FM 144: Timelines (25.12.2020)

FM 144

Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew

Timelines (25.12.2020)

Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius and events are accelerating.

The Archons produced a huge amount of new entities over the last weeks which were specifically designed to attach themselves to the executive power so that the physical part of the Cabal can enforce its current bullying of the population in terms of COVID with greater vigor. This is the reason why parts (not all) of the police are currently acting so harshly when it comes to complying with restrictions and lockdowns.

The Light Forces are in the process of extinguishing these entities on the ethereal planes, but more importantly, the Cabal’s attempt for a reconnection to the old Nazi timeline of the last century has been crushed. During an operation, the Light Forces managed to remove various occult key players of the Dark Ones from the board, players who were already responsible for the manifestation of the 3rd Reich.

So, final purpose of this timeline will not manifest anymore, even if it looks rather the other way around, but the physical plane always needs a little while until it catches up with the higher realms.

Meanwhile, the resistance on the surface is growing and a few commanders of the Light Forces have been placed in certain Avatars, mainly to wake up more people and accomplish some other missions during this important period … and although we are talking about Light Warriors here, and of course some of them know how to defend themselves physically, they are not here to produce any escalation of violence involving the normal population.

Many of these commanders are not aware of their origins in everyday life (so they couldn’t take the memories with them for various reasons), they also don’t replace any reptilian fake leaders and most of them are not in public life either, but there are some exceptions (so, yes, there are a few who have been on TV/mainstream media in certain countries).

However, some commanders have already left again because their mission, for example, was only to connect certain Key Lightworkers on the surface. And speaking of connecting and statements that Telegram would be a trap of the Cabal: Personally, I wouldn’t say that. First of all, every messenger is hackable in some way, that is not different with Telegram, but the service is currently preferable for many Lightworkers and truthers, because the censorship is not yet as strong as with most other services.

As for DNA database, of course the Dark Ones are eager for DNA. DNA is one of most important commodity on intergalactic level and of course it would be beneficial for them to know who eventually carries specific genetic material from certain Starseed races, from certain bloodlines, etc.

As for the massive push in testing on COVID-19, there may be also another reason:

And of course, the Cabal will try a few more things to escape their inevitable fate:

However, the meditations on December 21st were very successful and have triggered major positive things, as it allowed an extremely large amount of Light coming form the Source to be directed straight onto the surface.

Many Starseeds have participated, some have made protection for all participants, some have tried to create a hole in the Grid and to keep it open as long as possible, so that as much Light as possible can come through, while simultaneously the Light Ships carried out their operations. And the energies were overwhelming as almost never before.

What we will experience now in the physical is, that the Cabal will push their plan with such ferocity and haste that it simply has to wake up a very large part of the population. And they won’t get this part back! Even if they tighten the reins even further in the short term, it will all blow up in their faces in the end.

So, although times are hard, this process is important, because this is the fastest way to get more people out of the matrix … it might be painful for many, but this helps people to realize that something is not right here anymore in their world they thought was fine. This also makes it easier for the Light Forces to then physically intervene.

And even if some fear and panic is understandable to a certain degree, the message of the Light Forces is still to stay centred, to stay calm. But it is also important to take care of yourself, and especially not to let yourself be dragged down by the chaos that rages outside.

And what time would be better for centring than Christmas time, especially this year’s very special Christmas time, when many people will really have a think. Use this time well, recharge, go into nature, connect with the Light Forces, network with other Starseeds, join the meditations … this is important, because the density of events will increase even further, also immediately in the new year. But believe me, in the end it will have been so worth the effort.

Merry Christmas!


Steve Nobel on How To Know If You’re a Starseed | The You-est YOU™️ Podcast

Steve Nobel on How To Know If You’re a Starseed
| The You-est YOU™️ Podcast

•Nov 23, 2020
Julie Reisler
809 subscribers

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the author of 5 non-fiction books, the most recent is a free Ebook entitled ‘Starseeds’. He was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, he began his own healing and awakening work. He has created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. He has created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds which are freely available on his website and YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world and so far, the platform has over 104K subscribers. He regularly runs events in the UK, Europe and the US.

