GAIAPORTAL: Illuminations of processionals enhance and strengthen by ÉirePort ~ 1 Mar

GAIAPORTAL: Illuminations of processionals enhance and strengthen
by ÉirePort ~ 1 Mar

Illuminations of processionals enhance and strengthen.

Recognitions come at all Gaia consciousness levels.

Marcations of implications are definitive.

Foundationals are complete.

Next Higher Phase commences.

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Weekly LightBlast: Creating Problems (and Solutions) ~ a message from Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Creating Problems (and Solutions)

You can watch video version here.

As you begin to allow more, you are opening to your powerful heart.  Your biomechanism is complete in its ability, though ever changing in its details of availability.  Humanity is moving from mind focus to heart integration – a profound change in the availability of new solution.  Any nature of problem that is in your Earth experience has available solution. It is merely your ability to connect to it that changes.

Your ability to problem solve is in-built into your functionality. As all things, it is a balancing.  Through Time, you move from imbalance to balance, the seeking such a compelling that it is natural to you and often unnoticed.  Whether you seek peace, excitement or any other sensation, you are on a path of Life progressing that is honored by your willingness to consume it into new experience.

Your brain naturally forms habits and patterns of understanding that become so natural, you hardly notice them.  This is part of the mechanism of creation, for it requires new data to progress.  New data is available through the timeless connection of the heart, the vast connector of Life.  As you open to the power of your heart, you are allowing new information into the details of the brain and new solution is formed.  As you love yourself more, you change the experience of your life and all those around you.  As you love life more, as you love challenges more as you open to the potentials of yourself more, Life and Love flow through.  That is Allowing new solution to flow into Earth experience.

As we sit to Blast Creating Problems and Solutions, we are reminded that we are a brilliant diamond that has formed within an alchemy of experience through Time.  We are appreciating the challenges as opportunities.  We are recognizing that a problem is merely the past meeting the present vibration that is no longer compatible, thus the future is calling for benevolent change.  We are open to the imbalances that occur, for we hold solution in the heart, the great potential of Love awaiting form through our allowing grace.  We are bravely shining brightly, illuminating the Light of Love from within.  Blast on!

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 27, 2015 by Nancy Tate + Wake up Call: St. Germain, Feb 26, 2015 by Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 27, 2015 by Nancy Tate


Nancy: St. Germain, I have had several responses to your message yesterday asking what it is you were referring to about the information in pertaining to the funds. Would you please give us more on that subject?


St Germain: I am glad that you asked, dear ones for this is a subject that has been spread worldwide in various groups and to various individuals. It represents the ways in which the funds will be distributed and utilized for the clearing of the widespread needs for the planet in so many ways. This has been being in the pathway for some years now, and because of the persistence of the people involved to stick with it and practice their expressions of believing in the procedures that are necessary in the reconstruction of the earth is so many ways, there will be funds distributed in the first steps to those who have been involved for so long. They have been living their life’s purpose in the expression of being involved with this process, and now they are on the threshold of being able to take the next steps in their missions.


This is not to say that there won’t be an additional distribution of the funds. It is a matter of the barricades that have been in place being removed as I speak in a procession of behind the scenes events that will one day be brought forward and told to the people as part of the disclosure of not only the truth of the universe but of what has been taking place on earth that has not been made public. The time is coming dear ones, for the truth to come forth. It will be for some of you a joyous gratitude you will feel for the truth to finally be set free. For others it will be a process of believing what they have will have been told, as compared to what they have been led to believe through this lifetime, and so many other lifetimes. Even the idea of multiple lifetimes will be something they will be considering whether to be truth, or more of the fiction that they have felt they are being told.


So, dear ones, when you hear of something that you’re not sure of to be truth, just look around you and see how others are responding, how they have been living and how it is speaking itself in their lives. Then more importantly look within yourselves and ask for the inner guidance that resonates for you, and go forward with that. Trust in your own inner voice and then move forward in the power of that and the Love that you feel for all of mankind.


I believe in you. We all believe in you. It is time for all of you to believe in yourselves and walk forward in your truth in a way that can change not only your world, but also the rest of the world as One.


Thank you so much dear St. Germain. I’m sure that will help many people to understand.


Much Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: St. Germain, Feb 26, 2015 by Nancy Tate


I am here today to tell you of a new change that is taking place as I speak. I am St Germain, and I bring you this news because it is part of what you have been dealing with in the money matters around your globe. This is a time for you all to demonstrate your patience and offer your good will to those who are in the vestiges of distributing the funds to all of those who have submitted their information.


