DECEMBER 17–23, 2021


Crystal says:

“In Gemini, this [December 18 Full
Moon] will be the last lunation that
triggers the North Node in the sign
of the twins. We can consolidate a
new direction in communications,
self-expression, and connection to
our siblings. We can retrieve our
mental focus, disconnecting from
trivia and low-vibrational
communications. For this intention,
we can make a ceremony and call on
the angels and goddesses of
communication to strengthen our

The [Full Moon] portal is magical
for clarifying our intentions for
2022. And clarity will help us
navigate the final square from
strict Saturn to freedom-freak
Uranus, exact on Friday, December

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FM 144 : Autumn Update (08.10.2021)

FM 144

Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew

Autumn Update (08.10.2021)

At the beginning of this update I’d like to briefly reassure you, that updates will be posted as intel comes in. There is currently no guarantee of monthly updates. The more the planetary situation intensifies, the greater the radio silence becomes, and publishing posts just for the sake of posting is not my intention.

Also, to avoid repetition and to complete the overall picture, I also plan to only put out information in the future, which hasn’t been mentioned by other sources so far.

The last month has been extremely intense. September is considered the month when the Fall of Atlantis took place. So, for the Dark Ones this timeframe always means a favourable window of opportunity to perform negative rituals and advance their agendas.

In the last update, I talked about how they were trying to bring the Atlantis Doomsday Energy into the current timeline. These energies are still resonating, which is reflected not only in the many floods around the world but also in the current volcanic activities. Most recent example: The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja vulcano on La Palma.

The Canary Islands are geological remnants of ancient Atlantis and deeply linked to its energy.
Scientists speculate on whether a landslide (or in the worst case: a shift of the coastline) caused by the eruption could trigger a tidal wave which may extend across the Atlantic Ocean, up to the British Isles as well as towards the U.S. East Coast, the Caribbean and South America. Although such an event is considered extremely unlikely, it is still interesting to note, that the affected locations are connected to ancient Atlantis too, especially the area around New York and Long Island (Montauk).

There was a question in the comment section on how the Dark Ones could manage to set such a scenario into the present. Well, part of these natural catastrophes are created by the Cabal through HAARP, however, the main trigger is located in the occult realms.

The Dark Ones who hold this planet hostage are not only composed of humanoid Cabal members, Reptilians, Dracos, Archons and the Chimera. There is a group in the background, some of whom are from a completely alternate dimension, that can most likely be described as Black Magicians. They are the ones who energetically lay the foundation for every major negative event that has physically taken place on this planet, starting from the Fall of Atlantis, over all major wars on the surface, including the two World Wars, up to the current implementation of the NWO timeline.

There are probably only a few dozen of these Black Magicians on this planet, capable of performing such a timeline switch. They are also energetically covering the NWO Matrix through their negative rituals, which is the reason why the Cabal could get so close implementing their agenda in the physical realms. 

However, in the second half of September, the Light Forces took massive action against this occult group. Neutralizing those Magicians is not a piece of cake, especially inside the Earth Quarantine, where the enormous amount of anomaly makes it virtually a home game them. They are extremely powerful, vicious and from a psychological point of view also completely lunatic. Due to the occult nature of this task, this is not something where groups like the Positive Military, the Resistance Movement or extra-terrestrial races like the Pleiadians are sent into the field. They are already taking care of the physical Cabal as wall as the negative races beneath and above the surface.

As for Black Magicians, the Light Forces send their own positive occult forces into action. They are masters in their field and have managed to finally eliminate a large part of this negative group that has been active deep behind the scenes since beginning of Earth Quarantine. This fact should improve the situation around the natural disasters as well as strengthen the resistance against the current NWO agenda to a certain degree.

I would also like to mention again that the top leadership of the Dark Ones doesn’t even care about the implementation of the NWO; they just need the chaos on the surface to silently work on an escape plan to avoid capture by the Light Forces as soon as Earth gets finally liberated.

One way would be to escape with hostages aboard their spaceships, which was already mentioned on this blog during a past update. The second variant would be the use of huge and still existing underground portals leading to remote locations far outside our solar system.