Want to know if you’re a starseed? Steve explains that starseeds are not native to this dimension on earth and come from various dimensions and systems from other star races. Typical starseed statements growing up are having the feeling that ‘you don’t belong here or in this family’. You probably have the feeling of wanting to breakaway, and are drawn to things like saving the planet, raising consciousness on this planet, shifting from darkness to more light.

Still wondering if this might be you? Steve breaks it down to explain that starseeds are all about shedding the conditioning that has plagued our society for hundreds of years, including moving from just left-brain logic based only ways of doing life to connecting and trusting more with intuition and creativity. This is a time to connect to our heart. Remember that everything is vibration so as you shift your consciousness (starseed or not), you are shifting your vibration.

Steve also shared how our planet is moving from a 3D realm to 4D and eventually 5D. To break this down (since I needed an overview as well), here’s the deal:

1. 3D is what we’ve been in for the last two thousand years and it’s all about fear, separation consciousness (us vs. them), shame, anger, guilt and frustration. We can see this construct being challenged and crumbling now as we start to look at the real racial and cultural injustice embedded in our country and world.

2. 4D is all about the mastery of I am responsible for my reality. This is a pivotal point in change and is based on courage. It’s all about the “I am co-creating my reality, I can shift from the inside out.”
Our planet moved into a 4th Dimensional realm in 2012 when we went from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

3. 5D is about an open connection to higher self and love consciousness with reality. My favorite quote from this interview came at the end. I asked Steve if he had a ‘heart flare’ to share and he said “Do not feed the fear, focus on inspiration, being of service, love, gratitude and what you can do to step towards that.” My sacred friend, this is our mandate right now. May we all feed the field with our own heart energy.

About Steve:


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FM 144: Call for action (Peaceful Goddess / Warrior of Light)

FM 144

Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew

Call for action (Peaceful Goddess / Warrior of Light)

The Cabal is pushing ahead with its lockdowns and, as announced during March on this blog, they are also using the military now to enforce it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo_2020-11-14_15-15-54.jpg

Energetically speaking, the last weeks were marked by fierce battles between the Light Force and the Dark Ones on the higher planes. The Dark Ones have energetically attacked various Goddess Vortices in Europe with exotic weapons.
During this time interval there was a physical earthquake between West Turkey and the Greek Island of Samos, which resulted in a tsunami that hit the coast, not far from the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus:
With the House of the Virgin Mary very close by:

At the same time there were also several terrorist attacks in Europe, more precisely in France (with a woman beheaded in a church in Nice) and in the city centre of Vienna (near a synagogue). Moreover, inside a Jesuit church in Bavaria, Germany, a statue of the Virgin Mary was also decapitated (and a face mask was added!):
From a physical point of view, the Cabal wants to create divisions between Christians and Muslims in Europe (in America between Republicans and Democrats / worldwide between corona believers and mask deniers), they want push through laws for even more surveillance:
And they want to get soldiers on the streets just right before the lockdowns take into effect.

But from a higher perspective the main goal is to disturb the planetary Vortices and Ley Lines… because, well, it is still a game of Ley Lines.
Many of these lines are located in large cities, especially in the government districts, and what the Cabal fears are (peaceful) marches of the awakened population along these lines (such as in Berlin, Germany, a few months ago), since this has a massive impact on the collective consciousness of the planet.
This is also a reason why they want to ban gatherings and lock up people at home. But of course this is a balancing act, as we now have protests in almost every city worldwide.

For this reason, the Dark Ones also try to capture protest movements by putting fake leaders in front of them (some are actually occupied by Reptilians). The aim is to turn such gatherings, if the police have not already disbanded them, into a stalling or fun event that wakes people up but does not have the necessary impact on the planetary grid. There are also attempts to get such events out of cities, away from the Ley Lines.
However, a march of an awakened and resisting population creates a vortex of energy along the Ley Lines that enters the planetary grid and affects people around the world. So happened again recently in Germany, this time in the city of Leipzig, where people broke out of the police blockade and marched peacefully through the city centre.

Such a march had already taken place in 1989, after which the Berlin Wall fell.

So, as a countermeasure against leading fake protesters, the Light Forces have currently sent high-ranking members of the Galactic Confederation to the surface, who have actually entered human avatars at this very moment (via walk ins), in order to guide the surface resistance into the right direction and to wake up even more people, because it is extremely important right now.
The Dark Ones are trying to make a connection back to the old Nazi timeline of World War II, trying to reinstall the fascist regime of that time in this timeline by using the pandemic.

