THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, November 30, 2015

"chariclo lily: sacred pathways" by wise owl Christine.  in mythology, chariclo, also a centaur, is said to be the wife of chiron.

“chariclo lily: sacred pathways” by wise owl Christine.
In mythology, chariclo, also a centaur, is said to be the wife of chiron.

ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 11/29/15 by Marilyn Raffaele

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ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message
by Marilyn Raffaele ~ NOVEMBER 29, 2015

Dear ones, again we lovingly seek your attention. Issues on planet earth have become increasingly more intense in many directions–reflecting perfectly the energy of duality and separation. Many are awakening but many still resist. Let go of fearing that the dark will out, for ascension is a given in spite of all you are seeing and hearing through the media.

When tempted to fear, remember that fear is the energetic substance of these manifestations and more fear only adds energy to the illusion. Choose to limit the time you spend absorbing mainstream news, health ads, and other drivel available 24/7. Stay informed but not enmeshed.

All who are ready and choosing to ascend into higher dimensional energy will do so, and those choosing to stay in what they have always known will also do so. Ascension is not a matter of intellectual knowledge but is an attained state of consciousness. There are many who seem to have no interest in spirituality, but who live from a highly evolved state of consciousness attained in previous lifetimes. These seemingly disinterested individuals are moving into new energies as well because they have the qualifications, so to speak.

We wish to discuss what the world is calling a disintegration of values, which simply means that many concepts and traditions generally supported as being necessary for happiness or even “salvation”, have begun to change, disappear, or are being flat out disregarded by many, particularly the great number of very evolved souls coming to earth at this time.

Individual values based in obsolete concepts still form the basis of many belief systems and those continuing to hold strict value systems that only allow issues to be seen one way, are experiencing sadness, anger, and even panic in the belief that their “true” values are disappearing.

It is especially difficult when conscientious parents attempt to teach their children values and find that the children do not accept the parent’s values. Many of the children being born now, are already evolved well beyond what parents and teachers are trying to force onto them.

Obsolete value systems simply do not resonate with anyone who has evolved beyond them. Third dimensional blindness often makes well meaning and loving parents or teachers continue in their attempts to instill old energy into a child, believing that the child must embrace them for their own good–often utilizing medication and experts to influence the “wayward” child to the parents values.

Values are changing, not going away. Like everything else, they are evolving to higher levels. Values reflect states of consciousness and the consciousness that formed them in the first place is evolving and changing, leaving those who do not understand this, to question and experience confusion. Values often reflect the consensus consciousness of a group or country and can thus be very different from one and another. This alone is proof that some values are simply concepts because truth does not vary from country to country.

Values originated in earlier times when man needed rules. Over time, many of these rules became distorted from their original purpose when claimed by those in power who discovered that enforcing rules was a good way to keep the masses in subservience, which is still true today.

Rules were also incorporated into religious doctrine by churches and declared to be spiritual truth, along with the promotion of a heaven or hell awaiting those who might choose to disregard them. To this day, many value systems simply reflect concepts originally utilized for the purpose of having power over others.

We are NOT saying there is no need for rules, for many still need rules. What we are saying is that it is time for you who are spiritually evolved, to evaluate your personal values and see if they are holding you in a belief system that is now obsolete, serving only to keep you in what you have evolved beyond.

Take a honest look at everything you hold as being right. This will be different for every person, as no one has had the same exact experiences creating their values in the first place. Value systems color every experience, causing certain issues to be seen only as black or white and allowing no room for unconditional love.

This need not be a difficult process for you are ready. Honestly and with pure intent, look at any issues still causing you to gasp, be shocked, or feel that “others” are wrong and you are right. Examine then, any personal values you may still hold that is causing these reactions.

A current example could be the issue of gay marriage or partnerships which so many consider to be “sinful” in spite of the fact that these partnerships are often more loving or on a higher level than many heterosexual partnerships. The so called “spiritual values” touted righteously as a basis for opinions such as this, simply reflect a value system based in spiritual ignorance and “religiosity”.

Many so called religious values of today are promoted by sincere but as of yet un-awakened individuals holding positions of religious or political influence to whom many have willingly handed over their innate power of discernment. The followers then blindly accept what they are told and become disciples of error who attempt to convert everyone else.

Every issue of daily living is endowed with value of some sort reflecting the state of consciousness perceiving it. We simply say examine your values and make sure they are yours and not someone else’s. Often they are values you were taught or brought with you into this lifetime and which you continue to hold. Some will remain true and valid, but your job is to discern the difference. You are ready.

Often it is a fear of rejection by family or group that causes individuals to cling to some outgrown value system but just as often it is cellular memory still resonating from some one or more past lifetimes in which it was taught that severe afterlife punishments awaited anyone daring to digress from commonly accepted truths.

