Sasha Bonasin: NEW *IMPORTANT* MESSAGES FROM THE OTHER SIDE – Amazing Spirit World | Tarot Horoscope

NEW *IMPORTANT* MESSAGES FROM THE OTHER SIDE – Amazing Spirit World | Tarot Horoscope

Oct 14, 2019
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Special NEW OCTOBER messages from the Spirit world, the other side, channeled by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin.

It’s always good to listen to the Spirits and see what they have to say… 🙏💜

These special messages are for the period in between 15th – 31st October 2019 for all twelve horoscope signs: Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces & Cancer.

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ARIES♈ 5:04
TAURUS♉ 7:56
GEMINI♊ 10:39
CANCER♋ 13:12
LEO♌ 14:57
VIRGO♍ 16:33
LIBRA♎ 18:45
SCORPIO♏ 21:00
PISCES♓ 29:48.

BLESS YOU ALL. Love you Sasha

Justin Deschamps: Discerning and Analyzing Claims in a World Full of Deception | Prepare for Change

In this episode with Justin Deschamps recorded on the 23rd of September 2019, we had a conversation about discerning truth and validating claims.

We discuss Groupthink as a serious problem for our world. Herd mentality is challenging to overcome because, psychologically, we’re hardwired for social attachment and acceptance. The powers that be know that if you can destroy a person’s critical thinking abilities, and at the same time, provide a social group for them to express their views, this will create an almost invincible ideology and group association.

We present this information as part of our mission to present truth and raise the planet’s consciousness. Keep on seeking the truth, rally your friends and family and expose as much corruption as you can… every little bit helps add pressure on the powers that are no more.


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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.

‘Nonpartisan’ Group Aiding Lawyers for ‘Whistleblower’ Tied to Democrats, Far-Left Organizations

‘Nonpartisan’ Group Aiding Lawyers for ‘Whistleblower’ Tied to Democrats, Far-Left Organizations

The Associated Press

Whistleblower Aid, a small nonprofit helping the lawyers for the so-called whistleblower at the center of the impeachment movement targeting President Donald Trump, is heavily tied to far-left activist organizations and Democratic politics.

One of the co-founders of Whistleblower Aid previously worked at several liberal activist organizations financed by billionaire activist and Democratic Party megadonor George Soros. The other co-founder currently leads a separate organization that boasts on its four-person advisory board John Podesta, who led Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, served as Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and founded the Soros-funded Center for American Progress pushing a progressive agenda.

Working with the so-called DC whistleblower’s lawyers, Whistleblower Aid set up a GoFundMe page seeking to raise funds for the purported whistleblower’s defense. The page already brought in some $206,225 with a goal of raising $300,000.

John Tye, co-founder of Whistleblower Aid, told Fox News that he is working with the so-called whistleblower’s lawyers at the Compass Rose Legal Group.

“We are very proud to be supporting this whistleblower. It is a very stressful thing to be a whistleblower,” he said.

Tye did not immediately return a Breitbart News interview request.

Anti-Trump language scrubbed

Whistleblower Aid was founded in September 2017 in the wake of Trump’s presidency to encourage government whistleblowers to come forward.

When Whistleblower Aid was first formed, the main banner for the mission statement of its website contained clearly anti-Trump language.

“Today our Republic is under threat. Whistleblower Aid is committed to protecting the rule of law in the United States and around the world,” read the previous statement which can still be viewed via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

That part of the mission statement received attention in the conservative media.

The sentence “today our Republic is under threat,” has since been scrubbed from the website.  The mission statement now only reads, “Whistleblower Aid is committed to protecting the rule of law in the United States and around the world.”

Speaking to the Washington Post just after Whistleblower Aid’s founding, co-founder Tye claimed, “This is not a partisan effort,” and then went on to express seemingly partisan alarm about Trump.

Tye continued,“At the same time, yes, the rule of law starts with the office of the president. Like many other people, we are definitely concerned about things that are happening in the administration. The decision to fire [FBI Director] James Comey. The lack of transparency. A lot of people have questions about whether this administration respects the rule of law.”

Upon its founding, Whistleblower Aid actively sought to attract the attention of Trump administration government employees by reportedly blasting advertisements for its whistleblower services on Metro trains, using mobile billboards that circled government offices for 10 hours a day, and handing out whistles on street corners as a gimmick to gain attention.

Far-left ties, Democrat links

Tye himself is a whistleblower. He is a former State Department official who went public in 2014 about U.S. government electronic surveillance practices.