It is a time in which the currencies are in the distribution process and that means that as this progresses there will be more events that will slow it down. Despite this it will not stop them. It will prove to be a better and clearer distribution that will freely come to the ones who are in place and ready to move forward with their projects. I bring this information to you in order to appease the issues that you have been facing. It is a common occurrence that has been plaguing this planet since its beginning of being populated, in whatever way the energy has built throughout the habitation evolvement.


I tell you now that no matter how it seems, it is moving forward in a way that will be evident to you after the results are underway. There is coming a period in which we will all see the changes that are moving forward in this moment. It will then show you how the movements work, and how your energies of patience and Love can build a powerful clearing and smooth flow of the abundance that is coming for all of you.


Give yourself a moment to think about what has been taking place. See the opportunity that you have been giving yourselves, through your cooperation with all of the facets of the evolvement of the ways that life is experienced here on this beautiful planet. It is a heaven on earth that is in the making. As it comes to be you will see the creation that is being seeded now from the issuance of the funds as a small part of the eventual outcome. Yes, I say eventual, for you have agreed to the experience of learning how you can create in the moment in any aspect of life that you bring forth.


I look and I see some of you all in a frenzy, some in a calmness, and in the joy of seeing beyond what your expectations have been. I see a wonderful growth in so many of you. That tells me that you are creating in a way that will be obvious to you in the soon to come events. As the harmony comes into the easy flowingness of expressions that will create the heaven on earth, not only on the surface of this planet but from within it as well, you will realize fully how you helped it to happen. From that you will begin to see what you can do to assist in the flowing forth of the new way of living on and within the planet and beyond. Yes, you will be exploring the universe and seeing what the potential is in the creativity that you have within your fields. It is far more than you had been able to do before you began this duality experience that you have been in.


So, my dear ones, I see that you will be gaining new insight and completing so many tasks that will lead to a whole new way of living on this world that you are bringing to a new expression. You have the power to bring about that which you see to be the way of life that generates the abundance of Love and creation that is in the moment and full of the regenerative energy of life in the Heavens that you are creating as I speak.


Yes, you are in the percentage that began the process of bringing it all to a new way of being. It is a matter of living the moment and enjoying it in any way that you are inspired to. This is what you are bringing to the rest of the universe. You are the creators of your world. Now you are soaring forth to the expression that you will be bringing to the universe and beyond, to all expression that you have created through your dedication to your truth of being the creators in the Oneness that you are. I walk with you in the peace, joy and Love that is all of us.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, February 28 – Sunday, March 1, 2015



Saturday: First Quarter Phase: step out of the comfort zone, take action

Sunday: Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Cancer/Leo (Sunday 6:36 pm ET/11:36 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Saturday: Kali (The Goddess of Endings and Beginnings) Sunday: Bagalamukhi (Goddess of Magic)

Skill: seek your own course; allow a veil to be lifted and get closer

Positive Imprints: creating inner order which translates to outer order, accepting direction or assistance, leaps of faith, moving around obstacles, initiation, staying true to self, sincerity, freedom from something that has bound or restricted (especially a limiting belief about self)

Catalysts for Change: refusal to revise or reform, confusion, obstacles, not accepting advice, highly judgmental of self and others, indecision, conformity, immaturity, power and control dynamics, projecting our own feelings onto others

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange, displays of self-expression)

As I’ve been discussing over the past few days, the Sun is making opposition with the Black Moon on Saturday, which causes illumination to fall on shadows.  Our shadow sides are called to light, which means they are seen, usually through projection onto others.  What has been hidden shows out for healing.

It’s actually a quest for healing on Saturday with the Sun moving to the degree of the Sabian symbol “men travelling a narrow path seeking illumination.”  This was the symbol for the  Pisces Lunar Month last year, which was March 1 – March 29, 2014.  Where has your path taken you since then?

The symbol speaks to perseverance and following or even giving ourselves over to inner guidance, particularly when the road gets rocky.  At the highest level, the symbol speaks to reaching a place where our highest desire is to be an instrument in the service (symphony) of Spirit. It’s the mystical life.

(There is a popular bumper sticker in the coastal southeastern region of the United States that says “Salt Life.”  I do not know if this is popular in other areas.  Someone should make one that says “Mystic Life.”)

Revelations continue on Sunday,as the veils between the worlds, so thin during this time of year, virtually drop.  This is the time of the year that is like a month-long Balsamic Moon phase.  This type of month’s energy is configured in the natural order of life to bring us closest with Spirit, closest to the dreamtime, closest to our inner self, and the closest to actualization of who we truly are and what we have to offer.

