Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

Jan 25, 2020
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Sorry if my voice is scratchy- I did alot of talking and recording all day prior to recording this. These messages are for whoever feels like listening. There seems to be some energy within the collective that feels like a “pause” and I personally feel that it is because there is a lot of reorganization that is about to take place in the physical based off of the shift in Consciousness that has been taken place up until this point (and will comtinue ofcourse.)

On Jan 12th I had an experience in meditation where I saw two star constellations and DNA spiral, as if I was seeing the communication of my DNA and energy that’s coming to the planet. There was a gravitational wave that hit the planet on January 14th- the source is unknown. I found an article that speaks about this, linked below:…

I’m sharing incase anyone else noticed this. I see some energy (not all) & hear energy so I have noticed a change since Jan 12th. It’s been pretty constant.

Days after this experience I had a dream that Humanity had been changed by seeing humanity singing a gospel song “I know I’ve Been Changed” 😁😂 and I saw Plasma being poured out to the collective through the Water Bearer, Aquarius- which was symbolic of a Gardener that is impressing the (garden) subconscious of humanity. The garden is the creative mind of humanity, the gardener, Aquarius, is consciously creating. I was told that there will be no one Messiah, or no one “Christ” or only One New Era World Teacher for this New Age, but it will be all of humanity.

We are our own teacher & we help and guide one another as well as ourselves. All are Equal, not one is above within the consciousness of the age of Aquarius. A guide, teacher, Being, entity, Angel, Group Consciousness, Galactic Being or Group, Ancestor, etc.. physical or nonphysical- that is really interested in your Soul’s evolution to integrate Universal Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Oneness, will not allow you to become dependent on them for guidance. messages, answers, manifestations constantly/regularly. They will not be interested in pushing your Spirit out of your vessel. Constant dependency on another Being- keeps that Soul separated from accessing the Truth within themselves. All is One Consciousness and you do not need another Being or individual aspect of the One to give you answers. The answers are within. It only makes one weaker by depending on another consciousness outside of themselves- even though all is One. A teacher/guide wanting your Evolution will want you to access information/guidance from within your Godself…only at times will they impress thoughts/ideas/emotions/inspiration upon the subjective sphere for you to access. Age of Aquarius is about the individual becoming God/Christ- all becoming One within themselves equally.

I feel there are many Souls here, who last incarnated to the Earth Plane ATLEAST 200 yrs ago to begin what will continue now. Some around 1700-1800s- to be here for this specific incarnation. For these Souls there seems to be a stronger push/desire to evolve. I have always been in amazement every time I go into a store like a little kid because I remember when they didn’t exist.

I have noticed my response to the recent energy as: some changes in sleep, very active dream state, deeper meditations, increased manifestations & synchronicities, itchy ears, feeling energy & thought currents more easily, stronger desire to stay in alignment and w
ork on my growth. Feeling a balanced detachment, everything just IS. I don’t really feel connected to certain beliefs/things that I once did, that seems to have grown. I have noticed that energy can evolve or grow more quickly from thought/focus as well. I have also been picking up on others subconscious/unconscious intentions very quickly- more quickly then before. I can only really share what I experience, feel or notice.

I know many are feeling alot of stress, anxiety, agitation, intensity..which I feel is the collective shifting into a new Era or new age, and also the release out outworn beliefs that have crystallized as physical conditions. There may be an increase in unconscious reactions/responses out of anger or due to suppressed emotions. Do your best moment to moment, try not to dwell too long in resentment, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.. if you notice that it is a pattern or anothers/collective energy. Acknowledge it and where it is coming from but don’t dwell there too long. Healing comes when we assume we are healed. Not through dwelling on what hasn’t healed. It may not be easy at first or at times, but we wouldn’t experience more then we can handle. You were drafted by the Universal Mind/Spirit/God to awaken and rise above self imposed limitations.

Love You Guys!

I will be finishing up the rest of the 2020 Vimeo readings for the other elements. And Patreon Feb. Readings/messages will be posted on Patreon this week.


Return To Your Truth: On the 0202-2020 Gateway 144K Mass Meditation (Feb1/Feb2) we FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT !

On the 0202-2020 Gateway 144K Mass Meditation (Feb1/Feb2) we FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT !


Timezones, Descriptions

& Links for this Sat/Sun Mass Meditation are 

at the bottom of this brief / Update !


So after the full analysis of intel & & overall assessment (including from reports like Cobra’s) from the 3 Day Trifecta of Mass Meditation & astrological events of 10th, 11th & 12th  Jan (really, this MASS transition period all started from 12/12/2019) …

… we now find ourselves being presented with a code.

It looks like this:




Numerologicaly … this is quite profound.


I know many of you have been going through a lot of shifting … some of it literal & physical. And thus, you’ve followed my advice from the end of the last Ground Crew Command episode & taken it easy & looked after yourself as best as possible.


Keep in mind … since 12/12/2019 (all the way to 02/02/2020) – it’s been a MASS transition & ascension period!


Darkness in all it’s forms … is NOT liking this, (it’s freaking the f%@# out).


