Energy Update July 2018

Lee Harris Energy:


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June was a big month as here on Earth we continue to go through a shakedown – both collectively and inside ourselves. The outside world and all its current shifts have a very direct effect on who we are internally. So these energies shake up and change our personal patterns. The experience of this is that it moves us very quickly through thoughts and emotions that years ago we would have processed at a much slower speed. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed or exhilarated emotionally, depending on the hour.

This speed effect won’t be easing up in the months to come, so if 2018 has so far been a wild ride for you (and you are hoping for a slow down this month), realise this is not going to come from events outside of you, as the world is moving fast now. So your need for daily and weekly balance is something you will need and learn to cultivate for yourself in the months to come. And it may be very different to what used to work for you – the times they are a changin’, and we are too!


Reverse polarity will be showing up for many of us but in two distinct ways. One way will be you noticing yourself doing things that seem to be the opposite of who you usually are (or were). So for example, perhaps you historically argue a lot with your sister and find you always lose in that power dynamic. Now suddenly, you may find your power in a new way within those arguments, and therefore change years of patterned behaviour between the two of you. This will shift your identity and her identity and your expectations of the relationship in future. This is a good thing, it’s how change happens but it may surprise you, and be emotional.

We are in a phase of healing the balance of power on the planet. So, this is the time to address the places in your life where there are power imbalances and that may mean you start to behave in ways you don’t normally. So, reversing your normal patterns.

The second way this reverse polarity principle will show up for some is that you may find yourself doing things at the opposite speed to your usual, which will ultimately be beneficial for you, even if it feels strange at first. So if you are a very fast person, you may find yourself slowing down willingly, or that your actions are being stopped left, right and centre right now. The universe and your soul don’t want you going so fast, because you are not going to be able to receive more of yourself, centre yourself and give more of yourself out into the world. So you are being stopped and slowed to give you change to get that.

Equally, for those of you who are used to moving slower in life, you may find a new momentum. This could be fun and self-driven, or you have cultivated such a peace and balance within yourself that you are now ready to naturally pick up the pace.

Trust in the speed reversal that may be showing up for you. You will learn from it and it will change you.


We are all feeling the rise of nervous energy on the planet. Nervous energy is everywhere and in everyone to some degree right now, because everything is changing so fast.

Nervousness can also make fear more of a daily factor, so be mindful of your own and how it may be motivating you. Ask yourself, “Is my fear driving this decision, or my heart?”

So if you find you are not in alignment with a person, a place, a project or a thing, you will find it’s going to scream at you loud and clear this month and life and you will rearrange the situation. The nervous energy is creating faster alignments and realignments with people, places and life-situations.

Whenever and wherever you can, trust this. There is always a higher reason for the things we go through in life, even if those experiences may not always be comfortable at the time.


Drives around oneness and humanity are going to be showing up more and more for us – as they already are. The more that we see the polarity playing out around non-compassion and non-humanity, we are going to feel more compelled over the coming years to lend our voices, our hearts and our actions to standing for oneness and non-division.

But equally, be mindful this month if your mind runs away with (and overtakes) your heart impulses. Your heart may have a response to something and before you know it, your mind (fuelled by nervous energy) overtakes, and tries to over-organise or over-produce around that original desire.

You will know this has happened when your body doesn’t feel good – you aren’t getting results and you find yourself locked in a constant struggle with your goals.

Step back, take a breath and reconsider if this is still a path or project for you? Or was it just a moment you can now let go of? Energies are changing fast so moving slowly and cautiously with anything that ISN’T in flow is a good move right now. Things will rearrange themselves very quickly if you let go of the mental controls, especially if the control was subconsciously driven by fears.


We are all one. We may all be very different people, with very different life experiences but if you put twenty people in a room and ask them to tell you what is going on inside them, you would be amazed at the intimacy that would be created in those twenty people. Because we would hear in each other so many of the same hopes, desires, fears and struggles.

We need that connection and intimacy with each other, and to remember how everyone is going through their own journey and intense change at the moment. Expression and communication with one another at this time in history, will be vital. Don’t isolate for longer than is healthy for you.