Tye’s bio on Whistleblower Aid’s website brandishes his work for far-left groups.

The bio reads:

Mr. Tye has worked at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Avaaz, and also Southeast Louisiana Legal Services as a Skadden Fellow. He was on the board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is known for its anti-conservative stance and controversially publishes a “hate map” listing groups that warn about radical Islam such as Jihad Watch, the Clarion Project, the Center for Security Policy. On that same “hate map” are racist extremist organizations like Global Crusaders: Order of the Ku Klux Klan and United Klans of America.

Tye’s other former employer, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is financed heavily by Soros and is known for its hyper-partisan liberal activism.

Avaaz, a radical group where Tye served as campaign and legal director, describes itself as a “global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.” The group has repeatedly engaged in anti-Israel activism.

Channeling the mantra of radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, Avaaz says it aims to “organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.”

Avaaz was founded in 1997 by the Soros-funded, partisan organization and by the Soros-funded Res Publica activist group.

Tax forms from Soros’s Open Society document donations to Res Publica specifically earmarked for support to Avaaz. Res Publica oversees Avaaz activism.

The same year that Whistleblower Aid was founded, Avaaz’s former general counsel and campaign director, Ian Bassin, in 2017 formed United to Protect Democracy. The latter is a grouping of former top lawyers for the Obama administration working to utilize legal advocacy methods to oppose Trump’s policies.

Bassin’s United to Protect Democracy works in partnership with the Brennan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law. The Brennan Center is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants.

Whistleblower Aid, meanwhile, was co-founded by attorney Mark S. Zaid.

Zaid doubles as Executive Director and founder of the James Madison Project, which says it seeks to promote government accountability. John Podesta is a member of the Project’s four-person advisory board.

Common funding themes

Whistleblower Aid’s ties to Soros funding and far-left groups furthers a theme of such organizations being closely linked to numerous aspects of the so-called whistleblower’s complaint.

Some of those common threads run through an organization repeatedly relied upon in the so-called whistleblower’s complaint and are tied to CrowdStrike, the outside firm utilized to conclude that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee’s servers since the DNC would not allow the U.S. government to inspect the servers.

CrowdStrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is funded by and works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Breitbart News reported that a staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence took a trip to Ukraine last month sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank. Schiff’s office denied any impropriety.

The Schiff staff member, Thomas Eager, is also currently a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship. Burisma in January 2017 signed a “cooperative agreement” with the Council to sponsor the organization’s Eurasia Center.

Besides Burisma funding, the Council is also financed by Google as well as Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc. and the U.S. State Department.

Google Capital also led a $100 million funding drive that financed Crowdstrike directly.

Google, Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Rockefeller Fund and an agency of the State Department each also finance a self-described investigative journalism organization repeatedly referenced as a source of information in the so-called whistleblower’s complaint alleging Trump was “using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country” in the 2020 presidential race.

The charges in the July 22 report referenced in the so-called whistleblower’s document and released by the Google and Soros-funded organization, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), seem to be the public precursors for a lot of the so-called whistleblower’s own claims, as Breitbart News documented.

One key section of the so-called whistleblower’s document claims that “multiple U.S. officials told me that Mr. Giuliani had reportedly privately reached out to a variety of other Zelensky advisers, including Chief of Staff Andriy Bohdan and Acting Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov.”

This was allegedly to follow up on Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in order to discuss the “cases” mentioned in that call, according to the so-called whistleblower’s narrative. The complainer was clearly referencing Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate the Biden corruption allegations.

Even though the statement was written in first person – “multiple U.S. officials told me” – it contains a footnote referencing a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

That footnote reads:

In a report published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) on 22 July, two associates of Mr. Giuliani reportedly traveled to Kyiv in May 2019 and met with Mr. Bakanov and another close Zelensky adviser, Mr. Serhiy Shefir.

The so-called whistleblower’s account goes on to rely upon that same OCCRP report on three more occasions. It does so to:

  • Write that Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko “also stated that he wished to communicate directly with Attorney General Barr on these matters.”
  • Document that Trump adviser Rudi Giuliani “had spoken in late 2018 to former Prosecutor General Shokin, in a Skype call arranged by two associates of Mr. Giuliani.”
  • Bolster the charge that, “I also learned from a U.S. official that ‘associates’ of Mr. Giuliani were trying to make contact with the incoming Zelenskyy team.” The so-called whistleblower then relates in another footnote, “I do not know whether these associates of Mr. Giuliani were the same individuals named in the 22 July report by OCCRP, referenced above.”

