Shanta Gabriel: Inspiration for the Week: Finding Stability in Changing Times

Inspiration for the Week
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Finding Stability in Changing Times

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel speaks to us about creating a new stable foundation of well-being within ourselves.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

It is a time of growth and renewal, a time for breakthroughs into new levels of being for each of us individually. We are in the process of creating the world that responds to the prayers of millions of heart-centered people. It is a time that has never been experienced on the Earth and is jam-packed with awesome potential.

In past centuries, only a few people would have the consciousness to experience their divinity within the human form. Now all of humanity has that potential. We are moving and creating our lives within the power of Divine Light. This allows us each to access pure alignment to the Source of All That Is.

For me, the answer to almost all of my biggest questions has become Alignment with the Divine Spirit working within me. In fact, the exercise to bring Heaven to Earth through my body was the first process Archangel Gabriel gave me when we began our interaction in 1990. (See practice and video here.)

Creating Alignment within my body with my most Divine Essence is my main focus not only in my life, but in all that I share in my classes. There are teachings from India that have been working for thousands of years to purify our hearts and transform our lives. When we feel that our personal life is not working as we would like, we can use these deceptively simple techniques to make a vast difference in our happiness and well-being. This is what I teach in all my classes and private sessions.

We are on the Earth during this massive process of change because we chose to be here now to fulfill the prompting of our Soul, and to join with millions of others in bringing greater Harmony into all life on the planet. This was a courageous and precious choice. No matter what it may look like, the Heavens are rejoicing in the progress that we have already made. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the promptings of my heart that have brought me to this time. Please help me to listen more deeply to your guidance and inspiration. May I allow your divine energy to work in and through all my actions, words and thoughts to bring more Love into my life, and into the lives of all humanity.

I ask to be a Beacon of Pure Light in the world, a Harbinger of Peace, and a Vessel of Pure Harmony.  With every breath I take, may I and each person in the world have a deeper experience of Alignment with the Source of all Light. May there be Compassion within me and within all hearts, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
May 27, 2018

The Gabriel Messages #13

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

Dear One,

You have found that your world is speeding up. You may even have a sense of frantic activity without a sense of accomplishment. You have found yourself searching for meaning in all that you are doing when it does not feel like enough.

The truth is that there is an increase in the frequencies of the Earth. Because of this, people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that encourages their search for meaning in all that they do.  And Universal Consciousness is now more easily available to all who seek than ever before. This increase in energy is also creating great and rapid change in the world around you. Information is more available, tremendous earth changes, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and hurricanes, seem to be occurring with more frequency, and the very fabric of social, political and family life seems to have shifted into unknown areas.

All these occurrences are in the world of appearance, the world outside yourself. They point out the fact that you can no longer look to your outside world to bring you a sense of stability. You must come back to yourself and find that still point of peace, harmony and wisdom within. This is the only place of stability in these changing times.

Within you there is a place of such Peace that you can totally relax there and allow it to permeate your being. Within you is found the Truth and Joy and meaning which you have sought in vain from the world outside yourself. Come now and allow yourself to experience this place within, where you can be free just to be. It is as close as your breath. And it is with your breath, and the power of your thoughts and imagination, that you can begin to experience your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine.


Take a few deep and centering breaths. Bring your attention to the place just below your navel, and imagine that you have found yourself in a very peaceful garden. You can make this garden the most beautiful place you have ever seen. Create flowing brooks and peaceful ponds, flowers and shady trees. Make it a place that you will long to come back to again and again. Allow yourself to relax and absorb the peace and beauty of this garden. Give yourself time to meet with your guardian Angel and with your Higher Self to receive all the wisdom, guidance and love that you need.

It may take a little practice to find this peaceful place within yourself, but after only a few balanced breaths, it won’t be long before you will be able to go there without effort. When you give yourself this time of quiet, you will notice that your outer world will not have the power to pull you away from this still place of Peace. This is true stability. It is from this still point within that you will be able to live in this time of change and not feel alone or abandoned. You will be able to connect deeply with the support you need.

Like a wheel whose spokes appear to revolve very quickly, but whose center has quiet movement connecting all the links around it, this revolution of stillness within you will transform your outer world into one of Harmony, Love and Peace.

Remember to ask for this stillness. If you feel attracted to it, ask for the experience of a peaceful garden. Most of all, ask for your personal connection to the Source of all life. It all begins with you, with your thoughts, and with the balanced breath that is your connecting link. It is all there for you if you but give yourself the time.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
May 27, 2018

Jamye Price: June 2018 Ascension Energies – Earth Family

June 2018 Ascension Energies – Earth Family

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

May Review

May had the energy of Peaceful Heart, and it was an interesting flow. I had a deep processing prior to the monthly energies teleclass. I had a flash of feeling like my heart area was a vacuum, a deep magnetic pull.

Then my head and crown chakra were so activated it was uncomfortable and I just had to rest and zone out for the day. Concentration or focus was not possible. During the teleclass, there was a transmission where the energy was similar. Heart healing, crown activation. Anchoring more of your divine nature.

I also noticed in May that grounding was not as easy. Our frequency is constantly amplifying (in this Year of Amplification according to Areon) so I would find myself ungrounded, but not in a big way. Have you noticed something similar recently?

The focus on grounding helps you to anchor or embody the higher frequencies and truly transform this world—just by living your life and letting your powerful Love flow into your world. It is the only way it really occurs.

June Energies

Tuning into the energies this month was interesting. Areon showed me that June had an overall energy of healing humanity’s fall into deception, but the energy focus wasn’t established yet—then they went silent on the subject. That’s a big topic, and one that just doesn’t heal overnight. It comes in phases of empowerment.

Finally they started showing me our perspective of family, which is another way of saying connection or DNA/Akashic information. They brought in a 3 month template that begins with our earth family in June, our universal family in July and our heart family in August. This trinity is part of transcending duality into triality, where we consciously integrate the “invisible” connection. Ascension.

Earth Family

June’s energy of Earth encompasses your immediate family, ancestral and cultural DNA, even your past-life DNA that may not have any connection to your current family history. It extends out to your family of like mind and heart—friends and co-creators that you are interacting with. It also extends out to those that seem so opposite from you, the family of humanity.

Of course it also includes animals, Earth and the elements that comprise life on earth; though we are going to focus on it predominantly from the human standpoint.

The June energies will call you to release past pain, trauma or resistance. You need not immerse in it, just observe your life and nurture any fear or resistance into new courage and new choice. Be patient with yourself and life.

June will call you to hold more of your divine Love and embody the future of humanity’s connection more and more, in all of its facets. How you manifest that will be influenced by your focus and desires.

“But I’ve already done that work.”

Cool. You’ll know you’re finished with it because you can be around your family or not and feel a detached compassion that embraces the perfection of your past. You’ll observe or experience any kind of human behavior or challenge and feel the peace that passes all understanding.

