Kelly M. Beard: Weekly Forecast: October 15 – 21, 2017

Weekly Forecast: October 15 – 21, 2017

10/15 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift): 

This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, but rather you may tend to think, speak and process information faster than usual. However, when you are moving that fast, sometimes you can overlook something vital. The negative expression of this energy tends to make you feel scattered and disorganized, but the positive side of it is making those brilliant connections that are normally just out of reach. Your perception and intuition are picking up so much in such a short period of time that you will want to review the details later to ensure you didn’t overlook something crucial to your development. You may be impatient with same-old/same-old routine but check in with your body to make sure it is not just your monkey mind playing tricks on you. It is a good time to breathe and be flexible because if you are impatient with this energy, you are more likely to make mistakes. Anytime Uranus is involved, radical shifts and ah-ha moments are totally possible on an internal level, however, on an external level you may tend to blurt things our without proper forethought. Be sure to engage your Heart and some kind of filter, especially when communicating with others this week.

10/16 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~sextile~ Saturn (organization & structure):

This energy is good for getting serious and organized because the Sun also brings some much-needed clarity. With Saturn involved, practical actions based on responsible assessments will be rewarded, whereas, blowing things off or leaving loose ends will cost you (usually fairly immediately, the instant karma way). Even if this should happen to you, it is not personal, but Saturn’s way of showing you (immediately) where your current limitations are. That’s good info to have when making choices & decisions. This activation gives you access to self-discipline and the ability to consider all your options before deciding on anything. This is a good time to focus on your professional goals if possible, and start making a solid, feasible plan for the future. If you need to, seek the advice of a trusted wise elder (anyone with more knowledge/experience than you ; -)) And if you can’t actually DO something in the direction of your goals today, take the time to meditate and connect to your plan mentally.

10/18 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion & learning):

It is time to expand your thinking & develop more conscious awareness! This is a powerful energy assisting you on many levels. You will make connections easily & quickly that help you integrate newly acquired information or knowledge, making you appear psychic (or at least lucky) to others. At this time, you can connect with your Highest ideal and most broad outlook for your life, and you may feel that you are finally ready to live your Truth. You are so connected to your own ideal that you naturally give others permission to live their Truth as well, creating an atmosphere of tolerance that feeds all involved. The challenge with this energy is going too ‘broad’ and missing details that are vital to your success. You will also miss out on crucial information if you are too overconfident and/or self-righteous in any way. Remain humble, knowing that your way works for you, but it may not work for others (and vice versa). And it is ALL okay! If you remain centered in the Light and your own Heart, this energy gives you a little boost to whatever you are creating at this time.


The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.



#Me Too… Awareness Opens the Heart

#MeToo, alas!

Reflections of Riverman

Morning Peace

Many of you have become aware of the #Me Too wave of energy that is resonating across Social Media in regards to harassment and sexual predation.

Originally brought up and out by the latest notorious sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and his years of damage to women in Hollywood.

I want to share with you a facebook post I read this morning from a male friend whom I met last Summer at a River Blessing and expresses so much of what I and many have to say and feel.

Good morning! I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday. It’s important if we are to change the rape culture that women be listened to, heard, believed with compassion.
Men must search our souls for damages done, crimes committed, injustices done.
Women are not there for the taking. Women are human beings. To be loved honored and cherished.
Men must learn to…

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October Astrology Forecast – How Jupiter’s Big Move Will Affect You |


October Astrology Forecast – How Jupiter’s Big Move Will Affect You

 By Yvonne Walker October 10, 2017


Hello Everyone. I’m in the process of moving after 25 years at the same place! So me and Jupiter have something in common – we’re moving. Moving is a big deal. It changes your senses. It makes you rethink things. It gives you a chance to get rid of things you’ve thought about doing but now you finally do it. It’s a time to envision how this next stage of your life is going to be like, and plan accordingly. And so as Jupiter leaves the air sign Libra and moves into the water sign of Scorpio our good luck and expansion energy for the next 13 months is about to significantly change.


