Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 10/16


Oct 16, 2019


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*I only share my own perception of things, my own experiences & guidance; therefore I am not a teacher, I am a share-er. We all “see” & experience reality differently, we all have a filter no matter how “awake” we may think we are. This channel was create to share, connect. Not teach. The filter is our perception, experiences and what makes us an individual aspect of the group consciousness. But we can go beyond individual perception through deep states of meditation.

There seems to be a “pause” as I heard it, or integration, before an acceleration from the codes/frequencies/energy coming in through this 12 day portal… theres alot of energy & Solar Activity coming in the firmament. This is helping to create balance with the charges/polarities & with the planet in whatever way Cosmic Law decides. Everything is in Divine Order, even if it doesn’t feel like it, look like it, or seem like it. Bad or Evil doesn’t exist through the embodied True Self, its all projected thought. When thoughts of evil or bad exist, its the shadow needing to be integrating. The Divine is perfect. That’s realized through deeper layers of awakening. No duality, no evil, no bad, no wrong.. only perception from a human mind cut off from the True Self or I AM presence unable to see that everything IS and all is one. Not all is one because that’s what people say when they are “spiritual” but really knowing this.

The Portals I speak of are based off the energies connected to the Sacred Calender, Sun, Moon & Central Sun. Some of these portals are GAP (Galactic Activation Days) like this 12 day portal has 9 GAP days in a row. Although I can see why dates like 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, etc… would be called Portals because of the numbers being the same & because we adopted the use of the Gregorian calendar/12 month calender/timing frequency, but the Portals & GAP days I speak of are based off Mayan system/13 moon calender/timing frequency & Sirius. I use many different forms of astrology with meditative intuitive trance work- to interpret in a way that feels aligned with myself, others & collective energy. 💜

I am re-recording TF Air & Water Signs for Patreon through YT livestream because it won’t let me link the other video.

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Lee Harris Energy:


The main themes for October are:

  • A CLEARING PHASE on the horizon
  • SAYING NO TO OVERLOAD in order to access more magical and higher frequencies


Winds of change are constant on Earth but this month more than ever, one of the biggest themes that is showing up is a CLEARING PHASE for all of us. This may see you actively clearing elements of your life, home, office or even relationships and phases of your life. This phase is going to be quite strong in October for a lot of people and it’s directly related to what we are birthing next and what we are about to bring in once the space is cleared. It works in much the same way as when you need to clear a room or a space – when you do this you can then bring new things into it, which change the energy. And for those of you who might be thinking, “Oh, well I’ve been clearing out all year!” it’s almost like there’s going to be a double dose of it in October so that you finalise the process, to bring in new energy, new creation and new birth in your life.

This theme of clearing has been going on for many years and will continue to be a constant for all of us because the Earth is changing so fast. But in October, the energy of clearing is going to be very supportive, surprisingly graceful and VERY QUICKLY replaced by the energy that you want to bring in. For example, you may see a relationship come to an end but very quickly it will open up space for a new one to enter. Usually there is more of a delay than this, but October’s energy signature is fast. So don’t be surprised if you’re compelled to tidy up your life (or areas of it) in the month of October but understand that it’s directly in tandem with what will be happening in the coming months.


The theme of overload of information and stimulation is something that everybody is and has been feeling for many years, as everything has accelerated pace.

Many of you are going to be finding that you just can’t and won’t ‘do’ overload anymore – perhaps you are the kind of person who used to do too much, crammed too much in or tried to take on more than you are really capable of. You will start to notice that saying “No” to being overloaded or overstimulated is becoming a natural rhythm for you. And when we enter into this phase and we say, “No”, we actually do start to live at Higher Frequencies (or what I like to refer to as Magical Frequencies).

It’s directly apparent in our lives when these Magical and Higher Frequencies are at play, for example:

  • You may start to notice that everything is flowing more in life and you are able to see the thread of spiritual connection. How the story that you’re experiencing in your life also relates to the bigger picture you are seeing in the world and what we are all going through collectively.
  • It might show up as synchronicity – you hear somebody talking about something that you were just talking to a friend about the day before, or you are thinking of someone and they suddenly contact you. These synchronicities show us how everything is connected and they accelerate and become more normal when we are in higher frequencies.
  • Equally important are the connections with people that we need to meet – people who light us up when we meet them and those where we feel as though something suddenly comes together through our meeting. We feel, “Wow, maybe  this is the person that I’ve been waiting for – the one who is the next step to this vision that I have, or what I’m trying to bring to the world.”
  • And then there is my favourite of all which is the pure and simple feeling of, “Everything’s fine and perfect in this moment. In this five minute window of time, I’m accessing gratitude, peace and a feeling of calm that I’ve never had before.”

