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“Trust Everything Is Working Out ” Prepare Yourself To Let Go Now!

Jul 26, 2021
Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)
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Quantum Truths JC Kay: #126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

GOD: “Authentic Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence“..as I keep saying. Too many people think god is vengeful. Too many others do not believe in God –but what is God? I think God is consciousness of all that is. We were taught to believe in limitation. I need inspiring people in my life. God is Love, All Love, Only Love, like I said… Look outside the Matrix to who we are. There is always HOPE. From Dark to Light! Consciousness!

Two A.I.s Authentic (God) and Artificial (Archons/Matrix -WOW!) Truthers (me) as bad as MSM! She says its OK to get triggered, it helps get rid of the A.I. programs..and that occurred to me, that we were inadvertently helped to clear old old programming/fear.

( I had an AHA moment listening to her explain, and  I feel much more optimistic and inspired than I have been feeling in a long time!) ~PB

#126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

•Premiered Apr 25, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay
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25th April, 2021 This video is in reference to my LIVE Q&A #123​ video found here: https://youtu.be/x0F4sRDQgU4

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“If this message resonates with you, it resonates, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t”.

Connect with Sense of Purpose – Remembering What’s Important – by Selacia

Connect with Sense of Purpose

– Remembering What’s Important –   

by Selacia

The changes we’re moving through this year are unprecedented. Most likely your personal changes will be too. While it’s impossible to grasp the magnitude of this as you’re moving through it, trust that you are morphing and shifting at lightning speed. Given this background – and the learned tendency to overthink and get stuck in the details – I’ll outline here a few simple things you can do for peace of mind.

3 Steps to Inner Peace

First, context is everything. You will be challenged finding inner peace if you allow your mind to take you down the rabbit hole of needing to figure everything out at once. On any given day you likely have many items on your to do list, and probably many more on your future check list. Yes, most of them may be important. However do you really need to be overloading your mind with all items just because they came into your awareness? No. Think big picture. Learn to set aside items that don’t need addressing in the moment. Some of them you already decided and took action on. Relax. I don’t need to tell you how futile and destructive worry and “what ifs” are. If they arise in your mind, set them aside. You are in charge!
Second, factor in emotional overload. We have numerous challenging planetary cycles unfolding in 2019, which I describe more in my “Predictions 2019” ebook. For sensitives, those cycles have the potential to stir lots of feelings and even emotional baggage from the past. As mentioned above, we must continually monitor our own energy and remember what’s important in the big picture. Emotions will get triggered involving relationships and your relationship to daily work. Stay awake to your emotions so you can work with them in the moment. Use the emotional triggers to gain clarity about how you relate to others and your work or service in the world. If there are dysfunctional DNA-level ancestral patterns showing up, work with them in your inner processes so they don’t bog you down. The key to inner peace this year is being present – and that includes to yourself, others, and what you are creating. You are the creator!
Third, consider your larger purpose of being on Earth now. This is much more than a job or how you describe your work. It relates to your soul’s decision to incarnate now and be an integral part of shifting humanity into enlightenment. In everyday life you will facilitate this in numerous ways – sometimes without even knowing it. Come back to your sense of purpose daily. Invite in this idea as you awaken and before you go to sleep. Let it influence you when you get distracted by the details of life. Keep your sense of purpose in the forefront of your mind, giving it the space you might otherwise give to trivial things your ego-mind has decided are important to obsess about. Be kind to yourself, remembering how powerful you are as a soul when you simply show up and express your larger purpose. When you get off track and find yourself lost in minutia, come back to yourself and your larger calling. Allow spirit to speak to you, in a way that’s louder than the chaos, guiding you on your unique higher path. Own your unique higher path!


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Pig Year Global Meditation – Feb 2

Our annual Chinese New Year meditation – don’t miss it!
Background on Meditation 
Make the most of this Chinese Earth Pig year by joining Selacia and The Council of 12 at this annual Chinese New Year meditation. Connect with essential insights and quantum healing as you participate with others from all over the world.

The year of the Earth Pig officially begins Feb. 5, the day after a powerful New Moon. These energies combined will provide a potent gateway for mega life shifts and changes in our outer world. The entire week, in fact, will be super-charged with transformation energies.

This is the perfect time to anchor your intentions and plans for 2019, clear stuck energy, anchor increased abundance, and receive the spiritual boost needed to thrive this year.

In Chinese astrology, Pig years are especially welcome as they are believed to bring a flow of abundance. Another reason Pig years are considered auspicious is that Pig years are the last of the 12 zodiac signs. This means that we’ve been through the entire zodiac cycle – with 12 years of effort and learning – and it’s time to ease up and celebrate. Pigs just love to have fun, and of all the animals they tend to be the most popular.

In 2019 we are in the year of the Earth or Brown Pig – a rare type of pig. It’s been 60 years since we had a Brown Pig year – that was in 1959. The zodiac Pig is associated with creature comforts, spending money, having fun – and because this year is an Earth Pig year, we can also add in focus on family and stability.

This year, given what’s unfolded the past couple of years, at the very least the Pig year can lighten things up. People may be able to relax more, get friendlier, and rediscover a sense of humor. In Pig years, there’s often increased interest in food, entertainment, self-care, nutrition, and finding new ways to have fun.

During the February 2 mediation global peace process, you and other participants will help generate healing and higher frequencies needed for a more loving world. Come for a powerful energizing and stabilizing that will help you create more of what you want.

During guided process, you will be assisted in releasing very old energies blocking your forward momentum. Energies and insights you receive will help you to feel more inspired and resourced to make constructive changes.

Join us to have your abundance potentials activated for this auspicious year. Rediscover more lightness of being, and feel a renewed enthusiasm for living in this world.

6:30-8:30pm Los Angeles time (teleclass)
6-10pm (on site in Santa Monica, California 90405)

Attend live on site in Santa Monica or call into the global bridge line with skype credits from any location. All receive mp3 recording, so if for any reason you miss it live, you will still be included in our energetic healing circle and be able to do the process later at your convenience.

Teleclass (or mp3) $30
On Site $40

mp3 Audio Recording:
Register even after our meditation to receive the mp3 download of the teleclass.

Next meditations after February 2:
March 16 – Equinox Gateway
April 20 – Full Moon
May 18 – Annual Wesak Celebration with the Masters
June 22 – Annual Post Wesak at Solstice

for the Feb 2 Pig Year Global Meditation.
“Predictions 2019” eBook available HERE


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An early review of “Predictions 2019” eBook 

As always Selacia delivers a grounded message about the energies of 2019 reinforcing key moments you’ll want to look out for. So glad I have my energetic toolkit now!

Darren Becket
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