Shanta Gabriel: The Gracious Fields of Completion

The Gracious Fields of Completion










Dear Ones,  Before the closure of a complete moon phase there is a direct and very powerful vibrational energy that can be used for the completion of old patterns of consciousness. Even though this attribute is available at other times it is more naturally available as the moon energy nears its New Moon activation.

We are speaking of the Gracious Presence of Light Fields of Completion. When you allow the powerful frequencies within this concept to work in your personal power field, you can activate the energy for completion in any area of your life.

Consider the patterns of old thought and behavior within your energy system. They are like old vines clinging to a tree, sucking the life force. With your imagination, you can consciously place these patterns in the light field generated by the new frequency grids represented in the Gracious Presence of Completions.

Get a sense of the power within this field of Light radiating the frequencies of Graciousness. There is a gentle awareness that allows a flow of the Divine Presence to be within you. This glowing expanse of Graciousness can be seen as a field of Golden Light. Let it expand all around your body illuminating your auric field. Let yourself get a sense of relaxing into a very vibrant energy that is supporting you in a gracious manner.

Be aware of the grounding cords below your base and let them root gently into the Earth to drain any old emotional energy. Know that you are in alignment from Heaven to Earth as you attune yourself to the fields of Light above and below you.

When you bring this energy of Gracious Completion into the center of your head and let it permeate your thought processes, it lifts and expands the field of your perceptions with Light. Allow any outdated patterns of thought to surface into your awareness. You may consider the way you work in the world, or the energy you bring to your projects. You can envision the old patterns in relationships that you are ready to complete. You might imagine any issues of health and self-care that don’t serve you.

Know that as you let these old patterns enter your field of Gracious Completion, they can dissipate very gracefully. The frequencies in this activated field are stronger than the vibrations of old patterns because they carry the Graciousness inherent in the Divine.

Once you practice entering a field of Gracious Completion, you will become very adept at using the energy to dispel the vibrational energy in the patterns. Because of the dimensional shift in frequencies it makes it possible to use Divine energy to change your life – one thought at a time.

Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Gabriel

May 30, 2019

Lee Harris Energy Update June 2019: Perfect Storm for Healing and Elevation, Anger as a Release and Fuel for Change, Full Circle Moments, Dreams and Synchronicities, and Light and Creational Energy

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Perfect Storm for Healing and Elevation, Anger as a Release and Fuel for Change,
Full Circle Moments, Dreams and Synchronicities, and Light and Creational Energy

The main themes to emerge for June are:



Remember to stop and regularly ask yourself how you are doing because this continues to be a fast, ferocious and very illuminating time on the planet in terms of energetics. Those of you that are energetically sensitive, awake and conscious of what’s going on at a planetary level will already have been feeling the effects of it – particularly in May when there were some real ‘knock you off your feet’ moments. This theme of fast elevation, fast change and deep, deep healing may continue for many months and even years to come. So our nervous systems need us to be looking out for them as much as possible. And if things (or you) feel or seem weird, strange or unpredictable, that is par for the course right now.


The first main theme for the month of June is – WE ARE IN A TIME WHICH IS THE ‘PERFECT STORM’ ALCHEMICALLY FOR HEALING AND ELEVATION. This means that there will be a continuing release, resolution and/or re-examination of any issues that we might have as we move forward. This could manifest as suddenly being able to resolve something in yourself around a long and lingering past issue, or having a very real healing moment with someone from your past. Or simply seeing or feeling differently about an incident from your past that previously felt defining or key to your life journey.

Healing energy is very strong at the moment and it is directly linked to ELEVATION. We are undeniably in times of elevation. But often what happens to us before we elevate is we contract. You may have heard me talk about the principle of CONTRACTION before EXPANSION. It’s the fear or reluctance we feel to  moving forward right before we have a breakthrough. The step back before the spring forward. And then we walk into a whole new level and a whole new way of being. There is a strong theme of that playing out right now.

Think of the example of little children who are over-excited about going to a party, and they talk about it excitedly for the whole week leading up to it. But when party day comes, their parent or guardian walks them into the party and the child stands shyly against the wall, not quite knowing what to do with themselves. Give it ten minutes or so (for them to adjust to the energy of the room) and most will then let themselves go into this big, expansive community experience and it can be hard to prize them away at the end! They contracted before they expanded.

Remember that this is going on for everybody. It’s not just that you alone are having moments of depression or doubt or fear. It’s that those energies inside your body are looking and wanting to move out and leave. But they’re asking you to first acknowledge them, and :

  • Are you willing to see me and feel me?
  • Are you ready to go a bit further and deeper than where you are now?
  • Are you willing to become something you’ve never become before?

The path of growth is interesting and complex – even for those who are passionate about self growth being part of their journey. Because we want change but we also fear change.

There is a feeling of safety in the familiar pattern of our lives and a safety in the comfort of the known.

But in 2019 we are not seeing much safety in our known world, whether that’s to do with the environment, the systems or with government – it’s all changing and faster than we realise. And it was always going to be this way – prophecies have talked about this for a long time.

So the question we have to ask ourselves is how do we deal with this change on a day-to-day basis?  Well, we look at this ‘perfect storm’ for healing and we WONDER and GET CURIOUS about what we are being asked to elevate into. We become AWARE of the healing movements inside us as much as those that are collective.

So if you are going through a difficult time right now with (for example) heartbreak and wounded relationships, you could just circle round it (feel it and talk to your friend about it) OR you could get CURIOUS about why this is rising in you.

Why this, why now?

Life is calling you forward and it’s asking you to move to a new place around relationships.

So the healing process and ‘wound’ you are in might be you readying yourself and taking actions to step into a new partnership once you are through this.

OR, it might be that you get to, “You know what, I think I’m done with intimate partnership. I don’t think I’m going to put my focus or my attention there right now. I’m just going to live my life and see where I can find and experience love in all the other ways.”

We don’t always know where we are being led. Our soul ALWAYS knows where we are going, and part of the joy and sometimes the unease of being human is that we don’t always know what is calling us forward or why we go through the healing and growth phases we go through. At least not in the moment.