These kinds of experiences are more the norm when you’re dealing with Higher or Magical Frequencies in life. And saying “No” to overload is a real key to allowing that energy to start to become your norm.

But if you are someone who is reading this and thinking, “I’m not saying no to overload right now and I’m exhausted. I’m definitely someone who takes on more than I should, more than I can”, ask yourself when you’re going to let go of that pattern. Because often, it is our ideas about other peoples’ expectations of us that is trapping us in that spiral – some idea that either other people need us or that we will be punished if we don’t keep on this never-ending and exhausting hamster-wheel. Often, if you really dig down, it’s old trauma and unresolved energies that you have from your past. So it might be worth looking more deeply at it, “What is it about my energy field that means I just can’t stop and I keep taking on too much?” “What do I need to learn and release from this pattern?”

This whole theme of overload is going to come into big, sharp focus this month so ask yourself:

– Where do I overload myself?

– Where do I overstimulate myself?

– What would more space and freedom allow me to do and feel?

And when you ask those questions, you will start to recognise that you can have these very present moments of gratitude and peace and your life can have more of a flow to it. You will start to move into that space and that zone where you realise, “Wow, this life is happening around me – I’m in it and I’m a part of it. But it’s not just me here, there is a thread of connection – a strong web of connection that’s connecting me to everything and everyone.” That’s how you know you’re in those Magical and Higher Frequencies – you start to see and feel that connection more and it feels great. And overload can isolate us from others and from what is possible, because we don’t have space or room for the new.


The other piece that came in quite strongly this month is an Explosive Energy and Element of Surprise. This won’t apply to everybody in the same way that not every element of these Energy Updates can ever apply to all of us. But for a certain group of you, Explosive Energy and Elements of Surprise are going to show up. Whenever I speak about things energetically, the detail of how it shows up in our life is always quite personal and specific. So, Explosive Energy and Surprises could show up through other people around you or through elements of your life, suddenly blowing up or falling apart. Or there might be big surprises (that you didn’t see coming) happening outside you, toward you and your life and you’re left with the aftershock or the ripple effect. The good news is that it’s very similar to the clearing phase – it’s in tandem with it.

For some of us, explosive changes or sudden surprises are the way that the path becomes clear for us to move on to the next phase of our life. It might be that any compacted energy or relationships in our life (where things are getting a little too uncomfortable but maybe we haven’t had the power or drive to stop them) blow up for us. For some of you, it might be that explosive energy is what wants to come out of you, so it can be a positive thing too, for example, an explosive energy around creativity or around speaking your truth. So if the mention of Explosive Energy and Surprises is resonating or tingling in your body, keep your eyes open to that energy. It can be a very positive thing, and again, one that relates to our overarching theme of clearing.


The final theme for this month is Compassion Beyond Division. Over the last few years, many of us have become used to hearing about, witnessing and feeling heartache about division energy in the world, and about people who want to fight over opinions, differences of opinions and stances against one another rather than coming together as a community to solve many of the problems and issues we are facing right now.

One of the messages that came through was that more of us are going to be able to access Compassion Beyond Division. This means that regardless of someone’s beliefs or the story they might be telling you – even if something they say surprises you or is very different to how you feel about things – you are not going to leave your compassion for this person very easily or very readily.

In the past, maybe a different belief or a different idea was a trigger for you or a reason to walk away. But for many on the planet right now, taking the time to be able to listen a little longer rather than reacting, walking away or pulling away (and, more importantly, staying in compassion) is where we are moving to. And deeply feeling compassion for the pain of others – remember that all of us have gone through tough things in our life. You never know what somebody is going through in that moment or how their strong belief or idea (that you don’t agree with) has formed in them. Most of the time when we are in compassion and we are able to hold compassion for someone else, any of those mask or defensive layers that show up through beliefs or differences of opinion, melt away pretty quickly. You might give someone the benefit of the doubt two or three times on something that they think or believe in and then by the fourth time in the conversation, when you present your side of the equation, they might say, “Oh yeah – I’d never thought of it that way!” It’s about not assuming that the first or even second thing somebody says is their absolute, fundamental truth.

If you’re in a conversation with somebody then you are part of the vibration of that conversation and you may have a really important influence by sharing what you feel. It doesn’t mean you have to win or come away from the conversation knowing that you changed the other person’s mind – you might just be the person who introduces a new idea, a new thought, a new feeling.

We all know that it’s an important time for us to come together as a community and to learn to mend our hearts. Because the wounds that we see playing out in all of us as a collective have the potential to be transformed and to let all of us move forward to a more compassionate world – which is what is needed for the survival of the whole planet, the species and every life form here. But the flip side of it is if we decide only to fight each others’ wounds and to only take a stance against each others’ wounds. We can see how that world looks already when we witness people’s wounds acting out and behaving in ways that are negligent, destructive or damaging.