Sometimes the revelations that come with this energetic signature are like being blinded by the light.  Sometimes the veil is snatched away.  Sometimes the veil is pierced.  But a higher order takes over to direct how this happens and we are wise to accept the process because it is divinely guided.

The situations, conditions, and events that are “loaded in” or experienced Sunday feed directly into the power-packed day I’ve been highlighting – Wednesday, March 4, 2015.  Take note so that you can see correlations and patterns Wednesday.  Remember that Wednesday’s dynamic includes Venus making conjunction with Uranus, both squaring Pluto.  Here’s the easy equation:

Venus (love, relationships, values) + Uranus (change, putting us where we need to be, shocks) + Pluto (deep transformation) = necessary changes with feelings, relationships, and values that cause transformations at core levels and alignments with the highest and best interests of our souls

That’s good stuff!  But there is a lot more to it because the added variable in the equation is Jupiter, which will be in a trine with Venus and Uranus.  Jupiter takes the equation into the range of calculus because Jupiter expands everything it contacts.  So, everything in the above equation is amplified.  See what develops for your Sunday because it is loading toward your Wednesday.

Themes that may be woven into Sunday’s energy are levels of dedication or commitment and being tested or challenged.

A lot is happening this weekend because a lot is being loaded into the field of consciousness with angles in the starry skies.  There is tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth with this.  Remember that the energy and events are trying to put us more in alignment with who we truly are and what we are here to do and experience.  It’s illuminating.

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February Monthly Update, Meditation Videos and Conferences by Cobra | The Portal

February Monthly Update, Meditation Videos and Conferences
by Cobra | The Portal

Friday, February 27, 2015

You might want to listen to the February monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript there:

Or listen to the Youtube version here:


You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.


Youtube versions of the Weekly Liberation meditation are now also available in French:


Chinese (simplified):
And Chinese (traditional):
There is a great need to create a communications hub for all Event Support groups and Sisterhood of the Rose Groups worldwide.
The provisional hub is here:
Many Event Support Groups coordinate through Facebook. Their list is here:
One potential future hub for Event Support / Sisterhood of the Rose groups is here:
Just after total solar eclipse, right on the equinox, we will be having our first European Breakthrough conference. You are more than welcome to join us on March 21st and 22nd in Konstanz, Germany:

Konstanz is a beautiful German town, situated on the edge of Lake Constance, which is one of the biggest Goddess vortexes in Europe.

There are more Breakthrough conferences planned in the near future and they will be announced when all details are finalized.
The Breakthrough is near!

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Your loving, peaceful presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual field of energy. ~ by John Smallman | Jesus Through John

Your loving, peaceful presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual field of energy.
~ by John Smallman | Jesus Through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday February 27th:

As we wait for humanity’s awakening, and truly “wait” is the wrong word, it is as illusory as time because there is only the eternal “now,” we can feel very strongly the constantly intensifying field of Love that you are holding and sharing as you align with the Tsunami of Love that envelops humanity.  You already know, yes, you KNOW that Love is the energy field that enables, encourages, and eternally maintains all that exists, that anything else is unreal, so you also know that your awakening is inevitable because it is the Will of God Who is infinite unconditional Love, and Whose Will is for you to live in eternal joy.

Reality, the field of Love, the energy field in which all exists, was created to provide eternal joy for all, and that is what It does.  That is God’s Will, and His Will is constant, unchanging, and in effect now!

The illusion, the unreality that you seem to experience, that is filled with pain, suffering, illness, disease, conflict, war, hate, and resentment is the result of your attempt to separate from your divine Source.  You chose to exclude Love from your separated state, only It cannot be excluded.  Being All that exists, It can only be hidden from your awareness, and only by your denial of It.  You drew a cloak or veil of unawareness between yourselves and Reality, an ephemeral mist or fog that you expend enormous amounts of energy maintaining against the brilliance of the Light.  Light that would dissolve it for you instantly if you would only allow, as your mystics and holy ones have all discovered and have tried to communicate to you, but so far with very limited success.  That is all about to change.

You need do nothing to dissolve it, just stop resisting its dissolution.  You are always One with God, that is your unchangeable state.  There is no other state of existence as you will discover when you let go of your resistance, your denial, your refusal to accept the Love that surrounds you, that seeks only to embrace you in every moment.