They use the exact same patterns, just the naming has changed: Burning Books is now Internet Censorship, Authorization Act of 1933 is now Infection Protection Act, Aryan Identity Card is now Immunity Certificate … and what the Jews were then, the masked refusers are today.

Even the buildings look the same, if one compares, for example, the Reichstag in Nuremberg with the planned new building in Berlin …



Through mass testing, they can also create a DNA database of the entire population this time.
I already wrote in the summer that the fight against this Nazi Cabal faction is raging, whereby one must consider that in the last instance negative occult forces are behind it, both then and now, so-called Black Magicians.
All the politicians or philanthropists who are currently promoting this totalitarian system are just talking dolls, remote-controlled robots, and this is not only meant symbolically. In fact, many current leaders are completely empty in their minds, when they stand in front of the people.


They say what needs to be said (they basically channel their Dark Overlords), then they crawl back into their homes, and some of them even go underground from there, into their Cabal shelters. This way the Cabal can carry out these brutal measures without hesitation. The real puppet masters are not even on the surface … partly not even in the physical world.
However, the Light Forces are currently taking action against this fraction, and also many Starseeds on the surface are involved on the astral planes during night. So if any readers are involved in fierce battles during the night and believe that they just dreamed it all… I can say, no, you were probably involved in an astral operation.

The Light Forces also keep saying that no matter how chaotic it may be outside, as a Starseed you should trust that you are protected to a certain degree. According to my information, Starseeds will not be “forced” to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.
Also, one shouldn’t get too involved in this Pro Trump / Anti Trump debate, it only dissipates the energies that would be more important for other things, for example for mass meditations.
One meditation is already taking place today especially for Germany, to prevent the biggest government intervention in the basic rights of the population since 1933:
.  (Translate to English with DeepL or Chrome)
A further meditation to stabilize the timeline takes place on December 21st:
It will also be important to keep an eye on the USA with meditations, because as soon as the election winner is determined, even greater chaos will break out there.
It will also be important to stay in its centre and then help the other people who cannot grasp what is happening here, especially when the matrix finally collapses.
All of these seemingly negative scenarios have only one reason and that is that the time of the Dark Dominion has passed. And these turbulences somehow also must happen because too many people are still in deep sleep.
But we are not alone in this; our allies are much closer to us than many believe, or maybe many have forgotten …


Magenta Pixie: 11/11 Unification into Friday 13th November 2020 – The Dark Spell is Broken

11/11 Unification into Friday 13th November 2020 – The Dark Spell is Broken

•Nov 11, 2020
Magenta Pixie
120K subscribers

We speak to you today on this day 11/11 2020 as there is now a clear stream channel. Within this transmission, we wish to speak of the Friday 13th 2020 date and its energetic, symbolism and meaning.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

Magenta Pixie Website:
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* Lessons from a Living Lemuria…
* The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote…
* The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame…
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Saint Germain: Trust the (Divine) Plan

saint germain eraoflightdotcom

Saint Germain: Trust the Plan

Posted on by EraOfLight

I am your Saint Germain. I know that Sananda was going to be with you today, but I have asked him if I could be the one to bring this message to you.

But before I bring this message to you, I want you all now to take a deep breath.  Breathe.  Breathe in the life that is around you.  Not the three-dimensional chaos that is happening around you now, but life itself.  Higher consciousness itself.  Feel it.  Know it.  It is all here.  It has always been here.  But you have been blinded.  Not by the Light, but by the darkness within each and every one of you.

But that darkness has now become illuminated within you.  It is all happening now.  You will not believe everything that is coming forward from those of the dark forces, and you know that which I speak of, here.  You know where that information, that news, is coming from.

But the truth is also coming.  The truth that will indeed set you free, just as we have been saying.  Not only for this lifetime that you are in, but for many lifetimes, now.  It is in your biblical sayings, “The truth shall set you free.”  It is destined for the truth to be revealed.  All you need to do now is be open to it.

