Jenny Schiltz: Unraveling the Matrix Programming

Unraveling the Matrix Programming

Unraveling the Matrix Programming

As the energy on the planet continues to intensify, clear and uncover the layers of “reality” some are finding themselves stepping into new and expanded roles. This energy is also uncovering so much of the destructive programming and behaviours that have been the norm for far too long.

I recently returned from an amazing and enlightening trip to San Diego. I booked this trip during the summer because I had this nudging that I had to be there at a certain time. I didn’t really understand why, but I knew it was important. The universe conspired to find me cheap flights, a place to stay that was perfect and a rental car whose bill totalled $111.00. Yet I still had no clue why I was going.

The three of us, my husband, youngest daughter and myself decided to make an adventure of the trip and see as much as we could see. On our first evening, we decided to go sit on a place called “Sunset Cliffs”. It was an area where you could sit on the rock and see the beach below. It was nighttime and the view of the stars was absolutely amazing.

As I was staring at the stars and settling into myself, this bolt of purple light split the sky and remained.  It was so bright that I was momentarily blinded. I asked my husband if he saw it and he said no, so I knew it was only meant for me. I then heard clearly. Open a portal.  It was my higher-self speaking from my heart center. I felt myself anchor deeply into the earth and at the same time grow huge. I saw myself large enough to touch the purple light in the sky and open it like a portal in the starry sky. All this black mist began to leave the area as if it was being drawn like a magnet.  When I felt that it was done, I closed the portal and returned to self. Still not understanding what took place, but not asking questions either.

I knew that I have done this work before but it has always been at night in my sleep or in lucid dreams. I had not yet consciously done this type of massive clearing while completely awake surrounded by others. I was asked by my team to share this as it will trigger the remembering for some and allow it to come to the forefront of consciousness. It helps us to understand who we are, our role and contribution to the whole.

The next evening at sunset in a different beach location, I was instructed to do the same thing. Again black mist rose from the entire area and went effortlessly to Source. I asked what was leaving and was told that it is a layer of the veil that keeps people asleep, trapped into moving from one moment to the next without any true awareness. It was shown to me that the simple removal of these energies creates enough space for people to look critically at their life and begin the awakening process.

The following day we went to La Jolla Beach and it was just gorgeous, yet there was this pervasive anxiety that translated into this feeling of “not good enough, not pretty enough, not enough money.”  This reached a really uncomfortable pitch when I got dressed in a wetsuit (holy hell).  So as my husband played in the surf with my daughter I sat on the beach and went within. First thing I did upon settling was to ask “is this mine?” and was told no. So I thanked the feelings and felt them leave. My higher self then explained that it was those feelings that would have a layer released that day. So that people could see how they were trapped in those “less than” but also “must be better than another” cycles.  So again, I opened a giant portal over the area and watched as layers of sleep left.

Before heading back to Colorado, the last portal I opened was right near the airport in San Diego. What left there was darker than the other places and had more of a goo feel. It was also the one that was most difficult and I called in my team to assist. I was told it was the most difficult because of the sheer amount of technology in that area. The technology and the large amount of concrete helped to secure the veil of forgetfulness and keep people looping in similar thought and behavioural patterns. These are the areas that need the most assistance.

Connecting the dots

When I returned home I had a client who is a healer, struggling financially. Her guides showed me that she is also to be going places and doing such work. I asked her if she had felt the pull to go to travel to different locations. She told me yes, but that she didn’t have the funds. Her guides told me that she undercharges and undervalues her time, energy and worth. They then went to explain that many are caught in the programming loop of self-sacrifice or that one must not charge for spiritual services. This control programming has left many exhausted, financially strapped, and in disharmony within as their soul is urging them to step up and do different work, but the paradigm they are caught in does not allow it.

They explained that many are getting the urge to travel, to go to different places, towns and sites. Travel does not have to be huge, it could be 30 minutes away to somewhere you have never been. That there is a reason for this as each of us carries a unique vibrational frequency and when we go to new places we help to anchor that particular frequency into the earth. They showed me an orchestra, each person has their own part to play, their own note. Another person could go to San Diego and assist that area in a completely different but no less valuable way.