Whether it is through things we are seeing in the wider world that we feel empathy or compassion for, or it’s in our own personal lives and communities, we are all getting in touch with our hearts more and more. This is occurring in direct response to other aspects of society or people where heart energy is not in operation. But you don’t need to get sucked into the heaviness of that, even if in times and moments your heart breaks open in response to what you see.

Focus on what you can do and be as a positive and empowered response.

We are here to be the change, the new solutions and to build what we want and need to see on the planet. So hold that focus, but also be mindful – you are not here to save everybody. That’s an impossible goal and ideal and yet one many sensitives often get trapped and overwhelmed by.

You are here to contribute as much as you can, as much as you feel on any given day and it’s important to keep taking care of yourself as you do that. That will be your contribution and that is more than enough.

Big Love Everyone – take care of those tender hearts of yours.









Lee Harris Energy Update June 2018



The themes of Power and Vulnerability will be hitting us strongly through June and into the month of July.


It brought with it a lot of change, a SHIFT IN OUR IDENTITIES and also new levels of CLARITY around any aspects that had been unclear or muddy in your life. Your mind may suddenly have become clear about these areas and allowed you to make changes in patterns of behaviour, relationships or careers. The changes may have been obvious – things that weren’t working and for many, the element of surprise would have accompanied this. What this now ALLOWS you to do is make room on the inside to adjust and calibrate, before taking your next actions or welcoming the next level of energy into your life.

There are two ways we create change on the planet; we try something out externally and it changes who we are internally as a response; or equally, we can sit with ourselves and go within for a while and meditate on who we are and what we want from life. Then after this period of INNER SHIFT, different and new things start to manifest in our outer lives.


Manifestation is MAGNETIC right now and partly that’s because things are so fast. So you can now process through energetic shifts (emotions/thoughts/experiences) that used to take you days and months, sometimes in an afternoon or an hour – and that can make for very intense living. But that allows you to re-arrange things in your inner-self, your outer-life and bring in new connections equally fast. This SHARPENS THE SENSES and BRINGS NEW CREATION with it.

Over the next few months there will be A WAVE OF CREATIVE CONNECTIONS – connections with new people – and in general, an experience of more and more people connecting with each other. This is because WE ARE BECOMING MORE ONE as a society, despite the division ‘story’ that we are being invited to see play out in news cycles. We will be connecting with more people than ever before as the years go one – RECONNECTING OURSELVES AS A TRIBE.


Power and vulnerability are getting closer as energies, and that is a good thing. In the old days, we were taught to celebrate versions of power that did not contain vulnerability; the kind of power that didn’t contain the ability to own a mistake, or take a step back and apologise, or forgive. That’s the kind of power-based ‘dog eat dog’ example that many of us grew up around. Power was often attributed to people who weren’t necessarily loving and supportive of others, but who had a big bank balance or some kind of status or power over others. These energies are what are dying off on the planet slowly but surely, and because they often aren’t going willingly, we are observing the throes of that OLD POWER GAME playing out energetically.

This energy DANCE BETWEEN POWER AND VULNERABILITY is happening in a very strong way in the wider collective, so this will likely be SHOWING UP FOR YOU PERSONALLY TOO. For example, you may be going through some power struggles with others in your life, inside yourself personally, or with organisations you are involved with and that’s just par for the course right now energetically. That’s part of the process of HEALING these energies of separation, conflict and power-struggle on the planet.

As the power struggles come up for you with others or towards yourself, you may feel disempowered, you might have suddenly lost your self-worth and you will notice these pulses playing in and out of you. What these pulses RELEASE in us is vulnerability.

Vulnerability and Power are so closely connected. Those who deny their vulnerability will really struggle in the years to come as the energy of these times invites and requires it.

In June you may be experiencing power and vulnerability in your life in a whole new way. Don’t be surprised if you go from feeling empowered, alive and open and then suddenly vulnerable, fragile, questioning safety – because that’s really the dice that are being rolled on the world stage right now.

You may find that rather than pushing yourself forward with power in June and July, you will find yourself questioning and deepening in yourself around what power REALLY IS to YOU, rather than a story we have been fed.


For me personally, POWER IS CONNECTION. I feel in my power (and feel we are in our power) when we are able to connect with what’s in front of us, who is in front of us and to be able to feel alive and like we are part of something much bigger than just ourselves.