Compassion Beyond Division is going to be an all-new level of energy that’s coming in this month and beyond that many of us will get to experience. And we should try to recognise the power of that heart and patience energy to hold space for someone else while they are moving through things. As ever, if that doesn’t resonate with you or if you are dealing with boundaries right now as your major issue – ignore that aspect of what I’ve said and just focus on holding your boundaries. Because as we know, everything is fluid when it comes to our growth, our journey and our healing. And there are times when we need to focus on having a strong boundary so that many months or years later we can reach a place where our boundaries are in tact and we can be more open than ever before.

I hope you have a great month everybody.

Big love,



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Aluna Ash- 9D: Solar Winds/ Equinox 9/19

Solar Winds/ Equinox 9/19

•Published on Sep 19, 2019
The North Node is conjunct Sirius exact at the moment- & Saturn, who stationing direct- moving away from the South Node, is one of the main transmitters of the Central Sun. This is just a short video because I know if I’m feeling these energies re-arranging quite a bit, then I know others probably are too. I’ve noticed alot more activity in my dream state over the last 2 weeks. Mostly working through subconscious imprints- soo much has resurfaced out of nowhere, not in a negative way- just things that I haven’t thought of in a long time showing up in my dreams and very vivid/lucid..I’m not sure if this is because of the energy right now or if I’ve triggered that from the affirmations I’ve been doing in the morning recently. I know many others have had very active dreams/ strange dreams recently though as well.
9/20 1st day of 3rd moon cycle
9/22 another GAP day -opening the Portal
9/23 Equinox -activating Geomagnetic Storms (possibly)
9/25 New Moon Portal opens (3 days prior to New Moon)
9/28 New Moon in Libra
The affirmation book I mentioned in the community tab is what I’ve been reading quite a bit recently in the morning, is called :”Quiet moments with God” by Joseph Murphey (this is just a very short book w/affirmations …and his reference to God, is the Universe through the Subconscious mind) I feel like it has helped to access my subconscious mind more to connect/heal/work through things that I may have unknowingly repressed. 💜
I wanted to share, I felt like I needed to hear this personally & I know many will relate to his message/experience- we are in this together:
Gregg @
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•Published on Sep 17, 2019

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There’s lots of purging & clearing happening right now & alot surfacing. Some are doing this internally, others projecting to integrate- either way- theres alot of subconscious/unconscious aspects of personalities surfacing, some through projections. We tend to project our personal shadow more on the same sex or those closest to us. This is usually why relationships have issues- projections & the need to integrate aspects of the personality. Theres so much restructuring that’s happening at a multi-dimensional level. It can be overwhelming at first when realizing how we project our personal shadow onto others or vice versa, then the unconscious within them/us feels this & this is where frustrations and arguments can develop. Our only power is within.

We are learning lessons about power/control/dominance and those using truth from a place of love & upliftment or those using truth to support an opinion/agenda. Unity does not mean one or the other- it means both & learning we all experience from our own lens/filter of reality & perception of what is right/wrong based off our culture, ego, beliefs, upbringing, experiences, gender, race, age, etc…

I’ll post the link for the Patreon Live tomorrow afternoon, the livestream will be at 7pm EST

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Energy Update September 2019



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The new phase of energetics we encountered in August will continue to play out as we go through September, October and November with the main themes for this month being:



One of the big overarching themes for September is POWER. That word can be a little triggering for some because it can also refer to power abuse and misuse of power, however, power is going to show up in different ways over the next few months:

  • Really resting in your AUTHENTIC POWER and bringing that to the surface of your life.
  • Healing power abuse – healing yourself wherever power abuses have taken place. 
  • Becoming conscious of where a power dynamic in your life is out of balance. 

Revealing your own authentic power will be a strong force in September. You may have gifts or talents that you are beginning to own and want to express in the world, that perhaps you previously felt too afraid to express or your life circumstances weren’t supporting you to express. Expression is such an important part of our wellbeing. It’s not so much the outcome of what we express – whether someone receives it well or whether we get an accolade for something that we’ve expressed – it’s actually just thevery human spiritual act of letting what needs to express, move through us and out into the world.

Many of you are going to be coming into power in a new way in this coming month. If this line resonates with you, recognise it will also bring with it a certain life-force energy for you. A powerful feeling of energy surging through you at times as you embrace your next level of expression in life and in the world. And that’s important given how strong grief has been in recent months – and continues to be so as we go through these tricky transformational times.

