Shekina Rose / Blue Ray: 2019 Rare Planetary Alignment – Cosmic Gateway Shift

2019 Rare Planetary Alignment – Cosmic Gateway Shift

A Call to the Tribes of Light for the New Angelic Human 333

Archangel Michael calls to all the tribes of light: Divine Transformers, Blue Rays, Peace Makers, Peace Emissaries, Forerunners, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, Grid Workers, New Architecture Light Anchors, Bridgebuilders, Light Warriors, Angelics and Earth Angels:

A gateway shift of the spiritual realms is now occurring of increased light forces on the planet and of the Archangels’ legions of Angels for profound alignment with the light. This is a shifting in your abilities to connect, commune and be an enhanced field of light with the Higher Divine Spirit within you.

The heavenly sources through Archangel Michael are calling out to reinstate the families of the tribes of light in supporting your energy fields and upgrades, awakening you to your expanded tribes of light through the Rays of Creation.

Within your own interdimensional cellular structure are the lost soul encodings awakening to the divine angelic light of your universal expression. This energy convergence is taking place with the 2019 New Year rare planetary alignment opening of cosmic and spiritual energies to the planet. This is building a bridge of light and enhanced field of love from the earth plane to the spiritual universe.

Archangel Michael is a universal, highly evolved spiritual force of light—a protector, a gatekeeper—calling on you to take your place at the united kingdoms of the Great White Brotherhood of light, your ascended sovereign place in creation with us.

The Blue Ray and many of the tribes of light have great affinity with Archangels and Archangel Michael in assisting their awakening to strengthen their fields so they can accomplish their light projects. His signature rays are gold, golden ruby, magenta and white light and work through the rose gold heart of Mother Mary, the Blue Ray and the Violet Ray.

You may receive a visit from the Archangels and Archangel Michael and the higher spiritual hierarchies and experience these divine beings like you have never felt before and/or for the first time, creating heart remembrance of who you are and an enhanced belonging. 444

Archangel Michael’s Angel Number 55

Archangel Michael’s code vibration is 55 and spirit animal the eagle with colors of golden ruby and white light radiance. The number vibration and/or spirit animal eagle appearing in your life: Know it is creation’s almighty power of God’s hand through Archangel Michael showing you your sovereignty and higher pathway in clearing all obstacles and becoming who you truly are.

Archangel Michael speaks to you in many ways and this is one you can come to recognize as a sacred communication of creation; the universe is speaking to you and it is in constant movement to serve your highest soul intentions.

The Meaning of Archangel Michael’s 55

You are God in form; your hands—each one with five fingers—represent the almighty hands of God that equal 55—twice the power protection of God. The 55’s are the action and power of God’s movement of the universe to bring wholeness and balance in whatever you are praying to bring forward into life.

The source of light on Gaia is increasing, creating a quantum evolutionary shift that is being met by your soul’s remembrance of the awakening of the New Angelic Human (homo luminous-man of light).

Your tribe is calling you home.


The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker. Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. 



BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.



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A Message to Lightworkers – January 31, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – January 31, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we are seeing that many are getting caught up in mental argument or confusion at the moment, as your brain’s capacity to work with language shifts and transforms in ways you have not seen before.

You will find some days, in fact, that language no longer serves you as it once did — that it is inadequate to relay what you wish to explain to someone.

You may find instead that you prefer to send an image or a symbol — a sort of energy transfer of what you wish to say — knowing that the purity of that will relay what you wish to offer others far more clearly than what the left-brain assignations of language are able to do.

You may also find at times that you are caught in argument with someone in ways that you inwardly know does not serve your or their higher good.

All of this is due to coming out of the last vestiges of the ego-mind, as you come out of identifications with groups or belief systems, job titles or educational labels, social or political categories of thought, and other narrowly defined associations.

You are leaving these behind in favor of viewing things from a much higher and broader perspective.

In that higher viewpoint, you see that people come into this life having chosen a particular background, with certain abilities and interests, and heart connections, because they decided while still in the higher realms that they could learn more from that particular path than any other.

You are increasingly coming into the realization of how sacred that is — not a thing to be judged, but allowed and respected.

You and they have also changed a great deal as you have walked your individual paths.

What you might now call an obvious plain truth, you might not have called anything like truth five or 10 years ago.

You might have considered someone foolish to believe that there are so many facades and false representations among those who claim authority on your planet in business, government, medicine, religion, education, etc., for example.

Yet you have since that time come to see that there are not only facades and falseness, but forms of criminality that can be shocking and disheartening to realize.

We would say, that the energies reaching the planet now—and which your own powerful soul and those of your soul family are assisting—are such that all that has been hidden is coming to the forefront now.

So that the terms, phrases, forms of thought and language you have been given to use in hundreds of Earth lives, you begin to realize, were crafted by those who wished for you to remain utterly uninformed as to the true nature of the power structure on your planet, and the true nature of your Universe.

