Praying Medic: Qanon April 19 2019 – The Fox 3 Amigos

Published on Apr 19, 2019

Q gives us information about the Mueller report and we look at how the President gets his message out through Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and John Solomon.

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Tania Gabrielle: FULL Moon Launches Weekend of Wonders


Friday begins a weekend of wonders in the celestial codes…

The second Libra Full Moon today is joined by a liberating conjunction of the Sun and Uranus and a highly fortunate trine from the Sun to Jupiter!

It all begins with the Full Moon on April 19, 2019 – at 12:12 pm in a 12 Universal Year!

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Episode 2, Reevaluating Relationships” focuses on the impact of having TWO Libra Full Moons in 2019 (including lots more info on today’s full moon!).

If you haven’t yet, go and listen to all four episodes and subscribe here.

Now back to the gorgeous star code for the next three days!

April 19, 20 and 21 are creating a weekend of wonderful miracles, healing and opportunities.

In the Ancient Egyptian Star Code numbers 19, 20 and 21 form the Triad of Truth.

  • Be open this weekend to hearing the call from Spirit. A powerful message is being awakened in your Soul.

Listen closely to the music singing in your heart.

This Libra Full Moon – the second of the year, intensifies energy to the point where what was below the surface is now bubbling up from below yearning to be seen.

The Light generated by the full moon is brighter than usual – making your journey of fulfillment visible.

April19, 2019 invokes the number 19 – the “Prince of Heaven” number. The ancient Chaldean priests used the term ‘Prince of Heaven’ to describe the Sun. The Sun is our STAR – filling our days with LIGHT.

Thus the LIGHT of this month’s bright full moon is coupled with the ancient number representing our Star, the Sun!

Whatever you experience over the next three days will confirm the new direction you are to embark on in order to delight you at Soul level and light up your divine mission.

Everyone will experience this awakening differently.

As always, it depends on your perspective, willingness to be open and past decisions which have led up to this point in time.

Helping to integrate and solidify matters on a high vibrational level are two fabulous astrology alignments:

  • Sun conjunct Uranus
  • Jupiter trine Sun

Notice both involve our Sun!

When Uranus engages with the Sun our focus is on freedom, breakthroughs, trusting our instincts over societal expectations – and ultimately, liberation. Uranus shines the spotlight on your Soul family and fuels tremendous excitement about your future.

Jupiter trine Sun is the most fortunate planetary meet-up in astrology.

You feel good and you trust in the goodness of the Universe.

And, since Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius, you’re even more happy, inspired and uplifted – such a lovely infusion of joy to balance any heavier energy in play at this time!

Jupiter is the conduit to miracles.

Jupiter says:

Open your whole beingness to freely welcome infinite Opportunities.

Optimal solutions and positive views are everywhere!

Be sure you take the opportunity to tune into your OWN Jupiter birth blessings to help you accelerate the positive momentum!

  • Your NATAL Jupiter placement reveals your natural wealth manifestation gifts.
  • You have 3 Jupiter Wealth Zones. Each Jupiter zone reveals precisely how you are designed to attract abundance and experience supreme Soul-level fulfillment.

Discover your 3 Jupiter Wealth Zones in your personal Jupiter Wealth Code here.

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. Optimize this amazing Jupiter alignment by discovering with the greatest, most beautiful and most bountiful version of YOU. See how you can use your gifts to manifest the life of your dreams – all is revealed in your personal Jupiter Wealth Code.


Psychic Sounds by B: B Weeklies ~ April 15th through 22nd 2019 ~ Unexpected love and Unexpected communication.

B Weeklies ~ April 15th through 22nd 2019 ~ Unexpected love and Unexpected communication.
Psychic Sounds by B
Published on Apr 14, 2019

This week may be a bit bumpy for some, but not all.

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General Reading Starts at 2:00

Earth 16:15
Cap Love 19:35
Taurus Love 20:30
Virgo 21:46

Air 23:47
Aquarius Love 28:03
Gemini Love 30:00
Libra Love 32:37

Water 34:17
Pisces Love 39:24
Cancer Love 41:41
Scorpio Love 43:09

Fire 46:12
Aries Love 51:15

Leo Love 52:35

Sagittarius Love 53:48

Please understand these are general readings. They may or may not apply to your specific situation. Energy translations are best used to corroborate facts or in some cases these readings are predictive. Use this energy at your discretion. The creator takes no responsibility for the viewers actions because of this information. This information is not be used in place of medical advice.


