John Smallman: When you feel at one with another, fear, conflict, and distrust dissolve.


Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 27th

Change is in the air, in fact enormous changes and revelations are shortly to be unveiled, as humanity progresses most effectively towards the moment of its grand awakening.  Your awakening has always been God’s Will for you, and God’s Will, the divine Will, in fact humanity’s Will – your collective will since the unreal but very real seeming separation experience commenced – is One Will and It is always achieved.  There are no exceptions!

Of course many of you ask and continue to ask:  “If God is Love, and His Will is for us to be happy, then why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?”  Hard as it is for you to understand and accept, the One Will, your collective Will and God’s for all is that you experience eternal JOY!  That is Reality!  What you are experiencing, and seem to have been experiencing for eons – judgment, blame, conflict, pain, and suffering – is illusory.  Yes, the pain and suffering is very convincing, and seems totally real because your physical form, the human body, has senses and feelings incorporated within it to enable it to take care of itself and enjoy life.  And this sensitivity comes at a price – you have a saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” – and that price is the ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering.  Your bodies are sensitive instruments through which consciousness experiences the unreality of separation from Source, momentarily.

The experience of separation was but a momentary sensation, but it seems to have been ongoing for thousands of millennia.  In Reality there is only Love – which includes peace, contentment, happiness, caring, cooperation, harmony – and what you experience as humans that is not of Love is unreal, even though it seems very real.  Most of you identify almost wholeheartedly with your bodies, with your human forms, and the feelings and sensations that they undergo.  However, when you go within in meditation, contemplation, or just relaxation, and your “roof-brain chatter” reduces or even ceases for a while, you do find yourselves at peace with yourselves in self-acceptance.

Suffering is due to your thoughts and the judgments and blaming that goes with them.  That is what the sense of separation is all about.  When you feel at one with another – your partner, spouse, children, in a loving relationship – fear, conflict, and distrust dissolve.  And if you are in physical, mental, or emotional pain due to illness or damage to your bodies, or for emotional or psychological reasons, being in the presence of loved ones frequently eases it.  That is what relationship is all about – being one, being lovingly supported, knowing that you are not alone.  That knowing, that inner sense of belonging, being at home, loved, and accepted is what everyone seeks.  And, of course, That is Reality!  That is where you are in every moment of your eternal existence, you have just temporarily lost access to conscious awareness of it.

To be separated from Love, from Source is unbearable.  And that can never happen.  But as separate individual humans, it does seem that you are separate, alone, isolated from everyone else.  You all dream when you sleep, and sometimes your dreams are horrific and terrifyingly real, and sometimes they are dull, unmemorable, and sometimes they can be fun, exciting, and uplifting.  Then you wake up, and they are no more because they were unreal, and very quickly you forget them totally.  Well, separation, as you are experiencing it as humans in form, is also a dream, it is unreal, and you will wake up.  And, as with dreams, all memory of separation will also fade away when that happens, and you will find yourselves once more, where you have always been, at One with Source, and in utter Joy.

You are all aware that enormous change is occurring, even though you are unable to identify quite what it is that is changing.  You feel it, and you know that it is happening.  And, at the same time, as more “stuff” arises to be dealt with both in yourselves and in others with whom you are in communication, life can be, and is for some, very uncomfortable and very unsettling.  Just accept that what is happening is a necessary and unavoidable aspect of the awakening process.

Most of you have experienced unwanted change in your lives, change that may have arrived suddenly and unexpectedly, therefore you all tend to be wary of change.  Many plan their lives to avoid change, but truly change is unavoidable in the unreal separated state that you experience as humans.  So, instead of worrying about what might happen next to upset or unsettle you in your individual lives . . . CELEBRATE, because you are going to wake up from the dream of separation into the utter joy of Oneness, and deep within yourselves you do know this.  Yes, most of you have forgotten who you are, but the veil of forgetfulness is to be removed, and amazement and joy will permanently replace that temporary but terrifying unawareness of who you really are.

Go within every single day without fail, and momentarily throughout the day as occasions allow, and connect with Love, with Source, with Mother/Father/God who is always present there waiting to embrace you and help you feel the complete acceptance that is your right and your heritage.  You are divinely loved, always, and nothing can ever change that.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jennifer Hoffman: Shine From Your Radiance

This week’s message is a channel from Archangel Uriel

The beautiful light within you is meant to be your reminder of where you are from, emanating from Source as a spark of divine light. But it has been dimmed through the suffering and trauma which can remind you of the dark places where your light is not welcome. For many lifetimes you have been the light for those places and focused your efforts on lighting a path out of the darkness for others. Now you can shine radiantly, expanding your light in all directions. For this you must focus your light inwards first, use your light to shine from within and then radiate your light, sharing from the point of your joyful energy.

When you think of shining your light consider shining like a bright star, in all directions, rather than lighting the path before you or shining your lights towards the darkness in the world you believe requires enlightenment. You are a better light source when you radiate light from your own joyful energy  than when you shine from the point of obligation, even when that is done with the most sincere intention.

The next stage of ascension is on the level of multi-dimensional potential. While you believe this is a battle between dark and light it is really a struggle between those who wish to continue the dominance of the third dimension and the opening of the portals to higher dimensions of being. These higher dimensions radiate with light, they are light filled and their energy is joy.

Imagine radiant light that shines in every direction, from every angle, from everything so that everything you see is radiating light. See how the different lights blend together and highlight each other so it is impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends? There are no individual lights shining by themselves, there is a single radiant light that shines everywhere.

This is light radiance, and it is your 5D mission. It is possible when you are congruent in your energy and focus on radiance from your entire being. As you focus your light within, light up each cell, focus on bringing light to each part of your body, from your feet to your head, front and back.  Then see your light radiating from you in a brilliant sphere of light that bursts forth from every part of your being. Create a sphere of brilliant light that shines from within and radiates out from you.

This is radiance, this is your new soul mission for ascension, and this is your new way of being in service to the light and a light beacon for humanity with joy as your purpose and radiance as the blessing you share.


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Jennifer Hoffman: How do you handle jealousy?

Jennifer Hoffman: How do you handle jealousy?
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Core 4 Energy Healing 

Releasing the Core Trauma Energies that limit your joy, block your abundance,
and prevent your light from shining brightly

Have you ever had to deal with someone who is jealous of you? Many of my clients have this issue and it is hard to understand when the person who is jealous is their mother, a sibling, a family member, or a close friend or partner.

How do you handle jealousy?

First you must understand that it is not personal. It is not about you, it is the other person’s problem and issue.

And understand that it is their lack of self esteem which causes them to be jealous of you.

What happens is they see you having, doing, or being something they want in their lives but they do not value themselves enough to manifest it, so they are angry with you for having it.

While they may really want to have what you have in their life, they do not think they are worthy of it, or can have it or create it — they do not value themselves enough to make the effort, or they are afraid or feel that there is not enough for them because they believe that the Universe is a limited in its blessings and they don’t get any.

Jealousy destroys relationships because it creates an impossible situation where you may feel obliged to dim your light to make someone happy but that won’t help because the jealousy is the other person’s issue, it is a result of their lack of self esteem that makes them jealous of you and of everyone.

What you can do is maintain your self esteem, your self value, and keep that foundation strong no matter who is jealous of you. When you have a strong foundation of self esteem it does not matter what other people think of you, you will stay strong in your own congruent energy field.

How do you build self esteem? It’s the bonus in my Core 4 Energy Healing program, which addresses our 4 most challenging areas of emotional energy trauma:

1. The Mother energy trauma created in the Maternal Emotional Energetic Template
2. The Parent/Child energy trauma that is created in challenging parent/child relationships
3. The family karma that is the result of our karmic cycles and soul group family dynamics
4. And forgiveness, which I teach as an energy, not an emotion, so it can be used to release traumas without regret, resentment, or fear.

And as a bonus I’m including the Self Esteem Course to help you build a strong foundation of self esteem because without it, you cannot love yourself. If you have had problems with the idea of self love, this course will help you release the blocks that prevent you from valuing yourself, which are created by judgments and criticisms, and get your self esteem or self value in place so you can love yourself.

This course will help you clear these energies in time for the strong creative energy of 2019 and I’m offering it as a holiday special price this week only. It will not be offered at this discounted price again.

You can watch my free webinar ‘How to Heal Karmaat this link, which goes into a very detailed explanation of what karma is, our soul groups, karmic cycles, and how they impact our lives.

With the Core 4 Energy Healing course you get 6+ hours of audio and video, energy exercises, worksheets, and guided meditations that take you from trauma to transformation. Plus 4 pre-recorded video lessons that present a deep dive into each of the lessons.  AND as a holiday bonus, 3 additional Q&A calls where you can gets answers to your questions about the program.

Registration is open now and closes on November 30, 2018 at midnight US EST. This special price is my gift to you so register now and you can begin right away. You’ll receive access to a new lesson every 2 days (so you can do the work in each section  — this is very intense work) and can download the course materials to your personal spiritual library.

Click here to access the program description page and begin your Core 4 Energy clearing now, starting with the Maternal Emotional Energy Template, the emotional energy you received from your mother during her pregnancy with you.

Many bright, beautiful blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman
Intuitive Master, Channel, Best selling Author
Your guide to Enlightened Living

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Aluna Ash- 9D: New Earth Shift 11/27 + Energy Update & Next Wave- The Remembering + ALL SIGNS Energy Update

New Earth Shift 11/27

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Alot a physical purging for many can bring up a lot of symptoms some of you are feeling flu like symptoms, I was on and off over last couple weeks. Drink plenty, rest plenty, stay focused on your spirit. May feel waves of energy move through body.. may feel like anxiety at times.

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time feeling like circumstances are completely out of their control, just know that this is part of the clearing unconscious imprints that’s taking place there- is an uprooting of karmic frequencies individually and collectively. This is clearing the realms & timelimes to move into higher ones

We are all going through upheavels, changes, purges at some level.. be kind & gentle to yourself and others right now. Staying out of duality, division and judgment about another’s path or where another person is at at this moment in time, is SOOO helpful in raising the collective consciousness, there is no right or wrong there is only perception and experience that we are playing out due to the laws of cause and consequence.

I’ve definitely felt the physical symptoms due to imprints of diff things coming from past lives and childhood that i didnt even know about or remember. Theres definitely a remembering and Awakening of the unconscious mind and all imprints within the different Realms of our psyche that were playing out energetically/astrally in the diff planes within the physical

I almost let projections get the best of me and came very close to deleting my channel!😂 thinking back now its ridiculous lol.. dont allow anyone to project negativity on to you to the point it messes with your mind, *return to sender* in love. Its a spiritual war.

I love you guys & im very grateful for your support



Return To Your Truth: Fulford on Ground Crew Command. Another Planetary Clearing Report. Two MAJOR Confirmations from Cobra. Preparations for Mass Arrests Full Steam Ahead + More

INTERFERENCE + Technical issues: listen to intro to 7:12 then to skip technical issues/attempts to dialogue w/Ben, jump to 19:50 for start of interview w/Fulford. ~PB

Fulford on Ground Crew Command. Another Planetary Clearing Report. Two MAJOR Confirmations from Cobra. Preparations for Mass Arrests Full Steam Ahead + More |Return To Your Truth

A major, stubborn & heavily ‘toplefied’ Archon Grid was cleared on Sunday (US time).

As always … this was in response to an extremely bad attack that started from Saturday afternoon & continued into Sunday morning.

Similar to an attack that occurred early December of last year, this attack was also centered around anti-gravity plasma portals that would fly into one’s plasma body, and open up a portal.

In tracing the source of this … a major discovery was uncovered.

I’ll be providing you with the full report of this massive energetic event on this week’s show.

Cobra Confirms What I’ve Been Espousing All Along

Here’s the two BIG ‘awareness’ I confirmed with Cobra when I spoke with him last Thursday.

1) Yes … we do have MASSIVE powers of the kind that ETs & most EDs do NOT have … when we project our consciousness from the physical to the non-physical.

2) Our Galactic BRETHREN … do indeed commonly make their biggest moves & or have their biggest successes during our Mass Meditations.

Let that sink in …

This confirms YOUR purpose for being here!

UPDATE: 3) to top it all off … he also confirmed what I’ve been saying about how Lightworkers, and people ‘who are READY’ … and been fighting the good fight to get the planet liberated (ex: regular participation in Mass Meditations) … will get ‘first dibs” as they say here is America, regarding physical re-union with our Galactic families … access to their resources / technologies … well before the main disclosure process, mass landings & the Event.

It’s just a matter of it being safe enough by removing all toplet bombs, and the White Hats consolidating their control of the military … agencies & negative black-ops groups still remaining.


Thanks to Cobra’s intimate conscious knowledge about the non-physical planes … I’ve finally been able to confirm what I’ve been saying at an intuitive level pretty much since the beginning of the show, and this should help us ‘rouse up’ the mostly dormant Army of Light on the surface of this planet.

So join us this week, for one more interesting tidbit about the non-physical planes that Cobra revealed in our little chat, which I believe you’ll find fascinating.


What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness on, This Week.

Special guest & White Dragon Society representative Benjamin Fulford joins us. And here’s what we’ll be getting into:

  • What the deal is with China. By this point, who actually controls most of China? … what are the primary controlling factions in China, and who controls their military?

  • Surely the Cabal agents who control the Ukraine, know that Russia has been wanting & planning to invade them & kick them out. Why would the Cabal controlled Ukrainian Nazi regime start provocations with Russia?

  • … Are there double agents within the Ukraine power structure that want the Cabal out?

  • … or is the Cabal hoping use this as an opportunity to start WWIII, and use Ukraine as the sacrificial lamb?

  • does the Cabal still have nuclear capacity?

  • A massive milestone in planetary liberation was reached recently with the Rothschilds signing control of massive trusts over to other parties. What were these trusts exactly, and what international criminal  investigations pressured the Rothschilds into losing control of them?

  • Who controls the BIS … and what does this massive shift in world finance mean for the BIS?

  • 2019 is shaping up to be the year of massive public trials, both military, civil & international. Is this the likely scenario … and are we expecting that it will culminate into mass arrests over …say a 6 month period, completing itself by the 2nd half of 2019?

  • Any word on Ben being taken to Antarctica, with his trusty camera at the ready?

  • Assuming Ben’s allowed to even answer this, is his SSP Alliance contact part of the SSP itself & is he generally posted off-world?    … or is he right here on the surface, and not literally part of the SSP?

  • Any recent news from this contact?

  • A personal friend of mine has been trying to cash large bonds himself since about 2014, and has been threatened by the Cabal in doing so. Is Ben in the same situation regarding his bond?

  • It seems the White Hats in the US are still in the process of consolidating their control over the agencies & military, with the interrogation & possible plea bargain with former CIA/NSA head Mike Hayden. Are they 80% there? … 90% there?

  • As far as the US court system is concerned … is that just a case of cleaning out corrupt judges that are either secretly Freemasons or Satanic?   … or is there more to it than that?

  • There’s been a lot of talk about the Cabal stealing many seats in the US mid-term elections recently … and that the White Hats let them do it, with some exception to the Senate seats … and that the White Hats have closely watched over the election fraud, to use this information in upcoming investigations & indictments. Does Ben have any further info or updates on this?

  • Apparently the White Hats were able to ‘clean out’ the Republican Party, starting in 2015 … but they weren’t able to do the same with the Democrat Party. Why is that?

  • Can Ben send a message, on all of our behalf … to the White Hats & Agency types, that we’ll continue to do our best in shutting down the Cabal’s ritual black magic CRAP … in order to help their operations go smoother … quicker … and have better results, with less danger to themselves?

    …  I’ll see you on this special week’s episode of Ground Crew Command
    (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT)

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    See you there!

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


    The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to:

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Psychic Sounds by B: B Weeklies ~ Missing Someone, Something Missing and Massive Transformation Patience is a Virtue

Listen to important introduction about current energies

B Weeklies ~ Missing Someone, Something Missing and Massive Transformation Patience is a Virtue

Published on Nov 25, 2018

For week commencing November 26th 2018 Sorry this is so long ladies and gents! Lots of info and downloads May want to listen to all signs Recorded 1100 am CST 11-25-18

Earth 22:22 Air 28:58 Water 37:14 Fire 45:50


Kelly M. Beard: Weekly Forecast: November 25 – December 1, 2018

Weekly Forecast: November 25 – December 1, 2018

11/26 ~ Sun (identity) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion):

Once a year, these two link up and expand your life & consciousness. It’s time to infuse your personal story with a new level of individual Truth. You have learned & experienced a lot in one year and now you are supported to integrate (and apply) all that you’ve discovered. This energy expands your sense of Self, and inspires you to new heights within. It indicates that it is time to go to the next level and gives you the optimism & faith that you need to try new things and/or learn something new. The highest expression of this energy is a fiery passion to be the best, the lowest expression is arrogance and self-righteousness. This is a powerful pair of energies joining forces, so watch for opportunities to grow and expand your consciousness, as well as your circumstances through your own efforts & expertise.

11/26 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~square~ Mars (desire & actions):

This activation can be a tough one for some. If your beliefs are out of alignment with your actions, if you are not self-aware or act-out unconsciously, being selfish or childish, than watch out, because squares test you to grow and change in some way. Often, this also means that you are suppressing your nature in some way, which is never really a good idea. When you suppress your Soul, it can make your human more sensitive or defensive, taking things personally as a threat or challenge. If you catch your Self feeling irritable for no apparent reason, try to step back and gain some perspective before responding to your own thoughts or another’s words. Mercury & Mars getting together, in this challenging way, can provoke debates and, in some people, actual fights, so be careful. The deeper aspect of this activation is that some part of you wants to express, perhaps in a new way, and your monkey-mind has got you all off track. Mars demands that you know who you are and what you want, and is the Divine Masculine part of you, which is supposed to hold good boundaries, protect you and negotiate on your behalf in the world. If you know something that you are not acting on, this can be frustrating. If you are acting in ways that are not allowing you to think things through, this too can cause accidents, problems and delays. It is best to pull in until you are clear. And also keep in mind, you may not be out of alignment in the above ways, but those around you may be and will likely have no context for what they are feeling and therefore, become indiscriminate with their choices & actions.

