Of Plandemics, Agents Provocateurs, and the Unjust Killing of Another Human Being

Proof of the #Plandemic in this 4 minute video, right there on the government website, which has led us to this week’s #violence. I knew about this over a month ago when a guy posted links to the gov’t website on Twitter, so I went and read it myself. #COVID19 was definitely a #Plandemic –and it wasn’t going well, so they are back to race-baiting, dishonoring #GeorgeFloyd and all families that suffer the loss of a loved one at the hands of #LawEnforcement.

I’m not anti-Law Enforcement, I am against #RogueCops and #criminals who hide behind a badge. I am not against protesters, I am against shipping in #Antifa and similar groups to incite violence and start #riots in every city. There is much evidence.

In addition to paid #AgentsProvocateurs, I think the #DeepState #Cabal handlers know that when you keep people locked up for months, unable to work, stress levels are high, and there’s all kind of rage under the surface, waiting to break out, even in normally decent people who aren’t part of these groups. People are fed up with everything. Then YET AGAIN a rogue cop goes and #KillsAnother #BlackMan for NO REASON, gloating while he did it! Of course we all feel outrage!

Now for many, sympathy for the life lost has become a convenient excuse to vent ANY rage. I’ve seen this before at protests I attended in San Francisco, which is why I stopped going. People show up with their own agenda, completely unrelated to what the protest is actually about. This isn’t about #GeorgeFloyd any more, this is about venting pent up rage and frustrations that have accumulated for weeks, months and years, at decaying, obsolete government and corporate institutions and and a “Justice” system that is anything but.

Protests are our RIGHT. But violence is NOT. This isn’t #CivilDisobedience we are seeing, this IS orchestrated #DomesticTerrorism. More innocent people are literally being killed, and just as small businesses are desperately awaiting their chance to reopen at last, cities, homes, and businesses are being destroyed through vandalism, looting and arson. This isn’t an expression of #1stAmendmentRights, its #Disrespect and #Destruction. What will we face in the aftermath?

I feel like this is an #MKUltra #CIA social experiment in Control & Compliance, gone horribly awry. I AM NOT AFRAID, and I suggest that we move beyond F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real, and do not get swept up in the hysteria that is harming this nation. Don’t throw gasoline on the fire. Think before you act. Stay calm. Meditate. Sit in nature, its healing. Take the damned masks off and Breathe! Cry, even. Punch a pillow if you need to, but #DoNoHarm.

The more of us that can remain calm in the face of adversity, the better. Get practical. Get yourself some food and cash, fill your prescriptions, gas tank etc. If you live in a hot spot, prepare a bug-out bag, because potentially #MarshallLaw is coming, courtesy of the MF #DeepState who started all of this!

Yes, the Conspiracy Theorists turned out to be right, and you were the last to fathom it. Yeah, I’m talking to YOU. We are ushering in a Paradigm Shift. It’s not without growing pains. We are witnessing #TheGreatAwakening #StaySafe #DoWhatIsRight +#EnjoyTheShow #ThisIsNotAGame #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

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Mercury in Cancer

MAY 29–JUNE 4, 2020


Mercury just entered the liquid, emotional sign
of Cancer, triggering a “trend of sweetness.”

Crystal continues:

“Empathy and kindness flow more easily and we’ll
be hearing more women’s voices in media.
As for our thinking, it will be more emotional.
To avoid moodiness, touchiness, and anxiety,
this is a great time to apply our powers of
imagination and visualize the wellness and
happy outcomes we desire.

