Selacia: A New Kind of Strength – Gifts of Crisis –

A New Kind of Strength – Gifts of Crisis –
by Selacia

September will start on a high-energy note with a Pisces Full Moon, setting up a month of elevated-intensity happenstance and many new things coming to light. Seat-belts are suggested, not only for witnessing the craziness of the world but for personally navigating the highs and lows. Continue reading for a big picture of what’s ahead and suggested advance preparations.


As we know, planetary energies in 2020 tend to be amplified and some of the conjunctions are game changers of historical proportions – the likes of which haven’t been seen on Earth for hundreds of years. These line-ups point to a mega shift in awakening and a combination of tearing down unworkable systems and building new infrastructures from the ground up. This is beyond messy, and the sheer magnitude of so much transforming so fast can be unnerving.

Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon of September 1-2 will put a spotlight on trust and values. Both of those themes are now center stage globally as citizens in our divided society evaluate incoming information. We’re witnessing a “war on truth” in which facts are either disputed, ignored, or distorted.

The “us vs them” dynamic has intensified, too, spilling over into business and even families. Decision-making and real solutions to our world’s dilemmas have become compromised. A growing number of problems – like racism, income inequality, outdated infrastructure, healthcare and climate – are like a ticking time bomb. This dynamic adds a sense of urgency and crisis to living now.

Crisis Energy in the Air

Indeed, the energy of crisis is in the air. So much of our daily existence has been turned inside out. The chaos is palpable, stirring unrest and uncertainty within us. This is the case, even if we feel relatively insulated from some of the world’s problems. We’re all connected, after all, and on a spiritual level there’s an energy line connecting all things and all beings.

Our level of awakening prevents us from going back to sleep and pretending that we aren’t involved in revolutionizing our world into one that works for everyone. At the very root of things, all injustices and imbalances are connected. There is no separation.

Dreams and Intuitive Insights

A bonus of this week’s Pisces Full Moon is how it can help us connect more tangibly with dreams and insights that come from inner planes activity during sleep. Those insights may come the next day or days later as an intuitive flash of wisdom helping to solve a life riddle.

Pisces energy is quite psychic, so don’t be surprised if you come up with a solution that opens doors and perhaps changes the course of your life. The key to this outcome is being present to your intuitive nudges – whenever they come – and taking action. As we know, so much of life is divine timing and divine orchestration – pieces of a puzzle fitting when we act on our intuitive knowing.

Coping with Crisis

As we begin a new month, we continue being impacted by the pandemic crisis and the countless ways it has upended our lives. For perspective, the crisis is much more than a virus that spread globally. It’s about a host of issues involving how we live together on Earth. We now have a magnifying glass on some of those, seeing them in a new light. Examples: the state of health care and a generally unhealthy population. The pandemic is temporary, but the other crisis issues will remain until resolved.

Advance Team of Souls

We incarnated now to be part of the advance team of souls witnessing a mass unveiling of societal dysfunction and actively participating in a mega transformation that will shift things into balance.

Yes, sounds like a humongous task and it is. Yet we are wired at a DNA level to fully participate in this.

We’re in this together, too, so remember that when you feel overwhelmed or wonder if you’re making a difference.

Gifts of Crisis and Being Here Now

Feeling weary adjusting to the growing list of ‘new normals’ during our pandemic – you’re not alone. There is at least one key silver lining to this crisis. That is a new form of strength we are developing as we make repetitive adjustments to brand-new norms. The sheer magnitude of what we are needing to adapt to – and the fact that we are adapting with lightning speed – is helping us to become more resilient.

Two of the must-have qualities to master and embody in the 2020s are adaptability and resilience.

Any such inner qualities of a spiritual nature are honed over time through repetition, happenstance and gaining wisdom. They don’t come automatically or easily. It takes perseverance and dedication to stay the course. Most enlightened qualities take lifetimes to develop, in incremental stages. In this life, we’re getting a crash course of sorts, the universe forcing us to evolve more quickly.

It’s still up to us how quickly we evolve. There are no guarantees. We have an ago, after all, and many lifetimes involving our ego dominating our expression. Fast forward to now when awakening and embodying our spiritual selves is part of our purpose.

In this rare time of mega changes, our conditioned ego-self rebels and prefers the status quo. When that happens, it’s like a battle of the wills – our ego vs our higher wisdom. In the 2020s we must remain vigilant to this dynamic and choose the wisdom path.

