Pineal serves as the distributor of high dimensional Light when there are downloads, which is constant these days. It distributes this Light to where it needs to go. When we receive high dimensional Light, old energies surface; this is purposeful, for it readies us for action steps. There are some choices to make through Heart-intention…to step into our Power as sovereign beings or remain in the old and predictable comfort zone of staying small. Those who choose to stand in their Power will experience such Bliss and Light; with the coming Equinox, there is a profusion of Light that infuses us with more Love. With this choice to expand into being more Soul-merged, you may experience some High Heart phenomena.This can appear as butterfly wings or pressure or something else; do not be alarmed. This pulsing, pressure or fluttering is an expansion of your Joy Chakra (Thymus) and is activated by high dimensional Light. It is whatever is necessary for you to rise to be more. These rays of Light are quite high in vibration and not only infuse us, but infuse Gaia. Our energetic bodies are heightened, as is Gaia’s and this shifts us to a higher expression of Ascension.

As we increase vibrationally, there is some surfacing of old beliefs, patterns and illusions that bubble up for Transformation. These might include expectations of self and others and lies (illusions) we’ve been told and have allowed to integrate within us as truth and beliefs, only these illusions have only served to keep us asleep and in control. Many truths are slowly being revealed and as always, be sure you use Discernment with all you hear and read; allow it to resonate. And when you speak, speak with Integrity; your Heart’s Knowing (not your intellect). This includes no gossiping or complaining, for these keep you tethered to the lies of old. Be who you are, which may necessitate you to let go of wanting to belong. You belong to yourself and to a bigger version of who you have allowed yourself to be. If you are wearing a mask in order to be accepted, take it off and be the beautiful and shining being you are.

It is preferable to not be normal; in the New, there is no normal. Normal is an illusion. Express your Authentic Self and your sacred individuality. If fear or insecurity arise, release them, for they are driven by separate ego to hold you back in the old. Be free to be you. If this feels strange, let it be. Feeling strange and being unsure are wonderful aspects of the New. Follow your Guidance, for you are being led in the New, away from predictability and an unawakened state. Watch the children and learn from them. They are wise beings with fully immersed Souls. Allow for a new way of living, rather than the old “I gotta make money.” This frees you to manifest your Joy and Passion along with Freedom. Your Creativity kicks into high gear, so to speak, and helps you live in ways you thought you couldn’t. Be patient and trusting, as this is a shift and shifts take place only when you are ready.

We’ve never ever been in this new space before and this can bring up all kinds of fear. Release the fear and trust your Guidance completely. Trust yourself! There is so much change that is occurring within that it may feel as though you just aren’t you and you may feel very ungrounded. If this describes you, meditate and be in Nature as much as you can. Nature heals and grounds you. When you meditate, you access Truth, you ground to the New and you empower your Guidance, which comes as Intuition and Resonance. Everything happens in Divine Time, so let go of any penchant to look for results in your life. Continue to focus on your Guidance, for all comes when you have done your work and have placed complete Trust in your Guidance.

We have been in an unprecedented Expansion and with the Equinox, we expand even more into our True Selves. It may feel as though you’re being kicked out of your comfort zone. Remember that you have chosen this. Nothing or no-one does anything to you. Everything that is occurring is so you move beyond your self-imposed limitations. Get ready to blast forward. As you do, you release great life force. Be reminded that it is not just us who are expanding; Gaia is too. It is fascinating to observe how the long-standing countries, governments, religions and institutions are undergoing a metamorphosis, even while they try desperately to keep things the way they always have been. If they would just relax and allow things to shift, they would not be in such turmoil. Suggestion: do not complain about the “state of affairs,” for that only keeps countries, governments, religions and institutions strong in the old. Keep your focus on Source, rather than on the fascinating (separate ego) distractions of the world.

With all that is transforming within you and Gaia, this is when you shine bright. One way is to be strong in your Authenticity, another is to remove your attention from the distractions of the world and another is to anchor your Light within the New Earth Grid. Bring your Awareness to the New Earth Grid which is overlaid on Gaia. There you will find leylines connected by small spheres of Light. You are one of these spheres. Simply by being a part of this grid, you activate all other Lights and they become part of this grid (all One). Remember too that the earthly distractions are there to take you from being you by instilling in you fear and self-minimizing. Continue releasing emotions such as fear, control, anxiety, confusion, judgment, etc; for these dim your Light. As you release the old, you activate your High Mind, which is your Heart and intellect together as One. When your High Mind is integrated, all thought is Heart-driven; your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are One; and you transcend any separation and all things that are born of separation. Drop your old stories; you are no longer that person. And don’t invent a new story, for any story puts you in a box of limitation. Stories are illusions, whether you see them as “real” or if you make them up. Stories come from beliefs. See what is beneath each story and then let it go. Replace the void created with Love.