So yes … it’s been rough, and if you haven’t been doing your internal work in new, innovative & robust ways – on a WEEKLY basis … it’d be even rougher.


But don’t let this phase you!


After 02/02/2020, things will start to settle into the energies of 2020 … (energetically, the new year didn’t start till Jan 25th) on a MUCH higher timeline thanks to the work we Starseeds have been doing.


Let’s Complete The Ascension To The

Event Timeline


Calm the ‘End Time Madness’


No … we’re not quite at that timeline yet.


But very close.


Cobra has just reported that plasma Chimera spiders are on the verge of being fully removed.


Want to accelerate that?


And manifest freedom sooner … with more smoothness?


Let’s fulfill our soul duty … mandated by high levels of Light & an authority far greater than any matrix recognized organization!


Let’s make the Victory Of The Light comprehensive, complete & full!


Will you join me?


It’ll be Saturday afternoon or night in Europe & America. Which means … you know what the [physical] dark ones will be up to.


Will you be there, next to me, to stand up for humanity & say NO.


No more enslavement.


No more chaos & struggle.


No more delay to freedom!


You know where to find me, at the times below.

Time & Links 

For The 144k Advanced 0202-2020 Mirror Gateway Mass Meditation



Date: Saturday, Feb 1 (Feb 2 in Australia/New Zealand/Far East) 


Join Time: 3 PM EST 


Start Time: 3:10 PM EST 


Duration: 1hr, approx


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Link to live guided broadcast: 144k Member’s Area


Back-up link: is right here, just in case


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See you on the non-physical!


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Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior



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144k Member

”  During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times. They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever .?..”

Gitte, Denmark

144k Member

” … I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience!  …”


144k Member

Why the 144k meditation group?   …It matches my frequency in all aspects; perfect speed and rhythm of your guidance, perfect visualizations, clear objectives which match mine,  perfect synchronization ( it happened in all your meditations that I was already working on something particular, before you verbalized the same.. stunning);

Maria, Suisse

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Psychic Sounds by B: Tea with B ~ Initiation ~ Ep. 7 ~ Jan 27th through February 2, 2020

Tea with B ~ Initiation ~ Ep. 7 ~ Jan 27th through February 2, 2020

Premiered Jan 27, 2020
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Praying Medic: Qanon January 29 2020 – Read the Transcripts

Those who hate President Trump would love to drag the impeachment hearing out a little longer, but it is about to come to an abrupt end.

Qanon January 29, 2020 – Read the Transcripts


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As the impeachment of the President approaches a vote in the Senate, he asks people to read the transcript.

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Qanon December 30, 2019 – The Silent War Continues

John Smallman: The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed.

The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed.

by John Smallman

2010-01-27-saul-audio-blog-for-monday-january-27th.mp3  Saul Audio Blog for Monday January 27th

Humanity is riding the wave towards its moment of awakening and this is very close now.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties because all is well.  Your awakening, as you have been told so often, is inevitable!  It seems to you that you have been waiting a very long time for this magnificent event, but in truth it has been but a moment, an instant.  Separation from Source never occurred, it could not occur because there is nowhere to separate to, there is only Source the infinite field of Love in which all that is created has its eternal existence in peace and joy.

However, for a moment, for a tiny instant, you imagined separation, and because you are imbued with the infinite power of Source, what you imagined seemed to come into existence, and it seems that you are trapped, ensnared, and immobilized within a vast Universe of physicality, of form.  It is completely unreal, even though to you it seems very solid, because in form you are always in contact with other objects in form – from the ground beneath your feet to everything with which you interact during your daily lives.

Life appears to be very physical as your bodies interact with other physical bodies and objects.  BUT, if you pay close attention to your feelings, to your sensations of consciousness or awareness, it becomes quite clear that you are not your bodies.  There is within you a knowing that you can depart from where your body is physically – for instance while sitting, walking, working, driving a car – in any moment your mind can be somewhere far removed from the space in which your body is present.  You are not your body but you move it and manipulate it, or parts of it, by intending to do so.

Who is it then, that sets that intent?  It’s the sense of awareness in your field of consciousness through which you know that you exist – your ability to imagine – and it is that which makes the decision to act on what you imagined.

In truth you are far freer than you think you are, but you choose to be limited by your bodies.  Over recent decades many people have been able to make their bodies faster and stronger, both physically and mentally, through various kinds of training, and the results of this can be seen in the new records being set in athletic and academic contests all over the world.  Nevertheless, bodies are limiting because you intended them to be, but you yourselves are not limited except in so far as you believe yourselves to be.  And because humanity generally believes itself to be limited, restrained, restricted, that is what people generally experience.

To awaken is to let go of and discard limitations, and in so doing to set yourselves completely free from all limits or restraints.  Your true state is one of absolute and complete freedom, and deeply buried memories of this are what drive you to push boundaries, to seek more from life than seems possible to humans in form.  Many reach a level of freedom that is far advanced from what their parents experienced, and they are then often happy to settle for that higher level of freedom.  Others believe that they can never achieve the level of freedom their parents experienced, and settle unhappily at that lower level.  A few believe that they should not be limited at all, and spend their lives pushing the boundaries of human abilities and freedoms to ever higher levels.  Your individual beliefs set your limitations for you, and those beliefs are strongly influenced by the collective beliefs of the culture and society in which you are living.