From Libra Into Scorpio

Libra is about balance, partnership, beauty and harmony.
Air signs are intellectual and use their minds for their primary way of making decisions and seeing things. Libra likes things light and airy and happy. Scorpio has a whole different take on things. Scorpios rule the underworld, ruled by Pluto the transformer, the phoenix rising from the ashes. they dig deep, look at their dark side, explore it with wonder and amazement, and looks at every single detail and examines it with precision and catalogues it all for future use.

You can see the energy is shifting a lot! Jupiter’s home sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign with lots of energy, a love of adventure and travel and higher learning, but also spirituality. These qualities follow Jupiter where ever she goes. So when she comes to visit Scorpio land, she comes to explore it, learn from it, have fun doing it – but ultimately there is a spiritual bent here. It’s about spiritual connection and growth.


Jupiter Means More

Jupiter is expansion, making something bigger – more of something.
Jupiter is the planet of good luck, so your ascendant will tell us what house Jupiter is affecting at this time. For example Jupiter will move into my 4th house on Tuesday October 10th and stay there 13 months. Fourth house is where you live!

So I’m moving. I will probably move into a place bigger than I have now, because Jupiter is about bigger, more and expansion. I will probably have more social gatherings at home than usual and have lots of visitors coming by. My home will be the center of social activity and it should be a good year of friend and family interactions.


Which House Is Jupiter In For You?

  1. If Jupiter is in your first house, careful, you might eat too much and put on a few pounds. 
  2. In your second house, this could be a windfall year or in some way your finances get better. 
  3. In the 3rd house expect to take a lot of short trips, like weekends, and talk to your friends and family more than usual. 
  4. 4th house indicates expanding your domestic life and home. Social gatherings, visitors to your house, and other home-based activities will also expand. 
  5. In the 5th house expect a big romance to come along, or your creativity will soar. You kids might grow in number too. 
  6. In the 6th house there might be a lot of responsibility required of you, people asking you for help and favors. Be sure to say yes as much as you can because this is building up your good karma, just don’t make it so much you can’t enjoy your own life too. 
  7. In the 7th a business or romantic partnership might solidify – marriages and mergers time. 
  8. In the 8th house you might get an inheritance or a very steamy romance. 
  9. In the 9th, Jupiter’s home, you could go back to college, travel the world and grow spiritually like you haven’t before. 
  10. In the 10th house of career, this is your year to become a workaholic and succeed. 
  11. In the 11th your friends, parties, and social life will include new friends will be the theme. 
  12. And finally Jupiter in your 12th house is about exploring your hidden side, seeing yourself fully as you are – good and bad, warm and cold, kind and selfish, and balancing those qualities because we need both sides to survive. 

But for everyone there is a sense of letting go to regenerate and become someone new and better. Soul searching and looking within is the theme here.


Spiritual Growth Gets A Boost

This is a great year to make meditation a part of your daily routine. It’s a time for spiritual growth because its trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto, all good aspects. The Neptune trine will also encourage compassion within us, moving from selfishness and mean spirited thinking to “we are all in this together and we must care about our fellow man.” Water and Earth signs benefit the most from this aspect, with Earth signs also being less hard line and more compassionate. Air and Fire signs will be less self absorbed and again, open their hearts to others.

Be Kind To One Another

All in all, Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to see each other with flaws and greatness alike. It’s time to be kind. It’s time to care about your neighbor. Its time to make the world a better place for everyone by demanding compassion and fairness from our society and its structures. Try to take the high road whenever you can and be kind, compassionate and caring and you will know you are on the right path.

Please hold Sheldan Nidle in your prayers and meditations.

If you have only read Sheldan’s weekly channeled messages and have never listened to him interviewed, Galactic Connection has some wonderful interviews that reveal Sheldan’s vast intelligence and spiritual understanding. Sending him prayers for speedy recovery and freedom from pain. ❤

Jesus through John

Dear readers and listeners,

My very dear friend Sheldan Nidle had major surgery on his back last Thursday, October 12th, and remains in hospital in severe pain. It is hoped that in a few days he will be moved into the rehabilitation part of the hospital so that with physiotherapy and gentle exercise he will regain the ability to walk, which he has been unable to do for quite a number of weeks.