Aluna Ash- 9D
Published on Apr 16, 2019

There’s a lot of uprooting of karmic frequencies within the collective and within our individual soul group/lineage.. we are ending of contracts/karmic cycles of ignorance by bringing it to the light of awareness. Pay attention to what/who your distractions are… there’s a lot of interference and distractions when it comes to our perception of reality. Trust your inner being, lots of illusions/dramas/distractions on all levels. Individual and collective. Don’t fall victim to these energy pendulums 😂

Bring a piece of paper to Wednesday’s group meditation and healing will be doing a ritual to end these karmic contracts.

Wednesday 4/17 at 9pm EST

We all have the opportunity and ability to co- create our reality and experiences with others in the way that we want to but there are things that play out at an unconscious level for most of us as well… pay attention to what the distractions are in your life, so you can release it from your own energy. It may seem like it’s coming as people but it’s an unconscious manifestation through people and we’re co-creating as a group- so just like it’s something within them… it’s also something within us. At some level we are all responsible

A Message to Lightworkers – April 16, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – April 16, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

COR: My friends, What is the significance of places of worship burning down completely or in part, in different parts of the world?

Particularly, yesterday’s fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Millions of us wept as we saw that beautiful structure, which has such a strong presence and has stood for so long, being invaded by such a powerful destructive force.

Can you give us some clarity as to why there seems to be such an energy of tumult and sudden shifts in the world now? I’ve experienced it in my own life this past month, and so have many others.

Is this a great cleansing? A transmutation of some kind?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are happy to have this time to speak with you today.

We would say, that though there is, as we have said often, an element of chaos in creation, and you are most assuredly creating a new world, that several other factors are also involved here.

You have seen how some have noted that Notre Dame—Our Lady—is symbolic of the Divine Feminine, whether in form of the Mother of Yeshua or some other Divine goddess expression.

It is important to note that there are no holds now on how energy on the Earth expresses itself. 

For a very long time, energy on your planet was held in certain patterns and waves.

People would find it difficult to say or do or believe things that were an individual expression, and that varied from what their social class, religion, gender, or culture had been taught to believe.

You have seen oppressive governments in some countries, where this is still attempted—a stranglehold on certain thoughts or behaviors.

Except that in the Earth eras we speak of, this influence was not obvious to the masses.

It was simply “in the air” to believe only certain things possible or true, due to the energetic matrix which people lived under and unknowingly followed.

These old oppressive energetic structures are no longer working so unfailingly now. In fact, they are failing colossally.

Human thought and emotion, and most importantly, inner wisdom and imagination, have broken out of the old system into an era when individual thought stands at least as strong as the socially trained, carefully programmed group belief.

And in many cases, it stretches well beyond what the group has been told to consider to be truth.

Photo by Lynne Newman

As human beings exercise this new freedom, they influence countless others across the world on the etheric plane.

None of this is accidental.

Humanity’s own intention has pulled this planet from a place in the cosmos where ignorance and slavery were the norm to a place of individualism, authenticity, and soul purpose—a multiplicity of beliefs expressing as Truth, and an expression of the honesty of the individual journey.

You are awakening, in other words!

You are no longer automatic puppets and slaves.

And though that is a relief to know in some ways, it ushers in a very great “shake up” on other levels.

When you see institutions burning that have long symbolized the comfort of certain traditions, understand that much of that comfort is an inadvertent addiction to the “cover” of the old structure.

Deep within the Love you experience for a particular sacred space, is the drive to know yourself, to know the Universe, in ways and at a depth you have never experienced while in a human body, or not experienced for millennia.

That intent to know and revere the inner sanctuary cannot be destroyed, unless you choose such.

In regards to Notre Dame—no one can harm your connection to Yeshua, to Mary Magdalene, to Mother Mary or the apostles, or the Archangels.