11/27 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. You will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) make quite an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible too. However, if not physically, than mentally and certainly within your own area, you will take in more information per square inch than usual. Pay attention! You may even gain the much deserved recognition from others that you have worked so hard for.

11/27 ~ Mars (action) ~sextile~ Saturn (endurance):

This energy gives you a tremendous power booster to your drive to create stability, as you define it. You will be more willing to do the work, starting with a plan that is carefully thought out and then methodically carried out. Plan and Do! Not just one or the other, but both, which can eventually produce solid results. The rewards for your hard work or the return on your investment will reflect what energy you have put in to stabilizing your life. This energy should not be restrained but consciously directed. Excessive restriction (Saturn) may cause an explosion (Mars) down the line, whereas a solid base (Saturn) contains the fire (Mars) so it becomes useful, productive, and often, beautiful as well.

11/27 ~ Mercury Rx (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion & learning):

It is time to expand your thinking & develop more conscious awareness! This is a powerful energy assisting you on many levels. You will make connections easily & quickly that help you integrate newly acquired information or knowledge, making you appear psychic (or at least lucky) to others. At this time, you can connect with your Highest ideal and most broad outlook for your life, and you may feel that you are finally ready to live your Truth. You are so connected to your own ideal that you naturally give others permission to live their Truth as well, creating an atmosphere of tolerance that feeds all involved. The challenge with this energy is going too ‘broad’ and missing details that are vital to your success. You will also miss out on crucial information if you are too overconfident and/or self-righteous in any way. Remain humble, knowing that your way works for you, but it may not work for others (and vice versa). And it is ALL okay! If you remain centered in the Light and your own Heart, this energy gives you a little boost to whatever you are creating at this time.

11/30 ~ Venus (values) ~oppose~ Uranus (freedom):

Any time Uranus is involved, it becomes the “wild card” and hard to predict how things will unfold, but right now there is a push-pull between your apparent values and your unique individual self. Venus also represents relationships, so you may begin an unusual relationship or you may have something unusual happen in an established relationship.  It is not necessarily a “good/bad” thing, as much as an unpredictable shift or sudden awareness, which requires some compromise & integration. This energy works beautifully if your personal Truth and values are in alignment. It will be very disruptive if they are not. Be open and flexible, while looking for the win/win situation for all involved.


The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Weekly Forecast:  November 25 – December 1, 2018

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences November 26 to December 2, 2018 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology, 15000 Block 75th, Kenmore, WA 98028, USA

Sun, Nov 25, 4:30 PM (21 hours ago)

GaiaPortal: Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all 26 NOV by ÉirePort


Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all.

Abundance protocols have established.

Flamboyants are exposed and dissolved from the tomes.

Messengers of the Galactics are heard.

ÉirePort | November 26, 2018 at 08:08 |

Dorothy Morgan: #Astrology Forecast #Week of November 26 to December 2nd

#Astrology Forecast #Week of November 26 to December 2nd Dorothy Morgan

Published on Nov 22, 2018

November 26 Sun Jupiter Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. Do something you have been putting off. Take a chance. Enjoying life, experiencing new things.
Moon Pluto are opposing…. Deeper emotional connection to what we are passionate about.
Moon in Leo Tuesday morning Nov 27th creative, inspiring, productive and fun through Wednesday.
Thursday November 29 we have a Virgo Moon Organize, pulling things together , making sense of our creative moments.
Friday November 30th Venus opposing Uranus, North and South Nodes opposing, Make a Grand Cardinal Cross, Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. This can be very self- focused and it is supposed to be.
Spiritual shifts with the Nodes (more on them as the year progresses). The physical needs of Venus and Uranus.
Saturday December 1st Mercury moves back into Scorpio. Taking a deep dive. Nothing superficial here.
Venus in Scorpio is money, stocks, banking, Credit cards and more. Checks and balances.
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio Venus forward in Scorpio A lot is coming to the surface.

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