That resistance, denial, or refusal, is your holding on to judgment, resentment, blame, or hate against anyone – even, and especially, against yourselves – and any demands or desires for restitution because you believe you have been so terribly wronged.  There is no wrong!  What you experience as wrong is but the illusory realm that you so cleverly built in which to play your games of separation.  Games lose their appeal when they are played for too long, as no doubt you remember from childhood, and then deceit and cheating replace harmony and cooperation and war inevitably breaks out.

It is time to stop playing games and return to awareness of your fully conscious state at One with God.  As you were given free will it is you, and only you who can make that choice.  And, as we in the spiritual realms keep on reminding you, humanity has already made the collective decision to awaken.  Your scientists have investigated the human need for sleep and have been unable to find any reason for it apart from a feeling of sleepiness.  When you awaken into your natural state of full consciousness feelings of sleepiness, drawing you into sleep, will no longer occur.

As fully conscious divine beings sleep is a state that you do not seek, but within the illusion your human bodies become very upset and unsettled if they do not get enough of it.  Within the illusion sleep provides a temporary escape from the fears, worries, and problems that appear to fill so many of your lives.  Those who do not worry need far less sleep, while those who do worry are often unable to sleep, thus compounding their worries.

You do need to take time out daily when you intentionally go within, to that quiet inner sanctuary, and disconnect from the issues of daily life.  Quiet time is essential for your health and well-being, so do not allow yourselves to pass on it because you think someone else’s demands on you must be fulfilled first.  Passing on it leaves you ill-equipped to assist others, and you chose to incarnate at this time in humanity’s spiritual evolution and awakening process in order to assist those more deeply engaged with unreality than you.

To insist on taking quiet time out daily is not selfish, not doing so is because it reduces your ability to rise above the conflicts and disagreements of daily living whereby you bring much needed peace and love to those with whom you interact.  Your loving, peaceful presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual field of energy that calms and soothes all with whom you come in contact.  There is no substitute for it, it is an essential aspect of your life’s purpose, and its task, planned before you incarnated, is to intersect with the paths of others whom you meet so that together you may learn the lessons you have chosen to learn and in doing so move purposefully forwards towards your awakening.

Every single one of you on Earth at this moment is an essential part of humanity’s awakening process, not one of you is surplus to requirements.  There is no wastage or excess in the divine economy, every part, every aspect of it is absolutely necessary.  You could say that there are “no free tickets,” “no free lunches.”  This does not mean that you each carry a horrendous workload, it just means what it says it means, that every one of you fills an important position in the divine plan that is completely in alignment with your abilities and competences, and no one else can fill it for you.

You do not need to work hard at your tasks on the path to awakening because each of you is ideally suited to the task you have chosen.  Difficulty and hard work arise when you attempt to supervise and control the Divine Plan, seeing it as your task to complete alone and unaided.  You are never alone, unaided, if it seems that you are, then you are doing something inappropriate, you are diverging from your path.  To follow your path is to surrender control, control you could never exercise, to your loving Source and follow the intuitive guidance that flows into your awareness when you open yourselves to it instead of attempting to second guess God.  What you need to know arrives at precisely the moment that it is needed, and you can count on that.  Often you remain unaware of it because you are looking for something else!

Quiet time spent daily in prayer, contemplation, meditation, or just plain relaxation enables you to recharge and strengthen your energy fields as you focus fully on opening your hearts to allow God’s Love to suffuse you and flow out through your energy fields to interact with those of loved ones, friends, and just – apparently – chance acquaintances.  Nothing happens by chance, every occurrence has a divine purpose.  Accept each moment as it happens instead of trying to foresee what it will bring, then you will be fully open to the intuitive guidance that arrives with it to assist you in dealing with it in the most appropriate way in that particular moment.

Guidance of a spiritual nature, perfect for the moment, is always with you, just make the daily intention to allow yourselves to be open to it, then you will not be distracted and miss it.  You are each on a very particular path planned specifically for you, a path that will provide you with all the information you need to follow it successfully at the precise moment that you need it.  You are all divinely loved, and God never misleads His children.

If you feel lost, confused, or abandoned it means you have allowed your attention to wander, and the remedy is to return to your inner sanctuary, ask for assistance, and then listen quietly and patiently.  Give yourself time to settle into the quietness and peace, do not seek to rush to an answer so that you can continue with your busy and demanding daily lives.  Just allow yourselves to be in that quiet space and soak up the Love that envelops and refreshes you.  After all that is God’s Will for you.