There comes a time in everyone’s evolution where they must take the “leap” so to speak, trusting their intuition and going forward regardless of what the un-awakened world may think. As you move into higher and more illumined living, you soon find others who have also made the “leap” being drawn to you.

Living out from a higher state of consciousness does not mean you must not seek help through traditional sources if you are guided to do so, or that you must never welcome assistance from an “expert”. Always go within first and you will find yourself gently guided in some seemingly ordinary way to the right medical person or expert–one of a higher resonance, more attuned to your state of consciousness.

This guidance may come as an intuitive knowing, a name that seems to stand out from the others, a friend or article may point you in a particular direction. Spiritual guidance is always available, manifesting in practical and gentle ways you can understand. It is not something accessible only to those deemed worthy as many have and still believe. You are, always have been, and always will be “worthy” for it is your own consciousness.

The energy of ascension is the energy of Oneness. You are the manifestation and expression of One Divine Consciousness and thus can never be separate from your innate wholeness and completeness. Inner guidance is a facet of your completeness. You can only experience separateness from what you seem to need if you believe you are separate. This is the story of evolution.

There are many very evolved souls working on high levels in professions the world sees only third dimensionally. They have chosen to help the world in ways it can relate to, bringing their highly evolved resonance into whatever actions or services they provide. Evolved souls can be found in every profession and aspect of society, even the military, serving to quietly lift the energy of the world through what appears as very ordinary. THESE PEOPLE ARE YOU!

At this point for most of you it is simply a matter of practice, trust, and allowing the process. These actions will serve to gently guide you beyond the limiting values still held by so many in an un-awakened society. You are learning to be comfortable with where you are in the process through the realization that everything necessary will and is taking place without your thinking or manipulation.

Never consider yourself a failure if or when you revert to old values, for the fact that you recognize it means that you have awakened. The “old” you would not of been aware of these things. There is no such thing as failure, for failure is based in duality and separation. Every failure simply represents another step along the way to remembering…rejoice in each and every failure.


We are the Arcturian Group 11/29/15

NorthPoint Astrology Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for November 30 to December 6, 2015 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week
TUE: Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury square Chiron
FRI: Mercury square Jupiter, Venus enters Scorpio
SUN: Sun sextile Mars, Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mars square Pluto

LAST WEEK’S JOURNAL focused exclusively on the effects of the Saturn-Neptune square, and it may have felt odd that I didn’t write about the Full Moon that occurred on Wednesday the 25th. Truth be told, I got so caught up in explaining the energies of the Saturn-Neptune square (exact on Thursday the 26th), that it wasn’t until after I clicked on “Send” that I realized I hadn’t said anything about the lunation.

But, perhaps this writer’s muse knew what she was doing, given that the Full Moon opposed Saturn and squared Neptune. This means that the contradictory and complicated effects of the Saturn-Neptune square were a major ingredient in the overall influence of the Full Moon.

(To read about the Saturn-Neptune square in last week’s issue of NorthPoint Journal, please click here .)

ONE FACT about last week’s lunation that feels important to bring forward now is that thought-full Mercury was also very involved in the Full Moon, being in close aspect with the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Neptune. And, the Moon itself was in expressive Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury.

Any time Mercury shows up at a party, themes of communication, reasoning, adaptability, and transportation are emphasized. We no doubt have been aware of some of those issues over the past few days, especially if we’ve been challenged by family interactions over the holidays, or we’ve been worried about travel plans and scheduling.

MERCURY continues to be an important participant in our lives as we begin December. We awaken Tuesday morning to the vibrant energies of a Mercury-Uranus trine (exact at 5:59 a.m.), which encourages us to think in new ways, to access our higher mind, and to be openminded in all of our interactions.

However, just two hours later, Mercury forms a challenging square with Chiron. This may indicate a lack of confidence in our new ideas, or a sense of not being able to clearly verbalize our thoughts. If this occurs, it is an opportunity to take communication to a different level, to a more intuitive, feeling-oriented space.

RESEARCHERS tell us that human communication is conveyed not only by words, but through body language and tone of voice. If our words are meant to convey acceptance, but our facial expression or vocal tone reveals impatience or a lack of understanding, the recipient of our communication will walk away feeling that something is wrong, even if the words themselves sounded right.

With Chiron in compassionate Pisces, and Mercury in idealistic (and sometimes zealous or self-righteous) Sagittarius, we will want to be especially aware of times when the three components of productive communication — words, body language, and tone — are not in agreement. This is our opportunity to catch ourselves in old habits and to allow our hearts to guide our words, rather than using words to coerce or convince.

ANOTHER MERCURY SQUARE starts our day on Friday, but this time, Jupiter provides the challenging influence. As the biggest known planet, Jupiter’s primary effect is to enhance and exaggerate; while Jupiter is in discriminating Virgo, we want to be of practical service to others, and yet we may be especially prone to seeing what is wrong in the world instead of what is going well.

As Mercury squares Jupiter on Friday, we’ll want to watch our thinking and our words, to make sure we don’t over-think or over-state conditions. Being realistic doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to always focus on the negative — it also means that we need to notice the silver lining, especially if storm clouds seem to be especially prevalent.

THE ASPECT of greatest impact this week is likely to be the Mars-Pluto square, which occurs at 12:51 p.m. PST on Sunday. A square aspect always represents a conflict or obstacle that must be overcome if we are to move forward.

These two planets both have strong agendas. Mars in Libra is motivated by the need for balance, fairness, and justice — but, when it feels unfairly treated or sees injustice, it can also become very competitive and confrontational.

Pluto in Capricorn is intent on transforming aspects of society and government that have outlived their usefulness, making sure that humanity stays on track with our evolutionary goals. Pluto often accomplishes these intentions by creating situations of imbalance, so that passions are aroused and the need for change is powerfully apparent.

As Mars and Pluto form their square aspect next weekend, we become aware of a feeling of urgency. Imbalance and injustice become increasingly untenable. And, our need for large-scale change requires us to search our personal motivations more closely.

Your Angel Messages for November 30 – December 3, 2015 (and special guest James Van Praagh) from Doreen Virtue

Your Angel Messages for November 30 – December 3, 2015
from Doreen Virtue:

It’s a week of big personal and spiritual growth, as you tune-in to your own needs . . . and take care of them.

You will feel extra-intuitive this week. You’ll receive life-changing insights about yourself which will help you to forgive yourself and have compassion about yourself.

You’ll be kinder and gentler toward yourself, and let go of old habits of perfectionism and being so hard on yourself. You are entering a new time of honoring yourself, and recognizing that you are God’s beloved child.

It’s a week of noticing, trusting, and understanding how you feel. You truly will make friends with yourself this week, and feel more confidence and greater peace as a result.

Notes: In this video, Doreen is working with the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, available at bookstores and app stores worldwide, including at:

James Van Praagh is working with the Talking To Heaven Oracle Cards, available worldwide and as an app, and at:

James’s website is

This video features Pumpkin the orange rescue kitty and Cuddles the Sheltie puppy, who played together after the filming.

To watch the entire reading, please visit:

THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION: “CLEANING YOUR ENERGETIC SPACE” ~ 22nd November 2015 Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood


Cleaning Your Energetic Space

22nd November 2015

Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones.  We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is about your sacred space, about the sacred space of you and how well you are attending to it. We’re going to make our points today by thinking about your house, your home, wherever it is that you live, and compare it to the space of your human body and the space around your human body. It’s a fairly obvious example, but it’s one that is easy to drive our points home with.

For it’s very important at this time, when things are changing so rapidly and energies are shifting and changing, to really, in a sense, keep your energetic house tidy, clean and sparkling! It’s easy to feel right now as if your body’s and your energy spaces are not in that kind of shape. We would encourage you every day to spend some time and do awareness exercises in terms of what’s in your field.

How you would do this would be to just quietly come centered with yourself, some people call that meditation, some people call it centering or grounding. Being really present to yourself and drawing your awareness to your energy field around you. As you do that just find out what’s in your space.

How do you do that? You ask! “What’s in my space?” As you observe the space around you, and you could feel like it’s a big bubble around you, you could feel like it’s an energetic field, but as you begin to ask and draw your attention to that you begin to become aware of something or some things: you might see or experience or be aware of them as emotions. For example, you draw your attention to “what’s in my space right now?” and you feel emotions are in your space, then you identify what are they? Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, joyful, peaceful…. whatever emotions are there identify them. Then feel which belong to you. Say, for example, you feel frustration in your field, you just decide “Is this my frustration or is it somebody else’s frustration? It’s just this little process you go through. If it’s yours, spend that moment and figure out “how can I breathe into releasing that frustration?” Then literally see the frustration in front of you, through your closed eyes, in your field and just breathe in and allow the frustration to be there, but keep allowing your breath to move in and dissipate it, move and dissipate it, move and dissipate it, and then as it dissolves you’ll begin to feel how you feel with that outside of your field.

Perhaps that frustration is somebody else’s. Perhaps somebody in your world, at work, your family, somebody you see in a store is feeling frustrated. Perhaps you have that momentary empathy or matching emotion with them and it draws into your field. You realize that “This is actually not my frustration, but it’s in my field.” Through your mind’s eye, just lift it up out of your field. Say “Okay, this is not mine. I am going to lift it up.” It’s going to take it on the outside of where ever you see the edge of your field. This is all done in your mind. This is done through your imagination. If you keep doing this every day, not just with your emotions, but perhaps there are things in your body that you’re not feeling comfortable with, as you look in your space it could be all kinds of things that show up in your space. No matter what it is whether, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s the emotions or whether it’s something that’s occupying your mind in more of a mental way that the distraction, perhaps it’s something in your physical field, whatever it is just take a look at it. See if it’s yours and just really breathing into the truth of what it is and your breath can, as you do some slow deep breaths into whatever it is that you’re feeling, you’re giving that space and expansion and they dissipate or diminish. Then, if there are things that do not belong to you, there are things that are worry and concerns or problems from outside of your world that really aren’t yours, just through your empathy and your care and concern you’ve brought them into your field, then you can just place them right outside your field.

Just begin to be aware of how you begin to feel when you are “tidying up” your energetic space. When you’re drawing awareness to what’s there, taking care of what’s yours, setting outside your field what isn’t yours, and then seeing the results of it. Feeling how your room feels tidy, that energetic space of who you are. It’s just as if you have moved through your house and you’ve straightened your magazines and tidied things up and put things where they needed to be. It feels better when you’re in a tidy space!

If you begin to see your body and your energetic space in the same way and take those tidying up moments you’ll begin to really feel lighter and easier. This will help with some of the transitions that you’re going through now. Because the energies have become dense and they’re becoming very transformational what they’re doing is bringing things up, so you could be feeling a lot of things in your space. Then this discernment of yours and what you need to do with it versus someone else’s or something you’ve taken on for somebody else, just place it lovingly outside your field.

We can talk another time about those ones you place outside of your field and what you might be able to do with them, but it’s more than just today. Today is just tidying up your space of who you are and begin to feel the uplift and the lightness of how you feel and how you experience life as you keep that sacred space of who you are in your physical body and in the energetic space around you cleaned and aware.

Sometimes just having your awareness of what’s in your space is enough to allow things to move to their right place and the right energetic space in your world.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion”

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© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood    

John Smallman: Look for Love everywhere, It is endemic.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 29th

The illusory world, the world in which you experience life as humans, does appear to be undergoing an upsurge in violence, suffering, and conflict.  Your mainstream media are taking full advantage of these events to encourage you to engage with an increasing sense of fear.  Doing so just drags you deeper into the nightmare that is the illusion.

Focus, therefore, on the “now moment,” this actual moment in which all your needs in this moment are met.  Doing that brings you inwards to your holy inner space where the Light of God’s Love for you burns inextinguishably.  Then you will feel the warmth of the confirmation that you are eternally held lovingly in the divine Embrace.  Feeling that your energy fields expand and Love flows through you, out into the world, where it is so sorely needed to help bring people to their inevitable awakening.

You all chose to incarnate as humans at this point in your evolutionary journey because you knew that your services were needed, and because you could envision how effective your service as humans would be.  You are all extremely effective in every moment in which you intend to share and extend Love to those in need and suffering, whether they be the flood of migrants camping out in harsh weather conditions on the borders of European countries, or those suffering oppression and persecution in their home countries, or those experiencing intense poverty in your own localities.

What is presently occurring is making it very difficult for anyone to ignore or be unaware of the desperate need of so many impoverished ones across the planet.  And you know there is no need for this state of affairs.  The problems of poverty can be solved, but the main political focus worldwide tends in fact to be very localized – “what need I do to be re-elected?” – and is of course fear-based.  Fear is a severe drain on your energy fields, and feeds those who would control or oppress you.  Focus on Love, knowing, as you do, that Love is Real and that anything not in alignment with It is unreal.

When you do this you strengthen and empower yourselves and you drop the fearful egoic masks that you have been presenting to the world, replacing them with the vision of the loving being that you truly are and eternally remain.  Your appearance then changes to align with your loving intent, the stress and agelines of your faces become far less prominent, and others then see an utterly non-threatening being whose loving energy field interacts with their own creating a space of peace and trust between you.

As you have so often been told “You are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.”  It is your inevitable and unavoidable destiny to awaken into Reality, into the Presence of God, into Heaven, because there is absolutely nowhere else!  You have never left that holy and wondrous state, you have just shut down your memories of it to enable you to engage with the illusion and the sense of separation it provides.  It is your collective will that maintains it, but you have recently changed your collective will, and as a result the illusion is disintegrating in preparation for your awakening.

What appears to be happening, in what most see as the real world, are the activities of the executives and minions of those who have for so long enslaved and oppressed humanity, as they desperately seek to retain their grasp on power.  By bringing about events and instances of violence and conflict that are apparently moving the world towards division, and even anarchy, they are attempting to arouse intense fear so that people will seek a return to the status quo, to the apparent stability they remember of previous times, by supporting wholeheartedly the system that has caused all these problems in the first place.

Do not be misled by the false promises of those whose concerns are not and never have been in the best interests of humanity, for if you allow that to happen you will be very disappointed indeed.  Taking sides, supporting one side – nation, religion, political party – against another has never worked, it is divisive and always leads to further conflict.  Many of your sporting activities encourage this most enthusiastically, and many of you have come to believe that it is the normal way to engage with one another.  Competition is thought to lead to improvements and advances in most of your fields of human endeavor, but the cost in terms of human suffering is enormous!  And the truth of that is demonstrated wherever you choose to focus your attention.

Once more I am encouraging to you focus on being loving in every moment, regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves.  It has been clearly shown throughout the eons of the illusion that conflict never resolves issues, it only escalates the troubles and establishes a larger area of conflict, as people feel obliged to take sides and make disingenuous judgments to support their opinions for doing so.

Love does not enlist support against, instead It offers space in which harmonious cooperation can peacefully resolve issues to the benefit of all involved.  With Love there are no losers!

First, forgive yourselves for whatever you feel is unworthy of you in thought, word or deed.  Having done that, then accept yourselves as you are with unconditional love.  When you cease your own internal wars and make peace with yourselves you can then offer forgiveness to others.  And because of the personal changes you have made within yourselves by making this intent and holding to it, others will see you differently and will respond differently to you.  You can only change yourself, as you all know, but all across the world people are changing themselves, and in doing so opening their hearts to Love.

Look for Love everywhere, It is endemic, so expect to find It by offering nothing else.  Initially you will be surprised by what you find, then you will come to expect It as you naturally share It.  Your nature is and always has been Love, and now many are realizing this and removing the inner cloaks or veils that have kept It hidden.  This is the time of humanity’s awakening, it is an awakening into Love, so be your true and natural selves, be loving!  That is all that is asked of you, and you have the ability and the desire to do it perfectly!

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallman: You will be astounded to see how effective the loving intentions of each one of you has been.

Today he is telling us to keep spreading love, as those in control of humanity fall away in disarray. You will be astounded to see how effective the loving intentions of each one of you has been.

The world is awash with disasters and catastrophes, or so it seems. Yes, the mainstream corporate owned and controlled media focus their undivided attention on the bad news – wars, suffering, environmental damage, and some corporate malfeasance – because that is the task their masters have set them with the intent of raising the levels of fear among ordinary citizens. And they are doing a good job. But their real intent is to distract you from the good news, the Real news – that those vast corrupt organizations are collapsing under the weight of the enormous unsupportable debt that they have taken on in order to establish an international camarilla to control your whole world, and the resultant in-fighting now going on between their members, as they fight for survival. This kind of authoritarian despotism has been attempted many times over the eons as clever, devious, and egoically driven individuals have sought ultimate power.

They have always failed to achieve their aims; suppression of others by force of arms is by its very nature self-defeating because it requires secrecy and betrayal in its operations, and those betrayed always fight back, leading to the collapse of these erstwhile dictatorships.

Love is the only real power, and it cannot ever be defeated. God is Love. Every sentient being is One with God, therefore there is only Love. Anything else is illusory and can only fail. It may appear to work, to be effective, for a time, then it will inevitably collapse and fail.

Those presently trying so desperately to reduce you to a state of permanent fear are themselves terrified as they observe their power, power they believe is their inalienable right, slipping away, slipping from their grasp, inescapably and predictably, like water through their fingers. And in their terror they are instigating activities of a most nefarious nature to try and convince you, the population of the world, to seek help from them as they try yet again to present themselves as the only ones who can protect you from the ongoing wars of terror that they have instigated, and from their inevitable consequences.

However, the vast majority of you no longer believe or support them, having made the collective decision to awaken; consequently their power structures will not survive, and all their nefarious and criminal activities will be fully exposed. When this occurs it is essential that these miscreants are treated fairly so that their trials do not degenerate into a war of vengeance against them and all who can in any way be linked to them as supporters or beneficiaries of their activities. That would only restart the whole sequence once again.

Humanity has been doing just that for far too long and needs to move off or away from the “Möbius strip” of self-empowering and self-centered activities, followed by their inevitable consequences, and the resultant harsh judgments that always leads back to the point of origination, where it all starts over again. As the well known aphorism says “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Nevertheless, some of those misguided ones may well need to be restrained so that they can inflict no further damage on society. Only Love and the guidance that engaging with It provides will enable fair treatment of those miscreants to occur, finally allowing humanity to awaken. Bitterness, hatred, and resentment directed against those who have wronged you only draws you back into the horror of the illusion.

Great changes are happening right now within your illusory world and within the corrupt administrations that have for so long ruled you – political, national, international, financial, business, religious, and industrial – and these changes are bringing about their collapse. The initial changes have been the disclosure of many corrupt and damaging activities in which they have been engaged, activities that they have kept secret and hidden. With those disclosures trust in their honesty, previously assumed, has been destroyed. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships from personal to international, and once it has been destroyed it can only be restored with great difficulty.

The Tsunami of Love is leading you all towards your inevitable awakening, and your daily setting of loving intentions takes full advantage of its most wondrous energy to share and extend Love to every place where darkness prevails. Do not miss out on your daily meditations and moments of peaceful relaxation or reflection, because you chose to be on Earth at this time to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is by doing just this – nothing more is asked of you – that the hearts of humanity are encouraged to open to the field of Love enveloping them. The Love you share collectively – everything you do you do collectively because all are one – is the collective will to awaken, and so it has to be shared to be effective.

You share it by choosing to take time out within your holy inner sanctuary and allowing God’s Love to flow through you most abundantly. Do not for a moment think that because you experience none or very little sensation of this outflowing energy that it is not flowing. I assure you that it is flowing constantly, and that its effects are beyond your wildest dreams. When you awaken all will be revealed, and you will be astounded to see how effective the loving intentions of each one of you has been. You can only change yourself, as you well know, but, since all are One, changing yourselves changes all. What you need to understand is that attempting to change another individual human does not work, while changing yourselves changes everyone.

You are divine beings of inordinate power which you put into effect every time you make a loving intent. Keep making those loving intents and awaken humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Benjamin Fulford – November 23, 2015: Khazarian mafia takedown is accelerating, making them dangerously desperate

Benjamin Fulford – November 23, 2015: Khazarian mafia takedown is accelerating, making them dangerously desperate

It is no longer good enough to passively blog about the mass murdering fascist cabal that is seizing power in the West, it is time to take direct action.

This writer is going to put his life where his word is by going at noon, Japan Standard Time on November 24th, 2015* to confront senior Khazarian cabalist mass murderers Richard Armitage, Michael Green and Kurt Campbell.

These murderers will be showing up at the Nikkei Hall in downtown Tokyo where they will be giving orders to their Japanese slave politicians and fomenting war. We will be live streaming on the internet as we try to force these criminals to answer for their crimes to the world public. It is time to make it impossible for members of the Khazarian mafia to appear in public without being confronted about their crimes and lies.

Campbell, Green and Armitage are all accessories to the murder of over 15,786 innocent Japanese citizens on March 11th, 2011. As this writer has previously written, Armitage is a heroin dealer who is also responsible for the murderer of numerous heads of state, including Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Noboru Takeshita of Japan. Kurt Campbell was tape recorded trying to bribe Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa with a monopoly on xeolite, a radiation clean up agent, immediately before the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder terror attack. Campbell was head of Asian affairs for the US State Department at the time. Michael Green, head of Mossad in Japan, has slandered this writer and forced Japanese politicians to publish essays saying the Japanese people had to obey Jews.

These people are now offering multi-billion dollar bribes to opposition politician Tooru Hashimoto in an attempt to co-opt an opposition alliance that is likely to overthrow the slave regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Sources close to Abe meanwhile say there has been a systematic assassination campaign going on against people in Abe’s immediate circle who are beginning to chafe at the orders given by Armitage and his fellow Khazarian gangsters.

We encourage all readers to phone the following places and demand the arrest of these criminals since we know an exact time and place where they will be appearing:

US White House: 1-202-456-1414
Japanese Embassy in Washington: 1-202-238-6700
US Department of Defense: 1-703-571-3343
US Justice Department: 1-202-514-2000
FBI: 1-202- 324-3000

In addition, we ask non-US readers to phone their governments and ask them to also demand the arrest of these criminals.

All readers are further encouraged to organize similar such action whenever senior cabalists and known war criminals like Henry Kissinger, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Nicholas Sarkozy, Tony Blair etc. show up in a public place. Public enablers of these criminals like Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve Board, Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank and Haruhiko Kuroda of the Bank of Japan also need to be confronted about their printing money for gangsters every time they appear in public. These people need to be named, shamed and arrested. Enough is enough. Remember nobody is above the law and these are all proven mass murderers. They need to be removed from public view and placed in jail where they belong.

OK, and now for the rest of the news. The world power struggle is intensifying with a now public and undeniable military blockade of Israel and its proxies in the Middle East. This is being admitted even on websites like DEBKA that are linked to Israeli Mossad intelligence. DEBKA is saying Iranian planes are attacking near the Syrian/Israeli border while the grounded Israeli air-force looks helplessly on.

A Russian, French and American fleet is now operating off the coast of Israel as part of a campaign to force that rogue state to cease is incessant promotion of terrorism and war. The Russians and their allies, including the US Pentagon and now the French are also targeting the large corporations such as Exxon Mobil, Haliburton and BP plus their owners the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bush etc. families, Pentagon sources say. In particular, Exxon Mobil and BP have been identified as the real controllers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia which are, in turn, the chief sponsors of ISIS, Pentagon, French and Russian sources agree.

The Russians deliberately leaked information about a nuclear torpedo recently. They also fired cruise missiles from a submarine in the Mediterranean. Russian nuclear armed bombers are also patrolling the airspace around Israeli borders escorted by Iranian fighter jets. The message being sent is that the oil company colony of brainwashed Europeans known as Israel can be “nuked, tsunamied and EMPed into oblivion at a moment’s notice,” Pentagon officials noted.

War criminal and mass murderer Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, fearing retribution, called Russian President Vladimir Putin to beg for mercy in response to these moves, the Pentagon officials said.

However, the Russians, French and US military are in no mood for appeasement. The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning ISIS meaning that all major powers, including China, are moving against it.

Since ISIS is a front for the Khazarian mafia this means all their proxies are now being shut down. In particular, Mossad linked companies are being removed from jobs related to security at airports, power plants etc.

Companies like BP and Exxon that have been buying oil from ISIS are also likely to face sanctions even as their senior shareholders are hunted down, Pentagon and CIA sources said.

In addition, measures are being taken to prevent the manufactured Syrian refugee crisis from being used to infiltrate saboteurs and agents into Europe and the US from the Middle East and elsewhere.

French Journalist Thierry Meysson, the man who first reported lies in the official 911 story, has also identified the hedge fund KKR and of course the mercenary company Academi as key players in the fake Islamic terror racket. Hero Meysson has recently published a ground breaking report on what really happened with the Paris Friday the 13th “massacre.”

Whatever the true motives of the French attack, French authorities are using it as an excuse to declare martial law and crack down on all fifth columnists in their country.

In any case, the French government has other reasons to wish for martial law. The head of a large French corporation supplying the French army contacted this writer last week to say he had not been paid by the French government for his services in over 8 months. As a result of that he had to lay off 400 employees, he says.

If we recall, the original Friday the 13th massacre in October of 1307 was used as a pretext by the bankrupt French king to seize the assets of the Knights Templar. In this case, the Templars would be the Rothschilds and their banker buddies.

Other European countries, notably the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are also facing bankruptcy so there is growing pressure there as well to seize funds fraudulently taken from the people by privately owned central banks. The gnostic illuminati view this as a golden opportunity to make their move against inbred European bloodline banking families.

The United States is also bankrupt so there is a strong incentive there as well to seize assets earned fraudulently by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. One recent sign of US bankruptcy is a 70% drop in freight charges from the US to Asia in the past three weeks.

This is a good indication the Americans are unable to pay for their Christmas goodies from China this year.

Another recent sign is the publicly admitted bankruptcy of the US semi-state of Puerto Rico.

Then there is the fact that tax accountants are reporting their clients’ income is falling, making it obvious to all the government is lying about the state of the economy.

The answer, for many, especially honest low paid members of the law enforcement and military professions, is to legally seek the return of funds stolen by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

Already, senior Khazarian agents like George Soros, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and others are also facing “serious consequences” in the US for their anti-social activities. Pentagon sources are saying Hillary Clinton will soon face criminal charges and the assets of the Clinton Foundation may soon be seized.

In what is probably a related move, a Senior Chinese agent in Japan offered this week to donate $100 billion worth of Clinton issued “Kennedy bonds,” to the White Dragon Foundation, presumably as a way to get around expected asset forfeiture.

The White Dragon Society prefers that forensic accountants identify the people behind the foundations that control most of the world’s stock markets and force them to return funds they stole through fraudulent fiat (money out of thin air) bank crime.

The White Dragon Foundation is also willing to accept funds dedicated towards setting up a meritocratically staffed, transparently run future planning agency dedicated towards creating paradise on earth.

It is time to end forever the mass murdering Khazarian mafia tyranny.

Also, because we were hacked last week by Khazarian agents, we ask our subscribers to please ignore the usual Thursday embargo and post this weeks’ entire report on as many sites as possible.

27th November 2015. Mike Quinsey.

27th November 2015. Mike Quinsey.

Although there is no let-up in the events on Earth that are leading to the loss of life, what you are seeing is the outworking of karma that needs to be cleared. Soon the opportunity to do so will pass, and as the vibrations continue to rise the negative energies will fade away. Already the changes are speeding up, and it is seen that there is hope for a more peaceful life. Those of you who proudly carry the Light and do not engage with the dark Ones are leading the march towards freedom. These are the times of great changes that will not be stopped, that will announce the coming of the New Age. At many points upon the Earth the beginning of it is being laid down, so that once it commences it will quickly progress all over the Earth.

Be aware that there are powerful forces all around you, and when they come together there will be a sudden surge in positive activity. You will then know beyond any doubt that the New Age is really under way and that there will be no going back to the old paradigm.  For some time now you have been given indications of what type of changes is going to take place. There will be a swift advancement that will bring in welcome changes that will clearly indicate the direction you going in. The old will disappear very quickly, as the changes advance you to a new level of life. In time the inequality that many experience now will be eradicated, and all will finally have a very acceptable level of life.

Now is the time to access what you have achieved in your life, and whether you need to make some final changes. Some may find it difficult to do, but if you feel the least bit dissatisfied then you clearly have some changes to make. Most of you are well advanced in clearing your karma and whatever is left after the changes come, will receive Dispensation. By now most of you should have cleared all of your karma except perhaps for minor matters that will certainly not hold you back. When you entered this life time you knew exactly what your plan was, and all through your life you have had immense help to fulfil it.  Be assured that no one will have been given more than they could handle.

As souls that are more aware than most, you can offer your advice where you believe it can help another soul. How far you go is dependent on what you feel that one will be able to understand and act upon. Clearly those who have advanced in their understanding are the most suitable ones to help others. As the vibrations are lifted up many more souls will awaken to the truth, and spreading it will become much easier. Encouragement should be given so as to get others to seek the truth for themselves, as the new energies are opening people’s minds to it.

Where you see people engaged in negative activities send them your love, and wish understanding for them so that they may be able to overcome them. Some souls are still unable to lift themselves up out of the lower vibrations, but there is always something to learn from any situation they find themselves in. Remember that each soul you encounter is either your brother or sister, and in essence no different to what you are. All are travelling a path back to the Light but simply at a different point along it, so no one is really better than another. Soon more advanced souls will come to the fore who have incarnated especially to serve others at this most important time.

The Galactic Forces are making sure the dark ones are held in check, so as to ensure that they are unable to interfere with the plan that will ensure your Ascension. It only takes a few of them to cause mayhem, but now that the armed forces are taking a more positive role to ensure peace, their activities will be curtailed. The dark Ones have penetrated all levels of Humanity, but they are now being recognised for what they are. Once brought into the open they cannot proceed as before when they hid behind others who carried out their orders. They will eventually be arrested and answer for their crimes against Humanity. It may sound odd but we ask you to send them Light so as to help them rise up again, but no one should wish to see another soul flounder as you are All One.

It will be some time before the Galactic Forces can safely land on Earth, but that is their intention before very long. Then there shall be great celebrations to welcome the end of the rule of the dark Ones. These events will take place in most of your lifetimes and are not many years away. As it draws near so you shall learn much more about them, although you already have some idea from what you have learnt in recent times. As all of your changes are occurring, so Mother Earth will be making hers and the ultimate aim is to return it to pristine condition. At such a time the lower vibrations will no longer be present, and duality will have long disappeared.

As time passes you will do more work with the Galactic Forces, but still have the opportunity to follow your own desires. At such times you will entirely work for the Light and be able to do so in absolute freedom from any interference. You will choose the nature of your work and with whom you wish to do it with, although there will be plenty of good advice available to you. You will have unbounded freedom with very few restraints. At present some people still speak of having freedom, but it is only within the boundaries set by the Illuminati who have slowly introduced more and more restraints. That will of course change very soon and gradually your freedom will be restored.

Whatever level you find yourselves on never forget that you are a Being of Love and Light and it is your natural state. It is why you are encouraged to treat others with the respect and love you also desire from all of those around you. The giving of love freely without any expectation of love in return is how you will live your life. However, as you will be with other souls similar to your level, you will almost certainly receive as good as you have given. Your lives on Earth will have given you the strength of character to face any tests with confidence.

Be confident in whatever you do and know that this cycle unlike earlier ones, will end with success and Ascension for those who are already prepared. Some of you are uncertain as to whether you have achieved the required level of vibration to do so. If you have been positive and at all times tried to work within the Light, you are certain to ascend. Ascension is not intentionally made hard to achieve, and how well you do is entirely up to you. However, with good intentions and living to your best understanding of what is required to live in the Light, you will have done what is needed.
The Light quotient on Earth is increasing all of the time, and as more souls draw it to themselves it will continue to do so. Keep it coming and you will be helping Humanity to rise up. I bless all
souls wherever they are on the ladder of Light.

I am Mike Quinsey and send all of you Love and Blessings.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, November 28 – Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Ginormous sundog" taken by wise owl harriet

“Ginormous sundog” taken by wise owl harriet

THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, November 28 – Sunday, November 29, 2015