The OCCRP report repeatedly referenced is actually a “joint investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and BuzzFeed News, based on interviews and court and business records in the United States and Ukraine.”

BuzzFeed infamously also first published the full anti-Trump dossier alleging unsubstantiated collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. The dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee and was produced by the Fusion GPS opposition dirt outfit.

The OCCRP and BuzzFeed “joint investigation” resulted in both OCCRP and BuzzFeed publishing similar lengthy pieces on July 22 claiming that Giuliani was attempting to use connections to have Ukraine investigate Trump’s political rivals.

The so-called whistleblower’s document, however, only mentions the largely unknown OCCRP and does not reference BuzzFeed, which has faced scrutiny over its reporting on the Russia collusion claims.

Another listed OCCRP funder is the Omidyar Network, which is the nonprofit for liberal billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Together with Soros’s Open Society, Omidyar also funds the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, which hosts the International Fact-Checking Network that partnered with Facebook to help determine whether news stories are “disputed.”

Like OCCRP, the Poynter Institute’s so-called news fact-checking project is openly funded by not only Soros’ Open Society Foundations but also Google and the National Endowment for Democracy.

CrowdStrike and DNC servers

CrowdStrike, meanwhile, was brought up by Trump in his phone call with Zelensky.

According to the transcript, Trump told Zelensky, “I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say CrowdStrike … I guess you have one of your wealthy people…The server, they say Ukraine has it.”

In his extensive report, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller notes that his investigative team did not “obtain or examine” the servers of the DNC in determining whether those servers were hacked by Russia.

The DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to access its servers to verify the allegation that Russia carried out a hack during the 2016 presidential campaign. Instead, the DNC reached an arrangement with the FBI in which CrowdStrike conducted forensics on the server and shared details with the FBI.

In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in January 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the FBI registered “multiple requests at different levels,” to review the DNC’s hacked servers. Ultimately, the DNC and FBI came to an agreement in which a “highly respected private company”—a reference to CrowdStrike—would carry out forensics on the servers and share any information that it discovered with the FBI, Comey testified.

A senior law enforcement official stressed the importance of the FBI gaining direct access to the servers, a request that was denied by the DNC.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” the official was quoted by the news media as saying.

“This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier,” the official continued.

Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.

Joshua Klein contributed research to this article.

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Martin Geddes: #WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available

Sharing because, to his credit, Martin Geddes has made awakening humanity a personal mission. Taken from Martin’s newsletter. Click on link below images to go directly to Martin’s new websites. ~PB

Martin Geddes: #WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available


My 3 most popular articles on the global truth and justice movement now have their own website for “red pilling” those who are awakening from slumber.
Web link

#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon”red pill” websites now available

Only a few years ago, I was writing exclusively about tech and telecoms issues — both science and policy. Then I went on a spiritual retreat to heal some soul wounds, and had a few epiphanies. One was that I wanted to be remembered for having a kind heart as much as, if not more than, a brutal intellect.

A consequence of that experience was that I expanded the scope of my writing to include more “human” and “humane” subjects. I would never have guessed where that new path would bring me to today. My newsletter audience has quadroupled in a year, my Twitter following gone from 7,000 to nearing 70,000, and my professional life is almost entirely focused on the movement for truth and justice.

Three articles I have written in the past 18 months have caught the attention of a wider public audience. We also appear to be at the precipice of the “hammer falling” in the United States, with declassification of key reports on massive government and political corruption. In anticipation of a further surge in audience, I have repackaged these “hit” articles for “red pill” use.

Simply click the image below to read each article.

Martin Geddes WWG1WGA
WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event in History
This first article from mid-2018 introduces the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement as being a Second American Revolution, and puts the Q military intelligence operation into that context. It was censored by Medium after having more than a quarter of a million hits — along with 100+ other articles I had written — so I must be annoying the right crooks in Silicon Valley.
Martin Geddes The Storm
The Storm: How to Prepare for a Global Corruption Purge?
This more recent article from August 2019 is deliberately more grounded in a “normie” paradigm, and eschews anything that is seen as “conspiracy theory”. It focuses on the global anti-corruption initiative, and the removal of two-tiered justice.

