Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 14th – 20th October 2019 – WHEEL OF FORTUNE | Omen & LOVE

Yes, this video is THREE HOURS LONG! OH MY! Chock full of information! Enjoy! ~PB

Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 14th – 20th October 2019 – WHEEL OF FORTUNE | Omen & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Oct 12, 2019
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Weekly horoscope tarot readings from the 14th – 20th October 2019, FOR ALL TWELVE SIGNS OF ZODIAC, by psychic Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

The energy will be VERY INTERESTING this week indeed, I really like it because it will be rejuvenating in many ways, for example, the need to explore will be highlighted, and also the need to deal with things that we consider uncomfortable this particular week will actually flow rather easy.


It’s all about accomplishment, confidence, bravery, next stage and most certainly a quite important option which will be super highlighted for us by the end of this week.

On a spiritual level this week will be good to meditate, connect and reconnect with nature, grounding and tree hugging will be super effective to rejuvenate ourselves.

Time to revisit our personal spiritual rituals, time to give ourselves time and most certainly time to consider if or where we can pursue new spiritual information that might be interesting to us.


This horoscope tarot readings are for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Pisces.

Aries 2:09
Taurus 12:58
Gems 25:04
Cancer 35:38
Leo 47:15
Virgo (plus “heal the world” song from Sashalini!) 1:00:12
Libra 1:17:47
Scorpio 1:34:30
Sag 1:51:35
Cappies 2:04:14
Aqua 2:18:07
Pisces 2:42:15



FULL MOON IN Psychic Sounds by B: ARIES OCTOBER 13TH 2019 (LASTS FOR 14 DAYS) ~ THE PARADIGM IS SHIFTING! + B Weeklies! Oct 14-21 2019 ~ What is going on with the fam?


Oct 11, 2019
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This information is to be use at the viewers own discretion. The creator takes no responsibility for the actions of the viewer based in full or in part any information contained herein. This is and will be considered for entertainment purposes only. This information is not to be used as a substitute for professional or medical advice.

Cap – 59:30
Aquarius – 1:00:22
Pisces 1:01:05
Aries 1:01:53
Taurus 1:02:37
Gemini 1:03:56
Cancer 1:05:57
Leo 1:06:39
Virgo 1:06:58
Libra 1:07:54
Scorpio 1:08:20
Sagittarius 1:08:40



Pamela Georgel: Full Moon in Aries October 13th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading

Full Moon in Aries October 13th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

Oct 12, 2019
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Earth 1:53, Water 5:39, Fire 9:39, Air 13:43

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Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. Please also follow me on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC and twitter:@theluckymermaid and my website:



Oct 10, 2019

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#DivineFeminine #October

Divine Feminine Collective reading, will be posting a part 2 and Divine Masculine collective reading.

Patrons- October All Signs reading is posted and TF- Fire Signs & TF- Earth Signs for October is posted, Air signs and Water signs will be posted soon!

And Thank you for your channel support through Patreon 🙏


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A Message to Lightworkers – October 4, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – October 4, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

A reader asks a question, which we are happy to reply to. They write:

“Is there a formula for dealing with the powerful effects of these energies coming in now? So many are feeling exhausted.

“A friend who is a brilliant psychic sat down in a dentist chair the other day, and her entire body went into muscle spasms for 30 minutes.

“She was picking up on the energies of those who had sat there before her. She is new to this dentist office, and she forgot to clear the energies of that chair before sitting down.

Is all this related to the energies coming in? Is it the energies themselves? Or are we handling them differently?”

THE COLLECTIVE: This is one of the prime issues affecting nearly everyone on the Earth at present.

This is because energy is constantly flowing through and around you.

At present, as an Earth being, you cannot avoid its effects completely, even if you are only observing the energy of a situation and not allowing yourself to be moved by it in any discernible way.

In the case of the dear one who is what people call “psychic”—one who sees beyond the veil that the conscious mind tends to think is still there—she was not so much grabbed and shaken by the energies, as caught up in the process of transmuting the fear, stress, tension, and worry left there by numerous patients over time.

She went quickly into the transmuting process—in this case, with her physical body, and not only her etheric and mental bodies, though these suffered no damage.