Not just a mental understanding—an emotional appreciation for the perfection of the challenges. You’ll feel deep love and compassion for each human angel that supported your growth so perfectly or continues to awaken humanity through suppression or deception.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about this Year of Amplification, we are getting into the details of any discordant energy, the spiral is breaking down the weak bonds of fear, resistance, pain, resentment, disempowerment, etc.

It is offering an empowered strength of Love that is the foundation for changing the human experience. It is time for the compassionate ones to prepare to lead. But the old structures will continue breaking down. Allow your courage to participate in Love pave the way for new potentials.

Family Separation

Family creates a strong bond of connection. That can be a wonderful thing. But when fear leads—greed, deception and domination become the currency of “connection” which actually creates separation. The historical form of “royal” leadership and separation of classes could have positive benefits as humanity evolves through it, or it could have negative effects as humanity resists evolving past it.

Of course, the positive way for humanity to evolve through this means that leadership truly has a desire to support and empower those they lead. This applies to all aspects of life—even teachers, CEOs, government, parents, friends, mates, etc.

While there have been some leaders that have come along and supported that, most have not or could not based on the pervading structure of domination. The Avalon story represents that potential lost in our past.

But the inherent pull of life is toward love. That is what the spiraling energies are evolving us into. Empowered Sovereign beings that are ready to lead with Love. To truly change the human experience step by step. Old patterns are no longer being tolerated.

The changes never happen fast enough, and for those of us that are sensitive, the destructive aspects are difficult. But as you strengthen into more loving potentials in your own life, you are progressing the entire journey of humanity.

It’s not your job to fix them, you focus on your energy and you strengthen connection. The Law of Resonance (Law of Attraction) does the heavy lifting. This is becoming the change you want to see in the world. Changing your inner vibration and effecting the world around you.

June supports you stepping into a leadership role with your Light of Love. Lead by example of courageous Love.

The Royalty Within All

The energies of Earth Family had an interesting flow of amplification with the royal wedding. It brought a beautiful influx of potential. The polarity that has been becoming more obvious (less hidden) is merging through Love. It was beautiful to watch such a tradition-steeped affair be softly nurtured into strength by a young couple.

For example, I loved that Megan Markle chose to walk down the aisle alone, allowed some interweaving with Charles meeting her for part of the journey, then again choosing her sovereignty to connect with Prince Harry, rather than being “given” to him. There is so many beautiful potentials of connection weaving into the consciousness of humanity through the representation of the royal wedding.

They created a lovely bridge between the old and new, and helping to connect races through the Love that is natural to us when fear does not dominate. As Bishop Curry said, “When Love is the way, the Earth will become a sanctuary.” You, dear Lightworker, are creating that way.

Evolution is inevitable. Each generation is born into the biosphere of the previous generations desires, hopes and fears. They are born with the potentials to manifest desires, heal fears and continue the process of evolution. That potential is in you and being continually activated now by the energies around you and within you.

The Evolution of Connection

During the Light Language transmission this month, I was shown a beautiful inner earth connection that is activating our DNA to hold a higher aspect of our connection. The Law of Resonance determines connection, attraction, evolution. The Earth, our loving nurturer, creates a biosphere of information that informs our progress as the feedback loop of our electromagnetic energy concentrates into more clarity.

In June observe changes in your third eye, throat and heart energy flow. You, dear Lightworker, are amplifying your Love to handle the higher aspect of Love that humanity is ready for, though fear and ego will cause many to resist.

As you embody your heart’s desires for Love and connection, you magnetize the human experience into the next layer of the spiral flow. In June, your courage to love the family of humanity to new heights is supported by (and supporting) the Evolution of Connection.

Connection is the Ascension process in application. Connect with your authentic self, connect more deeply with Love, and connect outward through Love.

Enjoy the power of June!

Sarah Varcas: June 2018 Astro-Energy Report: The Alchemy of Emotional Expression


 Astrology of June 2018, Energy Report, Mars in Aquarius, North Node in Leo, Mercury in Cancer, Eris, Uranus in Taurus, new moon in Gemini, Venus in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer, Mars retrograde, full moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Leo



June 2018 finds us in the ‘waiting room’ of the next eclipse season beginning in July. How we manage the waiting, the growing sense of anticipation or anxiety, the mounting tension… or is it excitement?….depends largely on how happy we are to let things fall into place. Or would we rather force them there, before discovering we’ve jammed yet another square peg into a round hole?! Mars in Aquarius conjunct the South Node through June and July reminds us detaching from our desires can be useful when progress is slow. It doesn’t mean we must abandon all hope and give up the ghost, but it can be helpful to turn down the heat on our expectations and demands when the universe has a different timetable to our own! Then we can relax despite the stress of waiting while the cosmic dance allows life to unfold in its own time and step.

That said, this Mars comes with a warning too: don’t be so detached as to lose touch with your passion, your fiery core. Remember what sets your heart aflame and continue to nurture that warm glow inside, even when externals aren’t looking so hot! Once the eclipse season is upon us our orientation may change quite significantly, with a focus on inner adjustments necessary for outer change to happen. In the meantime this coming month has a lot to say about relationships and raises some potentially thorny, but enlightening, issues about the role our emotions play in them.

June begins with an on-going Grand Trine in Water increasing sensitivities and heightening emotion. Be gentle, choose compassion over conflict and bear in mind the old adage that many are fighting great battles, most of them hidden. The first three days of this month may feel heavy with emotion if we don’t do something proactive about processing our feelings rather than wallowing in them. A Yod focused on Saturn reminds us responsibility for ourselves can’t be abdicated just because we’re not feeling so great. Learning to allow our emotions space whilst placing a boundary around them so we can keep on keeping on is a valuable lesson at times like this.

Come 3rd June sensitivities ease as the Grand Trine in Water and Yod dissolve, life moves on and Pluto in Capricorn begins to oppose Venus in Cancer until 8th June. This opposition highlights the power of love and the love of power, so can be used to enhance our relationships or exploit them!  If you find yourself at odds with loved ones during this time, see it as an opportunity to explore the deeper dynamics of your relationship and learn something about yourself while you do. Whilst a concurrent square between the Sun and Neptune from 4th to 10th June may cause us to doubt ourselves just when we need to be firm and clear, it also invites us to take a different view on a situation which has felt stuck or stagnant for a while. Use this energy to be creative about your viewpoint and welcome uncertainty as a sign that a new perspective is forming.

A quarter moon in Pisces as the Sun conjuncts Mercury on 6th June reminds us that meaningful connections with other people don’t always have to be intense. Hanging out with friends, enjoying a few beers and watching the match can be as important as deep and meaningful discussions beneath the stars. We need a range of intensity in our relationships. This Moon allows for the beautiful alchemy of shared interests, happy moments and light-hearted banter which forges connections that stand the test of time when the going gets rough and we need deeper support from those we love.

Eris sextiles the Sun from 11th – 18th June providing some feisty energy if we have something to say or do that feels onerous or intimidating. Eris is intimidated by nothing and no one and wants us to feel the same! Her mighty heart and fearsome attitude combined with the Sun in Gemini’s gift of the gab can embolden us to reach out to others, step out of our comfort zone and dare to think new thoughts to see how they fit in our familiar world. If you’ve been wondering why something in your life isn’t working out how you’d hoped and no matter the efforts you make it simply won’t shift, this sextile from Eris to the Sun can help you find a new route towards your goal. Preferably one that entails less struggle and more creativity!