It ends with six key recommendations for action:

  • Sort your own personal affairs in order as a hygiene factor.
  • Set your moral compass now.
  • Expand your information sources.
  • Build your human network.
  • Manage your exposure.
  • Map the possible opportunities.
Martin Geddes QAnon
QAnon: The 4 functions of Q
This final article is the most recent — September 2019. The Q military intelligence project appears to have four goals, as far as one can tell from the outside:

  • A multi-year process to disclose secret illegal government activity.
  • A prophylactic againstcivil war and vigilante behaviour.
  • A training program indiscernment and logical thinking.
  • An information weapon against institutionalised crime and corrupted media.
We are in a war between deception and discernment. We face a highly complex and confusing situation, during a socially stressful period in history. I have used all of my skill, experience, and passion to create these syntheses. I hope that history records me as being closer to discernment than deception as a result.

Where I have lapsed, may history’s judgement also be kind to me, as I have endeavoured to be kinder to others.

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Yesterday’s rain in Brixton, London. It was a bit stormy, indeed.
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Martin Geddes: The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

  • Sep 18, 2019



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Martin Geddes The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge. Hollywood, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, Social Media, and MUCH MORE are talked about as we prepare for a Global Corruption PURGE.

TRIGGER WARNING – Graphic language and images

Find Martin Geddes at –
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Juan O Savin with Jennifer Mac –…
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Artist: Bobby Cole

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Praying Medic: How the Whistleblower Complaint Helps the Great Awakening

Praying Medic: How the Whistleblower Complaint Helps the Great Awakening

The 2016 election of Donald Trump wasn’t just another 4-year election. Ever since he announced he was running for the White House, the world has become increasingly polarized around him. I know many people who have lost friends or who have become alienated from family members over their support for the President. Some have wondered if we aren’t headed for civil war.

Rush Limbaugh said we are currently engaged in a cold civil war. Rather than using guns and explosives, we wound each other with words. Instead of wearing uniforms identifying us with the north or the south, our affiliation is either anti or pro-Trump. It is an ideological war. A battle over ideas.

There are many goals in this war. The one I’m most interested in has to do with educating average people (normies) who have been deceived by corrupt leaders. Having recently awakened from my own stupor, I want to help them see the truth if they are willing. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding the deception that has been used against us by corrupt leaders.

The recent “whistleblower” report and its investigation by the Intelligence Community Inspector General concerning the phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine is helping to educate normies. News stories regarding this scandal ask average people to understand the role of an Inspector General, how whistleblower complaints are filed and how they’re investigated. To understand this story, normies must dig into the inner workings of the intelligence apparatus more than they are accustomed to. If corruption exists inside the system, they’re likely to find it.

The whistleblower scandal provides a manageable tutorial on how the pieces of an investigation into alleged wrongdoing in the intelligence community come together.

Normies may have ignored the DOJ Inspector General reports on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation and its investigations of Andrew McCabe and James Comey. The coming IG report on FISA abuse will be difficult to ignore because there’s a greater probability that it will lead to resignations & indictments of those in power. It’ll be difficult to understand because of its broad scope and complexity. But having some familiarity with the process because of the whistleblower complaint, the coming IG report should be easier for normies to digest. It isn’t critical for them to understand every detail of the report. They only need to understand how the intelligence apparatus was used by corrupt people for illegal purposes.

The learning curve will be steeper for the Clinton Foundation investigation which, in a May 31st interview, Attorney General Barr said was “winding down.” Q has suggested that the order of operations for the public unveiling of these investigations was chosen for specific reasons. Those who control the timing of these events want to give normies a chance to come up the learning curve before the complexities of the Clinton Foundation investigation are made public.

Corruption has become pervasive in society because average people are unaware of its true nature. (If you’re a truther, and you’ve been aware of the problem of corruption, you’re years ahead of 95% of the population.) Although the average person may suspect that corruption exists to some degree, it is in fact, far more pervasive and far more damaging than they realize. In order for corruption to be permanently eradicated from society, average people must become aware of how it became entrenched in society and how severe it is. (I’m aware of the fallen nature of man and how it inevitably leads to immoral, unethical and illegal behavior but a justice system that punishes corruption with indifference to power or popularity is a powerful deterrent.)

I don’t believe the current whistleblower investigation was planned as a learning opportunity for normies but it is being used that way. Those who surround the President are skilled at using the attacks of his enemies to educate the world about corruption.

I realize many people don’t care about educating normies. They only want to see arrests. But there are two parts to this operation and they are equally important.

