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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Operation Mjolnir by Cobra | The Portal

Operation Mjolnir is a special operation of the Light Forces to enforce implementation of the Galactic Codex within quarantine Earth.

Mjolnir, also called Hammer of Thor (compare Norse: Thor, Roman: Iuppiter, Greek: Zeus, Egyptian: Wsir, late Atlantean: Astar) , is a special undisclosed technology of the Galactic Confederation that will make sure Galactic Codex is respected again in quarantine Earth sector:

One aspect of Mjolnir technology is detection of any dark being simply by measuring the amount of quantum anomaly that being emanates with negative thoughts, emotions and actions. Another aspect of Mjolnir technology is a foolproof containment and processing technology that can remove any dark being from its domain and process it according to the Galactic Codex. That processing usually takes place in Ganymede sort facility.
Operation Mjolnir is in full effect since November 2017.

In sublunar space, the Light Forces that belong to Galactic Confederation are approaching all members of various dark factions in a no-nonsense manner, giving them an option to accept the Light or else be taken to the Galactic Center for restructuring:

The main faction making problems recently is the so-called Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). IBC is a Chimera-controlled negative faction that broke away from the surface Illuminati network and went underground during the Archon invasion in 1996. They have created their own network of underground cities, connected with high speed trains. Their underground network is independent from US military underground network (constructed since 1950s and cleared by the Resistance after 2000), independent from the Chimera underground network (constructed 26,000 years ago and now almost completely cleared by the Resistance) and independent from Agartha underground network (created 26,000 years ago and expanded in the last few decades when the Resistance joined that network):
Below the surface, Illuminati Breakaway Complex has teamed with native Earth Dracos and Reptilians and also with Dracos and Reptilians that have entered this Solar System in the 1996-1999 timeframe during the last Archon invasion. In 2014, top levels of Illuminati Breakaway Complex were taken over by the Chimera. Since 1996, IBC was developing their own secret space program that was cooperating both with Draco fleet and the so-called Dark fleet. Now this secret space program with a significant fleet of cloaked ships is the most powerful negative faction present in sublunar space and is the main focus of Operation Mjolnir.

Currently, Illuminati Breakaway Complex consists of about 200,000 Illuminati and Dracos, controlled by the Chimera. IBC is responsible for majority of missing children since 2015 and they used them as slaves in their underground bases:

Information about IBC could not be released until now, because they would retaliate by creating untold amount of suffering for those captives. One part of Operation Mjolnir was the Resistance freeing the vast majority of those captives since the beginning of January 2018 and then Pleiadians taking them to a certain planet near the Pleiades star cluster for recovery and healing.

Illuminati Breakaway Complex is also responsible for a great deal of scalar and directed weapons attacks on Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, especially for the current wave of attacks that started in November 2017.

Illuminati Breakaway Complex is also connected to about 1 million native Reptilians that live on the surface especially in Africa and Latin America but also on other continents and are known as vampires:

Other secret space programs tend to gravitate closer to Earth in Low Earth Orbit and clearing of these is responsible for more visible effects of the current space war:
The Hawaii missile was a secret space program weapon directed to Hawaii that was removed by the Galactic Confederation before it entered the atmosphere.

Mysterious Zuma satellite (USA 280) was successfully launched in orbit and is involved in the current space war. Until recently, it was possible to track the position of this satellite here:

Another satellite, NROL-47, is also involved in the current space war in Low Earth Orbit:
This satellite was or was not developed by a positive faction within the Chimera-controlled NRO:
NRO is one of the main organizations with its primary purpose of maintaining quarantine Earth status and constantly monitoring any possible involvement of Galactic Confederation with quarantine Earth domain.

Mission patch for NROL-47 reads Mali Nunquam Praevalebunt, which translated from Latin means “evil never wins” or “dark ones never prevail”.

The image on the patch depicts St. George slaying the dragon that demanded human sacrifices:

Putting this in the modern language it means victory of the positive humanoid species over predatory Draco species in this last phase of the Galactic wars.
We will finish this update with a video of Operation Mjolnir that might be interesting to many:

Victory of the Light!


David Wilcock: Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy | Divine Cosmos

Corey Goode Mega-Update:
Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s
Billion-Year Legac
by David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos


The Secret Space Program has landed on and entered Oumuamua, the mysterious cigar-shaped “asteroid” that NASA announced in December.

What they found was a technological wonderland that they estimate to be over a billion years old — from what insiders call the Ancient Builder Race.


The Ancient Builder Race apparently left crystalline domes, pyramids, obelisks and underground cities all throughout our solar system as well as many neighboring ones.

This was described in The Ascension Mysteries, along with compelling NASA imagery of some of these ruins on the Moon, asteroids and elsewhere.

This stunning “homecoming” is only one of a series of events that transpired in the world of the Secret Space Program as of December 2017.

Corey Goode was brought out on two major occasions for his most remarkable series of visitations and experiences since at least the winter of 2016, if not the very beginning.

These experiences involve all of the characters we have met throughout this entire saga. Many of the storylines have been resolved in remarkable ways.

The ultimate takeaway is that we have turned a pivotal corner in the war against the dark forces on earth, in our solar system and beyond.

In my personal estimation, this is also the best and most interesting update Corey has ever written. I am happy and honored to help in its release.




In order to fully understand what you are about to read, it is important to note that this is the latest installment in a very epic narrative that began in March 2015.

It was at this time that Corey was brought up to an alleged secret base on the moon, known as Lunar Operations Command or LOC, for the first time in many years.

This happened almost immediately after he had finished giving me his entire testimony over the phone in the preceding four months, all of which I was documenting for reference.

Corey claims to have worked for the Secret Space Program or SSP, an unacknowledged top-secret build-out of humanity in space that has occurred since the mid-20th century.

The reason I took Corey seriously is that by this point, I had spoken to many other insiders with very high-level security clearance who had revealed to me how real all of this was.




I recently described the top ten of these insiders in Stunning New Briefings, which emerged as a gift on Christmas Day 2017.


That same article debuted another long-term insider who has been quietly passing me intel for ten years — Emery Smith.



Emery claims to have autopsied some three thousand different species of ET while working at Sandia Labs on Kirtland Air Force Base.

Many of the things he told me were later independently verified by other insiders, including Corey Goode.

The depth and sophistication with which these different witness testimonies all fit together has convinced me that they are telling the truth, and referring to a greater whole that does indeed exist.

Emery decided he had to come forward after having everything stolen, an armor-piercing bullet left on his countertop, and then a head-on collision.

We formally announced his debut episode on Cosmic Disclosure to the world on Christmas Day, after a “soft launch” of the episode had occurred the week before.

The very next day, three black SUVs abducted his dog. Within hours he became so sick with apparent influenza that he had to go to the emergency room.


As we launch this article, he is again receiving hospital care for this severe illness.

These events only further seemed to confirm that “someone” — namely the Deep State — very much did not want him to come forward with this stunning intel.




Sadly, a very similar thing just happened to Corey. He was supposed to be going on the air with Jimmy Church last night in conjunction with this article’s originally-intended release.

Instead, both Corey and his daughter became so sick with the same severe influenza that I had to fill in for him at the last minute, upon his direct request.

He had a fever of 103, which is not seriously life threatening unless it went higher. He also has had unrelated, strong pain in his eye after a surgical procedure.

I am saying this to let you know that he should be fine. This is not likely to be life-threatening. He was out by the following morning.

Nonetheless, the timing — and the similarity with what happened to Emery — is very suspect. Emery is again in a hospital now.

That only makes it even more urgent that we get this briefing out to you, and frame it with enough context that you can understand it even if you are new to this.




If you have been watching Cosmic Disclosure, our weekly show on Gaia, the overview I am about to give should be familiar to you.

We have discussed these various characters and storylines extensively over the last two and a half years, in a half-hour episode per week.

Furthermore, I went through the entire storyline in this article and its “big picture” implications in last night’s radio show, which I feel is a “must listen” for you to better understand all of this.

My appearance begins at the 32:27 mark, and continues on for two and a half hours. Somehow we managed to get through all the contents of this article.

Corey was very impressed with how we were able to cover each key element of this entire briefing in the course of one three-hour program.








In order to understand what you are about to read, it is necessary to have enough room in your imagination for a very epic re-envisioning of reality as we know it.

This vision goes significantly beyond what most people are used to hearing in the UFO community, even in the more esoteric versions out there.

The Roswell crash and other such advanced wreckage supposedly allowed us to achieve interplanetary and interstellar travel.

As a result, we covertly began building bases in many different areas throughout our solar system, including the Moon, Mars and other planets’ moons as well.

The “Brain Drain” in the 1950s was the beginning of a massive effort to…

Read the rest here:

Situation Update by Cobra | The Portal

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Situation Update by Cobra | The Portal

2018 will be a year of many breakthroughs. The Light Forces are creating a powerful unified field throughout the Solar system in the second phase of an important operation that was already mentioned a few times in this blog and is codenamed Mjolnir. The second phase of this operation started on January 3rd and will be completed in early March ( a short delay from the previous estimate of late February ). This is intuitively described in the following article:

The Light Forces have cleared all plasma toplet bombs and almost all anomalous plasma in the sublunar space. The Resistance defines sublunar space as having its outer limit just inside the lunar orbit and its inner limit 3 Earth radii from the planetary center.

All toplet bombs and the vast majority of plasma anomaly along with plasmoid entities and fragments of negative SSP factions are now concentrated close to the Earth surface, not extending beyond 3 Earth radii from the center of the planet as described here:

The war in Low Earth Orbit is expected to continue:

But it will slowly shift into the bases below the surface of the planet.
An intense purification of all aspects of the Veil is also in progress, and Light Forces are doing whatever they can to reverse certain trends.
One plan of the Archons was to completely shut down the emotional life and meaningful social interactions of human beings. This is why they have introduced smart phones:
Younger generations are especially targeted, because those born after 1996 had very little experience of positive plasma, etheric and astral energy environment that would allow them to develop healthy emotional and social habits.
Another plan of the Archons was to develop cryptocurrencies that could take over the current financial system, remove cash and introduce a global, apparently de-centralized, but in fact totally controlled financial system:
Blockchain technology was decided to be the main vehicle to eliminate cash in this secret meeting of the bankers in April 2016:
They are developing their own cryptocurrencies:
Cryptocurrencies can help the central bankers in their war against gold:
Because they are afraid of the Eastern Alliance:
Blockchain technology appears to be anonymous and de-centralized, but all computers (not just Windows operated) are known to have software backdoors:
And all computers (not just those with Intel inside) have hardware backdoors:
All that said, cryptocurencies and blockchain technology have a future. The Resistance has begun to include cryptos in their plans for the financial Reset and will rip out blockchain technology from the hands of Cabal at the time of the Event.
Ripple is a cryptocurrency that has a potential to become the quasi reserve currency of the planet and to replace the SWIFT:
The Resistance has certain plans with Ripple at the time of the Event that must not be disclosed yet.
Cryptocurrencies can be a very profitable investment at the moment if you know how to trade vertical markets (buy the rumor, sell the news) and if you are prepared for the 25% risk that your coins will be lost or stolen:
Meanwhile, the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta are trying to engineer a new war.
They are trying to exploit the energy signature of the Roman-Persian wars:
that are the underlying basis of the Shia-Sunni conflict:
Bloodlines that have their origin in the Roman empire are supporting the Sunni side (with USA-Israeli-Saudi axis), whereas the bloodlines that trace back to ancient Persia are supporting the Shia side (with Iran-Lebanon/Hezbollah-Syria axis), when top Archon families in Rome are exploiting both sides of the conflict.
Erik Prince is the main operator of the Jesuit/SMOM conspiracy to start a new war in the middle East:
He has a lot of influence upon Donald Trump and suggested him to create a new spying agency that would be more Jesuit friendly and less Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller Illuminazi faction friendly:
Perhaps you remember that I have stated years ago that Jesuits will throw the Illuminzi faction under the bus in order to survive.
This is why Erik Prince’s Blackwater/Academi mercenaries have engineered the mass arrests of the Illuminazi faction in Saudi Arabia:
Now the Jesuit/Rothschild backed faction in Saudi Arabia, Israel and USA is trying to engineer a war with Iran:
They are also trying to destabilize Iran from within, repeating the script that has turned initial protests in Syria in 2011 into a brutal war. Recent protests in Iran have been triggered by Academi mercenaries and grossly misinterpreted in Western media:
In reality, most protesters in Iran are actually supporting the current regime, which in reality is a much better choice than an imported Western color revolution and “democracy”:
USA also wants to reignite war in Syria:
Light Forces have communicated that a new Shia-Sunni war can be prevented if there is enough awareness of the Jesuit plans in the awakened community.
There has been a lot of talk in the alternative media about key members of the Cabal being taken to Guantanamo.
My sources can NOT confirm this, in the exactly the same way they could NOT confirm the Green Light issued by Drake Bailey in 2012.
But they CAN completely confirm intel from someone called PassionatePachyderms:
55 members of the Arizona National Guard military police that arrived to Guantanamo have just replaced 122 members of the Minnessota National Guard military police that have left Guantanamo few days prior:
When mass arrests really begin, you will be able to read about them in the mass media.
Regardless the fact that the situation on the surface is not improving yet dramatically, breakthroughs will come when Mjolnir hits the ground.

Until then, you can help spreading the Command PB Stardust protocol to remove physical pain:

Victory of the Light!

Cobra: Command PB Stardust Video and Manga The Portal

Friday, December 15, 2017

Cobra: Command PB Stardust Video and Manga
The Portal

The Light Forces have asked to make Command PB Stardust protocol viral as much as possible.

Short explanation of that Pleiadian protocol to reduce chronic physical pain is here:

And detailed explanation within the following two articles:

In Portuguese:
And Chinese.
Manga has also been created in Japanese:
Victory of the Light!

The Great Immobilizers: Ignorance and Fear [video]

The Great Immobilizers: Ignorance and Fear


We have a very artsy and beautiful video from a reader with one key message.

“If you don’t like what you see, stop complaining and DO something about it.”

I made some observations recently with respect to activities on our planet and the lack thereof and the attitudes in the blogosphere regarding that.

I believe we’re all doing the best we can, but we’re vulnerable and need to steel ourselves for the task at hand. Knowledge is very important, and since there are so many sources on the Internet, confusion is setting in. For some, the lack of knowledge seems to be generating fear.

The message in the video below is absolutely accurate in its assessment that for too long the inhabitants of our planet have been complacent and allowed a problem to balloon into something incomprehensible. There are two main reasons for that: ignorance and fear. We’re also great procrastinators.

Now that certain parties have taken steps to address the problem, folks have created yet more reasons to abstain from taking action.

Some are parroting, “No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself.” What rubbish! We have already had untold assistance from higher Beings or we wouldn’t still be here to tell the story. There isn’t time to list all the things they have done and are still doing for us, but they’re not going to do it all. They are doing what we cannot.

If you know the truth, Humanity survived under insurmountable odds at the hands of a predatory, warlike, ruthless and greedy species of creature that is so crafty they hid their presence almost completely from the Humans on this planet and they’re still here—just in much smaller numbers than they were. Hell, they practically hid the entire planet from outside eyes.

“Going within” and connecting with your higher self in meditation is a good thing and I applaud the synchronized meditations to achieve specific objectives.

However, I would love to know how a planet of souls doing that and nothing else is going to remove the infestation that tortures and eats us and has technology we’ve never even dreamed of. Star Trek has nothing on the technology these “things” use. They’re thousands or even millions of years ahead of us and they have kept that advantage with their technology and lies.

Most Humans don’t even believe there is intelligent life outside our little planet. Good luck even reaching them to set them straight. They only look without. It’s ludicrous to expect them to be able to fix anything by “going within”.

If it’s possible to resolve our problem by doing that—please tell me exactly how and I will gladly comply, but hasn’t that been the problem all along? We have done meditations and set our intentions and gifted, powerful Lightworkers have shifted energies on the planet and around it in multiple dimensions which did the job temporarily until the rest of us woke up—yet here we are, decades later, on the brink of extinction. All we had was passive action, for lack of a better term.

The video below begs for less talk and more action. Pitchforks, and the like. I daresay that our paltry methods of taking a superior species to task are, for all intents and purposes, akin to pitchforks. Like taking a knife to a gunfight.

The problem will be resolved when “right action” is taken, and we’re beginning to see that now, under the auspices and protection of benevolent higher Beings who have been protecting us for a very long time until we woke up enough to do it ourselves.

The controllers would love for us all to sit and meditate all day, praying for our salvation.

The military—the ones we pay to protect us—have to get off their duffs and get this done. They need to deal with the human element of this problem. They need to make arrests, and they may be called upon to make a “show of force” and other strategies to control the situation and prevent an all-out WWIII.

However, that doesn’t make a dent in the highly advanced tech these vermin have. It doesn’t address their opening portals and bringing in reinforcements. Are those who go within or the military equipped to deal with that?

Perhaps the Earth alliance—the positive Secret Space Program folks—are assisting, but they need help, too. The murderers can start multiple wild fires simultaneously and raze an entire state if they choose. They shoot down passenger airliners. The cause earthquakes and killer storms. They kill hundreds of people at a “harvest festival”. (Interesting terminology, that.) They release their mind-controlled “Manchurian candidates” on programmed killing sprees against innocent people. Ye olde “lone gunman” trick. And people believe it.

If Earthlings were capable of effectively fighting the foes would it not already have been done? This war is of a magnitude beyond description. How can one fight an enemy they can’t see? Only highly skilled Light Warriors can do that in other realms, and most of us don’t have those credentials.

Action must be taken, but here in the physical—and we are now doing that. It doesn’t mean we are to take our guns and run rampant in our cities shooting up the place. That won’t work and would be disastrous—however those chanting “we are better than they are” and mustn’t stoop to their level to resolve the problem might be the very the ones we’re after. They fear us.

Higher Beings certainly don’t advocate meddling in the affairs of other civilizations in the cosmos, but their laissez-faire attitude led to death and destruction on their own planets in some cases. As a result, they have realized there is no other way to eradicate the spread of the infection than to forcefully eliminate it in whatever way necessary but in a way to protect innocent lives.

The marauders were offered fair treatment if they would surrender but they have refused—for years. There is no reasoning with these psychopaths and many have been “removed” by those able to do that lest they follow through on their promise to take out as many Humans as they can when they go down.

Is meditation removing them? If that worked, why do we have a galactic war still trying to get these parasites under control? The Galactics can’t meditate them away but we can?

There has been an inter-planetary war for years against the very ones plaguing our planet now. It rages above our heads. The coaxing and cajoling is over up there. It’s shoot to kill, or be killed. We see what is probably the remnants of shot-up interstellar craft streaming Earthward and accept it as “fireballs”, “meteors” and failed rocket launches. Hopefully it pierces the psyche of a few and tips them off that we are NOT alone.

Down here we’re dealing with the more Human/hybrid element and the offshoots of the mind control used to manipulate Humanity into continuing the domination of the planet, but it most certainly demands physical action. We have requisitioned it for years, and now that we have a man (Donald Trump) in place with people backing him to actually DO something about the problem, people are afraid of martial law. They don’t like his history. They believe the cabal’s smear campaigns. They don’t like his vocabulary. They find fault with his decisions. They’re never happy. Who do they want, Jesus?

No, Trump isn’t a panacea. Perhaps he has even had to give in to the demands of the other side to some degree. He’s not going to fix everything for us. Americans have to step up and support the efforts underway to fight this war—whether an information war or otherwise. We don’t know all that goes on in the White House. We’re not privy to the strategy and have to trust that at this point, we’re going for broke. We are going to end this very soon—in our lifetime.

Some people are also afraid of some of the “truth media” people who are here to guide us. The fear seems to have transmuted common sense and intuition. Folks see negative messages in what is educational, empowering material. They don’t know who to trust so they mistrust everyone.

“Lying and disinformation is just wrong”, some say, and they don’t want to hear it. I am astounded at the naïveté, but I suppose civilians don’t understand, “kill or be killed”. Words are weapons, too. Yes, it’s hard to discern truth from fiction sometimes. Hone your skills or get off the Internet. You are Light warriors, too. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

We have had the luxury of being raw recruits at boot camp for too long. We can’t use that excuse any longer. It’s time to buck up and prepare for battle—whether spiritual or physical. We’ll be okay. This is why we came—but not to simply play a spectator. Not to kibitz with the troops.

What’s to be afraid of? If it turns out it’s our time to leave the physical world and our meat suit—so be it. What’s the problem? We’ll then be in a better place and enjoying box seats to the greatest show on Earth.

We are here because we chose to be. Most Humans at present are little more than a bump on a log.


They are unaware of what is transpiring and they don’t want to lift a finger to change what they don’t like. They just complain, as the video says—but not by letter or phone call to their representatives, or a petition, and not by educating themselves; just grumbling to whomever will listen. Life is just good enough that they can get by, one day at a time, paycheque to paycheque, hand to mouth. This is hardly the way we were meant to live but they’ve just given up.

Now that we see activity to propel us toward our liberation—the very activities we have begged for all these years—the hammer comes down from the “awakened” public on those who are risking their lives and getting it done. It’s fascinating to watch. Utterly fascinating. Those who do little to nothing are complaining about the efforts of those who are making great and courageous strides on our behalf. We have a lot of growing up to do.


I’ll get off my soapbox now. I hope you will enjoy the video. Thanks for sharing, D. Hopefully we can soon strike a balance between spirituality and physicality to deal with all aspects of our problem, while avoiding mass casualties and all-out war on the surface of our planet. Meditators… do that, by all means, but don’t stop there and don’t get lost in your meditations and forget to come back. There is much to do as we shape our new society. It will not generate the change we want to see over night, but together we will evolve our society into something worthwhile and worth fighting for.  ~ BP

Why Are You Telling Me?

Special Thanksgiving Live Event w/ David Wilcock giving us the full update on The Alliance vs. The Cabal. w/Jimmy Church FADE TO BLACK Radio

TO BLACK w/ David Wilcock Special Event : LIVE

Streamed live on Nov 20, 2017

Special Thanksgiving Live Event w/ David giving us the full update on The Alliance vs. The Cabal.

David Wilcock is the author of the bestselling books, “The Source Field Investigations” and “The Synchronicity Key”. David is a renowned filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. As a professional lecturer, his foundation lies in scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness. He is the host of Cosmic Disclosure for Gaia, is featured on History’s Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast AM and of course, Fade to Black… Tonight we are going to get all of the updates from around the world… it’s the Alliance vs. The Cabal.

Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at


Cobra: Situation Update | The Portal

Friday, November 17, 2017

Situation Update by Cobra | The Portal

Operation Perseus is in progress. Nothing more can be said about that at this point.

The Chimera group is getting really worried and they are ramping up their defenses in Low Earth Orbit through their proxies within USAF:

Knowledge of existence of heavy quark reactions that could potentially lead to creation of toplet bombs is finally reaching mainstream science:
Mainstream science is also finally beginning to acknowledge plasma filaments between galaxies, which is crucial if humanity wishes to understand the structure of the universe:
Scientists have also created their first wormhole:
And there is more soft Disclosure going on:
Meanwhile, there is a lot going on in the Middle East as Cabal factions fight for power before their final defeat.
Rothschild-backed Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman has purged Bush-oriented Saudi faction that was partially responsible for 9-11:
Mohammed bin Salman’s agenda is consolidation of power to increase ties with Israel and begin regional war between Shia and Sunni Muslims that would serve Rothschild interests:
Iran has already issued a warning that this war is NOT an option:
The Rothschilds have also been warned more directly today:
Despite rumors in the alternative media, Jacob de Rothschild is still alive and was NOT harmed in the accident.
The Rothschilds are also afraid of this:
Positive and negative factions are still fighting for their influence over Trump.
The Jesuits have influenced his choice to appoint Jerome Powell as the new Fed chairman. You might want to know that Powell was educated at Georgetown Preparatory School, the only Jesuit boarding school within US:
On the other hand, positive factions within NSA and US Military also influence Trump to a certain degree.
QAnon leaks originate from the positive faction within NSA and are about 70% correct. Trump is NOT QAnon.
Although we are not there yet, there is a massive investigation against the Cabal taking place and it will ultimately lead to the mass arrests when the Chimera faction within the Air Force will not be able to cover the Cabal’s back with their toplet bombs anymore.
Unusual number of sealed indictments is the most visible concrete proof of this massive investigation:
Many members of the mid-level management of the Cabal are already cooperating and are willing to testify against the Cabal in exchange for amnesty.
The following meditation can help speed up this process:
1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you
2. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the Soul star chakra of all Cabal middlemen into their energy field and their personality, awakening them to the reality of Light, guiding them to step away from the Cabal, giving them power to set themselves free from darkness
3. Visualize all those Cabal middlemen joining the planetary network of Light, putting down their weapons of destruction and deceit, learning to cooperate and joining the human society in a constructive way.
Command PB Stardust Pleiadian protocol for removal of chronic pain has been proven to be about 80% effective. Main factors reducing the effectivity of the protocol are suppressed guilt, suppressed negative emotions, past life soul contracts with the dark forces and extremely complex and / or strong medical conditions.
You need to understand that this protocol in most cases does not heal the cause of the pain, it just adjusts the central nervous system so that is decreases the pain signal. Moderate pain signal is then simply a sign that something is wrong with the physical body and medical attention is needed. This protocol is NOT a substitute for medical intervention by conventional and / or alternative medicine.
The Light forces have requested that this protocol gets viral as it has the power to drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering on the surface of the planet.
Victory of the Light!

James Gilliland: As You Wish Talk Radio, November 4, 2017

James Gilliand is usually more of an Exopolitics guy than a Geopolitics guy. However, here he presents an important message, so even if you don’t agree with what he is saying at first, please read the full transcript (excerpted from the audio by both ECETI and myself), or far better, listen to the full show in order to hear all the additional commentary and understand his point, so as not to misconstrue his intent due to his outspoken, self-described “Politically Incorrect” delivery.  There are call-in questions at the end, including a fascinating discussion with another radio show host, and others. On the source page of the transcript, there are also some meditations I did not include here, but I did enhance the transcript with some of the additional comments James made as he read the newsletter, and at the end, where he ties in Exopolitics and Universal Law to our Ascension process. Like KP, I don’t care for the use of name-calling nicknames for major players, whether we like them or not, but do not let that deter you from hearing the larger message. If we look deeper, we will see that this message sums up the well-crafted click-baited Cognitive Dissonance our society is now experiencing, which the Deep State has so cleverly manipulated by foisting pre-conceived “answers” upon an unwitting, well-meaning public, that doesn’t question or even bother to examine the facts more closely. If you are not yet woke, this piece may well flip the paradigm for you and serve as your Wake Up Call. ~PB

James Gilliland: As You Wish Talk Radio, November 4, 2017

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

Show Host:

James Gilliland

James Gilliland: As You Wish Talk Radio, November 4, 2017

As you Wish Talk Radio, cutting edge authors, healers & scientists broadcasted Live from the ECETI ranch, an internationally known UFO & Paranormal hot spot. Everyone is feeling it. Something is in the wind. Something grand is unfolding on the horizon, just around the corner. A knowingness and feeling that soon it will no longer be business as usual. Is it tumultuous times of exciting social, economic and physical Earth changes? A collective initiation and ascension into Higher Consciousness & Energy? A grand reunion with ancient ancestors from the stars?

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots. ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.


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Transcript of 11/4/17 As You Wish Talk Radio

by James Gilliland

November 4, 2017

At the risk of sounding politically and spiritually incorrect – which is nothing more than a suppressive mind control program – we are going to try to make sense out of what is unfolding.


Greetings, this is James Gilliland with the ‘As You Wish’ talk radio on the BBS network. Tonight’s show is going to be a little different from our usual show because we’re going to do a little bit of a rant here….You know..basically, what kind of triggered this was listening to CNN…you know I don’t watch TV, I threw my TV out in the late 70’s, but I do get things sent to me on the internet..and I started to watch some of these things, and…you know, when you’re awake and you watch these news casts, you just go “Oh my god! What? Who are these people? -and what is spewing from their mouths?!!!”  – You know, it just gets worse and worse, know, after doing enough research about what’s really going on, I decided to go ahead and read this newsletter…It’s more of just a rant, so buckle up and get ready to get pounded with a little bit of politically and spiritually incorrect information coming in. We’ll go ahead and read this newsletter:

At the risk of sounding politically and spiritually incorrect – which is nothing more than a suppressive mind control program – we are going to try to make sense out of what is unfolding. We know the Criminal or CIA news network, CNN is the mouth piece for the deep state. The deep state is just an extension of the New World Order, the Bankster Elite. It is written in the NASA papers CNN would be the ones used to manipulate the minds of the people. The goal is to move their agenda forward which in short is one world government, mass population control, an end to any human rights, as well as the war and disease profiteers continuing to get fat off the pain, suffering and death of the ignorant masses keeping the majority of them in abject poverty. If anyone had any sensitivity at all they would feel the intentions of these demon speaking manipulators who prey upon the ignorant muggles suffering from cognitive dissonance. They should change their name to the cognitive dissonance Nephilim network. DNC might as well as use the name they gave conservatives, the Deplorable Nasty Coup organizers.

They refuse to accept the fact they lost, it’s like a really bad smell that just won’t go away. Their sense of entitlement and arrogance will not allow them to face the fact that the American People have had enough of the dishonesty, deception and criminal activity which has been so blatantly exposed and voted them out of office. That is, “What Happened.”

They have absolutely no shame and no problem pathologically lying, avoiding, redirecting the narrative over and over to reach their agenda. A very sick agenda. Let’s spell this out. Hitlery was caught red handed, destroying evidence, bleaching and hammering laptops and blackberries, using a private sever easily hacked to house classified top secret material, being a non-responder to Benghazi, funding the fake Russian dossier on Trump, pay to play money laundering through the Clinton Foundation taking bribes from foreign governments, selling twenty percent of our uranium to Russia then receiving well over a hundred and forty five million for doing so. She and Obummer used the BLM to kick ranchers off their land, and failed with the Bundy’s to get the uranium. There is one finger pointing and screaming Russian collusion with three fingers pointing back. Let’s not forget Obummer’s, forged birth certificate, illegal wire taps, and over 500 trillion dollars unaccounted for under the Obummer administration.
In defense they will scream other administrations also ripped off and lied to the American People. Weapons of Mass destruction causing the death of millions was a doozy along with blaming 911 on Iraq, when their patsy Bin Laden who they blamed it on was in Afghanistan.

Here is a news flash making a case because others did it
does not make it alright to continuing doing it
on an even more massive scale.

Hitlery writes a book, What Happened? The people woke up that’s what happened. Despite the fake news dividing our country, creating race wars and pandering to the ignorant muggles and victims with a sense of entitlement suffering from cognitive dissonance, what happened is – people woke up.

What happened

Hitlery writes a book, What Happened?

The people woke up that’s what happened.

Now to explain this for the spiritually challenged, or discernment impaired yoni hat wearing fembots totally out of touch with the divine feminine who refuse to address their wounds and traumas – externalizing them on every creature with a set of balls on the planet – we are going to define cognitive dissonance.

It is the refusal to entertain any ideas, evidence, or facts outside their preconceived, mind controlled programming. They will worship and stand behind Hitlery as long as she keeps playing the victim and gender card despite the fact that all evidence proves she may just very well be the most corrupt, dishonest, double-speaker on the planet with a long trail of dead bodies who got in her way. If you think she believes in standing up for women’s rights why didn’t she make a stand against Bill’s transgressions against women? Why did she cover it up, intimidate and harass the victims? Seriously is this a woman you want to represent the divine feminine? Maybe the homework for the day is to look up cognitive dissonance and divine feminine. One of the definitions of divine feminine reads, Anything but Hitlery.

cognitive dissonance

People are having their own victim patterns used against them manipulated into emotional storms of hatred and violence serving the very people they profess to be against totally ignorant of their handlers.

Despite the overwhelming criminal evidence, she is untouchable. She has a Teflon suit given to her by the very agencies whose mandate is to enforce the law. Any rational mind is asking the question why are she and her cronies not in Jail? Who has she paid off or blackmailed? The answer seems to be pretty much everyone.

There are only a handful taking her to task. You will never hear these questions asked or answered on CNN or the lame stream media including radio. Just avoidance, redirection and false accusations made over and over with no merit. A mind control tactic used to manipulate the masses. They even use black news casters and politicians still on the plantation to further their agenda. It is so obvious to those awake and almost inconceivable that people are still buying the lies.

How insane does it have to get before people say enough?


This insanity goes even deeper. George Soros’s name keeps popping up financing these very same people along with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Open Borders etc. A NAZI sympathizer who, in his own words, said when he collaborated with the NAZIs in rounding up his own people, the Jews, stealing their wealth and property it was one of the best times in his life?

A man who has created so much division in other countries it caused them to topple upon which he made billions. My question is with all the division, hatred and violence who are you working for? Could it possibly be you have been duped, lied to and manipulated into doing the work of the very people you are against? Antifa can’t say they are against NAZIs and fascists when they are funded by NAZIs and act like fascists. Black Lives do Matter, but how about Brown Lives, Red Lives, Blue Lives, White Lives that never had anything to do with the transgressions of the past, why not address the whole spectrum, the real problem instead of dividing?

Open Borders is a failed experiment, look at what is happening in Europe when you put cultures that are diametrically opposed together. What happens when it is culturally okay to kill gays, beat and rape women, force your religion and beliefs on others where is the forethought? Who were the designers of these programs? Oh, wait Hitlery was for Open Borders, so was the Global Elite. When you create so much chaos, destruction and division a country falls, they will beg for help. That help comes with a price followed by abject poverty to pay for the bail out.


Could it possibly be you have been manipulated into
doing the work of the very people you abhor?

Feminist are supporting Sharia Law? Can it get any more ridiculous? Everyone needs to chill the F out. Stop get off this psycho wave, get out in nature, use discernment and develop some critical thinking.

Ask yourself how does it feel to align with the damnation, division, and violence? Guess who feeds off of that energy? Where have you gotten your information from to form your, be lie fs? Could it possibly be you have been manipulated into doing the work of the very people you abhor?

What happens if you are successful in bringing down America, collapsing the system? How are you going to travel, where is your food going to come from, who is going to keep your utilities going? Who is going to provide shelter, heat, how could you even read this newsletter? Do you have a well thought out long term plan?

This system is not perfect, in fact it has been hijacked and needs a major overhaul. What was once a true republic is now a corporation governed by the global elite through bribes, blackmail and corruption beyond belief. It’s a Dictatorial Democracy. They are using your own emotions against you with deceptions unimaginable, psyops programs in layers where you can never get to the truth.


Unless of course you are awake – know the agenda of the NWO and their minions the Deep State – then it is all very clear.


Unless of course you are awake, know the agenda of the NWO and their minions the Deep State then it is all very clear. They have to destroy America to enact their plans for world domination. To be more specific the Republic, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which are very closely aligned with Universal Law. Creators Law. If you want to fight for something how about restoring the Republic. Taking back our monetary system, diverting the trillions of dollars stolen and siphoned off back to the people. How about ending the Just-Us system and replacing it with a true justice system, you know, that’s bound by the Constitution… better yet, Universal Law. Educate yourself do your own research. Don’t allow the Lamestream media to tell you what’s going on and what’s really happening. That’s a fairy tale land and people are buying it hook, line and sinker.

So there’s an old saying, ‘Know your adversary’ or you will find yourself working for them. If you don’t know who they are, and how they function and how they manipulate you, pretty much you’ll find that you are working for them. The beast may very well be in your own back yard unrecognizable because it moved in very slowly, a little at a time.

Again, Chill outlook around you, see what’s going on. Take a break.

So, things very well may be opposite of what you think. Definitely different than what the Lamestream media has told you.

The more you raise your fist and claim to be a victim the more you trap yourself into that reality. The universe will gladly manifest it. (It’s an ‘As You Wish’ Universe!) …Why not reframe that program and focus on what you truly desire? It is incredibly obvious now that Governments and Religions will never bring about Universal Peace. They divide; without unity, peace will not come.

So if you’re not operating in Unity Consciousness with Universal Law, and you know, people go, “Well that means Open Borders” NO it doesn’t. We do need to set boundaries, when people are acting outside Universal Law, and when they are harming others, then we do need to set some very firm boundaries. In a perfect world, when we re-unite with the rest of the universe and are working with other Star Nations, and the whole planet is healed, yah, I’m all for Open Borders. Right now it’s not feasible. We have a lot of healing to do between now and then.

Mother Mary once said, Universal Peace will not come through governments or religions but through the hearts and minds of the people. Only when the people educate themselves, rise up and demand governments, religions all institutions to adhere to Universal Law will there be peace.

What is Universal Law? It is written within the hearts and minds of all people. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. If you cannot find the impeccable integrity to live according to Universal Law, do the best you can. Do not participate in anything that would bring harm to humanity or the Earth. There is a Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.” Find your heart, get your feet on the ground, use discernment concerning this division game. It has been so redundantly acted out it is beyond ridiculous.

What is all boils down to is:

Are YOU creating Heaven on Earth?

Are YOU living according to Universal Law?


[There is much more discussion on the radio show not included in the transcript, so I transcribed most of the pertinent part below. James gets more into how Geopolitics ties into the history of Exopolitics, future Planetary Liberation, ushered in by Multidimensional Unity Consciousness and our need to transcend the old ways that are outside of Universal Law. -PB]:

“We’re finally being liberated from this Draconian law. Some people call it the Archon network…..but we’ve been under this grid of controlled consciousness, and now that grid has been torn down… Those who have been working with this grid are falling apart….the puppet-masters are foundering..they don’t have protection, they don’t have their connection any more. You’re seeing everything connected to that Draconian grid dismantling, unraveling, it’s coming apart….. all the religions have a name for this, a story for this a prophecy about this, and we are smack  in the middle of that prophecy.

So, we can get through this if we choose to align with the Laws of Creation, Universal Law…We can get through this, and if we hold our leadership to these same principles that are necessary for a healthy society and environment, we can get through this thing, but we’ve got to wake up, we’ve got to rise up….We’ve got to stand in our own Divinity and be very clear with what we want…and when we do this..when we ask for help from these higher-dimensional beings, or Source itself, it’s going to come in, and it’s already coming in, and it’s going to come in even stronger, and it’s going to shore you up. It’s going to energize you. It’s going to heal you. It’s going to make your life more abundant, you know, all of these things.  Universal Law is within this 5th Dimensional grid, and its actually taken the place of this old Draconian network, and that’s pressing hard, so…

You know, the earth itself, she’s decided to shift and go forward, she’s gone through her initiations, she’s gone through her upgrades, and everything else, and so she’s moving forward, she’s Ascending. If we are going to stay on the Earth, we have to rise to the occasion. We have to become frequency-specific to that evolutionary process. It’s that simple. Tyranny is not frequency-specific to that process. The unbridled greed and lust for power, you know, with a lot of these people we’ve been talking about, is not frequency-specific to this process. This process is unstoppable, the energy behind it is unimaginable, you know, in fact, they say, “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” There’s nowhere to hide for this one.  And so, you can’t run off to Mars, you can’t go to your other colonies, you can’t jump in your back-engineered ships and think you’re going to be OK. It isn’t going to work that way.

The good news is that we do have help. There is a major Planetary Liberation happening, it’s a multidimensional or trans-dimensional experience. The other dimensions are pretty much cleaned up, and now its coming to the earth, and we need to become a part of that…and we’ve got to drop all the old religious programs, these separation games, these cultural divisions, that have been played out, and SHIFT and start aligning ourselves with Unity Consciousness, for this to happen. This is a process, it’s not going to happen overnight, and there’s times we’re going to have to set some firm boundaries as we go through this process, with those who are acting outside of Universal Law. So we are going to have to take care of that.

So basically, almost everything right now I’ve seen, on the radio, on the news, everything, is the exact opposite of what’s really going down. And you’re not going to hear this information, definitely not going to hear it on the Lamestream media. There are some people out there…that are game-changers out there, that are coming forward. People are being initiated in every walk of life, people with the White Hats, people within the government, within the Military…there’s people everywhere that are being initiated, they’re being awakened to a much bigger picture. And a lot of them are realizing that they actually had other lives in these higher and technologically advanced dimensions, and they are awakening to that, and they are the Ground Crew.

So, Ground Crew is being initiated right now. People are going to be stepping forward in all walks of life, and the days of Tyranny are fast coming to a close. Basically, it’s over for that program.”

[He then gets into a discussion of why he is opposed to A.I. and trans-humanism, Agenda 21 and all those projects, and why nature and emotions and living a simple life are key. Then there is a discussion with  a few callers~PB]

James Gilliland field

Pass this on far and wide, it is a solution.

Be Well,
James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel

You have my permission to send this far and wide.

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