REPLAY: RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Short 30min Meditation on Chiron/Mars Conjunction, Personal UPGRADES + More On Ground Crew Command Radio

So there was a special Tuesday night Ground Crew Command Radio show this week, with encouraging news that Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Patriots should not miss…follow links below for the REPLAY. (It starts with ta 30-minute guided Chiron/Mars meditation that is still worth doing.) ~PB


Wow … What an exhausting, but extremely successful series of 5 – weekly 144K Mass Meditations we’ve endured & completed with great success.

Yes … my bones are aching too, and the ironic frustration of external & internal attacks increasing thanks to darkness throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks … never helps, and creates the opposite impression about what is really going on.

But don’t be fooled …

We are winning …

And winning THOROUGHLY.

It’s just the nature of war, in all its forms. It’s intense. It doesn’t mean don’t take a break … rest … heal & recuperate. By all means … do this as much as you can.

And to ‘tone down’ the intensity of war, accelerate Planetary Liberation & bring more ease & smoothness to these intense energies … we’ll be doing a 144K Mass Meditation for 30mins – at 8:30pm EDT … and the Ground Crew Command episode will start straight after that.

We’re doing this because Chiron/Mars Conjunct is a serious enough issue, because it’s all about healing wounds. Personal will vs. inner duality.  Discovering that the 50% of us that is not truly “us” causes a split in identity – at the collective level.

July 14th is also Bastille Day .

Needless to say we don’t want the bloodbath that the French Revolution became to repeat itself as the white hats work to restore the American Republic!

The goddess wants PEACE.

Link to your timezone is here, and link to the live broadcast is below.

Afterwards – on this week’s long-awaited episode of Ground Crew Command, I’ll be de-briefing you and the rest of the troops on the past 5 weeks of intense action we’ve partaken in … and providing the ‘where to from here’ low-down.

I’ll also be covering the:

  • “ … but Cobra said the Event will happen once all the toplet bombs are removed” cries raging online
  • exciting new developments here at 144K Labs on breaking free of untenable external attacks on Starseeds once-and-for-all … long before the Event, without endless time & effort doing external clearing in the morning & throughout the day
  • a full ‘reading-between-the-lines’ analysis of Cobra’s report that confirmed the success of the Age-Of Aquarius Mass Meditation
  • including – how the ‘freak-out-factor’ by the unconscious majority – over more & more truth – is re-creating instability within the grids, including ‘unhelpful’ thought-forms, and what Starseeds can do to resolve this faster
  • discover the only way forward for Starseeds to even be able to do our Soul Mission & maintain this higher timeline, without the exhaustion & never-ending attacks (which lowers participation rates – and therefore, delays the Event)
  • why the Draco fleet must now be cleared first … or else
  • our short 30min Chiron/Mars 144K Meditation just before the start of this week’s show
  • how the 144K have helped clear ‘grid-inversion-technologies’ based on what we’ve seen during many 144K Meditations – which very much is the basis of this matrix construct

… plus much more on this week’s huge show of Ground Crew Command!

Plus …


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

Tune in to this week’s show to also learn about:

  • how the Cabal pushing ‘a second wave’ (of Coronavirus) is good news
  • are the announcements by the Light Forces that all Chimera/Draco underground bases are cleared, imminent?
  • how likely is it that Putin ‘switched sides’
  • are we likely to see riots & orchestrated instability in the US again, at the elections?

… and the 144K’s role, going forward.

As always, there’s much more on this week’s big post-meditation-marathon episode of Ground Crew Command Radio … Tue @ 8:30 pm EDT ;

… YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week”.

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PIR 07 13 20

I do listen daily to Patriot Intel Report by Phoenix. I don’t always agree with his perspectives, but the topics interest me. This was a good one, and he does have a Tip of the Day where I learn many helpful things. ~PB

PIR 07 13 20

Jul 13, 2020

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Schools prepare to train children in Marxist BLM curriculum

Kevin Shipp posted this article link on twitter, which to me gives it more credibility. ~PB

This should make everyone angry.