What a paradox it seems we can be caught in. We want to be of service so we give and give, heal and heal without an adequate energy exchange and this does not allow us to be in service to the whole as was intended.

So the universe brings me another client who recently attended a practitioner’s workshop that works with morphic fields and understanding the holographic nature of reality. During the workshop, the instructor showed the participants how to track in the form where the programming regarding money and spiritual work lies. Although this client felt she resolved her issues in this area, she was able to see where it was in the form.  It is this unconscious programming that helps keep us trapped in a limited reality instead of one with infinite abundance for all. It is programming that keeps us from understanding that all is simply energy including money.

As usual, the universe shows me an issue in many different ways so that the understanding is complete. I then worked with another client who is a real estate agent and she also does reiki on the side. In her view, she felt that she was only doing her spiritual work when doing Reiki, however, her guides wanted her to understand that once someone comes from a higher vibrating place that ALL they do is spiritual work. They explained that helping someone find a place to live that allows them to feel at home is healing and very valuable.

We need to look at our definitions and realize that when we are open-hearted and higher vibrating we are being of service, what that looks like does not matter. All that matters is we listen to our heart and soul urgings.

Stepping Forward

While I was in San Diego another incredible lesson was learned.

One one of the days we ran around the city going to the Safari park, the zoo and Balboa Park. After the Safari park I was tired and instead of honouring that feeling, speaking my mind and resting, I decided I would try to keep up with my high energy husband and daughter.

By the end of the afternoon, I was a hot mess. I was so tired I could barely speak, my nervous system was in overdrive from all the people, and my back was so sore and inflamed my famous drop foot walk returned. What also returned was that feeling I had worked very hard to overcome – that I was a burden that I couldn’t keep up, that I was holding my family back. Really yucky thoughts that stemmed from when I was so injured I needed help dressing.

I was shocked that what I thought I healed returned with such a vengeance. Because I was so tired and energetically done, I felt all those emotions so deeply.  I couldn’t even process it, I just became lost in the feelings and felt myself sinking.

After a good cry and a nap to restore my energy field I went into meditation to get straight within myself. I found myself standing in what looked like a bus terminal and I found myself staring at a version of me sitting on a bench. This version is the one that felt all those deep, painful emotions of being a burden and a loser.  I immediately went to her and talked to her, telling her it was ok that we can heal this. This was how I had healed so many pieces of myself.

She looked at me and smiled and told me no. She explained that I had tried to heal this time and time again and it was time to let it go, to let her go. I immediately went into telling her how I could not abandon her, that I could integrate her into all that I (we) are. She told me to turn around and what I saw was a beautiful golden opening.  She told me that I was to go through that opening, move on and leave her.  I protested and she came to hug me, told me to be strong and literally pushed me through the opening.

I went through the portal feeling the energy rush through my system. I came out the other side where my highest-self was standing. She told me that while healing our aspects is important, not everything can be healed and integrated. Some things need to be left behind. I told her that I thought that part of the journey was to be completely whole within. She said it is, but it is being whole with our soul and all that keeps us from that must go. I sat with this knowledge and realized how many of us have been chasing our tails. We have been trying desperately to heal our damaged aspects, when there may be pieces that simply need to be released so that we may move forward.

When we have honestly understood the emotions these pieces have held and have worked to integrate them without success it is time to leave it behind. It is not spiritual bypassing to leave behind what no longer works once it is understood.

For those that this resonates with, take a moment and think about the things you need to leave behind. Honor them, love them and then let them go.

Sending you all so much love as we step into who we are. Take care of you!

Jenny Schiltz

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Encountering Fear

Encountering Fear | Forever Unlimited

I was texting a friend who is facing some challenges, and thinking about how important it is to  transcend fear. I’ve been working on it for years.  It is both a practical idea and a metaphor for life. 

When one is in a situation that is potentially dangerous, many factors come into play. Let’s use the example of when I used to hike out in the wilderness in California, and on rare occasions, encounter mountain lions.

The mountain line perceived me as an enemy because I was near the baby. I was just walking on a fire road that led up the mountain. I heard a noise and peered into the bushes below on the hillside. I saw a little mountain lion cub face looking up at me from about 30 feet down, in the trees.  Just then, I heard bushes up above the Fire Road suddenly crashing, and I could see the top of the vegetation moving as well, as something…a shadowy figure,  was rapidly moving towards me. 