The Dark Ones targeted certain planets where they could theoretically invade and re-establish a new Quarantine. However, the Light Forces know about these portals and one of them was recently closed in an operation below the deserts of the infamous Nevada Triangle:

Furthermore, the Light Forces are continuing to awaken certain surface incarnated Key Lightworkers who are still bound in one way or another to the Dark Ones, such as negative incarnated Reptilians, who have assimilated Soul Parts of the respective Twin Flames of this Lightworkers in order to attract and bind them to themselves. The activation of these Lightworkers will continue to have an extremely strong impact on the collective consciousness of the planet, which should also have a positive physical effect.

Nevertheless, expect possible disruptive actions by the Cabal and possible escalations at further protests against the current NWO and vaccination agenda.

The likelihood of potential Internet or power outages due to staged hacker attacks is also increasing, although this one big worldwide expected outage is unlikely to occur in the next few months. Nevertheless, Starseeds should be still prepared for such a scenario.

Regarding another question from the last update about the access of ethereal spider beings via sockets and electronics: yes, power disconnection can help overnight. Nevertheless, it would be also advisable to envision energetic sealing and protection at these access points through meditation (using your own preferred methods, imaginations and guidance). Every Starseed on the surface is capable of this, otherwise he or she would not have incarnated here on this planet.

So, continue to persevere! The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.

Thanks for reading this update!



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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes.) 

The Outer Emergence of your Personal Transformation – October will be HIGHLY supportive for you bringing (and seeing) your inner personal identity shifts begin to emerge in the outer world now. (01:58)

Internal shifts lead to outer change and vice versa. 

Changing Relationship Dynamics – they are happening more widely now. Can you trust that changes will lead to greater connections? (Boundaries and Connections) (03:04)

How are you doing amid the war of beliefs? – Are you able to be in Compassion or Judgement? Are you triggered by the judgement or on the receiving end of it? (05:44)

BELIEFS CHANGE AND SHIFT all through our life – can you hold yours lightly and not get too triggered by others who hold theirs tightly? (06:11)

Personal Boundaries come from AWARENESS – are you deepening yours? (15:45)

Energetic Polarities are at work in higher levels of consciousness. This accelerated energy looks like; (20:12)

  1. Sudden shifts and epiphanies in your personal life
  2. Pain-healing quickly revealing to us our gifts faster than before (characterised by inconvenient or painful clarity or moments that very quickly turn to gold, or reveal their gifts)
  3. Creativity and Innovation Energy continues to be high – harness and run with it when you can.

Ask yourself; WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE + RELEASE THIS MONTH? Intentions are a superpower and allow you to stay connected to the voice and desire of your soul. (25:11)







Lee Harris Energy: September 2021 Energy Update

September 2021 Energy Update

Premiered Sep 1, 2021
208K subscribers

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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes.) 

High Energy Acceleration (incoming)(02:53)

This looks like ‘fast healing, euphoric, blissful, connected moments and/or a NEW SENSE OF PRESENCE to yourself, your life and being alive right now….’

RELEASING OUR FEELINGS (rather than turning them into a story)(06:26)

Our feelings are our feelings and they need to move through rather than get stuck in a story. The story is part of it, but the emotional release is where the transformation of the story can begin.


It is normal and to be expected at times, but take note of how you are experiencing yours and for how long. Despair about collective issues and collective confusion is the feeling of DESPAIR. Feel it to release it and allow yourself to return to center again, rather than perpetuating the feeling.

Be Open to finding New Healing Modalities (08:11)

This is a time where NEW types of healing and experience will be very helpful for the very new time we are in, no matter how practiced you are at a certain way of healing.

Only 30% are needed to create a dominant energetic shift on the planet (10:57)

Remember, this is only the beginning of a larger planetary awakening, so choose to be an amplified part of the 30%, rather than worry about those who seem to be more asleep to their hearts right now – Awakening energy doesn’t need a majority for it to become contagious.

Intuitives – the form is changing so prediction is too (13:09)

Be aware that while you will still be feeling upcoming shifts, how that will manifest in form is changing – only 30-40% of the time will the energies you ‘feel’ result in taking the forms they used to look like – the speed now means less manifests physically in that way.

The Creational Power of Words & The War of Words(17:34)

  • Low-Energy Directed Words: These are words coated in an energy designed to lower your focus or emotions and direct your attention in a certain direction. Be mindful of those.
  • The Creational Power of Words: We can use the magic of our words to create, to conjure and override the lower vibration directed words that you might be hearing, swallowing or being coated with.