Consider this. If the pandemic or some other global crisis had been only 6 weeks or 6 months – and it was the only crisis needing attention – we wouldn’t be in this auspicious position. We wouldn’t be constantly forced to adapt to new things. We therefore wouldn’t need to adapt so much or to become more resilient. So therein lies our gift.

While I realize that such a gift isn’t typically recognized as the blessing it is until much later after hardships have passed – let’s embrace it and use it for our own enlightenment and transforming our world. We can do this.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

Copyright by Selacia – a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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the void strength
Libra Equinox Live & Recorded Global Meditation

Dear friends,

September 19 our annual Libra Equinox meditation. In the weeks leading up to the Equinox gateway, the theme of balance will be front-and-center in our world. For each of us personally, too, it will be a time to look more deeply at where we need more balance and a more compassionate approach to ourselves.

It’s not easy being alive now. We are challenged daily in unprecedented ways. On any given day, in fact, there’s so much going on and so many unknowns, that we can be stretched beyond our limits to cope effectively.
To be in balance with ourselves is essential for being in balance with others. To have inner stability is also the essential foundation for our successes in the outer world.

During our Equinox meditation, you will have assistance wit……

Read more HERE

COBRA: A Short Notice To The Surface Population | The Portal + Livestream link to 8/31 Flower of Life Meditation

Friday, August 21, 2020

A Short Notice To The Surface Population

Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out.
Although the positive end result is secured, the way to there is not, and the Light Forces are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as they feel guided, in the next two weeks especially:
They are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation: .


Visualizing planet Earth and especially the planetary surface completely immersed in pink Light is also helpful.
There will be two key moments where more massive participation in the Flower of Life meditation would be advised. 
The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at  6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.
The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.
Victory of the Light!
Posted by Cobra at 3:20 PM Labels: NOTSP, Xena

RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Prepare for Aug 31st Showdown – Aug 24 Meditation Report & Planetary Situation Report

Prepare for Aug 31st Showdown – Aug 24 Meditation Report & Planetary Situation Report | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH


Holy Cow … What a 144K Meditation that was on Monday!

One of our best ever … (below is an image of how some of us were, after the meditation).

If you’ve started noticing Dracos a lot more in the past 24 hrs or so, it’s because our 144K Mass Meditation on Monday helped halve the amount of sub-lunar territory they were occupying.

So sometime yesterday … there was a sudden compression of their presence down to low earth orbit & below, (yes … I’m dealing with it :- / )

So there’s cleaning up to do, which will culminate in our big 144K intervention this Monday 31st, on the critical heliocentric Eris Pluto Square.

The physical & non-physical dark ones will try to skew & use this energy on this date, to trigger something quite unpleasant –

… but the 144K will be there!

The only meditation group with a concerted … coordinated … focused concentration of transmutational Light, on this historical moment to change the game!

Cobra has alerted us … in no uncertain terms … that how the next two weeks go, will largely decide the rest of the year, and therefore … the speed of our attaining freedom & peace.

” … the second [critical moment] is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. A meditation at that moment will help support the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sub-lunar space at that time …”

Cobra – Aug 21st Report

This 2nd Mass Meditation will also be 30-45mins long … approximately.


Duty calls …

Let’s show’em we mean business! (time-zone & live guided platform are at the bottom)


Aug 24 Mass Meditation Report

Because Saturn & Mars squared off with each other on this event – it was indeed [energetic] war, that risked spilling over on to the physical at a bigger level which could have resulted in greater conflict within the US, (Antifa & BLM [Cabal] paid mercenaries are now armed) but also internationally …

… as the old STRUCTURES (Saturn) buckled and almost snapped, from refusing to gracefully bend & transmute into its highest divine purpose into structures that finally started serving humanity.

We built lots of new Saturn-divine-masculine structures throughout the non-physical planes (after MASS clearing of old decrepit energies & negative civilizations) – and filled them with the nurturing ultra-soft [magnetic] energies of the Goddess.

And that’s just what I saw. Here’s what other saw & DID.


” Activated the water on the whole planet, with help of dolphins, whales, birds drinking brilliant bright water! …”


” I felt profound emotional release and tears moments before you said you felt GAIA crying. Tears of joy… “

T. L:

” I imagined a vaccination of Light injected deep into their network, that changes darkness’ DNA towards light, so its immune system either succumbs or attacks itself – just like they want to do to us. I asserted that humanity cannot be judged until the hidden programming and sabotage networks have been removed, to see what human kind/nature is really like…”


Thanks for today!!!!