Kevin Shipp @Kevin_Shipp
Kevin Shipp: Former CIA Counter Terrorism, Counterintelligence and Staff Investigator. Author, From the Company of Shadows – CIA operations/use of secrecy.


Joined September 2010


Schools prepare to train children in Marxist BLM curriculum

‘Activist educators’ allowing radical movement to ‘warp’ students’ worldviews

Public schools nationwide are adopting Black Lives Matter curriculum presenting themes such as “systemic racism,” “police brutality” and “white privilege” while turning children into “little Marxists,” according to the Federalist.

The New York City Department of Education is one of many school systems set to roll out the BLM-themed lesson plans this fall, write Sloan Rachmuth and Katie Jensen.

This summer, North Carolina’s largest school system, in Wake County, launched a website providing BLM lessons for teachers to use in classrooms and for parents to use at home. It urges teachers to “address the injustices that exist beyond education by the conversations we have with others, by speaking up when we see hate, by supporting efforts that oppose racism and oppression, and by directly engaging in advocacy work.”

The Federalist writers contend that while condemning racism is laudable, it’s not what’s really happening.

“By bringing BLM into the classroom, activist educators are allowing the most radically divisive movement in modern American history to warp children’s worldviews,” they write.

Wake County’s BLM teaching resource appears to be a legitimate civics education resource, but it “lays out a cult-like recruiting process for students to follow. Step one: Recognize your white privilege. Step two: Learn the dos and don’ts of being an ally. Step three: Recruit more members to learn steps one and two.”

Step three of the recruitment process states that “racial equity accountability must be tied to specific outcomes.”

The outcomes clearly are centered on activism on behalf of the BLM movement.

Noting BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is featured on the homepage of the Wake County School System’s website, The Federalist points out she and another co-founder are self-proclaimed “trained Marxists.”

In a 2018 interview, Cullors also boasted of receiving training from a former member of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground who was charged with attempted murder of police officers in Boston in 1969.

Cullors is a vocal anti-Israel activist and close ally of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. She organized a BLM event in Los Angeles May 30 in which three Jewish schools and five synagogues were vandalized with graffiti such as “Free Palestine” and “F-ck Israel.”

Another public school plan, in Philadelphia, aims to “work towards an anti-racist agenda” and “learning mindsets and practices rooted in Black liberation,” The Federalist reports.

Black liberation is a Marxist theological and social movement that emerged in the late 1960s that regards America and all of its institutions as “systemically racist.”

President Barack Obama’s former spiritual leader Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a devotee who famously summed up the movement in a sermon: “No, no, no, not God bless America! God d-mn America.”


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See also

Video: Convicted Terrorist Sits on a Board Tied to BLM Fundraising Operations

Three Prophetic Dreams (Video)

I find this highly disturbing..but then we continue to do Mass Meditations to shift the timeline of potential futures to our highest and best outcome. His first dream came true, but that doesn’t mean the other 2 will. Intention is everything, so the best way to frame this is as a wake up call for us to prepare and fight. Hopefully spiritual warfare will be enough, and we won’t have to endure Civil War. Pray, Meditate, prepare for change, and intend for it to be positive. Knowledge is Power only if we use it to help lift ourselves up, individually and collectively. ~PB

Three Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana

Jun 25, 2020
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Pastor Dana Coverstone of Living Word Ministries Assemblies of God in Burkesville, KY shares three prophetic dreams he has had and their relationship to current as well as near future world events.