The energies are intense, aren’t they? More of the old keeps coming up to be transformed. Those who don’t understand what is happening may explode in anger, blame and judgment. And if you feel these things from others or from yourself, be sure to take a deep breath, place a hand on your High Heart and stay in Love; this is who you truly are. If you are guided to walk away from an unhealthy situation, please do; you need not take on others’ lower and separation energies; you can just love them. Everyone has a choice to react or respond to a situation. When you are focused on Love, that is what you create; how others perceive this is up to them.

The Equinox will accelerate us powerfully. It will accelerate our healing and wholing, as well as the Light we are. Wherever your attention is is what is accelerated in a big way. Choosing to be Love isn’t about saving or rescuing others; it is who we are; it is Source. You can’t be Love in one moment and judgmental in the next. You are Love in all moments. Love listens, accepts; it never judges or preaches.

Relax, Be and hold yourself in and as Love. Do only that which inspires you and keeps your vibration high. Even if others do not understand or accept you, do this for you; this is self-loving. Being Love is to stand strong in adversity. Honor who you are and who you are becoming.


~ ~ ~

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DAILY OM ~Witnessing Nature through Meditation BY MADISYN TAYLOR

DAILY OM ~Witnessing Nature through Meditation

When it becomes too cold to be outside with nature, bring her inside through your meditation.

When the weather gets colder it can be more difficult to get in touch with the marvel of nature as it exists around us. Finding innovative ways to really connect with nature brings us closer to the wonders that envelop our lives. One way to do this is to perform a meditation with our feathered friends, the bird kingdom.

Just by taking a few moments each day to watch the bird activity that goes on in our backyards through our windows can bring a sense of calm and well-being to our lives. Watching and being with the birds that we share our garden space with us allows us to experience greater feelings of relaxation and gratitude for the diversity that is always present around us. Simply watching, without judgment or expectations, heightens our awareness of the beauty of nature. If you watch the birds for a long enough period of time you will begin to feel a great sense of deep joy within you knowing we are all truly divine. Doing this with our family members will in turn introduce a meditative practice that can easily be shared and appreciated by all, as well as create deeper bonds with each other through the joy of experiencing the healing power of nature.

Looking through our windows and placing a feeder and bird bath in our gardens to attract the birds is a way to call forth beauty into our lives. As we consciously connect with our outer world–even when the weather inhibits us from physically being in it–we see that the splendor we view outside of our windows is simply a reflection of what lies within us.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 16, 2018

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 16, 2018

Be assured that all goes well and although it is chaotic in some countries. The underlying reason is that dramatic changes are occurring, that are necessary to make way for that which is to be introduced. The changes are all part of your introduction to the New Age that is gradually showing itself as the old energies dissipate. Do not be dismayed at whatever measures are called for to clear the old away, as you will have everything to gain in the course of time. As time progresses the old ways that have no place in the future will gradually disappear. It will be an unsettling unavoidable situation, so never lose sight of the fact that the best is yet to come.

Now that you have progressed past the marker, the restrictions where extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are concerned have been lifted, but there is still a vetting system to ensure that none of them are intent on interfering with your path to Ascension. It is time to meet your “spiritual parents” who are the Pleiadians, and in time it will it will take place. Future events are well planned, and all with the intention of preparing you for the upliftment of your vibrations, and the ultimate is of course your Ascension. So to say, happy times are around the corner and most likely far beyond your present ability to predict. Little by little you have been given some ideas of what it holds, yet you will be greatly surprised by the extent of the beneficial changes.

You will become free souls that are so advanced, that you will be the master of your own future and have much more choice as to what you can do. You will be responsible souls and lead your life in accordance with spiritual edicts from the hierarchy that oversee all of your progress. Life from hereon will get better and better, and already some of you sense the changes that are taking place. The greater plan for your advancement is controlled by those powerful souls from the Godhead who ensure that all is carried out in balance and harmony with All that Is. In fact through all of your lifetimes higher souls accompany you and help you with their guidance, but will always honour your free choice.

With spiritual teachings much is made of the need to be non-judgemental, because you cannot possibly know the life plan of another soul. You may be involved with another one and between you for better or worse as you would understand it, you help each other to evolve. Often souls are linked together for karmic reasons, and may have spent earlier lives together and by playing different roles helped each other evolve. Bear in mind that as a soul you are immortal, and when you leave the Godhead to gain further experience, you not only have many, many lives but have all manner of different situations that offer you the opportunity to evolve. For that reason, never look down at another soul, but appreciate that just like you they are following a life plan that they have already agreed to experience.