I didn’t actually have time to be afraid, but I had to think fast. I also had to rely on my instincts….so my adrenaline kicked in, and time stood still…I was able to think calmly, rely on my prior knowledge…

My instincts told me “don’t run!” and the knowledge I had, from having seen warning signs posted, and having read about Mountain line encounters, is that I had to make myself big. I had to be brave, and I had to basically scare it away…while at the same time, side-stepping, to present less of a threat, and avert danger, by no longer being between the mother and the cub. 
So when I made myself big, I stomped my feet, yelled and waved my arms, clicking two rocks together above my head. I kept doing that as I sidestepped, then walked backwards, for 200, maybe 500 yards, till I reached a place where there was a hairpin turn that went through heavy Woods down to the lake where I had to cross a dam to get back to my Jeep. 

I had concern, but not fear. This allowed me to make a graceful exit, so I was not perceived of as “enemy”. And because I didn’t feel fear, she didn’t smell fear coming from me. 
This was a great lesson, how to save my own life. It wasn’t my first dangerous encounter, but pretty much was my last, because I stopped putting myself in those situations. 

Now I’m on the East Coast, wondering how to transcend my fear of bears! 🙂 

I haven’t hiked here on the East Coast since I was a teenager, backpacking along part of the Appalachian Trail on Maine with my boyfriend.  Perhaps it’s time to give it another go, with another beau.   ❤ 

#VICTORY #NoDAPL – Army will not grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline crossing

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER + THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT!  Don’t miss the video of the official announcement to Water Protectors below, courtesy of Unicorn Riot. It is a joy to see their reaction!  #Victory


Army will not grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline crossing

Army POC: Moira Kelley (703) 614-3992,

The Department of the Army will not approve an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, the Army’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Works announced today.

Jo-Ellen Darcy said she based her decision on a need to explore alternate routes for the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing. Her office had announced on November 14, 2016 that it was delaying the decision on the easement to allow for discussions with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation lies 0.5 miles south of the proposed crossing. Tribal officials have expressed repeated concerns over the risk that a pipeline rupture or spill could pose to its water supply and treaty rights.

“Although we have had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it’s clear that there’s more work to do,” Darcy said. “The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing.”

Darcy said that the consideration of alternative routes would be best accomplished through an Environmental Impact Statement with full public input and analysis.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an approximately 1,172 mile pipeline that would connect the Bakken and Three Forks oil production areas in North Dakota to an existing crude oil terminal near Pakota, Illinois. The pipeline is 30 inches in diameter and is projected to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of oil per day, with a capacity as high as 570,000 barrels. The current proposed pipeline route would cross Lake Oahe, an Army Corps of Engineers project on the Missouri River.

You held rallies, prayed, and sent donations and words of encouragement. This is your victory too. Together, we can do anything.

Thank you, . You remembered us after all.



Unicorn Riot ‏@UR_Ninja 42m42 minutes ago

Water protectors celebrate in #OcetiSakowin #NoDAPL camp after announcement of Army Corps denying #DAPL easement

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Wake up Call: Hatonn, March 20, 2016 by Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn, March 20, 2016
by Nancy Tate

I am here today to let you know about a recent transformation that took place around the world. It was a part of what has been taking place in the shadows of the earth energies and it has to do with the encumbrances of what is being told to various people who are in the movements of the global systems as a whole.

I am Hatonn, and I speak now through this dear one who has been in my shadow since she was born into this physicalness and since she was created from the seed of truth. Now is the time for all of you to step forth from the shadows and show yourselves for who you truly are. All of you were created from the seed of truth, for that is where you were destined to begin this venture into the selfness of your potential.

As I continue with what it is time for you all to realize, it is that there is coming a group of beings from where I am in this moment. They will bring to you all the recognition of who you are, as a mirror of who we are. You will see us not only in your inner mirror, but also on the physical plane. We will be showing ourselves to many of you, and as we do it will be a reunion that will speak to you of why you are here in this knowledge of what is taking place, and also of what your part in it has become. It will give you the clarity of what you will be doing from this present moment, and how you will see the signs of the steps to take in the progress of the movements you will be making.