Photo by Lynne Newman

This is why, even though the dental office staff wanted her to see a doctor, she was able to assure them that all was well. She understood what was happening.

And indeed, the muscle spasms stopped after 30 minutes, because at that point, the energies had been rinsed clear from the chair by this dear one’s higher self.

Generally, as your friend noted, it is easier to do a clearing before one enters a situation (or sits down where others have been frightened or in pain).

You can use higher Light to cleanse any situation before you fully enter it, in the sense that you are transmuting the energies there to a much higher level.

Whether or not you see a shift occurring in the people, animals, weather, or mechanics of a situation, we can assure you that as soon as you call in Divine Light, you are shifting the energies there and assisting your and others’ integration of those energies in a higher way.

There is much your Earth finds difficult—conflict, dense emotions such as rage or fear, discord of all kinds, and destruction, to name a few, whether aimed at Her or at any of Her beings.

So that each time you transmute the density you find, in any situation, you literally assist the entire Earth, and all Her beings.

On a personal level, can you stay safe from intense energies, before they reach you and draw down your vibration?

Yes, most certainly—but as we say, only while you stand etherically and emotionally outside the situation.

Once you have entered that situation, and stand in a position of judgment of it, you lose the upper hand, one might say.

Our writer mislaid her eyeglasses once, just as she was about to leave for the airport, and was stressed and annoyed at not being able to find them.

She called out to her Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self to assist her.

She could hear them saying, “We can’t help you until you calm down,” as the density of her fear and aggravation was a block to hearing them.

Once she calmed her mind and emotions, the image came to mind of exactly where the eyeglasses were, and she found them quickly.

In a similar way, if you are upset, fearful, stressed, angry, or sad about something, the higher idea that will assist and lift you out of that seemingly stuck situation has a hard time coming to you.

At that point, you have already steeped yourself in a dense emotional response, because you have judged the situation to be difficult or painful.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

Then the energies of that situation read where you are—they shift to meet the tone or frequency of how you have labeled and judged that circumstance.

And yes, that circumstance can snowball from there, steeping itself in more density, making it hard for you to receive the miracles of the Universe that desire to flow to you—help from friends or strangers, money suddenly coming to you “out of the blue,” a healing or form of assistance that shines through unexpectedly.

All because you refused to react with low expectations, and relaxed into the higher flow, allowing your higher aspect to do its job to flow the needed resources to you.

It is far easier to release the need to judge something as bad—to take that split second before panic or anger sets in, and ask your higher self, “How do I handle this?”

By giving it to them, releasing the need to jump in with a dense emotional reaction, you free yourself from feeling stuck in an uncomfortable or very trying situation.

You also realize how powerful you are.

You begin to see that things do not have to go perfectly for you in order for you to eventually reap Wisdom, Peace, and kindness out of nearly any situation.

You are most assuredly handling energy far differently than you have in the past, because the part of your subconscious that is connected to your higher consciousness is in the process of remembering how to work with energy positively, rather than only reacting to it and feeling helpless to direct it.

The higher energies pouring into the Earth are indeed being integrated now, but in the sense that they are assisting you in remembering the co-Creative Light Being that you are.

It is fine to say, “Here I Am, a human being affected by the higher Light coming in now—how do I deal with it, and integrate it with ease?”

This is similar to your having been asleep so many centuries, that upon awakening, you find you have forgotten your name.

When someone comes into the room and reminds you of what your name is, it seems strange to hear it again.

“Are you sure?” you ask this person, because this name doesn’t quite seem to belong to you. It feels too new.

And yet, it is you.

All of it is you—the ability to sense or see energy and its many interplays with objects, people, emotions, the breathing of the Earth Herself.

You have the ability to transmute energy that feels dense or uncertain, by calling in Divine Light to direct those energies to flow at a higher vibration.

In the process, you release yourself from any tendency to match a frequency that is lower than your own.

You can, in fact, in that moment, flow far higher than where your frequency was a moment ago, by concentrating on the higher Light you have called in—its essence, and its conscious presence.

That then becomes the reality you are living in.

Photo by Georgia Short

You now see that all physical circumstances are far more changeable or solvable than they appeared a moment ago.

How are you both a Light Being, working with energy as if it were your kindest friend, and also a human in a physical body, apparently stuck in time and place?

In this process of Ascension, there are many paths, and at present, your path is the process of remembering what are, in the higher realms, an average occurrence, but which may seem to you to be a form of magic or manipulation of the quantum field.

Call it whatever you like—you are co-Creators!

Not subject to the whims of any energy, but independent and sovereign, regarding how those energies reach you, and how you feel at any one time.

This is both your path of Joyful rediscovery, and your challenge.

We are thrilled to see you growing stronger in it, day by day.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your weekly guide to planetary influences October 7 to 13, 2019 by Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your weekly guide to planetary influences

October 7 to 13, 2019

by Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. 
For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Sun square Saturn
TUE: Venus enters Scorpio, Mars opposite Chiron, Neptune square Ceres
WED: Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun quincunx Neptune
THU: Venus quincux Chiron
SAT: Mars quincunx Uranus, Venus semisquare Jupiter, Venus opposite Uranus
SUN: Sun sextile Jupiter, Full Moon 2:07 p.m. PDT, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury sextile Saturn (Sun square Pluto at 12:37 a.m. on Monday, October 14)

AS CRACKS continue to appear and grow deeper in the foundations around us, we have ever clearer choices of how we want to respond. We can opt to live in fear and anger, caught up in the dramatic antics of the external world, or we can decide that we want to hold a different vibration.

As old systems crack and crumble, it is up to each of us, as individuals, to provide the energetic building blocks for new forms that will take their place. With our focused intention, exhibited in how we live day-to-day, our new world can be constructed upon a more heart-centered foundation.

Our choice is simple in these very complex times: What kind of thought forms and emotional energy do we want to add to mass consciousness?

THIS WEEK, in particular, we will be required to make that choice on a daily basis. The Sun is activating the effects of the powerful Saturn-Pluto alignment throughout the next eight days, with the focal point being the transformational Full Moon next Sunday.


The most pivotal days are likely to be:

  • Monday, October 7 (Sun square Saturn)
  • Thursday, October 10 (Sun conjunct the Saturn-Pluto midpoint)
  • Sunday, October 13 (Full Moon square Saturn/Pluto)
  • Monday, October 14 (Sun square Pluto)
This process of choosing a higher frequency is not an exercise in avoidance or mere wishful thinking. It is a clear and focused intention, and it has the capacity to shift our collective trajectory.

TRANSDUCER Peggy Black, author of the Morning Messages books, provides one example of how we can apply this intentionality. As her ‘team’ explains, Peggy does what she calls “news homework” every day:

“Every morning, she has her hot beverage, and reads the headlines. When she’s finished, she closes her eyes and goes to her heart and says, ‘I call upon Divine Beings to minister, to transform, to uplift, and to heal every situation that these headlines represent.’ So at the very beginning of her day, she invites other Divine Beings to participate–Divine Beings who are awaiting an invitation. These beings want to work on this planet, they want to help you with evolution, but they have to first be invited. So begin to invite Divine Beings, named or unnamed, to help in this way.”

 THERE ARE MANY WAYS to focus our intention. This type of “news homework” is just one option. But it is up to each of us as individuals to contribute to the collective the type of energy that we wish to see in the world.
Knowing what we want to contribute and “making it so” is one of the most powerful and positive ways we can use this Saturn-Pluto alignment. And, given how strong the energies are this week, having some sort of exercise or routine that focuses our attention productively, will be vital–both for helping each of us to personally ride the waves and for the advancement of humanity.

As Dorothy said after being transported to the Land of Oz, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” Like Dorothy, we are learning, with the help of this Saturn-Pluto alignment, to rise above our fears and feelings of victimization, and to powerfully claim our capacity to make a difference in the world.

LEADING UP to next Sunday’s very dynamic Full Moon, we’ll be working with a few other notable aspects. Here’s a bulleted description of the highlights:

  • Mars: Exact on Tuesday, a Mars-Chiron opposition indicates that actions are driven more by fear and insecurity than by confidence. On a personal level, this is a healing opportunity. When we feel disrespected and unseen, we can turn inward, pouring love upon the aspect of our personality that does feel fearful, that may question its very right to exist and to have its wants and needs met. On Saturday, a Mars-Uranus quincunx complicates any intentions we may have set earlier in the week, through surprises that require a course adjustment.
  • Venus: Venus enters volatile Scorpio on Tuesday, then is involved in hard aspects for the rest of the week. Events on Saturday will likely be the most shocking or spectacular, courtesy of the Venus-Uranus opposition that perfects on that day. As Venus rules both relationships and financial matters, we may experience some upheaval in these areas. Secrets are revealed that drive change, and emotional reactivity is intensified.
  • Neptune: We may be feeling pretty foggy or confused on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ethereal Neptune is in hard aspect to Ceres, Venus, and the Sun on those days. We may feel disappointed in loved ones who do not live up to our expectations, and we may even feel deceived in some way. Our challenges are not to play the victim card as a way to get the attention we desire, and also not to slip into avoidance or escapism–manifestations of Neptune’s shadow. 

CRACKS in the foundation deepen around the time of next weekend’s Full Moon, which perfects at 2:07 p.m. PDT on Sunday, October 13. The reason this lunation is so powerful is because the Moon is at 20°13′ Aries, the Sun is at 20°13′ Libra, and Pluto is at 20°39′ Capricorn. This places the three planets in very tight aspect with each other, creating a powerful cardinal T-square, and augmenting the intensity of their interactions.

Also involved in the equation are disgruntled Eris, which is conjunct the Moon, and stern Saturn, just six degrees away from Pluto. These additional planets will increase the impact of the lunation.

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES when we will see very clearly where we are headed with respect to the full Saturn-Pluto alignment that occurs on January 12, 2020. Whatever transpires this week is an integral step in the process of disintegration that is underway.

Pluto and Saturn are both at the “apex” of the T-square (at the bottom of the stem of the T), so their influence is central to our experience at this Full Moon:

  • Saturn at the apex indicates great frustration if we push too hard for immediate resolution. In his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, astrologer Bil Tierney writes that apex Saturn “suggests a certain domineering, take-over quality,” and manifests as resentment against anyone who interferes with the achievement of our goals or ambitions.
  • Pluto at the apex represents compressed power that is looking for release. Tierney explains that with this T-square, we will be managing “a willful desire to fulfill ambitions through force, manipulation, or subversive actions.” He also writes that with apex Pluto, “Life forces us to undergo explosive endings of one phase of our personal development in order to make fresh starts in another phase.” 

No, we’re not in Kansas any more. Life is in full, dramatic color now.

PROVIDING a supportive influence for our successful navigation of these Full Moon energies, the Moon is conjunct the fixed star Revati. In researching his book The Magic of the Stars, Roderick Kidston found that this star’s influence is “dynamic, dramatic, ardent, and dedicated.” As we access this energy at the time of the Full Moon, we likewise feel more deeply passionate about whatever cause we have chosen (or has chosen us).

According to Kidston, with Revati’s influence activated:

“Our imagination is strong and our powers of communication and persuasion are equally vivid. If we take on a cause, we’ll embrace it wholeheartedly. This creative urge can be channeled into many conduits, bringing many kinds of rewards.”

It doesn’t sound much like a sit-back-and-relax kind of Full Moon! If we are drawn to any kind of activism–whether literally demonstrating in the streets or actively doing our energy work–we feel even more passionately about making a difference. Our challenge will be to channel this energy through our hearts in productive ways, instead of allowing anger and resentment (Eris) to drive our reactions, which would only multiply those lower frequencies in the field of consciousness that connects us all.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Since early 2019, Saturn has been challenging you to find greater clarity in some area of your life, and in your knowing of your true needs and desires. Certain obstacles may have appeared, causing frustration and requiring you to become more objective and decisive. This reality check may be asking you to trim away certain activities or relationships that do not support you or do not reflect your higher aspirations. As 2019 draws to a close, you will gain a stronger knowing of who you are and what will bring you the greatest personal fulfillment going forward. This clarity frees you to make new choices. (Solar Return Sun sextile Ceres, sextile Jupiter, square Saturn, quincunx Neptune, square Pluto)

In Gratitude and Light,


Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2019. All Rights Reserved.

About the NorthPoint Journal
Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

Feel free to share this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it! When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.

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Kelly M Beard: Sept 29 – Oct 5, 2019 ~ Forecast + Special Events

Sept 29 – Oct 5, 2019 ~ Forecast + Special Events

YouTube Version (8-min/Sunset Video)
or Podcast Version (8-min/mp3 Audio)
of Kelly’s Weekly Forecast

Hello Everyone ~ I have some goodies for you! Our Fall Equinox Celebration was wonderful but if you missed it, you can still submit a request for the Post Call Goodies HERE. I also created a two part Energetic Update for the last quarter of this year.

Part 1 is Seasonal Overview ~ Audio HERE/Video HERE (26-min) is an excerpt from our Fall Equinox call of my contribution.

Part 2 is a Follow-UP to the Seasonal Overview ~ Audio HERE/Video HERE (49-min) that I made after the call when the energy was still vibrating super-high, plus I still had additional, relevant things that I wanted to put on your radar: Equinox Energies that support us for the quarter, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra Light & Shadow. It is all support in preparation for choices, decisions & opportunities that we are going to want to take advantage of come the new year, 2020.

This Libra season is kicking off strong and with a collaborative spirit! I have my Venus Circle later tonight when we will cover the Crown Chakra/Reclamation and Leilah Nancy Ward of will be with us (Details HERE) but earlier in the day, TODAY/THUR Sept 26th @11am/pacific – my sista/friend/colleague is kicking off a 6-wk course called Sovereignty in Relationship. I was excited to be a participant but now I will actually be joining Cinnamon in her 5th week as a guest teacher – I’m so stoked for this!!

There are six guest speakers, one per week, and each class will be available as a recording if you cannot make it live. Just in time for Libra season, when the focus turns to our relationships, Cinnamon Rose has created a course to examine our personal *Sovereignty in Relationship*, how to navigate the conflict and tensions that arise (especially for those of us waking up and wondering if our partner is doing their work too!), and to understand the importance of how we do relationship, as it reflects the larger picture (and the dysfunction) of the world.

It’s not too late to join us!! It starts TODAY!! and her first guest will be Shannon Thompson, founder of Shakti Rising and they will be discussing Sovereignty, what it is and why it is necessary and much, much more!! Details HERE

9/30 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):  This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. It creates very intense emotional responses and experiences with others that tends to trigger insecurities or hidden fears in one or both of you. Stability is not part of the equation at the moment, so prepare for inevitable change. You’ve probably already felt it coming (the shift in your relationship or financial situation), well, it’s here now, so you can be proactive on your own behalf or you can suffer the consequences of postponing the inevitable. (You may have heard me say: Pay now or pay double later. That applies to this transit too.) The natural reaction may be to try to hold on to the job or relationship, but try not to give in to that temptation. Pluto intensifies everything and the more you resist the necessary purification & change that Pluto brings, the more painful it usually is. It is better to clarify your values & priorities and choose change, rather than have it forced (more Pluto) upon you. Either way, once the dust settles, you should be better off because things either change for the better or go away altogether making room for something new and more in-alignment with your values & priorities of ‘now’.

10/2 ~ Pluto Direct in CAPRICORN:
Pluto is in a long process (2008-2024) and we are now well past the 2016 MidPoint, and deep into course-correcting time on the other side. On a personal level, Pluto helps you dig up any destructive unconscious patterns, strips you raw and confronts you with who you are and how you will survive when nothing and no one else is available to help or support you. I like to think of Pluto as our ‘buried treasures’ and like diamonds, it requires a very special task to release from within and bring into the Light. Often, because Pluto rules death, rebirth & transformation, something is sacrificed for your own greater good. Although it is sometimes painful and can be debilitating to some, it doesn’t have to be, but is almost always is (a) necessary and (b) ultimately *liberating*!!

Pluto is traveling through the Capricorn sector of your chart, digging deep and activating any other planets you may have in Capricorn (and Cancer/Aries & Libra by default). So, it’s good to look at this as an on-going purification & transformation of this department in life (and, subsequently the other three areas too). Pluto moves generations and great numbers of people along their evolutionary path, however, every year when it retrogrades, it turns that energy inward, giving us unique access to our own depths, where our SoulSelf resides. When it goes forward, like today, it is a very gradual awakening process that develops from there. Transformation happens behind the scenes and often out of the prying eyes of others, as well as your own conscious mind, this is deep Soul Work that only you can do. What have you really purified & transformed this year? or what would you like to?

The Retrograde afforded a certain purification, in the sense that you are now better able (and supported) to truly let go, strip away the non-essential in order to reconnect with your original intent. Change is greatly supported at this time, so anything that you are really ready, truly willing & finally able to change, can be transformed forever. Capricorn gets everyone focused on choices & responsibilities, as well as the structure of your life that supports & protects you and the overall stability of whatever House it rules.

* * Copyright © 2000-2019 * Kelly M Beard *
All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy/redistribute
Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that
it’s distributed freely, content remains intact
and includes contact/link back to post.

Martin Geddes The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

Martin Geddes Video Interview: Preparing for #TheStorm


I have been interviewed by Tyrie Warnick Jackson from Texas about my earlier article on The Storm – How to Prepare for a Global Corruption Purge.
Click to watch The Storm — How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

Martin Geddes The Storm –
How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

Interview by
Tyrie Warnick Jackson (@OutoftheG8TE)

The global corruption purge is gathering pace, and it will soon visibly be more than “judicial business as usual”. We’ve seen the Canadian end of the corrupt “Five Eyes” spy network lead to a major arrest this week, and bankers are JP Morgan are being hauled up for running a crooked metals trading business.

The biggie is that Horowitz’s report on the FISA spying abuse is now sitting on Barr’s desk awaiting declassification. That will lead to McCabe and Comey — along with many others — facing treason charges. (They may well have been indicted already, just it’s not public.)

If found guilty, they will be executed for attempting to overthrow the legitimate US government. Their allied criminal network is collapsing: the house of cards — Spygate, Russiagate, Paedogate, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, and much more — is going to come crashing down.

A lot of people are in for a rude awakening. For instance, I get to peek into various tech industry thought leader fora, and watch discussions on subjects like Epstein. Their views align to a “mainstream” cosmology and “normal” narratives, as spun by the (fraudulent and complicit) mass media.

These debating have no idea that they are 1-2 YEARS behind where “anons” have gotten to in understanding these subjects. Tech luminaries are still trying to rationalise events as a “few bad apples”, and “poor choices” by people who should have known better.

The simply have no understanding of the pervasive and systemic rot we are dealing with. But they soon will! It is going to be quite a shock for them to confront evil when active at scale. This “Deep State” shadow government has had its hands on the levers of power — allied to fascists in Big Tech, and propagandists in Hollywood.

It’s called #TheStorm for a reason. Society is being cleansed of “institutionalised criminals” — and it is going to get very turbulent over the next year.

My article from the end of August on The Storm — How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge seems to have hit a nerve. It has become a popular “red pill” resource — my second “hit” — and has been reproduced widely.

Mailchimp is an emailing platform, not a blogging one, so there’s no page view count for the static archive. But the tweet that announced that article has had 420,000 impressions in just over 3 weeks. That’s just one tweet.

The article has already been translated into Dutch and German, and I have an offer to turn it into Spanish too. This really is a global phenomenon. Like with the deliberate failure to honestly report the mass uprising in France, the mainstream media is NOT giving the general public the full picture — and there is a hunger for truth.

For now you have to rely on citizen reporters to tell you what’s really going on. I am pleased to be able to offer you a supremely well edited version of an interview I did with Tyrie Warnick Jackson from Texas. We cover the key points from the above article on #TheStorm, and how to prepare.

You can gauge whether it’s worth 50 minutes of your time by reading the feedback to her and my tweets, or the video comments. For a two minute precis version from Tiffany FitzHenry, click here.

Watch “The Storm — How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge”


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I always append a beautiful thing, as beauty unites us in our divided world.