Short info. Was guided to go for the mother computer of the AI. Worked on it for some time and in the end it was like a hidden Archangel rose up from the ground under the place of the computer when it was removed …”


” At the moment when hatred was being transmuted, I burst into tears – Gaia’s collective tears of release, tears of relief, and tears of gratitude.

At the point where we were transmuting and replacing structures with golden ones, I had to stand in order to get better grounded. Called upon AA Ariel to assist with grounding and streaming diamond light to Gaia’s gridlines. Saw chains of oppression being converted to golden circles of Light… My sun and moon are in Capricorn. And so it is!”


” I know we always like synchronistic events during mass meditation. My eyes were flowing around and around this image in my meditation room just as you requested that the Goddesses on the call imagine rainbow light flowing around squares and other masculine shapes…”


” Thank you for the Mass meditation tonight. I had immense pain in my left arm about ten minutes in… then through the majority until 5 minutes before the end…Moments of intense emotion and coldness…”


” I saw that all our individual light was overlapped over the entirety of the Universe, centered on Gaia, to attain a level of purity as close to the One as possible as separate beings…”


” You asked us to visualize ourselves as goddesses. Once I did, my hair lit up and started grabbing dark entities, pulling the darkness out, transmuting it internally, so that I could use the transmuted light energy to pour more light into the divine masculine structures. 1:23 pm as I send this …”


“Transmutation of Violence. Saw Cabal place swords down on ground in defeat -Illuminati/ Reptilian DNA changing as well as Human! To more benevolent + -Timeline reversal where we made retroactive changes in France, Russia, Egypt, and Caveman times…”


” Right after you said Gaia is loving this, I saw the children released. Pain and suffering to joy and peace as they entered a new place…”

They say laughter is one frequency notch below love. So here’s an image to lighten things up.

Times & Links For

The Heliocentric Pluto-Eris Square

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Monday Aug 31

Start Time: 7:30 AM EDT (US)

Your Timezone:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:
is right here (click on Ground Crew Command Radio at the top)

(you have to be a 144K Member – Click here if you haven’t joined yet)

Back up link for live guided broadcast: Is here

See you there!

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to:

4 Phase Healing & Clearing System

Internal Compression Breakthrough Audio Package

De-Hypnosis Audio


register for the free Webclass on The Truth About DNA Activation:

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How Meditation Stops Rumination by Isabelle Pikörn | Insight Timer Blog

How Meditation Stops Rumination

We’ve all experienced the cyclical, repetitive thinking of rumination. Rumination can be as benign as briefly replaying a conversation with our co-worker, wondering if we said the right thing. In its worst cases, it’s the obsessive thinking that’s connected to OCD, depression or anxiety disorder. Scientists say understanding rumination can help us stop. So can mindfulness and meditation

Isabelle Pikörn Chief Editor Insight Timer Blog

what is rumination?

In this article, learn what rumination is, what happens in the brain and body when we are ruminating and how meditation can give relief.

What Is Rumination?

Researchers are still grappling with a singular definition and a standard means of measuring it, yet rumination has been extensively studied. Ruminating is most commonly defined as

‘repetitively thinking about the causes, consequences, and symptoms of current negative affect.’

Anyone who’s been trapped in obsessive or repetitive thinking understands it’s not beneficial. So why do we do it?

Ruminating & Emotional Regulation

The most widely accepted theory is that rumination is an erroneous emotional regulation strategy. This avoidant coping strategy has the unfortunate effect of increasing the very thing we’re trying to avoid, negative thought. Rumination eventually spurs depression or anxiety, at which point mental flexibility becomes worse. Rumination thus reinforces itself.

A second theory supposes that rumination arises in response to lack of emotional awareness. The absence of clarity on what we’re feeling, combined with intolerance for uncertainty, can trigger ruminative thinking.

Ruminating As Catastrophic Thinking

Rumination is also connected to obsessive, catastrophic thinking. When we ruminate a common, innocuous thought such as “my bank account is a little low, I should watch my spending” becomes “I’ll never earn enough money and I’ll suffer for the rest of my life” which becomes “I’m going to die of poverty under a bridge and everyone who thought I’d never amount to anything will be right.”

Catastrophic thinking builds in part because rumination is connected to memory. When we’re ruminating, the brain connects our negative thoughts to every other time we’ve felt that way. This strengthens our perception of negative occurrences.