As you do this it will be in an ease of what is needed to take the measures that you will be taking. It will be self-evident as to why you have experienced what you have chosen thus far in this lifetime, and where you will be going from this moment to assimilate it all into the coming times. It will be as if you have written the book and are now remembering how it will come to pass that the book will never end.

Yes, my dear ones, the various aspects of your life here on earth at this time are in the progress of moving forward in a way that is representative of how you can live and create in the moment. You have seen examples of that as you have lived your life thus far. Now you will live it in a way that is instantaneous from the knowing that you have, to be able to create in the moment that which is applicable to the complete story.

I give you now one piece of the puzzle that is at your fingertips. It is about the monetary system that is in progress to be released to the world. It is coming to a place where it will be free flowing and open to anyone who chooses to engage in it. It will be in the forefront of how to bring about the means by which the physicalness can bring about that which is in order for you all to bring forth that, which will begin the freedom of all of life on the planet. This monetary system is but an item of the whole of the systems that are in change now. It is going to lay the groundwork for all of the rest of the systems to come to a freedom that will be in harmony with all of life on the planet. First there has to be the example for the people to awaken to what it is all about now, and how they can be a part of bringing it all back into the ideal way of expressing who you all truly are, and why you are here.

This change is just around the corner. As you who are involved see the beginnings of it come into the open, you will recognize why there has been the delay in what you thought would be the immediate transformation. As I speak, and before this moment, the transformation has been in earth time. Now it is beginning it’s revelation into the freedom of no time. The beginnings of that concept are, as I speak, coming to the front. There will be a clarity among many of you as to why there has been what you consider the delay. You will find that you are indeed ready for it to flow forth. It will be clear as to why it was in the works for the time it took to show its freedom.

This is what I choose to share with you all on this day. I am so pleased to be in communication with you again through this one. It is time now for so many of you to begin to live that which you have been in waiting for. It is time for you to see that it is always the right time to live your dreams, and to share the example of that with others. I love you all so much, and I am always with you. Have a wondrous day now and on through eternity!

Thank you so much, dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Wake up Call: St. Germain by Nancy Tate February 21, 2016

Wake up Call: St. Germain by Nancy Tate

February 21, 2016

There is coming a very important message for the world. It has to do with the conspiracy that has been taking place for so long all over the world and especially in the United States of America. There is a taste of the situation on the Internet news today, and as it progresses it will take on a new idea of interpretation that will regulate the times that it will travel throughout the background.

As I tell this one the news, I am seeing that behind me is the progression that has taken yet another turn. It tells me that as the news reaches the forefront it will not only change, but it will also regulate itself according to the expedition of the energy of it. It will represent the intention of the people who are in contact with the news I speak of. In that case it is advisable to spread the word as far as you can to see the changes take place that represent the truth. That will change the course of what is being broadcast, and what needs to come forth that will give more people the essence of the truth, and the idea of what will be able to change it all for the better. When I speak of better, I am referring to what will get out to the public and enable the people who have been in the background to come forth and take the steps they feel to take that will be powerful in bringing about the changes that must take place for the world to become the freedom assembly of all of life in expression around the planet.

This is a time when it is of utmost importance to see the changes and to admit the feelings that come forth and to walk in them to the freedom that the actions and feelings will bring about. It is a matter of supporting the truth and giving no energy to that which is manipulative, and has been carrying so many people to believe in what is not the truth, but has been projected to be. That is changing as I speak. As the truth comes forth, people will recognize it to be unmistakably what will enable them to step forward in their power. Then the world will change to the ability to create that which is destined for all of life on earth.

Take the time my dear ones, to trust in what your inner self is telling you. Trust your feelings that give you the knowing that in your peaceful feelings of Love that you project to the whole world, you will bring about the truth of what has been enslaving so many people to the lies that have encumbered the people for so long. It is time now dear ones to step forth in your power and to help to bring forth that which you are seeing as the truth, and how you can begin the turnaround in your own lives. That will resonate forth and help to change the world and bring about the freedom that will empower you to express in so many ways that speak forth of what you can do.

