COBRA: Portal of Light Activation and Taiwan Conference Reports | The Portal

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Portal of Light Activation and Taiwan Conference Reports

Our activation was a massive success, almost 1 million people were informed about the activation and about 160,000 people actually participated.

The energy pulse at the moment of the activation was very strong yet gentle, sending the purest energies of cosmic Love from the M87 galaxy to the surface of this planet. The pulse has corrected the planetary timeline, decreasing the probability for conventional world war from 33% to 27% and the probability for hard financial crash from 37% to 32%:

M87 galaxy was brought into the awareness of the surface population just a few days before the activation:

The energy pulse has brought a lot of beautiful energies into the planetary quarantine, and these energies have manifested some beautiful vistas in the days after the activation: 

In the days after the activation, COVID pandemic was finally deplatformed:

In the weeks before the activation and the weeks after it, the Light forces have managed to clear many exotic weapons of the dark forces, and the positive timeline is now much more stable than ever before.

First, by utilizing Mjolinr technology, the Light forces have evaporated all physical and non-physical black holes around the surface of the planet, including all black holes in the auric fields and all black holes inside implants of the surface population. This has collapsed all Tunnels of Set and the dark grid around the planet is no longer an inverted grid, but only a distorted grid. Without black holes, Kabbalistic black magic is much less effective, since qliphoth no longer exist:

Second, the Light forces have destroyed all remaining toplet bombs. This is a huge victory, since topet bombs represented major danger to the planet and a huge barrier against the planetary liberation.

In the past, I was quite optimistic and naive by believing that as soon as the toplet bombs are removed, the Event will happen. The reality is much more complex. The surface population is much more programmed than previously believed, and much more of the etheric matrix and subquantum anomaly must be removed to safely guide the surface population through the Event process without key persons freaking out, because basic food and energy distribution chains must remain largely intact at the moment of the Event.

The good news is that removing all remaining obstacles will be much easier, relatively faster and much less risky than removing the toplet bombs.

The Light forces have also manged to completely clear the higher mental plane from all dark entitites, and they have broken the control the dark forces had over the lower mental and the astral plane. Almost all Invisibles have been removed. The few remaining dark entities on the astral plane are disorganized, in flight, and are no longer part of the dark network. All Lords of Karma (Lords of Trauma) that have not been captured and taken to the Galactic central Sun have escaped from higher planes to the etheric and physical planes, where they still hold control.

Causal bodies of humanity are recovering from the shock of 1996 and are healing nicely.

The implants on the mental and astral planes have mainly decomposed, only the etheric implants and physical biochips remaining.

The main problem remains the etheric matrix / etheric archon grid, controlled by the Chimera Lords of Karma, from where they still control the reincarnation cycle:

And the physical black nobility grid, controlled by Chimera from the DARPA pit:

With their electromagnetic, ultrasound and infrasound fence:

And their mind control:

Subquantum anomaly on the physical and etheric planes around the surface of the planet is also still quite much of a problem, although this is being addressed.

The Portal of Light has removed most of the dark scenarios, with only two (global conventional war and hard financial crash with CBDCs implementation) still remaining.

For this reason, the Cabal is pushing for CBDCs hard:

But the surface population has great ideas how to resist:—fighting-the-cashless.html

When the cracks of Light will begin to appear in the etheric matrix, the age of average will begin to be a thing of the past:

The elimination of reason will stop:

The amnesia will be reversed:

And we will start escaping the madhouse:

As the trauma-based mind programming starts to fall apart:

Some people might feel that our activation did not reach their high expectations, but the following article can put things into perspective:

Our Ascension conference in Taiwan was very successful, as it was the energetic trigger that again activated the Dragon families.

It might not be a coincidence that during the conference activities, a meeting between Macron and Xi was taking place in Guangzhou:

This highly symbolic meeting was orchestrated from behind the scenes by the Red and the Blue, and it has effectively decreased the probability for a global conventional war from 38% to 33%: 

The Guqin melody, High mountains and flowing water, sealed the friendship pact between Macron and Xi, and this has effectively started the depolarization and pacification process between the West and the East:

But the story has another, more sinister layer.