He and his beloved life partner, Colleen Marshall, are in need of your help through prayer and meditation, because the last few weeks of his immobility followed by the major surgical procedure has been, and continues to be exhausting for them both.

When he returns home he will have to use an electrically operated hospital bed which Colleen has ordered for him. Apart from that they have had numerous other heavy expenses due to his illness, so…

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John Smallman: You all have a very important divine purpose which you cannot fail to achieve.

Saul Audio Blog for Saturday October 14th

As you wait expectantly and confidently for humanity’s Grand Awakening, continue to hold your Light on high, and continue to hold firmly to your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Doing this is very powerful indeed because your intent combines with similar intentions held by others resulting in an exponential increase in the intensity of the field of Love in which humanity is firmly held, even while choosing to remain asleep within the illusion. It is the Light and the Love from you, the Light bearers and Light workers, seeping steadily and constantly into people’s awareness that is nudging them toward their moment of awakening.

You have all experienced being in the energy field of someone who is truly loving, and enjoying the feeling of warmth and acceptance that it provides.  Well, you are each “a someone like that” when you choose to be consciously loving whatever arises.  So be consciously loving every day as you go about your daily activities, because you incarnated to do this, because it is what you contracted to do, and because you are very good at it.

God is relying on you to bring humanity to its moment of awakening, not on your own of course, as you have limitless support – when you choose to ask for it.  However, you are in the forefront as the awakening process moves forward most purposefully, and your leadership and guidance are essential aspects of this hallowed process.  All of you who read and resonate with this and similar channeled messages do recognize and acknowledge the spiritual realms, but the vast majority of humanity chooses to remain unaware even of the possibility of their having a spiritual nature, let alone that it could be more real than the physical world with which they are so fully engaged.

The physical world seems very real to all within it, no matter how spiritually developed they may be, but those who are aware that their spiritual path is their primary purpose – Light bearers and Light workers – are far better able to deal with the stuff that is arising for all on Earth at this time in its evolutionary journey.  It is essential, therefore, that you do your meditation, contemplation, praying, chanting, or whatever spiritual practice in which you have chosen to engage, daily.  Do not spend time seeking the “right path,” because there are no wrong paths, stick with what you have chosen to use and allow it to grow and develop through your daily practice.  It is consistency of purpose that counts, not the particular path you have chosen to follow.  Know that whatever path you choose it is always in alignment with the divine Will, because that is your intent.  The fact that you seem to get very little if any feedback confirming this is immaterial.

Just remind yourselves at least daily, and if possible every waking hour, that you are each a perfect child of God, infinitely loved and completely acceptable in every moment.  Allow awareness of that to arise within you because it will indeed comfort you, and in feeling its comforting warmth you will know that you are indeed fully supported in every moment of your eternal existence.  There is no way you could not be because you are always, and without interruption, One with Father/Mother/God, the divine Source that is all that exists.

It often seems that you are alone, abandoned, but that is the nature of the illusion, it is, by its very nature, which is utterly unreal, divisive and separating.  But you are never alone because to be alone is impossible when all are One.  Don’t be fooled, don’t allow your piteous little egos to convince you otherwise, they depend on your separateness for their very survival.  When you allow yourselves to enter into awareness of your state of eternal oneness, even though you do not feel it strongly, you are choosing to reintegrate your egos with your higher selves and therefore with the One.  There is only One, and your egos are just tiny frightened aspects of your Self that are having a nightmare, and they will awaken into joy, where all have their sublime and eternal existence.

Your egos are a necessary part of being human, they can attend to your bodies and remind you of physical activities that your bodies need to engage in, such as eating and sleeping, to keep them fit, well, and healthy, for as long as you choose to occupy them.  Even though it often probably seems to you that you are for the most part just physical bodies struggling for survival in a hostile environment, where a moment’s inattention might cost you your lives, you are far more than you can possibly imagine, and truly you are fully engaged at all times in doing and being the Self you were created to be.

Sunk in the mists of the illusion, as you are, it is basically impossible for you to see and understand what magnificent beings you really are.  Its whole point is to hide this from you, and it seems to do this extremely well.  It was not meant to last, and it will not, being unreal, but while it seems real to you you must continue to develop your spiritual side, i.e. follow your homeward path to awakening and Reality.  And because you have more awareness of this than so many others, the onus is on you to maintain and strengthen your spiritual practices, thus assisting all to awaken, as you volunteered to do prior to incarnating.

