Tania Gabrielle: Taurus New Moon: Alchemy and Awakening!


Tania Gabrielle: Taurus New Moon: Alchemy and Awakening!

Published on May 8, 2018


A wonderful Taurus NEW Moon blesses us with magic and alchemy on May 15. This New Moon is especially powerful, since Uranus moves into Taurus the SAME day!


When you consider that Uranus hasn’t been in the sign of Taurus since between 1934-1941, you can see that this New Moon moment is a BIG deal!

  • Taurus makes sure we feel secure, grounded and in sync with our core soul values.
  • Uranus is the Great Awakener, opening wide horizons – encouraging expansive freedom – introducing (often unexpectedly) a brand new experience of life…

Uranus in Taurus encourages us to take risks in order to feel a stronger, more secure connection to Source, to our Soul. It’s a delightful paradox!

Your Awakening now is REAL.

Know that this New Moon will BIRTH something in you that will change you forever.


It happens on May 15 at 24° in Taurus. Both 15 and 24 reduce to the number 6 – symbolizing love, nurturing, family and abundance – just like Taurus does!

15 is the number of Spiritual Alchemy – a palpable joy uplifts you vibrationally and nourishes your soul with love. This changes your frequency and results in an internal alchemy – truly a stunning code for this Taurus New Moon.

Fabulous planetary meetings are triggered by the New Moon:

  • Sun and Moon form an incredible Trine to both Mars and Pluto. 

This TRINE  between the New Moon and Mars/Pluto infuses you with so much energy! You will be determined to achieve your goals in a very unique way, because Uranus moving into Taurus is all about being special – valuing who you are at soul-level.


Your courage and ambition will magnify.

Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, an EARTH sign, just like Taurus – so this transit will leave a long impact on you.

  • Sun and Moon are opposite Jupiter. 

This opposition invites your Light to embrace more joy and abundance, which expands and grows as long as you surrender to divine wisdom and love.


Surrender and trust brings you inner peace. So, if something feels out of sync in your life, Jupiter opposite Sun is bringing that area into balance.


Always ask yourself when making any decision – does this make me feel happy?


  • Mercury and Uranus are square to Mars. 

Squares in astrology facilitate movement and activation. In this case there is excitement and a restless energy spurring you on to communicate in a unique and new way. You’ll get a new perspective on a part of your life.

Definitely, something will make you fired up – so use this exciting energy to create something, otherwise you may feel nervous, anxious or irritable.

  • Jupiter Trines Neptune.

Saved the best for last… What a gorgeous transit this is – a gift from the heavens!

Jupiter trine Neptune sets the stage for long-term good fortune and spiritual fulfillment. When you are aligned with what brings you joy, you’ll experience bigger financial windfalls, an expansion of your imagination and overall enrichment.

Your psychic awareness and intuition are super enhanced…

What you set your intentions on, dream about and visualize now will multiply, leaving a long-term, positive effect on your life.

As you can see, this year’s Taurus New Moon coupled with Uranus’ move into Taurus for the next 7 years creates fantastic opportunities for you to initiate fortunate breakthroughs and embrace a brand new way of life.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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No One Else Can “Mess Up” Your Reality by Dr. Taryn Crimi | Angelic Guides

No One Else Can “Mess Up” Your Reality
Today we would like to focus upon the topic of creation; particularly your role as a creator being. There is quite a bit of confusion around the topic of creation when it comes to co-creation and how others can participate in your reality. So it is our intention to help clear the confusion up a bit.

As you are now well aware, you are the creator of your reality. Many of you like to choose the bits and pieces of which manifestations you are responsible for and what you are not. Let us first be clear, you are either the creator of everything in your reality, or the creator of nothing. You cannot be the creator of only some of it, no more so than you can be a little pregnant. You either are, or you are not and we can assure you that you are the creators of your reality. Now this is not to say that you do not co-create with others in your world, but what you experience and how you view it is entirely a result of what you have created.

So how do you create your reality? To this we would reply, by your thoughts of course which are really just vibrations which you have translated into emotions, thoughts and then things. You always have the ability to focus your attention on anything you desire. No one has control over what you think, how you think or when you choose to think it. This where your true power exists. But so many of you disperse your power by reacting to unpleasing events which have already manifested as a result of something you already thought. Allow us to further explain this process as it is essential to understanding the concept we are sharing with you. Many of you are continually observing your reality, practically on auto pilot. You are simply creating by default. You see something, which then generates a response, and you then create more of it based upon the emotions and beliefs you focus upon. This is not effectively using the power that you possess yet we witness so many of you live your life in this way.

You see, as a powerful creator being, you always have the choice to focus your attention upon anything you desire. Regardless of what is going on around you, you always can find thoughts that feel good as opposed to focusing on what is in front of you that does not please you. So many of you spend much of your life wishing for something different while staying stubbornly tuned into the circumstances which have already manifested in your reality. You cannot focus on the environment that you have already created and expect to get something different. That’s not how creation works. You continue to get more of the same because that’s what you are focused upon. This is why so often very little changes over the years in so many peoples lives, because you cannot focus all of your attention on what you have created and get something drastically different.

So how do you unplug? How do you stop the cycle of recreating the same situations over and over again? We will tell you and it is very simple. Stop giving so much attention to everything you have already manifested in your life. If you want something new then you must feel, think, believe, focus upon something new.

We are not denying that many of you have yearned for something different. We are not denying that you want so much more out of life. We are here to tell you it is more than possible to get everything you want and more, but you have to do something different than what you have been doing in order to get a different result.

Find thoughts that feel good, find thoughts that conjure the feelings of appreciation, love, happiness, peace, joy, bliss. There isn’t a single soul alive that cannot find thoughts that feel good. What you focus upon will expand. You can choose to focus upon thoughts that feel bad, that make you feel angst, worry or discouraged, or you can focus your attention upon thoughts that feel really good. Its this simple. It’s not meant to be difficult, its not meant to be confusing, its not meant to be a struggle.

When you look to others to find blame in the things that have been created in your reality you are giving your power away. There is a question that arises quite often when you become aware that you are the creator of your reality. The question is, well if Im thinking good thoughts and my partner, spouse, friend, or whomever is thinking negatively wont that affect the outcome of our experience? And to this we reply, not unless you let it.

No one else can create your reality for you. If you remain consistent in your intention and your focus is to expect a positive outcome then nothing in the universe can prevent that from manifesting but you. You are the creator of your reality. When you are working on a project with another or you are living your life with another and you are working together, if one has negative expectations and you remain unwavering in the outcome you desire, expect and intend then your focus will bring the desired outcome. Its not to say that your partner will not be able to find fault in a positive outcome because it is what they are looking for, what they are expecting because they are the creator of their own reality. But you will see the positive outcome in an entirely different light. There is a saying upon your world “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink”. You never have control over how another chooses to perceive their reality. But we can tell you this, when two or more people come together with a positive intention and focus your power to create a positive outcome the power is incredibly magnified. So though no one can negatively affect the outcome of your reality when your focus and expectation is to receive a positive manifestation, you can always come together with a positive intent and we assure you the power is tremendous. It is compounded it a explosive way.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that you have found this message helpful in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Article by: Angelic-guides.com

Copyright © 2018 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. www.Angelic-Guides.com

A Message to Lightworkers – May 4, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – May 4, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Bearers!

We greet you today with news of powerful new breakthroughs in realms previously unknown to you, in your waking human state, in which great movement has occurred that is drawing NESARA’s enactment and Full Disclosure of the Galactic presence ever closer.

There is in your world that which operates as a basic law or principle of energy, in that in order for a thing to be “real”—to be heard, seen, felt, or noticed—it must exist at a certain level of energetic substance, so that it can be demonstrated outwardly.

Meanwhile, we see (and you constantly sense) much that exists, continually and powerfully, that does not have visible outer expression in your world.

You chose to come into a place and within a time on Earth’s current timeline in which the outer expression or demonstration of an idea, feeling/thoughtform, or energy wave is most likely appreciated as it takes outer physical form.

Now, we would say that this will not always be so.

For your inner sight is daily reawakening to where you are aware that there is no separation between that which is so dense in molecular structure that you can reach out and touch it, and that which is still forming into a outer physical form or experience.

It was not always so. Humans were not always born with a veil that separated their outer sight from their higher sight.

But this is changing now.

Increasingly, children will not put away nor hide their ability to see energy forms, including etheric, nonphysical beings, nor will they “lose” that ability over time.

And increasingly, you are yourselves regaining your conscious, waking use of that sight which you use nightly in your etheric travels, with complete ease and without calling that “unusual.”

The breakthroughs we speak of are directly connected to this ability to see, sense, hear, read, and respect energy patterns, whether they flow through the air or are visible in or around an object, person, tree, animal, or outer situation.

What we see is what you are offering to us, which is a conscious plea and requirement on the part of humanity to regain your sight to the place where nothing and no one can ever “fool” or deceive you while you are in human form, ever again.

There has been a movement upward in your conceptions of Who you are as a human race (accepting respectfully that some of you are not of human origin, but still precious and invaluable to the planet’s Ascension).

That declaration of inner sovereignty does not remain an inner phenomenon.

Instead we see it fulfilling itself outwardly, expressing itself as outer physical situations, as a natural outgrowth of that which you have declared to be true for yourselves inwardly.

You have seen how once a person declares within themselves that they will respect Who they are, be kind and supportive of themselves and others, and listen inwardly to the intuitive voice of their higher self, that the outer conditions of that person’s life soon begin to take on a higher resonance, a higher quality of existence.

This is because you cannot decide a thing to be a Truth for you and millions of others without the energetic component of that thought/feeling affecting every area of your existence.

And so with that realization in mind, we bow to your mass Declaration of Human Sovereignty—which are basically the declaration of your now experiencing the Freedom, Truth, Justice, Peace, Soul Expansion, Creative Expression, Beauty, and other attributes of free beings.

This is an experience of a level that is not typical of third dimensional Earth, but of the higher realms.

And we are able to work with you all the more capably, relevantly, and powerfully in assisting your higher selves, soul families, twin flames, as you work with Galactic family and the Angelic realms to not only encircle Earth with a higher vibrational tone, but to infuse every molecule of Her existence with that same higher frequency.

So that those who cannot bear to live without false construct are either stepping down from positions of power, being pulled out of them, or leaving the planet—the choice is simple.

Certainly, some are returning to the Light, while others fear their dark masters far too much to attempt any such thing.

And so send them your Love and compassion, dear ones, as you never have before.

For you have viewed them in the past as adversaries, false lords who stole your freedoms and Earthly expressions, stealing your life and soul energies for their own foolish ends.

That is over now. View them as broken and frightened, for that is what they have become.

And realize that that which you have waited for is already being birthed on such a level that great bursts of joy and celebration are even now reverberating throughout the heavens—not because we have decided to “intervene” and bring higher remedies, but because you have called us forth to work with you, side by side, in re-creating your beautiful planet to an increasingly unprecedented higher level of Life.

Namaste, dear ones—celebrate, and be kind and supportive of this New Being you are becoming!

He or she needs your support and Love, even if somedays they feel very tired, and wonder if they can carry on much longer.

We assure you, you are powerful enough to finish the journey you began so long ago.

And remember the great Love that is held for you, always.

You are never alone.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on the BBM Global Network. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Kari Samuels: May 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – radical transformation





May 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast
– radical transformation

Published on Apr 30, 2018



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Marvelous May is here! What a magical month this will be!

This is a time to expect the unexpected. There will be delightful surprises and delicious opportunities.

Love is in the air – and so is change. New possibilities abound. In this numerology and astrology forecast video, I share with you how to transform your life in the most expansive ways.

It can be a magnificent month if you know how to navigate the celestial energies.

Enjoy and share the love!





Tania Gabrielle: Powerful SCORPIO FULL MOON April 29/30 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Extraordinary Energy!

Powerful SCORPIO FULL MOON April 29/30 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Extraordinary Energy!

Published on Apr 22, 2018

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Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World. Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.



Shifts and Changes – 22-Apr-2018 Ascension Notes By Kara Schallock

Shifts and Changes – 22-Apr-2018 Ascension Notes
By Kara Schallock

The following are nuggets to ponder and meditate on, for only you can know the Truth; depending on where you are in your own evolution/Ascension.

How do you withdraw from the old world of duality; that of differences, greed, karma and all things that are of the deep belief of separation? Release your deep-seated beliefs that these even exist, for in the New, they do not. Only by letting go of these beliefs can you enter the gates of the New. It helps to see that each of these old beliefs are illusions and illusions have no power over you. You are the one who keeps them alive by complaining and attaching to these aspects of separation; of the old matrix. Once you release all aspects of separation can you be in the New. How? Keep your thoughts positive and high, love yourself and all others, for you are One; release fear and judgment. You are not controlled by others or by what the old world wants you to believe. You have Free Will to be who and what you choose. By believing all that you see and read, you only delay your own entrance to the New, for unless you are nothing but Love, the New remains something beyond your grasp. You cannot be old and New at the same time; and yet we all are on a continuum as we release and integrate the New within us. Make a choice. What do you choose to experience?

You may have fleeting glimpses of the New, yet as long as you believe everything and everyone, you are not in the New unless you use your own Discernment to know what it is you resonate with and what you don’t. The Truth of you is pure Love; all else is false. Yet the separate ego clings to what is false; what is illusion. You may play at being in the New, yet being of both worlds creates a schism within you. You want to believe you are nothing but Love, yet you might wonder why you doubt and why you do not dismiss your darker thoughts. This is an aspect of separation. There is no good/bad, us/them, right/wrong, etc. These are all examples of separation. You might wonder if indeed you are Divine, yet still have lower thoughts and emotions. Remember, we all are in transition. The Higher Truth is that you are Divine. Period. Embrace your separate ego and have it be the expressor of your Soul. Tell it that it need not fight or resist; it need not cling to the old; it need not feel separate from Soul, for in Truth, it is not. It is only when you count on your intellect that you empower your separate ego.

Know that when downloads of high dimensional energy flow into you, they are neutral. It is up to you whether you have the downloads empower your positivity or your negativity. Wherever your consciousness is is what the downloads will empower. Therefore, if you feel negative about yourself, others and/or the world, the downloads will accentuate this. If you have nothing but feelings and thoughts that are positive and loving, the downloads empower this. It is up to you. What’s your choice? Who are you? What consciousness do you project into the world; that of the New or that of the old? When a download occurs, whether a person’s consciousness dwells in the negative or positive, they bring forth more to release and transform. They bring forth more to release that is not Love and are propelled out of their comfort zones. Things then shift and change.

What is brought into the conscious are old beliefs/cellular memories of blame and shame. It is important to take Responsibility for all your choices. Children are not victims; they choose too…whether they realize it or not. They choose whatever circumstances will help them evolve. Children are not victims; they are Souls. We all choose experiences that help us grow and evolve. Often, especially as children, we bring forth experiences of other lifetimes.

Downloads of Light help us release these traumatic lifetimes and therefore karma. We are not bound to any old stories; in fact, it is up to us to free ourselves from old patterns and beliefs. On a personal note, I have been guided to read books about women who have been belittled, abused and killed for standing in their Power. This has been a way my Soul has helped me release these old patterns of other lifetimes, as this is not the Truth of me nor you. Do know that everything that has occurred in this life or in other lifetimes is and has been for our highest evolution. If we choose to continue a pattern or feel guilty or blame ourselves or others for something, it is a nudge to let it go and be Love and powerful and responsible for all that we have chosen. Whatever energy is brought to the conscious self is to be released and transformed to Love. We are asked to look deeper into all that occurs and has occurred, for there is a message within for us.

When we experience great change, like people walking away or a shift in business or prosperity, look deeply to find your deeper message; a deeper Truth. Feel into everything; do not use your intellect to tell you the truth, for it won’t and can’t. If you can go deep into every circumstance, you will release the shackles that bind you to the old and truly be free. While there has been much release, now you go deeper, for Truth is a spiral. Change is not for sissies. It requires great Strength, Courage and Trust. Change is not finite; it evolves as you do, bringing you closer and closer to being Source…inner Source. We are Roses. Roses open up from within.

Most do not want to let go of their illusions; certainly, most don’t want to be stripped down to nothing, so they cling to their illusions. If everything in life is an illusion, what is left? You, as Source, is what is left and from here you may build on who you truly choose to be. How? You focus on Soul Essences only; on how you want to feel. If you want to feel Peace, let all in your life be about Peace. This means to have all your thoughts, feelings and actions be of Peace with no doubt or judgment and choosing nothing but Peace. If you want to feel Joy, then have all your thoughts, feelings and actions be of Joy. As you focus on how you want to feel, anything that is contrary to that will be brought to the surface for Transformation. You keep transforming until there is nothing left but you: Source.

Change may not be exactly how you envision it, but it will always be what is needed…if you truly want to ascend. Drop your expectations about how it will be and flow with whatever is presented, for it most likely will be something you did not expect. Yet it will be something that will help you move away from the old and comfortable and something that will help you evolve.

Pretend/visualize that you are standing in front of the Great Oz (or someone you think is more powerful and knowing than you, like a guide or Soul or teacher). He/she says, “Give me something you want to release.” You do and then he/she says, “Now, give me something more.” This goes on until you have nothing left to give. This is what is being asked of you. How does it feel to be nothing and have nothing? ! Are you afraid? Give this over too. This little exercise is an illustration of truly letting go; it is not just an intellectual exercise, but one that helps you truly let go. After letting go, be sure to fill up with Divine Love, for you have created a void that must be filled with Love.

Your intellect is an illusion, yet most only follow their intellect (which only knows past experience) and not their Heart. Following your Heart means you feel into things; not just react automatically, the way you always have. Intuition is of the Heart; it is feeling; not thinking. True Intuition is New; it is something that has never ocurred to you before. Your Intuition can bring you to a place, yet without taking an action, it is incomplete. An action can be an intention; not an intellectual intention, but one that is of the Heart…you feel it. What if there is no intention and all you feel is nothingness? Let that be O.K. Trust that you are guided; your guidance is your Intuition.

Shifting and changing does not happen in a second or when you think it should. Ascension is ongoing and infinite. There is no goal, except to evolve. Every choice you make helps you evolve or devolve. No-one does this for you. You alone are responsible for your own evolution. This requires you to be awake and aware of all your choices. You can’t evolve using your intellect. You must feel through all you choices with Clarity. Ask, “Will this choice help me evolve or devolve?” Feel either an expansion in your Heart area or a restriction in your Heart area. Expansion=yes; restriction=no. Calmly make your conscious choice.

If there is a challenge in your life, go deep into it and feel the learning…whether it is another person mirroring to you what you have rejected or resisted, it is an opportunity to transform the energy within you. Our intellect tells us to run in the opposite direction; our Heart tells us to be patient and look within, for you wouldn’t have attracted it if you were clear of the old pattern that still creates in your life. Reaction is denying, judging and resisting. Response is not attaching to or resisting the energy, but considering that what the separate ego wants to run from is the very thing your Soul wants you to see. “What you resist persists,” the old saying goes. It is Truth, for when you resist something, it goes right back into the subconscious, where it continually creates until you address it and transform it to Love.

Trust that you are supported and guided in all your Heart choices. Every Heart-based choice you make helps all, for you share what you are within automatically. Your vibration wholes or depletes. What is your choice? Recently I had a wonderful connection with someone who lives elsewhere in the world. You see, you need not be in the physical presence to love and be loved, for Love has no boundaries or rules. You attract what you are and you project the same.

Note: Be sure to check out the rest of the website. There is a new piece of Sacred Jewelry created by Montserrat.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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Jamye Price: March 2018 Ascension Energies – Clear Compassion

March 2018 Ascension Energies – Clear Compassion

Looking Back at February

February’s energy of Looking Back was a time of powerful clearing, which always creates activation/initiation. I have noticed an increase in people clearing family karma on a deeper level since September.

Healing may occur in many ways, but it only truly requires your focus on your choices in the present moment. It doesn’t require interaction or other people complying. Those may occur, but you are the fulcrum of your healing.

Ascension symptoms have been amplified for many. We tend to think of ascension symptoms as challenges or resistance, but it’s important to frame them for what they really are—beneficial change.

Ringing in the ears may not seem so beneficial, but it is a readjustment to receiving and interpreting a broader range of frequencies. The details emerge in different ways and may not always be consciously connected (i.e. Wow! The ringing in my ears created this!), but you are changing in profound ways.

Clarity is Key

Areon is calling 2018 The Year of Amplification. When you amplify something, if it’s not clear then you are also amplifying static. So your clarity will be a consistent theme this year. Hence—yay all the clearing/activation that has and will continue to occur in different ways.

This amplification is creating clarity within you (and clairity—your enhanced subtle senses) that benefits your ability to create and flow empowered Love into your life and this world.

This is the meek inheriting the Earth—those that are so loving that their courage to Love is untethered and encompassing the fear that leads people to deception and domination to feel safe.

The spiral energies are increasing.

Therefore, like a centrifuge we are breaking and separating weak bonds, creating a clarification. We are strengthening strong bonds. Have you felt an increased pull to your creativity, soul family or joy lately?

You are becoming the clarion call to Love you always were, it’s just more supported by the “season” of growth humanity is experiencing.

March Energies – Clear Compassion

The energies of March are Clear Compassion. Which I guess is different from blurry compassion! ;o) Seriously, it is different.

It’s the difference between a leading heart or a bleeding heart. It’s the difference between assistance that helps versus hinders. It’s the difference between empowering or pitying.

Your compassion is a powerful flow of energy

Have you ever tried shutting it off? It hurts. It is meant to flow. But when it flows in ways that aren’t healthy, it also hurts—just usually not as quickly and obviously, so it’s easy to continue the pattern until you get desperately depleted.

In March you are being called to examine your flow of compassion and utilize it as a win/win instead of a win/try-to-convince-yourself-this-is-worth-it-and-you’ll-deal-with-boundaries-later. ;o) Been there?

Each moment will call for something different, but as you evaluate your current of compassion, look for your joy to light the way toward your best flow for the moment.

It is important to be giving, just as it is important to be receiving. It’s how flow continues.

Compassion can be a tricky one. It is yours to flow, and it is complete with information.

When it comes from your initiation rather than obligation, the information is different—for you and the receiver(s). Obligation (and any other variances of less-than-jubilant-service) need not be completely absent from your experience, but the energy of it should be encompassed by your desire and capability to serve in that moment. The great “administer your oxygen first, then assist those that need help” applies.

Are you courageous enough to flow your compassion, no matter what that moment feels like? To hold your boundaries when needed? To be clear about the totality of what is flowing into the world here—more sacrifice, or more empowerment? Assisting those in need is a natural part of service. Replenishing yourself is a necessary part of serving. Compassion for yourself enhances your ability to flow.

March Balance

This month brings the equinox, the balance of day and night. There has been such a powerful flow of energy, amplifying your Love and your capability. Take a moment each day to appreciate your compassion, for it is sometimes a soothing flow and other times a deluge of movement; but it connects you to life in profound ways.

Your sacred compassion is a gift that transforms Life.

Areon channels often on the details of how we interact with our subtle bridge (our thoughts and emotions). They remind us that we never just observe, we interact. If you are watching something online, though it is continents away, you are interacting—receiving it in, shaping it, it’s shaping you.  Are you your dominant flow within or is someone or something else?

From your broader perspective, one of your steps of interaction is to flow clear compassion. Seeing the potential of empowerment within each challenge and triumph.

March, the month of 3, is a catalyst that creates. Observe your flow of compassion and what you are creating that is building form in the subtle realm.

You are amplifying the subtle information that might have been missed before. It’s your Love. When it is louder than fear, Life transforms.

Kauilapele: Yes, David Wilcock DID get married… to Elizabeth…

Yes, David Wilcock DID get married… to Elizabeth…

Okay, in the last post I mentioned that DW had got married. I have NO details on it, but here is a link I found about it (and clearly, in my view, they are “well matched”):


And the text of this announcement, from Elizabeth. ~KP

“One day your heart will take you to your lover. One day your soul will carry you to the Beloved.” – Rumi

Welcome to my page! I realize that some of you may not know me, or the story of how David and I met, so I will share the short version for those who are interested here.

David and I have known each other for five years and have been together for two. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. For the first three years we were just friends and had no idea we would be together. We only saw each other a couple times a year when we would randomly bump into each other at a gathering of friends or at an event. We always had nice conversations, although short, and I truly did not have David on my radar.

My father passed away two years ago in my arms. After he was on the other side, I asked if he could help me find my Beloved. A few days later, David texted me out of the blue, and invited me to Contact in the Desert. The rest is history.

It was a recognition, like a light coming on. We simply knew. David proposed to me a year later, and we married on October 14, 2017, four and a half years after getting to know each other. We decided to keep our relationship off of social media for two years to just enjoy it ourselves. Now we are making our first pubic announcements.

I had many mystical experiences since I was a child, and got on the spiritual path in my late teens when I needed to heal a life-threatening eating disorder. After a near-death experience and a miraculous healing, I quit college and dedicated myself to the spiritual path.

I then dedicated my life to learning from shamans, martial art masters and grandmasters, healers and mystics. I have traveled to the jungles of Peru, climbed the Andes, shaved my head and jumped into frozen lakes at 15,000 feet for initiations. I have five black belts, I owned five martial art and qigong schools and trained thousands of students. I have also been through many dark nights of the soul and spent years learning how to cope with living alone.

(If you want to read my full bio, you can do so here: https://www.elizabethwilcock.com/bio)

Currently, I share the initiations and wisdom that was given to me in all these experiences in The Priestess Path, at https://www.elizabethwilcock.com.

Much love!

Jennifer Hoffman: Create a Sacred Space for Grace

This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message that has a special meaning for me and not the most positive one. When I was growing up my father used to call me ‘grace’, not because I was the most graceful child around, quite the opposite. Even before I had to navigate with crutches and braces as I learned to walk again after being paralyzed by a vaccine for several years, I was always tripping and falling, mainly because I was rarely grounded and present, so my feet were going in one direction while my mind was somewhere else. The implication was that if I was graceful then I would be moving with purpose and flow, and I wouldn’t be bumping into things or falling down. While my father didn’t know it, he was teaching me an important lesson, that there is a place for grace in our lives and we benefit from slowing down, getting grounded, and making room and time for it. So when Uriel talks about grace I have to shift my interpretation from the meaning my father had to one that is about flow, ease, and balance.

Grace is a blessing from Source, the presence of spirit manifesting itself in the material world. It is not special or holy, it is an ordinary, everyday thing. It is part of the flow of energy that everything and everyone is part of.  It is present in the beauty, love, kindness, and compassion that is around you, whether you notice it or take it for granted. The state of grace is present when you notice the beauty of a flower, a sunset, the stillness of a moonlit night, or a peaceful nature setting. It is present in the innocence of the young, the wisdom of the old, a shared moment of consolation, a shared laugh in joy. Grace is present everywhere, in the stillness and in the noise, it is a great balancer when it is present, a great disrupter when it is not.

Grace is what makes life bearable when you are overwhelmed by examples of humanity’s ugliness
and vulgarity, and it reminds you that beauty and peace co-exist with the most dire of circumstances. You can choose grace in the most terrible of circumstances and bring calm to the chaos around you.

Grace is what reminds you that you are not alone, unguided, and unsupported, when the loneliness of your chosen path can make you feel like an island in a sea of anonymity. Grace is present in the stillness and in the noise, in the light and in the darkness, when you remember that it is a constant presence and a constant choice. It is your refuge from what threatens and scares you, recalling you back to the centering quiet stillness of its power and presence.

It cannot be taken away from you but you can ignore it. It cannot be extinguished but you can turn away from its presence. Grace is infinitely patient and will wait for you to return to it, which you do when your soul is tired and your heart hurts. When you make room and time for grace, you allow the light of your divinity to become integrated into your humanity. Grace quietly reminds you of who you are and uncovers your light from the layers of fear and forgetfulness that you can allow to extinguish your hope, trust, and faith.

Grace is the portal of connection to the divine, to your Source and center, that you can feel as our longing for ‘home’.

You create sacred space for grace when you choose peace over chaos, when you intend to be in acceptance, awareness, and joy in each moment. Grace does not shout at you to get your attention but it does make its presence known. Notice where grace seeks to connect with you in each moment, which are the ways you are aware of moments of peace, beauty, and joy.

Did you notice a beautiful sunrise or sunset? That’s grace trying to get your attention.

Did someone smile at you or was particularly kind or considerate? You received a gift of grace.

Did you have a moment of contentment, peace, and security in which you felt fully aligned and connected? You experienced grace in that moment. You can also be a source of grace for others, when you remind them of the beauty, peace, power, and joy that is in the world. Give others the gift of grace to bless them with that moment of profound divinity and share the sacred space of grace with them. It is the greatest gift you can give.

You are ‘full of grace’ when you make room and time for grace and stay grounded and present in that connection. You are powerful beings who can command the energy of the universe into being. And you use that power in the best and most beneficial way when you created a sacred space for grace, remember the constant presence of grace, and stay grounded in it so you are always connected to the divine, always mindful of the flow of grace and abundance that are present in each moment, and create your sacred space for the refuge that grace can become when you need to step out of the chaos and remember yourself as divine.


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My comment on a friend’s FB post about Transgender people in the Military

“OK you asked what do we think, and most of your friends are far right, I am in the middle I have right and left friends, so perhaps I have a unique perspective.
I am saddened to see so many hateful comments from people who claim to love God. God teaches us to love, not hate. Tolerate, not persecute. Find understanding, not condemnation and judgment. Shame on some of you.
I am a straight woman. I have transgender friends and every letter of LGBT friends and clients. Guess what? It’s NOT a “lifestyle choice”, they are NOT “mentally ill” and believe it or not, THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO, JUST THE SAME AS YOU AND ME! While none of us are without some sort of prejudice, why do people have to be so -hateful-?
Live and let live, people. More importantly, love and forgive, even (and especially) those who “wrong” you. And those who have done nothing to you, but whose existence you loath. Your hatred and intolerance is your problem. Deal with it in a mature fashion.
Humanity is in peril if we don’t change our ways quickly. I have faith that we will, but not without effort from each of us. Why hate when you can marvel at the uniqueness of each human being? Kind of proves God has a sense of humor, right? I mean, look at him! Look at her! look at YOU! hahaha.
I find myself in the middle, not far right, nor far left. I have seen mean, hateful judgements coming from both sides, directed at “the opposition” or at public figures and politicians. Yet as soon as there is a natural disaster, everyone finds their common humanity and helps each other. Is that what it takes for us to get along? I sure hope not.
I will post a link to Howard Wills Forgiveness Prayers, for those of you who want good karma and a fresh start. Nothing like gratitude and forgiveness to help us manifest love and abundance, which are the birthright of ALL human beings.
Oh, in answer to your question, (name redacted), I think any LGBT person who wants to serve is not only strong enough to serve, they are strong enough to endure harassment, marginalization, ostracism, etc….therefore they must be VERY strong and capable Patriots, and should be allowed to serve. If it were me, no way would I want to serve even if drafted. But I am not LGBT, I am a straight, mature woman.
However, I do acknowledge it does present a challenge regarding bathrooms, sleeping quarters and showers. But the challenge is not about them, it is about the other people who take exception to it. So there is unfortunately a trust issue. We often fear that which we do not understand, and fear begets hatred.
I once had a Transgender roommate in a house with 4 roommates. (It is common here for single adults to live with roommates due to the lack of affordable studios and 1-bedrooms). I would never have known he was Transgender if he had not told me. I do not care. It did not effect me one bit, except I have to say he was one of the most intelligent and considerate people I ever met. I hope I can say the same about you one day, if we ever meet.
I am not interested in arguing with anybody, but I hope I have reached even one person to make them reconsider their fear and hatred. God forgive you. I do.”

~Phoenix Boulay

Howard Wills
~The Art of Well-Being and Higher Consciousness~
Howard Wills
Forgiveness Prayers