The guqin on which the melody was played, was crafted in the year 756, during the height of the Tang dynasty:

It is not a coincidence that this was the exact year of the Donation of Pepin:

In which the secular ruler (now Macron, a Rothschild puppet) ceded territories to the Pope (now Xi, a Jesuit minion).

Another, more positive aspect to the story is that Guangzhou is the most powerful Goddess vortex in China.

During the time of the conference, the Blue Dragons have begun the process of reactivating the Agartha portals around the Himalayas:

and grotto heavens in Taiwan and mainland China:



The conference notes are now available.The official notes are about 80% reliable:

The following notes are about 65% reliable, but you can feel the energy of the conference through them:

Victory of the Light!

Emmauel Dagher December Energy Update: The Golden Compass – December 2022

Emmauel Dagher December Energy Update:
The Golden Compass – December 2022

Hi my Friend,

As we connect in this way today, I am feeling a great sense of Oneness rising up in the world.

How blessed we are to be able to meet this way, and to experience this journey together!

December is going to offer us a glimpse into some of the changes coming up in 2023 and beyond. These changes will feel inspiring, supportive, and new, yet will have a sense of familiarity that will spark within us feelings of being settled and at home.             

This sense of being at home within ourselves has been something many of us have spent lifetimes yearning to experience. So the supportive energies coming in at this time, helping us to feel more settled and at peace, are sure to be welcomed with open arms!

In other words, we’re on the verge of an epic homecoming.

It’s as if a thousand-year-old drought is finally coming to an end, and everything that has been barren and dry will now become replenished and lush again.

However, many of us have been and are still moving through a great deal of physical and emotional discomfort. While being uncomfortable can make a person feel overwhelmed, it can also serve as a catalyst for great changes to unfold.

Know that what’s happening now is part of that process, and that everything we are moving through is playing an important part in our journey into higher states of consciousness.

If we are currently having feelings of being scattered, exhausted, irritated, emotional, angry, or off-balance in any way, it just means that movement is happening, and that the mind needs a little more time to integrate.

When the mind experiences a lot of change at once, it often can feel threatened as if it is “losing” something. So it works overtime to do everything in its power to hold on to what it thinks it’s losing.

Right now, more than ever, is an excellent time to set the intention daily to remind ourselves that we are far greater than the thoughts, habits, and beliefs our mind chooses to identify with.

Because we are going through so many daily changes and shifts, it’s easy for the mind to go into “fight, flight, or freeze” mode, because it doesn’t really know what else to do. So, it’s important to be gentle with ourselves through our integration process, to be flexible with the changes happening all around us, and to be a loving support system for our mind, to help it embrace the expansion we’re experiencing now.

A Time to Heal

This December is offering us the opportunity to heal the core wounds that we may still be experiencing—individually in our personal lives, and collectively in the world.

Things that once seemed impossible to the analytical mind are now becoming more accessible, and a part of everyday life.

Healing occurs as a result of allowing ourselves to return to a state of peace.

Wherever there is peace, we can know that flow, ease, Love, wholeness, joy, creativity, and abundance will reside.

If instead of moving into that ease and flow, we attach our expectations of healing to a need to fix something, get rid of something, control or force something to happen, blame something, hide or deny something, or not allow ourselves to feel something—then it becomes far more challenging for us to experience a healing.

Allowing peace to be our top priority creates an opening for lasting healing to occur.

True peace is the foundation for creating a world of unity, Love, and abundance for all.

We are seeing many countries around the world now breaking away from the old ideologies that have promoted intercultural separation and disconnection. There’s a collective priority now that is laying the foundation for a much brighter future ahead for all, rather than only a select few.

There may be a healthy skepticism in our minds as to whether all this is really happening, because of all the separations that our minds have been conditioned to see in the world.

This is completely understandable, considering that it used to take decades or centuries before any real change became visible.

However, as things continue to evolve more quickly, it’s becoming easier to notice the changes happening all around us.

In our personal lives, the current energies are creating an opportunity for us to transcend the old stories we once created for ourselves, which prevented us from healing.

Some of these stories include:

  • Believing that every thought we have must be true
  • Believing that the mind needs to operate from fear and victim consciousness
  • Believing that we need the approval of someone outside of ourselves
  • Believing that we are broken and need “fixing”
  • Believing in lack, and that we don’t have enough for ourselves or others
  • Believing that we are not allowed to feel our feelings
  • Believing that we are misunderstood, and that no one can really understand us
  • Believing that we need something outside of ourselves to make us happy (a romantic soul partner, a certain lifestyle, a specific body type, etc.)