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– Susan Pomeroy

Psychic Sounds by B: Yikes! Watch what you say!! Psychic Astro w/ Tarot week commencing May 25th 2020

Yikes! Watch what you say!! Psychic Astro w/ Tarot week commencing May 25th 2020

May 23, 2020

65.3K subscribers



REMEMBER ENERGIES COULD BE HAPPENING AROUND, TO YOU OR FROM YOU! CROSS WATCHERS THIS STORY MAY ALSO BE FOR YOU!  They have either just happed to you or will be happening in the next 2-3 weeks





Excerpts from The Quantum Awakening & Newsletter by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Excerpts from
The Quantum Awakening
& Newsletter, May 2020
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am a reflection of all of your faces.  I am a light that exists through space and time, not to be shackled, not to be corralled, and not to be pegged into any one spot.  As I peer out through the clouds, I ask you to wink back at me as you see in fullness with eyes beyond the optic.  The un-doing of you is what you have been born for.  Allow this un-doing to be completed, as you are unraveled from the very epics of self that have so long been your truth.  You will now experience new chapters with endings different than you ever imagined and ever pondered in the past.

I am where light bends.  I have the ability to help you see around the next corner of your experience, the next corner of your thought, the next corner of your day.  Look ahead – but not in a straightened fashion.  For the world as you know it, bends to the left of itself.  It is at that point of intersection that history may or may not repeat itself.  It is at that bend in the refraction of life that you all sit.  Perception influences all.  If your perception shifts in accordance with your light encodings, with your heart-felt understanding and love, then your world cannot run astray.  That is how and where you bend in space and time at this appropriate intersection.  Truth only exists when it has a host.  If you do not invite another’s truth into your den, it will have no place to slumber.  Be aware; be very aware of the truths that you allow to spend the night in your heart.

Listen for the truths that speak to you that do not come from human lips.  Listen as all life embeds itself within your cellular structure.  Listen as light from the stars whispers to you in your sleep with words that you spoke hundreds of light years before.  At this intersection of time and space the light bends.

The light that shines behind the light, peers out through its reflection, initiating to those who are willing to see, what is yet to come.  The gifts unfold as mummified wrappings, layer by layer.  What is seen is not real.  What is real can only be felt with the senses and not seen as a solid object.  Much moves about in your day that you bump elbows with, but know not that it exists.  Much moves about in your heavens, but you see it not with the bold blue backdrop.

I am the essence that is known as the Great Attractor.  I call back to myself, all that has been created.  As Creation is pulled back into itself, it changes form over and over again until ultimately it is pure energy.  This is the same ability that you hold inherently.  As you call back to you all light and life, it changes form in accordance with your perceptions.  Formlessness only requires form when it is needed.  If your world feels as if is collapsing upon it self, know that the form is calling itself back home into formlessness.  Do not hold on to what wishes to become light in your thinking, in your world, and in your expectations.  I leave you with these thoughts.


Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved God, My Heavenly Source, Please make manifest
in me now the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell, molecule and atom of my body filling me totally and completely.


Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present and future, for all Eternity. Transmute everything that no longer serves me in body, mind and spirit; including false beliefs, lower emotions, and physical challenges.


Violet Flame transmute this current issue I wish to change in my life (describe issue). . . . turn it into (state desired result). Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Christ Being of That I AM.


Beloved Violet Flame turn all that has been transmuted Into the Gold and Platinum Light of God, the Christ Consciousness, The Light of God that never fails. Send this Gold and Platinum Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance. Raise my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.


So Be It and So It Is. Thank You God. Amen.

Great Invocation


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ* return to Earth.


From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men –

The purpose which the Light Masters know and serve.


From the center which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,

And seal the door where evil dwells forever.


Let Light and Love and Power


restore the Plan on Earth.

(3 times)




In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God “I AM”.
Beloved Elohim, Arcturus, and Lady Diana, Archangel Zadkiel
and Holy Lady Amethyst,
Beloved Master Saint Germain and Lady Portia,
all the Masters serving the Seventh Ray of Violet Fire to our Earth.
Great Powers of healing Purification and Spiritual strength
serving on all the Twelve Rays…
come forth now with the Angels of Transmuting Fire to intensify the Violet Fire
for our sweet Earth.



(9x, quick tempo)


From your Hostess of Light

Lately I feel like I’m enacting an old Hogan’s Hero TV rerun. Where the German guard Schultz says ‘I know nothing’ when questioned.  I can totally relate because these dimensional sands are a shifting.  I consider myself really tuned in to all aspects of life, energy and Light and still ‘ I know nothing’ of how this episode ends. Each time a new layer of truth is caught mid-flight only a single feather falls to the Earth, as the rest of the flock takes off in directions unknown.

Every day I open my body mind spirit and heart to the Future, to what is to come, to what we are creating, and what is divinely decreed. And yet the incoming image is fuzzy and distorted like a floating mirage seen, But unseen. So many people seem to be fading as they lose their true reflection of who they are amidst the chaos and misperception. They seek a peaceful time, a time that no longer exists within this paradigm. They seek who they once were in all their Fanfare and Glory.  As time progresses most of those happy holographic images become like an ancient cave drawing that fades in the summer sun. Just like a newly designed kids Lego set we are streamlining, reconstructing and Re-sculpting every inch of our perception, Building new DNA and life from the Ashes of the Phoenix.  We were born to be the Sons and Daughters of Light of Hope and of a fuzzy future. We were born to believe when no one else does. We are the champions of Light.

Physically, psychically emotionally and virtually it is time to grab the hand and the heart of those you love and that which loves you.  Hold tight and encircle your Heart encampment. Do not break The Circle of Love No Matter what comes at you in all of its misleading forms. Like a living life raft that moves consciously through a biblical flood, hold tight to the humanness and love within each other. Like a swarm of bees that encircle a New Young Queen, hold tight to each other creating a protective  matrix of love that neither man, nor thing can take asunder.

As the energy of Gemini dances with the big ole Taurus Bull we feel pulled in every direction, stretched like tanned cow hide rough and harden, strewn about like Styrofoam packing bubbles on a gusty day.  The dark and the light of the mischievous Gemini twins demands that we make peace with the pushy Bull energy within self. Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little grouchy, a lot preoccupied, but mostly confused and unclear.  We seek the council of our own heart because we do not want to burden friends and family yet all we hear is static. Our moods and thoughts change like the emoji’s we send trying to show what lives deep within. We do not feel like we fit in our skin, our life or our thoughts. Like invasion of the body snatchers are we becoming the zombies? We look at life eye to eye and wonder what the heck happened?

In this place of many bowed mirrors there is a new reflection and a need to understand and love that new reflection. The fork in the upcoming planetary road will lead us down a jarring path of choice and belief, A place where compasses no longer work and the landscape breathes, shifting and pulsing with all possibilities. Yet at this point of intersection nothing seems cemented in time.  The teachings of a fluid airy mercury and Gemini are animated and unpredictable just like the movement of liquid mercury itself, life and time move in counter directions by passing all cosmic law.The Gemini inner twins are both identical and fraternal of nature. They mirror each other but they also bend light and rebound each other. Unpredictable is the word for this season of fluid restructure. Everything seems turned upside down floating in the opposite direction of the flow. Who we once thought we were is no longer viable in this dimensional flux of planetary change.

Earth does not keep the same shape or color or sound on a daily basis, she breathes in and out, expands and contracts, huffs and puffs and usually blows her stack at least once a day. Due to this time periods spatial needs earth drifts like Gilligan’s island moving ever so slightly with the changing light.  We all know where we should be, but the head-winds of mandatory change are powerful and they push us off course, we find our self in a new land with new rules.  It is best to no longer be attached to any outcomes, as they have taken flight and now soar on the upper level holy winds.  A doorway of fruitfulness opens this summer on June 21st, we will have a magnified summer solstice with a solar eclipse. A seeded future awaits all of us. Like the land after a devastating fire the seeds that are birthed are unknown of destiny. The light quotient increases every day from now to the summer solstice when it reaches peak saturation.

This summer asks us to delve down the rabbit hole of self and see what our soul is made of pushing us into all facets and fissures of self.  Mirrors and reflections are portals of transport to places that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The place of mirrors that lives within comes to reveal what needs to be seen, loved and healed and released.  Time doors open and close faster than the blink of an eye. Truth and time are individual, and do not present a singular view. The eclipses of June 5 and June 21 give us back missing pieces/peace of ourselves. Like tying a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree we celebrate little victories. That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from past outlines and description.  A transferal of realms occurs escorting you into the connection cornerstone where time lives. All limitations are transmuted in this expanded version of reality. Do you have the courage to leap open-eyed into the fluid point of possibility that is now being birthed? Relax into the Shifts look at them eye to eye. See beyond what is shown.

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The Quantum Awakening

The Quantum Awakening Newsletter, May 2020

Dorothy Morgan: May 25 – May 31 Astrology Mercury in Cancer

May 25 – May 31 Astrology Mercury in Cancer

Premiered May 21, 2020
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With the Moon in the sign of Cancer Monday and Tuesday and us being a Cancer nation I expect we will be doing our best to figure out how to honor those who have gone before us and continue our traditions since nothing is as it was in regard to public gatherings. Whenever the Moon is in Cancer we typically feel the need to be with family, take care of ourselves and those we love in easy and gentle ways. The Cancer Moon is the nurturing Mother and personally we may feel more sensitive to our emotions and our environments. So watch for that and if you are feeling overly sensitive take a break and do something for yourself that feels nurturing to you…….. read more at http://nhastrologer.com/ #nhastrologer #nhastrology #astrologersofinstagram
Dorothy Morgan is an experienced Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant – Astrology Mentor and teacher to many. She has been studying Astrology since 1988 and it has been her profession since 2003. She is also a skilled intuitive/psychic and Angel Healing Practitioner. She currently runs a Boston based Astrology meetup group and is the current President of The Seacoast Astrological Association in Southern New Hampshire.
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Tania Gabrielle: [May 25 – 31] Weekly Star Code Forecast [Astrology, Numerology]

[May 25 – 31] Weekly Star Code Forecast [Astrology, Numerology]

May 23, 2020


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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and personal growth leader, Tania Gabrielle inspires legions of praise from her clients and followers. Tania introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being with a primary focus on teaching spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.


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NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences May 25 to 31, 2020 by Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your weekly guide to planetary influences

May 25 to 31, 2020

by Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours. 
MON: Mercury conjunct Vesta, Mars semisquare Eris
TUE: Uranus sextile Ceres, Mercury quincunx Jupiter
WED: Mars semisquare Pluto, Mercury conjunct North Node
THU: Mercury enters Cancer
FRI: Sun sextile Chiron, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun square Ceres, Mercury quincunx Saturn
SAT: Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars semisquare Jupiter 

LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES – for many or perhaps for most of us – are very uncertain right now. The combined forces of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto as they’ve aligned in Capricorn have affected more levels of our shared experience than we could have imagined, prior to the start of 2020.

Pluto’s dismantling of outworn systems continues to drill far deeper than the sociopolitical realms. Strengthened by Saturn and amplified by Jupiter, Pluto is touching nearly every aspect of what we have relied on to create a sense of order in our lives. As a result, it is an ongoing balancing act, as we shift our weight and try to find stable footing while the foundation beneath us goes through this process of transfiguration.

We’ve all known for a long time that deep changes are needed in how human beings cohabit and in how we inhabit planet Earth – we just didn’t consider, perhaps, how our small corner of the world, our personal lives, would be transformed along the way.

IT IS UP TO each of us, as we navigate so much disorder in the world around us, to create internal coherence. That work is essential, but of course also challenging when the chaos is at times as much within as without. Our emotional and mental states these days tend to be in as much flux as the world situation.

As Mercury aligns with the North Node this week, there is an emphasis on many of these themes: on moving from judgment to acceptance, from fanaticism to rationality, from self-righteousness to tolerance, and from being thought-less to being thought-full. 

This is an important week for us to ask questions and to listen objectively to the answers we receive. It is important to have a “beginner’s mind,” to be curious instead of judgmental. And yet, the inclusion of Vesta in the mix reminds us to hold all “truths” up to the light of our spiritual perspective. This step will help us know whether the information we receive will enhance our own growth into love and light, and or if we’ve simply been handed a letter that isn’t addressed to us.

THERE IS TENSION – no surprise – in the coming days, manifesting through various hard aspects occurring throughout the week. Most significant is that the planet Mars is at the midpoint (halfway between) two dwarf planets, Pluto and Eris. Since Pluto and Eris are currently square each other (exact to the degree on June 14), that means Mars is semisquare both of them.

Squares and semisquares are aspects of conflict, and all three planetary objects involved in this particular brawl are known to be confrontational. It’s not hard to imagine how anger and feeling victimized (Mars in Pisces), feelings of not being seen or respected (Eris in Aries), and issues of power and control (Pluto in Capricorn) might emerge over the coming days. These energies are strongest in the first half of the week.

OTHER ASPECTS this week are all “minor” aspects, but represent the ongoing shifting circumstances and unsettling energies. Here’s a quick list of the ones I haven’t yet touched on:

  • Tuesday – Mercury quincunx Jupiter: Information overwhelm, communications coming from many sources, mental confusion, uncertainty of what to believe
  • Friday – Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury quincunx Saturn: Facing relationship and financial realities, difficulties in thinking or communicating clearly, a tendency to pessimistic thinking
  • Saturday – Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars semisquare Jupiter: Deep changes challenge us to think in new ways and to rise above the feeling that nothing we can do individually can make a difference
Keep in mind, too, that we’ve just entered eclipse season, and that the second Pluto-Jupiter alignment is only a few weeks away (on June 29). We are reaching the midstream point in our crossing of this turbulent river of 2020, so it is vital that we continue to do our inner work of emotional balancing.

THE MORE WE consciously become the frequency we most want to see manifest on this physical plane, the more we will be contributing to the solutions instead of being stuck in old paradigms – the former “reality” that is rapidly disintegrating. This means not just believing that love is the answer. It means BEING the love that is the answer, in every area of our lives, as much as we possibly can.

A tall order for these human personalities. But we signed up for these times because we were very sure we would, finally, succeed.

Just remember that this is a lot of work – divine work, yes, but work nonetheless. Be gentle with yourself. These are exceedingly stressful times, and the energies reaching the planet are pushing us to evolve at a very quick pace. Rest, rest, rest. Love and take care of yourself, on every level.

FOR THOSE who are tracking important lunar aspects, here is this week’s watch list, in Pacific Daylight Time:

  • Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto: Tuesday, May 26, 2:03 p.m.
  • Moon in Cancer opposite Jupiter: Tuesday, May 26, 6:06 p.m. 
  • Moon in Leo opposite Saturn: Wednesday, May 27, 2:42 a.m. 
  • Moon in Leo square Uranus: Wednesday, May 27, 2:34 p.m.
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This is a year for healing and coming into better alignment with your inspired future. The outcome of this process is greater self-confidence and a clearer sense of direction. You will be dealing with some inner resistance along the way – a fear that you might not have the energy or courage required, or that you must sacrifice your own needs along the way. The key in this regard is to hold yourself in the highest of esteem, so that any actions or decisions are based in true self-love. In this way, your expression in the world is a natural extension of the compassion you hold for yourself, instead of replacing self-care with caring for others. (Solar Return Sun square Mars, square Ceres, trine Juno, sextile Chiron, trine Saturn)

In Gratitude and Light,


NorthPoint Journal © 2020 NorthPoint Astrology. All Rights Reserved.


About the NorthPoint Journal
Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and insights received. Her hope is to offer perspectives to assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

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