You all have a very important divine purpose which you cannot fail to achieve.  You can slow down your progress by not attending to it as dutifully as you intended when you chose to incarnate.  We constantly send you messages through various uplifting and inspiring channels in order to help you stay on your task, and on the whole you are doing this very well indeed, as our reminders and encouragement spur you onwards by reminding you that you are invincible because you are the perfect and divine children of God.

So, I offer you one more reminder: “You are divine beings, at One with Source, permanently and infinitely supported, and you cannot fail to awaken because it is your will and God’s that you do so.”

With so very much love, Saul.

Benjamin Fulford 10-9-17: Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming

Note:  This report will make your jaw drop!  I am not yet a subscriber, so I will return to posting the full article on the Thursday after the weekly Monday publishing date, (per Ben’s request, to allow Subscribers first look) or as soon as possible, since I am often working a lot towards the end of the week. I included KP’s comments this week (but not his quotes) because they seem particularly pertinent.  ~PB

Benjamin Fulford 10-9-17: Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming

Full weekly report from Ben. This one starts off a bit… well, I’ll say, “fascinating” and gets more “fascinating” from there. David Wilcock mentions it in his latest article.

[Note: Benjamin has had a death in his web family. Here is what he said in this obituary article: “Lisa Tohama, my webmaster, passed away on Saturday, October 7th, after fighting bravely against cancer for a year. She worked for free for a long time when I was under financial attack because she wanted to help make the world a better place. She will be sorely missed. She was 39 years old.”.]

[Note: please see the message from Ben’s team about the new subscriptions and payments at the end of this report.]


Benjamin Fulford: Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming
Posted by benjamin, October 9, 2017

Suddenly all sorts of people who dropped contact after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima terror attack are trying to contact the White Dragon Society (WDS) through this writer. These include a top Yakuza assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a representative from a new CIA faction, and others.  They, together with our regular contacts, all agree that something big is coming.

The most colourful character to renew contact was a Mr. K, who was introduced to this writer years ago by Japanese military intelligence as the top assassin for the Yamaguchi-gumi mutual protection syndicate (this was before it splintered into three factions).  The diminutive and serene-looking Mr. K says his job consists of chopping peoples’ fingers off, one knuckle at a time, until he extracts the information he needs.  He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean, something Takamasa Kawase of Japanese military intelligence independently confirmed.  Mr. K also says that he has done work for the Mitsubishi banking conglomerate (presumably helping them locate missing funds).

It was an associate of Mr. K, the daughter of former Yamaguchi No. 2 boss Masaru Takumi, who insisted on meeting this writer on March 10, 2011 to set my mobile alarm to ring at exactly 11:00 AM on March 11, 2011, the day of the nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan.

Trucks were also spotted bringing large amounts of emergency relief supplies to the Yagamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters in the days before the January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake, according to Kobe residents who live near their headquarters.  As a result, their gang was far faster than the central government to provide relief supplies to quake-stricken residents of Kobe.

Mr. K says his group has become “spiritual in nature” and that starting in late October the world will experience “earthquakes, storms, and other disasters” that will result in a large drop in the world’s population before “a happy new era” begins. Mr. K was evasive about details, but did say something could happen in Japan just before the October 22nd Japanese general election that Asian secret society sources say will result in the ouster of Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Japanese gangsters have told this writer on numerous occasion that they get billions of dollars in payments from the Khazarian-controlled Bank of Japan in return for acting as their enforcers. It is clear they have been told to do all they can to keep Khazarian proxies like Abe in power, under threat of new attacks on Japan with earthquake weapons.

The WDS conveyed a message via Mr. K and others that should the P2 Freemasons and their bosses in Zug, Switzerland try another stunt like Fukushima, there would be serious retaliation. There are three nuclear weapons that have been placed in top Khazarian power spots by the Gnostic Illuminati with the purpose of reminding them that mass destruction is a two-way street, Illuminati sources say. It has also been recommended to the U.S. military that they physically occupy the Bank of Japan and round up the people distributing its money to gangsters. They know exactly who they are and where they are. Crown Prince Naruhito is ready to point out all of them if asked, say sources in the Three Legged Crow secret society.