When you look at the Earth, you can still see the beauty and wonder and transformation that we are used to seeing and may wish to see even more of. But you’ll also really feel this extraordinary period we are going through where things are tough, difficult, gritty and quite edgy in the outer world (and our inner selves) as a result.

So levels of vulnerability and emotion and other people’s needs are higher than ever as we go through this shift on Earth. But on the other side of the shift is the necessary TRANSFORMATION. The underlying crisis energy has been with us for a long time – it’s just that now it’s rising to the surface in a very apparent way which can be triggering to our emotions and sense of certainty as a collective.

For those of you who are very sensitive and very empathic, remember that this is a time where we ride the waves. This means that although it’s wonderful to vision for your future, to want to help people, to want to bring transformation, it’s just as vital to allow ourselves the space and time to feel what we are feeling as we go through this. Transformation energy is intense and so if we don’t integrate and catch up with what we’re feeling, we can become off-centre, lose our balance and we don’t access the personal transformation we are here to experience inside ourselves. This is vital as it is only through our own shifts that we get to be a part of the transformation of the world. The two are completely in sync.

This is a very important one for healers who perhaps have been very focused on others. Healers don’t necessarily label themselves as such – parents and teachers are also healers, for example.

If you are a little more outwardly focused on others or your work, you might be finding that unless you give yourself enough time to breathe, catch up with how you’re feeling and have quiet moments, things in your life might be getting stuck and stopped. You might run into roadblocks because you’re being asked to stop and let yourself breathe and feel how you are feeling. There are times in our life where we’re asked to be ‘big’ in the world and have big conversations, big doings, big activity and then there are times in our life where we need to make everything very ‘small’. Time to integrate. For you, that might be meditation or sitting quietly a few times a day to just allow you to catch up with yourself.

So if you’re feeling, “Oh, I like the sound of that but I’m too busy to stop”, remember this: You won’t be able to be too busy for very long before you lose your balance and fall over!

So start to understand that the integration we all need right now is being able to take a breath and catch up with how fast everything is changing, inside and outside of us. It can be very overwhelming with everything that you’re seeing and if you are overwhelmed, you are not going to be productive for you or for your life. This is a REALLY IMPORTANT SELF-CARE TIME and, unfortunately, because we‘re very anti self-care in the way that we have been trained as a society, this isn’t always an easy thing to adopt into our daily habits.

But more and more of us are going to be asked to go deeper in the way that we look after ourselves, our bodies, our psyches and our consciousness so that we can THEN show up in a bigger, more present and more loving way in the world. You can’t do one without the other.


If you’re running yourself ragged right now and you feel like you’re trying to get little bits of oxygen – it’s going to be really important in this next month or two for you to start to develop a practise of saying, “It’s ok, I can step out of the room for a few minutes and just catch my breath.” And the more you start to practise this, the more it becomes natural and normal and the more you HAVE to have that oxygen. This is important because when you’re processing feelings of grief over what you’re seeing going on in the world (or in your own life), GRIEF IS A TRANSFORMATION process. It takes a lot of energy to grieve. Grief is often seen or described only asloss but actually, there is a lot of birth energy in grief too. So as you let go of something, somebody or a situation (even if loss, pain, grief, suffering is the dominant focus for a while) you will then come out the other side and have a rebirth in some way. There will be a new experience for you to have. So we all need to honor the parts of us that are grieving things we see in the world or things that are going on around us, in order to let the grief transform through the body – to let it integrate, rise and bring us back into the next steps we will take and specifically, our authentic power.


Authentic power is really what we are trying to tap into as a society right now. And it isn’t always easy because we haven’t necessarily lived in a world where power has been demonstrated to us in an authentic way. So, as you go through this process in yourself of, “What is my power?” For many of us, power is presence, love in action and connection. But for others who are very mission-focussed – there is a part of you that feels you have a power or something to bring into the world.

One thing that came to me very strongly is the need for us all to run a check on our expectations of our mission. Many years ago, my guides explained something that completely resonated for me which was this:

“You can be the person who affects millions or you can be the person who affects two people.” 

There really isn’t a difference. Of course in terms of numbers, it looks like there is a difference and they are very different roles – somebody who is built to affect millions is going to look and behave differently to the person who is built to affect two people. But we’re all one unit and we’re all connected. Often in our goal, status, achievement-based society, there is an end goal idea around the fact that more, bigger and better is actually more effective – but that simply isn’t true (certainly not on a spiritual level and not on a level of consciousness). We’re all here affecting each other and the butterfly effect is strong on the planet – especially right now.

So the one stranger that you briefly smile at today – you don’t know how that’s going to affect them, how they are going to take that into their day or what they’re going to do next. We are a big chain of connection. And the reason I bring this up to those of you who are very mission-focussed, who are perhaps creating external things or activities or companies or creativity that you want to affect the world with – remember that timing is everything. Remember that you might be right that your missions are to do certain things but this isn’t necessarily the right time to force or push those missions. So if things aren’t working for you right now – notice whether you are trying to force and push things and then come back to yourself and come back into your own presence in the world. And whatever it is that you want your mission to achieve (perhaps it’s helping people be more loving or be more educated about their bodies), you’ll find that if you go deeper with yourself in your desired mission, you will see that your actual mission in the world will become stronger. It has to be both – that’s the new paradigm of what we are moving into – the OUTER WORLD AND THE INNER WORLD coming more into balance on the planet with less of a gap between those extremes.

That’s why so many of us can experience burn-out or exhaustion – pushing ourselves to create something outside ourselves – when really what we are looking for is a connection and a creation inside ourselves. So if you’re pushing hard on your mission and you’re tired – rest, stop pushing and pull back. Don’t worry, the mission is taken care of – even the fact that you’re thinking about it is on some level putting it into the Universe. There are many of us here doing what we can to bring transformation but you also have to remember that we’re here to experience our own personal transformation. And at the moment, there are quite a few of you feeling like you’re on your knees and you don’t know what to do next. If that’s you – rest, stop, slow down, pause. What normally happens when we do that is we cry a bit, we let the gas out as we release the pressure that has built up and then everything starts to flow again.


This is a time where integration is really important – letting yourself catch up with the things that you’re going through. And that is very much the map of this time. If you imagine a zig-zag pattern – we go into a peak or an epiphany and then we drop down again, we adjust and we get used to it. Then we go into a visionary moment or a new high around connection and then we drop down, adjust and get used to it. This is how we have to work at the moment – we have an EXPANSION and then we INTEGRATE. So if you’re trying to force expansion – trying to force living in the ‘high’ all the time – you’re going to find that this isn’t an easy time to do that if you’re not dropping back down into your body.

For some of you, grounding, being peaceful and being present is going to be the very superpower that you feel like you’re missing. The more connected to being present we are able to be right now, the more that everything we’re doing in the outer world is going to be well powered.

That is the paradigm shift that we are moving into now – authentic and present power. It’s not always something that you’ll feel comfortable with at first, or that you’ll always recognise in every situation, but that’s the way of living that all of us are being invited into. Living from our authentic power – where the power inside us is in balance with the power that we’re putting out into the world. Most of us would agree that if there was a little more heart and integrated emotion behind the actions we see in the world today, we wouldn’t see some of the inhumanities that we’re seeing playing out in the world right now.


It has become a little trickier doing Energy Updates in the last few years because the months blend more into each other. As a result, we have more over-arching themes than we did in earlier years where there was more of a striking difference between each month. The energy has just ratcheted up to such a level of intensity now, that it tends to be subtleties that we are all working with.

But HEART RESONANCE AND HEART ENERGY, which are on the rise in general, are going to be your lighthouses this month. So if you are trying to make a decision about where to go or which friend to phone – think from the heart. Think about where it is you want to go, or which friend you want to phone and notice which one your heart responds to. Place your focus there when you ask the question and see which feels better.

Our heart energy is becoming more present everyday as a deeply intuitive force in us. We are learning to listen to our hearts, our bodies and our senses. Again, this is very new for us and it isn’t how most of us were trained but it’s beginning to become the norm. So when you ask your heart how you’re doing and what you should do next, it’s often going to invite you to rest, to pause, to have a moment of presence and to remind you that it’s all ok.

I had a moment the other day where there were a few things that I was ‘supposed’ to do and that people were expecting from me. But when I realised that my body didn’t want to ‘do’ those things that day, it just wanted to ‘be’ and integrate, I changed my mind. I told myself, “Well, no one’s going to die if I do these things one day later” And of course, no one did die because I didn’t meet my agreed targets.

This is the difference between mind and heart – my mind wanted me to keep going on the schedule that was pre-agreed but my heart (which is far wiser) was saying, “No, no – you just need to stop.” 

So it’s good to catch moments like that where you can practise listening to your heart over your mind. And the more we practise that, the more we actually change who we are and how we operate. 

This is the new level of operating system that so many of us are beginning to enter into. So try and remember to ask yourself:

“How does my heart feel?”

This reinforces the importance of creating in the outside world from a complete and present inner self. As opposed to the old paradigm of, “Oh I’ll feel great if I create this thing in my outer world.” 

Because what often happens is you create it in your outer world, but then you don’t feel great because when you were creating it, you weren’t feeling great inside yourself. Or you were buying into an idea of what this outer circumstance would bring to you.