All of these stories, which were created by the mind out of self-protection, have the opportunity to be resolved now, so that we can return to the peace that has always been underneath it all.

Peace is who we are at our core.

As our inner stories come to the surface to be healed and resolved, it’s important to give ourselves permission to feel all of our feelings, without judging ourselves.

Every thought, emotion, and feeling we have ever experienced deserves to be acknowledged, and to receive our unconditional Love.

With this new awareness, imagine the opening that will take place for healing to be fully realized in our lives.

The Golden Compass of Compassion

December will be a high energy month. The key to moving through the current energy cycle with greater ease, is to simply ground ourselves in compassion.

We do this by nourishing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We also do this by understanding and embodying what compassion is.

True compassion gives us the opportunity to see and love the way the Universe sees and loves. True compassion allows us to love ourselves and others from the sacred space of deep inner knowing that we are all whole, sacred, and Divine Universal Beings who have never really been hurt or harmed in any way.

Of course, our “mind” will try to convince us otherwise, but that is only because it’s trying to keep us safe the best way it knows how. With compassion, we are able to look past the stories and illusions of lack, fear, and limitation.

Compassion is not to be confused with sympathy. When we sympathize, we lower our vibration by forgetting that we and all others are complete and whole beings. This results in us feeding into the environment of fear, lack, and limitation that those around us may be choosing to buy into.

Something for us to be aware of here, is the great difference between compassion and sympathy.

Many of us who are naturally empathic are experts at sympathizing. As empaths, many of us have a tendency to want to save and help everyone around us.

This is a wonderful quality. However, it usually results in us feeding into the dense energies in our environment.

Too often, the people, places, and experiences in our environment then continue their stories of lack, fear, and limitation, because they feel that we have validated these experiences for them through our sympathy or our need to rescue them.

Compassion begins with the self. When we become committed to fully loving and accepting ourselves first, we are then able to wholeheartedly anchor more Divine Love and compassion for the world around us, in ways that empower others, rather than unconsciously confirming their feelings of victimhood.

Compassion elevates us and our environment to the frequency of Divine Love. Compassion is the golden compass that allows us to navigate through times of great change with more joy and ease.

You are the Gift!

Even though things may appear to be quite chaotic at times, your Spirit knew before ever coming into this paradigm that you would overcome it all, and elevate humanity back to its true nature: Love.

How powerful you are, to have chosen to be an integral part of this collective shift to higher states of consciousness! This act is nothing short of heroic, and the Universe, your Higher Self, your Guides, all Beings of Love, and I honor you for choosing to answer the call to support humanity in this way.

You are a gift to us all.

Thank you for choosing to be here now, and for paving the way for all of us to align with a heart-centered reality through your presence, actions, words, gifts, talents, and wisdom.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

©2009 – 2022 Emmanuel Dagher. All Rights Reserved
You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the name of the author and the source website link.

Lee Harris Energy: December 2022 Energy Update – The Energetic Leap

December 2022 Energy Update – The Energetic Leap

265K subscribers
Premiered Dec 1, 2022

Hi everyone, I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but the December Energy Update is here. Where does the time go??

A few of the themes for this month are:
✨ We Are Entering a Phase of the Energetic Leap – a Time of High Transformation. Starts in December, runs through to April,
✨ Underneath the Chaos of These Times, Seeds are Being Sewn, and finally,
✨ Allowing Trust to Return.
✨ We’ll look at these and five additional themes in more detail, so be sure to watch the full Energy Update.

Big love, Lee x

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Timestamps —
00:01 – Intro
01:30 – The Energetic LEAP (Dec 2022-April 2023) – A time of high transformation – HARNESS IT!
05:16 – Staying quiet (internally and externally) is a powerful place to be right now
07:20 – Underneath the chaos, seeds are being sown…which are yours?
10:13 – Psychic overload needs grounding – be aware if you are newly getting connected to your spirit
13:48 – Allowing trust to return – post trauma healing and a tender time of clearing, trusting again
16:18 – Sobering truths that empower change – internal and external
18:17 – Exhaustion and struggle becoming the anger + fire of change (positive or challenging depending on the event)
20:55 – Where is the heart magic found and created and where it isn’t

October 2022 Energy Update – Lee Harris

October 2022 Energy Update – Lee Harris

Sep 30, 2022

259K subscribers

The October 2022 #EnergyUpdate has arrived! A few of the themes that I will be covering this month are: The Metamorphosis That We Are All In, and The Sheets of Emotion That are Coming Off Us and Falling Off Us as we go through it, The Heart and Throat – Energetic Eruptions, and Expansions – October will be a big month for that. And lastly, Believe the Aligned Truth of Those Whose Heart Energy You Can Feel. Heart energy is the barometer of the future. We’ll look more deeply at these themes and several others, so be sure to watch the full Energy Update.

Big love, Lee xx


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Time stamps:
– Intro
– Metamorphosis Energy and Sheets of Emotion leaving you
– Allowing or resisting the WAVE of change?
– Higher Consciousness pulses of energy – forcing out the old, the heavy, and the painful

14:25 – Heart and Throat – energetic eruptions and expansions happening (feeling and communication)
– Grief transforms into the new (The Queen – end of an era)
– Is the fight even real? Is it outside you or inside you? Is it from the past or from the now?
– Believe the aligned truth of those whose heart you can feel – heart energy is the barometer of the future
– Seek and celebrate the innovation and evolution – it needs to be seen by us to grow


Lee Harris Energy: ENERGY UPDATE JULY 2022

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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes)

  • FORCED PAUSES AND STOPS – The forced pause (internally) of this time and the WONDER and MAGIC of our inner life (reconnecting with your SOUL POWER) (01:58)
  • HEART GENERATING ENERGY IS GOLD – Heart Generating and Connecting Energy is the GOLD of our time (but know your limits with the giving vs receiving balance of that too) (04:35)
  • THE EMOTIONAL AND STRUCTURAL INSTABILITY EFFECT – Emotional and Structural Instability is on us as a world, and personally too – are you tracking that and incorporating it? (08:34)
  • BIRTH OF LEADERSHIP AND FEELING SAFE TO SHINE  – Leadership energy is rising on both micro and macro levels now AND it is safe to shine and you are safe to shine in your life (despite past fears or experiences AND because the world needs it) (11:20)
  • MAJOR SHEDDING IN A VISCERAL WAY – Allowing Change and SHEDDING of old identity/story/energies to take place (A Letting Go that feels very visceral) (15:09)
  • LETTING GO OF OLD DREAMS + DESIRES – Letting go of older dreams or desires (willingly) to create space for new ones (18:04)
  • AWARE AND EFFORTLESS RELEASES – if you are aware and conscious of yourself, your life and your journey, July and August will bring DEEP, POTENT, and more effortless releases (19:29)
  • FEELING LONELY OR BORED? – Loneliness and Boredom = Connect with others and connect with purpose (this can be a trauma hangover from all that has happened these past 2 years) (20:57)










Lee Harris: April 2022 Energy Update

April 2022 Energy Update

Premiered Apr 1, 2022

246K subscribers

The April 2022 #EnergyUpdate has come through, and there is a lot to cover this month.

Some of the themes are:
‣ Reactions to War, #Overwhelm and how we deal with it,
‣ Strong Light Coming In, in April, ‣ And, on a relationship #healing level,
‣ Getting Entangled with the Emotions of Others.

We’ll take a look at those in detail and many other themes, so I encourage you to watch the full Energy Update.

Remember to look after yourselves this month, and always.

Big love,

Lee x

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[Much more on the YT Descripton box]

Reactions to War in the Collective – Heartbreak, Fear, Anger, Disgust, Horror, Grief among those (Note: There are also those who are hold the light and peace without being knocked by the energy – this is good as lightbearers are needed right now).
04:53Overwhelm and how to center yourself – feel the feelings, move the feelings, create space, take action.
General April Energy Climate – will be stormy – shifts between strong light and lower vibrations (the world stage will mirror this).
Light waves are coming in strong in April – stronger than all year so far – this can manifest as incredible periods of light, connection, grace, clarity, healing, higher awareness and visions.
The discomfort of transformation – in the discomfort we are shedding ourselves. Remember that discomfort accompanies change…
Future Emergence Energy is now being seeded – many leaders, wayshowers and visionaries are rising and emerging like never before. ALSO incubating ‘future’ ways that will emerge in coming years.
15:28Relationship healing – In April, a phase of ‘Getting stuck/attached’ to other people’s energies/emotions will take more focus than before. Relationship changes can be natural and mirror the changes in you and the world.
There is a continuing General Awakening among people to the systems in our world and how they are operating right now – disclosure of the shadow, and the parts that are not working for the higher good of all. It can be an intense process.
:28The planet is not controllable – her intelligence will speak and rise.