But as you are open to the truth, it comes in and resonates within you, just as it has been for many of you, if not all of you.  And certainly, many of you are resonating to these words as you read them after on your internet.  It is all coming forward.  The truth is coming forward as a disclosure.

When we speak of disclosure, we have not only spoken of disclosure and that of the Galactics, we have been speaking of disclosure as the truth in general coming forward to be revealed from many different sources, many different directions.  And that is what is happening now, as freedom is at stake, here.

Freedom.  Your own freedom.  Freedom not here just in this country, though, but in the entire planet.  The world must be free, and shall be free.  Free of the dark forces.

Because the dark forces are putting out everything that they can now.  As we have said many times, they are following a plan.  But that plan is an old vibrational plan.  It is a three-dimensional illusionary plan that they are following.

But you of the higher forces, of the Light Forces, and your President Trump, are following a higher plan.  A higher divine plan which carries higher vibrations with it.

And the only ones that can follow into this plan, this divine plan, are those that move into those higher vibrations.  Those that resonate still at the lower vibrations will remain in those lower vibrations and cannot sustain themselves in the higher vibrations.  And this is what is in the process of happening right now, as the truth is coming forward.  And it is going to come forward more and more.

And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, and many others are saying this same thing in many different ways.  The one that is being shown to come forward and be the president of this country shall not be the president.  He will not reign as president, here.  I cannot tell you more of that beyond that, but it is destined that the one that has been president shall carry on.  Cannot say how long he will carry on, because other forces are at work, here.

Other forces of the Light, of the divine plan, are at work.  And as we have said, everything is being orchestrated here for your freedom.  Freedom not only of this country, but of the entire planet.

That is what is happening here now.  Freedom.  Freedom to live your lives as you want to live them.  Not to be locked down and to be in a controlled situation, manipulated as puppets by those who would attempt to do so, those who would attempt to control the world.

There will be no New World Order.  It is not going to happen.  It never could happen.  The Earth shall not be taken over by those who attempt to decimate it and desecrate it.  It will not happen.  It cannot happen.

So all of you who came here for this mission, awaken now.  Awaken to the mission that is in front of you.  When we have said you are the Lightwarriors, and no longer just the Lightworkers, we are speaking now to this group.  We are speaking now to those ones who will resonate to these words.

The time to sit back and simply watch the show has passed.  You are not part of the show, if you allow yourselves to be.  So allow yourselves to move forward, to get off of those couches, to stop watching the news that is coming forward, and make your own news.  Create your own reality, here.  That is what this is about:  being in the moment and carrying the moment, right now, forward.

Forward into truth.  Forward into love that is coming forward in each and every one of you, more and more, as your fourth chakra begins to open wide, and opening wide because of what is happening now.  It will open wide for many because of what is happening now.  Because the lower vibrations are raising now because of this.

Believe in the plan.  Trust the plan.  It is there for a reason.  It is there for a purpose.  Everything that is happening is for a purpose right now.  So all of you must trust.  Trust in the plan.  Trust in the independence to come forward as I spoke of recently.  Independence not only of this country, but of the entire planet.  That is what is coming, and destined to be.  But you must weather the storm a little while longer.

But do not just sit back and sit through the storm.  It is not time now to be in the eye of the storm.  Yet be calm.  But do not allow everything that is happening around you to take hold of you.  Rather, you take hold of it.  That is where you need to go, now.

Share the light, spread the light, every chance, every opportunity that you have.  If it takes taking off those masks, then do it.  If it takes speaking out in a crowd, do it.  If you feel the inclination to do so, speak your truth loudly now to everyone, anyone that will listen.

Remember, “where two or more are gathered in His name, …” as He said using the I AM Consciousness within, “where two or more are gathered in my name, in the I AM, there will I be,” there will the I AM be within you.  You will have the power to speak out.  You will have the knowing to speak out.  Just as I am speaking out through this one now, this James, now.  You all have the power to do so as well, as the need arises.  And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, the need is here now to do so.

Step off.  Step off of the comfort zone and step onto the Truth Train that you have been speaking of.  Ride the Truth Train.  Ride it into freedom.  Ride it into independence.  Because that is what is at stake, here.  The independence of the entire planet.  The freedom of the entire planet is at stake here now.  And all are watching what happens in this country, The United States of America, as the independence of this country turns again now to becoming the republic that it was meant to be, as it began to be, and as it will be again.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love.  And the Violet Flame continues to burn through everything that is of lower vibration, and taking you into those higher vibrations in doing so.