Now is the time to release those invalid and limiting beliefs, beliefs that anchor you in the past, in past memories of limitation – “I can’t possibly do that, what would people think?” “I could never learn how to do that now, I’m too set in my ways.” “The way I’m living my life is working for me, so why risk changing it?” – that appear to offer safety and security.  Limiting beliefs are like veils or screens that prevent you from seeing the enormous possibilities that life offers you because, out of fear, you refuse to question them by opening those veils and screens and looking beyond them.

Fixed and unquestioned beliefs are self-imposed limits that further add to the basic limitations that are a major aspect of being in form as humans.  These are most easily seen in others – who support religious persuasions, economic views, philosophies, or political convictions different from your own – whereas they are often extremely difficult to see in oneself.  That egoic and fearful need to be right, with which so many are infected, has led humanity into vicious conflicts overthe eons, conflicts that cause endless pain and suffering for vast numbers of people, and which never lead to resolution of the issues that appear to have led to the conflicts in the first place.

Experience is gained when mistakes or errors are made and the reason for them is investigated and understood, and there are numerous situations occurring daily in which this happens.  One of the lessons that is learned over and over again is that humans do make mistakes and errors.  Learning what caused them, and then taking steps to prevent their re-occurrence, leads to wisdom.  Unfortunately, mainly out of fear, defective or dishonest judgments are often offered in attempts to fault others for errors that occur, in order to shift blame from those responsible to those others, so that they themselves can avoid being shamed and punished.

In recent decades much progress has been made in understanding the reasons for human error, and new laws and guidelines have been introduced to reduce and, where possible, prevent errors from occurring.  However, when mistakes are made, those responsible – often people who are at the senior management levels of the organization involved – are almost invariably filled with fear and horror, and will engage in almost any kind of subterfuge to avoid being held responsible.

The way forward is to change the way mistakes are dealt with, so that those responsible can file truthful reports about what has occurred in the knowledge that they will be lovingly assisted in dealing with the sense of horror and guilt that arises within them as a result of their mistake, and thus helping enormously in the prevention of further occurrences of a similar nature.

Obviously, if criminal negligence or criminal intent is found to be the cause of the event, those responsible must be called to account, then, after a full investigation has been carried out, they must be given the loving support necessary to enable them to change the misguided beliefs that led them to behave as they did.

Remember, you are all – and there are absolutely no exceptions – beloved children of God, perfect, just as you were created.  The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed so that you awaken.  Until then it is essential that you daily set the intent to be only loving in your thoughts, words, and actions.  When you do that your intention affects all of humanity, and all of humanity is then mightily assisted in moving away from fear, judgment, and blame, and into a loving mindset from which to interact lovingly and respectfully with each other just as God does.  This is an essential step on your path to awakening, and it is the way in which Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, always interact and engage with all of creation.  It is how you will experience life when you awaken, and thus eternal joy will embrace and envelop you.

With so very much love, Saul.

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The Tree of the Golden Light Mushaba Message: 01-29-20: Health + Wellness

Mushaba Platinum Light

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba


Dr. Wise and Dr. Fu Man Lu: January 26, 2020


Dr. Wise:

We come to you to share with you issues concerning health and wellness. We come as one voice however; we will each have our say. I am Dr. Wise. I am the one; the entity that spoke through the one famed in your world as Edgar Casey the “Sleeping Prophet”. I worked with Edgar for a very long time giving him health directives that helped so, so many people of earth during his time. Since then, the issues of health has taken on an entirely new level of concerns that far outweighs many former health problems people experienced back during Edgar Casey’s time.

The soil has been compromised so that means the foods you eat from meats to vegetables and fruits have been compromised. This is why you are seeing so many illnesses new and old becoming very prevalent in the world. You see young people as young as infants born with diseases and defects. People are dying very, very young and this is not normal. The body has undergone so many metamorphosis to be able to adapt to the new way of living in this toxic world. Otherwise, everyone would have died off a long time ago.

We look around in your world at the many, many natural and medical remedies available to humanity. Some are very good, some are ok and some are just downright criminal if you will, for they do nothing and only cause you more suffering and loss of money. There is a great deal that is being ignored when it comes to the health and wellness of the body. Diet alone cannot do it. Supplements alone cannot do it. Alternative therapies alone cannot do it and modern medicine alone cannot do it. Maybe a combination of some or all will help greatly in your health concerns. The problem that is rampant is that so many people wait far too long before they decide to take positive action with their health. They either are really sick or facing death before they get truly serious. Not enough precautions taking place, preventive health measures.

There is so much available in your world and it is overwhelming to sift through all the information that is available. Then you find that a lot of the products particularly on the natural alternative side of health, do not always meet the proper potency and frequencies for the body. A lot of them are weak and you have to constantly use them forever seems like just to try and stay up with your health. There aren’t too many that truly want to cure you, to totally heal you, but want to keep you coming and keep getting richer and richer.