No one in that well-known story will turn from you or repudiate your desire to know them and to know yourself in the Light of their story, though the old rules of religion may instruct you otherwise at times.

Humankind is not only (mostly unconsciously) releasing its need for religion as a spiritual guide or resource.

Humanity is overcoming and exceeding the limits of religion.

It is breaking apart those strictures and boundaries that have not only kept your ideas and understanding small and confined (and often erroneous), but forbidden you to ask certain questions and hold certain thoughts or images as possibilities.

We understand that you are experiencing discomfort in many ways.

The old order is exerting whatever influences, pulling whatever levers of control it still possesses now, in an all-out effort to keep people’s vibrations low, their expectations small, their beliefs dim and grey.

You will not fall for this, though it may feel that way some days.

You have recently had a tax day in the United States—note how many now are realizing the extreme inequalities of that system, and are asking, essentially, why the king’s men must still be paid, in a country that was crafted to be a democracy.

Photo by Angela Pereira

To return to your question, fire is a fascinating element.

You have yourself witnessed its power to transmute and to clarify, in sweat lodge experiences, and in Nature.

The flames and heat intend not so much to harm as to promote a powerful energy that yes, transmutes in many ways, and also purifies and clears that which has decided to return to the air, to pure etheric form.

The timbers of that institution understood that—remember that there is life and consciousness in everything!—and willingly gave themselves up to what was intended to be an emotionally wrenching event, yet what will turn out to be a cleansing and clarifying one.

The medieval energies of that structure have been seeing the results of their era end, and move on.

Knowing it was time for them to do the same, they have released their Earth form, and also returned to the ethers.

It is time to release the energies of master and slave, of kings and lords and peasants, of the hierarchies that spelled misery for many millions for many centuries.

As you witness the result of powerful shifts in astrological placements, you are also witnessing what is being birthed on your planet as a result of these crucial moments, and humanity’s own decision to Ascend.

And so, we would say, do not fear these shifts and changes, however much of a shock they may be some days.

Though events such as these are being used as a lever to intimidate, lower vibration, or bring feelings of disempowerment, you have noted, as you saw groups of people singing outside the edifice while it burnt, that the opposite is true.

Parisians singing hymns as they witness Notre Dame cathedral in flames
YouTube video – from The Guardian online

You are not merely, with this great shift in consciousness, overcoming the hierarchical tyranny of several Earth ages, dear ones, as great as that is.

You are writing the way forward to a whole new moment for this planet, in which your voices sing not the one note prewritten for you, but the many harmonic notes you decided independently, before incarnating, to add to the collective celebration.

This glorious combination of voices is now serving to break through the old paradigms of oppression, to bring you to new places of strength, grace, calm, and a centered sense of purpose.

It is aiding you in awakening, to Know and to Remember why you are here. 

You will not celebrate every moment of this transition—there is much sadness in any form of letting go of the familiar, when that has been a comfort and a well-known pattern.

Yet in the name of your freedom and Ascension journey, you have decided on that very thing.

And all of us in the higher realms (and also here with you upon the Earth) rejoice to see your increasing forms of independence, your inner empowerment, and your outer.

And your increasing knowing that you are completely loved and believed in, and guided at every moment.

You have only to ask, to know that Wisdom as your own.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

You are all of you Rising now, to new and unseen heights.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Full Moon in Libra April 19th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

Full Moon in Libra April 19th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

Published on Apr 17, 2019

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Praying Medic: Hannity, Huber and Leaking – Are We Watching a Movie?

Was I the only one scratching my head on April 9th, when Sean Hannity said US Attorney John Huber was investigating “leaking?”


Where did Hannity get that idea? No one else (that I’m aware of) has reported that Huber is investigating leaking.

Let’s review what information the Department of Justice has provided regarding Huber’s investigation:


We know that Jeff Sessions appointed “senior federal prosecutors” to look into allegations of corruption in the FBI and the Department’s handling of investigations into the Clinton Foundation and sale of Uranium One. Sessions appointed these prosecutors rather than a second Special Counsel which had been requested by Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte and other members of Congress.

