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Monday, January 20, 2020

Blue Dawn by Cobra | The Portal

Age of Aquarius meditation was very successful and we have reached the critical mass, albeit barely. Around 150,000 people were actively participating:
This was just enough to push us over the energy threshold into the next phase of the Compression Breakthrough, the bubble rising subphase of the nucleation phase (number III in the diagram):

This subphase will see an exponential growth of Bubbles of Heaven within quarantine Earth. Bubbles of Heaven are pure luminous undistorted space time continuum anomaly-free emanations of the Source into 11th dimensional brane world space time continuum.
This practically means that there will be more and more Light present on the surface of the planet, this Light will grow exponentially faster and faster until it explodes into the Compression Breakthrough. We have now officially entered into the last phase before the Event.
As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all plasma toplet bomb layers, except the last one, were removed.
All Chimera that were living in physical spider bodes in underground bases have been successfully removed.
There is still a small group of plasma Chimera spiders and they are in the last stage of removal.
The physical Chimera group is very small, yet still quite strong although it has suffered a significant loss of power in the days around Saturn-Pluto conjunction.
There is a small main Chimera group still present in DARPA and the previous director of DARPA Steven Walker has just resigned, effectively on January 10th, the day of the Lunar eclipse just preceding our activation:


Steven Walker was instrumental in development of ZION control matrix network:
This DARPA Chimera group extends some of its influence into this place:
Which has just announced a very troubling progress in development of quantum network technologies:
There is a second even smaller Chimera group present in the US Space Command and it is interesting to note that the new chief of US Space Command took his position just two days after our activation:
The purpose of US Space Command is not disclosure, as some erroneously believe, it was created as a Chimera defense force against Galactic Confederation which is taking over sublunar space and now also Near Earth orbital space:
As the Galactic Confederation fleet approaches closer to the surface as weeks and months go by, there will be more and more contact established. Therefore it is very relieving to see that more and more people understand that Prime Directive (non-intervention principle) is a lie and a construct of Archon mind programming:


Another sign that we are close to the breakthrough is the dimming of Betelgeuse:
Betelgeuse is a star in Orion constellation and its dimming is a sign of the end of duality, as triangulation of Orion is nearing its completion.
Betelgeuse is expected to become a supernova within the next 100,000 years and its current dimming is a sign that it may already be entering the supernova phase.
A gravitational wave in the region of Betelgeuse, a first potential sign of supernova explosion, has been detected just two days after our activation:
If you have a chance to go outside on a clear starry night, you will see that Orion does not look familiar, as the upper left star is much fainter than it usually was. This is Betelgeuse.
The light curve of Betelgeuse is regularly updated here:
The energies around Age of Aquarius activation were so strong that one aspect of planetary kundalini was activated and many volcanoes worldwide were releasing ash into the atmosphere to release the pent up pressure:
Tael volcano in Philippines actually erupted DURING the activation itself, the eruption starting 7 minutes before the scheduled beginning of mediation:
The level 2 alert was issued 19 minutes after the start of our meditation, just in the moment when most people were concluding the suggested 20 minutes of meditation:
The alert level was raised to level 4 one hour and half later, and right now it still stays there.
This release of volcanic activity is actually a good thing, as it dissipates a lot of pressure that was held in the planetary energy grid and thus prevents potential more deadly earthquakes ad cataclysmic events.
To answer the question many people are asking, the deeper story behind the assassination of Soleimani is regime change in Iran in order to preserve the petrodollar system:
Iran owns the second printing press for US dollars, and US Treasury and the Fed hate competition when they create money out of thin air:
Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal.
Now the whole financial system got addicted to easy Fed liquidity injections and if the Fed would stop financing repo operations, the system would crash immediately:
Sources are stating that behind the scenes, the Fed is also assisting with liquidity to keep European and Chinese banks and financial institutions afloat, to prevent the collapse:
Extremely strong cosmic energies now entering quarantine Earth will finally begin to remove trillions upon trillions of Reptilian entities that still exist on plasma and etheric planes as the last remnant of 1996 invasion. Many of those entities are entering broken human auras and are strongly influencing human behavior.
The vast majority of those entities will be removed in coming weeks and months, which will be a big relief for humanity.
Some of those entities were and still are controlling people who infiltrated my teams. A very precise and efficient protocol was activated by the Resistance last summer to remove compromised people from my network and this process is now mainly complete.
A new and much purer infrastructure is hereby being activated and is now ready to assist in our mission to bring in the Age of Aquarius.
The new official Cobra facebook page, named Age of Aquarius, is here:
The previous Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation), recently hijacked and currently renamed to “Working together for Gaia’s – etheric – and physical – liberation now”, has no connection with Resistance Movement whatsoever and if you have ever joined that group in hope of contributing to our mission, now it is a good time to leave if you feel so guided.
Our official Youtube channel is here:
This Youtube channel will post main videos for potential future meditations / activations.
I am also in constant communication with the creators of this amazing website, which is constantly posting updated mass meditations that are needed in ever changing planetary situation:


The official Sisterhood of the Rose page is here:
Prepare For Change is a global organization that was created at Cobra conference in Laguna Beach in 2013 with the purpose of preparing the surface population for the coming changes. Their official website is here:
They have asked me to tell that a fake, imposter site, named “Prepare For Change Leadership” has nothing to do with the real Prepare For Change organization.
It is interesting to note that similar things that were happening to me behind the scenes were also happening to Corey Goode and David Wilcock, as you can hear in their interviews:
Needless to say, the following weeks and months will be very exciting and definitely not boring, as we delve deeper into the energies of the coming Age of Aquarius.
The Blue Dawn, the dawn of the new era, is here.
And for the end of Age of Aquarius activation report…when the Blue comes…in the flash of the moment…all that is Done will be Undone:
Victory of the Light!

Return To Your Truth: Join us Friday – January 10 2020 for the: “Opposing Tyranny” Mass Meditation (Times & Links) + FM144 Confirms – Do The Provided Protection Protocol in The 144K Member’s Area

Return To Your Truth: (Meditation Times & Links) + FM144 Confirms

– Do The Provided Protection Protocol in The 144K Member’s Area

Click the image above for a deeply inspiring short message from 144K Members in Malaysia.

You can use this link to share the video with others:

Timezones, Descriptions

& Links for all 3 Mass Meditations

are at the bottom of this brief !

(Note: If you are using gmail, you may need to click

VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE at the bottom left of this email

to read the whole thing.)

FM144 has just posted an update ... stressing the importance of being pro-active about using the most powerful protection method you know of … BEFORE the massive ‘D-Day Trifecta’ of Jan 10, 11 & 12 for all Starseeds.




The 144K will be doing this meditation in sync with all other meditators around the world at the END of our SATURDAY meditation.

The 144K will be doing a guided for the coming Age of Aquarius in sync with the one being done by Justin Deschamps, Laura Eisenhower, and Corey Goode on SUNDAY.

” … We are once again experiencing a heavy attack wave of the Dark Ones, who, of course, want to use the coming planetary constellation and lunar eclipse this weekend for heir own “unholy” purposes and prevent/throttle down meditations/operations of the LFs on this special date.


The quote above yet again clarifies what I … Cobra … and others neck-deep in liberation operations have been saying – that “if it’s written in the stars … it will STAY in the stars …”

There’s always the lower-astrological-octave-possibilities that are a risk of manifesting, as with any astrological event …

… and believe me, those things are NOT loooooovely!

Therefore it is important to stay focused, conscious and centered, no matter what happens on the outside.​ 

Spread this far & wide (or contribute below) and be sure to show-up on the non-physical & not let any ‘last minute thing’ (ie: darkness) prevent you from participating  … because our moral/soul obligation to Goddess Gaia is to ensure this does NOT result in a stalemate confrontation or ‘partial’ success.

As further preparation & motivation … if you haven’t yet downloaded or listened to my discussion with Laura Eisenhower in this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command about the upcoming energetic show-down, (3 Mass Meditations) it’s right here:​.

For the 144K Protection Protocol … click on the ‘144k Free Session/Tools‘ tab at the top of the:

144k Member’s Area




To every one of you who has helped with a donation, so that we can promote this meditation and achieve critical mass!!!

Every single donation, large or small, is making a HUGE difference.

The heart energy of your contributions creates a unified field of DETERMINED energy and a strong VOTE to liberate this planet NOW.

Any and all funds also help raise global awareness for this life changing Age of Aquarius Activation in a big way.

We will send Thank-You’s out to everyone of you individually after the meditation, because right now every waking moment needs to be spent on promotion for the Age of Aquarius Activation on a wide variety of platforms.

Donations for the 144k Outreach Campaign for this meditation can still be made here:





Time & Links 

For the 144k Advanced Mass Meditations


Friday’s Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Clear the tense energies around this Eclipse

& transmute all darkness and plasma anomaly

affecting the situation


Date: Fri, January 10th

Join Time: 1 PM EST 

Start Time: 1:10pm 

Duration: 1-2 hours

Your Time-zone:

Live Guided Broadcast:




Saturday Night/Sunday’s Age of Aquarius Activation

Send a coherent signal out to the Universe

& our Galactic Brothers & Sisters

that we want Gaia liberated NOW 


Date: Saturday night midnight/Sunday, January 12th

Join Time: 12 AM EST

(for those in the Americas – it is recommended you sleep in the afternoon. Black Covens will be at the height of their rituals at midnight)

Start Time: 12:10 am EST (the 12th) 

Duration: 1-2 hours

Your Time-zone:

Live Guided Broadcast:




 Sunday’s Guided Visualization


the Age of Aquarius  

in the way that WE THE PEOPLE

want to see it unfold

Date: Sunday, January 12th

Join Time: 10AM EST 

Start Time: 10:10am EST 

Duration: 20mins approx

Your Time-zone:

Live Guided Broadcast:–sundays-144k-mass-meditation

Let’s show’em who’s boss …

See you on the non-physical!

You know where to find me & The Teams …

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

Support The 144k Rate of Growth & Your Soul Mission – Click Here
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Ram Dass, Beloved Spiritual Teacher, Has Died | Tricycle

Trike Daily News Obituaries

Ram Dass, Beloved Spiritual Teacher, Has Died | Tricycle

The American spiritual leader, yogi, counterculture icon, and Be Here Now author has died. He was 88.

By Joan Duncan Oliver

Kelly M Beard: Season of Light, Gratitude + Giving

Season of Light, Gratitude + Giving

*NEW* Audio Link to this Post HERE (4-min/mp3)
PLEASE NOTE that I have created the audio link above
for those times it is easier to LISTEN than READ.

I’m so glad to connect with you during this *Season of Light, Gratitude & Giving*! I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for you, my Community. Without you to read or listen to what I share, I’d just be creating in a vacuum, which is no fun. It’s because of you that my words or concepts have LIFE! I believe we are having an *energetic exchange* when we connect and I always want it to be stimulating, enlightening, uplifting & reassuring in this crazy, transitional time in Earth’s Story. We’re all in this together!

We need each other’s perspectives & support as we navigate truly new territory on grander scales than our little human mind can actually process in its entirety. We have to break it into pieces to figure it all out sometimes. I love sharing the day-to-day energies that we have to navigate with and I really love supporting you as an individual. I think if we get our individual selves together, then the globe will be okay. My life’s work is dedicated to supporting our wholeness so that we are more effective teammates in other realms.

I feel privileged to witness your individual evolutions and many of you have traveled with me since 1999 – which makes 2019 our 20-year anniversary (OMG!) and ironically, brings another evolution for me too. In 1999, I started Cosmic Switchboard, then in 2007, I created Karmic Tools and now I am knee-deep in developing Kelly M Beard herself (and her service to the world). It would seem that I went from connecting with cohorts to creating tools for us to play with to finding my SoulSelf, my true purpose and finally, a sense of wholeness within that makes me a better instrument for good in the world.

I am so grateful to have all of you in my corner and many of you have held my hand too, through the intensity of individual transformation that we all have to do. And I really love & appreciate you for that. Thank you for being part of my ever-expanding Circle of dedicated students of Life, lightworkers & wayshowers on the Path, and master teachers sharing their Wisdom along the way. Not to mention our Invisible Support Team – they are very important too! So Infinite Gratitude to the Ancestors who brought me YOU!

I believe that anytime you lock-eyes with someone, whether you speak or not, you have known them in other lifetimes. That is tricky on the world.wide.web. but I have to say that if you’re reading (or hearing) this, then I feel we are truly connected in a sacred & meaningful way. I love the way the Universe always provides us with people for the perfect season and all the right reasons. Onward & Upward! I look forward to all that we will create & explore together going forward. I’m hopping OFF this computer more often and hoping to connect with you all IN-PERSON more often ~ around the globe. That’s the other thing, I have a seriously international crew here – so even if you’re in another country, I encourage you to reach out to discuss possibilities! I want to connect & collaborate in the new year.

Much Love & Many Blessings!  OneLove, Kelly

* * Copyright © 2000-2019 * Kelly M Beard *
All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy/redistribute
Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that
it’s distributed freely, content remains intact
and includes contact/link back to post.

Sasha Bonasin: What YOU Need To KNOW Right NOW 🔮 ALL SIGNS – Tarot Horoscope ⭐️✨ + 11 Signs SPIRITS Are Wanting To Contact YOU! ♥️🦋

What YOU Need To KNOW Right NOW 🔮 ALL SIGNS – Tarot Horoscope ⭐️✨

Oct 31, 2019

138K subscribers

Important messages on what you need to know right now. This messages are indeed for all twelve signs of Zodiac. By psychic medium Sasha Bonasin.

listen to introduction, then your sign:


ARIES♈ 4:24

TAURUS♉ 11:24

GEMINI♊ 19:11

CANCER♋ 24:52

LEO♌ 32:00

VIRGO♍ 38:57

LIBRA♎ 46:18

SCORPIO♏ 52:36


CAPRICORN♑ 1:05:15

AQUARIUS♒ 1:11:19

PISCES♓ 1:17:08

Selacia: Focusing Your Mind During Chaos – Role of Your Spiritual Heart

Selacia Article * Predictions 2019 eBook * Info on Upcoming:
November 9 Spiritual Heart Meditation
Your Cosmic Self & You – Prepare for 2020 course
We’re now sitting in a powerful and intense cycle of Scorpio energy – bringing to the surface emotions and power plays of both a personal and societal nature. Simultaneously, this energy can catalyze revelations and surprises beneficial for your spiritual path. A key challenge in accessing these benefits is being able to focus your mind during chaos. Continue reading to better understand this challenge and the role of your spiritual heart in accessing clarity before taking action.

As a reminder, we live in unprecedented times. This requires regular updating of approaches for navigating the world. As the chaos of society’s massive overhaul unfolds we are learning to adapt more quickly than our ancestors could.

This speedy adaptation is essential and it’s an ongoing thing for each of us. I mention this so you can come back to context of the big picture. We are conditioned to compare things with what happened before, and what we did before.

That linear perspective is not only unworkable for living as quantum beings, but it won’t support us in adapting with increasing quickness to this modern form of chaos. We must be flexible, open, and available for shifting on a dime!

Don’t let that scare you. Your life is purposeful, not accidental. It’s important to remember this daily. Trust that you will be intuitively shown what you need to evolve. Stay present. Meditate and do your spiritual practice daily. Inquire within as much or more than you inquire in your outside world.

Spiritual Heart Wisdom
Deep within you is your enlightened spiritual heart. It can help you see the truth of things. It can help you bring your focus back to what’s important when you start worrying or ruminating. It knows what’s good for you – on a spiritual level – beyond what your human eyes can see. When you get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what you need to engage with on a daily basis – your spiritual heart can help you come back to yourself and what’s essential in the moment.

Energies to Watch
During the remainder of October and into November are some key energies to watch.

Scorpio New Moon – October 27-28
: This moon is likely to catalyze very deep feelings. Extremely old wounds may arise surprisingly after you see a longtime friend or view something online. Emotions may be on the surface in all kinds of conversations, reflecting upset with happenstance. To benefit most, apply your spiritual tools and take time daily to go within and be still.

Mercury Retrograde – October 31-November 20:
The most obvious impact is communications, sometimes leading to missed meetings or misunderstandings about what was said. During an intense time like we have now, cycles like retrogrades tend to feel amplified. Do your best to be calm. One day at a time, staying present to yourself and your inner guidance about how to respond.

Moving Into November
: As we begin November you may notice more hidden information coming to light regarding things that were hidden. These certainly will be societal in nature, but we’re all personally impacted.

Consider this
: Oftentimes our conditioned self will suppress information it doesn’t want to see or deal with. It’s like a protective shield. In these times of radical changes, the sheer momentum of so much shifting in the outer world can dismantle that shield. All of a sudden, it seems, we can see something about ourselves that we couldn’t access before. These self-realizations can be just what we needed to break out of our self-imposed protection – becoming more free and able to shine our light.


Copyright by Selacia – a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.


Below the photo – offerings:

1-Next Meditation – November 9 Spiritual Heart  6:30pm live/recorded teleclass

2-Divine ChangemakersYour Cosmic Self & You course open to all!
3-“Predictions 2019” eBook available now – Your Guide to the Year
4-Council of 12-energized Crystal Pyramids, Merkabas, Crystal Bowls

5-Private 1-1 Sessions with Selacia from any location worldwide

See the rest here:



•Sep 26, 2019
#DivineMasculine #DivineFeminine #September

This reading for the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine for the end of September 2019-

I will be posting element DM/DF readings on Patreon for October soon and am working on posting a sleep meditation on Patreon within the next few days 🙂

Thank you to Patrons for your channel support!

Thank you to anyone that has donated to the channel, I am grateful.

#DivineMasculine #DivineFeminine #September #reading #twinsouls #Twinflames #Trinity #awakening #polarityShift #Tarot


Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 2nd – 8th Sep 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE

Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 2nd – 8th Sep 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Published on Sep 1, 2019

Weekly horoscope tarot readings from the 2nd – 8th September 2019, by psychic Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice. This week is bringing us a new inspiration, insight and hope and a contact with someone who will dramatically change our life.


This week will bring a rather major turning point indeed especially when it comes to finances, relationships and love. Important time when it comes to future planning in general as this week is bringing us the energy of visualisation, intuition which will reflect a lot on our future planning. Love, Peace & Harmony 💜

This horoscope tarot readings are for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Pisces.


ARIES♈ 00:21.

LIBRA ♎ 1:16:37

TAURUS♉ 9:42. .

SCORPIO♏ 1:32:25

GEMINI♊ 21:51.


CANCER♋ 32:56.

CAPRICORN♑ 1:58:51

LEO♌ 43:25.

AQUARIUS♒ 2:14:22

VIRGO♍ 58:49. .

PISCES♓ 2:32:19


The Boldness of Authenticity; A Life Beyond Choices | Message from Ailia & The Council of Radiant Light


The Boldness of Authenticity; A Life Beyond Choices

Message from Ailia & The Council of Radiant Light

It takes courage, and boldness in life to do what feels right to you.

So much of life is telling you what you should do. This has been part of your experience, for as long as you can remember.

All around you are messages explaining and spelling out what it takes to succeed, accomplish, “be all you can be.” Ideas of right and wrong, but even beyond that, subtle messages that you aren’t good enough and you need to do more.

This idea of “making the most of your life,” is often so interwoven with messages that basically tell you, that you should push yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.

That you can’t trust your feelings and if you want to have a great life you need to do more. The clear message is that meaning and purpose, fulfillment and value in life come from doing more. And? If you’re not happy, or feeling the way you want about your life, not getting the results that you want, the answer? You should try harder and overcome your resistance to the things you don’t naturally feel like doing.

All in all, these messages say: AS YOU ARE, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, YOU’RE NOT OKAY.

Icky, isn’t it?

Given all of this, most people have some conditioning to feel that action and doing is what matters in life and typically that they “should be doing more.”

When what they feel like doing/being isn’t doing more – isn’t about trying, striving, improving or doing it “the right way”… then there is inner conflict.

We’d like you to realize inner conflict is a sign the Greater Self within you isn’t joining the “not enough party”… We’d like you to consider that BEING is enough.

Being YOU, Your Way, is Enough.

And more than that – living that way WORKS. Doing what feels right to you, what’s natural for you, what feels in harmony with who you truly are isn’t a choice that means giving up well-being and a beautiful life…it’s the choice that makes that possible, with ease and grace.

We’d like to suggest that inner harmony be your guide for life. We invite you to gift yourself with that as a possible way of navigating life, so you can feel the immense ease, grace and abundance that is available to you.

Abundance and well-being abound. You’ve heard this and some part of you deep within senses the truth of it. You may wonder WHAT is keeping you from experiencing it? What if it’s simply being at odds with yourself?

You can only receive / perceive that which is resonant with your energy.

We want you to realize (through your own experience) that by being yourself, being naturally as you are, being in ways that you love being and enjoy, ways that FEEL GOOD TO YOU, then, you are of the greatest service to LIFE and you empower your own well-being.

We know that if you experiment with making this your priority in life – to live in harmony with your Greater Self, your soul… with who you truly are, you will find great relief. You will learn that our promise that this can work for you, is real and also that as you live this way you will discover “Hey! I feel good!

Your body, when you’re doing what feels natural to you, feels good. It feels relaxed and at ease. Your mind when you’re doing what feels natural to you, is calm and clear. Your spirit, when you’re doing what feels natural, true to you, is able to give to you, fully and without limitation. You can easily be fulfilled.

Naturalness is a good guide for knowing. When you’re in sync with your Greater Self, there isn’t really even choice in the moment, there is just knowing. Authenticity is a way of being and doing in which you are moving and flowing, in a way that is beyond thinking, or figuring things out. There is simply natural movement arising from your own presence. Doing. Being. All very natural. The balance of doing/being, also very natural. And dynamic.

So this doesn’t mean predictability, or certainty. It doesn’t mean consistency or habit. These things can serve you when you embrace them to accomplish inner harmony, but remember what the aim is here – being true to you. Not following a list, or doing some plan.

When you embrace a life oriented to your own alignment, there is freshness. You’ll discover more energy, experience spontaneity, synchronicity and a deep feeling of well being. Life lightens up! Its more fun and fun things happen more often. Meanwhile, your presence has a genuineness that is radiant, true and so easy to be around.

We invite you to consider your relationship to inner harmony…to your priorities in life, to your criteria for living.

It takes boldness to live a life that is true to you, making your inner knowing the authority. The promise of this way of living is everything; it brings you into unity with All that you are, and all that is. Even though many messages tell you this won’t work, why don’t you see for yourself?

See if you like it. See if you feel better. Discover what comes and what goes in your life as you line up with YOU.

Your life can be clear and coherent and the pleasure of embodiment, a familiar experience. This experience is always available to you, right here, right now.

We share this message so it may encourage and embolden you to relax and let go a bit…to tune into yourself more and honor you. To serve as a reminder to you, of who you truly are, how life really works and encourage you to remember – you have intrinsic capacity for embodiment, and your own feelings of harmony within you, can be your reliable guide in every moment. There is the potential for great joy being you, here.

We love you very much.

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – July 15, 2019

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – July 15, 2019

Good morning! Continuing on … You have spoken of ‘topsy turviness and upsidedownness’ often. In our news it has been revealed that the leader of the biggest child trafficking organisation in the world has been arrested, which will lead on to many ‘celebrities’ being uncovered for hideous crimes committed. Is this what you have been speaking of? Thank you.

Welcome Dearest Souls. We find ourselves ever closer to your thoughts and sentiments … for the closer we are able to ‘connect’ with you all, the more we are able to ‘understand’ things from an Earthly perspective. We are able to ‘read’ your thoughts more clearly, now that the Energies are settling and blending.

Are they settling? Doesn’t necessary feel like it.

Yes. The initial ones are … which have made a clearer pathway. Yet, Energies rolling in shall continue a flow filtering through now … to lift you up … build you up … and pave the way.

We shall address your question first and foremost.

This is indeed that which we have been speaking of. The arrest of this gentleman has/will open the biggest can of rancid worms … and uncover movements that one could not possibly conjure up in their darkest nightmares. This is why we implore you to …


TO SHINE IN YOUR TRUE COLOURS … because when such ‘News’ is presented and brought out to the public … it will certainly be necessary for you to do so.

For a while … there shall be much ‘culling’ of what can be and what cannot be divulged. For indeed, many will be so appalled that there is a possibility of much uprising amongst the people. People, as we have said, will not know what to believe is True … for much will seem literally impossible for a human being to stoop to such levels.

There are many celebrities fearing for their lives and not knowing where to hide for safety.

Yet, it is law that you reap what you sow and may we say, some of the seeds that have been sown by so called people of status, are far from what one would or could possibly expect.

So much is to be exposed and when it is … each shall then open up to yet something else. For it is not just within the said child abuse/trafficking that is to come out. All of this shall lead to uncovering’s of manipulation of your people. We would go as far as to say … ‘Slavery of your people’. Those with a great deal of power and money have taken advantage of their position and now they shall have to deal with the repercussions of such.

We can say without question … it shall not be a pretty sight.

It all sounds rather horrific and yet, you have prepared us for such for a long time and now it seems here it is.

And this is why, Dearest Blossom and all … we have continued to shower you with our Love and expressed the essential need for you to discover THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

For without that KNOWING with inside of yourselves, it will be very difficult to cope with these coming days … for they shall hit you like a ton of bricks.

Please KNOW we are not trying to be negative … we are simply preparing you … for this is not a small matter that will just roll on by.

THIS is the beginning of THE CHANGE … in a way that can be tangibly experienced. There shall be no more ‘Well I’ll believe it when I see it’ … for as trials that have already taken place shall reveal … there is no going back now and your world is about to turn on its head.

Again … it is our purpose to continue to express the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for your strength to shine through.

When things come out … when souls cannot deal with these things …


It is then you you keep saying this to yourselves over and over …


Over and over repeat this within your Being … for not only shall it give you strength … it is the call that goes out into the beyond to gather your tribes together and BE ONE.


And through this KNOWING you will be encouraged … and you shall feel the Love and the back up from all Angels and Light Beings and sources from other worlds.

For they too have been awaiting to hear this call … from you!


Billions of Light forces from ‘Everywhere’ shall heed your call and come to join you.

They too have been preparing for this time …


Far out! My heart is all a flutter. May I ask where you stand within all this? Just in case we need beaming up!

We are with you 100%. All the way.

For this is what we have been preparing you for. We certainly do not feel that we have ‘done our job and we’ll be off then!’

That’s handy to know!

We shall be where we have always been … in your hearts.

I guess what I am asking is, within all this … when all these atrocities are out in the open and uprisings and upside-down-ness etc. are taking place … can we expect any ‘tangible’ assistance from you?

There will indeed be ‘signs’ of what is to come. Signs, not only from your skies, yet, other phenomena also.


When you say other phenomena, what do you mean?

In that, with this strength you bring forth … you shall also allow yourselves to ‘step deeper into your True Beingness’ … which will provide you with ‘Powers and abilities’ that have been in slumber.

Darn … I knew I shouldn’t have thrown out my superwoman outfit!

Psychic abilities … Healing abilities … ‘Knowings’ that you didn’t know you knew shall be in the forefront of your everyday movements.

It will seem as if the ‘training’ is over … (for want of a way of describing) and you WARRIORS OF LIGHT are ready now to walk into the field.

You have been preparing for this, for so long.

You have waited so diligently.

You have had times when you thought you would give up and give in.

Yet, here you are … READY!



This waiting has been relevant to the jigsaw pieces being put in place and the picture although not of the prettiest … is complete.


Although that which is revealed will feel so grim and ‘mind blowing’ … for it WILL blow your minds, Dearest Ones…





In order for you to MOVE INTO THE GOLDEN LAND.

YOU ARE IN IT NOW. Yet, the darkness must now leave for ever … and it shall.

Revealing to you … Opening up to you …

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LIGHT that you are now free to live within.

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LOVE that was buried upon your Planet eons ago.

The rightful and fitting Energy of your Divine Mother Earth is once again to HOLD HER OWN.






Dearest Souls … BE yourselves.

The moment of Glory is upon you.

How we have waited, like you … to be this close.

I can certainly feel the energy pounding through my Being. Any other advice?


Ask yourself if what you are presented with is Truth or lies?

Do this by taking a few deep breaths and FEEL that which your heart is telling you.

This is the only way you will KNOW.

Sometimes I have tried to do that … and I am still unsure.

Then breathe some more … Sit with it for as little while longer … and ask for the answer to be felt by you.

There may be much conflict and discussion amongst many as to what is Truth and not only that … the correct way of it being dealt with. For such much anger and hatred will come up to the surface for many … And it is YOUR LIGHT AND LOVE that needs to balance these Energies out.

We do not expect you to not experience this for yourselves … for there will be much delving into your ‘knowledge base’ in order to ‘understand’ the bigger picture and even more understanding required in order to be able to ‘Forgive from your heart’.

Yes. I know it may be tricky to understand where these ‘beings’ were ‘coming from’ to even conjure up a notion of certain behaviours, let alone be able to just ‘Forgive them’.

Yet, may we then suggest you ‘Forgive’ in a general manner? Offer out the Energy of Forgiveness as A WHOLE … FOR ALL THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE … TO ALL THAT ARE IN NEED OF THIS LOVE … Perhaps do not focus on any one particular event … should it be that your ‘mind’ finds that too difficult, yet, as we say … Send out Loving Forgiveness … AS A WHOLE … TO THE WHOLE.

Thank you. I think many may benefit from that suggestion.


So in the toughest of times …


That which is TO BE will allow you to KNOW A PEACE upon your Planet that She has not felt for so, so long … that the feeling is almost forgotten.

Yet, it shall be as if a spell has been lifted as in a fairy story and the land shall once again be …

Full of sunshine lollipops and rainbows?

Oh, and so much more Blossom Goodchild … So very much more.

Whoa! A wave of Love so strong just washed over me, it made me cry!


It shall arrive at the Divine moment … when it is most poignantly in position to do so and be released.

Many ask if this is the solar flare that is widely spoken of?

It is part and parcel.

We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT.

So, Yes. We confirm it is ‘tied up within’ the solar flare that is to come.

Tied up within, meaning?

Exactly that … A Part of … All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow … there shall be more to follow.

Oh. I haven’t heard of that before.

More so, in the sense that once ‘The Wave’ has been sent out … it shall be like a ripple effect upon the Planet and also, as if releasing the initial Wave allows then … the ‘breakthrough’ … the Freedom … for the Energy stored up behind it, to flow through, also.


Forgotten what it FEELS like.

Yet, instantly shall you remember … the moment it touches you … and indeed …




Beautiful, my friends. In such Gratitude … in Loving service. I AM.


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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