Mercury in Cancer from 12th – 29th June invites us to speak openly about our feelings when we know we’re safe to do so. It reminds us not to fear all intimacy because some has been corrupted by deception and betrayal. Most people have been hurt and most have hurt others, unwittingly or otherwise. No one is immune. Accepting this fact of life can go some way to regaining a modicum of trust. A square from Chiron to Mercury between 12th and 15th June challenges us to express our emotions and let others do the same. This may be the only way to ease the pressure of holding it all inside. Chiron in Aries wants healing to be quick and complete. It simply doesn’t have time for lengthy exploration and deep inner work! Whilst in the long run we may need exactly that, right now we can take time to articulate our inner world and benefit greatly from doing so. No analysis needed, no interpretation necessary. The simple power of saying the words can bring healing enough in itself.

As Uranus is squared by Venus from 12th to 17th June we may discover that honest emotional sharing raises some interesting issues! Here we see the consequences of speaking our feelings into the world. It changes things and yes, we may fear those changes which is why we didn’t do it in the first place. But if we keep inside something as powerful as emotion it will change us anyway. The inner twists and turns needed to avoid what we don’t want to see can be significantly more harmful than the consequences of looking it in the eye and owning it. Uranus and Venus remind us that only by engaging with the world around us can we discover what we truly desire and how we can go about getting it. And most emotion is ultimately about desire: our reaction to what we do and don’t want to happen, how we do and don’t want to be and what we do and don’t want to have to deal with. This square identifies desire as the driving force at the heart of all that we are and all that we do. As such, being honest about our desires is a radical act of self-determination and personal sovereignty.

This emphasis on authentic communication is further enhanced on 13th June by a New Moon in the 23rd degree of Gemini which occurs just a couple of hours prior to Venus entering Leo (where she remains until 10th July). This Moon encourages openness and honesty, whilst helping to keep things light. It reminds us relationships don’t have to be a battle ground or an endless therapy session. They can also be fun, creative places where we get to know ourselves and others through mutual exploration and revelation. Bringing a more light-hearted attitude to any challenging inter-personal issues we encounter may be just what’s needed to ease the tension preventing their resolution. Once Venus is in Leo we’ll all benefit from some affection and acknowledgement along the way so using this new moon to shift heavier dynamics and brighten things up will put it to good use indeed.

Once in Leo, Venus invites us to celebrate ourselves and embrace the sheer pleasure of unapologetically being who we are. She recognises the wonder of our individuality, the nuance of our speech, that certain way we approach other people, the glint in our eye and the lilt in our walk. She loves us just as we are, whoever we are, and bids us look in her mirror to see ourselves through her eyes. She sees behind the uncertainties and fear, lack of confidence, social faux pas, embarrassing moments and deepest shame to the sacred humanity at our heart. She celebrates us all and urges us to do the same. In a busy world where life rushes by at a lightening pace it’s easy to overlook the importance of appreciative moments: a compliment here, a kind word there, a vote of thanks or a gesture of gratitude. She reminds us to acknowledge each other and ourselves, to focus on the best of humanity and accentuate the positive in our relationships. Not as some Pollyanna act of denial but because in doing so we can find a balanced view which might just save the day.

Saturn in Capricorn opposing Mercury in Cancer between 14th and 17th June adds some grounding ‘common sense’ into the mix, encouraging us to share our wisdom and insight as well as our emotions. ‘I feel this way and I think it’s about something that’s happening between us’ can be an easier message to hear than ‘I feel this way and it’s all YOUR fault!’. If we want others to listen we need to present a message they can hear, especially if it challenges their own perceptions, feelings and security. This opposition helps us take responsibility for the expression of our feelings, by being clear where they’re coming from and knowing what’s ours and what’s someone else’s to address. In doing so we can take communication to the next level, exploring our thoughts and feelings in greater depth without others feeling threatened or our retreating into denial because owning up to who we are comes at too high a price.

Between 16th and 24th June the theme of relationship dynamics continues with Venus conjunct the North Node while Mars is conjunct the South Node, reminding us that all healthy relationships require a balance of opposites, an acceptance of contradictions and the embracing of paradox. It’s helpful to examine and learn from the past but not to carry it with us like a pack on our back weighing us down. We’re not destined to repeat the past if we choose to do things differently this time around. And no matter what’s happened before, we can opt for a positive and hopeful attitude towards the present rather than a negative or combative one. True positivity is born of awareness and realism, not a denial of the challenges we face. Negativity isn’t ‘common sense’, it’s a decision to allow past struggles to define our future rather than choosing a new approach to how our life unfolds.

Neptune begins five months retrograde in Pisces on 18th June reminding us that no matter the cacophony of the world, inner silence remains, patiently waiting. It calls us into stillness where we are nothing, no one and yet in all things everywhere. Stillness itself can overwhelm, however, threatening our sense of identity and meaning, in which case life’s demands come as a welcome distraction from disappearing into the void! But when Neptune’s retrograde it’s important we find time to do exactly that when we can. Trined by Jupiter as it changes direction, we have deep and powerful support to explore life aside from the world, from who we think we are and believe others to be. Extraneous distractions can be seen for what they are, we can pare life down to what matters and unlock great riches within.

A Grand Trine in Water formed by Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter from 19th to 21st June encourages us to walk gently and with grace in the world. Let our words be comforting, our actions wise and our wisdom humble. Battles fought now may wound deeply so they’re best avoided. Conflicts engaged in will hurt so if we can step around them or postpone them for another day this would be best. The Sun begins its month in the sign of Cancer on 21st July. Squaring Chiron in Aries as it does so, it sets, in part, the theme of the solar eclipse in Cancer next month. The power of emotional healing is emphasised and the influence of emotional wounds highlighted. The world can be a hurtful place and we can cause much pain to one another. The Sun’s journey through Cancer helps us acknowledge this fact and turn to face, rather than avoid, our own wounds. Emotional pain isn’t a sign of weakness or an indicator of not being ‘spiritual’ enough. It simply means we’re human and so we suffer, and then we heal, and then we suffer, and then we heal, and so it is in this realm as we let go those things that bind us and blossom into who we truly are.

Pluto opposes Mercury from 21st to 25th July. Words have power and ideas can change the world, so what we say and how we think are key factors in how we impact others. Mercury in Cancer seeks common ground, emotional sharing and a sense of belonging. Pluto in Capricorn sees these priorities as sentimental hogwash when change is necessary and truths need to be aired! This opposition can augur harsh words and cutting speech or exchanges which get to the root of a problem so completely that it never need recur. Which of these results we get is largely up to us. If we can use Mercury’s ability to create a safe space in which to have difficult conversations, and then embrace Pluto’s life-changing truths about how we move through this world, use our inherent power and respond to that of others, we could experience some truly profound exchanges during this time, capable of shifting not only our relationships but also our perception of how the world really works and what’s actually going on around us. Pluto reminds us that what looks like destruction is purification and what feels too hard to bear is our spirit rising up anew to reclaim its own. Keeping this in mind now can help us stay with emotionally challenging situations and see them through into renewal.