In any case, Mr. K is not the only person predicting that something unusual is about to happen. The world’s media, for example, have taken note of U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent hints of ominous things to come.

Pentagon sources explain that, “After the Las Vegas massacre and an Israeli ambush that killed 4 U.S. special forces troops in Niger, [White House Chief of Staff General John] Kelly summoned the Joint Chiefs of Staff and combatant commanders to the White House on October 5 to bring all hands on deck to back Trump against the NFL, Antifa, the deep state, and the cabal.” The source continued by noting, “Even NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers and Pacific Commander-in-Chief Admiral Harry Harris were invited, as Trump said cryptically that this is ‘the calm before the storm.’” The “storm” would take place in the form of mass arrests, the issuance of a new currency, and the launch of a global currency reset, the source said.

“‘Calm before the storm’ means the swamp is about to be cleaned out and they are all scared sh#tless, so we better take a picture,” a CIA source confirmed.

The mass killing operation in Las Vegas and the accompanying corporate media BS storm about a single, now-dead killer being responsible was a fatal mistake by the Khazarian mafia, many sources agree. The Internet is full of videos showing that multiple shooters were involved, and calls for comprehensive revenge are being made. By promoting this obvious lie, the FBI, nominally in charge of the Las Vegas investigation, has made itself a target of the U.S. military and other agencies.

It has already been leaked all over the Internet by insiders that casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff were planning to make a fortune by using this incident as an excuse to make metal detectors manufactured by a company they own mandatory at all concerts, bus terminals, etc. Instead, both men are now hunted, if not already dead.

A different CIA source says that Las Vegas is run by the Chicago Mob and that even honchos like Adelson and Chertoff are just front men for the Italians. “It is Florentine nobility running the Chicago Outfit and the remnant of the Jewish Mafia. The Chicago Outfit is involved in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexican border. John DiFronzo is a top boss of the Chicago Outfit along with his brother Peter DiFronzo,” this source says. In other words, it is the fascist P2 Freemasons who were ultimately behind the Las Vegas Gladio-style operation. The FBI is a P2 subsidiary and you can expect tanks at their headquarters soon.

Another Khazarian power center that is under attack is their control of academia. “To improve meritocracy to make America great again, the Jewish bastion Harvard University is under a Department of Justice probe for overrepresentation of Jews and helping mediocre Jews like [Trump son-in-law] Jared Kushner steal admissions from more qualified whites and Asians,” the Pentagon sources say.

Also, “Hollywood and the Democrats are reeling as the New York Times was ordered to do a hit piece on a fellow Jew, the serial sexual predator film producer and major Hillary and Obama fundraiser Harvey Weinstein,” the sources say. Of course, the New York Times story…

…is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can be sure much worse revelations about murder, rape, pedophilia, and human sacrifice rampant in Hollywood will come out.

Donald Trump himself is clearly being pulled at by opposing forces. While some CIA and Pentagon sources portray him as a hero who will “drain the swamp,” other CIA sources say he is “drugged and blackmailed.” A clearly visible sign of a split in the U.S. government came last week when the CIA, speaking on the record, contradicted Trump’s statements about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un being a madman. The CIA made it clear that if a war was started on the Korean Peninsula, it would not be started by the North.
Now that the campaign to use North Korea as an excuse to start World War 3 is being undermined, the Khazarians are trying to reignite tensions with Iran as an excuse to start their Gog-versus-Magog end-times war. However, Pentagon sources say the Iran thing is not going to happen either.

The big reason for the rise in tension in the U.S. is that the Washington D.C. Corporation—not to be confused with the Republic of the United States of America—missed a payment deadline that came due on September 30th, its fiscal year end, say MI6 sources. The U.S. government’s budget had a $1 trillion shortfall and the situation has reached the point that, by its own estimates, its net worth is minus $65 trillion.
The MI6 sources say that when the payment deadline was missed, an extension was granted that lasts until October 17th. However, previous reports say that an extension was granted until December 15th, so it is not wise to fixate on a particular date. It is clear that this year is proving to be especially difficult for the U.S. corporate government to find money to keep its operations going.

Another reason the Khazarians are flirting with real bankruptcy and loss of power this time is the demise of their petrodollar. Saudi Arabian King Salman (or perhaps his body double) made the first-ever visit by a reigning Saudi monarch to Russia last week. The Saudis agreed to buy arms from Russia and reached many other deals, according to various press releases. Furthermore, the Saudis also talked about the possibility of ending the petrodollar by selling their oil for currencies other than the U.S. dollar, Pentagon sources say. This led the U.S. military to issue a veiled threat to the Saudis by suspending all military exercises with the Saudis and their allies.
The Pentagon still needs Saudi oil to run its machines and Saudi money to pay its salaries, and thus will not allow the complete death of the petrodollar until a comprehensive global financial reset is in place, Pentagon sources explain.

Another sign seen last week that something big was about to happen was a fire burning on the roof of the New York Federal Reserve Building.
If you want, you can believe the Fed’s story that a generator caught on fire, but a good guess is that they were burning evidence before the U.S. military makes their long-overdue move to occupy that criminal institution.

This autumn we have a real chance to permanently end criminal Khazarian rule of the planet. If you are in a position personally to take action, please do so.


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NorthPoint Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for October 16 to 22, 2017 by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week 

MON: Sun sextile Saturn, Sun opposite Eris, Saturn trine Eris
TUE: Mercury enters Scorpio, Mars quincunx Uranus
WED: Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun quincunx Chiron
THU: Sun opposite Uranus, New Moon 12:11pm PDT (7:11pm GMT), Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune
FRI: Saturn sesquiquadrate Ceres
SAT: Pluto square Vesta
SUN: Mars enters Libra, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Mercury square Ceres, Sun enters Scorpio

A CERTAIN QUOTE has been running through my mind this past week: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” I don’t know the circumstances that inspired John C. Maxwell to speak these words, but I struggle with their veracity.

Major transitions occur for all of us, throughout our lives. Many of these fall into the category of the “expected,” such as graduating from college, taking a new job, or committing to a relationship. Occasionally, changes occur that are unplanned and dramatically life-altering: fires that consume earthly belongings, floods or earthquakes that wipe out communities, or deaths of loved ones that alter the emotional and relational landscape of our lives.

Do we really go through these types of events and not experience growth on some level? It’s hard for me to imagine. But, even if growth of the personality is optional, the evolution of the soul is always underway.

SO MANY CHANGES, internal and external, are occurring now, we are under great pressure to grow. If we are not facing personal loss or experiencing problems that directly impact our daily lives, we are still being challenged to grow in our ability to hold compassion for others, to share our light and our skills in service, and to find the strength and faith that enable us to accept the realities of physical life, with all of its challenges and unpredictable turns.

Another quote related to change and growth comes to mind, this one by Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Perhaps a shift in perspective is one of the higher purposes of the powerful events we’ve seen occur since the August eclipses. These catastrophes interrupt our usual ways of thinking and feeling, so that we emerge on the other side of the crises in some new form.

WE KNOW that the world is in need of major shifts on many levels. No matter where we focus our attention, we can point to problems that seem insurmountable in their vastness. But Einstein’s profound words remind us that being who we’ve always been, thinking as we’ve always thought, or fearing what we’ve always feared will not move us forward. It is only deep inner change that will propel the evolutionary growth we seek. This is true on all levels, of course — not only for the global questions of social and environmental concerns, but also for the issues and relationships we work with in our daily personal lives.

As we deal with all that has occurred recently, whether our experience has been very personal or more distant, we can allow these events to change us. The thoughts and emotions that move through us can initiate deeper shifts within, which will ultimately alter our course individually and collectively.

THE THEME of radical change continues into the coming week and also into the new lunar cycle that begins on Thursday.

On Monday, there is the possibility of stability amidst transitional times, thanks to Saturn’s influence. On that day, the Sun opposes the dwarf planet Eris, which often manifests as discord between opposing factions. However, Saturn is in harmonious aspect to both planets, providing a release valve for the conflict. We can take advantage of this stabilizing force by focusing on a higher philosophy of life that is both our guiding light and our grounding rod (Saturn in Sagittarius).