Anger as a boundary(26:22)

Can you let it be a boundary or signal for you, or are you tempted to let it become a weapon? (Fire is an element we have been taught to be afraid of, yet as a spiritual element, it is part of our life-force). 


OWN YOUR VALUE – For Healers, Lightworkers, and Awakened Creatives




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LeeHarrisEnergy: August 2021 Energy Update

“We are becoming new at an all new level of speed. So, the disorientation, the emotional reactivity that can come seemingly from nowhere, and the sting that you might feel on certain days, as a sensitive person, as an intuitive person, as a person who is conscious, it is part of the tapestry that we’re in. So provided you’re tending to the ways that you reset yourself, whether that’s meditation, or physical practice, or the way you are looking after nurturing yourself, so long as you’re tending to that, you should be able to hold your core, as we go through all of that…”

“A lot of the division energies that are at work and in play on planet earth are very nicely causing a certain level of chaos. And if you aren’t aware of what’s going on, you’re going to stay in the at level of chaos.

August 2021 Energy Update

Premiered Jul 30, 2021
201K subscribers

The August Energy Update has arrived! One thing that came to me very strongly when I started bringing the themes through is that this is very much a year of two halves. June began the new energy for 2021, and we’ll be entering into it in a deeper way in August. A few of the headlines for this month are:

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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes.) 


I allow myself to release all that no longer serves me.

  • 2021 is a year of two halves energetically – June began part two (01:42)
  • We are becoming NEW at an all new speed (02:07)
  • Planetary Sustainability in sharp focus – fight/denial/breakthroughs (03:30)
  • Intensity waves – yes and ANCESTRAL HEALING (04:45)
  • Fear turns off our ability to use our senses + Emotional Reactivity is contagious (05:28)  
  • Are you managing to navigate the chaos or are you only being impacted by it? (7:33)
  • Are your past emotions creating your future, or are you? (10:25)
  • This is a time to consciously FOCUS on your healing if feeling stuck, triggered or resistant (12:15)
  • After the healing moments, allow the Magic to find you and BE you (13:54)
  • Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations will be the energy ‘bright-streaks’ this month (14:13)

NEW MP3s – Embrace Your Body-Embrace Your Beauty Meditations

TRANSMISSIONS 2021 – A Virtual Soul Magic Retreat


August 2021 Energy Update

Hello, I’m Lee, and this is the August Energy Update. Every month I take the pulse on some of the
energetic themes that we might be experiencing right now, or that are due to show up in the month and
months to come. A few of the headlines for this month are: We are Becoming New at an All-New Speed.
We will go through some of what that shows up as. Planetary Sustainability Coming into Sharper Focus
Now and in the Months to Come. And Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations Will Be the Bright
Spots Energetically in the Month of August and Beyond. Stay tuned for the full Update.

Hi, welcome to the full Update for August, 2021. If you are a regular over here on my channel, or if you
want to know whenever we get more content released – we usually release three videos a week – you
can subscribe on YouTube. And also, I wanted to share with you, thank you for all of your beautiful
feedback about the Transmissions album that we released last month. You can now stream it, download
it, get a CD over at So, check that out if you haven’t had chance and thank you
to all of you for sharing your enjoyment of it. Okay, the themes for August. It’s interesting, one thing
that came to me very strongly when I started work on the themes yesterday, is that this is very much a
year of two halves, and June began the new energy for 2021. So, we’re still in it and we’re entering into
it in a deeper way in August.

One of the most important things to remember as you go through all of the wobbles and the intensity,
and perhaps the new birth that you’re in and that we’re in as a planet right now, is to remember that we
are becoming new at an all-new level of speed. So, the disorientation, the emotional reactivity that can
come (seemingly from nowhere) and the spin that you might feel on certain days as a sensitive person,
as an intuitive person, as a person who is conscious – it’s part of the tapestry that we’re in. So, provided
you’re tending to your own ways that you reset yourself – whether that’s meditation or physical practice
or the way you’re looking after and nurturing yourself – so long as you’re attending to that, you should
be able to hold your core as we go through this time and this phase. But that doesn’t mean there won’t
be the wobbly days and that that’s just something that we’re all experiencing and going through.