From 24th to 30th June an opposition between Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer takes over from Mercury and Pluto, affirming that emotional sensitivity, when accepted and understood, can be a source of wisdom rather than a liability to be controlled at all costs! This world rarely welcomes those who feel deeply and live life without emotional armour. This opposition may augur a suppressive or punitive response to emotional sensitivity, or a supportive effort to contain and make sense of emotional pain. For those we encounter who are struggling now we can be a safe witness for their pain. And if it is we who struggle, we can seek out that safety for ourselves. But finding it isn’t a given. A square from Chiron in Aries to the Sun reminds us that at the end of the day it is we who must contain ourselves and know ourselves as whole. We cannot forever seek to pour ourselves into another’s cup but must become our own chalice, offering up our difficult emotions, challenging circumstances and painful experiences to be transmuted by the restorative capacity of life itself which makes all things new eventually. If we find that safe space and grounded person who can help us allow and make sense of emotional pain now all well and good. But if not, Saturn reminds us we can be that person for ourselves, and there is a wise and grounded self wanting now to emerge.

From 26th June to 27th August Mars is retrograde, first in Aquarius and then in Capricorn, giving us five retrograde planets to end the month (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto). With so much retrograde activity our inner life takes on great importance and needs careful attention. Whilst external progress can falter when Mars is retrograde, inside we can make great strides in self-knowledge which will serve us well for a long time to come. Mars only turns retrograde once every two to two and half years so it’s worth making the most of this opportunity to explore issues of motivation and hone our clarity about what’s really driving us. Are we pursuing one thing on the surface but in fact sabotaged by more hidden forces in our psyche which undermine our stated goals? Are we wholeheartedly pursuing our dreams only to find they’re not actually ours but someone else’s that we somehow co-opted along the way? Are we intent on proving ourselves to others according to their values and losing touch with our own in the process? Mars retrograde blows the cover on the many ways in which we work against ourselves, clarifying issues of motivation and intent and bringing them into line with a more authentic expression of who we actually are.

A Full Moon in the 7th degree of Capricorn on 28th June conjunct Saturn affirms the importance of honouring process rather than seeking after premature outcomes. It cautions patience and rewards those who respect the natural order which necessitates firm foundations before we reach for the sky! We may have to let go of unrealistic notions at this moon, recognising that our previous timetable for an important project may be flawed. Alternatively results achieved now may fall short of what we’d anticipated and require a grudging return to the drawing board. However this full moon manifests in your life, take heart and don’t give up hope. This isn’t an unsatisfactory end, but a staging post on a longer and altogether more significant journey. There is much wisdom available in the light of this Moon. Those who are willing to look with eyes wide open will see with greater clarity where they’ve sought to side-step responsibility in favour of an easier road or more naive approach to matters of gravity. Sometimes we must simply walk through the flames to reach the other side, for they are purifying and strengthening, even as they burn through our egoic defences. If we’ve tried to rise above rather than journey through them, this Moon gets our feet back on the ground and reminds us this time we must walk to where we’re going and learn along the way. If, however, you’re rewarded with blessings at this moon, pat yourself on the back and enjoy the moment for these rewards have truly been earned with commitment, hard graft and a refusal to back down no matter what. You deserve this moment, so enjoy it!

The month comes to a close with Mercury entering Leo on 29th June, where it remains until 6th September, turning retrograde in July. Aspecting Uranus and Chiron, Mercury’s arrival in Leo awakens the lion in us all, with its need to roar, make its presence felt and establish its territory.
Uranus now in Taurus is working away on all that has been resistant to recent forces of change. We can use this Mercury to stamp our feet and resist the inexorable march of progress or climb on board and spread its message far and wide! Chiron in Aries reminds us that sometimes we simply have to get over ourselves and get on with life, even and especially when it’s tough and challenging and not looking how we hoped it would. Feeling hard done by or insisting life is unfair is simply a waste of energy that could be invested in finding better solutions to current problems or quicker ways to change our state and feel differently about the world around us. Mercury’s journey through Leo will test our commitment to pursuing a purposeful life rather than a frustrated one. We can use it to insist we know best no matter what and impose our ideas and values on everything and everyone. Or we can use it to contribute positive energy and ideas, perspectives and insights, into the ongoing process of change occurring personally, locally and globally. We may, in fact, find ourselves swinging between these two extremes, in which case observing how each makes us feel will be time well spent.

As June ends this Mercury reminds us of the radical healing power in self-expression. Others may not like what we have to say and the feeling may be mutual! But it’s time to speak openly and honestly, with integrity and grit. For only then can the truth be aired and its rectifying power radiate through the world around us. With Mercury turning retrograde next month and three eclipses approaching, now is the time to think deeply about what truly matters and how best to express its importance to the world. This may require some inner adjustments as well as outer ones. The current abundance of retrograde planets will help us make them if we harbour an enduring commitment to authenticity and truth.

Sarah Varcas


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Kate Spreckley: Energy Report – May / June 2018 | Spirit Pathways

Energy Report – May / June 2018

by Kate Spreckley

It’s been a ‘dark night of the soul’ kind of time recently with many feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated. The fact is our experience of life is changing, reality is transforming and our perceptions are shifting. Consciousness is expanding as humanity rises to a new level of awareness and understanding.  How we view our lives, our relationship and our world is altering.  The structures of the past are collapsing and a deeper awareness of our purpose on this planet is emerging.  As a result, everything is changing and nothing is certain.

These changes are being supported by planet Uranus’ move into the astrological sign of Taurus.  This is a significant shift, which is calling for a new consciousness to develop around how we physically exist on the Earth. Uranus is the planet of radical revolution. Its move into Taurus means that over the next 7 and a half years we can expect a reformation, a reinvention and a radical revolution in how we live on the Earth, how we regard the Earth’s natural resources and how we value ourselves, each other and all of life. As a result, a whole range of new expressions and manifestations will begin to emerge to support the building of an entirely new reality. A new reality which supports nurtures and honours all of life.

Consequently, it is time that we come to respect the Earth, respect each other and respect ourselves enough to stop the abuse. Abuse comes in many different forms, verbal, emotional, physical and economic.  Greed, poverty, hunger and religious discriminations are subtler forms of abuse used to gain power of people, communities and countries.  Planetary abuse is seen in our addiction to oil, our consumption of all resources, pollution and waste.  Add the wars, unstable governments, corporate greed, crime and a lack of basic human rights to the mix and we can see the abuse on a global scale.

We are at a crucial time in our human history where our understanding of how nature evolves is changing.  We are moving from an unconscious evolutionary process, which is governed by natural selection, to a conscious evolutionary process, which is a choice.  It is a powerful choice of destruction or co-creation.  With this choice, we are given the power to destroy humanity or to participate in creating a future of infinite dimensions. Conscious evolution demands that we expand our perspective beyond our immediate needs and take into consideration the planet and all of life.