I am stepping aside now for you to go within and hear your own inner voice that will direct you to the expressions that will carry forth around the world in a constant state of peace, joy and Love. Carry forth, for you can change the world in so many ways! We are with you one hundred percent, for we are all One.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

[photo: Jamaica Pond, Boston MA by Phoenix Boulay]

Wake up Call: St. Germain by Nancy Tate February 17, 2016

Wake up Call: St. Germain by Nancy Tate

February 17, 2016

I am here today to let you in on a little secret that to some is not a secret at all. It is that there is more going on today than meets the eye and ear and pocketbook. It is all in the background and on the ships that are hovering over the planet. We are taking the time to make our arrangements to come and assist you in carrying out the last vestiges of bringing forth what it is that you as a whole are telling us that you intend for this planet. We are now in a position of being able to step in, in so many new ways because you have given us the green light and we are reciprocating your call.

There seems for many to be no activity on earth this day, and that is because there is a standstill due to the arrangements that we are undergoing. I cannot fill in the details but they will become apparent in the days to come. In order for us to be able to stand in our power and answer your call, we must first set things in place that will be a part of the whole workings of what will come forth.

Understand that since the free will of the people on earth is still in effect, we have only been able to do certain things to enable the assistance of what you are doing. Now we have been given the green light from the Creator, and we are going through the phases of what will be coming to the public in the days and weeks to come.  It is a matter of all of you standing in your power and being able to send the completeness of your Love to the whole situation. As you do that you are increasing the ability of us to be able to walk with you in our purposed meetings and assistances with you.

There will be points in which you will realize that the energy is changing and that you are releasing more and more of the negativity on the planet and around the outside of the planet. Yes, the planet is also a living being and has an aura. You are now helping Gaia to release and cleanse her aura as well as doing that for yourselves. It is a matter of being in the Oneness that you are all in, and resonating with what is taking place from the heart and soul of each of you.

I will close this message for now with the knowledge that you will be seeing, feeling and experiencing what we are setting into place and what you will be able to be a part of bringing forth in the days to come. Love is the prime factor in everything that is coming forth to bring abut the freedom of this world. I see you all as the partners in Peace, Joy and Love of all of Creation.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

[Sunset – Boston Back Bay by Phoenix Boulay]

Nancy Tate: Wake up Call: St. Germain, January 14, 2016

Nancy Tate: Wake up Call: St. Germain, January 14, 2016

I am here to day to begin a final stage of bringing all of the funds to the surface. That is to say that there will be an upturning of the funds to the proper fields, and from there they will be brought forward in the freedom of no obstructions. I am St. Germain, and I am in the wake of being able to take the prime betrayers of trust from earth to another place where they can live out their actions and be able to come to the realization of how they have been manipulated into believing that they are on their destined track.

That is what has happened with so many of those who were persuaded to do what they have been doing through countless lifetimes on earth. They are now being told of what they are going to be doing and experiencing in the coming times. They will return to their original; purity in Spirit. In that process they will be able to then go forth and become the ones who show their example to others of what they are capable of in the wake of what they have been programmed into so far away from who they truly are.

It is part of this resolution of what they have expressed, that is in order for the outcome to be that of returning to their selfness with Spirit. It is the example that they volunteered for. They were in the realization that the possibility of the extreme forgetfulness of their inner self and their connection with The Creator was to be understood to a point. Now it has served all of humanity to see that the exposure to the forgetfulness of who we are in extreme is not a place where we can go and be able to remain completely separate forever from The Oneness of the Creator. We have seen that in our Oneness we do not allow the complete separation to go on once it is obvious on a soul level that there is that desire and intent to return to Source and begin again to go forward in the Light of Love in a way that we learned is beyond the travails of loosing the Light. In our Oneness, we are living the proof that we will not allow the total deprivation of oneself to happen, for it would affect us all in one way, or another. We are the family of Oneness, and that is what we do to show and live our love for the other.

In this sharing with you, I am expressing how it is on the other end of the spectrum. I am showing you that there is no complete casting off of those who agreed to take a stand and follow the road that we all are aware of was in the picture. It is not that we all saw the extremes of what that road would lead us to. It was that we all saw that the end of the road was not in our view or knowledge, for that was not in creation as yet. What we did see at the completeness of the circle was an unending figure eight that was to be followed and lived in the total Love of Creation.