Lee Harris Energy: March 2022 Energy Update

March 2022 Energy Update

Feb 28, 2022

244K subscribers

**Please Note: This Energy Update was recorded on February 22nd in order to get it processed in time for today’s release. Obviously, the tragic situation in Ukraine has unfolded in the interim which is why that conflict is not specifically addressed in this video. Sending love to all of you wherever you may be in the world.**

Hi everyone, The March Energy Update has arrived! A few of the themes that we will look at in detail for this month are:

-Creative Pregnancy Abounds,

-Global Stress and Exhaustion and what it’s leading us to in this next phase,

-Major Timeline Healing

– people moving through all kinds of different past life, present life healings. And last but not least,

-The Fire and Change Energy of These Times and How to Navigate Them.

Watch the full update for discussion of these and much more.

Big love, Lee x

✨ For a full transcript of this Energy Update visit:…

0:01 – INTRO
2:41 – THE FIRE + CHANGE ENERGY OF THESE TIMES – it’s an energetic storm right now
7:33 – EXPRESSION UNLEASHED – Revolutionary and change energy continues to be on the rise
11:59 – MAJOR TIMELINE HEALING – Allow your feelings in an all new way
17:09 – MOMENT TO MOMENT, ALLOW PEACE – This is where the power lies.
20:12 – CREATIVE PREGNANCY ABOUNDS – protect it, nurture it, be with it and let it change in form
23:41 – GLOBAL STRESS/EXHAUSTION – so it’s vital to remember to SELF-CARE
27:40 – COMMUNITY IS KEY – Communities old and new are strengthening and forming now



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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes) 

  • POWER SHIFTS – in the external world but also showing up in personal relationships and the relationship with yourself (02:10)
  • PAST GIFTS RETURNING and becoming available (past life too) in tandem with you experiencing childhood and earlier life healing (07:05)
  • SAYING ‘ENOUGH’ – Anger and boundaries emerge from the collective after the overwhelm/exhaustion of the past 2 years (09:59)
  • TRUST AND CONNECTION under the microscope (13:15)
  • ALLOWING MAGIC through reawakening the heart (15:16)
  • SEEING THROUGH ILLUSIONS (in your own beliefs and in the outer world) (18:45)
  • REBALANCING THE SHADOW – in the self and in the world (which helps us return to inner and outer light) (21:34)
  • BE GOOD TO YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM right now as it begins to recover and rebuild itself. (24:03)



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DECEMBER 17–23, 2021


Crystal says:

“In Gemini, this [December 18 Full
Moon] will be the last lunation that
triggers the North Node in the sign
of the twins. We can consolidate a
new direction in communications,
self-expression, and connection to
our siblings. We can retrieve our
mental focus, disconnecting from
trivia and low-vibrational
communications. For this intention,
we can make a ceremony and call on
the angels and goddesses of
communication to strengthen our

The [Full Moon] portal is magical
for clarifying our intentions for
2022. And clarity will help us
navigate the final square from
strict Saturn to freedom-freak
Uranus, exact on Friday, December

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– Susan

FM 144 : Autumn Update (08.10.2021)

FM 144

Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew

Autumn Update (08.10.2021)

At the beginning of this update I’d like to briefly reassure you, that updates will be posted as intel comes in. There is currently no guarantee of monthly updates. The more the planetary situation intensifies, the greater the radio silence becomes, and publishing posts just for the sake of posting is not my intention.

Also, to avoid repetition and to complete the overall picture, I also plan to only put out information in the future, which hasn’t been mentioned by other sources so far.

The last month has been extremely intense. September is considered the month when the Fall of Atlantis took place. So, for the Dark Ones this timeframe always means a favourable window of opportunity to perform negative rituals and advance their agendas.