The total abuse of the Earth is no longer an option.  The harsh reality is that unless we change our ways and shift our focus to more sustainable ways of living humanity will not survive.  The abuse and disruption to the planet is leading to natural disasters. At the beginning of May we saw Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii erupting and a resulting earthquake which occurred close to the volcano. Kilauea Volcano is said to be the home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. She is known as both a creator and a destroyer. Rather apt that she should erupt at this time as we shift realities with the choice of destruction or co-creation.

The cosmic energy flooding the planet is supporting this process and calling for the Earth’s energy to rise and meet the incoming Divine energies.  As a result, a revolution in how we live on the body of the planet is being initiated. This is generating an exciting flow of new inspiration and new ideas.  New social processes and structure are emerging to restore the natural environment.  Better educational, health and governmental systems are being created as a deep sense of life purpose awakens in many.  We are all being driven to explore and express the vital part we have to play in humanity’s evolution.

As you stabilise yourself in the new Earth reality you will come to know and understand that change must happen for new life to emerge and thrive. You will find meaning in your existence and recognise that you are here to make a difference, to serve humanity and the planet.  As a result, you will become more conscious of the active role you need to take in co-creating a new Earth reality.  As co-creator, you must work with the Divine Creator, the Earth and the cosmic forces of creation to create and manifest that which is best for all of life everywhere.

To change the outer manifestation of life a profound inner transformation needs to occur. This entails you exploring the essence of your nature and to remember that you are a microcosm of nature.  At your deepest core your soul, which is ether, inhabits the four worlds of water (emotions), Earth (physical world), air (mind) and fire (spirit).  It is these five elements that inextricably link humanity to the rest of creation.  Exploring these elemental forces and reawakening your connection to them reintroduces you to the cycles of the Earth’s evolution and to the sacredness of all life.  Correctly applying the creative force of these elements is key to effectively manifesting a new reality.

Currently the energetic nature of the elements is evolving. This evolutionary process is literally changing the molecular structure of the planet to restore balance.  As a result, our human molecular structure is changing creating an alchemical reaction, which is enabling you to fully embody your soul and ground its cosmic blueprint into the roots of the Earth.  This alchemical process is generating a powerful energetic creative force, which is allowing you to retrieve, from your soul blueprint, the wisdom, truth, understanding and revelations crucial to the building of the new Earth reality.  These valuable tools will enable you to manifest creations based on healthy values such as integrity, honour, respect, balance, consciousness and community. Thus, you are able to manifest a reality that is able to grow and meet your personal needs while also respecting the Earth and all who dwell upon her.

Everything is changing and everything is new.  Powerful, unexpected events are at work which ask you to look deeply at yourself, your life, your relationships and your world. Look beyond the cliffs edge and expand your horizons beyond what you are able to see and perceive. Align yourself with the events that are occurring and move into right action.  Explore your intuition and your interests.  Go where they lead you.  Trust in yourself and the changes you need to make and you will set into motion a chain of events which will create rewarding new life.

This is just the beginning. A new journey lies before you. A journey which is vital for the evolutionary growth of your soul. See this journey as a beautiful path of growth, transformation and evolution. Expect many beautiful rewards along the way with many new experiences and opportunities. Explore your new reality, your thoughts and your feelings. Discover who you are now and how to continue your Earth walk. You may find that a deeper understanding of your path and purpose begins to emerge as you become aware of the larger journey, the total journey of humanity. Take time, gather yourself and clarify your path.  Move with the incoming energies and learn to direct, build and weave together your new life using the natural forces of creation.

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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Planetary Clearing Report: It Ain’t Your Fault … You’re Not Alone. Gaia’s “Original Descent Into Hell” Trauma, Comes Up For Clearing

Planetary Clearing Report: It Ain’t Your Fault … You’re Not Alone. Gaia’s “Original Descent Into Hell” Trauma, Comes Up For Clearing

May 28, 2018  |  The Unknown Lightwarrior  | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

There was massive interference for the audio version of this report on yesterday’s (downloadable) episode of Ground Crew Command, that took a few minutes to clear. So that’s usually an indicator (some say confirmation) that this report was ‘right on the money’.

As promised, here’s the text version … And leave your input in the comments section below, in case you saw & experienced more, that can add to this report & or is related to this 22nd of May period.

If you’ve been feeling like curling up into a ball (these past 2-4 days in particular) …

… or feeling like “I definitely can’t go any further … “

… or experienced major ‘off-gassing’ (release symptoms) as of this Tue afternoon/night, 22nd May – US time (so Wednesday for most outside the Americas)

… or tranquilized & made numb, with either “positivity” or anger

… then this Planetary Clearing report may explain it.

Back in Atlantis, at around the period of the 1st Archon invasion … the battle for control of the over-all energies of all planes of existence on Gaia was raging.

This was a crucial pivot-point for the planet. Either Goddess energies were to remain – as the predominant (and therefore ruling) energy, that will decide ‘how things go’ …

… or darkness energy was to gain control, through reaching its critical mass amount on all planes, to be able to increase its virulence & ‘wonkiness’ … to make things go ITS way.

One of the central & senior figures in all this, was Astara ( … derived from her Sirian name; Asta A’Ra). A very old divine feminine soul, in the form of a Sirian woman … And of course, a well recognized, legendary historical figure in the awake-aware/esoteric world.

She was the senior figure in organizing everything from energetic actions for maintaining Goddess vortexes & grids on all planes … to assigning military leaders to take on darkness of various forms, to stop them from wrecking or infecting the physical/non-physical planes with vortex reversal … dark portal opening … laying of negative grid-systems, etc, etc.

Over a 2 to 4 thousand year period, the results were mixed. Asta A’Ra achieved successes, but also failures. Part of the issue was that darkness had gained a foot-hold on the physical plane, which allowed them extra power to influence the non-physical planes.

But when the 1st Archon invasion took place 26,000 ago, which was about 2/3rds of the way into this period of time … it resulted in a classic case of overwhelm. Where the dark forces were able to gain enough presence on all the lower (non-physical) sub-planes … which allowed them to build-out the non-physical infra-structure needed to erect the proverbial Veil.

From then on … Asta A’Ra suffered mostly losses, which also resulted in herself being trapped into the incarnational cycle controlled by the Archons. And that’s when the real ‘descent into hell’ started for her … humanity … the Light Warriors she commanded … and her network of Goddesses & Goddess Temples that were working hard to maintain The Goddess … as the predominant energy that ruled Earth & Atlantis.

She LOST …

Gaia LOST …

All Divine Feminine & her Extensions (mostly in woman’s bodies) LOST …

The Divine Masculine & its extensions (mostly in men’s bodies) was Emasculated Because it Couldn’t Prevent This … So It LOST.

This TRAUMA/Event, was what has just been retrieved (in the soul-fragment sense) … shut-down … and healed …

… because, BOY; did we ever ‘bash into’ this wounding as a collective!