And so, now there is a bit of a stoppage to that plan, as humanity’s mental functions, cognitive reasoning, and intuitive understandings well outstretch the social forms, languages, and belief systems created to keep those false teachings operable.

You are coming into realization of your Divinity — your Unity with all living things — and there is no dark plan that can withhold that development, that powerful evolvement.

We ask that you simply extend Love, patience, and calm wherever you can, as all do their best to learn how to use these new forms of thought, realization, experience, and inner knowing.

To say you are experiencing the growing pains of an Ascending planet is to say the very least!

And yet, we see great bravery in how you have taken on that voyage, amidst great waves that look as if they threaten to engulf you some days, and on other days, calm seas in which you feel that there is very little movement toward NESARA Law being enacted, and world Peace being established.

The interesting thing about your Universe, of course, is that all is constantly unfolding, constantly evolving, and constantly moving forward.

So that there is no way you could not every moment move into your new Beingness and not claim more of your intrinsic sovereignty, soul expression, vision, and empowerment.

And so we encourage you to rest when needed, to drink water throughout the day, to exercise in some way you enjoy as often as you can, to listen to inspiring music and spend time in Nature more often than you watch the news or fret over a financial account.

And that you remember that in this powerful Transformation you are undergoing, no one is being left behind who desires forward movement from the high heart—that of Service to Others, and of steadfast Love of all that moves ever further into Divine Light.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Tania Gabrielle: Neptune sextile Saturn – Dreams Come True


Neptune creates a gorgeous sextile to Saturn on January 31.

It’s the first of three meetings between these two planets this year and so will leave an impact all year long.

Since both Neptune and Saturn are in their respective home signs (Pisces and Capricorn) – the impact is super magnified.

To sum it up:

Your dreams are coming true!

This aspect brings out the best in both planets:

  • Saturn provides the fortitude, discipline and work ethic to take your Divine Mission seriously.
  • Neptune adds romance, spiritual service and love to the wonderful equation.

Saturn gives structure and patience, so your imagination can soar while, at the same time, you have the patience to allow the petals of the flower to open naturally and gracefully.

As a result your future looks and feels BRIGHT.

You feel optimistic AND motivated!

An unbeatable combo…

So get fired up about manifesting something that creates profound internal and external growth…

What makes this opportunity so powerful is how practical and realistic you are while not loosing touch with your initial spark of joy.


Neptune nurtures your inner romantic…

…cherish your heart’s desire.

At this time your devotion to help others is very strong. You don’t mind taking on the responsibility of making your big dream to uplift others REAL.

Sextiles always provide hope as our ideas blossom.

It’s a great time to outline a goal, make plans organize a strategy.

Neptune sextile Saturn also provides an exquisite tranquility, so enhance your life with sacred geometry, peaceful music, serene Japanese gardens – anything with structure and peace that delights your heart.

Health and Healing also get a boost – and continuing all year long.

With Neptune moving through its own sign of Pisces and Saturn in its home sign Capricorn, this is truly a spectacular opportunity – one that will not come around again in our lifetime (Neptune’s orbit around the Sun takes165 years).

So take advantage of the stunning celestial energy flow in play now.

Be sure you have a Universal Star Code roadmap!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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TWO Interviews with META (former SSP Dark Fleet double agent) | Ground Crew Command Radio

Great interview with former SSP Dark Fleet double agent META. The Planetary Liberation News Analysis got cut off at 2 hours but the REPLAY has an additional 11 minutes+ at the end. ~PB

How To Perfect The Art of Triggering The Event, Draco Attempted Real ‘Alien Invasion’ in Dec, Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet ‘Timeline’ Agent + Planetary Liberation News Analysis | Ground Crew Command Radio

Our sights here at Ground Crew Command-144 HQ are firmly set on having ‘Lunar Eclipse’ type meditations (in terms of numbers & even impact) every single month!

Our determination to achieve this goal is extreme, tenacious & unyielding!

2 to 4 more such mass meditations can knock-out all remaining physical & non-physical darkness.

And it’s up to you & me to see this through!

We’re yet to tap into our true power.

I’ll be going over the ramifications of predicted ‘series of mini galactic pulses/solar flashes’ throughout at least the first half of 2019, which some psychics are now receiving intuitive hits about … and what 144k Members need to do as a group, to handle this the best way …

… and turn it into a huge advantage for planetary liberation acceleration.

So … onto latest developments.


Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet SSP ‘Timeline’ Agent – Meta

Meta makes his second appearance on Ground Crew Command Radio for this week’s show, and now I’m glad we had those audio problems in our first interview (which was my main motivation for get him on again) … because this interview turned to be MUCH better!

This time, he reveals:

***If you would like to make a small $10 donation to META and his courageous work in getting this info out to us, Here is the link you can use ***

Receiving the New Earth in Yourself Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Receiving the New Earth in Yourself
Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear friends,

I am the voice of Mother Earth. I welcome you all from my heart. Feel my living presence in your midst; I am here with you all. I am literally present in the cells of your body. I flow in each tiny cell: in your blood, your organs, your limbs – I am in everything. I share my consciousness with yours and share this life with you.