So in the new operating system, there is a real alignment between what’s going on in your inner body and how that is playing out in your outer creations in the world. This is balanced creation at it’s best and it is what many are now walking into for the first time at an all new level. It’s definitely a paradigm shift for our society. Which is why it needs integration time.


The last piece to look out for this month (which also relates to heart energy) is that you might find you’ve been healing some old power abuses or reactions to power in recent weeks. Because as we enter thisnew phase of authentic power, we look at power from all sides – the lighter and brighter sides and the shadow sides. We look at the power fears and wounds in ourselves too and get to see again how we have ‘hired’ others to play that energy for us outside ourselves or how we’ve been those figures to others outside ourselves. This is a good month to take a fresh look, heal, and recover.

There’s a lot going on in September – Integration, Power and Heart – are the main triad of energies we’ll be surrounded by. And the inclusion of power as a theme always ramps up the energy.

That is why this Energy Update started by reminding you to go slow, take rest, take pause and remember that no one’s going to die if you stop or if you pause!

That message is especially for those of you who are extreme caretakers – it’s very important that you put your oxygen mask on first and regularly so that you can be there to put it on the person that needs you to put it on them at the right time.

Have a great September everyone.

Big love,







Published on Aug 23, 2019


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If the fires were deliberate- balance is & will be restored. SHE is in control & no one OWNS HER BODY! including tribes, races, nations that believe she was “taken” or should be “returned” to their ownership… she is a Sovereign being!! Laws suits do not give anyone a right to dominate a being or call ownership over something that cant be owned spiritually in the first place.. Especially when humans are guests within & on the body of this Divine Mother. She won’t tolerate being “owned” and those, on all sides, that think they own her, or fight to own her, will learn quickly that they do not. And those that have been damaging her when others are trying to get the message out & protect her- will be heard. Everything is in Divine Order. Leela. And what I started seeing 3.5-4 weeks ago – was the etheric restructing of the Trees. All are connected.

In order for us to truly be able to assist the planet in her healing/transforming w this shift as a collective, we have to be connected to her. Not connected through a 3rd party, like the news or whats trending on the internet. The fact that the Amazon was on fire for 3 weeks and all the times before now, most of the collective didn’t notice any changes with the trees or feel anything, says alot to me. Maybe it’s due to too many distractions… i dunno. That just really hit me over the last couple days- how so many didn’t feel/see/dream/talk about the changes with the trees before the media said anything. Not because of the fires, She is in control- but because noone knew anything til the news did. If more say what they are picking up on before confirmation of the news/media/trends, then more would trust that there is a deeper connection beyond the physical. I know the Divine Mother will rebalance her body in whatever way she feels fit. She is in control. And we are her children. I have noticed recently more that the insects are really reacting to the shifts in their own etheric bodies.. noNow theres a focus (energetically/intuitively/clairvoyantly) on insects/butterflies/bees/grasshoppers/beetles & the elements.. I could be misinterpreting what I’m perceiving but it does not feel like a negative thing at all it just feels like there’s a lot of energy that’s rearranging right now and a lot of changes that are taking place. I know the energy field of everything is changing, and started noticing with the elements & the Trees:

With this portal, you may feel guided to sleep or eat a little bit more. Or the energy can do the opposite at times..the frequencies spike at different times throughout the day & night. I feel we are currently in prep for shifts that have alot of momentum. As if things & the DNA and Brain will be activating quickly. Cycles/portals/gateways activate the gateways of the brain & DNA because they replicate the same pattern.. these patterns are connected to geometry which can be broken down into codes & become subliminal transmissions then projections, then new programs.

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Aluna Ash- 9D: MASSIVE SHIFTS! 8/2


Published on Aug 21, 2019


Oops- 2nd moon cycle begins 8/23 not 8/22** 8/22 is the last day of the 1st moon cycle.
Changes with the Trees video:

I believe what I started seeing w the trees etheric bodies starting 3 1/2 weeks ago nonstop was the Amazon coming to the collective consciousness. I couldn’t figure out exactly why I was seeing the aetheric body of the trees looking dead I thought maybe I was seeing the transformation of the seasons that hasn’t fully manifested in the physical tree yet in the etheric body. But im seeing energy shifts w insects/plants/everything so maybe its both. Seeing the changes w the trees as group consciousness clairvoyantly/ in mind’s eye & the change on the kingdoms taking place.

So with this timing shift, you may have to check what matrix day it is more often..or the “time” which is all just a construct of thought. We developed a web of thoughtforms that created a grid system and an artificial timing frequency that has kept us out of sync with the natural rhythms of synchronicity and the ebb and flow of our multidimensional energy. Now we are re-merging with that. In sense, the false timing construct is dissolved that has kept the artificial timing frequency of the matrix “alive” for many.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is you can bring tools that are connected to your 3rd dimensional experience to your higher dimensional timeline, 5D & beyond.. as long as it’s in alignment with you at a heart and soul level. Example: Tarot, tarot is aligned with me but in a different way now than it once was.. I don’t watch tarot readings anymore but I enjoy doing readings & I enjoy the energy and archetypes and the symbolism… and the way I do readings is evolving with me as I evolve. Same thing with astrology.. my view on the energy and archetypes has changed so much that I no longer resonate with watching astrology videos like I once did, unless it shows up in my reality (through synchronicity, not really seeking or looking for it) but I still use/talk about astrology. So what I’m saying is if something’s aligned with you but you have changed me fall if you can still take that with you and incorporate that into your life in a different way.

We have a couple of massive periods of constant 6D Light Codes coming in soon🤗🤗 basically from about October 23rd to the December 25th Solar Eclipse, which is a pivotal point in this multi-dimensional timeline merge. All in connection to the new cosmic cycle of the Divine Feminine, the tone of this Galactic year & what it represents and re-merging with the 13th gate which has been blocked off during our descending cycle within the Gregorian calendar timing system- 12:60 timing frequency which is a looping system, that in a way, kept many blocked off from the natural rhythms of synchronicity, our multidimensional selves, the natural rhythm of energy and what we call planets, Stars Sun, Moon, Astroids, etc..

In this cycle, more of the collective is moving beyond time & aware of it, so how we measure “time” will change with it. 2012 was the galactic link up to this timing system… there’s been a lot of different things said about what 2012 actually was/is/represented. I know it to be the galactic link up of the new system/new paradigm connected to the natural timing frequency & creation point of a new construct through sovereignty that we are experiencing now among other things

8/23-8/24 influx of Light Codes

New moon portal- 8/27- 8/30

Rays coming in through the New Moon- 8/30-9/2

Shifts 9/21-923 Equinox to balance the feminine and masculine energies before we have more of the cosmic energy coming in from Mid October to December 25th Solar Eclipse.

This is a powerful & beautiful time. YOU choose your timeline, we’re multidimensional & you can move out of any situation!






Published on Aug 15, 2019

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5D is a shift in perception, which gives you access to new “tools” spiritually. 5D is the beginning point. It is not a destination.. more like a linking point. To connect to your higher self so then your higher self can connect to your Oversoul, Monad & the group consciousness. We have to get to the “13th gate” my ancestors call it… beyond higher dimensional manipulation & direct connection to the Logos/Source/All That Is. Well beyond the 9th dimensional as well. Aluna Ash 9D is a geometric pattern…. I know many assume “9D” in my name youtube means 9D.

**And no one can be left behind because an aspect of you ALREADY exists there (higher dimensions-beyond linear time & 3D plane) we are just merging with more of ourselves. 5D is a linking point. So the higher part of you is always there & its just about removing the ego/personality aspect to be able to connect with that part. The Personality & Soul aspect work together with higher dimensional aspects to decide “fated” “karmic” or “destined” events based of Universal Laws. Living in the present moment, feeling love, joy, compassion & listening to your heart is aligning with your True Self.

Happy Full Moon😘 I know things have felt intense for many.. as these timelines keep collapsing. Theres alot of clearing & activating we are all doing. We are getting closer to the new Sun cycle & peak of that cycle in the coming years, so the waves pick up. Some feels these more then others. And we did have some light/flare released from beyond our Sun which I feel many are picking up on along with the Full Moon frequencies. This new galactic year is the beginning of the Feminine cycle & living more beyond linear time as a collective, which means past-present-future fold. Synchronicities, Deja Vu type experiences, Mandela effect, manifestations, etc.. all start to speed up.

FOR KIMBERLY (SPIRITUAL MATERIAL GIRL ON YOUTUBE) Kimberly’s Video: Please feel free to Share her video if it resonates in your heart💜 Kimberly is hoping to seek alternative treatments.. she has done alot for the collective and is humbly asking for help as she moves through this next stage of her path/journey. She had given me guidance not too long ago about a name that was coming through & she was 100% on point.. weeks later this person showed up in my reality. I also wanted to mention when I came across a video of hers months ago- it was a Soul recognition, I didn’t see her face, I saw a title of a video & her youtube name w the circle pic.