Unfortunately, this is also true of alternative practices as well. There are things in the world that are truly exceptional and wonderful in how they work with your natural processes of your body and your body rhythm. Before I step aside and give credence to Dr. Fu Man Lu who is a very incredible herbalist from the old days of ancient China and has cured, not helped to get better, but cured many, many maladies of the world. Here are some things to look for in choosing proper health care for yourself and others.

  1. Be sure that any natural herbs and remedies are not only 100% clean of impurities but has a high concentration of potency that will do the job. Far too many are just not a high enough concentration and they don’t work or if they do, it takes your body a very long time of use to get to the level of concentration needed.


  1. Be sure that whatever you take works with your bodies healing mechanism and your body rhythm. There is a great deal of deceit these days. Products are labeled 100% pure or 100% organic when that is not true. It’s your laws that allow this deceit to run rampant. All you need is a very small percentage of organic or pure ingredients and they can use the words 100%. This is just unacceptable. Do your research and talk with those of integrity and are not just trying to sell you something to make money.


  1. Exercise and diet are important to your health. It can be taking short to long walks at varying paces. It can be some simple exercises and stretching. Your diet needs to consist of good food not processed foods but you know that already.


We will make recommendations at the end of this that can be of good help to everyone, for all of you on earth basically lack this very important health component. Many of you may have heard of it already. The problem with most of this kind of product is that they are very weak and do not do what they are supposed to do or advertised to do. The product we will recommend will do the job it is suppose to do. Dr. Lu and I have thoroughly checked out the products vibrationally and energetically. It passes our heavy in-depth scrutiny. It’s a good product.


Now let me introduce you to Dr. Fu Man Lu my colleague that I admire very much!


Dr. Fu Man Lu:


I give my greetings of love and health to you all of humanity. I am Dr. Fu Man Lu. I at one time resided on your earth in ancient China long ago. I have been a teacher and practitioner of herbal medicines and natural cures since I was a young child. I had a gift some would say that I was born with. As a child I would offer my advice to many sick people who would fully recover from their ailments by following my recommendations. I never sought fame and glory for my work but I only sought to heal and teach others how to heal themselves with what nature has provided for our bodies to remain in a state of perfect health.

The body was not made to die ravaged with disease and illnesses. It was made by nature, by your God Given right to last in good health as long as you desired to remain on earth. Getting old and decrepit was not a part of the agreement with earth and the body. However, humans have found a way to usurp nature in kits unlimited potential to keep the body young and healthy. It introduced toxins and many other very bad conditions to the earth and therefore to the body as well. You know that the body is from earth so if you poison the earth you poison the body and if you poison the body you poison the earth.

When one takes various herbs and supplements for your health, you must be careful that the frequency matches that of the body’s frequency otherwise you cause a caustic reaction. I find it interesting that you call your herbal remedies “supplements”.  This means that you are trying to supplement what is natural in your body. Herbs and natural herbal remedies “ARE NOT SUPPLEMENTS” but are a natural component to your body’s health processes.

This year you are now living in of your 2020, make up your mind and decide to take your total health into your own hands. Give your body the frequencies it needs. There actually exist secrets of longevity through herbs, herbal remedies and elixirs.

For instance, you have heard of Panax Ginseng correct? It is perhaps the best known herb among Chinese medicine in the world. Its job is to increase stamina and your energy levels. It has miraculous properties of restoring health. The word Panax comes from the word panacea meaning Cure All! It enhances body functions and the immune system to help adapt to the negative effects of physical and environmental stress among other things related. It decreases fatigue and improves one’s reaction time. It also help the body to fight off infection, protects the live and the heart, normalize cholesterol, improve memory, regulate blood sugar levels and improve cognitive functions and the function of hormones.

Natural Pain Relief Has a Role in Longevity
“Pain, especially chronic pain, is the number one reason why people shun exercise. However, exercise is critical to one’s health, wellbeing and longevity.  Your health plan should include exercise and treatments to resolve the underlying cause of the pain”.

Speaking of pain, here is something that can be used for underlying causes of pain.

Salicin is a compound found in aspirin. Aspirin was originally discovered in and extracted from a particular bark called White Willow bark.  White willow bark contains Salicin. It has pain relieving properties, and is also a anticoagulant, which helps prevent the formation of blood clots and thickening of the blood that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.  Major advantages of using white willow bark over the pharmaceutical aspirin; is that it does not cause gastric upset and erode the stomach lining.

Before I get to my final recommendation, I want to address the problem of hearing loss especially in elderly people.

Why does hearing wane as some people age?  It’s because the blood supply to the auditory nerve diminishes, and neural conductivity to the brain declines.  Eastern medicine has long used acupuncture to increase blood flow to the auditory region and normalize conduction, which can alleviate tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as hearing loss.

However, even without acupuncture you can take steps to improve your hearing on your own.  Daily cardiovascular exercise will boost hearing function by increasing circulation overall.  The supplements niacin, or vitamin B3, helps dilate capillaries, promoting blood flow to the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear that feed the nerve.  Another B vitamin, choline, is essential for the body to produce a key neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.  If you want to find this in your foods then good sources of niacin and choline include legumes and beans, especially soy beans, wheat germ, whole grains, avocado, brewer’s yeast, peanuts, leafy greens, and fish.