Read more: A similar experience to rumination is the anxiety spiral – learn more about in our in-depth article.

Ruminating & The Past

When ruminating, we tend to focus on the causes or consequences of our pain and distress, not the solutions. Rumination is associated with less effort and less confidence in problem solving.

Researchers differentiate rumination from worry because it is focused on the past, versus preparing for the future. While worry can sometimes stimulate motivation, there is rarely a positive outcome to rumination.

Ruminating & The Body

Ruminating is related to disordered somatic awareness, especially regarding the perception of physical pain. Rumination can increase in response to pain, and may also result in greater physical distress. Cognitive over-focusing on pain has the effect of magnifying both perceived and actual symptoms. One study found rumination was the sole predictor of the extent to which patients would feel pain after a surgical procedure.

Rumination, Depression & Anxiety

In its most insidious cases, rumination leads to or exacerbates depression and anxiety. In fact, rumination co-occurs with general anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder 60% of the time. Historically, rumination has been related to depression, while worry is more often studied in conjunction with anxiety. However, rumination predicts symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Ruminating is closely tied to feelings of self-criticism, self-pity, worthlessness and inadequacy. Researchers have found low self-esteem is also a predictor of rumination, which in turn is a known predictor of mental illness.

Read more: In an honest and insightful article, psychotherapist and meditation teacher Andrea Wachter draws on her own healing journey and shares tips on how to overcome depression.

Breaking The Cycle: How To Stop Rumination

When in a cycle of obsessive negative thinking, we fixate on past negative memories. To stop rumination, it’s helpful to intentionally remember when things went right, and to get grounded in the present moment.


is the practice of purposefully recognizing the positive and giving thanks. If we learn to see everything as a learning opportunity, we can even be grateful for the negative and thereby transform it into a positive.

To stop cyclical negative thinking, make a list of at least 3 things you’re grateful for in the present moment. Put your list into action by saying thank you to someone. Gratitude is inversely related to experiences of rumination.

explore free gratitude meditation

Body Sensation

Positive sensations such as happiness, joy, peace and contentment are all felt in the body. Body awareness practices not only shift our focus from past to present, but help open our awareness to the positive feelings that are available when we’re aware.

A 2016 study on interoceptive awareness, awareness of the internal state of the body, found when body awareness was high, rumination was low. Participants were asked to pay attention to the beat of their heart. Those who succeeded in this activity reported fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

When rumination is getting the better of you, do a quick body scan (we offer hundreds of free guided practices). Notice what physical sensations are present. Let this awareness take you away from the fantasies in your head and back to the here and now.

Read more: Despite our tendency to neglect it, the body has its own quiet honesty and dignity in how it processes the world. Explore how the body stores tension.


Numerous studies link time spent in nature to a reduced stress response, increased feelings of subjective well-being, and positive mood. A 2015 study on why found those who spent time walking through nature showed reduced activity in the area of the brain responsible for rumination. The researchers hypothesized that by decreasing rumination, time spent in nature protects against the development of mental illness.

When obsessive thinking becomes overwhelming, get outside, take a walk, or plan an active weekend in the country.

Bookmark or follow the beautiful playlist below to feel like you are out in nature! Guided meditations, visualizations and ambient music take you on a walk in the woods to recharge.

forest visualization

How Mediation Relieves Rumination

A consistent and long term meditation practice is correlated with less reported rumination and symptoms of depression. Even a ‘brief period of mindfulness’ as one study claims, seems to be helpful in exiting a ruminative state. Not only that, practicing mindfulness is much more effective at stopping rumination than problem solving.

Mindfulness reduces the extent to which general ruminative thoughts become self-perpetuating and uncontrollable. Self-critical rumination is diminished by metacognition, awareness of the thought process. This type of awareness is strengthened through the practice of meditation.

Meditation keeps us present and teaches us that we are not our thoughts, nor are our thoughts always correct. Meditation also softens focus on the self and builds self-compassion. All are qualities which cease and prevent rumination, anxiety, and depression.

Improving Emotional Awareness

Rumination entails a disconnect from reality, especially as ruminative thinking becomes obsessive or paranoid. A 2020 study found while excessive rumination leads to paranoia, emotional awareness has the opposite effect. The researchers suggest further investigating mindfulness of emotions as a possible prevention for rumination-related psychosis. 