Open yourself to me and experience my healing power – and take your time doing it. Allow my power to flow from the ground beneath your feet up through your being. Imagine the splashing sound of a stream and let that pure water flow through you that brings refreshment and renewal to your being.

Feel my energy flow up through your feet, your ankles, and your lower legs. Know yourself to be sustained by me; know that I care for you. I know the rhythms and the pace of nature, and I live by those natural rhythms and not by those created by humans according to clock-time. I feel the time and the rhythms that are born from within.

Before I want to say something about this new era, and the arrival of the new Earth, I ask that you first receive my love. That you allow me to go deeper and deeper within you with each breath. That you let my energy flow through your legs up to your waist, so you feel that you may rest and let go. That you may relax deeply like a child who is not yet fully living according to clock time and the standards of society. In the beginning of his or her life, a baby is more a child of the Earth; it moves with natural moods and emotions, with the rhythms of day and night, of play and rest.

Allow my energy to flow into your heart, then fill your chest, your shoulders and arms with that gentle energy of naturalness, of rhythm and relaxation. And then let that energy flow up into that poor head of yours – so full and overloaded. You think so much, and thinking puts pressure on you as a natural being, as an organism that is connected to the Earth. Feel how your thoughts are like electric currents in your head, how that constant mental churning constricts your awareness, in the sense that it consumes so much of your consciousness. Thinking, worrying, reasoning; wanting to think about the future; the planning, providing, controlling. Those currents in your head are often powered by fear: a sense of threat that tells you that things will go wrong if you are not continually making an effort to control everything.

Now, imagine my energy, the gentle energy of Mother Earth, the natural rhythms of the land, of the animals and the plants. Envision how this energy arises to the top of your head, your crown, and brings rest there. Let the excess thoughts drain away from you and realize you are not the part of you that often identifies with excessive thinking. If you want to know who you really are, then with your attention and awareness go – literally – to your heart and feel the space there. There lives in your heart a desire for more ease, more fluidity, more surrender. But at the same time, you have become stuck in the clutches of fear that is the engine behind the many thoughts in your head.

So there are two streams in you: the grinding thoughts created by fear of what is going to happen in the future, by fear of those around you and of unknown danger; and at the same time, there is that wonderful flow from your heart and a desire to be in the now and to surrender to life. Be here now, with your awareness, and feel the silence.

Your heart is ready for the new. There is a deep desire in your whole being to take the next step, to let go of the fear that tyrannizes you. This is the call of the new Earth. It is my call, because I also feel that desire. I also would like to be more in peace and harmony. I myself am in the process of developing fully, which means I also learn and grow from all I experience through the life on me: the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, and humanity. I live and learn through you and I feel a pressure, a movement toward a greater and more all-inclusive consciousness – it is unstoppable.

I am about to change and I feel that you want to come with me, because the time has come for change. There has been a lot of pain, a lot of suffering on Earth; a deep struggle by humanity, especially with itself. Fear and self-judgement have deeply affected you inwardly. It is as if you no longer know how to live; the naturalness is gone. You have to search very deep inside yourself to find your most spontaneous impulses, your deepest inspiration, because you have learned to live on the periphery, the outer edges of who you are.

That is something truly sad, and I observe that as the greatest pain in people: they have learned to ignore their unique, unlearned impulses. They are no longer true to that which lives deep inside them, in their original being, which has a unique shine for everyone, because everyone is different.

It belongs to my inner mission to combine many life forms on this planet in a harmonious way. My highest ideal is that each being, in its own way, can let its light shine, and then that all these unique light forms be bundled into a beautiful whole, a gem of many colors. The promise of the new Earth is that each one rises to their own potential and that everyone is exactly right, precisely in their own way. This is the necessary step in order to make the whole more complete.

It is my deepest inspiration to give form to that promise, which is why I am calling on you to believe in who you are, to go back to your own center. You desire this from your heart and want nothing more than that. However, there are also voices of the old, of the fear that makes you resist. Voices that tell you it should not be this way, that it is not the intention; that you have to fit in, have to adjust; that you should not be different.

Feel that voice of fear for a moment, the energy that wants to hold you back and keep you away from your radiant self. Do not analyze that impulse from your head, but feel it from the quiet space in your heart. Do not try to analyze where that voice is coming from, but feel for a moment from inside the tone of that energy and what that does to you. Fear is often the origin of many emotions, such as the need for control or power, to struggle, to be unhappy or tense so you can never really relax. Fear is almost always the root-emotion of every other emotion. Try to look at it with gentleness as a flow that exists and has determined this Earth with all its life forms.

Look at the fear and you might see a color around it, or feel a vibration that emanates from that flow of fear. By consciously observing it, you detach from it, you rise above it. You can even feel the fear itself in your body as the fear takes hold of you, in your muscles, in your heart, in your stomach or your belly. However, when you consciously observe it, something transforms it. You say: “I see you, fear, but I don’t go along with you.” Fear can only become  permanent if it is fed, for example, by your thoughts.