Martin Geddes The Storm –
How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

Martin Geddes The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge. Hollywood, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, Social Media, and MUCH MORE are talked about as we prepare for a Global Corruption PURGE. TRIGGER WARNING – Graphic language and images

Find Martin Geddes at Twitter –

Censored Medium Article –

Belle Thorne Interview –…

Lionel Nation with Charles Ortell –…

Juan O Savin with Jennifer Mac –…

Tiffany FitzHenry Twitter –



Updated: SAGITTARIUS September 2109 ~ Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Crystal Readings

More readings will be added as they become available. For your sign go to the video tab at each channel.


SAGITTARIUS September 2019 – THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE | Signs & LOVE – Sagittarius Horoscope Tarot

Published on Aug 20, 2019














Horoscope, tarot reading for Sagittarius, September 2019 by psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin. Career, health, relationships, love & finances. Life coaching & spiritual guidance…

So much to look forward to this month for Sagittarius indeed. Good news, a rather successful negotiation, the most important change will manifest itself, new accomplishment and a brad new option/direction…

On another hand this will be a great month for grounding, meditation and spiritual healing. Love, peace & harmony…

💜 “THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your journey! I LOVE YOU! ~ Sasha XXX”

This horoscope readings are for the Astrological sign Sagittarius, Sagittarius Ascendant & Sagittarius Moon.






Sagittarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES

Kelley Rosano
Published on Aug 14, 2019











Sagittarius, your September video provides astrological insight into your personal development, love life, career, business, health, spiritual growth, and prosperity and so much more.


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Sagittarius Psychic Tarot Reading September 2019
by Pam Georgel

Published on Aug 30, 2019














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Sagittarius Psychic Gemstone Crystal Reading September 2019 by Pam Georgel

Published on Aug 30, 2019


Full Moon in Pisces September 14th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

•Published on Sep 13, 2019





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Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world.

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Mid Month Psychic Tarot Update September 2019 for All Zodiac Signs by Pam Georgel

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SAGITTARIUS: They Are In Love With You, No Matter How It Seems… Mid September Love Reading

•Published on Sep 19, 2019

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Sagittarius! BONUS! 3 People Involved!

•Streamed live on Sep 16, 2019


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Sagittarius Sept and Oct 2019
~ Something needed to die so justice could be served

Published on Aug 17, 2019

Sagittarius September and October 2019



SAGITTARIUS Timeless Love – It’s time to go after your dream! September

Published on Aug 26, 2019




Just Ask Oracle – Angel Tarot, Tarot of Dreams, Shadowscapes Tarot, Essential Tarot, The Sacred Traveller Oracle



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Grey Chenille. Sagittarius September 2019

The Quietest Revolution
Published on Sep 4, 2019














Machiavelli. The Prince. That’s you for the rest of this Jupiter transit.



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SAGITTARIUS – SEPTEMBER 2019 – WORK YOUR MAGIC! – General Psychic Tarot Reading

Published on Sep 1, 2019














Come to this months THE DEEP READ on VIMEO for SAGITTARIUS. We dive deep into the themes of love, money, career, family, friends and more. Click the following link: Sagittarius:


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A general psychic tarot reading for SAGITTARIUS SEPTEMBER 2019.

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FIRE SIGNS- Knowing Your Value -September 2019

Aluna Ash- 9D
Published on Sep 3, 2019














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At the end, when it cut off I said: “contracts are more karmically connected to our personalities and end as more of our Soul awareness steps in. I hope this resonated for someone, I love you guys & see you soon.”

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WEEKLY SAGITTARIUS : Damned to a hell of their own making

Published on Sep 4, 2019














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WEEKLY SAGITTARIUS : Crawling to the finish line

•Published on Sep 21, 2019




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Sagittarius, Emotional Vampires Try To Take Away Your Divine Prosperity // Psychic Tarot Sept 15-30

Lee Harris Energy: Live Energy Tune-up: Integration of Fluctuating Energies

Live Energy Tune-up: Integration of Fluctuating Energies

•Published on Sep 18, 2019

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Lee answers a member’s question about integration of fluctuating energies and how that can affect us in our daily lives in this clip from the August Energy Tune-up Broadcast in The Portal.

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