Jamye Price: March 2018 Ascension Energies – Clear Compassion

March 2018 Ascension Energies – Clear Compassion

Looking Back at February

February’s energy of Looking Back was a time of powerful clearing, which always creates activation/initiation. I have noticed an increase in people clearing family karma on a deeper level since September.

Healing may occur in many ways, but it only truly requires your focus on your choices in the present moment. It doesn’t require interaction or other people complying. Those may occur, but you are the fulcrum of your healing.

Ascension symptoms have been amplified for many. We tend to think of ascension symptoms as challenges or resistance, but it’s important to frame them for what they really are—beneficial change.

Ringing in the ears may not seem so beneficial, but it is a readjustment to receiving and interpreting a broader range of frequencies. The details emerge in different ways and may not always be consciously connected (i.e. Wow! The ringing in my ears created this!), but you are changing in profound ways.

Clarity is Key

Areon is calling 2018 The Year of Amplification. When you amplify something, if it’s not clear then you are also amplifying static. So your clarity will be a consistent theme this year. Hence—yay all the clearing/activation that has and will continue to occur in different ways.

This amplification is creating clarity within you (and clairity—your enhanced subtle senses) that benefits your ability to create and flow empowered Love into your life and this world.

This is the meek inheriting the Earth—those that are so loving that their courage to Love is untethered and encompassing the fear that leads people to deception and domination to feel safe.

The spiral energies are increasing.

Therefore, like a centrifuge we are breaking and separating weak bonds, creating a clarification. We are strengthening strong bonds. Have you felt an increased pull to your creativity, soul family or joy lately?

You are becoming the clarion call to Love you always were, it’s just more supported by the “season” of growth humanity is experiencing.

March Energies – Clear Compassion

The energies of March are Clear Compassion. Which I guess is different from blurry compassion! ;o) Seriously, it is different.

It’s the difference between a leading heart or a bleeding heart. It’s the difference between assistance that helps versus hinders. It’s the difference between empowering or pitying.

Your compassion is a powerful flow of energy

Have you ever tried shutting it off? It hurts. It is meant to flow. But when it flows in ways that aren’t healthy, it also hurts—just usually not as quickly and obviously, so it’s easy to continue the pattern until you get desperately depleted.

In March you are being called to examine your flow of compassion and utilize it as a win/win instead of a win/try-to-convince-yourself-this-is-worth-it-and-you’ll-deal-with-boundaries-later. ;o) Been there?

Each moment will call for something different, but as you evaluate your current of compassion, look for your joy to light the way toward your best flow for the moment.

It is important to be giving, just as it is important to be receiving. It’s how flow continues.

Compassion can be a tricky one. It is yours to flow, and it is complete with information.

When it comes from your initiation rather than obligation, the information is different—for you and the receiver(s). Obligation (and any other variances of less-than-jubilant-service) need not be completely absent from your experience, but the energy of it should be encompassed by your desire and capability to serve in that moment. The great “administer your oxygen first, then assist those that need help” applies.

Are you courageous enough to flow your compassion, no matter what that moment feels like? To hold your boundaries when needed? To be clear about the totality of what is flowing into the world here—more sacrifice, or more empowerment? Assisting those in need is a natural part of service. Replenishing yourself is a necessary part of serving. Compassion for yourself enhances your ability to flow.

March Balance

This month brings the equinox, the balance of day and night. There has been such a powerful flow of energy, amplifying your Love and your capability. Take a moment each day to appreciate your compassion, for it is sometimes a soothing flow and other times a deluge of movement; but it connects you to life in profound ways.

Your sacred compassion is a gift that transforms Life.

Areon channels often on the details of how we interact with our subtle bridge (our thoughts and emotions). They remind us that we never just observe, we interact. If you are watching something online, though it is continents away, you are interacting—receiving it in, shaping it, it’s shaping you.  Are you your dominant flow within or is someone or something else?

From your broader perspective, one of your steps of interaction is to flow clear compassion. Seeing the potential of empowerment within each challenge and triumph.

March, the month of 3, is a catalyst that creates. Observe your flow of compassion and what you are creating that is building form in the subtle realm.

You are amplifying the subtle information that might have been missed before. It’s your Love. When it is louder than fear, Life transforms.



https://www.youtube.com/embed/TOS6LQ_0Ji0?rel=0","resolvedBy":"manual"}” data-block-type=”32″>



March is going to be a very interesting month.

There is an enormous WAVE OF CREATIVITY in the year of 2018, and March, April, May, June are going to be really strong creatively.

One of the big themes that just came up in my recent Energy Mastery Retreat was THE END OF PEOPLE PLEASING.

This theme will affect those of you who might identify with being the peacemaker in your group, the agony aunt or uncle to your friends, the one who helps, nurtures, loves others. There is this sudden sharp shock around seeing and releasing the people pleasing pattern that is happening for many of you, around “where am I people pleasing in a way that is detrimental to me?”

So let’s just break it down. When we people please we are putting the mood, the desire, the want, or the ease of the other person before our own mood, desire, want or ease. So, if I were people pleasing to you and you were my friend, it might look something like this: I come into your house, I’m really depressed and down, haven’t much energy, and you say to me, “I really want to go on a roller coaster, I really want to go to the amusement park, I want to go to busy places.” I don’t feel I’ve got that in me but because I’m a people pleaser and because you look distressed the moment I say “I’m not sure I want to go” showing disappointment or annoyance, I change my mind and I go along with what you need. That’s people pleasing in a simple form. When the body says no, but the mouth says yes.

But it also happens in very subtle ways, especially for those of you who are empathic and feel or sense the feelings of others. Or if you live to please others and want to make the world a better, brighter place, you can very easily and quickly get into this unconscious habit of people pleasing.

And eventually, you lose your own sense of self, you lose your own will and what often happens is that you burn out. So you may keep giving your energy to all of the people around you in response to all of their triggers, wounds and desires, but to do so you are having to leave yourself and your own desires at the door every time you do it. You leave your own body to try and soothe others. Which creates a deficit and a crash and it means burnout happens, fatigue happens, and a desire to isolate in order to recover.


We all know to eat and drink on a daily basis, but what else do you need in your life to help you feel connected, lit up, and are you creating for yourself what you need?

This is very important. The most generous among us, the most giving among us can only give our most when we are also filling up our own cup. And people pleasing is the fastest way to have other people deplete your energy cup without your permission. People pleasing is a pattern that takes away your own will around what you want to do and are here to do.

There is a very slow death occurring around this for many on the planet right now and it can be very uncomfortable. What if I offend them? What if I upset them? She’s always really angry if I say no and I don’t know if I can face that? You might have to. You might have to deal with someone else’s discomfort and that’s always what is at the root of it – you want to take away someone else’s discomfort,  you want to make someone else happy. That’s why healers, spiritual people, people who want to make the world a better place, often fall into this people pleasing trap.

CONFLICT ENERGY is really strong on the planet right now.

This divide and jagged edge between dark and light on the planet can be very triggering. We look at the recent movements around MeToo and Time’s Up – which are essentially human rights movements that are having a real moment in the spotlight – and this can be very emotional for everyone, women and men. So that’s just one example of where our world is going through a very deep, emotional, healing period and it’s intense, it’s jagged and that’s why we have to look after ourselves in these times. You are going to need to be very introverted some days and then your extrovert will come back a few days later – so really be ok with YOUR OWN CHANGING IDENTITY because all of our identities are changing.

And as soon as we accept the changes we are experiencing, everything shifts for us. But while we fight the part of us that feels different or the part of us we don’t recognise, we get caught in a battle with our old identity and trying to hold onto it.

That can hurt us, confuse us and slow the whole thing down.
Acceptance is key here.
It’s time to change, for all of us.

And most importantly ask:  WHAT AM I CREATING NEXT? What do I want to keep creating?

Creativity is such an important act as a stabiliser; you could sit and write a poem, you can doodle on a pad, make an incredible meal, walk a different way to work in the morning. So many ways to create.

People are hitting grief and mourning for the way things used to be. But it is a time of creation as much as it is a time of dissolution. If you only focus on the dissolution you will get caught under that wave, but if you give yourself time to rest and invite well being, your sense of desperation or depression around dissolution will start to change as you fill up again.

The world needs you. It needs every single one of us. That doesn’t mean you have to run out there and save the world – it may mean that you are working with your child right now or the person in your life that you are looking after. You might be someone who is talking to and affecting thousands every day. It doesn’t really matter how many you show up for. It starts with you and what you need to feel is alignment with your purpose and that’s coming online in a huge way for so many of us right now. It can be a little scary, it can be very exciting – but INNOVATION is where you want to focus.

So if you tend to your needs, tend to your well being, check you are not people pleasing, and ask yourself, “Ok I’m changing, the world is changing, my identity is changing, what do I want to create next?” Write a few things down on a piece of paper so you can see your desires written down in front of you. It’s very activating to do that.

And FOCUS FORWARD because there is a lot that is happening, on our planet and in the future that is going to surprise you in a really nice way. So don’t just focus on the negative like they want you to.

Focus forward, that’s really what the energy of this month is all about.




How are you feeling this month? Let us know in the comments below…


Cobra: Directed Energy Weapons| The Portal

Yes, if you’ve ever felt them, you know they are quite unpleasant and agitating. About a year ago I felt them frequently, coinciding with a series of peculiar events/interactions.* (Lately it is mostly helicopters in the flight path that bother me, otherwise it is quiet.)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cobra: Directed Energy Weapons| The Portal


Directed energy weapons are NOT plasma weapons, they are NOT scalar weapons. They are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation:



They are used by the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population:


By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:



Perpetrators will be persecuted according to international civil and military law as soon as the planet is liberated.

You can find a detailed list of intel resources about directed energy weapons here:



Weapons most frequently used in attacks against civilians are sonic lasers:




These are usually not deadly, but still extremely unpleasant.

More dangerous are electrolasers:






They are used to trigger cardiac arrest (heart failure) and kill the target, those targets often being holistic doctors:



Company producing those deadly weapons is called Applied Energetics:

It was formerly called Ionatron:

The Light Forces have requested as many people as possible to spread information and awareness of the directed energy weapons and do the following meditation as often as you feel guided:

  1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you
  2. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the Soul star chakra of all humanity into energy field and personality of all human beings, awakening them to the reality of existence of directed energy weapons and visualize this awareness spreading like wildfire through the mass media.
  3. Visualize all Cabal middlemen refusing to use directed energy weapons anymore and learning to cooperate and joining the human society in a constructive way. Visualize all Cabal members that do not wish too surrender their use of directed energy weapons being removed from the planet as fast and effectively as possible. Visualize all directed energy weapons being destroyed, never to be used again.

Victory of the Light!

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January started with a strong Full Moon and ends with another potent Full Moon which is also a Blue Moon. These Full Moons serve as bookends for the entire month and bring powerful energy of change. They form energetic Portals on both sides of the month through which we must pass with openness, honesty and Trueness. And on the far side of these portals, the True Year of 2018 begins….

From the very beginning, January definitely feels different. There’s the sense of arriving at the shore of a new land with a sense of wonder that we made it this far. At the beginning of a New Year, we are always presented with a blank canvas. This is when it’s better to carefully feel things out, rather than rush into action. We are sensing where we are now, while still in the midst of a somewhat messy mixture containing the residue of our old, duality-based ways of being mixed with Who We Really Are ~ our emerging Authentic Self.

A deep shift is taking place within the planetary platelets. It’s similar to the movement of ice shelves that break free of their old positions and move to a new position. While this is happening, there are many things that we cannot yet see. This is why we have to wait for more elements to move into their True Positions. Only then, will we be able to see our New Landscape clearly enough so we can move deeper into it..

This January is like ice skating on a blank canvas. We are gliding along with grace and confidence and then suddenly hit a patch of rough ice and lose our balance. We never know when we’ll slip or slide or crash hard onto the ice. Balance is more important than ever. Or we may unexpectedly encounter a section of very smooth ice and zoom forward when we least expect it.

Underneath the ice we can sense that there are patterns in brilliant colors. We can almost see them, but even though they’re not quite visible, we know that they are there. They will start appearing around the middle of January and this will bring us a new clarity as to where we are going and what we need to do next. As these colorful new patterns emerge, the True parts of us will become ever more visible.

While we are traveling through the two Full Moon Portals of January, it would be the perfect time to release our attachment to the feeling that we need continual healing. Healing can be surprisingly addictive. It’s like the constant quest for more educational degrees, more new clothes, more money, more credentials, more workshops. Only now, we continually seek out more healing as we feel that we have never received enough. We need more plant medicine sessions, more healing ceremonies, more Reiki,  more Tantra, more shamanism and more healing modalities. This is when “healing” can become a self indulgent distraction.

When do we declare ourselves healed? If these forms of healing are so effective, then why are we still needing more? Why aren’t we already healed? When does our healing process end and when can we turn our attention to something much larger and more important?

Yes, we have all experienced broken hearts, deep wounds and disappointments. We have all been shattered and broken. But when do we realize that all of this only happened to a small fragment of Who We Are Now? When will we turn our attention from our small selves to our Vaster True Being and start serving the planet? When we do, we might find that serving with our mastery is exactly what heals us.

I’m not talking about TRUE HEALING which is much needed at this time. TRUE HEALING is far different from the endless search to constantly heal ourselves through numerous techniques. TRUE HEALING takes place when we live True Lives as a True One. This is what brings TRUE HEALING to the entire planet and is so greatly needed.

The energies around us right now are like giant waves. These huge waves travel great distances. They travel beyond Time and Space. They fold themselves around us and embrace us. And they bring to us many new elements which we have long awaited.

During January some lost components of our beings are being folded back into us. We don’t need to go looking for them, for they will naturally come to us. Some of these lost components come from people and places that we have deep connections to, while others originate in the Beyond the Beyond. The huge waves are also bringing to us people from our past, as well as people from our future. Embedded in these waves is New information which will enable us to align more deeply with our True Direction.

January is the time to commit ourselves in every way possible to Living our Mastery in the New Reality. The Sacred Pause gives us the space to release our internal hindrances, let go of our ties to limiting beliefs and excuses and to stop trying to cross the raging current with our feet in two different boats! We need to plant both feet on the ground, taking full responsibility to change the paradigm.

Let’s get ready for a momentous year!

• • ∆ • • • • ∆ • •

This is a small fragment of Solara’s complete JANUARY 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full JANUARY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of December 2017, Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas, Inside the Pressure Cooker, When the “healing” ends, the True Healing begins!, The Final Call of the Fire Rooster, Folding Waves upon Waves, and the JANUARY 2018 Overview.


Solara’s Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: NVISIBLE MERCADO.

Meditation for Isis Astara – Cobra’s Beloved Partner

Meditations are being request per Cobra’s blog for Isis Astara and her critical health condition in the hospital:




Timing is every 4 hours synchronized to your timezone.
Eastern Standard Time coincides with 2:30, 6:30, 10:30 am + pm

Here is the Facebook event for this meditation: https://www.facebook.com/events/14901…

Below are the instructions for this meditation:

1. Relax your body, emotions, and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring Divine protection and healing to Isis Astara, allowing her to complete her mission in peace, free from any and all negative interference.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, and then through your Soul Star Chakra and through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Now visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our solar system and our galaxy.

5. You are now standing in two pillars of light. The light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of light active for a few minutes.

6. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from Isis Astara’s I AM presence into her soul star chakra. Visualize this white light showering down through her whole body and aura.

7. See this Divine light healing Isis Astara throughout all of her bodies (physical, plasma, etheric, emotional, mental, and causal) across all time, dimensions, space and realities. See this light glowing brighter and brighter as you visualize Isis Astara in perfect health.

8. Visualize Isis Astara surrounded by a team of powerful and benevolent beings of Light, who stand by her and protect her as she joyfully and effortlessly completes her mission.

9. Visualize a powerful shield of golden light surrounding Isis Astara’s aura. See this shield becoming increasingly strengthened as the white light pours into her aura. Set the intention that this shield be made permanent to protect her from all negative interference from this point forward.

10. Visualize Isis Astara in perfect bliss. Victory of the Light!


Note: Cobra has requested that we send her love, light and support.
Someone suggested we envision Isis Astara within a pink egg
(the color of the Divine Feminine).  Others have sent Archangel Raphael
and his Emerald Green ray of healing light. Still others send white light,
which I was taught was appropriate for an emergency.
I also know that any warm, loving intentions are appreciated,
and there is no “wrong” way to send
healing energy and intent. ~PB


The Akashic Records of January 2018 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message) by Jen Eramith | Akashic Transformations

Welcome to Akashic Transformations! We offer channelings, meditations, and more from the Akashic Records. Join us in a magical conversation with Spirit!

The Akashic Records of January 2018 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message):

The energy this month brings a sense of being flattened or spread broadly. It is not as if you have been stomped or harmed, but more like you have been gently pressed into a new form. The feeling is that things are lower — there are fewer possibilities and there is less room to move. Imagine lying underneath a mattress. You are not being crushed to death. In fact, it may be a little bit reassuring or comfortable. But you cannot move much, and you cannot see farther than the tip of your nose. In the same say, you will not be able to get much done and you will not be able to make many choices. When you try to make choices, the range of possibilities available will be very small. When you make a choice, you will not be able to act on it quickly or effectively.

This month brings a sense of silence. The sense is that the sound of the universe is muffled. Another way you can imagine the energy of this month is like paint with a matte finish. There is less of a shine on everything. Despair may come up this month, and some of you may feel depressed or hopeless. When these feelings arise, take it as an opportunity to rest, slow down, and be tender with yourself. Do not read too much into a feeling of despair that may arise this month. These emotions seem to indicate a response to the oppressive energy, and less a sign that something is going wrong.

The best thing to do this month will be to take one task at a time, and one day at a time. Let yourself move through each day — one event, one breath, and one moment at a time. As you move through time, you will develop a new rhythm. There is a beauty and a sense of surrender when you accept the limitations that surround you, rather than fighting to resist or change them. That is the wisdom contained in the month of January 2018.

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Jen Eramith: The Akashic Records of December 2017 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message):

Jen Eramith: The Akashic Records of December 2017
(an excerpt from the Monthly Message):

The energy this month is filled with kindness. It offers a sense of a floating and moving through water. You will find a feeling of fluidity. Things that have been stuck for a long time might move more easily, but they will not move in a linear way. This month, everything moves in a floating, ambiguous way.

This will be a time to practice surrender and having faith in the processes that underlie your endeavors. This is a time to practice relaxing into the work you engage. Imagine if you were trying to float in the water — if you hold yourself still or try to stiffly, you sink. Floating in the water requires that you relax and expand – that you take a deep breath and surrender to your surroundings. This is the way to work with the energy of this month.

It is in surrender that you will find incredible kindness, compassion, and generosity this month. You will find it useful to practice trust. Actively engage in trusting your friends, the people around you, your spirit guides, and your surroundings. Actively allow people to support you and allow your environment to support you. Gratitude will serve you in terms of helping you put your mind on the feeling of trust or the feeling of knowing that you are supported.

To become a Member: Join Akashic Transformations for access to the full monthly message and to the library of channelings, audio recordings, and more! Here is a list of the benefits of membership.


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Selacia: Inner Peace at Year-End -How to End 2017 On a High Note-

Inner Peace at Year-End
-How to End 2017 On a High Note-
by Selacia 

As the final days of this historically unprecedented year play out, this is an excellent time to regroup and reassess where you sit energetically. This is always helpful at year-end, but especially needed now.  Continue reading for some simple tips for how to end 2017 on a high note, including why doing that is essential to your progress next year.
The events of 2017 have been so cataclysmic and relentless that even the most astute observer may be dizzy by now. What is unfolding across the world stage is a mega dismantling of norms and an almost daily dose of shocking revelations.
Even if you don’t follow details of what’s going on in your country or in other countries, the tumultuous upset is in the energy field of humanity at large. As a sensitive and someone who has chosen to travel a spiritual path, you naturally are impacted.
The holidays may be a distraction of sorts, your being able to temporarily set aside the instinctive knowing you now hold regarding the chaotic state of our world. Indeed, moments of fun and even silliness with loved ones could be just what you need to calm frayed nerves. More moments of calm can lead to more inner peace.
Inner Peace and Change
Even though change is the only constant in our world, we are conditioned to resist change. For any of us alive now, the pace of societal change has quickened exponentially in our lifetimes. This year the pace of changes is monumental, and that many changes so fast naturally stirs uncertainty.
When we are uncertain and on edge, inner peace may be more challenging to access. The peace is always there, of course, for at our core we naturally house the quality of peace. To get to this peace inside when things are rocky outside takes ongoing effort and skillful means.
2018 Predictions
In my 2018 Predictions being prepared now, I’ll go more into the background of what lies ahead next year and how vital it is that we put more attention on generating peace within. I’ll include specific spiritually grounded tools to help you navigate the ups-and-downs of what’s coming.
It’s really important to know that you have options, and that nothing taking place now leaves you helpless or without a voice. In fact, of any century you could have been born, this one even with its craziness is the opportunity that you as a soul need to advance spiritually.
Beginnings and Endings 
Quite often how we end one year heavily influences how we begin the next one. This applies to the collective, and it can apply on a very personal level as well.
If we look back on the end of 2016 with hindsight – considering what was happening in the world then – we can trace many key themes that have had the spotlight in 2017.

On a more personal level, consider what you were focused on in the last part of 2016. What were your challenges? What relationships were causing you distress? Now, looking back on that time with hindsight – what did you learn that started to help you with similar themes in 2017?

Year-End Choice Point  
Think of the year-end as a kind of choice point. We have those in an ongoing way throughout a year, but the one at year-end can carry elevated potentials for radical spiritual transformation. This can happen when we place an active conscious focus on our personal spiritual progress.
During a year-end personal inventory, we can get up-to-date with ourselves – reflecting on the good, the bad, and the unknowns. We can invite an expanded view of our true potentials, from spirit’s perspective. As part of that, we can connect with a knowing of what stops us from realizing our potentials, and what course adjustments we can make.
As you receive such insights, you have more context for unknowns and more inspiration for creating positive changes. The “you” experiencing this assessment is the same you with the same challenges, but an amplified level of inner support is available. That inner support is palpable, and can help you to access more inner peace.
Out with the Old, In with the New
Here are some tips for approaching your contemplation at year-end.
First, as you consider what transpired in 2017, and perhaps what continues to transpire, strive to be positive about the big picture and focus on whatever good you can find. Being positive keeps your frequency high, helping you to draw in more of what you want.
Second, do some personal Feng Shui to determine what about your lifestyle has become outdated. If something isn’t serving your highest good, invite a knowing of optimal new alternatives. Add things that are fun and connect you with a sense of play.


Third, give yourself permission to say yes to what’s good for you and no to what’s not. After all, as a divine changemaker you are at the helm of your own life.



Copyright 2017 by Selacia

– a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * http://selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

Below the photo – offered by Selacia:
1-Year-End Supermoon Meditation 12/2

2-Divine Changemakers Courses
3-2018 Predictions coming soon!
Inner Peace


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More info:

Visit Selacia’s website for more info on group events, private sessions, amazing healing tools including crystals, crystal pyramids, merkaba pendants, and frequency-based essential oils.

Next meditations (now available for registration):
January 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse Supermoon
February 17, 2018 Chinese Year of the Dog
March 17, 2018 Equinox Gateway

Denise Le Fay: Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes

Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes


“ATMOSPHERIC CANYON ON THE SUN: A large hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, cleaving the Earth-facing side of the sun with a gaseous canyon more than 700,000 km long. This image, based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows the jagged structure directly facing Earth on Oct. 22nd:

This is a coronal hole–a region where the sun’s magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape. The solar wind emerging from this hole is blowing faster than 600 km/s and is expected to reach Earth during the late hours of Oct. 24th. NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 24th, increasing to 80% on Oct. 25th. Arctic auroras are in the offing. Free: Aurora Alerts. ”       http://spaceweather.com/


The Sun continues doing its part in these October 21–25th Gateway energies, and as you can see by SpaceWeather’s report above, there’s more coming so keep the antacids and other digestive, guts and bowel-soothing aids close by!

Man this one’s been really tough on the tummy/digestive track, the HighHeart, and the head because many of us are processing on a Milky Way galactic level now, which is also assisting the entire galaxy to ascend to a higher octave. Have any extra weird dreams along these types of lines the past few days? Walking around in an Earth world that’s been abandoned by recent humanity? Closing down old systems and worlds? Overseeing the completion and disintegration of the old everything on both global and galactic levels? Is it any wonder we’re needing more sleep time and some of our physical body parts have felt really horrible and rebellious? No because so much more is currently happening than most realize.

I often intentionally zoom out beyond the Earth, turn around and view it from that position. Lately however this has happened to me automatically on a galactic level; I suddenly zoom way out beyond the Milky Way galaxy, then turn around and view it—the entire galaxy—from that position. The reason this has been happening during this late October 2017 Gateway is because the entire Milky Way galaxy is in the process of evolutionary ascension to a higher octave and place. Why my digestive track is so affected by this is beyond me but whatever, it’s just Ascension business as usual really. And you thought you’ve just been Working on Earth all this Volunteer lifetime! Not hardly fellow Ascension co-workers, we’re at a galactic level now with all this. Universal is up next. Swoon…

Going to keep this one short as I mainly wanted to let everyone know that more Solar winds, therefore Earth and human magnetic fields are being impacted and upgraded (further crystalline DNA and more) and will continue. Rest and sleep and know that you’re doing so much more than just feeling rotten again.


October 23, 2017

Donations can be made here and Thank You for the energy exchange.

Jenny Schiltz: Energy Update – Letting It All Go

Energy Update – Letting It All Go

Energy Update – Letting It All Go

by: at: 22nd Oct 2017

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The change in the air is palatable. We know that things are moving much quicker now and there is a weight of responsibility with this knowledge. We are being asked to let go of it all. All that we thought we were, all that we identify with and all the limitations we have put on ourselves.

Some are feeling deep depression and anxiety. This can be due to feeling the pull of the higher timeline while pieces within are still operating from a lower perspective. This is causing all that we have not completely healed within to be pulled up at a deeper level. It is the time we clear up all that we were not ready to face before. It can feel like torture until you realize that it can be the final goodbye to that pain if you are willing.

Others are finding the need for quiet and stillness. There is much shifting within and the deep changes require patience. It is a fascinating time as some are finding that their guides are backing off to allow for the integration of the higher self. Others are finding their higher-self embedding deeply and this is allowing access to greater contact within the universe. It is as if a quarantine has been lifted and access to All has gotten much stronger.

This is the time of disclosure. While it isn’t “out there” yet, it is happening within. It is time we own all of our stuff, all of our dysfunction, and most importantly our stories.

Spiritual teachings tell us that we must not identify with our stories that they are simply illusions. Yet, I am reminded of Sananda saying “To look at your life and call it an illusion is to negate the incredible work you have done.” What I am coming to understand is that we need to honor our stories, but let the emotions that tie them to us go. Our stories, our history, what has happened to us, are what has shaped us into who we are now. Often it is through difficult life experiences that we grow the most. We have been forged, purified and strengthened in the fire.

It is understanding that you can honor your stories without having them limit your perception of all that you are. When we are unable to let go of the emotions that we attach to events in life, these can then become part of our identity and secure us firmly into a reality we don’t want to be in. Releasing these emotions can be much like the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Except, it is crucial to add forgiveness and the releasing of judgments we have of self and others. We cannot wish away the truth behind our experiences with positivity and love and light. We must feel it, own it and then and only then can we release it.

Looking at the #metoo movement (where women are admitting to being sexually harassed or abused) we can see where people are moving into the stages of release. We can see where some are admitting things for the first time publicly, for others it gives an outlet to release anger and sadness. There is also a grouping that is saying #metoo and in those simple words, they realize that the events no longer hold power over them.

Each person needs to be allowed their process and it doesn’t matter how messy it may seem. If you haven’t been able to release it yet, now is the time to honor those emotions and how they have changed you (for the good and bad), release all judgments and set yourself free. There is an external energetic push to heal all of this now. Allow the energies to help you leave behind the pain of your stories and turn them into your story of triumph and overcoming.

All change happens from WITHIN.

What I have come to understand is this not only means within ourselves but within institutions, belief systems, and concepts. I came to this understanding while discussing the education system with my highest self in regards to my 9-year-old daughter. I have offered to homeschool her or to find a school that is better suited for sensitive children. Her answer to me has been the same since she was five “Mom that is where I need to be.” There are moments when I know she is speaking from a higher wisdom and I simply have to trust even if I don’t understand it. I turned to my team for understanding and they explained that all change happens from within.

This does not apply to just within the person but within institutions like schools, government, healthcare and even concepts such as how women are treated in this society. This is one reason that so many are feeling the pressure to “get back out there”. It is time to shine the light in all areas of life on earth and allow change to happen. It is time to see where each of us has played a part in what has been created and help fix it by simply shining the light and our truth.

We are also being asked to let go of the ways that we have identified ourselves on this spiritual journey. I remember merging with Archangel Raphael and my guides telling me, “Don’t identify with this, for you are so much more.” As we awaken and find our 3D identity stripped, we can cling onto new identities. These also must go as we step into the new. It is not that it is a problem to claim yourself as a lightworker or however you define yourself as long as you understand that is an extremely limited definition of all that you are in your totality. We are being asked to let go of the box we were put in or that we created for ourselves and to instead experience ALL THAT WE ARE.

While it is a challenging time energetically, physically, and collectively, we are being asked to let go of all resistance we still have and simply let go.

This was illustrated for me during a lucid dream:

I was on a whale watching boat and the seas were extremely rough. I was standing on the back of the boat with another person when a huge wave came and knocked us off. We hit the water just as a whirlpool was created and we were being sucked down. I looked over and the other person was fighting with all his strength to not be sucked under. I began to fight as well when my higher-self says “Stop fighting, you have a life jacket on.” So I stopped, took in a big breathe and allowed myself to be pulled deep below the sea.


The suction began to ease, the sea began to calm. I opened my eyes to see whales swimming nearby as I began to rise towards the surface. I looked over to see that the person who had fallen off the boat with me, had lost all his air and had died in the struggle. I reached the surface took a giant breath of glorious air and saw the sun shining brightly.
I heard my higher-self say “All of you have life jackets, stop resisting and allow it to help you.”


Upon returning from this vision, I asked my higher self what she meant by we all have life jackets and she said that the soul’s natural disposition is to always rise to the light, it is our life jacket.

Feel your life jacket and know that even though you may feel like you are being sucked under, that you will rise again. Your soul knows no other way.

Sending you all lots of love and calm seas. Thank you to all who share this work. It means more than you know. ❤

Jenny ❤

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