When you look at fear with an open heart, without wanting to intervene, you no longer feed your fear. It will still well up as an old habit that does not die immediately; the fear is still present, over and over again. However, when you recognize this energy and do not go along with it, it gradually recedes and possesses you less and less. This is the real work that faces you, the discipline that is demanded of you. Not the discipline of hard work or adapting, but  of a keen awareness, a staying alert when the fear strikes, a becoming bigger than the fear, a drawing nearer to your heart instead of to your head. Come back again to the silence of your heart.

I ask you to now connect with your inspiration, your inner light, the uniqueness inside you that you came to bring to Earth, because you know it will give you joy if you express it in this earthly world. Feel the power of that light to surround you, the light that comes straight from your soul. While the Earth energy, the healing power of the Earth comes from below, upward, you now experience a flow from the Heavens, from above, downward. That is your soul’s light. But if you feel nothing, simply stay in the silence; it does not matter if you do not feel it clearly.

Being present in your heart in an open way is the main key: then there will be change. The soul comes to you and can make itself known in many ways. In some persons that will be through meditation, while for others when practicing an art form or doing something they enjoy. The flow comes to you because it belongs to you; you do not have to create it. It is already there and dances around you.

Now imagine that the flow comes to you and you receive it in whatever form presents itself. If you like to visualize, you can imagine that your inner child comes to you, this time beaming and holding out a beautiful gift that symbolizes your inner light. Let the streams of Heaven and Earth mingle within you. Your soul is cordially invited to be here, to move in all the cells of your body so that there is a dance between the consciousness of me, the Earth, and that of yours, your soul.

When your consciousness flows through into the physical world, it touches everything: the people around you, as well as the living beings who cannot talk and communicate on a conscious level, but still feel everything. When your soul’s light is streaming through you, you bring an angel vibration here and you bless the life around you.

As a human being, you have a  precious awareness within you. More than any other creatures on Earth, you have a free will, a free consciousness that can choose. It is the power of that consciousness – when it is in balance – that touches all living creatures on Earth, inspires them and triggers an acceleration of their growth. Know that not only are you in need of me, but that I also am in need of you, that your consciousness inspires me. It is through our cooperation that the new Earth is born. I invite and welcome you; I create joy in us.

Thank you very much.

Earth  February, 2015

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

OUR GOD-SELF: MY DIVINE SIMPLITY IS MIND-BLOWING by Ute Posegga-Rudel | Messages from the Reams of Light

Wednesday, January 30, 2019



if you love Me, your True Divine Ultimate Nature and Self, I penetrate your human heart to expand it to where I truly Live.

There is no difference between My Abode and what you Are in Truth. We Are One in My Space of Infinity That Is the Only Reality – the Power of Existence as Me, your Eternal Source of Every Thing.

I Am You As the One Who Truly Is in the non-perishable Divine Reality. It is more than what you think is Love in your limited understanding. You must grow, with My Grace and Blessings, new levels of awareness in your psycho-physical reality to know Who I Am.

You cannot find Me within your mind, even when it is most sublime. I Am on the other side of everything, that is known to you so far.

You do not need to be religious or pious to know Me, your own True Eternal Self. I am beyond these human made and limiting structures of belief systems. I Am Free, and it is your own heart-freedom that finds its way to Me.

It is a Divine Mystery how the Supreme Love That I Am works. It is not experienced in the cage of your world but totally beyond and prior to it. Because you Are in Truth beyond and prior to it.

If you love Me, you can become My servant in this world through a profound process of transformation. This process is not kundalini-based. It is the Blessing-Force of My Supreme Being That Is the Truth of your  Existence and That transforms your total body-mind In Me, if you are prepared to It. And as such you become My Divine Vessel in your world.

There are the many teachings among you that make you belief that you can work up your way to Me with tools that your limited body-mind creates, engaging all the phantasy that you might have and any tricks your mind invents.

But there is no trick to become Who You Are as Me, there is no ladder, not even the Jacobs ladder into the higher dimensional realms and no other ladder at all. The ladder is only a conditional stepping up within your mortal body-mind into higher vibrations of the universe which themselves exist according to the laws of change.

But I Am before the universe arises in Me, your Ultimate Source Which is Pure Radiance, Eternal Light and mere Happiness, before the apparition of all conditional lights.

I AM your way to Myself in which your total body-mind surrenders to Me, your own True Self to Realize What You Always Have Been. This is mostly not done in one life time, My Beloveds. It is a process of total Transformation into for you yet unknown Territories of My Divine Existence –  Which you cannot find with your wildest imaginations within the multitude of infinite dimensions of the universe.

You have been sleeping so long in your dark dreams of bondage to an extremely confined existence and developed a false identity in the prisons of your mind. And so you have forgotten and you have even lost the path to Me. So it must be Me, your own Eternal Self, Who reaches out to you so that you can walk a brigde to Me Showered with My Blessings.

To walk this bridge is not a day-dream, it asks you to let go even all your seeming foundations you identify with and which make you feel somehow secure by agreement and to be a member of your mind-created, crazy world so that you would survive.