Of Masks and Men: Several Insights and Alternative views from Gizmodo and P.I.R. (updated)

Matt Novak

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been hailed as a hero during the coronavirus pandemic, delivering thoughtful health advice while most members of the Trump regime have spread misinformation about covid-19. But there’s one area where Fauci let America down, hindering the public health response and giving the U.S. both the highest coronavirus case count and the worst recorded death toll in the world. Simply put, Fauci lied about whether masks were helpful in slowing the spread of the virus. Anthony S. Fauci, Donald Trump are posing for a picture

© Photo: Getty Images

Fauci was asked yesterday by financial news outlet The Street why the U.S. government didn’t promote masks early on during the pandemic. Fauci, who sits on the Trump regime’s zombie-like coronavirus task force, hinted that he knew masks worked, he just wanted any available masks to be saved for health care workers.

“Well, the reason for that is that we were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N-95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,” Fauci said. “And we wanted to make sure that the people, namely the health care workers, who were brave enough to put themselves in a harm way, to take care of people who you know were infected with the coronavirus and the danger of them getting infected.”

Fauci didn’t just fail to promote masks early on, he actively discouraged the use of masks, saying they didn’t work. Americans are now paying the price because too many people think masks are useless to combat the coronavirus. In reality, masks have been shown to help prevent the spread of covid-19, as the CDC now admits.

All we need to do is look at the things that Fauci was saying back in February—a time before most Americans were taking the threat of covid-19 seriously and people like Donald Trump were assuming it was just a problem for the Chinese government.

“There is no reason for anyone right now in the United States, with regard to coronavirus, to wear a mask,” Fauci told Spectrum News DC on February 14.

It was something that Fauci would say repeatedly whenever he gave interviews in February, as the pandemic spread to countries like Germany, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. And Fauci may not have known it yet, but coronavirus was also spreading quickly in the U.S. By the end of February, over 20 countries had identified the coronavirus within their borders.

Despite being remembered as level-headed during the early days of the crisis in the U.S., Fauci was incredibly slow to publicly recognize the threat from coronavirus. On February 17, he recalled stories of people asking whether it was safe to travel, ridiculing the idea that it might not be wise to get on a plane. But it was clear to anyone paying attention to news media outside of the U.S. that the coronavirus would soon be an international problem.

First, a quick lesson in recent history: Human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus was confirmed on January 21, Chinese leader Xi Jinping said publicly that the health crisis from coronavirus “must be taken seriously,” on January 21, over 20 million people in China were put into lockdown on January 23, Disneyland locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai both closed in the last week of January, and countries like Australia were already setting up quarantine for some travelers in the first week of February. High school teachers returning to Australia from China were even giving classes by Zoom in early February, as Gizmodo reported at the time.

By mid-February, the pandemic in Italy had gotten so bad that hospitals were becoming overwhelmed and case counts were rising exponentially. The Lombardy region of Italy went into lockdown and on February 23 grocery store shelves were stripped bare as people purchased food in a panic.

With all of this going on around the world, February 17 was an incredibly late date to be making fun of people who were concerned about travel. But that’s precisely what Fauci did in the pages of USA Today.

“I was getting calls from people in Sacramento saying, ‘Can I get on an airplane to go to Seattle?’” Fauci told USA Today on February 17. “Like, what? What does that got to do with anything?”

We now know that the first identified American death from covid-19 was on February 6 in San Jose, California. And because the CDC wasted the entire month of February with faulty tests, no one knows just how widespread the disease already was in the U.S. during the first weeks of February. And it wasn’t just in February that Fauci dismissed the threat. As late as March, Fauci was still insisting that masks were bad for public health.

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” Fauci told 60 Minutes on CBS during an interview that aired March 8. “When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences—people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

It’s no surprise that anti-mask advocates often use Fauci’s interview with 60 Minutes when they try to discredit masks as an effective tool on social media. And platforms like Facebook and Twitter are still filled with people who insist that you can actually hurt yourself by wearing a mask because you’re forced to inhale carbon dioxide. It’s a dumb and inaccurate argument, but it’s surprisingly common.

Masks were the butt of jokes in early March, as people like Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz infamously wore a gas mask on the House floor while he went to vote on the $8.3 billion emergency spending bill passed on March 4. Gaetz and other Republicans appeared on Fox News to insist that it was all nothing but hype, something that some commentators like Laura Ingraham still claim, despite the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are still contracting the virus every single day.

