The Event. New Earth. 9/18 Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D

The Event. New Earth. 9/18

Published on Sep 18, 2018

Its coming very very soon. The time of the Event is based off of how well we integrate the transmissions we are receiving. But this is midway point of phase 2, there are 3 phases of the Closing cycle & it is “speeding up”

The ships are in position, holding light as the stargate transitions so we are able to withstand the stargates transition. The transition is speeding up. They have to be there for us to survive. The only ones staying on this planet are the ones merging to 4th density. 4D not 5D. New earth is a 4th density planet. They are holding the light back until we increase in vibration high enough.

💥💥Dark forces will be a massive pain in the ass right now. Set your boundaries and SAY NO. God/your soul/source will tell you what is not uplifting for you based off of how it makes you feel. It is not ego to stand in your authority & say no. That is listening to your spirit.

Lightworkers or anyone speaking truth deals w these attacks.

We are also staying on this planet after the Event, unless our soul contract has decided for us to leave prior, during or after. Just different. Also saw Soul groups and twin flames coming together immediately I’m not even sure how it happens (by merging into new timeline- there are several) but it just happens, to start guiding others to adjust to the new shift in Consciousness and the new technology & system changes.

They (nonphysical beings of Source) want me to say they are “put into place and ready.” Grid system will go down in diff locations. This is an aided event.

I saw 2022.. I was teaching or something. There was New technology.. I think I was seeing out after the event w 2022.

Feels like its coming very soon based off them saying “they’re ready and in place”

The light is so damn bright. Its beautiful but bright where you cant see anything else but white light.

Feels like love and then scary for many. I didnt like the feeling of knowing who I know that is leaving, thats the only neg thing.

End of October 30, 31st is significant and November 11th (11/11/11) & 16th 2018 are very significant too.

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Ascension Notes: The 2018 Equinox by Kara Schallock- 17-Sep-2018

Ascension Notes: The 2018 Equinox
by Kara Schallock- 17-Sep-2018

As we move through the Equinox, we are called to demonstrate being in the New. In the old, we reacted in fear, judgment, anger and all things of being emotionally insecure. In the New, we maintain our neutrality. We are Compassionate Observers, detached from taking things personally and wanting to retaliate in familiar old ways. Yet in the New, we are not only detached, but we are calm and non-judgmental; we are Love; there is no need to lower our vibrations to match others. Use the energy of the Equinox to be more in the New than of the old. The Equinox helps us leap into a very different landscape where there is much unknown, and when you observe yourself, you realize you have changed so much…from not reacting to others’ judgments of you to a complete reversal of how you used to be. The energy of the Equinox can be integrated within so you may let go of the last vestiges of old beliefs and patterns. With the energy of the Equinox there are many energetic changes. This means that a lot of the changes happen deep within you. You see, you might look at your life and decide that nothing has shifted and yet, when you go within you notice that everything has changed.

As you focus on being a master of Love, you will undoubtedly see, feel, hear and know that you are in the New; where magic happens. Release all doubt that this true. You have all and are all you need to do and be this. The Equinox is when there is great Balance within you and in your environment. It is the merging of equal partnership within you and all around you. This means that there is a potential for a complete merging of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in your relationships and all of life. Balance is a stabilizer of dark and Light (with darkness transforming to Light) and there is Balance in close relationships as well, which may precipitate a closing of a chapter and an opening to that which more fully is aligned with who you are. Do not be afraid to let go. You are supported in all choices; especially those choices in which you align yourself with Love. Remember that letting go can be a lot more loving than clinging to any fear you may have; it is loving to self and to others (even when it doesn’t seem that way, especially if one is not fully awake).

During the period before, during and after the Equinox, there are energies that are designed to expand consciousness. To many, this may look like endings and disruptions. My mother said it seems this is the end of times. Yes; it is the end of 3D. Those who choose not to wake up from the illusion of 3D certainly may see that all is ending. For these ones, yes it is. Those who are awake know there are no endings; only Transformation.

Some gifts that have the potential of becoming stronger are Intuition and a dissolution of more illusions (illusions can be lies, how a person adheres to their old stories or a view into things that appear real but aren’t. Illusions can be old beliefs as well. Beliefs are attachments to how you think things should be). There is more awakening and more Wisdom. This particular Equinox has the potential to bring very high vibrations and transformations for all, including our Earth. We can experience more awakening, more energy along with many more opportunities (oh no! More choices?!). There is an increase of Love as well. You may want to be near water, in Nature or in the mountains, as there is much Peace and Awareness in these high vibrational places. Are you ready to completely leave behind old patterns and beliefs? If so, use the Power of this Equinox to make choices that are aligned with who you are now.