The Great Awakening is a public education campaign designed to make average people aware of just how corrupt their governments have become and how people in positions of power created a two-tiered system of justice to protect themselves from prosecution.

The Storm is the removal of the two-tiered system of justice and the prosecution of corrupt people in positions of power.

I interpret the current impeachment inquiry against the President as a sign that his enemies feel their time is running short. We know that Attorney General Bar will soon release declassified documents exposing corruption. We know the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse is about to be released. U.S Attorney’s Huber’s investigation into matters related to Hillary Clinton has concluded and the indictments are waiting to be unsealed. U.S Attorney John Durham has been investigating multiple matters of corruption, including, as we learned a few days ago, how Ukraine may have interfered in the 2016 election.

In other news, Codemonkey is hopeful that 8chan will be back online soon. Perhaps Q will return when it is.


Ron   @CodeMonkeyZ

Everything should make sense soon. In final stages of setting up new systems now. I’m not going to promise a date yet, but things are looking optimistic.


8:33 PM · Sep 27, 2019Twitter Web App

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A Primer on Weather and Climate Intervention for Economists | Solari Report

A Primer on Weather and Climate Intervention for Economists

By Scott Knowles and Mark Skidmore
September 30, 2019


There is limited public discourse and understanding about the history and science of weather and climate intervention, though scientists have researched, tested and implemented numerous methods of weather modification for six decades. Also, climate-related geoengineering is steadily gaining support as a means of combatting rising global temperatures. With climate change and associated increasing occurrence of extreme weather events, there has not been a more providential moment to consider the implications of anthropogenic, atmospheric intervention. This paper summarizes information about weather and climate intervention with the aim of answering the question: Why aren’t more economists interested in evaluating weather and climate intervention activities?

You can read the report here.


Cobra: The Shift | The Portal

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  Cobra: The Shift | The Portal

Interstellar sources are communicating that cosmic shift is accelerating, and the whole universe is going through a phase transition into the new cosmic cycle. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.

The Galactic Central sun is becoming more active even at subluminal speeds, as the signal of the previous galactic superwave traveling with the speed of Light is perfectly entrained with the new one that is coming extremely soon:

This is already creating big changes in our Solar system. The Cosmic Central race has created a multidimensional flower of life grid throughout the Solar system that extends from lunar obit outwards to the heliopause. This grid will serve as transmission buffer for the coming superwave.
In their last ditch effort to prevent the shift, the Chimera group have filled the Solar system with as much anomaly and darkness as possible from early 2017 to January 21st, 2019.
Since 2012, the Chimera was leading a strong war against the Resistance and actually managed to fool the Resistance a few times by arranging leaks of incorrect intel to them. For example, the Resistance was scanning the Solar system for any remaining Chimera ships and found none, when in fact those ships were hiding in hyperdimensional wormholes and later staged massive surprise attacks.
This disnfo campaign has a few times lead to some inconsistencies that were posted on this blog. Yet I need to say that Resistance was releasing true intel to best of their understanding and ability, and overall most of intel they have released is valid and correct.
Now Resistance is recovering from all those attacks and a new reinforcement of 50 million new members has arrived from Kuiper belt into the underground network, membership now totaling 120 million. More reinforcements are expected to arrive soon as we come closer to the shift.
The Chimera has realized that they have lost the Solar system and are now concentrated on defending planet Earth and sublunar space as their last fortress.
They are still using toplet plasma bombs as their last line of defense. Top quarks can eat ordinary matter even more efficiently than strange quarks and are far more dangerous than strange quarks:
The plan of Chimera is now to spin limited disclosure into a fake Draco alien invasion that would use TR3-B spacecraft attacking the surface of the planet and the Cabal using the US Space Command as defense against the TR3-B fleet:
In the ensuing chaos, the Jesuits would crash the financial system and implement an AI dystopian surface civilization, similar to what was existing throughout the Solar system in many colonies:
Introduction of smartphones was part of the Chimera’s plan to alienate humanity and entrap them in the dark spider web of technological dystopia:
The robots that would control humanity are already being developed:
The Jesuit plan for the global collapse and the new crypto financial system is also proceeding:
In the last few weeks, certain key positive developments have happened that have effectively stopped this Chimera-Jesuit plan and it will NOT be successful.