Now to our final recommendation that you may have heard of! It is called: Glutathione- ( Link to this product!

We asked that this information be provided below for its no need of us rehashing what has been thoroughly done. However, we would like to make a comment below:

This information is important in so many ways to your health. The problem with this particular product is that most of them that are available are far inferior to the one we are recommending. Many of them only increase your glutathione levels by 35% or less while this one increases your glutathione levels to 200%! We have checked this product very thoroughly as we indicated and we feel that it is very good and will make a marked difference in your health for it is a root vital product. What we mean by this term is that it is a vital part of your root foundation to health and well being and you should not do without it.

We thank you!

Dr Wise and Dr. Fu Man Lu:

Here is the information: Glutathione!

Your Best Defense against Aging, Cellular damage and Disease

“That is the most important antioxidant in your body and why,
in a sense, it creates FEAR in the hearts, so to speak, of free radicals.”

Glutathione is a tripeptide (3-amino acid protein-like structure) composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine.

Imagine a single item that could thoroughly clean your home, wash your clothes, purify the air you breathe, protect you against tainted food, and defend you and your family from a criminal attack.

While such an amazing entity doesn’t exist in stores, it can be found in every cell of your body. It’s a tripeptide named glutathione (pronounced glue-ta-thigh-own) and it is arguably the body’s most powerful antioxidant. It was discovered more than a century ago, but still languishes in the shadows of mainstream medicine.

Glutathione functions as an antioxidant and an antitoxin, protecting us from the ravages of our increasingly toxic environment and our own foibles. In addition, it is a protector of our immune defense system and a promoter of efficient blood flow and production, yet it is not even mentioned in major clinical textbooks.

While some of us have been dependent on glutathione to detoxify the effects of “one too many,” your family physician has probably never heard about its remarkable abilities.

*In medicine and science, as in life, we are all ‘prisoners of our training’ and tend to dismiss things we haven’t learned and/or don’t understand rather than embracing them as opportunities to expand our knowledge.

Glutathione is found in every cell of the body. It is particularly concentrated in the liver (detoxifier) and spleen (immune defense system) but the highest amount of glutathione is found in the skin (the largest organ in the body).  Glutathione reaches concentrations that are thousands of times that of the commonly advertised vitamins such as C, E, and/or A.

It has multiple functions that include, among others:

Ferrying (transporting) proteins between cells and among the compartments of a cell Effectively detoxifying heavy metals, pesticides, food preservatives and environmental pollutants among others (Phase II Detoxification) after the liver initially detoxifies them (Phase I Detoxification) by changing them into FREE RADICALS.

Activating the immune (defense) systems’ Delta Forces (first responders) to attack the invader and protecting it from self-annihilation (free radical

generation). Regenerating a wide variety of other antioxidants.

Glutathione’s major function, however, is as the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT

In fact, glutathione is:

  • The most concentrated and important intracellular (inside the cell) thiol
  • Low molecular weight
  • Sulfhydryl-containing (primed to neutralize free radicals)
  • Peptide (small protein)
  • Found in all mammalian cells
  • The most important free-radical trap (antioxidant) in humans



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The Tree of the Golden Light|


Matt Kahn: ENERGY UPDATE: This is the Ascension.

I welcome you today for this energy update, not with more signs of how the Universe is preparing you to Ascend, but to confirm that the Ascension process is in full swing and well underway.

During the 12:12 Stargate which was more pronouncedly open between 12/12/19 through 12/21/19, I began feeling the quickening of Ascension in progress, unlike any other glimpse or preview I had sensed before.

During this actual Ascension, it has a very surreal quality, as if you are walking between worlds. Perhaps it feels like you are already in the afterlife, while story lines of life seem to play out around you. Maybe you are noticing a visceral disinterest with many of the addictive coping mechanisms that were often employed in 3D to numb the pain that you are learning to face, embrace, welcome, and love. Perhaps a mass exodus of friends, family, and partnerships has given way to this multi-dimensional vision quest where, in the absence of relying on others for distraction or the need for constant reassurance or validation, you have been placed in an ‘in-between’ holding pattern where you get to face the sensations, memories, and feelings that cause you to numb your pain or hide your power in the hands of another person’s will.

This holding pattern, which acts as part of the initial big leap in the Ascension already unfolding, gives you an opportunity to transform your relationship with stillness– instead of feeling stuck, disempowered, or afraid of missing out when life stalls to a standstill.

Here you are able to see how cleverly life is helping you transform familial patterns of enmeshment into new realities of empowerment,
simply by changing your experience of stillness from the withdrawal of loneliness to the true autonomy and serenity of being one with all.

If this holding pattern energy feels more overwhelming than empowering, do not worry. It signifies a great cellular purge, where much like the pulling of a heavy anchor that allows a ship to set sail along its new and exciting voyage, your cellular body is emptying our reservoirs of outdated memories, limiting beliefs, and energies taken on from others all the way back to time spent in utero. The amount of energetic chord-cutting that has been occurring since the 12:12 Stargate opening truly illustrates how hard the Universe is working on your behalf to lighten the load as you begin quantum leaping from one level of reality to the next.