Because right now, as a human collective, it’s a little bit like we get shook and then we get put back
down, and then we get shook and then we get put back down. But when you get put back down, it’s not
actually just the relief from the shaking times that you will be experiencing. It’s actually a reset and a
beginning of a new you, just as we’re at the beginning phases of a lot of change on the planet that we’re
in right now. One of the themes that’s going to start to rise more over summer, and certainly this month
and beyond is, Planetary Sustainability. Now, this has been talked about for many, many years, but
there’s going to start to be a rising awareness and focus on this. Planetary Sustainability in all ways is
going to come into sharp focus. And just as we have seen in the recent years, this sharp focus looks
many different ways, depending on who you are, and depending on what’s going on.

Planetary Sustainability as a theme will bring with it a certain level of fight about that, a certain level of
denial about that, and a certain level of breakthrough around that. That’s par for the course at the
moment. A lot of the division energies that are at work and in play on planet Earth are very nicely
causing a certain level of chaos. And if you aren’t aware of what’s going on and why you’re having an
emotional reaction, you’re going to stay in that chaos – which to some degree will serve certain agendas.
And for those of you that are wanting to remain clearer of that, and freer of that, this is a really good
time to pay close attention to the intensity waves that we’re going through, sure, but understanding the
ancestral healing that is taking place emotionally. People’s emotional reactions are not just about what
they’re seeing in front of their face. Our emotional reactions usually have history in them.

It’s not to say that our reaction is incorrect or that we shouldn’t do something about the thing we’re
reacting at. But what you’re actually seeing right now is a lot of people not listening to each other,
because they are trapped in their own emotional dissonance. Our emotional dissonance is what is going
to render us less useful, less available, less present. One of the themes for this month is to remember
that Fear Turns Off our Ability to Use Our Senses. Fear Turns Off our Ability to Truly Use Our Senses.
Now, something you’re sensing may put you into fear, but once you’re in fear and once you’re in that
place, your ability to use your outer senses starts to diminish. And we’re seeing a lot of this. Emotional
reactivity is very contagious right now. So don’t be too surprised if you come away from a conversation
with someone or something you see online, and you have been infected with that emotional reactivity,
because we’re all handing energy and emotions to each other all the time.

I’m hearing from a lot of people that you’re triggered or you’re shocked, or you’re thrown by some of
what’s going on out there. And I think it’s the time for us to no longer be thrown, to no longer be
shocked, to go, “Oh yeah, okay – this is going on. Their emotional reaction was contagious for me. Is
there anything I need to learn in this? Am I letting go of some ancestral history, some wounding from a
prior relationship or a prior moment in my life? Can I clear it and move on and perhaps proceed
differently with that person, that group, that topic?”

Because it’s really important we don’t lose our core. We can all have moments where we’re healing,
where we’re struggling, where we’re (some of you might say) in lower vibrations. And that’s part of the
human healing journey. But if we completely lose our core, we become senseless. We no longer are
feeling and sensing what’s actually going on. We’re trapped in our own emotional reaction and our own
story of what’s going on.

That is definitely playing out more than we’ve ever seen it before. And the message I keep getting from
these guys (indicates The Z’s) is that’s not going to go away. That’s going to be here for the next two or
three years. It doesn’t mean there won’t be breakthroughs and change through that journey. But if
you’re someone who’s getting caught in the emotional reactivity of others, this is a really good moment
and time to notice that, to step back. And any time we’re in a big emotional reaction – our body’s making
our mind not make quite as much sense, or our mind is determined, or our mind is black or white, or we
can feel our heart has shut down, “Oh, I’m not very heart-open right now because I’m in defense, or I’m
in upset, or I’m just horrified or I’m on the floor.” It is a contagious energy. And that doesn’t mean that
we don’t need to look at our side of the street when we also react. But a lot of people are senselessly
reacting right now. So just know that’s the climate.

Look at the part of you that is healing from that and learning through that, and then move on. Because
it’s going to be around. The ancestral healing piece is really important. Ancestral healing relates to not
only our own genetic line, but more importantly in this case, collective human history. So a lot of the
things that we’re seeing right now echo things from human history, and that can be a great warning as
to, “Okay, we need to pay attention to this because we don’t want to recreate that.” But it’s also a
cleansing and a healing, which is why it’s hard to have much clarity at this time as to where we’re going,
and which way we’re going, which I think is something that will be top of mind for many of you. But this is
going to be a slow process of transformation because there’s a lot of fight and wrestling that needs to
happen for things to unpick, detach. And there will be spikes; there will be revolutionary moments as we
go through the next few years.

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because there’s a sense I got when I was tuning-in this morning
that some of you might be a bit lost in it all right now. And that’s normal, it’s understandable. But as
much as you can, try and hook-out of the outer world triggers, if all they’re doing is triggering you. Come
back to your core and remember that we’re all creating the future every day. And if we’ve lost belief in
that possibility, then we’re too heavily focused on an area, a belief or a thought that only wants to tell
you that we’re doomed. And that’s as dangerous as us being doomed. Because if you start focusing your
energy there, that’s all you’re going to see and you’re going to help create it. So, if you want a different
future, think about how you could create that in your personal life for yourself, for those around you – if
that’s all you can cope with. And then for others among you, how are you going to help create that for
and in the world?

And this leads me to an interesting energy strand that’s moving through right now. It’s a good question
to ask yourself, “Are your past emotions creating your future, or are you?” Because there are a couple of
things that happen when we’re locked into the ancestral healing side of the outside world. We are
ricocheting into our inside world, sure, and having our own reaction to everything that’s going on
outside us. But where does that leave us? And are our old emotions coming up and what are we then
doing with them? Because this is a really deep healing time. So, if you aren’t experiencing active healing
in your life right now, you might be in a situation where there isn’t really time for that, or you’re in an
emergency or a shockwave and so the healing can come later. Or if you haven’t got any of those
catalystic events going on in your life right now but you just feel stuck or resistant, it’s going to be really
important for you to look at, “What can I release, what can I let go, what do I need to release to move
into my next future, my next phase?” If that resonates with you, you could use an affirmation along the
lines of:

I allow myself to release all that no longer serves me. I allow myself to release all that no longer serves
me. You may choose to write down some things that you want to release; that you’re ready to let go of.
Sometimes we can get paralyzed by what’s going on in the outside world and forget that we’re also part
of the outside world. That’s what I mean by the ricochet effect. The collective healing that we’re in, that
we might be observing, reacting to, feeling – it leads us back to ‘in here’, and so we also have to clear.
August is going to be a great month for letting go, releasing and clearing out that which you don’t want –
but do it consciously. If we don’t do that consciously with some level of regularity – a purge or a cleanse –
it will find us. Often when we get backed up with situations, relationships, things that we’ve agreed to
that are jarring for us, we can have quite a wallop that comes along to wake us up; that some of the
things in our life we need to let go of, it’s time.

August can actually be a really supportive month for conscious release. If this resonates with you, I
would sit down and write a list of, “What would I like to let go of in my life?” Don’t only focus on things
or people. There’s always an underlying energy in anything or person that you’re wanting to let go of or
not be as close to anymore. Look underneath, “What is it about that relationship or that commitment
that you have that you’re ready to let go of? What is the underlying energy and emotion that’s holding
you there?” Because even though things will carry on in the outer world this month as they always do,
this is actually going to be a very good internal and healing time, which is interesting to me because I
know many people are getting a bit more active in August than they perhaps have so far.

But this is going to be a very good time to be internal, and flush and clear and release, which is different
to the internal that many of us experienced in 2020. So, this is a great time to let it go, because after the
healing moments, Allow the Magic to Find You and Be You is one of the two remaining themes for this
month, and the gift or the higher notes in the energy. So, Allowing the Magic to Find You and Be You.
And that relates directly to, Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations Will Be the Energy Bright
Streaks This Month.

Some of you will already in the last few months have had some surprises, some creative booms and
some instant transformations. Perhaps things that you thought were going to be much more difficult to
change, suddenly, you realized, “Oh, that kind of changed for me,” or, “I managed to navigate that
better than I’ve ever navigated before.” So be mindful of that magical energy of transformation and
creation and surprise – surprise gifts, surprise moments, surprise relationships that want to come in once
we’ve healed and released enough of our emotional energy.

It’s going to be an interesting remaining five months of the year, but I guess the one message that I am
learning, growing through, becoming and called to be a messenger of is, “We have this incredible power
inside us,” and it’s not because we are solely special or unique – we are – but we’re connected to not
only everyone and everything here on this planet, but we’re also being fed right now with a lot of high
consciousness energy. And sure, high consciousness energy will make us take a look at the lower stuff, it
will make us release. But that’s why I say don’t see healing as something to do on a Sunday afternoon
right now. If you’re even still watching this video at this point, that means you’re resonant with some of,
not just the language, but the experience I’m bringing in this video.

So, healing now is an underscore of your life, but unlike perhaps five, 10 years ago, healing doesn’t have
to be as heavy, as intense or as slow. It can be very fast, very bright. It can have a lightness and a
brightness to it. What it’s doing is it’s bringing us to a new place in ourselves so that we can be here to
be part of the birthing of a new energy on the planet and a new consciousness. The problem with
getting overly distracted or only consumed by what you’re seeing outside you that’s negative or that’s
bad, is that you’re forgetting the power of spirit on this planet and how it is a lot bigger than any control,
agendas or anything else that might be flying around at this time, which I think we’re all seeing more
clearly and vividly than ever before.

But a little like a very narcissistic personality type who wants everyone’s attention in the room, you
don’t want to waste your life-force giving it all your attention because then you are just playing into the
drama and the low energy that that soul is trying to live in and use you to fuel. Try and see the shadow
and the dark side of the world in that way so that it can be in a rightful perspective for you in your life.
Some of you will be head-on with it, and that will be exactly where you need to be and what you need to
do. But there will be others among you who will maybe keep your eye on it, interact with it. But come
back to what you’re creating and who you are here to be right now.

Thank you for tuning-in. This month we have just released two brand new Energy Alchemy Meditations.
I’m always guided with my monthly MP3s as to what’s right for right now. And this month, they’re two
short meditations around 15, 20 minutes each. One is called Embrace Your Body; one is called Embrace
Your Beauty. They’re an MP3 set. If you are in my monthly members’ community, The Portal, as ever, you
get the MP3s as a part of one of the support tools that you get every month from me and members of my team.

So, if you haven’t yet tried out The Portal, we’d love for you to try it out for a month and see if it’s for
you. We offer many different tools and supports in there. And I do a deep-dive for 90 minutes, just
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get to zero-in on the thousands – the small number of thousands – that we have inside The Portal. If you
want to try it, we’d love to welcome you and there are many bonus videos and workshops in there as
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And lastly, we just completed Transmissions 2021, which was an incredible experience. It is now
available as a fully virtual online retreat. We went through five different areas; Magic, Healing,
Expression, Freedom, and Joy, and took a good look at those energies and how they’re available on the
planet right now, but also how you can access and deepen your relationship to those. Some of it is
grounded teaching from me, there’s a lot of channeling in each of the broadcasts and there are loads of
support tools, audios, videos, all around it. So, check out if you wanted to
experience that because you can access all the replays, transcripts, everything right now, and you’ll have
lifetime access to it.

Thank you for tuning in, everyone. We will play you out with a short exerpt from the new MP3s,
Embrace Your Body and Embrace Your Beauty. Until next month, I hope you have a beautiful August.

 Big love, Lee —

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▶️ August Themes:
Intro (00:00)
2021 is a year of two halves energetically – June began part two (01:42)
We are becoming NEW at an all new speed (02:07)
Planetary Sustainability in sharp focus – fight/denial/breakthroughs (03:30)
Intensity waves – yes and ANCESTRAL HEALING (04:45)
Fear turns off our ability to use our senses + Emotional Reactivity is contagious (05:28)
Are you managing to navigate the chaos or are you only being impacted by it? (7:33)
Are your past emotions creating your future, or are you? (10:25)
This is a time to consciously FOCUS on your healing if feeling stuck, triggered or resistant (12:15)
After the healing moments, allow the Magic to find you and BE you (13:54)
Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations will be the energy ‘bright-streaks’ this month (14:13)

Lee Harris Energy: July Energy Update: Creational Flow, Higher Mind Emergence, The Car Crash of Deception Energy

July Energy Update: Creational Flow, Higher Mind Emergence,
The Car Crash of Deception Energy

Jul 1, 2021
198K subscribers

The July #EnergyUpdate has arrived! We have several themes this month, including:
💫 Creational Flow – how the energy of creation is now in flow and will be through the end of the year;
💫 The Energy of Busyness – the new emergence of the busyness on the planet. How are you doing with it, how are you reacting to it, how are you responding;
💫 #HigherMind Emergence – this month: July Quiet Mind – the best divisions and clarities will come from the moments where you can quiet your mind down.
💫 The Car Crash of Deception Energy – how you are responding to the revealing of deception. Watch the full Energy Update for these themes and more, and I wish you a wonderful month ahead. Big love, Lee x

▶️ July Themes:
02:00 – Creational Flow – now through end of year – birthing + building
– The Energy of Busyness – does it trigger you, are you jumping onboard, or are you resisting?
– Allowance – How much can you allow to come to and through you this month
11:34 – Higher Mind Emergence: July – Quiet Mind – loud whispers happen here
– The Car Crash of Deception Energy – lies and manipulation revealing itself (Power Struggles)
18:33 – Birth Energy on Steroids – Some of you will be hyper- birthing
20:38 – Otherworld Contact – Other words and dimensions – the veil continues to thin

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Cobra: Planetary Situation Update | The Portal (Thursday, May 6, 2021)

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light Thursday, May 6, 2021

Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear all Chimera space fleet, except for a small number of TR-3B and other reverse-engineered craft, operable in suborbital space by the negative military under direct or indirect orders from the Chimera.

A certain number of Chimera underground bases, with most of them not very deeply underground, is still remaining and they are very difficult to clear, because they contain Chimera-controlled Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian and other star race hostages who are controlled and guarded by physical Chimera spiders. Those bases also still host a large amount of captured human children and adults. The main Chimera base under near Bukavu in Congo is still intact with both spider queen and king and a few other Chimera spiders inhabiting it.

Quantum anomaly around Earth is clearing nicely, but with enough remaining anomalous quantum fluctuations very close to the surface of the planet to still prevent physical manifestations of Ascended beings and their Lightships (external merkabas):



Quantum fluctuations directly related to human implants and biochips are clearing better than expected. Spacetime distortion created by the implants and biochips is thus being reduced fast and drastically. This has resulted in a significant decrease of human emotional volatility in the last few weeks. Also, most of the akashic records have been cleared. This does not mean that the recordings of past events have been deleted, the Light forces are only removing all negative energetic and emotional charge of those past events, and it will be thus easier for people to release and forgive.

The total number of negative non-physical entities around the planet has fallen below the psychologically important threshold of one trillion and is still decreasing fast. This practically means that there are only still about one hundred non-physical demonic entities per each incarnated human being, trying to control him and push him to the dark side, which is far better grid ratio than in the past decades since 1996. When the grid ratio falls below 10 non-physical demons per one incarnated human, the brightest and most powerful surface humans are expected to start really waking up from quarantine Earth amnesia.

On the surface of the planet, our meditation for peace in Ukraine has been quite successful and the war has been averted this time:

People are fighting against medical tyranny and there are already large liberated areas such as Florida:

There is a lot of fear-based disinformation circulating on internet of vaccinated people shedding spike proteins and infecting everybody. Spike protein shedding is far less dangerous than many people fear, although it moderately increases the chance of getting prion disease:

Also, vaccines do NOT block your Ascension process, they only decrease your vibration frequency to a degree.

Current vaccines are only a Trojan horse for a potential future technology that the Cabal wants to develop, a biochip that would be inserted into the body and would be tied to a global online digital currency system after the Great Reset for all financial transactions, the so-called “Mark of the Beast”.

DARPA made one step further in this plan by connecting vaccines and biochips:

Needless to say, this “Mark of the Beast” plan will NOT be successful.

Here it is interesting to know that Anthony Fauci, one of the frontmen of the Great Reset, is connected with the Abys family which is a black nobility family from Switzerland:

Abys family was one of the “controllers of Daat”, occultly speaking.

The next phase of the plan of the Great Reset Cabal is to engineer a global cyberattack that would take down the internet, which they would then resurrect with a new online financial system under their control:

All bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Tor fans need to know that Bill Gates has secretly installed a backdoor keystroke logger into all Windows operation systems so the Cabal knows everything about your bitcoin transactions:

Speaking of Bill Gates, the real reason why Melinda divorced him is because she is afraid of the guillotine:

According to sources, the Nuremberg style trials that are approaching will include a public trial of many Cabal members for crimes against humanity which will result in somewhere between 500 and 5000 death sentences. Cabal criminals will be publicly executed mainly in the USA, China, Japan and a fourth country which must not be named. Those criminals will then be gathered on the etheric plane by the Light Forces, will undergo another trial by the Galactic Court at the Ganymede sorting facility and then be processed in the Galactic Central Sun.

Many lesser Cabal criminals will be arrested, then rapidly tried by military courts, then transported off planet by the Resistance and sorted through the Ganymede sorting center. Those among them unable or unwilling to correct their crimes will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will be taken to correctional facilities across the Galaxy where they will be able to “work out their karmas”.

About 500,000 Cabal middlemen who were promoting the negative agenda such as corrupt city mayors, lawyers, politicians, bankers, hospital managers, doctors, journalists and even some who were posing as “light workers”, will be arrested at the time of the Event and will serve their term. It is interesting to know that a few past members of my team who betrayed the Light will be among those arrested.

After all this is done, the Light Forces will address so-called injustice nodes and many more people among the surface population who have seriously wronged others will serve their term with house arrest, community work or financial fines.

Here it is important to understand that many past injustices will be settled and healed through truth and reconciliation commissions, through mediation and through forgiveness.

Many people who were incarcerated across the planet for minor offenses such as marijuana possession or petty theft will be released from jail immediately after the Event.

All this will bring much needed closure, so a dark and unjust chapter of human history will close and a new, better one will open.



Next month, a process of partial Disclosure may begin through signs of life detected on Mars through Perseverance NASA rover and through Pentagon UFO files.

Some Disclosure hints are already here:

With less primary anomaly remaining, quarantine Earth is finally opening up, and suborbital flights will be available for the surface population starting from July 20th:

As we are getting closer to the Event, there is much activity behind the scenes in militaries across the planet that can not be reported, except for a few hints here:

You might want to read this sci-fi novel which includes both the pandemic and the Event, and can bring an interesting perspective:

You might practice using the violet flame to purify the energies in those challenging times:

Or plant more cintamani stones in locations worldwide to support the positive energy grid.

A Japanese team has taken this photo of a beautiful Galactic Confederation cloudship after a successful cintamani mission in Aomori, Japan:



Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra at 1:31 PM Labels: Bill Gates, biochips, Chimera, Cintamani, disclosure, mass arrests, quantum anomaly

Kari Samuels: April 2021 Energy Forecast – NEW OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!

April 2021 Energy Forecast – NEW OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!

•Apr 2, 2021
Kari Samuels
34.2K subscribers

FREE Zodiac Sign guide:

Awesome April is here! It’s GO time! April’s astrology is FULL SPEED AHEAD! We have no planetary retrogrades. The skies are free and clear.

Everything you’ve put on the back burner can now get your attention. You’ll feel the fire beneath your feet with an abundance of planets in Aries.

In numerology, April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month. 9 is the number of culmination and celebration. It also teaches you how to tune into your soul and listen to yourself.

Everything about this month’s energy is teaching you to make yourself a priority.

In this forecast, I share with you how to tap into this potent energy to propel your life forwad. 



JAN 23 – 30, 2021

Crystal says:

“On Tuesday,Sun squares
Uranus…avoid outbursts and
getting pulled into strife…when
the world seems unstable, we can
apply our higher intelligence by
focusing on conscious prosperity.
Gather your books and prayers on
the subject…. Meditate on your
own unique way of developing,
expressing, and receiving
abundance. Then, imagine these
connections happening for receptive
others all over as we collectively
bring forth new paradigms of
sharing and receiving that are
supported by a higher power….

On Thursday, January 28, we get a
Full Moon in Leo. This lunation
balances Aquarius’ focus on reason
by bringing our energy to the
heart…it calls us to persist in
our personal growth even when the
path seems darkest…. our personal
intentions are empowered.”

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Influences as a Premium subscriber.

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– Susan