With Me there is not such survival, because it exists on the wrong reference points of an illusionary dream world. You must jump into the death of all your assumptions that make you seemingly feel good and safe. But in fact you are not. You are never „safe“ in and as your body-mind that is subdued to ever changing conditions in the conditional worlds, high or low.

I Am never changing as The One Radiant Infinite Substance of Perfect Joy and Happiness. It Is beyond your imagination, because It does not Exist in your mind. I Am not Being Created, I Am Eternally Already What You Are.

The Process in Me to Realize What You Are, is the totality of your human body-mind to be literally Enlightened by Me through your total surrender to Me, The Transcendental Conscious Light Who You Are in Truth.

But know that I AM not about complication and confusion. The Way to Me and as Me is not complicated, because I Am not about „packages of information and techniques“ to put together to fabricate Me. I AM not found in information altogether. Who is complicated and difficult, and who imagines complications and difficulties, is the nature of your from Me separated ego-mind.

I AM Simply as You Are and I Am Simple as My Radiant Divinity. My Divine Simplicity is literally breath-taking and  mind-blowing, unheard in all worlds, beyond the hitches of duality,  and Obvious when I Show Myself to you as Your Divine Self, so that you remember and realize Who You Truly Are.


Message conveyed by Ute


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Published on Jan 29, 2019




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Dr. Joe Dispenza, Company of Heaven,Supernatural,  Council of Light, Archangel Michael, Supernatural, Ascension, The Event, Saint Germain,  Nesara, Gesara, Sananda, Violet Flame, Angels, Paul Butler, Prime Disclosure, New Earth, Atlantis, Awakening,Grand solar flash, God, Love, Ashtar, Spiritual Action, Pleiadian Light Forces, Violet Fire, Golden Age, Cobra, Galactic Federation of
Light, Galactics, Lightworkers, Quantum Upgrades, Schumann Resonance, Patricia Cota-Robles, Operation Andara

“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of
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The New Hack-Proof, Super-Conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System – by Rev. Dennis Shipman

The New Hack-Proof, Super-Conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman – July 12,

Introduction: It’s a fact of life: We live in a quantum world. Ever since German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947) won the Nobel Prize in Physics (1918) for his work in quantum physics, scientists have been increasingly fascinated with unlocking the secrets of the sub-atomic world beyond the atomic level of atoms and molecules.

Everything in our lives is moving deeper into the quantum level because it already exists in nature – as well as in us – but, more importantly, I suggest to you that this is what Ascension or The Great Shift in Consciousness (aka The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness) is all about: To become one with the quantum level.

This movement into a deeper level of quantum is a harbinger in flashing neon lights that is trying to wake us up and get our attention to let us know that it is time for a transformation of our thinking in how we view the laws of nature, solids, matter, energy, vibrations, frequencies, consciousness, and ultimately who and what we believe ourselves to be.

Sketchy reports and cryptic videos about the existence of the QFS keep surfacing in the alternative news media. This article attempts to organize these reports into a general understanding about the QFS. It’s not meant to be a definitive or comprehensive report. It’s meant to acclimate you to this advanced technology so you can feel safe with its benefits.

The upshot of these alternative news reports indicate that QFS exists. It has been in place for quite a long time, and is currently working on a global scale. It’s capabilities are mind-blowing. And, we – humanity – are the beneficiaries of the QFS.

In addition to transforming the banking and financial sectors, and securing a safe and peaceful future for us, reports indicate the quantum computer has been contributing to the demise of the Dark Cabal.

Disclaimer: As always, readers are advised to use their discernment as some of the sources and information from the alternative news media cannot be verified as accurate.

We Are All Connected at the Quantum Level

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Tesla is credited with discovering the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology. He obtained around 300 patents worldwide for his inventions. Tesla is considered the foremost electrical engineer genius of the twentieth century, and possibly the greatest inventor the world has seen.

The spirit guide Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, has said: “Everything in the universe is vibrationally-based. We could use the word “energy,” and there are many words in your language that accurately apply. Your air, dirt, water, cars, physical matter, and your bodies are vibration in motion. You are living in a pulsating, vibrational universe of advanced harmonics. And, all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction.” Source: The Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration / YouTube Video

The spirit guide Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, has been telling us for years that humans are quantum, multi-dimensional beings of pure consciousness in human form. Kryon: “The first civilization on the planet was called Lemuria . . . Existing from 35,000 years to 15,000 years ago . . . Their quantum DNA was at 90 percent, compared to 30 percent that yours is today . . . Lemurians had a quantum understanding of life . . . A quantum DNA, working at 90 percent, creates a consciousness that is one with the universe . . . Quantum DNA produces quality intuitive information . . . Lemurians knew all about the solar system, about the galaxy in general, about the stars . . . This created a seemingly advanced society, but without any technical advancement as you now have . . . They never saw war . . . One of the most ancient of your spiritual beliefs on the planet asks you to be one with everything. It’s not an accident.” Source: Kryon: The Gaia Effect by Monika Muranyi, pages 23-26.