If you are in a meaningful relationship, don’t rush into making a decision to leave. Be patient and take a breath. Realize that many relationships are transforming. Choose what is right for you…choose with Awareness and not fear. Be patient and be in your Integrity. Realize that how you choose creates the next moments. Realize that you may be intolerant of old energies; see who drains you and who energizes you. You see, those who drain you and yet you still choose to be with those folks not only shows you where you drain yourself, but also points you in the right direction. You may want to go somewhere alone and be in touch with what you truly want and what you are no longer willing to endure.

This is a time to see things clearly. You may want to make amends (Forgiveness) and you may want to release much: drama, old beliefs, codependency and all that limits you. Be sure to let go of old emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and energies (for these truly are all energies) that limit who you are. Let go of your old stories (things others or you keep telling yourself to explain why things are the way they are). You are not your stories. Your stories are of the old. You are New. If you feel ultra-sensitive, amped up, quite emotional, along with some other phenomena, realize that all these energies are helping you be into a more rarified state of being. Remember, you are becoming more sensitive to energies and you are intuiting much. You may also experience restlessness, vertigo and disorientation. Pay attention to when you see number sequences and experience synchronicities. You may also have sleep changes and may be thirstier and hungrier as well (or just the opposite). Don’t compare yourself to others, as we are all individuals. We may be One, yet we experience everything uniquely designed for just ourselves…we experience whatever helps us transform.

As we move into the next phase; the Equinox; there may be a lull beforehand. Use this time to integrate all you’ve learned and experienced. Perhaps view the last six months and notice how you’ve shifted, what Gaia’s been doing and all that has brought you to this New Now. It’s a great time to nurture yourself and be kind to yourself and others. This time of preparation definitely helps you be grounded before the energies begin again. Breathe deeply. Remember that you are in charge of how you feel. Life doesn’t happen to you; you create life. Be true to yourself. This doesn’t mean you yell to everyone how different you are; you can be silent and maintain your own Integrity. Be who you are (not the old familiar you; the New you).

Be sure to use your Discernment. When you discern what is true for you, you are in your Integrity. Feel what is right for you and let the rest go. The words that expand your Heart are true for you; those that constrict your Heart are false for you. By now, your Heart is strong, while your intellect is quieter. Having a strong Heart helps you be more intuitive and wise. It helps you feel into things (Discernment). Use words that empower rather than separate or minimize. Words are energy and they are symbols of what beliefs you hold. When you are clear of all old beliefs, your words reflect your Clarity and are positive. See all that you attract into your life as a mirror. It’s a beautiful way to clear yourself of outmoded beliefs and behaviors. Feel into everything. For too long, most have relied on their intellect and still do. Feel; it’s the only way to truly know what is true for you.

Much is completing now; this is to prepare us for what’s ahead. Many have ascended multiple times and others are ascending for the first time. It matters not who is doing what; just pay attention to your own journey. Remember that Ascension is not a one-time event; it is ongoing. You don’t stop evolving (unless you choose to). The next three months surely will see much shifting; many “humans” and other lifeforms will go through much. How we perceive it all is up to each being. For me, I always see the positive even in the most horrendous events. This is how I choose to be.

Please do integrate all you’ve learned into your everyday life. It’s the only way to move ahead. Is there anything you’ve forgotten? (It is the first thing (or more than one) that comes to you.) The bottom line is you are Source. You are Soul. You are a master of Love.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: All Eyes On 144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd Sept. MAKE The Mass Arrests Happen, Counter Equinox Dark Rituals

No show this week … for several good reasons I can’t speak about, except one … and that is the gathering & building up of our energies for another major confrontation during which our ‘partners in contrast’ will be doing heinous dark rituals on the 20th & the 23, (no citation provided, due to graphic details … and I refuse to link to such stuff from this sacred blog).

So all our focus now has to be on the:

144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd of September

Exact time & links for the official live broadcast & time-zones are below.


Find out what YOU can do right here, right now…

….to help trigger The Event!

A Lightworker’s focus must ‘primarily‘ be on the energetic battle & mass-transmutation ahead of us. That’s our assigned role. If you’re serious about making the Event happen ASAP … that’s the attitude & perspective to have.

It’s ok to be disillusioned & or jaded. [Energetic/Spiritual] war can be like that.

But I don’t need to tell you that ‘the big one’ is about to drop … if it hasn’t already … and the White Hats NEED our support!

Here’s why … and here’s what they’re dealing with……

The logistical challenges of:

  • rounding-up the over 51,000 people named in the sealed indictments….

  • nevermind the 1 million+ luciferians guilty of murder & pedophilia …..

  • all the while doing their utmost to insure it goes smoothly, without significant outages in goods & services…..

  • not to mention the still unactivated MK Ultra victims/super soldiers that haven’t been neutralized, and could be activated by the Cabal with a simple phone call and instructed to ‘run-amuck’ once the mass-arrests are triggered, (hint: mass shootings in every US city).

  • and then there’s dealing with up to 50% of the population FREAKING OUT when they start seeing the mass mobilization of law-enforcement & military in full riot-gear & battle-dress … thinking that Trump has finally triggered his “fascist take-over”. Courtesy of the Cabal [establishment/mainstream] media.

  • plus God-knows what else the Cabal will trigger to make the Mass Arrests a complete disaster.

… it’s mind boggling….

There’s LOT’S of moving pieces & MASS coordination of multiple law enforcement & government bodies the White Hats are wrestling with … to pull all this off, and because there’s so many people involved, it’s impossible to prevent leaks to the Cabal just before the shoe drops.

And so from the comfort of our homes, we need to throw everything we’ve got into this week’s 144k Mass Meditation, to put Gaia & humanity on the timeline where:

  • The mass arrests happen within the soonest possible time frame

  • It all goes smoothly … with no disruptions to goods & services (which can de-stabilize things -just what the Cabal has been praying for).

  • No mass shootings or demolition of power plants or water services occurs in any city, and all MK Ultra victims/super soldiers are found & neutralized.

  • … and that it’s all over finally, and America liberated….which means the rest of the world too.

As Corey Goode & Wilcock have been reporting … law-enforcement & military personnel have been practicing inside hangars & warehouses breaking down doors & interior building maneuvers & arrest procedures for over a year now.

Careful what  you wish for.

You may just get it.

I felt it very pertinent to include this old adage, because … if you think it’s rough now; wait till the Mass-Arrests!

Everyone has been looking forward to the mass arrests, to the point where they can’t focus on anything else.


If one thing goes wrong during this massive process of sucking the poison out of the host’s body … it could easily spiral into a huge disaster that will make what we’re already going through now look like a walk in the park.

I just want (and need) to make sure you & I are on the same page with what we’re dealing with here.

This is not a message of fear (… though unresolved internal issues could interpret it that way).

This is a heartfelt message & call-to-arms based on clinical realism … and shining our transmutational LIGHT on the possible negative timelines to transmute them out of existence.

Timeline wars are VERY real. Gaia’s timelines have been hijacked for the very last time.

Installed in the year 1410, the giant outdoor clock in Prague is the world’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

That’s the focus of this upcoming 144k Equinox Mass Meditation!

Keep your powder dry … and get ready to stand your ground.

…. because YOU’RE just as involved in this as the White Hats.

To give you a taste of what it’ll be like during the mass arrests … There’ll be daily 144k mass meditations throughout the 3 to 14 day period … depending on how smoothly & orderly it all goes.

So make sure you start stocking up on water & canned food, enough for 2 weeks, if you haven’t already. (This equals your vote to trigger this NOW.)

As Alex Jones always says … “if you’re receiving this transmission, you ARE the Resistance”.

I couldn’t agree more.

There’s already been a delay

… with the ‘National Emergency Test Broadcast’ being delayed till Oct 3rd, from the original Sept 20th date.

This just goes to show it’s up to us to shut-down any further delays & negative timelines to the mass arrests, through our energy work/mass meditations.

144k 22nd/23rd of September Equinox Mass Meditation – Details

Day: Saturday/Sunday

Date: September 22 (23rd for most of the world, except the Americas).

Time: 9:54 pm EDT (US) (the 144k will start at 9:15pm EDT)

For your time zone, click here & scroll down to your city/town (alphabetically listed):

At the time mentioned above (9:15 EDT, and the times listed in the link above), click this Ground Crew Command radio link to join the live broadcast of this 144k mass meditation … And I’ll see you there!

Onwards to Victory, Freedom, and Love.

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to:

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GaiaPortal: Separations for the next phase are completed 19 SEP by ÉirePort


Separations for the next phase are completed.

All energetic ties to the past are cut.

Higher Light enters.

Strengths are amplified.

New pathways begin.
ÉirePort | September 19, 2018 at 09:09

Tania Gabrielle: 5 Steps To Enhance Positive Shifts


Mars and Uranus have been in an ongoing square since May, and today the square becomes exact again for the FINAL time.

This is a culmination of RADICAL CHANGE in some area of your life.

Now the quest for change has come to a head…

Any shifts you’ve been yearning to make can be implemented fast!


A square between Mars and Uranus is INTENSE.

Fire and Freedom merge together… so you might feel a bit impulsive or impatient over the next few days.

  • Uranus seeks to experience what is unexplored to manifest breakthroughs
  • Mars is ambitious, impulsive and driven – full speed ahead!
  • Mars is now back in Aquarius – the sign that Uranus rules.

You want to fight for what you believe in.

When you do, you’ll generate powerful NEW breakthroughs, and even changes that will shift your life in a big way.

Mars and Uranus are at for this final square!

1 is the number of new beginnings, fresh starts, original ideas and action – you are journeying where you’ve never been before…

However you don’t want to rush into things, act impulsively or hastily…

5 Steps to enhance Positive Shifts in your life during this powerful transit:

  • Breathe deeply… you are exhaling conflict and inhaling inspiration.
  • Listen closely… there’s a message for you about embracing a change.
  • Make a decision… choose only what sets you FREE.
  • If agitated, wait a few days for the fiery energy to calm down.
  • Engage creatively with the highly dynamic energy!

With this final meeting between the two planets – you have INTEGRATED a desire to be free and accepted change as a natural part of growth.

Anytime there is tension (square) an awakening is present!

Break through what is holding you back – in love, family, work – and adjust your perspective to create a NEW dynamic around it.

It’s your choice to accept or reject the changes.

Know that you are creating a new and utterly different experience.

Nothing in your past will resemble where you are heading right now.

You have chosen to be here at this amazing time on planet Earth!

Release the energy that Mars retrograde brought up during the summer.

You are creating a better way to love and live!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

“Repeating Numbers: Find Out What They Mean” by Dr. Taryn Crimi | Angelic Guides

“Repeating Numbers: Find Out What They Mean”

by Dr. Taryn Crimi | Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of repeating numbers to give you some insight as to what they mean. Numbers contain universal energies that can be used to directly communicate messages. Your guides often encourage you to look up at just the “right time” to acknowledge a particular number pattern that is most relevant to you at that time. The repetitive nature is what often gets your attention. For those of you who continue to see repeating numbers everywhere you go, here is a description of what each number means. Know that the repeating of any one number amplifies the energy of that number.

(1) being the first number, the one carries a unique frequency or vibratory rate. It carries an independent note, and yet it searches for the unity of all. The number one is a symbol for the coming together of many into the consciousness of one. From many become the one as you unite. For those who are seeing the repeating of the ones, 1, 11, 111, 1111 it is a message to be mindful of your thoughts at that moment; as your thoughts are quickly manifesting into your physical reality. It is also a sign that alignment is needed at this time.

(2) which represents balance. The number two seeks harmony in every aspect of the word. Balance in yourself, balance in your emotions, balance in your life, balance between your mind, body and spirit. All that is out of balance will surface so that you can see clearly where balance is needed. Many will find that it will become much more difficult to ignore the imbalance in their lives and you will be met with opportunities to remove the chaos from your life which is creating resistance. In the areas in which you are in need of restoring balance, there will likely be many events which surface to allow for the opportunity to get back into alignment. For those of you who are seeing the repeating number 2 it is a sign that balance is most needed at this time and you will quickly see the positive effects of finding the harmony and balance within.

(3) is known as the catalyst. It makes you move; it sets you up, and removes obstacles for you so you can build your foundation for what is to come. The energy of the 3 helps you to gain a tremendous amount of “ground” in helping to restructure and purge anything which no longer is compatible with their higher vibration. You may find you have a great drive to clear many emotions, beliefs and feelings which are no longer serving you. Focus all of your attention upon the change you wish to make instead of what you do not wish to remain. Those that are attracted to the repeating number 3’s, it is a message from your guides that you are cleaning house, in a very real and literal way both within and without. The energy of the 3 clears the way. We would suggest that as you are met with obstacles in your path, you simply allow them to flow through creating as little resistance as possible. The more you focus upon the experiences that bring you feelings of discomfort, fear and anxiety, the more attraction you will have to creating more of a similar vibration. Remember to shift your focus upon what you do desire to create.

(4) holds the frequency of foundation. Once you have allowed for the release of that which no longer serves you in your life you then need to rebuild the structures and pillars in which you will grow from and build your new structures upon. This will be found not only in your physical life but also within your beliefs, and understandings. You will have a strong desire to begin again. To lay the ground work that is required for you to set your feet down on the path of your destiny. The number 4 is very much a grounding energy. For those who are drawn to the repeating number 4, you will find yourself being drawn to many things which will help you to feel grounded to the earth; as many will be drawn to be in nature and explore what nature has to offer. You are being urged to build the strongest foundation possible to now build your new dreams and aspirations upon. Expect greatness to manifest in your life.

(5) holds the strong vibration of change and large shifts taking place. Those who are drawn to repeating number 5’s can expect to see a large shift emerging in their life path. The energy of the 5 brings with it a fresh start in which to set new intentions and begin something new. You are now capable of firmly planting your feet on your new enlightened path, so continue your journey with confidence a belief in a positive outcome. With all change, there will always be some uncertainties. Focus all of your attention deliberately upon recieving positive results. It is a time of new beginnings and of blossoming possibilities. Relish in the excitement of what is to come.

(6) holds the energy of clarity and vision. Those that are drawn to the repeating number 6’s should keep their eyes peeled and their focus sharp upon the desired outcome. The 6 has the ability to shine light and make known what was once kept hidden. As we often say you cannot change what you do not know, and this energy will be helpful in showing you what has remained concealed. This refers to a personal level, as well as on a collective level.

(7) carries the signature of destiny. Your destiny will always be what you make of it; you are always afforded the use of your own free will and the energy of the 7 validates that you are moving ever closer to that which you have dreamed to achieve. The signature of the 7 is quite beneficial, spiritual, and offers a heightened sense of awareness. For those that are drawn to the repeating 7’s it is a message from your guides that you are on a positive path and that your desires have been heard. You are deliberately creating your reality, the good that is to come is a direct result of the focus you have chosen to place your attention upon. For those who are drawn to the 7’s you will find that desires seem more attainable and closer to your grasp than ever before. Keep up the good work!

(8) carries the strong energy of alignment; alignment with your true self, your source energy and the alignment with your purpose. For those that are drawn to the repeating number 8’s is a confirmation from your guides that you are experiencing the peaceful flow of all that is. You will be inspired to allow synchronicity into your life and be consciously aware to look for it because of the alignment that you have achieved. That which is not in alignment will become blatantly obvious and demand your attention. The 8 also carries what we would term the energy of the infinite. Know that you have the ability to experience the infinite flow of synchronicity in a more direct ways.

(9) carries with it a frequency of climax, peak, and the culmination of experience. The energy of the 9 allows for events to reach a climax, socially, personally and collectively. For those particularly drawn to the repeating number 9’s this will culmination of experience will be as much on a grand scale as it is a personal and individual scale. Manifestation is heightened, so it is wise to be very mindful of your thoughts, and focus at this time. What you focus on will come about abruptly. The 9 also brings with it energy to help accomplish goals which have been set and to help achieve what has been previously, seemingly unattainable.

(10) carries the energy of completion and re-birth. It is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. For those who are drawn to the energy of the 10 may find endings to relationships, career paths, and long standing issues that you have desired completion upon; however with every ending comes a new beginning. It has a great energy of pulling everything firmly into reality and tying off all loose ends. Much of what you have been trying to finish will be completed.

And as always you may call on us; as we are always eager to be of service. We hope that you have enjoyed our message today and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

You are more than welcome to browse the Angelic Guides website for all the materials generously posted for free. For more advanced practical knowledge and/or personal guidance please check our shop/store for more guidance…
– Dr. Taryn Crimi

Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Article by:

Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Kelly M. Beard: Weekly Forecast: September 16 – 22, 2018

Weekly Forecast: September 16 – 22, 2018


9/16 ~ Mercury (your voice) ~sextile~ Jupiter (expansion):

Where the above (Sun sextile Jupiter) is more about YOU, this activation is more about your consciousness, ideas, thoughts & concepts (Mercury), which Jupiter expands in some way, helping you to ‘think bigger’, edit your personal Story and step up your game in some way. This is also a great energy to work with if you are in school, learning something new, expanding your knowledge base or gather new tools & information to support your goals. Your dreams are tapping you on the shoulder, demanding some attention. Mundane issues are not your concern right now, you want to figure out how to create the life you’ve been imagining. This energy also provokes within you the awareness & understanding that being generous naturally attracts generosity to you. The big picture and overall patterns which have led you to this point are being brought into the light. Feeling clear, sharp, alert and optimistic, you begin to realize that anything you can imagine (or remember), you can achieve.