On Tuesday, a Mars-Uranus quincunx stirs the pot of discontent that has been simmering. Anger comes more readily and irritations seem to be around every corner. This aspect requires an adjustment in how we are proceeding: We cannot force our own agenda without considering others’ needs (Uranus in Aries); likewise, we cannot simply set our course based solely on tried and true methods that have always worked for us in the past (Mars in Virgo). As hard as it may be to listen and to collaborate when we are feeling frustrated, we will find that other options lead us nowhere.

MERCURY enters Scorpio on Tuesday and then has its rendezvous with Jupiter on Wednesday. This alignment can bring significant information forward, facts and motivations that have been hidden from view. We are no longer able to ignore the truth, whether our avoidance has been due to complacency or to our belief that diving deeper would just be too time-consuming.

Once this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction occurs, we should have a better idea of how Jupiter’s year-long trek through Scorpio will manifest in real-world terms. We’ll get more insights early next week, too, once the Sun enters Scorpio and also conjoins Jupiter.

THE NEW MOON on Thursday, October 19, is our astrological highlight of the week. It occurs at 26°35′
of Libra at 12:11 p.m. PDT (7:11 p.m. GMT).

This lunation is significant for many reasons — highest on the list of “why” is because it is exactly opposite Uranus (at 26°31′ Aries). This opposition weaves themes of radical change and evolutionary growth into the tapestry of the New Moon and the new lunar cycle.

Uranus is also the planetary representative of Higher Mind and expanded awareness. With this higher octave planet so closely involved in the New Moon, we can anticipate that whatever events occur are designed to expand our consciousness and help us access the higher-level information and insights that will help us find solutions for the issues in front of us.

SYNCHRONISTICALLY, the Sabian symbol for the location of the New Moon reinforces these Uranian themes:

“An airplane sails, high in the clear sky: A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life.”

Astrologer Dane Rudyhar’s interpretation of this image reads in part:

“This picture symbolizes the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of the mind, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being. This is a stage of Transcendent Realization.”

By acknowledging our ability to view life from a higher level, and by holding the intention to do so, we will gain much benefit from this New Moon and the weeks that follow. And isn’t this a primary goal for most of us spiritual seekers — this perspective on life, this “Transcendent Realization,” and the freedom and peace that is the result?

EVEN THE FIXED STARS provide support for our successful traverse of these very Uranian times. The New Moon is aligned with the fixed star “69 Virginis,” which astrologer Roderick Kidston writes about in his book The Magic of the Stars:

“Generosity of spirit is important here. The more you practice goodwill — Buddhists might speak of metta (loving-kindness) practices, or modern New Agers talk about random acts of kindness — the more the good energy builds and returns to you, and then you give it out again, and so it continues, a constant circle of care and giving. This good energy has a way of multiplying with 69 Virginis, going from strength to strength, building vision and purpose.

“With 69 Virginis, creativity and abundance are the names of the game. You have a way of generating new ideas, new options, or new ways of doing things. High ideals drive you, and a strong urge to protect and cherish, too. You stand firm for principles, and can be a staunch spiritual warrior if the need arises.”

Also synchronistically, Kidston’s first example of “famous people” with a strong connection to 69 Virginis in their charts is Albert Einstein. I read that paragraph only just now, when I opened Kidston’s book to read about his take on the meanings of 69 Virginis. No wonder that quote from Einstein came into my head as I began to write today’s Journal!

Wishing you a week of insights and breakthroughs that lead you to expand your consciousness and manifest only the best kind of radical changes in your life.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: It is vital for you to stay in balance this year. If you drift into polarities, it will be quite exhausting in the long run. Do your best to be both independent and interdependent, to claim your truth while allowing others to do the same. Speak from a strong place of knowing what you believe in and what is important to you. As you “hitch your wagon to a star,” make sure it is a high-frequency star that can inspire you to become your best and greatest expression of Self. You have the potential to access all the insights you need to create a new world for yourself and those you love.

In peace,

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