According to the letter sent to Bob Goodlatte by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, that appointment was made on November 13th, 2017. (Link to full document)

The next day, Qanon asked why sealed indictments might be done outside of Washington DC. Since more than 90 percent of the 2016 presidential vote went to Hillary Clinton, it would not be the best venue to impanel grand juries to hear evidence of political corruption.

It wasn’t until March of 2018 that Jeff Sessions made it publicly known that John Huber was the US Attorney he had appointed to investigate allegations of corruption. Recently, it was confirmed that Huber was tasked with investigating the Department’s handling of the Clinton Foundation investigation and sale of Uranium One.

In an April 1, 2019 interview with Mark Levin, Sara Carter and John Solomon dismissed Huber’s investigation as a nothing burger. A head fake. Solomon said this:

“Yes, so I get a hold of a document. It is in the IRS whistleblower complaint put together by some professional former law enforcement people that there might have been criminality inside the Clinton Foundation and my story comes out, gets a lot of attention.  Congress is about to hold hearings.

John Huber’s office calls the gentleman who wrote this and says, “Could I have a copy of it?” And they said, “Sir, we sent it to you nine months ago.” He didn’t even know he had it. It tells you something about — maybe I think a lot of people in the Justice Department that think the Huber investigation was ahead made by Sessions to take President Trump’s pressure off. “Oh, we’ll have this guy look at it.” Not much evidence.  Not much has happened there.”

Last night, Sean Hannity again claimed that John Huber is merely investigating leaking. That contradicts everything the Justice Department has said about Huber’s investigation.

Why would Hannity make such a claim?

It’s possible that Sean Hannity, John Solomon and Sara Carter are simply mistaken about what and whom Huber is investigating. If that’s the case, then we can’t learn anything about Huber’s investigation from them.

It’s equally possible they are correct and Huber’s investigation is nothing more than a leak investigation. If that’s the case, then many people are going to be disappointed with the outcome of Huber’s investigation.

There is a third possibility. Huber could be investigating FBI & DOJ corruption, Uranium One and all things Clinton. And Hannity, Solomon and Carter might be perfectly aware of it. If that’s the case, then their comments would seem to be an attempt to downplay the importance of Huber’s investigation to prevent any real information from being released about it, publicly.

If you were attempting to prosecute a slippery, cunning and dangerous cabal of politicians and crooked cops, would you make public the details of your investigation and risk tipping them off?

Or as Q put it:

How do you capture a very dangerous animal?
Do you attack it from the front?
Do you walk through the front door?
Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking?

I don’t believe the three Fox News amigos are ignorant. I also don’t buy the narrative that Huber is investigating leaking. I suspect they know the truth about Huber’s investigation and they’re being told what to say (and what not to say). Critical information must be released at exactly the right time and not before. Q has suggested in a couple of different posts that Hannity, Carter and Solomon are trusted by the President and his team, they’re being protected and they’re being given inside information to help shape the public narrative.

qanon sara carter john solomon praying medic

If my theory is correct, Huber’s investigation is one of the most important ever to be undertaken by the Department of Justice. And much to the surprise of political pundits, it will end with the prosecution of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of corrupt people.

what makes a good movie qanon praying medic

We may indeed be watching a carefully scripted movie. If so, we might as well enjoy the show.

Julian Assange Will Help Take Down the Deep State

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your weekly guide to planetary influences April 15 to 21, 2019 by Pam Younghans



Aspects of Note This Week


All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours. 


MON: Venus square Jupiter

TUE: Mercury enters Aries

FRI: Full Moon 4:12 a.m. PDT, Mercury conjunct Chiron

SAT: Sun enters Taurus, Venus enters Aries, Mars opposite Ceres



ALL OF US — each in our own way — are feeling the powerful energies right now. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, this entire month is something of a pressure cooker, emotionally and circumstantially. This is due to the grouping in Capricorn of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node, which are traveling within three degrees of each other throughout April.



Essentially, this threesome is focused on revealing where there is insufficiency or decay in existing patterns, structures, and systems — in our personalities, in our bodies, in our external lives, and in our societies and governments. We are being shown what needs to be dismantled or purged so that we can evolve. 