Signs that you have completed the chord-cutting process and emptied out the cellular debris of the great purge and are already making your way from 3D timelines into a new 5D reality include the following symptoms:

  • The requirement of more rest than normal, including disruptive sleep patterns, the inability to sleep deeply, along with exhaustion, fatigue, and confusion as to where you are in your path and where things are headed.
  • Heightened sensitivity to triggers, whether in yourself or others, with less drive or desire to be around those whose patterns can be felt in your empathic energy field.
  • Less desire for people, places, or things as a source of greater happiness, which can also include a lack of desire along with fears that you ‘should’ have something to desire. Often the desireless space, although temporary, signifies a shift from identifying with form to being the formless witness experiencing itself in body.
  • Lowered immune system function, such as adrenal fatigue, heightened food allergies, difficulties with digestion, as well as healing common colds or flus at a remarkably slower rate. This is due to the majority of your life force, or chi, being utilized to move you through Ascension, which leaves less energy for other areas to be balanced. The more willing you are to step into the unknown and trust the Ascension process, the less energy is needed to move you into 5D, so other subtle energy bodies can be offered greater support.
  • An absolute resignation with the state of the collective, whether stemming from environmental concerns, the threat of political elitism, or even too much time spent interpreting life through the eyes of conspiracy theories. Such insanity being viewed around you, and acted out by those around you, signifies the detox kickback of those who have spent so much time steeped in 3D belief constructs that they are fighting to stay in 3D, as if Ascension were an unfair eviction instead of an existential rescue mission.
  • A growing awareness of addiction patterning as the source of true human suffering.
  • A deep longing to return home, find your soul tribe, and be done with what appears to be an outdated and dying human paradigm.

As you come to see how many of these symptoms match your experience, it confirms the Ascension already taking place. It is important to note that life on Earth only appears to be the unfolding of Armageddon because the ego structure of the collective is so unaware of the process of spiritual evolution, it can’t help but fixate on all that is threatened to be lost, instead of seeing more open space being created for new spiritually-grounded realities to emerge. Simply put, the difference between Armageddon timelines and Ascension timelines is your level of awareness. And yet, both Ascension and Armageddon timelines are playing out within the same hypersphere of reality that we collectively call Planet Earth.

This also helps you realize those on Armageddon timelines are experiencing the process of Ascension, but from a perspective of fear, lack, and scarcity, instead of an awareness of what is meant to dissolve so a truth greater than personal gains and losses can be received and anchored into form.

There will not be a time where you must part with loved ones on Armageddon timelines in order for you to Ascend. That is a widely-believed spiritual myth. Instead, there will be those in your life experiencing the same shifts you are, but from a space of fear, codependency, enmeshment, addiction, and self-absorption, who can only be supported by the light you shine when you’re leading by example, instead of trying to constantly change people to your liking.

Please remember, it only looks ‘crazy’ to the unconscious patterning that doesn’t know how to surrender, but is being surrendered by a Universe that can only accept the destiny of Earth’s conscious evolution. To assist you further in this initial leap of Ascension, it is a perfect time in your life’s journey to:

  • Surround yourself with those who cherish and respect you, instead of filling your life with people just to have bodies around you. Even if you are the only one able to respect your light, you are far better off filling your time with moments in nature, exercise, creative expression, and deeply-integrative spiritual practices than to fuel patterns of enmeshment or codependency as a way of hiding from feeling so alone.
  • Even if just for a few days at a time, take breaks from chasing news headlines or consuming fear-based “fake news” stories and conspiracy theories. During this time of Ascension, it isn’t a matter of how much you know, but how aligned you are with the highest wisdom you’ve already absorbed. If you sense a fear of being left behind, out of the loop, or a target for unconscious agendas, please know that it is your connection with Source, as the Holy Creator of all things, from one spectrum of consciousness to another that reveals your true sovereign safety, no matter the perceivable threats in view. When in doubt, always remember: a threat is only as daunting and overpowering as your lack of connection to source. Equally so, it is the will of such dark forces to destroy the hiding spots most people live in to establish a connection in consciousness that ushers humanity along into the pre-destined grace and perfection of unity consciousness. Conspiracy theories can be intriguing like a mystery or horror film you can’t help but watch. And yet, no secret or agenda of the shadow can ever prevent or stop consciousness from expanding. This can help you remember your greatest strength, as the light of all, is in your willingness to change for the better and adapt to the contractions and expansions that serve as an energetic launching pad of your highest living potential. If you are always willing to change and aren’t too inconvenienced to adapt, there isn’t a threat or agenda that can reach your light or get anywhere close to you. Because the agenda of darkness is “control so not to be controlled” it wants absolutely nothing to do with someone whose light of adaptability shines so brightly.
  • Love yourself enough to bid farewell to long-standing addictions. Do not use self-love as a permissive way of allowing your ego to run your reality with compulsive choices that only make hungry ghosts more insatiable. Whether your addictive pattern is sugar, alcohol, sex, pornography, regular usage of plant medicine, recreational cannabis, binge watching movies or TV shows, or even too much inner spiritual work done from a fear-based perspective, may this be a time of reclaiming the power of your choice-making to fill your life with activities that empower your light versus entangling your ego through the false promise of instant gratification. It is important to remember, addiction is either: (1) over consumption of an external substance, a person, place, or thing used to numb pain or hide from facing deeper truths, or (2) substances that may not be an over-indulgence but are acted out with regular or reoccurring frequency. At the depths of your soul, you truly know what is and isn’t in your highest alignment to choose. May this auspicious time of quantum leaping be an opportunity to act upon change, instead of merely thinking about the change the Universe is inspiring you to make. No matter how overwhelming it seems, I know you can do this. I so believe in you.

While I will be detailing more about the Ascension as it continues to unfold, today’s energy update is not a call to ascend, but to begin re-prioritizing your reality with greater energetic balance and emotional support in honor of the Ascension well under way.

Whether joining the Love Revolution for Total Integration, Project Resolution, attending a live event in-person, or watching via livestream, now is the time to unite as One and shine our light during the most monumental shift in consciousness this world is birthing.

From my heart to yours, we are in this together. No one can or will be left behind. But your participation is essential in order for the most miraculous versions of this Ascension to shift from ideas of Armageddon to a tangibly-lived reality of Heaven on Earth. I want this for you so deeply and with an outstretched hand, I invite you along a glorious path of love, truth, joy, revelation, and expansion.

As the Universe always says to me, “further instructions will follow.”

All for light. All for Life. All for love,

Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn All For Love
1752 NW Market St.
Seattle, Washington 98107
United States

Return To Your Truth: Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday at the 02022020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

The Unknown Lightwarrior


Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday
at the 02022020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

at the opening of the 0202-2020 Gateway in the East …

Saturday February 1st:

12 PM California/ 3 PM New York/ 8 PM London/ 9 PM Paris/Berlin

Sunday February 2nd:

7 AM Sydney/ 9 AM Auckland, N.Z.

Your timezone:​

Live guided broadcast is in

the 144k Member’s Area


Timelines are still in flux
until the Mirror Gateway of February 2nd, 2020

[… the 0202-2020 Gateway …]

We’re still advised to not make any big long-term decisions this week … as the timelines keep on (mostly) upgrading to new & different situations & opportunities.

Although after we cross through the 0202-2020 Gateway, it will be full steam ahead … and your plans, goals & desires can be manifested with more certainty & stability.

More Powerful Than The Chimera?

Amazing clearing report by a 144K Member
after doing the
ICB Session for GAIA

… that even sent me for a spin! (in all the right ways :- ) … And believe me, I’ve “seen some stuff” in the past!

And it’s an AWESOME example of how you no longer have to take things sitting down & just grit your teeth, hoping for the best.

This lady literally yielded more power than the Chimera!

Enjoy …

“… I was unable to work for several days… until one day it got so bad I couldn’t understand what my husband was saying when he was talking to me.


I realized I had a soul gateway up, because of these all too recognizable symptoms. So, even though I didn’t know what the gateway could be, I decided to go to bed early and do the ICB when I got up.


As soon as the session started, I thought briefly about someone who was trying to exert pressure on me… and all of a sudden I felt the HUGE presence of Gaia. When I connected to her higher dimensional higher selves and her I AM presence it was glorious … I had never felt anything like this.


Here’s what I saw:


Gaia just couldn’t believe she could finally be free from draco control… after all the timeline manipulations and hijacks. She was feeling like an abused “wife” who couldn’t protect her children (humanity) from her abuser.


But after I heard last week’s report on Ground Crew Command Radio about the Chimera being able to cross communicate with themselves in all alternate and parallel timelines, realities and universes, going backwards and forwards and crossways in timelines, making it look like nothing ever changed and no progress was ever being made because of this technology they had …


And now that this technology was finally removed by the Teams, Gaia really could be free from draco control!


I had a sore spot in my back (I was doing healing by proxy for Gaia) and I could see that two seeds had been planted in Gaia as she was developing as a seed planet for life in the Cosmos (as Andrew Bartzis explained back in 2013).


One seed allowed for the constant kidnapping and moving her back and forth in the galaxy and universe, interfering with her timelines. The other allowed her to be fractured into 9 earths with different realities in each one.


ALL Gaia’s former selves on alternate timelines were transmuted back into bright white light, and her fractured self (the 9 parallel/alternate Earths) began to integrate back into one, with her higher self in the driver’s seat.


When I went through the chakra balancing section of the ICB, I saw that Gaia’s chakra system was spherical, and that this balancing and strengthening was necessary to get her ready for the cosmic flash. I saw that her soul  star chakra was directly connected to and aligned with the cosmic central sun.


When her outer auric field  was repaired and her 3rd eye layer flashed indigo, high galactic beings began to take notice. This continued as her crown and soul star chakra outer auric layers activated.


Then when her Dodecahedron Power Shield was activated, clearing and closing down any leakages, and I hear the instructions to connect it to her magnetic torroidal field and chakra system, I felt her (and my) heart light up like an incredible firework display …” !