It ‘came up’ either during or just after the Cobra Taipei conference. Rest assured … we felt it, 🙂

It explains why women (not men) were all of a sudden having heart problems, all at the same time … based on several reports from our network.

Why did such a symptom for many (Lightworker) women, come up now??

Why was it that the mother of one of my clients… and Melania Trump ended up in the hospital with kidney problems?

Yeah … that’s right, the Melania that ‘appears’ unconscious … but was wearing the ‘White Hat’ when standing next to French President Macron doing his Lucifarian hand signals.

Kidneys are where pain & fear (and some say anger) is stored.

Last week … a lot of work was done on clearing the remaining (primarily) plasma grid infra-structure. Five separate layers of grids were detected.

As the Light penetrated deeper into the plasma & physical planes … it inevitably STUNG the darkness around (and working from) the planetary trauma/event described above.


The resulting upheaval knocked all of us around.

Here’s some details on what was cleared:

  • the event itself (trauma of the Goddess energies & Goddess Archetype being soundly defeated)

  • the resulting downstream effects & ramifications on Gaia & the collective.

  • the resulting wounding/trauma on the divine masculine (archetypal & collective level)

  • the time/space event of the 1st Archon invasion (transmuted them coming through the portal they came through at that point in linear time & location in space) … Tracked back through the portal/wormhole, and transmuted their entire physical & non-physical realms at their home planet in Orion, and briefly on other occupied planets.

(Sidenote: again I have to stress, and I always repeat this through my healing work & radio show, we really do have this kind of power when you & I work with Macro Levels of Light [WAY above the Multi-Verse] … our I AM Presence  … from the place of Omnipresence [simpler than you think] … with unrestrained ‘imagination’/beliefs/consciousness … projected FROM the physical plane – WITHIN our physical bodies!)

  • … and the soul fragment retrieval (back to Source) of all those once great Angels, now known as Archons.

  • … this then unleashed huge clearings, re-connections & progress with Gaia’s various grids & chakras (leylines, magnetic grids, Hartman grids, etc) on all her bodies (planes), which also required some consciousness to be focused upon … to bring in far more light.

To be frank … by the time I got to the 3rd paragraph of this report, my computer started overheating, the fan was going crazy like it never did before (so I had to stop & clear my computer) … and I got 2 number synchronicities, (5:55 & 222, then right as I finished 1202 – which always represented a variation of 2012, the actual year for the closure of the ‘hell-cycle’

… and of the commencement of mass cleansing & ascension).

Of course … to remain grounded & pragmatic about this, we’ll have to wait and see about further corroboration of all this from reliable intel sources like Sandra Walters … James Gilliland….Cobra … and your personal favorites you’ve found reliable in the past.

As always … the irony is that this might (depending on where you’re at with your internal state & level of consciousness/programing) … this may STING anything ‘that’s not truly YOU’ … far more, and will force it up for sure.

So if you’re not using robust enough resources/non-physical help in clearing them, or for many of you … to make that mindset shift into knowing & TRUSTING that all will be well … you’re going to be ok … that it’s all in Higher-Self/Divine right order – planning – and timing … and remaining in a state of resistance to this MASS detoxing (which btw; includes your current spiritual paradigm/programs) … then it will only get worse, until it gets better.

So please connect with your Higher-Self & I AM Presence for guidance.

Be prepared for some unexpected answers (often in the form of ‘fleeting’, or consistent thoughts/images) … that may upset the programmed egoic consciousness … and some major heart chakra opening at a whole new level.

….more later this week….

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to:

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“The road block is not the end, it’s a detour to a better route” – Dr. Taryn Crimi

“The road block is not the end, it’s a detour to a better route”
Today we would like to focus your attention upon your holographic reality; one which appears to be so very real as it seemingly fabricates the challenges that you face and the obstacles that you must surmount. Now, this is not to say that the obstacles do not exist, rather we would say they exist from your minds perspective. You have the ability to change the picture any time that you wish, all you must do is change your focus and more importantly, your vibration.

We would like to dedicate this message to those of you who are in need of some re-focusing so that the images that appear before you are more in line with what you wish to see. As we have said many times, the perceiver is responsible for determining whether any experience is seen as positive or negative. There are many extremes within your reality and you are capable of seeing both the positive and negative in any and all circumstances.

Certainly, it is easy to become engrossed in your everyday lives, within the struggles and difficulties that each one of you undoubtedly face. But we would like to remind you that you are not the body that you walk upon your Earth in, you are a limitless soul who seeks to express itself in every way possible. You have no boundaries or limitations other than the ones you place upon yourselves. We see so many become disheartened in their search to create the life they wish to manifest when they become so caught up in how their dreams are allowed to manifest.

They cannot see that the road block they temporarily experience is simply placed upon their path to ensure that they are rerouted to a more direct and appropriate path in which to reach their desired destination. The road block is not the end dear, it is simply a detour to a better route.

So very often so many are creating dreams based upon what they think they can actually manifest, rather than what they truly wish to create for themselves. Essentially many find themselves settling for far less because they do not dare to dream for more. We remind you, just because it isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. Do not believe all that you see before you, as it is projected by the thoughts and fears that you hold within your mind. Feed your dreams by starving your fears. Both cannot remain in the same space as they require opposite vibrations to manifest.

You must focus your attention so strongly upon the faith that you have in your ability to create all that you wish to create so that the fears have no other option but to fall away. This is how you dismantle the holographic images of fear as they cannot remain on your path if you hold your focus upon your desired outcome so intently that no other outcome could possibly manifest. The fears and worries that you have for tomorrow are not here in your now.

Remember, it is not your job to determine how your desires are allowed to manifest; you must only focus upon what you desire to create. It will come if you let it; it must as life is simply a mirror reflecting back to you all that you project upon this holographic screen, which you currently believe to be your reality. It is of your own making. Look past your fears, and focus your attention upon that which you wish to bring to you. You can begin right now to wipe away the images upon your life “screen” that generate fear within you as you fuel your dreams with your faith that you can create so much more. Remember, it’s just a dream, so dream something great!

We hope that we have served you in some way and that our message finds those of you who are in need of it most.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Copyright © 2018 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Arcturian Group Message for May 20, 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL


Arcturian Group Message for May 20, 2018

by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

Dear readers, we come in love and with continuing respect for the work you are doing both on inner and outer levels in the face of the turmoil, confusion, and anger manifesting around you. Present times are bringing change which is empowering those who do not like or want change to plant themselves firmly in what is familiar and look fondly backward to “the good old days”.

Currently there are a great many films, books, and television shows built around perceived ideas of these “better times”. This is because many are confused by the intensity of what is taking place the world over and have come to believe that earlier times were better, more peaceful, and that the issues they see today did not exist.

The past will always look better to some because humans tend to forget the bad and embellish the good. However, beneath those seemingly carefree times the very same issues of today were simmering, alive and well, but not recognized for what they were by an unawake majority.

Ponder the state of women’s’ equality, racial prejudice, and war mongering of the “good old days” and you will quickly understand the illusory nature of nostalgia and how a great portion of it is ignorance accepted as reality.