Through meditation, we become aware of our thoughts and emotions and are able to look upon them as if from a distance. We can notice our emotions without identifying with them. We can even be present with uncertainty regarding our emotions. Within the space created by meditation we have room to change our perspective, to choose not to believe what we think, and space to allow our thoughts and emotions to dissipate.

Softening Self-Focus

Numerous studies
have found heightened self-focused attention plays a powerful role in various psychological disorders. When we’re ruminating, depressed and anxious, we’re focused on me and mine.

Mindfulness softens this self-focus by transforming it into self-awareness. Healthy self-awareness includes the following:

  • Agency over our own thoughts and actions 
  • Awareness of emotions versus identification with emotions 
  • A clear distinction between reality and imagination or fantasy 
  • The ability to integrate new perspectives of ourselves and others

The ability to hold this type of healthy insight about the self is inversely associated with rumination. Meditation guides us inward and teaches us about the patterns and habits of our minds. It’s the key to developing insightful self-awareness.

Increasing Self-Compassion

Because rumination is closely associated with low self-esteem and self-criticism, it stands to reason that a compassion practice can alleviate rumination. Research supports this theory. Those who rank high on self-compassion experience fewer instances of rumination and depression.

Compassion practices also have the effect of reducing self-focused attention. By building our capacity for walking in the shoes of others, we realize the emotions we feel are not ours alone to bear, but have been experienced by others for thousands of years. We become more connected to others and feel less alone.

Explore hundreds of guided self-compassion meditations on Insight Timer.

A steady meditation practices nips ruminative thoughts in the bud by giving us awareness, teaching us to take ourselves less seriously, and building within us a felt sense of connection to all of humanity.

GEORGE KAVASSILAS ~ “Galactic Space Family vs. Alien Overlords & The God Program” [Age Of Truth TV]

Wow! Fascinating…especially 2nd half..I am familiar with a lot of what he’s talking about. It’s all about consciousness..and what we choose to align with. Lengthy, fascinating conversation that is well-worth the time. Lucas Alexander asks all the right penetrating questions to draw out more understanding. I see parallels to many things Cobra…(direct physical Pleiadian + Resistance Movement contactee), Jim Tourtsakis of Return To Your Truth (another Aussie brilliant Arcturian Starseed, a.k.a.The Unknown Lightwarrior) talk about….Sacred Geometry, DNA Light Codes…and much more. Brilliant video…gets better and better..towards the end.. Mitochondria How to-Phase out of the Frequency Spectrum of 5G: Good Nutrients/Foods /Supplements as key… Hydrogen? Wow! Morning sunlight. I need to become a morning person. Harmonics Phase Lock ~ Synchronicity “In the world but not of the world” ~PBSee description below.👇🏽

GEORGE KAVASSILAS ~ “Galactic Space Family vs. Alien Overlords & The God Program” [Age Of Truth TV]

•Mar 20, 2019 Age Of Truth TV 59.5K subscribers

An extraordinarily thought-provoking, controversial and almost mind-expanding interview with Australian Motivational Truth Speaker, Author, Lecturer, Alien abductee and contactee

will take you on a journey into your inner core and way beyond the general perception and understanding of what this world really is. The Earth, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse and infinite parallel dimensions, Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-dimensional life on other planets and dimensions vibrating on higher frequencies than our known 3-dimensional reality.

How have we been deceived by the system and by religions on Planet Earth? George Kavassilas claims to be a multiple alien abductee and contactee, with a direct connection to information about our reality and the “unknown”. He has been in the presence of different alien lifeforms and has worked as a motivational speaker and spiritual teacher at conferences and seminars all over the world for the last couple of decades.

In this MIND-BLOWING 2 hour 47 min. interview with Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, George Kavassilas will cover many fascinating topics such as:

– Who are we REALLY?
– Alien, Extra-Teresstrial and Inter-dimensional existence on Planet
  Earth, in the universe, the multiverse and in other dimensions.
WHAT IS GOD? Who is GOD?  The “fake” religions and the God
  program. Religious and New Age deception?
– True spiritual understanding. Law of attraction vs. Lore of attraction.
– The Inter-dimensional deceivers! DEMONS, ARCHONS, JINNS.
DEATH!  The perception and reincarnation soul trap? White light
  heavenly LIE? True or false? Can YOU decide your destiny?
– The global power structure.
– Who are The Council Of Seven?
– Is Freedom Of Speech in jeopardy? David Icke censored in Australia.
– Mind Control programming and The Illuminati.
WHERE CAN WE GO FROM HERE? How can you become free of

………………that and many other topics is covered in this interview with Age Of Truth TV.  Interview on March 8, 2019, filmed at AOT TV studios in Copenhagen, Denmark & via ZOOM to the Gold Coast in Australia.