Divine Feminines & Divine Masculines, If you feel guided to donate for Kimberly’s treatment, all is helpful… including sending the energy of love and support, tips, guidance, etc… all of it is helpful during this next stage of her path. Kimberly’s Website for Donations:







Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Aug 10, 2019

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Full Moon Portal- opens between August 11th/12th. Full Moon is on August 15th
A new wave is coming in to the planetary field now. Astroids bring similar energy to the Solar waves coming through the Sun stargate. And an astroid is stirring up the astral currents right now.

The more we are activating the Monad consciousness & becoming the fully integrated multi dimensional galactic human/galactic avatar- the more the solar & planetary grid link/weave together. We collapse collective timelines into one field through our individual work. This also activates the 13th Gate through the 12D Chakra system. I was also getting insight on a 33 chakra system past the 13th gate… but not sure how to explain that yet.

All I know is this giant Merkaba, Tree of Life, with Rotating Spheres around me is the etheric overlay connection to the Monad & Solar Logos. We all have this. This is a stargate system & connects to the grid & gateways. I started connecting with the Solar Logos more consciously after the Overlay activation. But as soon as I made it my full intention to serve others, guidance/support opened up. So even if you are unsure of the next step, living from the heart, with pure intent to serve others.. will anchor your highest timelime/potential.

Our connection to our galactic family/ancestors & other dimensional selves beyond this plane are assistimg so much right now. More support comes in when the etheric thread connected from the heart & higher heart to the Monad & Solar Logos is activated. Working from the Heart develops this connection. When this field is fully active, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you.. you are protected.

Synchronicities will pick up, even more. Beyond number. What you think about- can show up through others rapidly right now… it doesnt mean that is manifesting, it means you need to be aware of your focus & what thoughtforms you are feeding. The base frequency of the planetary field is increasing.

☺ Please share your experiences & downloads/wisdom for others if you feel guided.

***Where I got cut off or the audio skipped at around 3minutes, i was speaking about things manifesting rapidly & synchs of where your attention is through others. So we can use this as a tool to stay in conscious alignment each moment. Synchronicities will be going way beyond number patterns but are ALL linked to number & geometry. All people, places, things, experiences are connected to number/geometry. You may start seeing the subliminal codes from your higher self showing up through projection. This can by number patterns on clocks, plates, battery, etc.. or through visuals of patterns/light/geomtry telepathically. They also come in through clairaudient downloads.

**My first activation took place at 8 years old, then a series in my early 20s. But it wasnt until my 33rd birthday in April that I have been able to access planetary stargates connected to the planetary logos & the Solar Logos Grid Points through the full Monad integration. This can happen at different times, im just sharing my own experiences. Some have had this experience earlier in life, some later. It doesn’t mean this is the case for everyone, just information I recieved on why I had the Tree Of Life/Etheric Monad Overlay activate when it did & why I’ve been going through so many changes/shifts w my body & perception. Everything lines up a specific points in geometry &  mathematics for each of us to experience what is chosen at a Soul level in this incarnation based off the path.

A major grid point connecting the Solar Grid in Manhattan NY, is activated since weeks ago. I was sent to Manhattan the other week for clearing & grid work w some focal points, like Epstien’s manson, Disney store, Wells Fargo, Lady Liberty, some water & Bridge, etc.. all in Manhattan NY…

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Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 8/6


Published on Aug 6, 2019

The more solar/cosmic energy that comes in, the more energy/consciousness we hold. This brings more insights, creativity, inventions, ideas, talents, gifts, etc…  BUT it can also stir up collective, soul group, bloodline & individual subconscious thoughts, emotions, desires, fears, traumas, memories, etc..

Solar activity can also dis-synchronize the internal/ biological clock. So sleep, appetite, bodily functions may seem to be a bit out of synch. Or off schedule. I’ve been either feeling all of this stuff myself or noticing it with everyone around me or that I know personally.

These shifts help to get deeper in tune with the subconscious through things surfacing to the conscious awareness. We are clearing subplanes of the astral plane by purifying our emotional, desire & mental body. The artifical timing frequency connected to the matrix looping system/grid is dissolving through our healing.  Grid work, grid linking, visualizations, meditations aid in this too!!

And I totally get it for those who don’t believe that the Event has already happened…I know if I had come across my own channel years ago, I wouldn’t believe me either 😂 but it did happen in different intensities for those that did experience it… an example, my mom experienced the Event in a different location, an hr away, on March 20th 2018, but she saw a much bigger/brighter wave & a flash. She also didnt feel the anxiety like I did with my experience, she felt the biggest wave of peace/love. She had a choice to stay or go after that point but 10 months later, after the Event experience, she decided to ascend. The Event experience gave her peace & acceptance to go she said.

I’ll be recording Air Sign August Reading today 🙂

I’m hoping to do a Livestream on Patreon Wednesday or Thursday this week.



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