In between incarnations you usually spend your time in what is called the Summerland for obvious reasons. You obviously meet other souls, your family, relations and friends including your grandparents all presenting themselves to you as they like to be seen, and not as aged individuals as most were when they passed over. Can you imagine a level where the vibrations are somewhat higher than on Earth, where the power of thought is supreme. In these circumstances you do not need money although you can still shop for anything you want, have tea and crumpets or whatever you fancy – all free. It sounds unbelievable but I can assure you that what I have described will be waiting for you. There are waters and sea but they are not exactly as upon Earth, but you can still go sailing or enjoy other such activities.

I can hear the response now and questions such as “where is this place” and what about the numbers of people between incarnations, where are they all. Firstly, there are levels of existence that are divided a little like the countries on Earth, so you are with, as you might say, your own kind. Cars, buses and the like are only there for “old times sake” as in time you will travel by the power of thought, but many souls enjoy the methods of transport they were used to on Earth. All in all, it means there is no “sky traffic” as it is not needed and it always appears bright and sunny, hence the name “Summerland”. When you first arrive you will have had what you might call a debriefing where your life experiences are discussed to see where you may need further lessons, but it does not involve any form of judgement whatsoever. So where do you go from here, that depends on when you need another life experience on Earth, and when the circumstances meet your needs. So be assured everything is well organised to make everyone feel at home.

Take your life seriously and follow what is clearly your life plan, events will show you where you are meant to go and for that reason may be different to what you anticipate. I have told you previously that no soul is given more than they can handle, and of course you invariably get help along the way. It is important that you apply yourself to working for a good outcome. At any time you can only do your best and for that you will make progress. You would be surprised if you knew how hard your Guides work to help you have a successful life experience. Talk out loud to them as they would be pleased to know you are aware of their existence. They follow your every move as they need to be with you constantly, they are also aware of your life plan and do their best to keep you to it.

All of you are very experienced souls having had hundreds, if not thousands of incarnations, but you have not incarnated with full knowledge for this lifetime, only that which is necessary to see you through the type of life you needed to make further progress. You will never lose the advances you have made, but as mentioned they can be held back from you if necessary. Your experiences will eventually lead you on to Masterhood and even greater things, and you can move at your own speed as everything is in the “Now” so you have as much time as you desire. Time is an illusion and in a 3D existence it is linear and you work to it very well.

On Earth things now tend to change a lot quicker than they used to, and in general all of them are affected by the higher vibrations you are moving into. Gradually some of you will find that you are beginning to experience synchronisation of events in your lives, and others may become more telepathic. It will increase over time as more and more souls raise their own vibrations. In other words you are beginning to increase your vibrational levels as part of your path to becoming a Galactic Being.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Please send any questions and/or comments to Mike Quinsey at

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You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

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For those of you who have not heard about the Mushaba Force, which has now evolved to The Love Essence of Mushaba, you may go to the Freedom and Empowerment ‘Branch’ on the Tree of The Golden Light and read about it.

You may also go to

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Thanks, from Nancy Tate


You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

“Water is life”– The UNIFY team presents World Water Day 2018 March 22

Dear friends of UNIFY,

Recognizing and supporting the importance of clean water is one of UNIFY’s highest priorities.

Today, we bring you news of World Water Day 2018 and the events that surround it. Join us in standing up for the rights of water around the world and gather our voices together with the voice of water.

Scroll down for details.

Water is life,
— The UNIFY team

World Water Day 2018
March 22

Join us as we Bless The Water worldwide on World Water Day, March 22. Gather at your local water source, or home, and place good intentions and prayers into the water. Register, or join, an event at

Sign up to watch the free UPLIFT Film ‘The Voice of Water’ on March 22.

Water is finally being recognized as a living being. Around the world, from the Ganges in India, to the Whanganui River in New Zealand, many people are standing up for the rights of sacred bodies of water. Join us in an exploration of our intrinsic connection to water and how it affects our lives.

‘The Voice of Water’ features Nature Rights Advocate Hector Buitrago, Polly Higgins, Grant Wilson, Dr Erin O’Donnell, and more.

Watch the Video ‘The Voice of Water

Our film for World Water Day 2014 is still powerful and meaningful today. Take a look…and thank you for adding your energy and voice to the voice of the water.

Watch on Youtube

World Water Day 2014

At UNIFY we share virtual and in-person transformational experiences that support your most passionate, peaceful, purposeful, and amazing life.

We also organize global synchronized meditations and days of social action. We now have more than 10,000 organizers that bring their communities together for campaigns we launch on Peace Day, Earth Day, Water Day, and more.