We are always doing our best to remind you to bring to your awareness the fact that Love is your nature, that you are indeed One with God, that you are never alone, forsaken, or abandoned.  If you are experiencing those kinds of feelings then please, and I repeat, please call on us and allow us the necessary moments to embrace you in a way that you can feel us and know that you are so embraced.  Truly, touchy-feely is very good for you!

Your loving brother Jesus.

The Beginning of the End of an Era

I always felt sorry for Spock, not knowing the depth and range of emotion…though at my ripening and mellowing age, I now realize how my emotions often got the best of me. However, I’ve learned not to listen to the callous “Get over it!” and I’ve come to value my sensitivity as a wonderful gift that enriches my experience.

I’m still hoping to live long and prosper. ~PB

Ethereal Nature

May his memory Live Long and Prosper

As a boy growing up on a farm, I remember being transfixed, watching the original series of Star Trek on a black and white TV.  Despite the lack of color and the ever-present static haze of rural television reception, the show had a profound effect upon me.  It introduced me to so much that was outside the narrow bounds of my world, transported me (if you will) to a broader universe, and inspired me to think in much grander vistas.  As its rise to a cultural phenomenon attests, Star Trek has done the same thing for millions and millions of others.

Perhaps more than any other TV show, Star Trek opened our collective psyche to consider possible futures and possible worlds and possible thoughts and possible philosophies that we never would have imagined.  I wonder if our ability to readily embrace the innovations of the…

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SaLuSa 27 February 2015 via Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 27 February 2015 via Mike Quinsey

You are living in dramatic times when changes are going to take place very quickly. They are going to introduce you to the New Age that will eventually change virtually all aspects of your life. They may take time to manifest but they are already taking shape, as the old set up is being dismantled. It was specifically meant to keep you in the dark and prevent you from realising your true potential. The dark Ones intentionally concealed the truth of your true heritage, but that time is now coming to a close and those souls that are enlightened are leading the way forward. It means that those who cannot release themselves from their old belief system, will gradually become more isolated. There is no shame or retribution where they are concerned, but is does mean that their next experience will be a continuation of what they have already chosen. Be assured that many helpers are with such souls, encouraging them to have the desire to lift themselves up. Since time is an illusion it does not matter how long it takes for them to awaken.

Do not restrict your vision of the future as this is a time when everything is possible. Open your heart to the Light and allow your love to embrace all souls, as in reality you are all One. The greatest lesson you can learn that is most important to your future is forgiveness, and it should not be limited in anyway at all. All souls have at different times experienced both the Light and the dark energies in the course of gaining the experience needed to evolve. So as you see other souls today remember that they are working to release karma, for which their roles may be played out in both the Light and dark. Judgement therefore is made without a full understanding of the issues involved and it is best to simply send such souls your love.

The future will see the emergence of souls who have already evolved and will help others to rise up. You may therefore have complete faith in it and for what it holds, as the future is assured and destined to take you into the New Age. Your new cycle will quickly move you into the higher vibrations and peace and contentment will soon come to all of you. It will be a time when you will no longer be held back by the dark Ones who will have been removed from the Earth. Indeed, no soul will be able to move into the higher dimensions unless they are of the higher vibrations. All these advancements are planned for you, but be patient and allow time for them to manifest. We simply tell you the good news so as to lift your spirits, as we know that many of you are tired and most keen to move on. Your release from the lower vibrations is beyond doubt, so do not despair but keep going forward in a positive manner.

We are fully engaged keeping the dark Ones in check as they try to make their last attempts to disrupt our plan. We are always one step ahead of them and know when they are planning to create havoc. Now that they realise their time is nearly up, their thoughts have turned to escaping the consequences of their acts, however, there is no realistic chance of that happening. They will find that their escape routes are being blocked, and they will suffer the consequence of their actions. We are not referring to man’s idea of retribution but encouragement and help to return to the Light. Rarely do souls turn their back on an opportunity to change their ways, but if not they are the makers of their own destiny and their life ending.

Be assured that once the situation on Earth is settled and we can freely move amongst you, we will be openly making contact. Our plans are made and ready to be put into action so as you would say, once “the coast is clear” we will be able to commence our work with you immediately. Our priority is to commence the actions required to bring about global changes, so that all currencies are gradually brought up to parity. For too long some have been greatly undervalued and they are at the top of our list. The gold standard will also be re-established and put a stop to the endless changes in the value of currencies. Such action will revive the market place and a stop will be put to profiteering.