Quantum Physics Challenging Accepted Knowledge

Quantum physics (also known as quantum mechanics or quantum field theory) explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and sub-atomic levels (Wikipedia definition). When we get into the sub-atomic area, things change according to potentiality. This means that there can be more than one result that can appear or happen in a whole array of potentials that can be tapped into. In order to understand these natural phenomena, quantum principles have required fundamental changes in how humans view nature.

Quantum physics is verifying (proving) what spiritual practitioners have been saying for years: We are fundamentally connected to everything around us in the so-called physical world of matter. Science and spirituality have been considered to be opposing views for a long time. But now, we’re observing a merging of both science and spirituality through quantum physics and the study of consciousness. This merging is causing a shattering and transformation of old accepted beliefs and old theories and old thought patterns.

Today, quantum physicists know that nothing is solid, and everything is energy. Below the sub-atomic level there is pure intelligent energy. Physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. Atoms are made of energy that are invisible to the human eye, and are not made of tangible matter. Physical things (including the human body) are composed of invisible forces that manifests in what appears to be a solid, physical structure. We are more than we perceive ourselves to be, yet our senses tell us that matter is solid. Or, is it solid because we have been taught to believe that matter is solid? Metaphysics tells us that our invisible beliefs create our reality. Quantum physics tells us everything in the universe has its own vibrational frequency. And, vibration creates matter. The invisible creates the visible. Source: Scientists Explain the World of Quantum Physics

Global Quantum Financial System (QFS)

The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a super-advanced “out-of-this-world” technology that the Dark Cabal does not have. It has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-universe (time/space continuum and no time/space), and holds massive amounts of data in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

It’s power source is not electricity. It is not dependent on any electrical grid, and not even crystals. It is powered by the limitless energy source of life itself (consciousness). The very source of limitless energy that powers the human individual also powers the Quantum Financial System.

It can only operate in the light, and rejects darkness and evil intent. It reads into all organic lifeforms, and understands growth patterns. The way it’s programmed, it is not possible for the Dark Cabal to steal money or wealth from another person or another nation any longer. The system does not recognize any royal line, only the line of “Source of Consciousness” which is present in all of us.

It knows intention by reading human brainwaves. It knows a person’s intention because intention is locked in the DNA (living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. In the case of nations, it is RNA of the original source of the asset. It calculates true trade values based on REAL production, not what the Dark Cabal wants the world to see. True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. Money is just a bunch of numbers in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of its asset base placing all proceeds into that bucket tied to its origin (RNA) and its people (living DNA) of that original location.

This is what the Quantum Financial System is programmed to do, and cannot be stopped or changed until the task is complete. This is why the Dark Cabal’s Central Banks cannot register any assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in, for example, Shanghai. RNA is not a match. The Quantum Financial System was launched on Friday, June 22, 2018, after business hours, according to Kim Possible – who claims to have programmed the Quantum Financial Computer System. Source: Kim Possible Update June 24, 2018.

August 23, 2018: Two independent alternative news sources have verified the Quantum Financial Computer System was activated “live” worldwide. One source claims the QFS was activated between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (USA) on August 22, 2018. Final preparations are underway and authorization pending for the release of the currency revaluation (RV). Transition imminent.Sources: The Big Call with Bruce August 23, 2018 and Intel Report August 23, 2018.

August 18, 2017: The alternative news source Intel reported that “the new financial system (which some say and some debate that the Asian Dragon Families control) has already been backed with gold, for all central banks, all currencies, all bonds, all markets, all trades and all current and future transactions worldwide.

Every sovereign nation in the free world has signed onto accepting this new quantum system with digital currencies as part of a secrete GESARA Treaty (disguised as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change). The new financial system starts in the restored Republic of the United States of America on October 1, 2017, which is also the start of the 2018 fiscal year in the U.S.

No more paper currency will be printed anywhere in the world unless it is accepted on the new digital and quantum financial system. Whatever needed to be converted from old to new has already occurred through sovereign government negotiations with the Asian Dragon families. This all happened years ago without the public’s knowledge. Similar radical transitions have occurred in military, diplomatic, banking and corporate board circles.”
Source: Quantum – GCR/RV Intel SITREP, Friday, August 18, 2017

March 28, 2018: The alternative news source Final Wake Up Call reported that the new financial system has been online for months and is hosted on a protected quantum server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission.
Source: Final Wake Up Call

July 10, 2018: Nearly a year later after the Intel report, Benjamin Fulford, an independent journalist at, reported that “As things now stand, according to U.S. Pentagon sources: The asset-backed quantum financial system is ready, but awaits the Trump-Putin summit (July 16, 2018), the global financial reset, mass arrests and geo-political resolutions.”
Source: Benjamin Fulford Report: Quantum Computer

July 7, 2018: Alternative news source Operation Disclosure published a report that briefly described the capabilities of the Quantum Financial System (QFS). I’ve also included capabilities I’ve found from additional alternative news sources. These capabilities include, but are not limited to:
Source: Various Alternative Intel Sources and Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 7, 2018

The QFS is “alive” with consciousness, and can identify your DNA and frequency of your brain waves. What the majority of modern quantum physicists do not agree on or have not accepted yet is the quantum energy field is alive with super-intelligent consciousness far beyond human understanding. Because the quantum energy field is located within the consciousness of each human being, it can be contacted by each human being. Even without a quantum computer, the quantum energy field knows who you are, and what you are doing. Because you are part and parcel of the super-intelligent, multi-dimensional, quantum energy field. Even as is all physical matter in creation.