WE ARE ALSO in what Matt Kahn has called a “portal of vulnerability,” where our old defenses and controls no longer work. To pass through this portal, we must allow ourselves to soften, to release, and to feel — even if what we must feel is painful. 



Humanity is being called to move from the South Node in Capricorn, which survived through building walls and divisiveness, into the North Node in Cancer, which thrives on connection, compassion, and trust. Cancer knows that it needs the support of others, whereas Capricorn believes it can do everything by itself.



It is time to ask ourselves: Where do I build walls to keep others out, due to fear and distrust? Where can I benefit from softening, from allowing myself to both give and receive support and love? Where does there need to be more flow in my life, and less constriction and control?



THE HIGHLIGHT of planetary events this week is the Full Moon in Libra, which perfects on Friday, April 19, at 4:12 a.m. PDT (11:12 a.m. GMT). The event occurs when the Moon is at 29°06′ Libra, and the Sun is at the same degree of Aries.



The 29th degree of any sign is called a “critical degree.” It is a point of transition, the last degree before the next sign begins. When an astrological event occurs at this degree, it emphasizes the completion of something. We have an enhanced awareness of what needs to be left behind so that a new beginning can be made.



A FULL MOON is, by definition, a time of heightened awareness. It is the climax of the lunar cycle, representing culmination and crisis. For this lunation to occur at the 29th degree magnifies those themes.



Also significant is that a cardinal T-square forms at the time of the Full Moon. The Moon sits by itself in Libra, opposing the Sun and Eris in late Aries/Uranus in early Taurus, and squaring the threesome in Capricorn (Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto).



Basically, this lunation brings forward even more awareness of the dynamics of the Saturn-South Node-Pluto alignment, and its impact on our reality. Because the Moon is in Libra, the sign that represents relationships and alliances, this is likely to be a crucial time in partnerships in all its forms — personal, business, and international. And, with Uranus and Eris activated, issues may erupt suddenly and forcefully.



THE MOON is fortified by being aligned with the fixed star Izar at the time of the Full Moon. Astrologer Roderick Kidston writes that:



“There is a huge fund of enthusiasm streaming from Izar. It can be one of the warrior stars, either in the traditional sense or in the way of the spiritual warrior, going forth to fight the good fight.



“This star prospers Big Works. The greatest gift of Izar appears to be the ability to inspire other people, to infuse them, to give help and hope to the helpless and hopeless. The enthusiasm is infectious, a tonic to the weary or the weak. Work as skillfully as you can with Izar’s bounding energy, find your own way to speak up and out, to connect and create, by living as abundantly and generously as you know how.”



Izar’s involvement in the Full Moon speaks to the importance of connection with others, reminiscent of the North Node in Cancer. It emphasizes one of our current challenges, which is to see beyond fears and rigidity (South Node in Capricorn) and move into our hearts.



THROUGHOUT APRIL, we will benefit from doing the breathing exercise outlined in last week’s Journal. The Instant Pot is plugged in, and we are in a crucial time in our evolution. Each of us must pay attention to how we are feeling, rather than suppressing or repressing our needs. We must find ways to release the pressure so that we can continue to be kind to ourselves and others. 



Considering how we might be feeling this month, I want to leave you with a paraphrased quote I once heard in an interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard, the pioneering force in conscious evolution who made her transition this past week:



“If you went into labor, and didn’t know you were about to give birth, you would believe you were dying.”



IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are emerging from a time of great restlessness. Throughout the past year or two, you have been under pressure to redefine yourself. This has been a time to let go of any “shoulds” that have been running your life, that have kept you from living authentically and being fully genuine. As the disruption and anger begins to subside, it provides the space for you to see who you want to be going forward, knowing that you have been through extreme conditions that were cosmically designed to help you know and accept yourself more fully. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Uranus and conjunct Eris)


In Gratitude and Light,




Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2019. All Rights Reserved.


 About the NorthPoint Journal


Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.


Feel free to share this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it! When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.


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UPDATED: Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 15th – 21st April 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

WOW! …listen to the 1st 5 minutes, where he speaks of a HUGE EXPOSURE this week, by the 21st!!! (Or read my transcript.) If this means what I think it means… fasten your seat belts!  ~PB

“This is going to be another really, really important week, especially when it comes to those things happening on a global scale. This week is going to be absolutely amazing, because it’s going to reveal something really important. There is going to be a ridiculously IMPORTANT revelation that we are all going to have this week, and that particular revelation that we are going to have is going to make us realize an important thing…a really, really important thing that is actually completely connected to a particular person.

And that particular person is just -was just connected to negativity, was connected to bad things, was connected to low vibration, was connected to low energy….. and most importantly, this particular person is going to be EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED!!! It is all particular EXPOSURE.

The exposure is going to be the NEW BEGINNING. The exposure, it’s going to be NEW STYLE, the exposure, it’s going to be A VERY SIGNIFICANT THING THAT IS GOING TO OPEN PEOPLE’S EYES THIS WEEK.
This week, we are literally crossing from one square to another square, from one point to another point, from one side of the bridge to another side of the bridge.
By the time we get to another side of the bridge, the things that have been hidden from so many people are going to become everyday. There are things that have been going on. There things that are about things that are actually that have been reaching a certain vibrational energy that are NOT really good, and this particular vibrational energy has caused people not to realize the obvious. The obvious is going to be a very, very important starting point, very important new starting point that we are going to have this week.
This is going to make people realize something significant. It is going to start…it is going to come from a certain person, from a particular very, very strong person, from an old spirit, from a very, very old spirit. This particular person has lived many, many, many, many, many lives. And this particular person is way more wiser than it maybe perhaps looks like. This particular person is way more wiser than so many people will give this particular person credit for.
I am talking about THIS particular person, because THAT particular person is going to be the game-changer. THAT particular person is going to play a massive role. THAT particular person is going to play a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE role, when it comes to having a massive turning point, a big realization that is going to set people free. A big realization that is going to Karmically make people realize, ‘OH MY GOODNESS!’ You know, this is HUGE! This is MASSIVE!
So watch what is actually going to happen this week globally, watch who is going to be exposed. A certain male person –very strong, powerful, dominant male person is going to expose another person. By the time that person is exposed, by the time this is actually going to happen will be on the 21st of April. By the end of the 21st of April of course. And this is going to be really, really interesting, because it is just all about putting things right, and it’s all about waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right time when the vibration is right, when the actual energy is correct, and when all these things kind of like, fall into place, when it actually going to be, absolutely going to be the right time, the right moment the right dimension to actually do this.
Certain things have been unfolding in a really slow, slow, slow way. Now this particular slow way is just going to have a HUGE, MASSIVE STARTING POINT, indeed.”

Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 15th – 21st April 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Published on Apr 14, 2019

Weekly horoscope tarot readings from the 15th – 21st April 2019, by psychic Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.. A solution to a major life problem will be revealed this week!


So much to reflect on, think about, and a need and urge for a whole whole new direction/start/beginning. On a global scale this week will be really important. Pay attention to what is happening please. Be wise. Use your own intuition. A lot will be happening this week indeed, a huge turning point for many of us, an excellent time for work , intellectual projects, new beginnings and breakthrough in general.

The energy this week will be just perfect to practice visualisation, meditation, grounding and to empower ourselves. ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK, THINK OF PROBLEMS AS OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE 💜

This horoscope tarot readings are for all twelve signs of Zodiac:


Awesome! All signs. Aries♈ 4:04 Taurus♉ 15:38 Gemini♊ 27:41 Cancer♋ 40:06 Leo♌ 49:20 Virgo♍ 59:16 Libra♎ 1:18:49 Scorpio♏ 1:32:26 Sagittarius♐ 1:44:58 Capricorn♑ 1:53:14 Aquarius♒ 2:04:34 Pisces♓ 2:20:50



Full Moon in Libra Feels Extreme – Astrology Forecast April 15th – 21st 2019

Full Moon in Libra Feels Extreme –
Astrology Forecast April 15th – 21st 2019

#astrology #nhastrologer #fullmoonlibra

Let’s get started with the forecast for the week of April 15th. The big news of this week is the Full Moon at the final degree of Libra on Friday but before I get to that let’s start at the beginning of the week.

Read the full forecast here…

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