In the last update, I talked about how they were trying to bring the Atlantis Doomsday Energy into the current timeline. These energies are still resonating, which is reflected not only in the many floods around the world but also in the current volcanic activities. Most recent example: The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja vulcano on La Palma.

The Canary Islands are geological remnants of ancient Atlantis and deeply linked to its energy.
Scientists speculate on whether a landslide (or in the worst case: a shift of the coastline) caused by the eruption could trigger a tidal wave which may extend across the Atlantic Ocean, up to the British Isles as well as towards the U.S. East Coast, the Caribbean and South America. Although such an event is considered extremely unlikely, it is still interesting to note, that the affected locations are connected to ancient Atlantis too, especially the area around New York and Long Island (Montauk).

There was a question in the comment section on how the Dark Ones could manage to set such a scenario into the present. Well, part of these natural catastrophes are created by the Cabal through HAARP, however, the main trigger is located in the occult realms.

The Dark Ones who hold this planet hostage are not only composed of humanoid Cabal members, Reptilians, Dracos, Archons and the Chimera. There is a group in the background, some of whom are from a completely alternate dimension, that can most likely be described as Black Magicians. They are the ones who energetically lay the foundation for every major negative event that has physically taken place on this planet, starting from the Fall of Atlantis, over all major wars on the surface, including the two World Wars, up to the current implementation of the NWO timeline.

There are probably only a few dozen of these Black Magicians on this planet, capable of performing such a timeline switch. They are also energetically covering the NWO Matrix through their negative rituals, which is the reason why the Cabal could get so close implementing their agenda in the physical realms. 

However, in the second half of September, the Light Forces took massive action against this occult group. Neutralizing those Magicians is not a piece of cake, especially inside the Earth Quarantine, where the enormous amount of anomaly makes it virtually a home game them. They are extremely powerful, vicious and from a psychological point of view also completely lunatic. Due to the occult nature of this task, this is not something where groups like the Positive Military, the Resistance Movement or extra-terrestrial races like the Pleiadians are sent into the field. They are already taking care of the physical Cabal as wall as the negative races beneath and above the surface.

As for Black Magicians, the Light Forces send their own positive occult forces into action. They are masters in their field and have managed to finally eliminate a large part of this negative group that has been active deep behind the scenes since beginning of Earth Quarantine. This fact should improve the situation around the natural disasters as well as strengthen the resistance against the current NWO agenda to a certain degree.

I would also like to mention again that the top leadership of the Dark Ones doesn’t even care about the implementation of the NWO; they just need the chaos on the surface to silently work on an escape plan to avoid capture by the Light Forces as soon as Earth gets finally liberated.

One way would be to escape with hostages aboard their spaceships, which was already mentioned on this blog during a past update. The second variant would be the use of huge and still existing underground portals leading to remote locations far outside our solar system.

The Dark Ones targeted certain planets where they could theoretically invade and re-establish a new Quarantine. However, the Light Forces know about these portals and one of them was recently closed in an operation below the deserts of the infamous Nevada Triangle:

Furthermore, the Light Forces are continuing to awaken certain surface incarnated Key Lightworkers who are still bound in one way or another to the Dark Ones, such as negative incarnated Reptilians, who have assimilated Soul Parts of the respective Twin Flames of this Lightworkers in order to attract and bind them to themselves. The activation of these Lightworkers will continue to have an extremely strong impact on the collective consciousness of the planet, which should also have a positive physical effect.

Nevertheless, expect possible disruptive actions by the Cabal and possible escalations at further protests against the current NWO and vaccination agenda.

The likelihood of potential Internet or power outages due to staged hacker attacks is also increasing, although this one big worldwide expected outage is unlikely to occur in the next few months. Nevertheless, Starseeds should be still prepared for such a scenario.

Regarding another question from the last update about the access of ethereal spider beings via sockets and electronics: yes, power disconnection can help overnight. Nevertheless, it would be also advisable to envision energetic sealing and protection at these access points through meditation (using your own preferred methods, imaginations and guidance). Every Starseed on the surface is capable of this, otherwise he or she would not have incarnated here on this planet.

So, continue to persevere! The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.

Thanks for reading this update!