The OLD PARADIGM around power was ‘What am I getting?’, ‘What is this going to do for ME?’ and ‘I am not safe if I am not taking power over others or from others.’


So, there is a vulnerability that can rise as part of our shadow that says, ‘Am I safe?’, ‘Am I going to be looked after?’ and that can just come up and we can sit with it and BE with it as a feeling state we observe.

But if you are able to communicate with vulnerability to yourself and to others, then there are going to be many, many healings and the arrival of an ALL NEW POWER as you go through this. A HEART-CENTRED power.

So, be mindful of that dance between power and vulnerability AND be aware that there is a fragility and heightened sensitivity at this time. Take good care of yourself and take care of others as you need to.

Big Love Everyone.

Lee x



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This is a time where many of us have gone through big changes, particularly identity changes, and of course in 2018 the planet is going through a massive shift in identity too, so it’s a double whammy right now around identity. Part of this process is experiencing mental elevation.

Mental elevation means the place where you start to see things in a different way. And it could be very extreme – all of a sudden you can be seeing relationships, experiences, opportunities that have been given to you in a completely different way to how you saw them or felt about them three or four months ago.

Mental elevation is one aspect and mental revelation is the other. Many of you will be having your ideas, your epiphanies – the parts of you that are having breakthroughs around what you want to birth in your life.

2018 has been a huge year of ‘birthing’ energy. So even though we see the death of the old all around us and we have to come to terms with the parts of our life that are moving out; so too is innovation and creation on a high. May through August is going to be a time when you will be able to actualise some of your dreams and visions. That is why a mental upgrade will be happening for many right now.

The mental revelation piece is BIG. Often, when we talk about spirituality and ascension symptoms, we don’t celebrate the mind. The brilliance of the mind is that it is able to organise and direct so many aspects of our life. When we go through a period of mental revelation, it shows you that you are changing and upgrading your identity. You really are shifting through old stories, embracing the flow of life and becoming someone new. This means we can expand in ourselves and expand in our outer lives. That expansion that we experience means we can be even more generous in the way that we can give or offer ourselves to others.


It’s not that conflict energy won’t come up or that people won’t invite you to conflict energy. Many who are on the path at this time just aren’t going to want to play out conflict energy or drama with other people in the way that you did in the past. To support this it’s going to be a lot easier to go, “Oh something isn’t working here”, and it will be much easier to walk away.

The energy of conflict is slowly beginning to move out especially for people of a certain consciousness who are wanting to practice non-judgment, non-reactivity. It will give you a lot more freedom, it will stop you having to process things with people or have discussions with other people. This is a pathway clearing space to innovate new relationships in your life.


We have to create joy and it’s a very action based process. And if we aren’t creating joy for ourselves and for others, then we aren’t bringing lifeforce energy to other people. Yes, we all have bad days and bad moments, we have periods in our lives when we are struggling. But how present are you feeling about life? How grateful are you feeling about life? If you’ve not felt present or grateful for weeks or months it’s time to practicing that for yourself. It opens your heart and brings you to the present moment.

Are you having enough present moment time with yourself? For those of us who are sensitive, we can only go for so long before the introvert needs time. If you aren’t cultivating joy, presence and space for yourself, you aren’t going to be able to give to others – and you aren’t going to be able to be part of the change you want to see in the world.


Intuition and synchronicity are on the rise. You might notice your story playing out around you in your life all of the time. For example, you have a thought about somebody and a few hours later you see them, or you see a photograph of them or a message from them. There is a thread of connection that we are all in, it is one web that we live in as far as energy is concerned.

The way we have been conditioned is to believe we are separate and aren’t connected to each other when we are. The more you open your third eye, your heart, your soul to that truth the more you will start to see evidence of that all around you.

If synchronicity is up in a big way for you right now, this is the time to manifest. It is a good time to see that you can direct the way things are going to go. Recognizing, I can get in the driver’s seat a little bit more and I can create for myself, I can create for the world, I can create my next step.

So mental upgrades, the end of conflict, joy creation and synchronicity are all there for you this month. Enjoy your creations during this very fertile time on Earth and see you next month!