A Brief History of March 2, 2020

Apr 2, 2020
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What President Trump and Fox News were saying on March 2, 2020.
You can read more here:…

Other western countries like the UK were also initially skeptical of masks, leading to a terrible outbreak in England, exacerbated by a bungled response from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a man who eventually survived his own bout with covid-19 after being moved to the ICU and given oxygen. The BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, even aired anti-mask segments that insisted facemasks did nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus, including this one from March 22 that’s still available on YouTube.

The UK currently has over 298,000 cases and at least 41,000 deaths, the fourth worst outbreak in the world. The U.S. has over 2.1 million cases and more than 116,000 deaths, with no signs of the pandemic slowing down.

What would have happened if Fauci had been honest with Americans back in February, leveling with people that the U.S. didn’t have a good supply of facial coverings for health workers and that any N-95 masks should be reserved for doctors and nurses? Fauci could have explained that while masks worked, they needed to be reserved for health care professionals. The government was seizing most of the masks while they were shipped anyway, so it’s not like most masks were finding their way to stores.

Instead, Fauci and other top government officials made fun of people who wanted to wear a mask. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams even told people on February 29 to stop buying masks because they don’t work.

“Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!” Adams tweeted. “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!”

And, as a result, there was mass confusion when the government finally flipped and started to recommend masks for everyone, even if they had to make them at home. The CDC didn’t change its guidance on mask use until April 3, finally recommending that people wear masks, even if they’re homemade out of cloth.

a man talking on a cell phone: A restaurant guest wears a facemask with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as Fish Tails bar and grill opens for in-person dining, amid the coronavirus pandemic, on May 29, 2020 in Ocean City, Maryland
© Photo: Getty Images A restaurant guest wears a facemask with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as Fish Tails bar and grill opens for in-person dining, amid the coronavirus pandemic, on May 29, 2020 in Ocean City, Maryland

Fauci’s refusal to embrace masks has had a real impact on the way that Americans perceive the coronavirus fight. And, like everything today, even masks have become a partisan battleground. Roughly 70% of Democrats say they wear a mask “every time” they leave the house, according to a poll late last month by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Compare that with just 37% of Republicans.

There have been subtle differences in the ways that each country has fought the coronavirus pandemic. New Zealand closed its borders and implemented a system to test residents. Kiwis then scaled up its track and trace program to identify close contacts, isolating them so that they didn’t get others sick. Taiwan also implemented track and trace procedures, but it put a special emphasis on masks to control community spread. Hong Kong put a heavy emphasis on “universal masking” as well, which is credited with keeping the spread of covid-19 to a minimum.

Health officials in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan even tried to warn western countries that they needed to wear masks, and it’s not the fault of the American people that they didn’t listen. Americans were hearing from their own health experts, not watching international news.

“If you are going to a crowded place, put on a mask even if you are not ill because others may be, even if they have cough etiquette or sneeze etiquette, they may still get in touch with you,” Dr. Gabriel Leung, an expert on SARS and Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control, said at a press conference in Hong Kong on January 21, as Gizmodo reported at the time.

But America’s own health officials, people like Anthony Fauci, were telling Americans that masks were useless. And Americans are going to pay the price in the months and years ahead, as there’s no guarantee that a covid-19 vaccine will even work if it’s developed. It doesn’t matter if his heart was in the right place in some effort to save masks for doctors and nurses, Fauci did real harm to public health in the United States.

When all is said and done, Fauci might be remembered as a folk hero, but he sure has a lot of blood on his hands. And none of this is anywhere close to done.


The Dangers of Wearing a Mask 06 27 20

Jun 27, 2020


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Patriots Intel Report

Boomers: http://boomers-forever-young.myshopif…

Promo Code: PIR Bob Gilpatrick joins PIR Health Report to explain the dangers of wearing a mask and offers solutions to prevent/minimize the ill effects!