That is where we are now, dear ones. We are allowing the features that we did see to go forward and to bring to us our abilities for expressing in Love in an open and never-ending way. With our expression of Love to those who got lost in their journey, we are living our promise to each other to always be there for those who got so lost that they could not see their way back. At the same time, we are also living our promise to move forward in the freedom that we have within to flow through the wonders that we create in the energy of our Oneness and the power we have to Create in the energy of Love.

So my dear family, I have shared with you what I know you already knew on a soul level. Sometimes it is helpful to communicate with each other in a way that seems to be unexpected, and at the same time so familiar in truth that it awakens another aspect of our expression. In the reawakening lies the power that we all have of forgiveness, which is followed by the living of oneness in all that we do and feel. This is the time in which we are at the threshold of expressing that feeling of family with all on earth. We are awaiting the familiarity of us all working and moving together to restore the Love to the planet. Also to those who have contributed to the energy of falling back from what we feel is the foremost way to express the Love that we are. Sending out that Love to the wholeness of the family will help those who are to leave in the coming times. It is a matter of knowing and living our total Oneness in the understanding of the whole picture of our time on the planet and in the expression that we have created .

I go now and attend to those who are in the place that requires my next steps with them. This will be expressed in the absence of time, and in that conditioning it will be an experience in which they will feel the Love that we all give them in our Love for all of existence. It is a fast paced journey for some, and for some it is in the instant of Now. It is all One! It is all in the family of Love.

Thank you Dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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Wake up Call: Hatonn, Jan 07, 2016 by Nancy Tate (w/link to special report re: Disclosure)

As I was reading a report today that Bob had sent me, suddenly I was feeling a strong message from Spirit to stop reading for the moment because there was a message coming about the information. As I was writing what was coming, I knew that it was to be this Wake up Call, and that I would be posting it today, along with the report, as soon as I had it completed. What I was reading in the report, you can read Here.



Wake up Call: Hatonn, Jan 07, 2016
by Nancy Tate


I am here now to let you know that this that you are being offered to read is but the first in a series of eye-openers for the people of earth. There is more to come in detail that has been brought to the front in this report. It will be a gradual process of evidence that will show the people that there is much that has been kept undercover for so long. The details will be brought to the front in a way that cannot be denied. There will be many pieces of information and physical representations of what will be shown to be the history of the planet. It will be the coming together of enough evidence that the people will begin to see and feel the truth in it. They will even begin to remember some of their experiences in a way that will be a gradual opening to their inner truth.


It is important that this all come to the surface in a way that will not override the peoples’ ability to withstand the information that will turn their lives around. It will be a process that will benefit them and assist them to the interaction of the truth and the way to live what will be coming to their lives.


We do not wish to overwhelm anyone. That is why this is already in progress in a way that will be progressive, and not the kind of experience that will completely close the people down. They will be given the truth in various ways in the time in which they will be able to not only accept, but know that what is in front of them now is what they have been preparing for over a number of years, and even lifetimes.


I leave you now with the introduction to the information that is here for you to digest, and interpret in the way that is most beneficial as being seen that it is the truth that is going to set the whole of humanity and life on earth and beyond free to explore what can be beyond this experience in a way that will represent the Love of The Creator, which is within each and every One of us.


I am Hatonn, and I am with you for always.


Thank you so much dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Hatonn January 04, 2016 by Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn January 04, 2016
by Nancy Tate

Good morning! I am Hatonn, and I am here this day to tell you of a rapid change that is about to unfold. Yes, there is an ongoing motion that is bringing in what is needed for the joyful exuberance of the times of pleasure and the waywardness of that which is in abundance in more ways than you have imagined.

I tell you this because there are many reports out there in the lines of communication that say the opposite. They are bringing forth that which they determine to be the opposite of what they see in the foreground. They do not want the people to be ready for what is coming, and so they seek to overcome that which, in many instances, is already in place for the freedom of this land to be shown in so many ways.

Take a moment and sit in silence as you think about what this can mean for you. This is the opening of so many ways in which you will be living the new freedom that you are helping to bring to the people. I speak of more than just the abundance of money, but also the overture of the song of Peace, Joy and welfare of all of the people.