QFS can read your mind and knows your location at all times through frequency waves. This connects back to earlier discoveries by pioneer physicists Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Max Planck, and modern quantum physicists and spiritual sources that say we are all connected at the sub-atomic quantum level through our unique energy signature, vibration and frequency. As well as our thought-energy.

QFS was gifted to us by the Galactics – According to the book “Messages from the Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins, benevolent, highly spiritually advanced human civilizations of Agartha in hollow earth use amino-acid based computers (highly advanced Artificial Intelligence that is “alive” with consciousness) that impact every area of human endeavor. All of the sub-cities are linked by this highly conscious computer system. It monitors inter-city and galactic communications, while simultaneously, serving the needs of individuals at home.

For example, it can report a person’s vitamin or mineral deficiency or when necessary covey pertinent information from the akashic records for personal growth. The akashic records are the living library of your soul life. This writer believes that it’s reasonable to assume the Agarthans and the Galactic Federation of Light have shared their super-conscious, quantum computer technology with surface humanity, and the QFS interfaces with the computers in hollow earth and with the Federation’s starships.

July 24, 2018: The Galactic Federation of Light reported: “We have provided the Alliance with a new “computer” system, the Quantum Financial System, which will eliminate any way to steal or manipulate money. It is designed to be the death of the central banking system, which is the means by which the cabal keeps you in debt slavery. You are meant to live in the Light, basking in the divine Truths given you freely by Heaven. In this new reality, we are to shepherd you back to your fully conscious selves. Together, we are to bring greater Light to every corner of this galaxy.” Source: Galactic Federation of Light through Sheldan Nidle.

The quantum computer system cannot be hacked or misused. The Dark Cabal loves to steal money, digitally. However, hackers are doomed to break into the QFS due to its highly advanced technology. Several hacking attempts have been tried by the Dark Cabal, and all attempts have met with failure. In fact, in an alternative news report, it said that once the quantum system has identified the location of the hacker’s computer server, the QFS has the ability to send a signal back to the hacker’s server and destroy it. It has been reported that all assets, wealth or funds stolen by the Dark Cabal will be returned to every human being on the planet via the QFS.

All funds under the QFS will be digital. A cashless society is on the horizon. This promises to pave the way for currently suppressed technologies to be released to the public, such as replicators and quantum technology medical beds. Replicators could be used for money laundering since replicators can create or produce anything. Therefore, a cashless society is a way to prevent such issues. Hospitals and factories will become obsolete with replicators and med beds as med beds can heal any illness, sickness or damage to the body and restore the individual back to perfect health.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) and humanitarian funds. On July 2, 2018, a YouTube video was published that involved a hypnosis regression session that talked about the Quantum Financial System and humanitarian prosperity funds. The following are excerpts from the published video:

“The funds that are coming forward, they belong to the energy of the Earth as given through Source. Those that are supposed to receive the funds will receive the funds. And, yes it’s done through the action of your DNA. When people go to the exchange, they will be energetically scanned, and they will be given the money, or not, based on their DNA and brain waves which tell of their intentions.

There are others who have just learned about the program that want to make a quick buck for themselves, but do not intend to do any humanitarian work. It is written in their DNA. That (DNA) is the true quantum system. They will attempt to receive funding, but if the quantum system works as it is designed to work, they will receive very little, and in all likelihood, it will not stay in their hands. It’s like the lottery winner who wins big and is broke within a short period of time.

There has to be a common denominator that moves people to that place of higher consciousness. While the higher consciousness doesn’t use money, the third dimension does. It’s the way we have been programmed. In order for everyone to raise their vibration, we must bring something to the masses that everyone universally understands and finds of value.

The funds that are coming are meant to take care of people in need. To create the programs and structures to move forward. When you move to the New Earth, you won’t need money. This money is only going to be used for a short period of time. To help people live in the way they should live, in a way they can release the burdens of their lives to be creators on planet Earth, to help lift the consciousness of those who want to ascend. Once we are in a higher vibration of joy and love, people will be able to ascend and move to the New Earth.”

Source: Financial Reset, Quantum System, July 2, 2018

Dennis Shipman @ Rev. Dennis Shipman received a first-class education in the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. From 1996-2001, he worked with Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light, who is the channel for Master Kirael, a senior member of the Guidance Realm in the seventh dimension. There, he met Sheldan Nidle, channel for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, and has followed Sheldan’s weekly reports on the progress of the shift ever since. He is the author of two free eBooks, “Oneness – The Awakening Experience” and “The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness“.