But we can live more from our soul and allow that journey to become easier through our integration.

If we follow what we’re feeling from moment to moment, and look for and pay attention to the signs and the people that come into our life, we can return to that sensory, intuitive way of being (that so many of us were discouraged out of by our society) and start to get back on our soul path. Then we become who we are here to become, do what we are here to do and be who we are here to be for others as well as for ourselves.


We are seeing a lot of full circle moments and not just in June. This has been going on for many months and will continue to be part of the path for the next year or so. This phenomenon means that you might see yourself coming full circle in life with your talents, dreams, desires and abilities. Perhaps there is something that you had put away and thought was forgotten, was untimely or you were just going to let it go, when suddenly it comes back into your life in a new form. Or it could be that somebody offers you an opportunity or a collaboration or asks you out on a date when you thought you’d completely given up on dating. This energy is strong right now.

There’s a lot of sweet, heart energy reconnecting us to our soul’s heart and the dream in our soul’s heart, which is something that we all have. Our SOULS ARE HERE TO CREATE. We are here to create as much beauty and harmony on this planet as we can – even though we know that this planet has as much disharmony, dis-ease and problems as it does harmony and balance. But for those of you who feel compelled to be creators of more harmony and balance, either for your own life or for the lives of others and the world at large (because it lights you up to see harmony appearing), these full circle moments are going to be coming in strongly and MORE RAPIDLY in the coming months. So look out for the synchronicities, opportunities and if you feel the dream in your heart rising, don’t be surprised if some wounding comes up too.

I had a similar thing this month, something returned that I thought I’d left a long time ago and as I could feel it coming in, I also caught the part of my mind that was saying, “Oh, I don’t know if this can work because it didn’t work last time.” That’s the healing aspect I’m talking about coming in for all of us as we move into these passions and desires. We get to let go of the old wound as we birth the dream anew.


Many of you right now are in what I call THE MIDDLE ZONE. The feeling of, “I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve got no idea and I feel purposeless and adrift.”

Remember, it’s no different to when you have a break up with somebody – you usually need a period to acclimatize, assimilate, figure out what you need to let go of and what you need to learn from, and celebrate what was in that relationship before you go onto the next one. This is how the middle zone looks and feels. Think of it as a chrysalis phase.

So if you feel purposeless, track back your last 6 to 12 months. You have probably made some big moves in your life – either you’ve physically changed things or been aware that you’re feeling disconnected from certain ways of being, relationships or jobs you’re in. So know that you’re already halfway there! Just remain curious, stay open and don’t let your fear and our natural need to control as human beings make you think something’s going wrong. It’s just the discomfort of deep transformation and it will be helped by practises, people and places that help you feel peace and ease as you go through it.

I’m a big believer in, “Life is happening for us not to us.” I know many of you feel the same and it’s really important to remember that even when we’re in tough lessons or tough experiences, there is something we can’t yet see that is trying to break through. Right now, those of you who are in that moment of, “I don’t know where I’m going!” Don’t worry – you will. You can’t stay there for long. Every butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis eventually.

Just remain CURIOUS and OPEN. If you try things and go with opportunities that come up, you will see that things will progress quickly because of the high level of creational and community energy happening on the planet.


The desire and the ability to CREATE – to create new things in the world and to form new relationships – this is very strong right now. But so too is the desire to be IN COMMUNITY – to bring communities together and harness the power of communities to effect not just change, but love and peace and harmony. This makes me sound like a 70’s Hippie which is funny because we often talk about Hippies in a denigrating way. But for me, growing up and hearing people talk about Hippies, I always thought, “Wow! I totally love the values of Hippies.” And what I’m loving now is that there is no longer this segregated group referred to as Hippies – because those values are beginning to become more normal and permeate more of society.

As more and more people break down emotionally and ask, “What’s going on on the planet? This doesn’t look good and this doesn’t look right”, it’s shaking and waking everybody up emotionally inside.

Some of you will be going through or looking to make some big changes right now and so figuring out what you need for self-care, self support, health, wellbeing, nutrition, your relationship to your body and your relationship to your life is really going to help you with this elevation process that we’re in.


The last thing that came up very strongly for June was – ANGER AS A RELEASE AND AS A FUEL FOR CHANGE. Don’t be alarmed if anger is coming up for some of you in a surprising way when you’re going through this healing storm. This relates more to those of you who feel you may have been a bit deficient in anger or it’s not your immediate emotion when you’re in a less desirable state. Maybe you normally go for sadness or grief or fear so you might be surprised that anger is running through your system.

We are in very electrically charged times energetically so people are having a lot of electrical energy (a lot more Kundalini) pulsing through their system. So anger can be working through you as a real energy flush, a real boundary and a real change agent. Fear, sadness and grief tend to be more passive and more introverted and are emotions and feelings that we have to sit back with. But anger can be electricity that fires us up and leads us forward.

So long as you’re not whacking people over the head or using your anger abusively or destructively towards other people, you’re just feeling a flush of anger in yourself, so don’t worry. It’s you waking up and and shaking up and that is really what this whole time is about – this PERFECT STORM of healing and elevation that we are in.

This is a time of an enormous amount of LIGHT pouring onto the planet. It’s also why we are seeing this real roar around control and domination playing out in the world.

But the light that’s amplifying on the planet is raising that frequency in opposition. So, stay with what’s true for you. Keep doing the work that you feel to do – not just your career but the part of you that wants to support, lend your activism, lend your voice or whatever it means for you – and between us, we can continue to help bridge this illumination.

We are lightening up and it’s a process we have never been through before. It’s completely new for all of us. So some days it will feel challenging and scary, and other days it will be euphoric and peaceful. And as you either go deeper into that journey that you’re already on or if you are thinking, “Euphoric? I haven’t felt that yet Lee”, just trust and it will come.

It will come. And it comes the more you stay with this process.

Sending you lots of love for the month of June.






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Tania Gabrielle: Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius 2019: Fortunate Expansion! [Astrology Numerology]

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius 2019: Fortunate Expansion! [Astrology Numerology]

Published on May 29, 2019

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Tania Gabrielle:

Double Jupiter Effect: Magnify Your Fortune

Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance and fortunate outcomes, retrogrades once a year.

But this year is different….

  • Jupiter is retrograding right now in its OWN Home sign of Sagittarius (that won’t happen again for 12 years) – creating the Double Jupiter Effect!
  • Jupiter changed direction at 24° – the number that enhances everything related to Love and Abundance.
  • Jupiter is square to Neptune for most of 2019 – triggering a Spiritual Awakening.

So how can you activate Jupiter’s retrograde (continuing for the next 3.5 months) in your favor?

How can you use the fabulous Jupiter Year to expand the flow of abundance?

That is the focus of our NEW Star Codes episode, “Jupiter Retrograde: Fortunate Outcomes”. Tune to discover…

  • How Jupiter’s retrograde intensification UNLEASHES your true POTENTIAL.
  • How you are awakening to capabilities that have been lying DORMANT.
  • How you are now confident and inspired to move forward in alignment with your Soul Contracts in this lifetime.
  • How you are uncovering the underlying Truth about situations currently in play – setting you free to embrace that SUCCESS is a GIVEN.

Access the new Jupiter episode here:



Dana Mrkich: Saturn & the South Node: Seeing the Past in a New Way to help you Move Forward in a Clearer Way


We recently talked about the effect of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node being together in the skies this year. Today we’re going to focus on Saturn and the South Node as these two are pretty much side by side for the next 4 months until the end of September. This is a huge time for getting your act together, letting go of what needs to be let go of, and moving forward with purpose.

Whether by choice or through circumstance it will feel like you are coming face to face with the past over and over again. You may be confronted to look at:

What old baggage am I still carrying around?

What old stories and beliefs am I holding that no longer serve me?

What patterns do I keep repeating that I am DONE with?

With this baggage, with these stories, beliefs and patterns, some of them might be connected to your past in this life, others are connected to your family and their story, or your ancestral lineage/multi-generational patterns. Some could be past life related (soul lineage).

With old stuff like this, it can often be the case that we’ve cleared/healed our beliefs on a conscious level but on a subconscious level or on an “emotional set-point” level we’re still lugging them around. For example, consciously you may genuinely believe that you’re always taken care of, and that you always have enough. However you might find yourself constantly repeating old money patterns, or old emotional reactions to those money patterns. The emotional reaction is part of your OLD emotional set-point (your emotional set-point is the emotion you keep falling back down to time and again be it disappointment, anger, frustration etc) and it’s this emotional reaction that keeps habits/actions/energy alive that keep the whole cycle going!!

This repeating cycle is a result of decades, if not lifetimes, of a certain groove being conditioned to act and respond a certain way. Whatever your old groove is, whatever that old wound is that keeps getting poked and prodded, Saturn and the South Node are joining forces to help you say “ENOUGH!!!”

All this is happening in the sign of Capricorn which is about being an adult. It’s happening opposite Cancer which represents our inner child. So for a lot of us, wherever we have been acting through the lens of our inner child, wherever we have felt like the victim, wherever we are in blame mode, wherever we feel dependent, needy, not good enough or overly sensitive, it’s time to emotionally grow up. It’s time to be the parent that we perhaps never had, or wish we had.

Saturn represents the father so for some of us our 2019 healing story could be related to our father or anyone who was in a father role when we were growing up. It also represents authority in any form, so if you have any sort of entanglement with authority this year it would be very beneficial to look within and ask:

Where am I ready to own my inner authority in a greater way?

Where am I ready to step into greater responsibility?

Where am I apologising for being who I am?

Where do I feel I have to justify my very being?

Where am I still acting like a child/living in child-mode?

Where do I need to claim my adulthood (and autonomy)?

Saturn is about taking responsibility. Saturn requires discipline, patience, hard work, practical action, taking one step at a time to reach long-term rewards and goals. There is no cutting corners here.

Is there something you have been wanting for a long time? Something you’ve wanted to do, become or accomplish? This Saturn/South Node energy is ideal for seeing very clearly what’s been holding you back, knowing exactly what you need to do to let that go, and take steps to move in the direction of your choice.

Saturn is about consistency and commitment. It’s about showing up – especially for yourself. If you want something, go for it – but you have to show up and do what needs to be done.

Here’s an exercise to help:

Write a list of things that you want to do, become or accomplish.

Next write a list with 2 columns:

Column 1: Why do I want this?

It helps to get clear on why you want what you want. Sometimes things have been on our want/to do list for so long, but they’re actually no longer relevant to our current version of who we are. Time to ditch those things. Sometimes we realise hang on, I only wanted this to prove something to my parents/society. Actually I really don’t want this! Knowing why you want something helps you to stay motivated even when the fruits of your efforts aren’t yet here in their full form.

Column 2: Why I don’t want this.

This column can be a tough one if you think “no part of me doesn’t want this!!” Trust me, if something is not in your life that you want, there is a part of you that for some reason either doesn’t want it, OR doesn’t want it yet (right timing is everything!!!) Be open to whatever wants to come through onto the page. With things we really want, there are usually conflicting thoughts within us eg if I have, let’s say, more success, then that means I will have less time, I’ll be more open to criticism, online attacks etc etc. Working through those conflicting thoughts will help soften them, so that what you really want can come to you in an easier way. You don’t necessarily have to let go of conflicting thoughts. Using the above example, yes, more success will likely mean that at times you’ll have less time! (Other times it will mean you have more time!). So it’s more about just acknowledging the conflicting thought and saying well yeah, that’s true, but I’m okay with that.

You might see that the conflicting belief is trying to help you. For example: The belief might be: “a new relationship will mean I have less time to myself”. Maybe right now time with yourself is super important to you. Maybe your soul very much needs time outside of being in a relationship. So in this case you might agree that this no-relationship time is a gift, and thus enjoy it while it lasts instead of resisting it.

Restriction and Control

Saturn can manifest as “restriction” in some area of your life. If that’s the case for you, ask: “How is this restriction serving me?” Lack of money for example is a good motivator for finally going for that promotion we would otherwise be too scared to ask for, or that new job, or finally getting some business idea off the ground. Lack of freedom is a good motivator for finally leaving home, or any situation you’ve outgrown. Obviously we don’t want to always attract “lack” in order to manifest “more” (if that’s your emotional set-point, it’s time to change that). Finding the gift in restriction is often the very thing that helps to shift it.

Saturn can also manifest as the control that ‘someone’ or ‘something’ has over you. With the karmic South Node on Saturn it’s time to come out from under this control. (This can include our own thoughts just as much as any external factors). You will feel a new liberation as these control layers start flying off you. This frees you up to live life much more in alignment with who you really are.

Saturn is all about being real – bye bye to anything built on illusion. Which brings us to the global stage…..

Where have we been controlled?

Who is trying (and in many ways succeeding) to control us?

Where have we given away our authority?

The South Node will help us see, in a clearer way, things we haven’t been able to see before. Just like we’re now able to see our personal wounds in a clearer way, our collective/global workings are being revealed helping us to understand why the world really is as it is. More on that in the next blog.

For now, when your old stuff/past stuff comes up, find the gift so that you can learn the lesson and move on from the pattern, OR if you feel you’ve already got the lesson it’s fine to say “Hey old pattern/old belief/old reality influencers, I don’t believe you anymore.” Most importantly: CHANGE your actions.  If you are used to saying yes to something you don’t want to do, how does it feel to say no? If you are used to procrastinating about something you want to do, how does it feel to start taking regular action steps, even if it’s just tiny steps?

Has this Saturn//South Node conjunction started to affect your life already? How?

Share below.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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Kari Samuels: Empath essentials for positive energy – Do other people’s energies affect you?

Empath essentials for positive energy

Kari Samuels: Empath essentials for positive energy – Do other people’s energies affect you?

You might be wondering how you can possibly stay positive around a negative person, or in a chaotic world.

If you are anything like me, you’re sensitive to other people’s energy. You can walk into a room and feel what’s been go on there. Or when you meet someone, you immediately know what they’re about.

This is a real gift, though it does have its challenges. For me, being sensitive to other people’s energy has been a lifelong lesson

in boundaries and self-care. It always amazed me when people could be around anyone in any environment and remain undaunted.

I used to take things very personally. In fact, I took on other people’s energy as if it was my own!

Letting things, “roll off my back”, as others would encourage me to do, just wasn’t possible.

I’m an empath.

This means that I feel people’s emotions (and sometimes physical pain) as if they were my own. My guess is that you have some degree of this too. If you’ve ever struggled with any of the following, then you are most likely an empath too:

  • over-giving
  • feeling exhausted after being around groups
  • being drained after you help others
  • experiencing dramatic mood shifts
  • wanting to please everyone
  • compassion fatigue

If you weren’t hardwired to be sensitive to other people’s energy, you wouldn’t experience these things. Trying to brush things off or move on as if you don’t care is not how you roll!

Being an empath is a remarkable gift. You have emotional intelligence.

When channeled correctly, you have an intuitive awareness that guides you toward amazing opportunities. You have the ability to heal yourself and others.

If you’re unskilled about managing the energy you’re receiving, it can wreak havoc on your life.

In order to stay positive around other people, you must do the following:

Cleanse your aura every day

Your aura is interacting with other people’s energy. An empath’s aura is more porous than most people’s. Therefore you pick up energy like a sponge. If you keep absorbing energy without cleansing it from your aura, it will weigh you down and deplete you.

Make a conscious choice to bring light to your aura every day to wash away what doesn’t belong to you, and make your aura shiny and bright. Bringing light to your chakras can help heal them too.

Stay grounded in your body

A tree that is rooted firmly in the Earth is not blown away by storms. Similarly, a person who is rooted in their body can remain healthy and happy without getting emotionally uprooted by other people’s dramas. The more firmly your energy is grounded, the more easily you can remain healthy and secure.

Tune into your inner voice rather than others

Empaths tend to be people pleasers. In order to keep relationship harmony, empaths have a tendency to over-give and make choices based on other people’s happiness rather than their own. In time, it becomes more challenging to know what you want, because you’re making choices for other people instead.

A healthy solution is to focus on what you want before you think about how it affects everyone else. This isn’t selfish (although if you’re not used to it you might feel like it is).

As an empath, you can ultimately have more clarity about what’s right for the good of all by first knowing what’s right for you.

Be direct instead of nice

Once you have clarity about what’s you truly want and what’s best for you, you can communicate that clearly and directly with others.

You might feel as if you’ll rock the boat by doing this. Ultimately, when people are honest and direct, it’s more harmonious for everyone involved. People will appreciate the clarity and you’ll feel better knowing you’re being true to yourself.

Raise your vibration to love

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe.

If other people around you are fearful or negative, it can wear you down. However, if you are elevating YOUR energy to the frequency of love, it can lift up others around you instead.


I’ve spent my life developing these skills. I know the power of harnessing my energy to benefit me and others, rather than deplete me.

Being aware of my own needs, feelings and energy is a daily practice, and one with infinitely positive results. I encourage you to take up this practice immediately and watch your world change from chaos to bliss.

If you’d like to know more about managing your energy so you can feel wonderful every day, I encourage you to take my tele-class, How to Stay Positive Around Negative People. It can change your life forever.

Additional Resources for You:

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With this guided meditation you can feel calm and connected, manifest more quickly, relieve anxiety and stress, and receive intuitive guidance.

How to stay positive

How To Stay Positive – Around Negative People

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If you feel depleted by your environment, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find peace and serenity now! It’s much easier than you think. Once you know these simple tools to manage your energy, you will feel great no matter who’s around you.

Open Your Chakras – Psychic Energy Attunement

This is unlike any meditation you have experienced before.

Reprogram you subconscious mind so you can unlock your intuitive powers, and receive unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels. When you open your chakras, you allow miraculous opportunities to flow into your life.

Lee Harris Energy: How to Find Your Power as a Sensitive (Energy Medicine Summit)

How to Find Your Power as a Sensitive (Energy Medicine Summit)

Published on May 9, 2019

I was recently part of the Energy Medicine Summit, and many took the time to write and comment about how useful you found the interview.

I am so grateful to Dondi Dahlin and the Energy Medicine Summit for allowing me to freely share the whole video interview with you here. It’s all about HOW TO FIND YOUR POWER AS A SENSITIVE, which we all know is a journey, so I share this in the hope you will find something useful or helpful in it today.

Big love X

This interview is part of the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit, a free online event where you can discover leading-edge Energy practices and unleash your body’s ability to heal.

For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

A Message to Lightworkers – May 24, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – May 24, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective [originally channeled live for the May 14, 2019 Ashtar Legacy Call]:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

And so, as you hear this beautiful piece of music [that had just been played on the call], just a bit of this piece titled “Trillium,” by the wonderful Tom Kenyon, who is a sound healer, there are aspects of your vibration which are coming forward, asking first to be acknowledged by you, asking to be fully integrated into your everyday thought and feeling and realization—into the body, into every cell.

And asking to reach higher into the Light. This is what you yourselves have been doing.

Now, we would like you to begin to look at your lives a little bit differently.

Because what we tend to see in most of the Light Bringers we work with and speak with, is this feeling that things haven’t changed very much.

That you are still existing day to day in a system that is a bit of a trap. That you don’t have much freedom of movement or much choice—you have to stick with the job you don’t like.

You have to stick with the partner you’re not very sure about, or can’t really stand anymore, because you’re raising children together or you have no other income, or you’re ill, etc.

And we see you, in many ways, now powerfully working with Light and energy in your sleep state, as well as sort of unconsciously during the day. And we see you becoming these very conscious, very powerful Light Beings who happen to be in the human body for a while.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

Meanwhile, your conscious mind is saying, “I still feel a bit weak and disempowered. I still feel unsure of myself . . . I still feel really fed up about this situation and that, too many bills to pay.”

Or “I don’t know what to make of this health situation.” Or, “I can’t believe I’m alone at my age,” or “I’m stuck with somebody I don’t really care for anymore.” Or “I can’t stand my co-workers!” Or “They’re OK, but the job is meaningless!”

And it goes on and on. And then it spreads further, to your view of the world.

We would suggest and request—can you just take a moment? Sit quietly in your body.

Ask your higher self, “What has changed lately, that I’m coming more and more into my power? What has shifted?

“What new level of Light, what higher vibration has integrated into my mind-body-spirit lately, that I’ve been so busy trying to just deal with this Earth life that I haven’t really noticed or given myself credit for that amazing integration?

“What’s new with me, in other words?”

Just go ahead and ask that for a moment. [PAUSE]

So we’re picking up on a few things. An increased empowerment, is one term. We’re listening to different peoples’ higher selves.

Increased knowledge of the tools and processes to use, to create a higher vibrational life experience.

Wonderful! Increased awarenessthat you have choices. That you’re neverstuck, that only your imagination is the limit.

Perhaps the forms might be a bit different than you are expecting, but the Joy—there’s no end to it, the joy that awaits you!

The realization that you can work with life and energy consciously during the day as you do at night in your sleep state, when you are in your true form, traveling etherically, completing bits of your Earth mission that you really can’t do during the day.

All of this is crucial, all of it is important!

There’s not a person within the sound of our voice and beyond, who doesn’t have an Earth mission that’s invaluable and crucial.

Now, some are choosing to leave the planet. You might think, “Oh no, they didn’t get a chance to fulfill their Earth mission!”

We assure you, they’ll carry on with it from where they are, as dear Susan Leland is doing, and so many others.

There’s this wonderful fellow who used to be on The Carol Burnett Show, called Tim Conway.

That was his Earth name [in this latest incarnation]. And he specialized in making people laugh at the ridiculous.

And in that moment, as they were giggling and laughing joyfully, they forgot the heaviness in their life.

What a beautiful gift!  What an absolutely beautiful gift!

There are a lot of wonderful performers who have left recently. Some were in their 90s and older.

And the gifts they imparted, they’re still going to be sharing, just in a slightly more elevated way, in a slightly different way.

It won’t be lost; it can’t be lost! There’s nothing you’re transmitting that isn’t felt all the way around the world.

But let’s go back to your individual life for a moment. We’re going to ask the higher selves this time to impart—if you don’t hear words, that’s all right—[we’re asking them to] impart the energies of the realization of how far you’ve come, and Who you really are.

[To everyone’s higher self] Can you give each dear one listening, live or recorded, an image, a word, a feeling of who they really are?

[To listeners] Now, stay open! Stay very open. If you’re pulling back because you’re thinking. “I don’t want to end up being a green alien,” that’s all right! Let’s not trouble ourselves about that right now.

If you’re an Earth Angel, you should know it! If you’re an elven lord or a faery queen, you should know!

If you’re actually an Earth elemental who stepped into human form for a while to help purify the earth, wonderful! You should know that! Almost endless choices.

Photo by Lynne Newman

So some of you are being told your purpose or your role, such as “you’re a healer.”

And that’s an interesting term, because it doesn’t necessarily mean you put a hand on someone and their ulcer is healed, or their cancer is gone in an instant.

It can mean you’re assisting them in releasing whatever is holding them back.

It can mean you’re assisting them in viewing themselves as incredibly empowered and blessed, and [that they are] here to let other people know that they are likewise incredibly empowered and blessed.

They just haven’t claimed it yet.

Too many of you, the vast majority we would say, have incredible riches, incredible blessings, incredible abilities you just haven’t claimed yet.

Could you please do us a huge favor, and your higher selves a huge favor, and say right now—say it aloud if you can—if not, that’s OK—maybe write it down at some point:

“I hereby claim every gift, every blessing, every bit of empowerment I was sent to the Earth to enjoy—all of it! I claim all the beauty! I claim all the Joy!

“I claim all the Love, including self-Love!”

Just say something to that effect right now:

“All of the blessings, all of the beauty, all of the gifts, abilities, treasures and Abundance. I claim it all now! I accept it all now! I am receiving it all now, in perfect ways.”

Wonderful!  Now we would like you to claim your Divinity.

“I AM the Divine itself in human form. I claim and accept this joyfully now! I bless every gift. I bless every challenge. They birth within me a new strength, a new level of empowerment. I give thanks! So mote it be.”

So the energies we’re flowing to you, dear ones, really have to do with this claiming we’re talking about. This accepting, this receiving and allowing which we’ve been talking about on the Abundance Group calls as well.

Because too often, what a Light Bearer does, once in human form, is only believe what they see around them.

Because you’ve been carefully trained as human beings for many, many centuries—millennia—to only see what’s going on around you physically and feel that that’s the end, that’s the final word, that’s the (quote-unquote) “reality.”

So if you don’t claim these incredible gifts of empowerment, the sight that shows you the endless potential that they call the quantum field—the endless sea of energy waiting to be molded by you with your joy and your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations—if you don’t see all that and claim it, move into it, and give thanks for it, and say, “Wow, I can’t wait! All this beautiful stuff is manifesting for me!”thenit tends not to come forward, because you haven’t called on it yet.

That’s how powerful you are!

You are the one to say when and where, sometimes even how.

And so you accidentally manifest by default, through that shortened sight and that expectation of “things can’t get much better.”

That goes on and on. And it puts you in a position to feel that “this is how it is, and this is how it’s always going to be.”

As we were saying to a dear one today in a channeling session, people think when they comment on the situation around them, that they’re just commenting on What Is, at that moment.

They don’t mean to exclude the possibility of things changing! And yet, bizarrely, they’ve accidently done just that.

There’s no such thing as past/present/future. There’s only NOW. RIGHT NOW!

So when you say, “I don’t have enough of this,” or “I haven’t got enough of that,” you’re laying a path for the days ahead of you, unless you shift that view and start proclaiming something else.

All the Universe is ever going to do is say Yes to what you say reality is.

It doesn’t know how to do any different. And all that each of us, and every higher being, is ever going to do, is allow you that freedom.

Because you were born on a free will planet.

Now, you can say, “Well, that free will has been usurped!” And we would say, “We understand. But you live in Transformative times. If there was ever a time to claim your power and your freedom, friends, it’s now. It’s right now!

So will you promise us that you will at least give it a try?

To wake up tomorrow morning and say, “I can’t wait to see all the phenomenal, beautiful things that are going to manifest for me today! They’re already coming into form—I can feel it!”

Can you promise us you’ll give it a try?

Say it right now, in fact, just to practice: “I can’t wait to see all the amazingly beautiful things that are manifesting for me right now! They’re already taking form—I can feel it! I’m fullof thanks and appreciation!”

Put your hand on your heart, and if you’ve had even one meal today, give thanks.

If you have more than three changes of clothing, give thanks.

If you have a roof over your head, if you have any form of income whatsoever, even if it’s just someone else’s kindness for the moment, give thanks.

All of these things are in scarce quantity in certain places in the world. So to someone else, you’re as rich as a king or a queen!

And that includes the self-esteem that helps you get up in the morning and get showered and dressed, and get on with your day, even if you’re not too sure how it’s going to turn out.

You have the inner strength to give it a try and, for that, we applaud you!

Because in this powerful life, this astounding Earth life, you’re cleansing, as we say often, not only the trauma and the shock and the grief you’ve experienced in this life, but in hundreds and hundreds of lives.

And you’re releasing every presence, every interference, every device or implant, every influence that isn’t you, and shouldn’t be there.

Say right now, “If you’re not for my higher good, leave now! Only that which belongs to Divine Love and Divine Light is welcome in my life and energies!”

Wonderful! So we’re going to just flow energies right now, dear ones, to assist each of you in your individual challenges.

And we would like you to turn to your biggest challenge right now, and say to it, “Thank you for the hidden gifts you are giving me now.”

Wonderful! Just open your heart to receive.

We’re opening the heart chakra, the third chakra, crown chakra—balancing, lifting, activating all the chakras, aligning them.

Wonderful! We’re going to continue flowing those energies, dear ones. Even just thinking of them will reactivate them powerfully.

Beautiful. And so we send, as always, much Love and many blessings, dear ones. We are with you at all times.

You are never alone—your higher self, your guides, your Angels are with you at every moment.

And as always, we are honored to assist you on your path.


Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan on the
Ashtar Legacy Family Call – May 14, 2019

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.


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Published on May 28, 2019


I will make another video and go over some of the messages & June energy

**everyone will experience the acension process differently. And perceive reality differently.

We are all conduits to energy. But we experience it differently based off our elemental makeup, Soul path, past lives, etc..

A message that I got is there has been a new agreement-  to “turn up” the ascension process… this will cause a rapid acceleration in awareness and perception. Right now is the tipping point where things are culminating or reaching a climax connected to the last collective agreement.  I am also seeing the energy/aura of planets/animals/earth looking different, a subtle difference.

New Moon Portal opens as the moon enters the electromagnetic field connecting the Sun & Earth on 5/31 right as the next wave of Cosmic energy is coming in/hitting (hitting Earth, if you tune into Cosmic energy & planetary field/aura you may feel this now- or before the 30th) and 5/31 is also a Galactic Activation Portal. The next Galactic Activation Portal date is June 4th, after the New Moon in Gemini.

The next Galactic Activation Portal after the New Moon in Gemini is on Soltice, June 21st.



Denise Le Fay: The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds | High Heart Life

The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds

The “Shift” or “Event” as some call it and expect it to happen, has been happening continually inch by painful and difficult inch for the past thirty physical linear years on Earth. Intensely so in the physical dimension since 1998–1999. I’ve referred to this constant “Shift” “Event” process energetic Stair-steps that the First Everything-ers, Foreunners, Pathpavers, Embodiers, Wayshowers have been traversing for the past 20–30 or more years in this life. However, many people believe and expect some instant special-effects type of external singular “Event” and/or “Shift” to happen all at once that will shift them and their physical bodies into a much higher state and reality. If it happened that way, no one alive on Earth would physically survive it because the frequency range difference between what has been and what we’re evolving into is too extreme for anyone in a physical body to survive in-tact in a single “Shift” or “Event”. Mass humanity is nowhere near evolved enough to be able to make a single evolutionary leap “Shift” or “Event” and ascend to a higher level of being. No, this “Shift”/”Event” has been unfolding quite differently for decades already.

2018 Triple Crowns Process

First Everything-ers and Forerunners, do you remember Embodying increasing amounts of Crystalline Christ frequency during 2017 and 2018? Do you remember Embodying the Triple Crowns process in 2018? If you weren’t conscious of that particular phase it doesn’t matter, only that you went through it and were further Rewired by it. The Triple Crowns process was, as has always been the case with the Ascension Process, very compressed the last three months (Trinity, Triality instead of lower frequency Duality) of 2018. Three stages of Embodying the first, second and third “Crowns” that year so you’d be able to move up a few more Stair-steps and Embody more NEW in the near future in a NEW way with very NEW results. That future is 2019, and as usual, a different multiple stage process continues this year. Such has been the entire Ascension Process; steadily laboring our ways up higher frequency stair-steps transmuting all that needed to be, releasing more lower old, while each higher step caused and continues to cause us to embody and Embody increasingly higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes (templates) and NEW DNA and then run them through our bodies in these NEW ways.

What I suspected last year but wasn’t absolutely positive about the 2018 Triple Crowns process was that each of those “Crowns” had to do with three important brain glands; the Pineal Crown gland, the Pituitary Brow gland, and the Hypothalamus gland which works with the other two forming a higher NEW energetic Trinity system in our brains. Those three brain glands were a big part of the Triple Crowns and evolutionary Rewiring they went through last year all to prepare them, us to Embody and run the 2019 (and beyond) higher NEW codes and energies in NEW ways at NEW levels. Stair-steps, always stair-steps as we constantly build upon, expand, evolve and survive the entire Ascension Process physically and in all other ways as well.

Many times over the years I’ve shared how this and related energy processes feel in my body and head. Typically whenever NEW energy Waves and/or solar transmissions—CME’s, solar storms, flares, winds—are present I feel them enter through the etheric area above the top of my physical head. From that level they descend into my physical head and swirl and ping around in there for a while causing different transformational head pains, pressures and those very distinct energy headaches while they evolve certain endocrine brain glands (and chakras) being energetically worked on at the time. While this further head, brain and brain glands Rewiring is happening, those energies typically flow down from my head into my entire HighHeart area and Thymus gland. [The physical Thymus gland is located in the center of your upper chest well above the physical heart.] The farthest below my HighHeart I feel these energies is around my diaphragm, which causes it to instantly bloat again. It’s been an ongoing Process in the First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers having these Trinity group of brain glands Rewired, not just one and done but multiple times over the past twenty years and counting. Stair-steps, multiple layers, continuously higher frequencies, expanding abilities, higher awareness and so on. Never a one and done thing but an ongoing expansion and uplifting Ascension Process to higher and more complex completely NEW levels with NEW codes and DNA and matching NEW awareness and abilities.

All of April and most of May 2019 have been unusually energetically intense, physically and emotionally painful and psychologically trying for me at times, and then the complete opposite at other times. This is certainly not the first time these extremes have been experienced during my personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes, but it is the first time for me at this level. The same is true for many of you reading this. You, me, we have never been were we are now and we’ve never experienced these NEW higher level energies functioning within us in these very NEW ways. It’s wonderful, shocking, disturbing, intense and can be traumatic for a bit as you make these profound evolutionary transitions into a higher way of being and functioning due to the NEW codes and DNA and other NEW energy Waves we’ve been embodying and Embodying recently.

It was in December 2018 when the rain started (here in California) after so many long horrible ascension years of extreme heat and drought. And it’s cold and raining here today, May 26, 2019 as I write this. Because I’ve always loved the rain this was a special treat for me anyway, but once the rain started last December, I knew it was going to continue and was happening because the water was going to help embed and hold these latest NEW Trinity codes which are the NEW energy templates for ascending humanity, Earth, reality and beyond.

We’ve had a constant increase over the past few years of greater Crystalline (Christ frequency) energies present and being Embodied by the First Everythingers and our internal grid systems, and into Earth and Earth’s grid system. Once the needed levels of this were reached we automatically moved up another energy Stair-step and began the next level of this ongoing process. In this case it was the 2018 Triple Crowns transformations; the triple brain glands being greatly evolved up to a Trinity frequency and state that’s Crystalline going into Diamond. After that it’s been the super compressed, intense and at times downright extreme April and May 2019 stair-step phase of our three NEW Trinity frequency brain glands connecting and operating with our HighHearts and Thymus gland.

How many of you noticed during April and May 2019 that most every time your head hurt from embodying these NEW Trinity codes (many have been Seeing them everywhere since the rains, and flooding, began last December as pastel colored triangles and/or darker gemstone colored triangles and also other energy 6D template patterns too), your HighHeart area began pounding hard and nearly rattling your teeth!? I exaggerate only slightly about this because this May round has been like no other in this regard. (1) Severe head energy headaches and head pressures that move around your head and skull and (2) that energy then moves down into your entire HighHeart area which causes your heart to pound very hard for longer than you think it can survive. The head business hurts and the HighHeart expansions make you feel exhausted, weak and very close to God… in a good way.

It’s not an easy or painless task getting the NEW Trinity Crystalline Diamond codes into our physical heads, our brain glands, then our HighHearts where they’re now activated to run and are now running our bodies, consciousness, lives and reality and Embody them all so they’re anchored and available for mass humanity to evolve into when they are able to do so. Every time the First Everythingers (I know it’s a ridiculous term and I’ll replace it the moment I think of something better, promise) Embody more NEW Trinity, integrated, unified, evolved beyond old lower frequency Duality codes and energies, our ongoing Embodiment actions assist in another timeline Shift into higher Divine organic reality with NEW matching codes—6D geometric, morphogenic energy templates for humans and all else that are evolving, ascending now.


Another very important aspect of these latest 2019 changes was when the Embodiers reached the Shift Event changeover from the old lower everything is focused EXTERNALLY to a much higher and organic level of everything is now focused INTERNALLY which causes individuals to become increasingly more energetically sovereign, self-empowered, self-aware and so on. The old lower 3D patriarchal ways of humanity being constantly focused on all things external and therefore perpetually disempowered themselves meant everyone was parasitic in what’s been a totally parasitic world. That however is another hugely important evolutionary Shift Event that’s happened recently which will force humanity back into a Divine organic state of being, living, reality and consciousness. Humanity will individually rediscover that they themselves are Self-as-Source and that all they need and want to know about etc. can be accessed right inside of themselves. This was another really big and potent Shift Event to finally happen on Earth this year.

I know and you know that all this is far more complex, beautiful and cosmically jaw-dropping than what I’ve very simply described here. This is the best I can do at the moment because, as always, I’m still living and embodying and Embodying all this and more myself just as most of you reading this are. The main reason I’ve wanted to get something written about April and May 2019 is because of what we’ve lived and Embodied we have made a really important and significant Shift Event. We have Embodied more NEW Trinity codes and energies etc. in our Trinity brain glands that are directly connected to our HighHearts making them and the rest of our bodies capable of Embodying and running, housing, containing, maintaining and circulating the NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity (three not the old lower two of Duality) HighHeart organic systems that are must-haves for life on NEW ascended Earth. We just did one massive Shift Event, again, but this one dwarfs all previous ones because we’ve finally crossed an invisible Ascension line because we’re carrying all NEW now and we’re doing it in NEW ways and at NEW levels we’ve never be able to reach until now.

Also wanted to mention about awful April 2019 as I call it because the entire month the physical pains I’d had off and on for over a year before this were amplified so severely I could hardly walk most of April. The bone and joint structures in our physical bodies have been going through massive Shifts and Events for a few years now because each time we Embody more NEW codes and DNA etc., so too does Earth and the grids in and around Earth. It’s not just our inner structures undergoing tremendous evolutionary transformations but Earth and her grid systems and structures too. That’s your Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction energies hard at Work for you and All. If you’re sensitive to Earth and/or ‘Earth Changes’ and the constant Ascension Process stair-step upgrading of Earth’s grid structures, then you are more likely to feel those energies and changes taking place within your physical bones and skeletal structure. How many of you have had it feel like the bones and joints in your feet and ankles, the bones in your whole body from the waist down for that matter, were literally broken or breaking lately? NEW codes, NEW DNA, NEW grids. This will settle down and hurt less as we and Earth and everything else adjusts to having Embodied this latest round of NEW Trinity codes and other big energy Waves and solar transmissions.

The Separation of Worlds Is Happening Inside You & Your Physical Body

At some point during these bigger than usual April and May 2019 evolutionary Shift Events, I became conscious that the Separation of Worlds is taking place inside of me and my body and inside all Embodiers. It was one of those furrowed brow moments where you cringe slightly over the truth of the unpleasant matter but simultaneously realize it’s why you’ve felt so terrible and struggled so with certain things, situations, people and on and on. Macro micro business again. I and the Creator are one and I and the evolutionary shitstorm of extreme constant Shifting changes are one too. How is this any different from Embodying the NEW? It isn’t really. It’s just another perspective of what’s been unfolding all along. Deep breath, stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well.

Yes it’s been brutal lately but, and this is super important and we all need to remember this when the next layer arrives, and it most certainly will, we have Embodied and are now running, circulating and radiating enough of the NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity triangular shaped codes, templates and energies in our physical bodies, HighHearts and heads that we’ve Shifted up another few energy stair-steps and reached a higher organic ascension timeline in May 2019. Does this mean we’re “there” and we’re “done” with all this now? Not hardly but it does mean that once we recuperate from what we’ve just gone through in April and May 2019, things are going to increasingly become better, easier, safer, more pleasant, more creative and so on. Despite all the severe physical, emotional and sometimes psychological pains we go through embodying and Embodying first, I’ve been very aware of big positive improvements happening simultaneously. It’s not all pain and misery, nor is it all constant bliss and perfection. It’s a transitional little bit of both which is normal for what’s happening. The pain and misery will now dissipate much more quickly for us because of these latest Shifts and Embodiment Processes. Hang in there First Everythingers, Embodiers and Forerunners because we’re steering this thing from our ever expanding, ever more radiant HighHearts. The rest will follow and unfold just as it has been. Thank you All for your Great and ongoing Works. More discussions about this in Comments.


May 26, 2019

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B Weeklies 5_27 to 6_02_2019..Dinga Donga The Wicked Witch is Dead or Neutralized!

“The tables are turning…”
“There’s going to be infighting, that is what is going on here”
“This is something that was going on in the past…this setup, this trap…was set up in the past,..what is going on here is the true manipulators, the true players in the game, are going to be revealed for what they are.”
“Somebody’s being exposed for something, past….past crimes are now being punished.”

B Weeklies 5_27 to 6_02_2019..Dinga Donga The Wicked Witch is Dead or Neutralized!


B Weeklies for Week Commencing May 27th 2019 ~ All Signs! Strap on your protective head gear ladies and gentlemen….its about to get bumpy! Good luck! I got on the treadmill after reading and being a hard rocker I listen to random rock….. the song “white rabbit” came up by Egypt Central. Since Egypt was in the reading perhaps this song may mean something to some of you. ….

To purchase a reading or a subscription to my website go to

General- 3:09
Earth- 19:22
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Water- 34:27
Fire- 39:50

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