We are already helping Mother Earth to stabilise and cleanse the planet, and eventually it will become as pristine and beautiful as it was originally. There is so much that is planned to restore the Earth and we are actively involved because of our superior technology. There will be changes occurring at the same time all over the Earth, and you will be surprised at the speed they are carried out. Whatever problems you have now, they will fade into the background once we can fully commence our plan. Naturally some aspects of the work will involve you all at different times, as we do want you to participate with us. So Dear Ones, do not feel downcast at the apparent slowness of the changes, as much is happening that you are unaware of at present.

At different times we have stepped in and put a stop to actions intended to cause harm and damage, and as we have mentioned previously, have prevented what would have been the total destruction of your Earth. So do not doubt that we can exercise powers that are beyond the ability of the dark Ones, and stop them creating a major incident. Too many times you have been at their mercy and we have been unable to intervene because of karma, but even so we have lessened the effect of their actions. We are not as you would understand it a Galactic Army but more like your Police Force who try to prevent crimes from taking place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as ever delighted to have this contact with you. There are other contacts throughout your world, so that the news we bring can be made known to a larger number of you. Time still moves forward with ever increasing speed and you should gradually become aware of it. Eventually you will return to a “no time” existence, as you were eons of time ago before you left the higher realms. Our immense Love and Light, and our best wishes go with you wherever you are.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, February 27, 2015


The 26,000 Year Cycle – The Next Planet of Existence a message from Steve Rother and The Group

The 26,000 Year Cycle – The Next Planet of Existence
a message from Steve Rother and The Group

Monday, 15 December, 2014  (posted 24 February, 2015)

Greetings dear ones. Welcome and greetings from Home.

We watch you on Earth from afar all the time, and we reach into your world when you allow it. When you open the space for that to happen, we’re here not to tell you which way to turn, nor to direct you to the shortest path to the next stopping point. We simply encourage you to re-member because that is one of the keys. What we wish to speak of today is something we have spoken of before, but now we will take it a step further and share what is taking place on planet Earth right now. As we mentioned before, the end of March is going to be a very important time for humans everywhere. Some of you will feel the energy shifts strongly, and you may even feel released as if you have finally let go of a burden. However, most will not experience that sensation. It is the higher levels that may feel this shift the most. Yet most people will simply feel like it is a normal day yet everything is changing. In truth it is not so much about a single day that is changing, for there is a great deal of energy aligning for this particular movement. So, let us explain.

March 2015

You know a little bit about axial procession and the larger cycles of what take place, for you have so many rhythms on planet Earth. Elrah is here working with you in rhythms in different ways, because these rhythms are starting to change. You have rhythms within the body: circadian, ultradian, and many different rhythms that affect your physical body and alignment with the world around you. You have a changing Lunarian rhythm, basically the cycles of the moon and how they affect all humans. If you are ever wondering if that is true, simply check in with any police station on a full moon and you will understand some of the connections that are taking place. These rhythms are all aligning to help you experience time; rhythms cannot occur without a linear timeframe in which to play them. What is happening at the end of March is only the beginning. Even if you do not feel it consciously you will experience it on some level, because it is opening up to the new energies for everyone.
The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Cycle

When you went through 12-12-12, you entered a portal that changed and shifted everything. You landed on the other side, picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, then went back to work. You literally started working with the same energies that you did on the other side of the portal. The challenge, of course, has been that they do not seem to work or at  least not in the same way. Well, dear ones, that is for a reason. You entered a new rhythm when you went through that portal and now these rhythms have started to change. There is a larger rhythm that has to do with the axial procession and that is what we wish to speak about. You are in the beginning of a cycle that is starting another 26,000 years. Does it happen on a single day? No, but it is beginning at the end of March of 2015 and that is truly what is taking place. It will take nearly a year, roughly 300 days, to fully enter into this energy. It will take that long to grasp the new energy and really understand it. In the meantime, there are many connections you can make that can help you ground and use this new energy in new ways.
The Earth is Making Space for Empowered Humans and Empowered Societies

We have shared with you many times that the Earth is preparing a change in herself, and this is actually what is happening. Why is the Earth changing? It is very simple: the Earth is changing to make space for empowered humans. You are awakening from the dream, starting to re-member your power in new ways. Earth is now making a space for empowered humans and empowered societies to re-turn to this planet and that curve is beginning at the end of March. We say the “curve’ because in reality, it is not possible to mark and demarcate the 26,000 year cycle on a specific day. Nor is it appropriate to do so, because what happens when the date passes for those have not felt it? That is not what we want on planet Earth any more. It is very important that to some degree all of you can feel the wind at your back.  Know that you are handling this better than you can imagine. We know most of you feel like you are in survival mode. Many of you feel like the rules have changed and you have not figured out how to play the new game yet. Well, this is all changing, dear ones, in a new rhythm and that is what is taking place.