There is coming a wave of energy to this planet that will be felt and lived in so many ways. It has already begun, dear ones, as so many of you have seen. There will be many more examples of how to live the abundance of this planet without it having to represent having millions of dollars in your hands. Not to say that won’t be forthcoming, but till then there is an onslaught of wealth of the heart and soul that is reaching out to work itself into the lives of so many people.

It is time for you all to see what is coming forth from the hearts of so many. It has been making changes for some time, and now those changes are coming to the forefront in the news and even next door for many people. It is a façade of being without that is being brought to the open as no longer being the truth. Yes, I am saying that all around the globe people are being set free from the devastating lives that they have been experiencing. It is coming from the people who have the ability to step forward and hug their neighbor. They can reach out to those who cannot afford the next meal in their day, or cannot place themselves in a bed of comfort at night. There are many people who are reaching out to help thy neighbor, and it is working in so many ways. That is the power of Love, my dear ones. Living the Love is the best way you can help thy neighbor as you help yourselves.

In closing this message I say to you all to watch for the next cloud in the sky as it reaches its epitome of color and changing shape. It will be speaking to you and letting you know that it is with you in ways that it cannot show at this moment. However it can give you the truth in motion and expression that there is coming a brand new day of Love and expression in everything on this planet and throughout the universe. You will be seeing it in so many ways and it will tell you that you are walking your talk and singing your dance throughout your life. It is a wonder to behold! It is a beautiful sight to see and to live as you look around you and see the smiles on the peoples’ faces as they feel and recognize the face of family in you. You are One with us all! We love you and we see and feel your ability to step forth in your lives and be the One who lives in Love forevermore.
Thank you so much Dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn by Nancy Tate December 16, 2015


Wake up Call: Hatonn by Nancy Tate
December 16, 2015

There is a time for everyone when it is perfect to move forward with the inspiration and trust in yourself that spurs you forward. These days are in harmony with that, for with all that is taking place outside of you there is a calm before and without the storm that cannot be denied.

I am Hatonn, and I am here today after watching so many of you begin to open up to the oneness of your connection with the Light of Love. I see how you are bringing forth into your world the brightness of Love along with the solidity of truth. It is unmistakable for those who observe you and feel your energy. As you bring forth that which you resonate with in your lives, you present the example of how wondrously it works. This gives others the opportunity to see and feel for themselves where they are coming from in their decisions and thoughts in the moment.

I see that there is coming for so many of you, that which you have let go of, in the way it is coming, and when. It is becoming so clear to you that there is a mountain of resistance that is gradually melting away. That is bringing the truth of what is important for you to pay attention to. It also shows you where to store your thoughts and how to present them in a way that is not binding, and not closing other doors that may be on the pathways to that which you intend for your lives.

You are beginning to remember the energies that sing to you and reverberate throughout your beingness of how you were able to manifest that which you knew would bring you the perfection that you desire. Yes, I speak of when you lived in the moment constantly, and decided to come to this planet and live what you have created here. You came as a Wholeness that would bring more of an example to the rest of creation. This is what you have been in the process of Creating, and which you will always welcome as another eye-opener for you in what you will be experiencing in the times to come.

We are here now to tell you that your completeness of what you are focusing on now is right around the corner. It will be interesting to observe what steps you and others in the universe take with what is just around the corner. As you realize, the corners of your existence are varied in size and expression. This brings about the harmonic movements that are flowing through your expressions, and have been since time began. You are seeing what the idea of time has been, and how you can change it to suit the removal of the idea of time in your journey to the living of the moment in choice and creativity.

As you go through the expressions that you create and see your power you will be able to appreciate what is with you right now as well as what you desire for the coming expressions and experiences in your life. Take the moment of appreciation for what you have created. Then give yourselves a pat on the heart in wonder and gratitude for what it is that you have expressed for all of existence. Go from there and create in the moment that which is who you are. You are the example that all of Creation Loves. Go your way, and dance through life in a way that rings through your heart.

Merryness is You. The celebration of these times is the expression of your Love and Power. Rejoice and flow on through Life with the magnificence that you are.


Thank you so much Dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate