Crystal says:

“Beneficent Jupiter rules the Full
Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday,
June 3-4, and brings a Jupiter-North
Node conjunction into the Full
Moon chart, making this an
unusually fortuitous lunation.
Jupiter relates to meaning, and the
Sabian symbol for this lunation is
strongly spiritual. There’s energy
of work and abundance, and new
horizons that have to do with
something larger: our higher
aptitudes and purpose.”

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12×12 = 144[K] THE 12/12 144K MASS MEDITATION- INTEL BRIEF II –

12×12 = 144[K] 

 [Times & Links 
for the 144K 12/12 Mass Meditation are below]
The above Tweet by RadiantSoul is quite accurate, and is what I was intuiting already.
… the 144K prepares to make its game-changing moves during this period!
Cobra explained a lot of the quantum physics behind where were are at currently with planetary liberation, and one of his main points
was that the main block to planetary liberation right now is the micro black holes, which distort the quantum field
and need to be completely cleared.
I see that when I do my morning clearing and chakra/auric membrane repair
these micro black holes are indeed what’s been causing all the damage.

FM144 also has provded us with a detailed report on the energies
that we must deal with in the upcoming 144k Mass Meditations. 
It’s important to be aware that the weakening & disarmament of the dark forces has reached a critical point
– which has opened up the opportunity for the ‘complete dissolution phase’ to begin,

Details will be provided in the 12/12 144K Mass Meditation, for safety reasons.
Both physical & non-physical dark forces are praying this opportunity
is not fully recognized & seized upon.

Small problem …
The 144K is mustering….

​​​​​​​Who’s going to storm the castle with me,
carrying the flag of the Goddess in all her many forms?


Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior
Times & Links
For The
144K Mass Meditation


Your time zone:

Date: Dec 12, 2022 

Start Time: 12:00 PM EST

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Lee Harris Energy: December 2022 Energy Update – The Energetic Leap

December 2022 Energy Update – The Energetic Leap

265K subscribers
Premiered Dec 1, 2022

Hi everyone, I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but the December Energy Update is here. Where does the time go??

A few of the themes for this month are:
✨ We Are Entering a Phase of the Energetic Leap – a Time of High Transformation. Starts in December, runs through to April,
✨ Underneath the Chaos of These Times, Seeds are Being Sewn, and finally,
✨ Allowing Trust to Return.
✨ We’ll look at these and five additional themes in more detail, so be sure to watch the full Energy Update.

Big love, Lee x

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Timestamps —
00:01 – Intro
01:30 – The Energetic LEAP (Dec 2022-April 2023) – A time of high transformation – HARNESS IT!
05:16 – Staying quiet (internally and externally) is a powerful place to be right now
07:20 – Underneath the chaos, seeds are being sown…which are yours?
10:13 – Psychic overload needs grounding – be aware if you are newly getting connected to your spirit
13:48 – Allowing trust to return – post trauma healing and a tender time of clearing, trusting again
16:18 – Sobering truths that empower change – internal and external
18:17 – Exhaustion and struggle becoming the anger + fire of change (positive or challenging depending on the event)
20:55 – Where is the heart magic found and created and where it isn’t

Joy, Bliss, and Love is your true and unchangeable nature.

Johnsmallman's Blog

As humanity continues on its rapid path to awakening, here in the non-physical realms we continue to watch with joy and delight at the remarkably rapid progress that you are all making on this demanding and often painful journey. Indeed we expected you to achieve this remarkable progress because you all most generously chose to make this much needed pilgrimage, and because it is the divine plan you cannot fail to complete it, perfectly. Nevertheless, it really is most uplifting and inspiring for us to watch and observe you dealing so positively with all the untoward and unexpected issues that arise for you, even though it may often seem to you that you are not making progress, that you are not competent for the task that you have undertaken, and leading you to experience feelings of helplessness and unworthiness. And all of this is indeed an underlying and very unsettling…

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16th September 2022. Mike Quinsey

16th September 2022. Mike Quinsey.

The cleansing process continues and your problems mount with no prospect of them slowing down. It shows how inadequate your systems have been and it is the people who are experiencing the results that are ruining people’s lives. Yet there is worse to come and there seems to be no immediate answers to those problems. Lessons have to be learned so that new systems are not flawed, and realistic so as to ensure they are acceptable and workable without affecting the standard of living. The population of the world have had mixed experiences due to the unfair distribution of wealth that has favoured the wealthy. However, opportunities are coming when steps could be taken to achieve a fairer distribution.

The changes needed will come as it is becoming evident that many of your systems are not giving the help that is needed. The people will make themselves heard as they push for a rise in their standard of living, that will give them a comfortable life free from want. It is possible but cannot be introduced until you have succeeded in achieving world peace. At present it may seem an impossible dream yet once the foundation stones have been laid you will be on your way to freedom from interference by the dark Ones. It is your destiny and nothing will stop it coming.

By being positive you can help speed up the changes by taking care not to add to the negative energies that already exist as like attracts like. Do not despair because that is what the dark Ones try to achieve because they can feed off such energies. They are losing the battle for supremacy and are in a certain amount of disarray. They lost their chance when the Forces of Light managed to contain their actions to create a worse scenario that they would have benefitted from. Much of the battle is being fought out of sight and on a mental level.

You have been through such experiences previously but up to now have been unable to break up the hold dark Ones had over you. It was foreseen and the Forces of Light have been preparing for a breakthrough for a long time, and it has occurred. The tentacles of the dark Ones have reached all over the planet and their minions have been protected, but no longer as they try their worst to regain lost power. They cannot succeed and their demise is certain no matter how long it takes. Their supporters are being arrested, so that their ability to overcome the changes in their fortune have been diminished.

The people are waking up to their ability to create a pathway to success and finding belief in themselves. Consequently they are a stronger influence upon those who are in positions of power and could help their aims. Once they see positive progress being made you may be assured of help. There is no quick fix that will speed up progress but nevertheless it will be made albeit over a long period.

The people are tiring of the restrictions brought about by the Covid and yearn for a normal life once more, however in general the majority understand the problems and can handle them. However, they seek some assuring signs that matters are coming to a close but also understand the difficulty predicting such a change. For some the future looks dark and forbidding and they know not which way to turn, and proposals of help seem inadequate. The support of mankind is essential for any chance of success in overcoming the present predicament.

We are as ever by your side and doing our best to help you at such a taxing time, when it sometimes seems impossible to foresee what lies ahead when indications are that it will be extremely difficult. We see a different scenario to what you imagine and one that offers hope for the future and not a collapse as some do. We are doing what we can to help, but in many ways we have to say that you created the initial problem and it stays with you until you rectify it.

We see the first stirrings of sensible ideas as to how to overcome the many problems confronting you, but time is passing quickly now and answers must soon be found. Nothing is impossible to sort out but it does depend upon a sensible approach that offers a permanent answer and not a quick fix. How are you going to help those dear souls in Pakistan that have lost everything and those in war torn Ukraine. You also have absolute poverty in some countries that do not have the resources to overcome it and so it goes on in many other places around the world. Perhaps it is time that the wealthier countries came together and acted together to solve the situation. Your civilisation is at the crossroads and what path will you take because your future depends upon it. We hope you find a solution before it is too late to do so.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Rik: Astrology Sep 6-12 22 – Mercury Station – Pisces Full Moon – Sun/ Uranus – Venus/Mercury Generosity

Astrology Sep 6-12 22 – Mercury Station – Pisces Full Moon – Sun/ Uranus – Venus/Mercury Generosity

Sep 6, 2022

17.3K subscribers

The energy and circumstances are culminating this week with the Pisces full moon, explaining awareness and consciousness about what is normally unclear and hard to understand. The energy is in positive alignment with your future!

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Aspects and Timestamps:About the week: 0:22

Tues Sept 6 8:06
Moon trine Uranus2:23 am PDT
Moon sextile Neptune 11:21 am PDT
Moon conj Pluto 2:42 pm PDT
Moon ingress Aquarius 8:41 pm PDT

Wen Sept 7 11:37
Moon inconj Venus 1:03 am PDT
Moon sextile Jupiter 6:44 am PDT
Moon trine Mercury 10:47 am PDT
Moon trine Mars 1:12 am PDT
Sun trine NN sextile SN 9:36 pm PDT
Moon inconj sun 10:03 pm PDT

Thurs Sept 8 18:28
Moon square Uranus 3:25 am PDT
Moon conj Saturn 5:33 am PDT
Moon ingress Pisces 9:42 pm PDT

Fri Sept 9 22:25
Moon opp Venus 6:39 am PDT Moon inconj Mercury 12:23 pm PDT
Venus inconj Jupiter 3:06 pm PDT
Moon square Mars 4:07 pm PDT
Mercury station Rx 8:37 pm PDT
Moon trine SN sextile NN 10:25 pm PDT

Sat Sept 10 35:14
Moon opp sun (full moon) 2:58 am PDT
Moon sextile Uranus 4:50 am PDT
Moon conj Neptune 1:55 pm PDT
Moon sextile Pluto 5:28 pm PDT
Moon ingress Aries 8:56 pm PDT

Sun Sept 11 46:58
Moon trine Uranus 6:08 am PDT
Moon conj JUpiter 9:30 am PDT
Moon inconj Venus 2:04 pm PDT
Moon opp Mercury 2:52 pm PDT
Moon sextile Mars 8:56 pm PDT

Mon Sept 12 53:13
Moon inconj South Node 1:16 am PDT
Sun inconj Saturn 9:08 am PDT
Moon sextile Saturn 10:24 am PDT
Moon inconj Sun 10:31 am PDT
Moon square Pluto 9:52 pm PDT

Thanks for watching!

Molly McCord: Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of August 3 to 10 ~ + 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal & 2022 Cosmic Astrology ~ Uranus in Taurus, Starseed Activations

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of August 3 to 10 ~

Aug 3, 2022

Molly McCord
139K subscribers

Leo season unfolds as the powerful Uranus-Mars-NN conjunction in Taurus continues to shake us out of our comfort zones. This energy signature will wildly unfold into May 2023, so we have entered a new phase of dynamic changes between 16 to 18 degrees Taurus in your chart. Mercury enters Virgo on August 3, bringing in much-needed practical discernment and assessments. Venus in Cancer will connect with Neptune and Pluto this week, as Mars in Taurus makes a square to Saturn RX in Aquarius to ensure you’re taking action with the bigger picture in mind. The 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic gateway to higher frequencies- but you have to leave the South Node in Scorpio energies behind to lighten the load. Much more to share in this week’s podcast episode.


8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal & 2022 Cosmic Astrology ~ Uranus in Taurus, Starseed Activations

Aug 1, 2022

Molly McCord
139K subscribers

The 8/8 portal is an intense activation period for Starseeds to experience greater consciousness around their talents, energies, healing, origins, and soul mission on the planet. The incoming light codes and neutrinos are opening up dormant soul consciousness DNA and supporting your natural frequency state. Three stars in Orion constellation match up with the three pyramids in Giza, Egypt during this 8/8 portal, further amplifying cosmic energies flowing onto the planet through pyramid energy receptors. Sirius is commonly associated with the Lion’s Gate, but it’s important to note that Sirius is a fixed star located at 16 degrees Cancer. It is the brightest star in the sky; Sirius is 26 times brighter, and twice the size, of our solar system’s Sun. Sirius was viewed in the sky above the pyramids by ancient Egyptians during this time of the year, and it was commonly interpreted as a sign of prosperity, harvest, and abundance.


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MAY 20–26, 2022


Crystal says:

“On Tuesday, May 24…Busy Mars
enters his home sign of Aries….
Now, the planet of action unleashes
our assertive potential.

“This influence is great for rushing
into projects and one-night
stands—but it isn’t so great on
follow through, which makes today’s
sextile from Venus to Saturn even
more valuable.

… [T]his harmony can be used to
improve a negotiation, persuade the
boss, restructure a relationship or
integrate more love, beauty, and
wealth into our manifestations. The
combination of Mars’ courage and
this stabilizing sextile make the
rest of this week a platform for
positive and lasting shifts.” 

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