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2018 will be a year of FAST EXTERNAL MANIFESTATION, whereas 2017 was dominantly a year of INTERNAL REARRANGEMENT in preparation for 2018.

EMBODIMENT WILL BE KEY – How are you grounding your spiritual-self in your daily human life? Make that a focus in 2018 – the world needs that and YOU.


If ‘stuck’ is where you have been, it is the time to say; “I’m done with this – stuck is no longer working for me”. 2018 energies will support your ability to manifest new intentions, release painful old wounds fast and learn to ask for (and RECEIVE) support. Set an intention.


How much more loving can we be? How much kinder? How much more of service to others?

This is what many of us will dive deeply into this year.


Healing and transformation – especially when taking big or deep leaps internally and externally – takes time. Your personal transformation is deep and we are right now in the heart of a massive planetary and collective transformation. Be gentle with YOU as this can make things INTENSE at times and FAST.


COMMUNICATION will be a big focus – communicating clearly and boldly will see communication provide healing in your life. For many of you, getting things off your chest is going to be a huge key to moving forward. Equally, there are going to be more people than ever before available for honest, open, emotional communication.

JUDGEMENT and DEFENSIVENESS may show up around you or in you. As our emotions come more to the surface, if we feel overwhelmed or unsure about what we feel, we can move into judgement or defensiveness. Notice this around your own communication with others and the places where you have decided that another person can’t handle it, or it won’t go well, or three years ago they responded badly so you won’t risk it again. Time is changing so fast and so are you, so the old stuff no longer sticks.


Choose to direct your attention away from fear energy/reporting/storytelling as much of it is designed to suck you into fear, anxiety and smallness. Be mindful of these areas and REMEMBER there is AN ENORMOUS WAVE OF POSITIVITY and INNOVATION happening on the planet everyday.

It is time to embody that innovation and apply yourself to emotional openness. Many of you will be leaders of this for other people. It is time to SHOW YOURSELF in all your transparency.


2018 – LOVE, FIRE and ACTION – Here we go!

Lee x






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Lee Harris Energy Update ~ December 2017 BRING YOURSELF TO LIFE

Lee Harris Energy Update ~ December 2017

Main themes this month include:

BRING YOURSELF TO LIFE could be the theme for December.

HEART ENERGY is going to be big this month. There may be some impactful things for you and your heart – things that bring up grief or heartbreak or release; but there will also be incredible, wondrous periods of connection, intimacy and you feeling very safe to be in your feelings and alive on this planet.

WONDER will link with Heart Energy. This month you are going to have many invitations to wonder. There will be special moments with people you perhaps thought you’d never have those moments with, healings with people that you thought you would never have such a healing with – but also a sense of wonder with yourself and your own ability to create.

The GRIEF period will be over for many of you. The grief period has been quite strong for the past several years, but we are now in a place where we can see things differently and understand that we are here to be a part of the transition, part of the change.

ALMIGHTY CHANGE is happening at this time on the planet. Be careful of being seduced by what we think that change “is”. We can get the idea that because we’re on a spiritual path or a lightworker that we’re doing this grand thing. It’s fine to celebrate that, but don’t get seduced into thinking it’s something bigger than what the doctor or the mother down the street are doing. That can lead to separation between you and the next person who may know nothing or care nothing for spiritual ideals, but is full of heart, is full of presence and is also here for the transition.

Remember, FEAR ENERGY creates division and separation and retraction. Fear energy is pumped out to the world quite regularly from several sources. So you really need to monitor how you are feeling. What do you need? What are you doing today? When you take care of all of those things, you naturally become more generous towards others.

2018 to 2024 – These years are going to be ON in a big way. A lot of lightworkers, spiritually minded folk, empaths and sensitives are being galvanized and grounded right now for the coming 4 to 10 years on the planet.

So if you still have depression or deflation or anything that you feel you need to clear out – give yourself to it. Take it seriously. Don’t just talk about it with your friends for a few years – take some action around it. Are there supplements you need? Do you need to consider weekly therapy? What is it you’re going to need to help bring yourself back to life?

If you are not looking after yourself well, you can fall into resentments, judgment, anger and frustration. So if any of those emotions are bubbling up for you, the emotions aren’t wrong, but the situation you are in might be. So think about that. Is there anything you need to adjust in the coming month?

This is a common thing for sensitives, lightworkers. So just trust that you don’t owe anybody anything, but when you look after yourself well, you will naturally want to do for others.

How are you feeling this month? Let us know in the comments below…




Lee Harris Energy

Lee Harris: I asked my guides, “What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”. Here was the reply:

Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can.

Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times.

Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly, if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned.

This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign.

Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before. Even if you feel clearer and more capable of loving relationships than ever, the intensity of emotion that many are purging can take a toll from time to time, or when experienced for long periods. Especially as many are unconscious of the level of emotion and energy they are running through their words and actions.

You are in a DEEP CHANGE PROCESS on Earth, where change is hitting you from all sides. This makes it feel as if everything is faster than ever.

SO this means that the challenges for maintaining your center are real. The center of the collective energy field is changing, so equally is your personal energy field. You have to re-find and rediscover the center of your personal energy field regularly. Try new things that you haven’t tried before, as much of the old won’t work any more. And more importantly, NEW DISCOVERIES is one of the benefits of this time, on personal and collective levels. This can look like new talents, abilities, passions, levels of relationship, becoming interested in areas of life you previously had no interest for. CHANGE IS HAPPENING and when you can embrace new change, it makes mourning or grieving for the past status quo less painful.

The energy level that creates new personal and social discoveries at this time is strong, and is like being carried on a wave, or a stormy sea. Think of it as a dance energetically – things in your life will tighten, then release, then expand. TIGHTEN, RELEASE, EXPAND. So you may find relationships, creative endeavours or tasks incredibly challenging or complicated in one moment, and then an hour later, a release will happen, and a new level of understanding or energy can occur. But diving into the complication may feel unpleasant, unsettling or unwanted.

“Stop the ride I want to get off” may be what many of you feel in the challenge moments of these fast times on Earth.

But seeing the challenge or difficulty through, one step and one breath at a time, will be the way to access the new height it presents.

SO, if you can redirect your focus toward “I allow the inner changes required for me to thrive. I allow the inner changes required to help me best serve these new times”, THEN the ‘compression’ times will move into expansions at far greater speed.

We send you love, and a reminder, that while what is going on around you can seem bewildering, at a soul level it was always known to you that this level of chaos and change would need to take place in order to purge more darkness from the Earth.





THIS IS AN INWARD FOCUSED HEALING TIME – keeping your external focus as small as possible will suit most of us. Launches and Externalized creations will flow (and be received) better in from mid September onwards. (As always, there will be a smaller number of you who are loving launching right now – see the section below called URGENCY TO CREATE)

THE SWIRL OF HISTORY ON THE WORLD STAGE – History is being re-examined and healed from the inside out but VERY SLOWLY. The past 100 years is being focused through certain world events and there is an uncomfortable and challenging healing arc taking place. That which is no longer working is being squeezed to the surface. This affects the nervous system so choose your battles wisely, notice when external distractions and dramas deplete you and step back from time to time.

BE MINDFUL OF FEAR OR ANXIETY BASED ACTION – Fear and anxiety is activated in the collective, so check that your own actions are not being unconsciously driven by anxiety or fear, as that can produce chaotic or distorted results and relationships.

URGENCY TO CREATE AND ACT – Breakthroughs and brilliance are AT THEIR BEST for many right now, including the birth of new talents, abilities, desires or experiences. A smaller percentage of awakened souls are shining bright and riding this trail right now. Keep going and know that it won’t always be comfortable or known as you progress into new territories. One step at a time creates a journey along a new pathway.

COMMUNITY IS VITAL – Whether it is humans, nature or animals that are your preferred community, community moments and building over the next few months will be important for your well-being, your nervous system and the ability to share in and alchemize together the current energies, rather than trying to feel and find your way through it all alone. SET AN INTENTION to bring good community into your life and let go of your story of isolation or loneliness. Know that whatever fears, tears or sorrow around loneliness will then start to release in tandem with your intention.

HEART HEALING is on the table in a big way right now. This can show up as dreams or daydreams about significant people and moments in your life. It can also show up as more palpable/felt vulnerability, tenderness or the need to nurture your greater sensitivity while a more expanded heart energy settles into your life. Where relationships are lacking in mutual respect or heart energy, they can rise to the surface for re-examination or negotiation with those people.

THIRD EYE opening is on the rise. Mental Confusion/disorientation can be a byproduct when your intuitive visionary mind moves in to take up more of the space than your linear thinking mind. This can lead to an abundance of ideas – remember you only need ONE good idea in terms of action you take. The Third Eye sees many possibilities and timelines. The awakened human can only ground and create so much at any one time. Journaling your ideas or writing down your vision can help you feel less overwhelmed by rising THIRD EYE activity.

THIS WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO ARE YOU – Right now we are being called to ELEVATE and UPGRADE. To live BIGGER LIVES than we did before (whether you feel this inside or outside in your life). You may feel as much nervousness as excitement around this invited growth. Some days there will be more progress than others. Tend to daily silences, still moments and self-care for your heart and this upgrade will be supported at the highest level by you.

“SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SKY AND THE GROUND, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SILENCE AND THE SOUND – THERE YOU ARE.”(Extract from the channeled song/mantra in new MP3 ‘Your Big Life’ – and a useful compass for sensitives, light workers and awakened souls right now)





New MP3: Your Big Life


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Lee Harris: ENERGY UPDATE – The Arrival of Higher Frequencies and Light-speed Density Detoxes

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ENERGY UPDATE – The Arrival of Higher Frequencies and Light-speed Density Detoxes

  • July and August will bring with it some unique Higher Frequencies and healing energies. These allow for particularly fast changes in your inner and outer lives. They will allow fast clearings of old density too – a density detox to shed the old and level up into the next platform of being in yourself and for the planet.
  • These High Frequency energies will mean many of you will feel better than ever and any Density Detoxes you experience will happen more easily (especially as you are more skilled at letting them move through you now). Take time to regularly be quiet and still for this high upgrade period to be able to work on you.
  • Intuition is growing stronger in the collective and so will kick in strongly for you now, IF you create space and time for it to appear and be listened to. Listen to what your intuition wants you to do/try/begin, and if it feels right to trust it, try out doing things in a new way wherever you feel supported to do so. Act on the intuition, yes, but then REFLECT on how it went (when you try out new intuitive things) and then the intuitive muscle can increase and grow. Keeping journals helps with this ‘monitoring’ process while you are deepening with intuition.
  • Know that there is a DENSITY DETOX occurring faster than before. It’s intense at times and shows us our Ego relationship with deep honesty. BE OK WITH THIS, and it will pass through you at lightning speed. Be upset at it or yourself, and it will stick around until you SURRENDER. The current energy wants you to surrender, so that you flow with it, detox it and return to your centre sooner. LOVE yourself (and any ego reactions you notice) through these more difficult moments, just as you would a friend who is having a hard time.
  • Healer Burnout is going round for many healers right now. If that is your story, it means time to rest, recharge and dial back your social and/or work schedule for a few weeks.


  • You feeling very alive, and charged with inspired ideas, sense of purpose and new levels of maintained higher awareness.
  • Divine Action/Creation (and Activism) will be strong for those in this group, and if these are your inner frequencies, you will be well supported in the outer world too.
  • You feeling (and sharing) an Influx of Joy, Positivity and Happiness (you may even seem odd to your friends who are not feeling this, as a result).


  • Mental Confusion – feeling unclear and generally murky about your direction (and that of the world right now).
  • If you are in the lows, trust that you will ride out this period of density detox and do whatever you can to support your wellbeing.
  • Remind your mind – “This too shall pass”. It can help in the intense moments where your mind wants to go into victim or panic mode.
  • If FEAR and OVER-STIMULATION from outside information or influences draw you away from your balance, notice it, then take action to reset and clear your energy field (“I release any energies and emotions that are not mine”) and then you can return to your day reset. Be mindful of where you give your focus and how it affects your ability to be open to life.



How are the current energies feeling for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…


Lee Harris Energy: June Energy Update – Karmic Relationships; Right Here, Right Now….


  • Many people are feeling vulnerable right now. It’s normal to be experiencing confusion, overload or disbelief at the world at large.
  • This rise in vulnerability can create drama and conflict in those who aren’t aware of how their feelings impact their perspectives and stories about life and reactions to others.
  • Be aware of this and don’t get sucked into a drama or conflict if it isn’t yours – practice your loving boundaries.
  • Also be aware of your own reactions to conflict, drama and emotion and when triggered by thoughts or events. Work directly with feeling your feeling in order to clear it. Let yourself FEEL how you feel for a few minutes in the body before you act, speak or react.


  • There is an enormous shift playing out in KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS right now. These are those ‘healing relationships’ where you are playing out hurt, past imbalances or soul contracts – usually the greatest learning relationships for us.
  • Transformations and elevations in these relationships can be more effortless now IF you learn how to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS yourself and your needs within them. Or where elevations aren’t possible within the relationship, a change in regularity or a period of less contact may naturally transpire at this time. Either way, karmic relationships are UNDER THE MICROSCOPE IN JUNE.


  • Emotional Detox Support – Being fully present to discomfort you feel will result in FAST releasing you into a greater sense of freedom and presence.
  • Elevated gratitude to be alive and experiencing life, despite there sometimes being chaos around you.
  • Feeling more connected to your truth, authenticity and emotions than ever before. And unafraid to voice or demonstrate those.
  • Feeling your purpose spiritually (being present to each moment) and in the world (feeling your contribution rippling out into the world in a way that is received).
  • LOVING heartfelt connections with others on the rise – a new ease with intimacy.


  • Getting too caught up in the intense emotions manifesting as Conflict/Drama in others/the world at large. (Affirmation: “I release any energies and emotions that are not mine.”)
  • Distracting yourself from being present (because of emotional overwhelm/anxiety/fear).
  • Avoiding Commitments & Abandoning Promises to others. (Tip – Learn to be more honest with yourself and others about why you are avoiding them or honest with yourself about why you are avoiding tasks.)


  • Look at your levels of SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION and PHYSICAL DEPRESSION right now.
  • Are you giving your body or your connection to the spirit of life what it needs to stay alive and afloat? (Good people, good habits, activities and groups that develop emotional balance.) This is important and is a DAILY PRACTICE for all of us but if you are deeply struggling, diligently check these areas.






How are you finding the energies of June? Let us know in the comments below…


Lee Harris: Energy Update – Embody Change, Invite Peace, Connect!

Energy Update – Embody Change, Invite Peace, Connect!
Lee Harris Energy

FORWARD ENERGIES: Creative Change Energies are STRONG in March and will support you.

CONNECTIONS, ACTS OF CREATIVITY and VISIONING/INTENDING will happen and manifest faster right now, and where healing is concerned, energies of Peace and Forgiveness will be GREATLY experienced and supporting your life in the coming weeks;

CONNECTIONS (with others) – synchronous meetings with important people on your path will be strongly available, so look out for those who are part of your next step in life. Or those who have jigsaw pieces for you and your path, appearing to you. Learn to pay attention and to listen.

ABUNDANT CREATIVE ENERGY – take the next steps in creating, for you will be supported. Creativity is IN FLOW right now. Don’t pre-judge your results or stop yourself from creating through not feeling ready. We are NEVER READY as creative beings UNTIL we actually DO. Simply create.

VISIONS AND INTENTIONS – These will be greatly enhanced in the coming weeks. So use the power of intentions and prayer for your personal development. Write fresh intentions for your life and gratitudes for what you already have.


THE ERA OF LIMITATION is changing faster than ever for soul-led people. Old patterns, beliefs and emotions are moving out faster than ever. You will notice this speed of change if your sensitive or ‘down’ states are shorter than ever before.

PRESENT MOMENT ENERGY is more available than ever right now. This leads to a rise in:

FORGIVENESS energies – notice how it is easier now to forgive those past stories, experiences or conflicts. Recognize you have changed, and that your inner body no longer feels the same way toward old ideas or stories you hold in your mind about people, events or times in your life.

PEACE ENERGY – This energy may also first show up as conflict, so that peace can be the end result, but for most, an energy of deep peace is being invited right now, so open to it.

PEACE AFFIRMATION: “I invite Peace into my life today. I invite Peace onto the planet today.”

FORGIVENESS AFFIRMATION: “I invite Peace to myself. I invite Peace to this situation”


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