**Channel: James McConnell

Amanda Shertzer: Holding High Vibration For The Massive Shift (Channeled)

Here is a beautiful message of love and healing for this time of awakening, that helps us to re-frame what is transpiring for humanity. ~PB


Holding High Vibration For The Massive Shift (Channeled)

•Nov 2, 2020

Amanda Shertzer
2.24K subscribers

Happy Monday before the U.S. election!

🤪 Remember, no matter how it turns out (and how crazy people get over it) WE are the creators of our reality. So, hold the vibration for the ones about to go berzerk. …And don’t be one of those ones.

Much Love, Amanda



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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Yep, Cobra confirms … We succeeded, & they’ve been forced out of their holes

Yep, Cobra confirms … We succeeded, & they’ve been forced out of their holes: 144K Post Anti-Lockdown / Equinox Mass Meditation Debrief | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

 144k HQ – REPORT <>

144K Post Anti-Lockdown / Equinox Mass Meditation Debrief 

This is a short report on the post dual Mass Meditations landscape
(of Sept 21 & 22).

Cobra has just confirmed the success of or Mass Meditations:
” … Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st meant peak quarantine status for this planet, both as a planetary quarantine and as covid quarantine, and now the dark forces are daily losing their grip upon the surface of this planet.​..”

He goes on to say the Cabal will still try & impose its lock-down. But … as Cobra just put it, they’re now losing their grip on the surface situation.

(in one, or both of these two meditations)!

YOU helped …WE made the difference … and placed Gaia on to the higher timeline, where the nastiest possibilities don’t happen!
So much so, that …

… it appears that most or all remaining [dark force] assets have been found … exposed … and or forced out in the open.

​Cobra also just confirmed (almost certainly a result of our energetic & timeline impact) … that most or all remaining sub-lunar Draco / Dark fleets & also underground Cabal assets have been forced out  – to engage all Light Forces due to their accelerated – and inevitable – exposure.
In desperation, they’ve now tried to ‘break-out’ of the quarantine the Light Forces have on them, resulting in the huge escalation in combat engagement.

In other words – what was always going to happen before the final ‘wipe-out’ of all dark sub-lunar & underground assets (huge escalation of battles) has already started … perhaps pre-maturely based on expectations of the previous timeline …
… thanks to us!
:- )

Yes … we will be heeding Cobra’s/The Light Force’s call for more energy work (mass Meditations) on the:

Mars-Saturn Square of Sept 29 (4:30 PM New York time zone)
Mars-Pluto Square of Oct 9 (8:00 AM New York time zone)

Exact times for your time zone will be sent to you, so watch for that closely.

We’re really turning things around, because such an escalation in military engagements wasn’t really meant to start until after the US elections.

In the next week or so, we will be forming an “elite corps” here at 144K HQ, of members who are ready and able to do deep energy work on the planet (and on their personal situations as needed) approximately 3x per week. More info on that soon.

In the meantime, you can do a slightly more advanced version of the 10min daily Flower Of Life Meditation the Light Forces are requesting (with visual aids to help with this) right here.
Stay-the-course …

Again, if you’re struggling … use the Codes. They’re there for a reason, to make things much easier for you, without the added time or effort on your part. Your abilities need to be further unleashed too. (And if they are ‘tugging’ on your implants when they’re desperate, the Implants Removal Code is there to help you remove and defeat your implants).

Things are critical right now … so much so … that I’m re-activating the 144K only 66% OFF Coupon Code.  TimeToBREATHEandRise 

Proceeds will go towards recruit way more new 144K Members for even BIGGER Mass Meditations this autumn.


Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior
Return To Your Truth Dot Com LLC
2155 Suite A, Shelby Dr
Arizona 86336
United States

144K/RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)

144k HQ – ALERT <>Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 6:20 PM

We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)


New 144K Briefing

The timing of the Saturn-Chariklo conjunction has just been clarified. As a result … the 144K will be throwing its crushing weight against anything unaligned with Goddess, on this conjunction.

Cobra has just called for it. We will be supporting him.
FM144 has also called for this, and added more details.