The Crossing of a Male Dominated with Female Dominated Timeline

It is very magical on so many levels and the interesting part is that the timeline you are in is male dominated, as it has been for a very, very long time. Have you ever wondered about that? Why do your representations of heaven not include female Archangels? Yes, your whole world, your entire timeline has been male dominated. Now we do not tell you that is wrong, dear ones. It is simply the way you have chosen to play the game. What we are telling you is that it is changing and that is the beautiful part. There is actually another timeline right next to yours, which has been female dominated. The two lines are crossing and leaving permanent imprints to create a balance of masculine/feminine energy on planet Earth. This is necessary to take your steps into empowerment, and for the empowered human to be comfortable on planet Earth. Now you can now use all of your energy, instead of only polarized energy of masculine or feminine. You do not make these changes overnight; you have been in the beginning of the curve and it has already shifted. For instance, you have more words on your planet right now to describe sexual expression than ever before; this is as it should be because you are losing your old restrictions around sexual energy. You were raised as a man; you were taught that this is what a man was like. You were raised as a woman; you were told these are the rules of womanhood. All of it is changing and it is the reason you are seeing your rules change even in the way of laws on planet Earth.

You Awakened at the 11th Hour, and Stayed

You are starting to see an openness that has never been there before. It is preparing for a major shift of balancing the masculine and feminine and it begins at the end of March—just a few months away. Actually the preparation has already started because humans can feel the shift coming. You can feel some of the process, and as usual you rush ahead. You are amazing, dear ones, as you start the process even before it is here. When you see who you really are and what you have accomplished by being here on this planet at this time, you will be so grateful that you were a part of this. The magic is truly taking place on planet Earth and all eyes throughout the universe are watching. This has happened before throughout the universe, but never before with people that have actually made the shift while this has been occurring. You have reemerged to start the game in a new cycle, and this time you stayed. You decided to awaken from the dream at the 11th hour and started to take your power, then everything started shifting including many of your collective choices.

Harmony with Others Is the Key to Success

The collective vibration, or what we call the collective heart of humanity, is what we watch now because it truly determines where everything is going. We have mentioned this several times because it is very helpful to understand. Previously, you had people that could control planet Earth. When you had very low levels of technology low levels of awareness, it was quite easy to control the channel of information and to make it flow your way. Although this was the way of humans before, it is no longer possible; to us that is a major advancement in the spirit of every human. It is now important to understand that the connections you made are strengthening together, which is why you have entered the third wave of consciousness, the wave of harmony. How you harmonize with humans, as well as with other beings, will determine your success on planet Earth from this point forward. It is very simple. Does that mean that you must be a popular person or must be someone who is loved by many? No, it is not about the numbers, dear ones, it is about the depth of your connection to other people.

Set Something into Motion

You have grown up with your rules, such as social rules. Some things have been acceptable for men and other things for women. All of those distinctions are fading away in this new cycle, which we tell you, dear ones, is a much larger cycle. That is the other piece that we wish to share with you today, for these imprints are crossing each other. This has happened many times on planet Earth to plant important seeds that all humans are going to need in the future in order to survive as a race of beings and to carry that light from Home. Never before have you been aware ahead of time of the timelines crossing. Here you are months ahead of time, starting to prepare yourself and to figure out what you can do to set something into motion. Each and every one of you can start a new life, you can begin a new expression; you can start something big or small, or just think about starting anything. Setting something into motion does not mean that it must be perfect or that you must follow that exact path. Paths can change and shift, but the key is simply to set them in motion between now and the end of March.

It is a magical time dear ones. You have created so much magic on your planet, and you have no idea how deep this reaches. Now you are starting to learn more about your environment and rightfully so, only this time you are learning through your own process. There have been times when this knowledge or wisdom has been dropped on your planet very clearly, but now is the time when you can feel use and anchor it to create a whole new energy for yourselves. those of you who stepped through the portal, wandering around, bumping into the walls and feeling your way through the darkness trying to figure out where your path is, you have made it! We know you do not feel like it and it may not feel like a success yet, it was a huge success and you are here. You are in the right place at the right time, dear ones. As this junction of time and space comes to leave these imprints, you are part of this energy which is something you wanted. Whether you are in agreement or not is entirely up to you. You were one of the chosen ones, dear ones, for there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in at this time. There is no one here on planet Earth that is just taking up space. Every single being has brought a unique flavor of light from Home and now that you start to use it, you can integrate this light. You can create a new lifestyle which can carry this light and be a part of your energy in every step forward.