“We are Marxists” – #BLM Co-Founder Patrice Cullors – In her own words (Video)

I was led to believe BLM were peaceful protesters affiliated with the Democratic party, not Marxist rebels. Now I understand why many black people disassociate themselves with the BLM movement, which they feel embraces ideals that are counter to their values, including violence. However, like Antifa, it seems to mean different things to different people in different parts of the country. It seems to me that people attach their own views to define it, thus the disparity in perspectives. I tend to think the founders of a movement know best what their intentions are, and have known all along, even if it was not clear to the public. I am for Live and let Live, and non-violence. ~PB

#BLM Co-Founder Patrice Cullors -In her own words (Video)
Image may contain: 2 people, text

A pertinent comment in Rita Panahi’s thread:
Nick Fad @NicAtNigh
Thread: What you’re seeing isn’t new, and is bigger than just grievances with the police department—taking shape is a communist-style revolution disguised as protests.

We must view it from a strategical perspective so that we may understand, contain and ultimately defeat it


good threads

Mayhem made in Venezuela?: Take a look at the photos of BLM leaders whooping it up with Nicolas Maduro in Harlem and Caracas | American Thinker

Mayhem made in Venezuela?: Take a look at the photos of BLM leaders whooping it up with Nicolas Maduro in Harlem and Caracas | American Thinker

The mainstream media would have you think the riots and looting that have erupted across the country are just spontaneous explosions of pent-up anger over the callous killing of a black suspect, at the hands of a blue-city Minneapolis police officer.

Well, I’ve covered a lot of riots — from Indonesia to Argentina to Russia to East Timor to Thailand to Venezuela, plus domestic ones in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — as a journalist. The one thing that’s always come out in the aftermath is that none of these mass rioting and looting events was ever a simple spontaneous eruption. All big riot events are man-made.

If the press had any curiosity at all, it would look to where the current mayhem is coming from.

Thus far, there have been accurate-looking comparisons of these riots and loot-fests hitting the U.S. on a mass scale to the doings of the Palestinian Authority and parallels to the events of the Russian and French Revolutions. They are useful as pointers. But the one place that really shows evidence of instigation is the failed state of Venezuela and its controlling agent, Cuba. In this case, it’s not just the similarities in the end result — the mass riots that engulfed much of South America’s conservative-led states last year are remarkably similar to what is happening now in the States. There’s actual evidence of collusion.

Here are some photos of Black Lives Matter founder Opal Tometi whooping it up with Venezuela’s malevolent dictator in Harlem:

Maduro is a pariah. And these photos are recent. What kind of organization hangs out with a brutal leftist thug like Maduro who is utterly discredited worldwide? Only one that shares the same aims as Maduro. Maduro has stated openly that he is all about raining revolution and mayhem on the U.S. Looks like he’s found a partner. And it’s worth noting that Maduro’s mentor state, Cuba, has not hesitated to use Harlem-based black grievance groups to enact terror. In the early 1960s, Fidel Castro’s catspaw, Che Guevara, used black militant guerrilla groups in the U.S. to plot out an explosion under the subway below the Macy’s flagship department store on black Friday, the then-busiest shopping day of the year in what would have been the first 9/11. Only J. Edgar Hoover’s alert agents stopped it. No such luck with today’s wokester FBI. Interesting that the rioters seem to have finally laid Macy’s low this time.

There was also the BLM appearance in Venezuela, probably Caracas. Takes some connections to be posted to that country as an election “observer” at a time when no international organization would agree to go there.

How far gone do you have to be to endorse a flamingly fraudulent election? Opal thought it was fine and was all in for trying to do Maduro the favor of trying to legitimize his dictatorship. Favors, for sure.

What kind of people hang around with Nicolás Maduro, who’s a global pariah, given the starvation and poverty foisted upon his hellhole nation, which, by the way, includes a lot of black people?