Our Soul Duty is to ensure all attempts to use the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction by all Black Covens & Cabal Syndicates to actualize further – or maintain current – lockdowns under the pretext of Corona virus … is crushed!
(noticing a theme here :- )

We will use this as an opportunity – to transmute the entire situation – because they have to expose themselves in order to utilize the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction energies in their favor.
Our job is to make sure they REGRET that.  

The anti-lock-down Saturn-Chariklo meditation will be the standard 1hr+ 144K Mass Mediation, because of the seriousness & extremity of the situation. And yes… we will also be doing the 20 min guided meditation at the same time as everyone else around the world.
Times for both 144K Mass Meditations are at the bottom of this Brief. 
I certainly will be!!


If you’re still struggling with the build-up in energies, you don’t have to put-up with it & suffer. Get the External Protection Code at The Sacred Victory Codes.
It seems they start attacking via in-house electronic devices,
once the house is protected.
I promptly placed other copies of the “4×4” External Protection Code on my:
smart meter (even though I had a Farraday guard around it)TV screenand as a desktop background on my computer
For endocrine system relief & healing (better visualization
… sleep  and prep for the BIG Meditation this Monday & Tuesday)
… I suggest you do the same!

So much so … that I’m extending the 66% OFF 144K only discount till Tuesday night.
We must STRIKE …. and strike HARD. 
(in the divine way of course  :- )

The Light Forces ARE counting on us … and make no mistake about that! 

Help yourself & Planetary Liberation at the same time – with this 144K Discount Coupon Code: TimeToBREATHEandRise

  Times & Links For
The Anti Lockdown Saturn-Chariklo

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Monday 21st, Sept (US)   Join Time: : 5PM EDT (US)
Start Time: 5:10PM EDT

Your Timezone & day:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:  is HERE !
Backup link:

Times & Links For The September 2020 Equinox144K Mass Meditation

Date: Tuesday 22nd, Sept (US)   Start Time: : 8:30AM EDT (US)

Your Timezone & day:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:   is HERE !
Backup link:

See you there!
  Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior

Support The 144k Rate of Growth & Your Soul Mission – Click Here DNA Activation I.C.B. De-Hypnosis Your exclusive 144k Member 33% Discount Code is:   FullyActivateMySoulMission   The code itself is not a discount link. You’ll be prompted/shown where to paste in the coupon code above, during the order process. Return To Your Truth Dot Com LLC
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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Prepare for Aug 31st Showdown – Aug 24 Meditation Report & Planetary Situation Report

Prepare for Aug 31st Showdown – Aug 24 Meditation Report & Planetary Situation Report | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH


Holy Cow … What a 144K Meditation that was on Monday!

One of our best ever … (below is an image of how some of us were, after the meditation).

If you’ve started noticing Dracos a lot more in the past 24 hrs or so, it’s because our 144K Mass Meditation on Monday helped halve the amount of sub-lunar territory they were occupying.

So sometime yesterday … there was a sudden compression of their presence down to low earth orbit & below, (yes … I’m dealing with it :- / )

So there’s cleaning up to do, which will culminate in our big 144K intervention this Monday 31st, on the critical heliocentric Eris Pluto Square.

The physical & non-physical dark ones will try to skew & use this energy on this date, to trigger something quite unpleasant –

… but the 144K will be there!

The only meditation group with a concerted … coordinated … focused concentration of transmutational Light, on this historical moment to change the game!

Cobra has alerted us … in no uncertain terms … that how the next two weeks go, will largely decide the rest of the year, and therefore … the speed of our attaining freedom & peace.

” … the second [critical moment] is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. A meditation at that moment will help support the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sub-lunar space at that time …”

Cobra – Aug 21st Report

This 2nd Mass Meditation will also be 30-45mins long … approximately.


Duty calls …

Let’s show’em we mean business! (time-zone & live guided platform are at the bottom)


Aug 24 Mass Meditation Report

Because Saturn & Mars squared off with each other on this event – it was indeed [energetic] war, that risked spilling over on to the physical at a bigger level which could have resulted in greater conflict within the US, (Antifa & BLM [Cabal] paid mercenaries are now armed) but also internationally …

… as the old STRUCTURES (Saturn) buckled and almost snapped, from refusing to gracefully bend & transmute into its highest divine purpose into structures that finally started serving humanity.