Return to Your Truth: How To Perfect The Art of Triggering The Event, Draco Attempted Real ‘Alien Invasion’ in Dec, Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet ‘Timeline’ Agent + Planetary Liberation News Analysis

Our sights here at Ground Crew Command-144 HQ are firmly set on having ‘Lunar Eclipse’ type meditations (in terms of numbers & even impact) every single month!

Our determination to achieve this goal is extreme, tenacious & unyielding!

2 to 4 more such mass meditations can knock-out all remaining physical & non-physical darkness.

And it’s up to you & me to see this through!

We’re yet to tap into our true power.

I’ll be going over the ramifications of predicted ‘series of mini galactic pulses/solar flashes’ throughout at least the first half of 2019, which some psychics are now receiving intuitive hits about … and what 144k Members need to do as a group, to handle this the best way …

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So … onto latest developments.

Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet SSP ‘Timeline’ Agent – Meta

Meta makes his second appearance on Ground Crew Command Radio for this week’s show, and now I’m glad we had those audio problems in our first interview (which was my main motivation for get him on again) … because this interview turned to be MUCH better!

This time, he reveals:

  • a major military confrontation over an undisclosed city, 60,000 ft in altitude … took place last December … where Dark Fleet ships attempted to ‘breakthrough’ a portal from their underground bases to start an open ‘alien invasion’ … and thus cause a world economic collapse for the Cabal … make it easy for them to create false flags … and simply run & hide a lot easier. It was stopped, and Meta gets into the details of what happened, who was involved & lot’s more.

  • he shares info about the positive ET Group (not from this galaxy) that allowed him to ‘escape the Dark Fleet reservation’ by effectively neutralizing his implants, to become a double agent, working for the Light.

  • he provides a way to drastically speed up the karmic payback for Cabal members (and Luciferians), through a simple visualization process he teaches … and it involves that huge Galactic Confederation base GANYMEDE.

  • a riveting revelation on how he mastered the mental & emotional overwhelm that comes with alternate & parallel selves that exist on all other timelines … How he used this to heal, grow in power, to ACTUALIZE more of his BIGNESS and soul potential, (hint: it involves connecting to your oversoul, and the 2 ways you can do this. One is direct, the other is indirect).

  • discover what ‘timeline nodal points’ are … and how you have the power to go to other timelines to see … learn … heal … retrieve your other simultaneous selves in more negative timelines … and the crucial role your ‘oversoul’ plays with all this, to benefit your self that exists in this timeline

  • the primary role that positive ETs/off-world groups are playing these days, in relation to the Earth Alliance’s role.

  • … and we’re just getting warmed up!

So don’t miss on this week’s blockbuster interview that had to be pre-recorded just today, and went on for over an hour & a half!

You know I always try to keep’em within an hour & ‘condense’ the information. But there was no hope for that this time. The interview was just too awesome, and I didn’t want to cut it short.

At a phase of planetary liberation where new information is hard to come by, this episode will be a breath of fresh air for you (and very empowering)!


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What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week

In the smaller than usual planetary liberation news analysis segment for this week’s episode, I get into:

  • why … (according to today’s chat with Thomas Williams), the usual ‘goons’ the Cabal has always relied upon in the past to remove threats to their power … are not taking the them up on any ‘hit’ offers

  • who Kim Possible is giving a certain amount of money to on a regular basis, and why

  • and how the answers to the above 2 points is confirmed by the Cabal’s attempt to take over Venezuela with Cabal agent President Guaido.

  • more signs of the higher timeline shifts (thanks primarily to our mass meditations & gridwork) as peace in Afghanistan & southern Philippines is finally reached.

  • and more Cabal bloodline family members feel more confident or safe enough to come forward about horrific child abuse & sacrifice revelations .. and remind us of why we fight this spiritual & energetic war!

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Edge of Wonder:After his Qmap went viral he’s Mapping the Ultimate Cult – Dylan Louis Monroe Exclusive Interview

#QMap #DeepState #symbolism

After his Qmap went viral he’s Mapping the Ultimate Cult – Dylan Louis Monroe Exclusive Interview

Edge of Wonder
Premiered 11 hours ago

Today on Edge of Wonder we finally meet the creator of the infamous #QMap, Dylan Louis Monroe. Did you know about the ‘Cult of Baal’ map? On this episode, we trace the maps’ #DeepState influence, and analyze the connections, find out a bit more on how it all started.

We ask Dylan Louis Monroe how he came up with this network of new noteworthy connections and what was his grueling process? Where was all the information and inspiration coming from and how long did it take him to create these masterpieces?

We will also take a deeper look into parts of the map that might’ve sparked your curiosity such as pyramid #symbolism, Knights #Templar and the most important part of the map, according to the creator, which you may have overlooked.

So join us on this Part 1 of a 2 part exclusive series, only on the Edge of Wonder!

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