The high frequency energies of Light now flooding earth as evolution unfolds is serving to expose much that has been heretofore hidden. Keeping people ignorant is always possible when personal power is freely surrendered to others–governments, experts, family and friends, or organized religions in the belief that these others know what is right for them and would never deceive. This is rapidly changing as more individuals open their eyes, reclaim personal power, and start to make their own decisions.

At this time every student of truth needs to examine world concepts of gain versus loss, concepts that perfectly reflect duality. Third dimensional energy being an energy of time and space, duality and separation, always expresses as pairs of opposites for anyone living fully in third dimensional consciousness. Manifestations of gain and loss appear on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and are accepted as normal.

In its attempt toward more gain and less loss according to present day standards, the three dimensional belief system holds specific concepts regarding the gains a person must strive for. The un-awakened state of consciousness has accepted these concepts as truth and struggles to attain them.

Physically, many men and women intensely strive to attain (gain) a “perfect” body according to TV, film, advertising, and fashion industry standards. It is believed that having a so called perfect body brings acceptance, love, and admiration, making the person superior to others. Those satisfied with a normal or even a “not so perfect” body are automatically relegated to the “loss” side of the scale.

Intense focusing on physical perfection at any cost has resulted eating disorders, depression, lack of purpose, suicide, self loathing, lack of confidence, and ill health for the many who still accept false concepts of who and what they are and who as of yet do not know that they are consciousness, not just physical bodies.

Emotionally, many strive to gain perfect emotional stability as defined by “experts” who often change their ideas from day to day. The desire to attain some concept of emotional perfection and eliminate undesirable emotions causes many to simply bury unwanted emotions in the false belief that they are then gone.

If you experience some emotion you dislike, simply refuse to judge it as good or bad but rather love and honor yourself through the realization that it is simply a part of who you are at this time while asking yourself; “Is this emotion old energy clearing, or does it represent something I am still holding in my belief system? What am I believing that is making me feel this way?” Know that nothing is good or bad, it is only one’s accepted concepts about something that determines it good or bad.

Often those struggling to gain some concept of emotional perfection, turn to legal or illegal drugs which seem to make things better but which in reality only serve to mask the very emotions needing to be addressed. Drugs block spiritual progress. At some point, perhaps even in a future lifetime, every individual must begin to accept, understand, and heal the emotional body through self- love rather than self- loathing.

Many negative emotions have to do with cellular memory and past lives which is why certain unwanted emotions may seem to be coming now or have been with you your whole life. You are now able to realize that these emotions once served a purpose but are no longer needed. Love them, thanking these parts of yourself for the service they may have provided in other lifetimes, and let them go.

Mental level gains for some (not all) is frequently about attaining as much intellectual knowledge as possible which provides them a sense of worthiness and value. You all know people who tout their intellectual prowess on every topic to anyone who will listen in the belief that this makes them superior to others.

The intense drive so many have to gain ever more wealth and material goods even when not needed, is a manifestation of the belief that wealth will give them the acceptance, credibility, and love that every soul yearns for. The loss of wealth (duality) for those who identify themselves as their wealth, has caused many to take their own lives.

Spiritually, there are those who continue to see spiritual gain as reaching some imagined pinnacle through certain rites, rituals, teachings, and products which often only serve to keep them ignorant of the fact that what they seek is not in the outer things. Then after many years devoted to some spiritual path, these dear ones experience a tremendous sense of loss and failure because their efforts did not result in their self created expectations.

Those driven by a desire for the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual gain within the third dimensional belief system will experience some success, often great success, but will also have failure simply because duality and separation consciousness manifests as pairs of opposites.

The reality existing behind all actions for gain on the three dimensional level is the soul’s yearning for recognition. This yearning is an inner nudge to awaken into the real completeness , wholeness, and unconditional love/Real Self/Oneness that is already present.

The un-awakened state of consciousness does not yet know that what they strive for is already within and so when they experience an inner push for more (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) they interpret it according to their attained level of awareness which is usually in and as forms of achievement (gain).

That inner yearning and hunger experienced on all levels will always remain even after the perfect body, partner, bank account or any other goal has been attained because the wholeness, completeness, and love sought through these things does not exist in them. The soul can never be satisfied with baubles.

As individuals awaken to the reality of who and what they really are, they begin to understand that everything they sought in outer has only served to hold them in bondage to these things. At this point the intense striving and struggle for outer gain begins to dissolve. The awakening individual begins to understand that the material gains he believed necessary for his health, wealth, and happiness, represent what is already present within.

This is how evolutionary learning happens. Along the way of many lifetimes, every one plays the role of seeking and searching, finding and losing, success and failure, according to the concepts and beliefs of the time. The three dimensional tools and actions of gain work when a person is in alignment with their energy but at some point of spiritual readiness, they stop working.

At this point there often comes an intense but fruitless period of struggle and effort to make things go back to the way they were. Here many lose hope and declare themselves to be failures rather than understanding that these experiences are graduations, not failures–indications that they have outgrown and are no longer in alignment with some previously held three dimensional belief or concept.

We are not saying that all goals are unnecessary. In third dimensional living many goals are necessary for learning and surviving until a state of consciousness is attained in which everything needed automatically manifests. What we are saying is that serious students of truth must not allow three dimensional concepts of “gains that must be attained” or “losses that must be eliminated” to hold power over them.

Never allow these concepts to validate or define your worth. Every individual is a Divine Being. Since there is only ONE reality, law, cause, and substance there is nothing else anyone could be. What would it be made of?

Many experiences of gain or loss are chosen events, facets of one’s personal soul contract put there with the help of one’s Guides and honest self evaluation before incarnating for the purpose of creating a necessary learning experience. Gain is every seemingly small bit of spiritual awareness that bubbles up into consciousness as you go about the ordinary activities of life.

This does not mean you do not seek some gain as you exercise, go to the gym, or do the physical activities you enjoy for the physical body needs exercise in order to be healthy. Many physical activities such as Yoga have energy balancing techniques at their root.

Many individuals are now ready for goals (seeking gain) regarding emotional balancing. On the spiritual level letting go of gain versus loss concepts does not mean you cannot take a spiritual class, or study with an evolved spiritual teacher if you are guided to do this. What we are saying is that you are ready to move beyond beliefs that declare certain three dimensional gains as being absolutely necessary and the loss or absence of them as being failure.

Ask yourselves; “Why do I going to the gym? Why am I on a continual diet? Why do I look at myself in the mirror and see failure? Do I believe that every negative emotion is wrong, or that because I don’t have lots of degrees and formal education, or am not yet a spiritual master I have failed?”

Never resist anything for resistance simply gives power to whatever is being resisted making it even more real and firmly entrenched. Just say; “Oh you again” to beliefs, concepts, and emotions you know to be false and simply go on with the activities of your day.