We built lots of new Saturn-divine-masculine structures throughout the non-physical planes (after MASS clearing of old decrepit energies & negative civilizations) – and filled them with the nurturing ultra-soft [magnetic] energies of the Goddess.

And that’s just what I saw. Here’s what other saw & DID.


” Activated the water on the whole planet, with help of dolphins, whales, birds drinking brilliant bright water! …”


” I felt profound emotional release and tears moments before you said you felt GAIA crying. Tears of joy… “

T. L:

” I imagined a vaccination of Light injected deep into their network, that changes darkness’ DNA towards light, so its immune system either succumbs or attacks itself – just like they want to do to us. I asserted that humanity cannot be judged until the hidden programming and sabotage networks have been removed, to see what human kind/nature is really like…”


Thanks for today!!!!

Short info. Was guided to go for the mother computer of the AI. Worked on it for some time and in the end it was like a hidden Archangel rose up from the ground under the place of the computer when it was removed …”


” At the moment when hatred was being transmuted, I burst into tears – Gaia’s collective tears of release, tears of relief, and tears of gratitude.

At the point where we were transmuting and replacing structures with golden ones, I had to stand in order to get better grounded. Called upon AA Ariel to assist with grounding and streaming diamond light to Gaia’s gridlines. Saw chains of oppression being converted to golden circles of Light… My sun and moon are in Capricorn. And so it is!”


” I know we always like synchronistic events during mass meditation. My eyes were flowing around and around this image in my meditation room just as you requested that the Goddesses on the call imagine rainbow light flowing around squares and other masculine shapes…”


” Thank you for the Mass meditation tonight. I had immense pain in my left arm about ten minutes in… then through the majority until 5 minutes before the end…Moments of intense emotion and coldness…”


” I saw that all our individual light was overlapped over the entirety of the Universe, centered on Gaia, to attain a level of purity as close to the One as possible as separate beings…”


” You asked us to visualize ourselves as goddesses. Once I did, my hair lit up and started grabbing dark entities, pulling the darkness out, transmuting it internally, so that I could use the transmuted light energy to pour more light into the divine masculine structures. 1:23 pm as I send this …”


“Transmutation of Violence. Saw Cabal place swords down on ground in defeat -Illuminati/ Reptilian DNA changing as well as Human! To more benevolent + -Timeline reversal where we made retroactive changes in France, Russia, Egypt, and Caveman times…”


” Right after you said Gaia is loving this, I saw the children released. Pain and suffering to joy and peace as they entered a new place…”

They say laughter is one frequency notch below love. So here’s an image to lighten things up.

Times & Links For

The Heliocentric Pluto-Eris Square

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Monday Aug 31

Start Time: 7:30 AM EDT (US)

Your Timezone:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:
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See you there!

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Keep bringing in the Light | FM144

April 17, 2020

Keep bringing in the Light | FM144

Historical times that we are currently experiencing. The world is definitely in a fundamental change – people are waking up.

The worldwide meditations two weeks ago contributed to this, although they were massively attacked … before, during and afterwards.

Unfortunately many Lightworker groups (e.g. on Facebook) are still infiltrated, which of course cannot be stopped a 100%, but admins can spot infiltrators and act accordingly, if they find any.

In the run-up to the meditations, videos were produced to present mass meditations as dangerous. Many of them were tried to be placed into Lightworker groups to make people insecure in order to prevent them from participating.

There were also discussions that people are not participating in MMs because they’re supposed to be “against” COVID-19, and everything that is “against” something is not in “Light and Love” and cannot be in the “Highest Purpose” and so forth and so on … Lightworkers probably know these discussions.

I don’t want to go into this in detail, just again this much: it is scientifically proven that mass meditations with positive intentions also have a positive effect on the physical environment:

And as far as this “against something” issue is concerned, much of it is simply quibbling, much of it was taken out of context (in fact, the main goal of most MMs was  the harmonization of the events!) and even when something is done “against” something … of course this will work too, you can also order from the Universe/Source that a certain situation is avoided… the Universe/Source is not “stupid” (to put it exaggeratedly), it will not send you more of the bad things if you make it very clear that you “don’t want bad things to happen” (but again, this would be a completely separate topic).

Many such discussions are pointless, as the other party will not be convinced of the opposite anyway – they literally rob you of your energy (which is also be a sign of an attack/infiltration) and keep you from doing more important things (like sharing links or create videos for MMs).

A clear sign of infiltration is when you have people in your (Facebook) group who do not post anything for months, sometimes years, until there is a MM. Suddenly such people are activated like sleeper cells (often through Archons) and are spamming groups participating in MMs with negative comments or links to such videos as mentioned above, which present MMs as dangerous. After the MM they wouldn’t post anything for months again… clear signs of infiltration, so happened in many Lightworker groups on Facebook or on Instagram two weeks ago, admins should act immediately if they spot such activities.

However, these disruptive actions in advance could not prevent the success and the enormous number of participants in the MMs – although attacks also happened during them, and also afterwards. It is usually the case that at the same time as major mediations take place certain physical and also non-physical groups of Dark Ones will begin to ritualize in order to counteract such meditations.

These attacks are usually very strong in the beginning, but the more people join the meditation, the brighter and stronger the Light becomes and overlays these attacks.

Nevertheless, many Lightworkers (especially Key Lightworkers) can still be attacked, because the Archons go completely berserk during and after such meditations.

That is why it is important to protect yourself energetically and after a MM to consciously separate yourself from it and all other external energies/external connections during an own meditation (and no, this doesn’t mean that MMs are dangerous, it’s because they are so effective that the Dark Ones will do everything to stop them or at least to take revenge on certain Lightworkers for participation… but if you protect yourself properly, it will not become too much of a problem).

It’s also a good idea to mentally seal all energetic portals that lead to oneself as well as to mentally erase all energetic traces that one has left on the non-physical planes (so that you cannot be traced back by the Archons) and to recharge yourself energetically, for example by going out a lot into nature or connecting with the Prime Source or the Goddess during a meditation, or by chanting or whatever other methods you use to recharge yourself energetically.

Another reason for attacks is the fact that, out of fear of the incoming Light, the top echelons of the Dark Ones crawled under the Earth’s surface, where they are constantly ritualizing now.

These rituals create negative entities on the non-physical planes, which are then released into the Grid to attack Lightworkers. They virtually conjure up hell and inject it into the Grid to make it as difficult as possible for the Light Force.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that the wind has already turned, and the meditation was definitely a game changer.

The plan of a NWO with forced vaccinations and microchips is disintegrating live in front of our eyes, no matter how much propaganda they might make for it.

The number of people waking up is now so large that the social media accounts of Bill and Melinda Gates have all their hands full with deleting critical comments (which by far exceed positive comments).

Also the plan to use influencers and celebrities on social media to make propaganda for mass vaccinations turns out to be a boomerang, because the commentary columns are just full of critical comments too, and many influencers/celebs already had to withdraw their videos.

That’s why the Cabal is now getting its major Illuminati artists (led by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga) out of the moth box, organizing a big virtual concert this weekend:

The problem is that more and more people do not respond too well to Propaganda and Satanists, see Microsoft’s advertising for Mixed Reality featuring Marina Abramovic:

Reason for this are also great documentaries like this one:

The mainstream narrative that COVID-19 was created naturally and has nothing to do with a bioweapon is also becoming more and more unstable (even if much of it is counter-propaganda and mudslinging, but it’s about bringing out the idea that the virus could be artificially created as well as spread intentionally):

The 5G issue is also causing tensions, with some citizens taking the issue into their own hands:

As you can see, there is a tremendous crackling inside the Grid as more and more people are waking up now and not putting up with things anymore.

Of course the goal is to bring everything harmoniously across the stage, however, the awareness and resistance has passed a critical point, which may cause natural tension in correlation with the suppression through the Grid.

In the meantime, most of the Dark Ones have literally moved into the basement of the planet, which is good, because In Feng Shui, the basement also represents the past, everything above represents the future, and in that case it would be the ships of Galactic Confederation in the skies (which are closer now than some might imagine).

So keep bringing the Light in, be aware things can still get very chaotic, so stay centred and calm, we are definitely heading in the right direction … and we definitely can make a difference!