9/18 ~ Mars (action) ~square~ Uranus (freedom):    (3 of 3:  5/16 ~ 8/1 ~ 9/18)

This is the “Rebel” energy – what’s your “cause”? If you are clear about your own authentic Truth & Purpose, then this energy is refreshing and uplifting. You acknowledge that change is necessary (and inevitable) and you co-create with this energy to transform your current life. This is a rebirth energy too and being “reborn” is never easy. Worth it – but not easy. However, if you are NOT clear about who you are and what you’re capable of, this energy shines a light on that aspect of your life which you instinctively already know needs an overhaul but for whatever reason you are still holding on to the old habits/patterns. Unwilling or unable to embrace change at this time, you only increase the feeling of being restricted by external energies. Your life is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside you. How’s it lookin’? Check your ego, recommit to your Truth and remember that change is GOOD! And if you don’t go voluntarily (read: consciously), then you’ll get dragged to the new level, kicking and screaming and you’ll be so exhausted when you get there that you may miss the beauty in evolving to the next level. (This IS what you’ve been working toward, correct?) Remember, conscious, effective action creates freedom.

9/20 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. You will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) make quite an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible too. However, if not physically, then mentally and certainly within your own area, you will take in more information per square inch than usual. Pay attention! You may even gain the much-deserved recognition from others that you have worked so hard for.


9/22 ~ Fall Equinox 2018:

Harvest is about assessing and gathering all that you’ve created for the year, and ultimately, reaping the rewards of all your hard work and labor. Some of your *Harvest* will be tangible, in that, creative projects that can/will bear fruit now that they are complete, stable or in place … and some of your *Harvest* will be intangible, as you have further cultivated your own Being over the last year and now you (and others) can benefit from your personal integration & renewed strength.

Renewing your connection to Balance and cultivating this inner alignment with your Higher Self, will inspire the goals for the remaining quarter of the year. Equinox is a time of BALANCE. It is time of balance between Light & Shadow and takes us from movement out in the world, to more inner, “work with what you’ve got” energy, using your resources and creations to build on & expand, primarily behind the scenes in preparation for Spring Initiation, 6-months from now.

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Aluna Ash: OP’s/ Agents/ Organic & Synthetic Soulless Portals/Handlers/Sleeping Souls/Awakened Souls

OP’s/ Agents/ Organic & Synthetic Soulless Portals/Handlers/Sleeping Souls/Awakened Souls
Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D

Streamed live 18 hours ago
Its a war on your Spirit.

Attachments, entities, lower thoughts or triggers whether someone is being manipulated to trigger you or you are triggering them) nothing to be ashamed of it’s something that all of us deal with in this realm because it’s a battle for your energy, it’s psychological and spiritual warfare. We all have control & can create our reality and experience what we choose to.

This can feel like an idea, a thought, an emotion, etc.. that doesn’t feel good and just know that anything that doesn’t feel good, is your soul and spirit speaking to you saying that it is not your energy- it’s a program. It’s also important to use discernment if you’re having any type of energy work done or connecting with certain people, or getting guidance, getting information, etc.. use your discernment.

We have a shift that’s about to take place ( and I will upload more about this, but most of you already know this. You already feel it) that is opening up the 13th Gate, which is going to create a complete shift in consciousness for many people in this realm.


John Doe‏ @Truth_inContext: When Does It Become Mathematically Impossible?!

I thought he stopped making videos! I follow him on twitter. ~PB

When Does It Become Mathematically Impossible?!
John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Sep 18, 2018

I just noticed I didn’t toggle off the nighttime mode for this video, my apologies if you have trouble reading along with this one! I was just so excited, it slipped my mind!

Thank you for everything you do Patriots!
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Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast September 17-23: Exciting Progress on Creative Projects

Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast September 17-23: Exciting Progress on Creative Projects

Published on Sep 15, 2018

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