Thank you for doing your part every day!

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144k March Equinox Mass Meditation Reminder (links): Here We Go | Return To Your Truth / Ground Crew Command Radio

It’s on ~PB

144k March Equinox Mass Meditation Reminder (links): Here We Go | Return To Your Truth / Ground Crew Command Radio


This is a huge opportunity to move things so much closer to the Event, because of several reports coming in from various intel sources like Q-Anon & Fulford, not to mention Alison Coe’s hypnosis clients who’s reports I went over with 2 episodes ago … all strongly indicating that we’re almost on the brink of a massive breakthrough … possibly the Event itself.


So at 11:30am EDT Tuesday
(20th in the US, 21st in Australia & Far East),

… click the next link below to join in the live guided mass meditation … to:


… unite with all our I AM Presences & MACRO Levels of Light from above the multi-verse
… to bring unprecedented transmutational power to bear on the plasma plain
… with the intent to clear it completely, (especially the plasma toplet bombs).



Here’s the link for the precise time for your timezone:



It’s set for right on the equinox moment, but come online by clicking this link above – 45mins prior to the time listed at this link – (11:30am EST) because we are the 144k, which means we’ll be doing a more advanced, potent form of meditation, to have everything ready for that precise moment of the Equinox … to move Gaia & humanity up closer to the same timeline of the Event itself … with more certainty & effectiveness.


This is it!


Remember our creed …


… we are the ones Gaia has been waiting for….too.


Let’s do it!


The Unknown Lightwarrior.



A week of News and Q Analysis by John Doe Truth in Context

A week of News and Q Analysis by John Doe Truth in Context (I will post the most recent videos going backwards to a week ago, in Comments.) He is now adding some links below his videos which I’m unable to copy in my cell, so you might want to click through to watch on YouTube, and hit the back button to come back and proceed to the next (prior) video.



How Bad is the Corruption? SCIF – America For Sale – Last Hope March 18
Published March 17, 2018

Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast March 19-25: Compassionate Connections

Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast March 19-25: Compassionate Connections
Tania Gabrielle
Published on Mar 17, 2018

The overall themes for this week is to foster Deep Communication and Compassionate Connections.

Listen to a FREE excerpt of March’s Premium Wealth Forecast here:…

Learn how to read YOUR Stars and Numbers Code:…

Tania’s DAILY Quotes on Facebook:…

Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World.

Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.

Lee Harris Energy: Empaths vs. Narcississts free course introduction (recorded) live March 15th 2018

Good news! For those of us that missed the live broadcast, Lee has decided to make it available to us:. -PB

Full video replay enclosed!

Over 3,000 of you signed up for my recent free broadcast on Empaths and Narcissists. Thank you!

Thank you for being interested and for wanting to go deeper into this topic with me. It can be challenging and it certainly isn’t the lightest topic to look at – I know that from my personal experiences and recovery journey. The team and I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback to the website, in the private Facebook group for the course and on the chat room of the broadcast itself.

I’m so glad it has been able to help so many of you. Your comments touched me deeply.

So for that reason, and because I know not everyone will take the course, I am going to publish the broadcast free online in its entirety. So you can experience it, or or forward this email to a friend you think it may help.

This wasn’t my original plan, but to those of you who wrote in about it, I heard you and thank you for expressing your reactions. I’m listening.

We’ve also decided to extend the discounted pricing for the course until the course officially begins on March 19th (tomorrow).

You can watch a replay of the hour-long broadcast HERE. Please share it freely.

You can learn more about the full Empaths vs. Narcissists course HERE. It starts on Monday – can’t wait to guide those of you taking it through this journey, and back into your power.

Big love everyone
Watch the Full Broadcast Replay
Learn More about the Empaths vs. Narcissists Course
Here are some thoughts from those who watched the free broadcast live last week…
“This is so powerful. It explains my situation so well in non-judging words. I’m stunned.”

“You are blowing my mind. This has come at such a crucial time for me.”

I REALLY appreciate your insight and guidance that it isn’t an us vs them thing really…that it is about the deep pieces within us that need to be healed, and the boundaries that need to be honoured. We are seeing this on the world stage and we are thus healing our collective consciousness. I thank you for doing this work in this way…a deep, reverent honouring way; one that helps us come Home to ourselves and consequently each other instead of categorization and further isolation…I have shared details of your upcoming course with many. I hope they all find there way there if that is what is right for them at this time. Thank you for sharing your own vulnerability, story and Truth…I am sure that wasn’t easy but we all learn from stories and you are inspiring.

Click the video player above to see the full, hour-long broadcast teaching from Lee on the Empaths and Narcissist relationship dynamic.

To learn more about the full course and to register go HERE.

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