Based on the comments from the Latin Americans posting these tweets, the node of connection may have been Danny Glover. That’s the radical far left actor whom news reports said received millions from the Venezuelan regime to make movies about Venezuelan heroes such as Simon Bolivar — and as my Hollywood sources on the inside told me — somehow didn’t make them.

Perhaps he never got the money. Or perhaps the money was for something else. It’s just eyebrow-raising, and he certainly hasn’t said anything. What’s known for sure is that unlike most Hollywood celebs, he hasn’t repudiated Nicolás Maduro or denounced what has happened to that benighted pariah state.

Think the Latin nexus to riots are far-fetched? That’s not the sentiment in Chile, where similar nationwide riots engulfed the prosperous South American nation last year after it had just elected a conservative, albeit weak, president, and talk was rife of Latin American intervention in Venezuela, given the millions of refugees that were flooding out and threatening to destabilize the neighboring countries.

According to this eye-opening report from Breitbart News:

Protests and violent riots throughout the United States, nominally expressing outrage over the death of Minnesota man George Floyd, attracted Latin American leftist iconography this week – not a coincidence given months of violent riots throughout South America, observers told Breitbart News.

Autumn 2019 saw looting, burning, and assorted destructive acts in Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile, among other countries. Like the current situation in the United States, violence appeared to erupt nearly simultaneously throughout the continent and, like in America, many locals expressed frustration that the most violent acts appeared to be committed or paid for by foreign actors. Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile all arrested foreigners, most tied to the socialist and communist regimes of Venezuela and Cuba, accused of fueling violence in the countries.

It’s also noteworthy that many of the arrests of violent rioters in Chile, as well as Columbia and Peru, where riots also happened, were of Venezuelan nationals.

And it’s even more noteworthy that Maduro and his drug-dealing henchman, Diosdado Cabello, have both vowed to rain riots onto the U.S. Get a load of this from Breitbart:

At the time, one of the most prominent leftists on the continent, Nicolás Maduro henchman and U.S.-sanctions drug trafficker Diosdado Cabello, used his Venezuelan state TV show to warn the United States would soon face similar violence.

“What is happening in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Honduras is just a little breeze, and what is coming is a Bolivarian hurricane,” he said, referring to the Venezuelan socialist ideology. “The Bolivarian breeze will reach the United States and it will have someone who governs for the people.”

Cabello’s statement appeared to be a reference to the 2020 election at the time. His boss, Maduro, endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the 2016 election but did not endorse in 2020. An investigative report by Project Veritas revealed that staffers on Sanders’ campaign this year had plans for violence against Americans regardless of Sanders’ performance in the election.

Direct links with BLM. Indirect links with Antifa, via Bernie Sanders, who has yet to condemn the Venezuelan dictatorship, or even call it that.

As I noted last year in this piece here, Venezuela since its communist inception has held fomenting revolution all through the hemisphere as its foreign policy aim. The warning was made as early as 2001, at a conference I went to in New York. This could be peak Maduro, finally getting his licks in against the U.S. If so, it’s really to demand some answers from Black Lives Matter and Antifa about their sponsorship. And it’s really time to hose that Venezuelan hellhole out.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

The Neon Revolt Show – Ep 3, 2, 1…

I thought I had posted the first 2 Episodes, but I will add those in comments below, as they give background and insight into Neon Revolt’s perspective. This video mentioned things I have not yet heard anywhere else that seem plausible to me.  I hope we can all see what is unfolding here. The cities having problems with riots and looting are run by Liberal Democratic Mayors and Governors, who are allowing, enabling and assisting the insurgents who are haphazardly implementing an uncertain ideology. I feel bad for the shopkeepers and residents living in fear within these zones, which is another reason to embrace your 2nd Amendment rights, should you find yourself in such a situation at some point in the future. It might buy you safety, a healthy dose of respect and ability to survive. At first I thought how ridiculous, and made fun of #CHAZ, for not actually being “autonomous”. Now things are rapidly devolving, and the original leaders were kicked out by a  radical rapper, because he has a gun and a bad attitude. But all along there were spats, fights, beatings, threats, theft and bullying of other “residents” of this vegan “Utopia”. (But wait, they had  200 hotdogs sent in!)  The name has also been changed to #CHOP.  Neon Revolt reveals a rather sinister plot that may be brewing. I think it is important for the Feds not to take the bait, not to over-react as is expected, but to show restraint and show the people how far they will go. We should let them sit in their own pew, and wait it out ~PB

The Neon Revolt Show – Ep 3 – Raz, Chaz, and the Fall of the Soy Caliphate of Antifastan

Jun 11, 2020

16.2K subscribers

In this episode of the Neon Revolt Show, we trace the madness that has befallen Seattle and discover how an upstart warlord has already seized power over a fledgling Communist breakaway state which had, as its original intention, the goal of separating from the rest of the US – only to discover how quickly they want back in now that reality has set in, and how the Left is already attempting to clone this failed experiment in cities across the US, just so they can spite President Trump.

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Jenny Schiltz: Galactic Council on Righteous Anger

Recently I was working with the Galactic Council and we started talking about everything that was going on in our world and the topic turned to righteous anger. I wanted to share it with each of you as I know that emotions are running high

“Righteous anger is an important function on earth right now. Humanity, particularly the spiritual and religious communities have been taught that anger is wrong and harmful. We say to you that unexpressed anger is harmful, for it builds within and then becomes twisted within the framework of the mind, where it is then unleashed as a weapon.


To feel outrage and anger over world events is normal and in fact necessary if one would like to experience the full potential of their incarnation (full scope of human emotions). One can feel anger and sorrow and yet react and create from a space of love and neutrality. You have been taught that this is not possible, but we will tell you that nothing is further from the truth.


Your emotions are your guide. If one feels outrage and anger they should ask themselves why they are feeling this way. In the case of oppression on your planet, righteous anger is appropriate. We then ask you what are you going to do about it? Will you let the emotion of righteous anger make you feel small or less spiritual? Or will you allow the outrage to move you into the creation of what is true and just for all?


Often times the fire of righteous anger is needed for great change. Allow it to burn away the programming of oppression and division. Not only in the world around you, but within yourself as well. As each one of you have been oppressed in some form in this and other lives, and you have also been the oppressor. Allow the anger that you feel for those who have experienced oppression also lead you to forgiveness for all that have oppressed another whether it was in conscious awareness or not.


From the space of love and understanding comes a clarity of what can be done to change what is, not only within self but in your world. Allow righteous anger to move you into the space of forgiveness for self and others. Into deeper love and compassion for the human experience. By holding love and compassion for all you can then move into the void and create from a space that benefits all.”


When is anger not righteous?


Anger is dangerous when it is used as a weapon against another or used to not take responsibility for your role. In this manner anger leads to victimhood and not empowerment. Likewise, if one were to deny themselves the feeling of righteous anger they are also denying themselves the opportunity to heal and make great change within their lives.


The righteous path of anger will always lead you back to yourself, to heal what lies within so that you become a clear conduit and connection for the creation of the new. Know that there will be those that will be uncomfortable with righteous anger, yet it is in the uncomfortableness that the greatest shift takes place.”


It is more important than ever for us to own all of our emotions and not allow the idea of what spirituality “should” look like keep us from being real. By not accepting ourselves fully, the good, the bad, the ugly, we actually feed a persona instead of walking in our authenticity. In simple terms BE YOU! You are needed for your unique contribution and light. Sending you all lots of love and calming energy. Thank you to all who share this work.

Love,  Jenny


Join me to hear more of what the Galactic Council has to say!

Learn what the Galactic Council has to teach us about this time and partake in a meditation that will take you to a place where you can access your particular Starseed lineage.

We are in for a powerful time with Eclipse Season and the Solstice! This meditation will assist you with your energetic body during these turbulent times & to help you remember who you are at your core.

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