Many sources are predicting the bankruptcy of a major bank such as Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank in October:
Cosmic Central race is claiming that the Light forces can handle the collapse situation and that plans are in place which can not be discussed.
The Resistance has communicated that major volatility is expected in the financial system in October, but not yet the systemic collapse.
The systemic collapse is actually the collapse of the debt-slavery bubble and is planned to coincide with the timing of the Event:
Many countries are already preparing their distribution chains for the Event:
The Light Forces have asked to step up the frequency of Flower of Life meditation to every 4 hours in order to stabilize the planetary situation, for those that feel guided to participate:
Light Forces have also communicated that as much Goddess energy as possible should be anchored in the planetary energy grid to stabilize the situation:
Atargatis is a mermaid Goddess that came from Sirius star system and landed in an egg shaped craft on the bank of Euphrates river many millennia ago:
Her archetype was later distorted by the Cabal, but her original energy is one of the key energies for peaceful transition into the post- Event society.
In current distorted culture, a fresh perspective on sexual energy is needed:
For example foot fetish, judged by many, is actually a past life memory of Goddess worship:
Archeologists have finally released proof of the first Archon invasion:
Soon, a new Cobra interview will be published online. You can send your questions which will be answered in that interview, to .
And at the end, a cryptic message for those who understand:
Victory of the Light!


Return To Your Truth: And Sure Enough, The Energies Shifted, The Weather Turned; Mass Med Report + Thomas Williams Updates [Mass Meditation Report [Your De-Brief] & Black Covens MONTHLY Rituals Confirmed by CIA Source – Learn what the 144k are doing about it]

8pm EDT (on now)

Updated: 3 hours ago

The advantage of missing a week with the radio show is, it usually means a jam-packed episode of Ground Crew Command the following week.

And do we have a show for you this week…

Mass Meditation Report [Your De-Brief]

& Black Covens MONTHLY Rituals Confirmed by CIA Source – Learn what the 144k are doing about it

Many who participated in this Sunday’s 144k Mass Meditation reported QUITE an experience!

And I’ll be getting into the crucial details as to why:

  • anomalous plasma from across the Universe had to finally be dealt with

  • how this relates to the – now confirmed – monthly black magic rituals by one of Fulford’s CIA source

  • what these rituals were doing to Starseeds … and our lives.

  • how these where greatly delaying planetary liberation

  • why it was finally time to deal with them

  • and what we … the 144k … DID about it

  • why it was crucial this was done before Halloween/Day-Of-The-Dead

  • reports of synchronistic work done by 144k Members – before I got to verbalize what they were already doing/witnessing … as it relates to the above anomalous plasma & Coven rituals

  • overnight change in weather (complete seasonal change ‘straight after’ our Mass Meditation instead of the usual gradual seasonal change)

… all backed by the actions taken by the 144k.

Make no mistake … this 144k Mass Meditation was quite a historical marker, possibly in Omniversal history.

“ … I want to thank you for (by my standards) an unusually comprehensive and instructive experience today. I have participated in a number of 144K meditations but today’s event seemed to surpass significantly my previous experiences. Quite sophisticated and thorough, to say the least.

I feel fortunate indeed to be numbered among the presently participating 144K assemblage.

Warm regards and many thanks for your dedication to humanity’s liberation …”

Frederic Lassiter Jr

And that report, is just a small taste of what I’ll be reading out/reporting on, from other proud 144k Members.

So tune in … for UNITY!

Thomas Williams Joins Us for the Latest in the 3D/physical plane

Thomas Williams from Truth-Honor-&-Integrity joins us, saying that a lot has happened since he was last on.

Given the intense, profound events & nature of Sunday’s 144k Equinox Meditation … combined with Thomas having a few things to mention – I better make sure I can squeeze it all in to a 2 hour show :-



What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

This week’s show will be dominated by the 144k Mass Meditation De-Brief, Thomas Williams intel talk/updates, and I will do my best to get into:

  • what we can expect – if indeed, the black Covens’/Luciferian’s ability to attack humanity, attack Starseeds & delay planetary liberation has been removed or greatly diminished.

  • has this time-line shift after our Meditation, (several have already reported a ‘whoa’ uplift, after it) prevented the planned & very BIG false flag in or near Australia?

  • the unspoken but likely reason why conservative, Anti-Cabal Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who recently had an upset victory in Australia’s federal election … came to the US to spend an inordinate amount of time here

  • White-Hats appear to be preparing the take-down of Democrat (Cabal) candidate Joe Biden … as the last pieces of the multidimensional chess-board surround the black king for a careful but final check-mate

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The Oracle Report: Monday, September 23, 2019



The Oracle Report

Monday, September 23, 2019

the oracle report on youtube

Are you ready for a change?

The Sun has gloriously moved into Libra, bringing us to the middle of the astrological year. This is a pivot point that will fully activate with the New Moon on Saturday.

A lot is happening around this New Moon, which I will detail in the New Moon recording later this week.

For today, the Sun is discharging “a butterfly preserved and made perfect with a dart through it.” The day the Sun moves into Libra brings us to a moment in time with an archetypal death or ending. The energy wants us to stop and think and then move forward. It wants us to reflect on where we have come since the Sun moved into Aries. It wants us to change direction, change mindset, or change focus. It wants us to move toward more beautiful and loving shapes and forms.

At this time, a new awareness, impulse, or initiative is emerging. This is something that takes us to a higher level of consciousness and experience. When the Sun moves into Libra, the Earth moves into Aries. Today the Earth is discharging the Sabian symbol energetic of “a woman has risen out of the ocean – a seal is embracing her.” New ways are welcoming us.

Today Mercury moves to 16 Libra, making direct opposition with the New Moon in Aries at 16 Aries from April 5. This means important information comes to us about the world at large and about our personal worlds.

Mercury is discharging “after a storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” This energetic is about rebuilding. And when we rebuild, we have the opportunity to make things better than they were.

Venus is discharging 12 Libra, “miners are emerging from a deep coalmine.” This brings things to light.

Which brings me to something very important that is trying to be masked. Under the cover that the conjunction of the Black Moon and Neptune bring (which is the deepest cover), the bankster-run cabal is trying to hide the fact that they are planning a financial crisis.

Before I continue, there is nothing to fear here. We had a financial crisis in 2008, and it was not the end of the world. It upended many people’s worlds and affected all of us, but it was not the end of the world. This is information to help you prepare your psyche and not be shocked. They feed off of the shock of changes.

The fact is that last week alone, the Fed already pumped HALF of what it pumped into the market to stabilize it after the crash of 2008. In short, they are taking down the dollar as world reserve currency. The end game: America bad.

The Fed says they will pump until October 10. That’s 10/10/19 or 10-10-10. If you have been following Oracle Report for a while, you know that in the Phoenician/Babylonian/Roman/British maritime money system, 10 is the energy of destruction.

September 2008, when the mortgage market was crashed, was Night 10 in the Mayan Calendar. I wrote about this in 2007, in my book Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis, and Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar, showing their historical precedent to crash under the energy of 10. This information was based on the work of the late Ian Lungold and built upon by Dr. Carl Calleman.

We knew that this was coming. I thought it would be closer to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January. They want cover, so they are doing it under the epic Black Moon-Neptune conjunction happening now. Notice you are not hearing about this in the news? The Wall Street Journal reported it, and then buried it.

So what do we do with this information? First, do not panic. Money markets are all an illusion anyway. What is proactive is to secure the necessities you need. We have talked about this for a while. Phoenix at Patriot Intel Report has warned about it, and I have warned about it. That time may be here now. Stock up on what you can, but don’t freak out.

What is perhaps more important is knowing what may be upon us and stabilizing our psyches so that the impact to the fellowship of humanity is not as great. The more people who are not shocked by this the better it is for everyone. It’s really all about the trauma response. We do not want to feed the beast with our precious energy.

And it may not happen.

The cabal knows their time is up with this year’s energetic of “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.” They are trying to turn the Sun around and not let it set. They are trying to control by creating chaos and then order – their order, one that is based on a social credit system that they control because they own everything.

All of this is bubbling under the surface, waiting for the New Moon in Libra (basically the month of October) and the Sabian symbol energetic of “a man watches his ideals taking concrete form before his inner vision.” We know that the archontically-controlled minions like their October surprises.

I don’t think so. Not this time. No surprises here.

Within it all, after the storm, “the boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” Whatever happens, by the end, we will emerge stronger. It is time for new systems. How about the old notion of dissolving the Fed? That is something that used to be front and center. We know it is our slave master.

If this brings up any fear for you, break through that. You are here to stabilize the fabric of humanity because you can handle the truth. You are a spiritual warrior.

Today, as we have a moment frozen in time, fortify your center – your inner world. Connect with Source. Reinforce love and find beauty. We are not pawns – we are awake and aware, and we welcome the new.

See you tomorrow, wise owls. Much love!