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

There are many changes that are occurring at this time. We ask you to keep in mind that taking three steps forward and one step back is typically the way humanity advances. Do not become discouraged with the one step back, for that is simply part of your forward movement. When you watch the news on television or become completely overwhelmed by the negativity and inhumane actions that you see in the world, do not be discouraged. This is the worst of some of these situations, and it was intended to be that way. You must understand that many of these things you are seeing are being played out simply so that you could see them. Please do not overreact to any of this; know that you are in a safe place and trust that the planet is moving.


Now, we also wish to mention a word that many of you are feeling: anxiety. Many of you have felt an incredibly strong, increasing anxiety over the last three to four months. For some of you it has turned into a full-blown depression. To others it is simply anxiety, a lack of being able to sleep through the night without worrying about something. This is happening because of the thinning veil. Although you have looked forward to this and we have told you for a very long time that the veil is truly your friend, the veil has kept you from feeling too many things. As a consequence many of you are feeling somewhat disheartened. You are feeling a lack of that very unique life spark that you brought from Home. Be patient dear ones. Do not judge yourselves by the single night’s lack of sleep, or by your feelings, or even how you feel about yourselves in these times of change.

A Step Up for Humanity

All of humanity is experiencing a radical re-arrangement on many different levels. On Earth you have a timeline that you have been living in that is based in masculine energy, and over there is a feminine energy timeline which you are about to cross. How will that affect you? Well, that is exactly the question we are asking you. How much of this can you take, how much of the balance of energy can you land? That will determine how much of this imprint stays with humanity after those timelines cross, so prepare yourselves, dear ones. Prepare yourselves to rethink your life. Prepare yourselves to dare to look under every rock for opportunities and things that have been brought to you. Even your own guides will now communicate with you in a slightly different way. It is not them that have changed, it is you. All of humanity is taking a step up and you must learn to communicate on these new levels as well. These are exciting times for us, and we know that you have gone through so much over the last several years. You have accomplished it all and have stepped forward in the new light, moving past your greatest fears to create a reality of carrying light in a new world. These are the times that all of you had hoped would arrive if you dared to stay long enough. Well, you have and the energy is shifting right now.

Dear ones, it is becoming magical for each of you. Now is the time that you can reach out your hands to share this with other humans. You do not need to use the same words, or even use the word “channeling.” You are beings of the heart so share your heart with someone else and watch how this anchors the energy. We also tell you that you will have help. Many of these challenges will be great journeys for some of you. You have known this was possible, even though it was not predicted for you originally to leave planet Earth. It would have turned into something similar to what you see on Mars had you left, but you stayed and today you have green, lush life. You have beautiful places where you can see the vibrancy of your planet and that is magical. That is only one level of physicality that did not shift, so now the rest are starting to align as new circadian rhythms are arriving. You will find your attention span, your ultradian rhythms; have been at the 90-minute mark. Now that will increase, as humans are about to evolve even further than you already have. Humans have changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 1,000 years. Yes, you can look back and see the technological changes and other differences, but most importantly your hearts have evolved.

Taking Charge of Your Life

Now, we will work with you to release some of the limiting belief systems that can keep you stuck where you are. Dear ones, we could not be prouder. You have chosen well; you went to the front of the line to be here right now. Some of you are wondering why you are here, “Do I still have contracts? Do I still have things I need to do?” The answer is always yes, dear ones. Yes, yes and yes! These are the times you can now shift in taking charge of your life. Grasp the very base of it, a solid building of your own light and passions, for that is where you hid your light for this journey. Find those things that you love to do and step into them. Prepare for them to be an even a larger part of your life in this next cycle. This is more exciting for us than you could possibly imagine because no humans were to be here at this time, yet here you are and that is beautiful. Well done, dear ones. All of you.

You have all been on a personal, as well as collective journey. It has reached heights and levels that were never expected of humanity on planet Earth. Well done! Now, we cannot wait to turn you loose into the new rhythms and to help you anchor them so that you can regain your confidence back and understand that you have control over your environment. This allows you to be in charge of your life, and bring those things into your life that excite you so that you can live on purpose and in your passion. These are wonderful times, dear ones. We cannot wait to see how you and the collective vibration of all of humanity work with this. Yes, the collective heart starts to open as a result of this so these are great times on our planet. We love you more than you can know and we are incredibly proud of each of you. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Enjoy the new rhythms and play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

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