Just amazing!”




Let’s anchor in this new timeline for Gaia at the 144K Mass Meditation
Coming up this Saturday at the opening of the …

0202-2020 Gateway

And just in case you missed

Last Week’s Intel Analysis ..

You can now also listen to last week’s broadcast of
Ground Crew Command Radio on YouTube:

YouTube: Ground Crew Command Radio

If you are interesting in becoming part of the 144k Advanced Mass Meditation Group, you can sign up here:

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: and/or

Support the 144k Rate of Growth and Your Soul Mission!

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Return To Your Truth

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End Time Madness by Cobra | The Portal

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

End Time Madness by Cobra | The Portal

As we are now right before the dawn of the new Golden Age, a strong purification must occur before we as a planet can enter the Light. This purification is called the end time madness.
The end time madness is happening individually, with many people freaking out and showing dysfunctional behavior, but also globally.
Since they know now that their end is inevitable, the Cabal wants to destroy the surface human population in the process of their own downfall.
They attempted that in December last year by triggering the financial collapse through the repo market, and that did not work, they tried that in early January through escalation with Iran, that did not work, they tried to engineer a false flag in Virginia, that did not work, so what is left?
A global pandemic scare.
2019-nCoV is an advanced ethnic bioweapon that targets mostly Asian population:
The current epidemic is a result of covert biological warfare that goes on between China and USA.
Chinese long term military strategy against USA is based on bioweapons to a great degree:
The Chinese agents have stolen the coronavirus from Canadian lab:


And upgraded it into a bioweapon at the lab in Wuhan:
Then a USA agent, previously infiltrated into the Wuhan lab, and involved in the development of the virus, stole a sample of coronavirus and spread it into the Wuhan seafood and animal market. From then on the virus was spreading with geometric progression that can really look scary:
It is interesting to note here that Peter Salama, a renowned epidemiologist that worked for WHO and a board member of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, died on January 23rd:
The Pleiadians are working tirelessly to stop the epidemic. On Friday, January 24th, they have developed the first Stardust nanopowder to erase the virus and have spread it towards the surface of the planet from their ships stationed in Low Earth Orbit. The virus has reacted to the nanodust and mutated into a slightly less lethal and slightly more transmissible form.
Learning from the reaction of the virus, the Pleiadians have developed a more advanced version of Stardust and applied it on Monday and Tuesday (January 27th and 28th).
As as result of this, the virus is not spreading anymore with geometric progression as it was until now, and appears to be slowing down:


The Light forces are expecting that the spread of infection will even out in a week or two, with less and less new cases reported after that.
After enough attempts, the Pleiadians will be able to completely hack the virus and stop it from spreading, exactly in the same way they stopped the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918:
The viruses can only spread effectively when they receive support from the dark forces on the plasma plane.
Also, all remaining Chimera plasma spiders are extremely starved and on the brink of extinction, and now they are rushing to Wuhan and other cities with high number of infections to feed off fear and suffering.
This is a perfect trap for them, as the Light Forces can clear them much more effectively when they all gathered in such a small space and are not evenly spread around the surface of the planet anymore.
The Light Forces are now intensively clearing all the infection-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders and with this rate of purification, all plasma Chimera beings will be gone in a week or two, with only physical Chimera in US Space Command and DARPA remaining.
The Light Forces are asking everybody that feels so guided to support this clearing process by visualizing violet flame purifying all virus-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders.
People can also help stopping the coronavirus epidemic with the following meditation:
It is very important to stay calm and not give into fear. To put things into perspective, over 80,000 people died from common flu in 2018 in United States alone, and nobody seems to worry:


And 650,000 people worldwide:


For an average human being, the risk of getting this coronavirus is very low and will most likely remain low:



The best advice for anybody would be to threat this epidemic the same way as the common flu. This will take out the most of the fear.
You can check the current state of the epidemic here:
And here:
When this epidemic scare subsides, the Cabal has another trick up their sleeves:
Even that will not work, as the Light Forces are already working on the solution.
The Blue Dawn is coming:


Victory of the Light!

Climate Change and Species Die-offs -what’s up with that?

Very interesting. Despite the title, this isn’t actually about Greta, it is just a man making a casual observations suggesting that we take a closer look at and consideration of additional things that may be contributing to climate change and species die-offs.

Questions raised:
Why do Climate Activists only blame C02 and humans, yet never mention Big Agra or Monsanto or proven research about the impact of chemical toxins like atrazene changing sex of fish and neonicotinoids killing bees in the environment? (Follow the money…and where does it really go?)
Who funds the organizations that sponsor these activists?
What narrative is being drilled into our minds?
Why is there a massive wildlife and insect die-off?
Why is the media c
omplicit in these omissions?

Something strange about Greta Thunberg at the United Nations

Sep 24, 2019

65.9K subscribers

Recently there has a been a lot of news about Greta Thunberg speaking at the United Nations in regards to Climate Change. What is interesting is the people that surround Greta Thnberg one of which works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Of course this could just be coincidence… 🤗

Suzie Dawson
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