For more on GEORGE KAVASSILAS visit his website:

Your support is greatly appreciated.
You can also support us via our Age Of Truth TV website:

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Saul: Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you. | John Smallman’s Blog

Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you.

08/25/2020 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday August 25th

Dear John, you will be pleased to hear me confirm for you once again that the Divine Plan is unfolding precisely as God wills.  It could not unfold in any other way.  Do not let the vociferous noise of the mainstream media and the social meeting channels drown out your inner knowing that all is well.  To doubt is a necessary aspect of being human, its purpose being to encourage you to go within and listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, and make sure that you respond with loveto whatever is causing you to doubt.By doing that you can come to a place of peace from which you can view whatever is causing your doubt with wisdom and without expectation.  Doubt often arises when you have a choice to make, and your doubt addresses the difficulty inherent in the choice before you, for instance: “Are we really awakening, or am I using my hope that we are to silence my fears that maybe we are not?”

I know many of you are facing doubts of this nature, and I want to assure you that they truly are completely unwarranted.  By going within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and then asking for guidance from someone on your spiritual support team, although you may well not “hear” a response, if you sit quietly without expectation – and that can indeed be very difficult for some of you – you will find an inner place where the doubt that is causing you some anxiety eases.  Then you will feel able to live with it in the knowing that, even though what you see happening in the outside world would have you believe otherwise, humanity’s awakening is occurring as divinely promised and intended.

Many are presently experiencing intense emotional turmoil as the worldwide uncertainty that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it very difficult for people to make any meaningful plans even for tomorrow, let alone beyond that, becausethe rules and the available data keep changing as new information is released into the public realm on a daily basis.  Confusion appears to be endemic as various “authority figures” offer conflicting advice, guidance, and instructions to follow, which other “authority figures” tell you to disregard and dismiss.  So what are you to think?  Well, it is quite apparent that the “authorities” are themselves extremely confused, and this is because their “secure” communications systems are in disarray, and they are receiving conflicting instructions from those who rule and direct them.  The old order of direct, command, and control has broken down irreparably.  Now, a new and far less centralized system, that honors people and not rules, is arising to replace it, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places as groups of people start to establish a multitude of on-line communities to share information, ideas, and resources as part of the grand awakening.

Enormous changes are occurring because so many people everywhere are claiming their divine sovereignty and are engaging lovingly with life from their heart centers.When you do that life becomes far more meaningful and enjoyable.  Everyone is called to serve in some form, and when you enter life from your heart centers, instead of from your ego-directed minds, you will find yourself drawn to assist the collective awakening process in ways that are totally appropriate for you, instead of seeing what others are doing and feeling that you should emulate them.  You each have your own individual path that may well involve cooperation with a few others or many others, or it may lead you to do something on your own that only you can do.  Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you, even if others may try to persuade you otherwise, so learn to trust yourself.  Sometimes it can be helpful to recall instances when you did not follow your intuition but allowed others to persuade you to do something different, and you then regretted it, realizing that your intuition had been right.

During your daily self-time, when you relax quietly, undisturbed by others or by your phone and social media, and as you reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise, also ask for help to differentiate between your ego’s intent and your divine intent.  The ego’s intents or desires are often grounded in fear or anxiety, whereas your divine intent will be peaceful and loving, even as your ego attempts to persuade you that this is not the case.

All presently incarnate in human form are on Earth to assist in the collective awakening, and that of course includes self-awakening!  Self-awakening may occur quite spontaneously and gently during quiet time alone, being out in nature, listening to someone who needs to talk to you about their confusion or anxieties, or in a sudden moment of clarity as you deliberate with yourself about an action you think you need to take or about a relationship that is causing you concern.  The thing is to be open at all times for an unexpected insight, for instance something with which an unwanted distraction presents you.  In other words make a point of returning to mindfulness whenever the thought occurs to you that you are not in a state of mindfulness, or when you become aware that your mind is wandering.  As you are well aware your minds often wander, particularly when you are doing something that is normally very undemanding such as driving to work or doing the dishes – normal routine everyday tasks – and those are excellent opportunities to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a very open state of awareness in which you are fully conscious of how every part of your body feels, and at the same time you are fully aware of the environment surrounding or enveloping you in the moment.  In that state it is very easy for those on your support team in the spiritual realms to communicate with you – your attention is suddenly and for no apparent reason drawn in a certain direction – or offer guidance by way of your intuition or inner knowing which you can access best when you are relaxed and at peace.

There is spiritual guidance and intuitive insight pouring into the collective human energy field at present to assist in your awakening, everyone is receiving information about their awakening in every moment if they will allow themselves to be open to it.  Old fixed beliefs and opinions need to be released to make room for this influx of new knowledge, knowledge that has always been available, but which you have been unable to access because of the distractions with which your everyday lives present you, and which seem to demand your immediate attention.  Truly, in your daily lives there is very little that absolutely needs your immediate attention, so make a point of slowing down, mentally and physically, so that your inner knowing can offer you more effective ways to deal with whatever arises by responding thoughtfully and wisely instead of with an instant reaction that may later prove to to have been less than totally appropriate.

Now is the time to be more and do less, as you adjust more fully to the new uplifting and inspiring energies that are displacing or dissolving the egotistical ones to which you have been accustomed.  This new sense of peace – that all is well – takes some getting used to, and so your daily quiet times, when you choose to be alone and undisturbed, are essential to your individual awakening processes.  You each feel and experience them differently because you are each different expressions of the One as It expresses Itself in myriad ways through each of you for the wonder and glory of All.  Take the time to relax, feel, and enjoy the process for which you have been hoping and praying for eons.  The moment of awakening is upon you, so do not fall back into the unawareness from which you are all arising, instead, be alert and open to the joy that this process is offering you as you step up through the veil of limitation into the brilliance of Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

The Eve of Archangel Chamuel Season, The Lightworker Legion, Archangel Simon And Archangel Balathioul ~ August 25, 2020

OTHER LANGUAGES ARE STILL AVAILABLE, CLICK LANGUAGE HERE —————> If you are viewing this on mobile, the translate button is at the bottom of the post. The day is now 72 hours and starts and ends at 3 PM after it has hit the 3 AM meditation bells three times prior. The launch time of […]

The Eve of Archangel Chamuel Season, The Lightworker Legion, Archangel Simon And Archangel Balathioul ~ August 25, 2020

Jane International Tarot & Astrology: 🌕 WEEKLY TAROT READING 🌕 | Pick-A-Card Tarot and Astrology Reading

🌕 WEEKLY TAROT READING 🌕 | Pick-A-Card Tarot and Astrology Reading
Jane International Tarot & Astrology
•Aug 24, 2020

Weekly Pick-A-Card Tarot Card Reading for All Zodiac Signs

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Return To Your Truth Yep … it’s ON – MONDAY AUG 24 -2:00pm EDT – Mars-Saturn-Square 144K Mass Meditation [30mins]


Cobra just alerted everyone about the tense & volatile period coming up the next two weeks – as the most likely period for false flags (& orchestrated riots, disguised with the customary benevolent facade the Cabal is infamous for).

He has correctly stated … in no uncertain terms … that – how the next two weeks go, will largely decide the rest of the year, and therefore … the speed of attaining freedom & peace.

The two main ‘tricky’ dates most likely for false flags (or false flag events dressed as ‘grassroots’ movements) combined with dark rituals, is:

This Monday, Aug 24 – for the VERY volatile Mars-Saturn SquareHeliocentric Eris-Pluto Square, on Monday Aug 31st

Because the physical & non-physical dark ones will heavily co-ordinate all their efforts to ‘mess-things-up’ as much as possible on these two key VOLATILE astrological dates … I’m concerned that loose co-ordination of a simple Flower-Of-Life visualization may not be enough.

MASS  … EXTREME … and DELIBERATE transmutation of a sustained nature is most likely needed – to remove any danger of further delays to The Event & Freedom.


The 144K will be stepping in & taking charge to a professional level … because that’s the way the 144K rolls.

( … obviously this is being called for by the higher dimensions)

It is IMPERATIVE that the surface Starseed population does not ‘drop-the-ball’ after such profound successes as we’ve had with recent Mass Meditations.

This 1st Mass Meditation will be 30 mins long … approximately.


Duty calls …

Let’s show’em who’s in control!

Times & Links For The

Mars-Saturn Square

Mass Meditation

Date: Monday Aug 24 

Start Time: 2 PM EDT (US)

Your Timezone:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:  is Right Here

See you there!

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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