The mind is an avenue of awareness, not the end all of superiority over other living things as you have been taught. Not everyone contracted to live the life of an intellectual genius or to manifest in this lifetime their intellectual attainments attained in previous lives or on other planets. Some have chosen the experience of being mentally handicapped specifically for their or the caregiver’s spiritual growth. There really are no accidents.

It is not possible to revert from an attained state of consciousness although there are many who try in order to please those around them. Attempts to continue living from an outgrown state of consciousness can only fail because there is no longer alignment with that energy regardless of how familiar. Some pretend for awhile, but within are well aware that it is not working.

Relax and rest in the realization that everything is proceeding according to plan, governed by the Higher Self and not by continuous striving, struggling, or doing. Your Higher Self knows what you are ready for and when. If you read these messages the “train has left the station” and you no longer need to be ruled by three dimensional concepts of gain and loss.

Every lifetime and every experience has been about remembering, thus making all experiences gains, and so called losses, nonexistent.

Cease the struggle, and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/20/18

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The Rhythm of the Earth ~ Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

The Rhythm of the Earth
Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua


Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I greet you all. You are dear to me. I have respect for you, respect for your courage and perseverance. You are vulnerable in your humanity: in the not-knowing, in the searching, in the entering unknown paths. I see your fear, the longing, the homesickness for the light, for security and freedom. You are always searching and on occasion you get lost on paths which have been marked out by society, by the voices of fear telling you about not being enough or not having enough, and the need for protection. These voices were so loud in the past that they have penetrated deeply within you and have become louder than the voice of your heart, your inner voice. You are all fighting against the voices of fear, the voices of the past.

I have respect for you, because you have taken on this struggle, this fight, this quest. You have taken a leap of faith and that calls for courage and surrender. Therefore, respect yourself and realize that what you are doing here, in your life on Earth, is part of a greater whole. What you do has an effect on others, on the totality of the web of lives and souls with whom you are joined. This effect is greater than you imagine. You emit to other parts of the world, to other living beings without your knowing this. You are greater than you think.

Much of the time, your awareness is preoccupied with your fears, your problems, the concerns that keep you busy in everyday life. But your soul’s energy is much greater, much more extensive and broad than the personal concerns that preoccupy you and with which you identify.

I ask you to now become aware of the infinite being who you are. Your soul has chosen this body in which to manifest in this life. In choosing for this body, you also chose for certain parents and the family in which you were born, the living conditions in which you grew up. The soul surrenders voluntarily and allows itself to become constricted and ensnared in a web that is woven by both fear and love. Through your parents, and later through the world around you, through your relationships and your work environment, you meet up with fear and limitation and darkness.

Also, however, there is always love present, which you can find only if you choose to. If you are very aware of your own center, you can see through the fears, the masks, the illusions in the world around you. Instead of focussing on your worries and your so-called shortcomings, you then become aware of the light that is always present and radiates within you; the light that comes from a very different world, one that is not limited by fear, judgment, or lack. Your most important task on Earth is to find this light within yourself and to nurture it and to give it earthly hands and feet, to truly allow it flow into and onto the Earth. That is your true purpose; everything else is secondary.

Now connect with your feet; feel them on the ground and feel yourself borne by Mother Earth. The Earth, as a living being, is your ally; feel her vibration, the silence of nature, the fluid ease with which the life processes unfold. Feel the essence of Mother Earth in and below your feet. The Earth welcomes you and loves you as her child. She wants you to have everything you require and, above all, she wants to help you to discover your own light, for she needs your light. She becomes inspired and made fertile by your consciousness; you are a creator and the Earth wants to receive you. Feel how the Earth loves you. Feel her motherly flow rise up through your feet and calves, fill your knees and upper legs, and feel how the essence of the Earth, her consciousness, fills your lower abdomen, your pelvic area.

Become a child again who knows it is borne and does not need to worry if it is safe. And that is the way it truly is: you are safe in the arms of Mother Earth. If you allow it, she cares for you from your birth until your death. If you are attuned to her, you are joined with a rhythm that is right for you. All life processes and inner growth processes have a certain rhythm, a cadence. Your rhythm falters only because of your fears or because you fail to believe in and listen to that rhythm. It is the energies of the head that interfere with the natural flow of your life, so free yourself from these ideas which are mental judgments. Descend with your consciousness into your pelvic cradle and feel the gentle voice of Mother Earth: slow down and rest here!

Imagine that your pelvic cradle is itself the womb of Mother Earth and you are rocked as in a hammock that gently moves back and forth. It is intended that you feel safe on Earth, because only then can you unfold in your own way. To develop yourself is like the slow unfolding, the blossoming, of a fragile flower that carries the energy of a different world. That flower needs time, proper nourishment, protection, and stability.

Now imagine that you surround yourself with these energies and you give yourself the space to grow in a way that suits you best. Right now, do you especially have a need for rest? Feel that for a moment. Rest does not mean doing nothing; it most often means giving attention to yourself, your real needs. It is also possible that you would like to do something that you long for and have long denied yourself. Maybe now is the right time to nourish your soul. Pose this question to Mother Earth.

Imagine that you are rocking gently back and forth in a hammock; it is safe and you are relaxed. There now arrives an animal from nature that brings a message to you, and that message is an energy, a healing energy. Receive it and look into the eyes of this animal; accept it as a guide from Mother Earth.

You are here on Earth to give form to your soul’s energy in an earthly way, and that is only possible if you feel at home on Earth. You all carry baggage from the past that makes this difficult and makes you feel unsafe in your body when among people, and even with yourself and your emotions – and I see this.

There is a struggle caused by the gap between light, warmth, and security on one side, and the fear and cold you experience on the other. However, I appeal to you, to the deepest consciousness within you, that the light, warmth, and security are stronger than the fear and the cold. You can feel this in your everyday life by connecting with the Earth, nature, and your own lower abdomen and pelvis.

There is safety there, and there is love, and you will find the answers there which you seek – they come from rest and relaxation. Never connect with the answers which come from your head. It is the connection with your earthly being and earthly nature from which you can really understand, comfort, and encourage yourself. Surrender to the Earth! That is the first step toward becoming whole.

It is when you are experiencing basic safety that you can hear the inner voice of your heart, clearly audible, as if it were the song of a bird. You can also bring to it the patience to let things unfold and develop in their own way. Follow the rhythm of the Earth and have compassion for yourself. Even if you sometimes feel lost in fear, in cold, in ignorance, you have a great light within you, and the Earth welcomes your light and welcomes you.

Now feel this radiant light in your heart: a pure and fresh consciousness. Feel where you have come from, the places you have been in the universe – you have a rich past. You have a lot of knowledge and experience that you may now share with the Earth and the people around you. Do not be afraid. You are a bringer of light, and that is what you want to be. Feel that light in your heart. Feel how this light joins you to all other living beings: humans, animals, nature.

Bow down to this light within yourself. Feel that it is larger than your personality and your worries, which have their right to exist, but at the same time, feel the inexhaustible source of light in you. Let that light now wash over you and cleanse your energy field like a fountain from your heart. Feel the light flow over your head and shoulders, down along your upper body, through your pelvis and legs and feet, and down into the Earth.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe