THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, July 31, 2015


THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, July 31, 2015

w/audio, day of post:

Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, realization

Moon in Aquarius

Goddess of Wisdom: Dhumavati (Goddess Who Closes and Completes)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of The South)

Skill: consider freedom

Catalysts for Change: distortions, confusion, insecurity, fear of exposure and vulnerability, feeling not good enough to join in, greed, failing to take good care of something, speaking without thinking, projecting one’s shadow side

True Alignments: see below for explanation of today’s Sabian symbols

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a woman and two male castaways”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

The Moon is Full. It’s in Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus rules freedom. Uranus is retrograde at the Eris Point. The Eris Point rules rebirth.

All of this equals one question today: How would you define freedom?

This is the main question for today, individually and as a collective. The energetics of the planets support us in our attempts to free ourselves from the past and old beliefs, thoughts, and systems.

Energy to facilitate this comes today from the locations of the planets and the themes they are disseminating. Here are the energetics of key planets today:

SUN: “glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing” (air, inner being brought outward, breathing life, mastery)

EARTH: “a flag is seen turning into an eagle” (the inner manifests in the outer, true power, transforming, carrying banners)

VENUS: “an unsealed letter” (spreading messages, advantages for everyone, communications of trust, sharing feelings) – note also that Venus is retrograde and moves from Virgo back into Leo at 11:28 am ET/3:28 pm UT

MARS: “a leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power” (leadership, accepting responsibility, descent of spiritual protection, mastery, understanding and accepting consequences)

MERCURY: “a volunteer church choir makes a social event of rehearsal” (like-minded people electromagnetically joining together, shared voice, unity, speaking truth, liveliness, joy, social causes, extending self)

JUPITER: “many little birds on the limb of a large tree” (opening of the field of possibilities/options/potentials, many voices, secure foundations, choices)

URANUS: “a boxer entering the ring” (unity, transcendence, taking a stand, speaking out, blazing a trail, paths, Oneness)

These symbols paint many pictures that help us gain wisdom today. The air is electrically-charged, and the Sun’s wind is strong. Today is all about FREEDOM, CHANGE, AND ALIGNMENT. The stellar dynamics are revealing this to each of us about our lives and about our world – which are symbiotic or mutually-dependent. How would you define freedom, and what would that look like in our lives and the world?

For months I’ve been talking about the changes that Uranus’ retrograde from July 26 – December 26, 2015 would evoke because it was retrograding at the Eris Point- 21 Aries and a degree of unlimited power for birthing and rebirthing. Uranus retrograde at the Eris Point is one answer to the question of freedom’s definition.

Uranus retrograde also evokes journeys, relocations, and treks. Many wise owls are undertaking this in a variety of ways. But today, a project of very special wise owls undertaking a trek for truth begins again with a trek across the country. Unbeknownst to them, the energies of the Sabian symbols puts wind in the sails of such an undertaking. Over the next few months of Uranus’ retrograde, I will feature the outstanding journeys of some of our parliament (group) of wise owls, including wise owl Pam who answered the call of her heart and will be trekking via cargo ship from the US to Fiji to assist organic farmers upstarting there.

But today, please join me in sending a wave of love to the wise owls at Wise owl Logan sets out on cycle for a 10-week trek for awareness of the Lyme Disease epidemic. Logan will leave Louisville, Kentucky today bound for San Francisco, California. Lyme disease is THE bio story that is trying to come to light. We are all with you, Logan and will see you in San Fran!

See the short Youtube video recorded yesterday about Logan’s start today:

And the question of how we define freedom is being directly posed and addressed at

Freedom prevails!

Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share State crackdowns heighten interest in this alternative to conglomerate farming By Christopher D. Cook, On the Commons | Spirit of Change

Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share
State crackdowns heighten interest in this alternative to conglomerate farming
By Christopher D. Cook, On the Commons | Spirit of Change
Published: July 15, 2015

It’s easy to take seeds for granted. Tiny dry pods hidden in packets and sacks, they make a brief appearance as gardeners and farmers collect them for future planting then later drop them into soil. They are not “what’s for dinner,” yet without them there would be no dinner. Seeds are the forgotten heroes of food—and of life itself.

Sharing these wellsprings of sustenance may sound innocuous enough, yet this increasingly popular exchange—and wider seed access—is up against a host of legal and economic obstacles. The players in this surreal saga, wherein the mere sharing of seeds is under attack, range from agriculture officials interpreting seed laws, to powerful corporations expanding their proprietary and market control.

Seed libraries—a type of agricultural commons where gardeners and farmers can borrow and share seed varieties, enriching their biodiversity and nutrition—have sprouted up across the U.S. in recent years, as more Americans seek connection to food and the land. This new variety of seed sharing has blossomed from just a dozen libraries in 2010 to more than 300 today. The sharing of seeds “represents embedded knowledge that we’ve collected over 10,000 years,” says Jamie Harvie, executive director of the Institute for a Sustainable Future, based in Duluth, Minnesota. “Healthy resilient communities are characterized not by how we control other people, and more about valuing relationships.”
10 corporations occupy 76% of the global seed market. Monsanto alone has 26%, with Du Pont and Syngenta not far behind.

As Harvie suggests, seed libraries offer a profound alternative to the corporate takeover of seeds, which has reached frightful proportions: according to the non-profit ETC Group, just three firms control more than half of the worldwide seed business (more than doubling their 22% share in 1996), while the top ten corporations now occupy 76 percent of the global market. Monsanto alone has 26 percent of the world’s seed market, with Du Pont and Syngenta not far behind.

A 2013 report by ETC Group shows the startling scope of the industry’s market power, across the panorama of seeds, agrochemicals, and genetics: Four firms control 58.2% of seeds; 61.9% of agrochemicals; 24.3% of fertilizers; 53.4% of animal pharmaceuticals; and, in livestock genetics, 97% of poultry and two-thirds of swine and cattle research.

Kristina Hubbard, communications director for the Organic Seed Alliance, sees a direct connection between corporate control and the seed-sharing movement. “I think community-based projects like seed libraries are at least in part a direct response to concerns people have about who controls our seed,” explains Hubbard. “It’s a necessary response, as seed industry consolidation continues and is increasing the vulnerability of our seed and food systems. We need more decision makers in the form of seed stewards, and more resiliency in our seed and food systems.”

Seed Libraries Rising

“Love the earth around you,” urges Betsy Goodman, a 27-year-old farmer in Western Iowa, where “most of the landscape is covered in uniform rows of corn and soybeans.” Working on an 11-acre organic farm that sprouts 140 varieties of tomatoes and 60 varieties of peppers, among other crops, Goodman has become something of a seed evangelist. In 2012, she launched the Common Soil Seed Library, just across the Missouri River in nearby Omaha, Nebraska—enabling area gardeners and farmers to borrow some 5,000 seed packets (112 different varieties) to date.

“It didn’t make sense to me that no one was perpetuating the cycle of seed and life,” says Goodman. “People have this idea that you put a seed in the ground, harvest your food, and let it die.” Goodman says she is working to perpetuate life. “The basis of our whole food system comes from the seed,” she says. “I think people are not generally conscious of how grateful we should be for our food diversity and wealth.”

Goodman sees the seed library as an essential reclaiming of farming traditions and local food security. “I want farmers to go back to saving seeds. It’s our responsibility to uphold our food system. It takes everybody.” But, she says, many farmers remain isolated and unaware of the seed-sharing movement. “The consciousness around this is not there yet. I haven’t really heard from farmers yet…The farmers buy their seed each year from Monsanto and Syngenta, this huge industrial system that’s very much in control of this state and surrounding states.” Farmers, she adds, “rely on these companies to buy their corn, they are very tied into these companies, and can’t even feed themselves off of the food they’re growing.”

Motivated by similar concerns, the Wisconsin Seed Savers Alliance has helped germinate six seed libraries (with three more on the way this spring) across five counties in the state’s economically isolated northeast, along the shores of Lake Superior.

“A lot of food grown here is shipped away,” says Alliance director Tessah Wickus. She explains that seed libraries are about “sharing the burden of growing food and making sure we all have something nutritious…We don’t have a whole lot of income sources, our schools are in the system for hot lunch programs, and we have a high poverty rate. One of the concerns here is food security and expanding local foods.”

While small in scale, Wisconsin’s seed library alliance has tapped a well of interest among new farmers and old, says Wickus, who is 25. “Sharing seeds is part of helping the next generation of farmers…[T]his is an integral part of how to survive and sustain yourself, how to pass along knowledge from one generation to another. People have a hunger to know where their food comes from, something we’ve lost.”

About 200 miles westward, on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, a new seed library offers varieties of sunflower, bean, corn and other seeds to residents—many of whom are poor and seeking a reconnection to indigenous food and farming. Most of the money here “goes off the reservation,” says Zachary Paige, farm manager at the White Earth Land Recovery Project. “This is one way to get the economy back on the reservation, and save money for food, instead of buying seeds from catalogs,” he says, while also “closing that loop in producing food.”

Paige (who is not Native American) helped start the White Earth Seed Library two years ago, and is working with local college and school garden projects to cultivate traditional seed varieties. He points to an indigenous tradition of growing and sharing food, and a revival of highly nutritious pre-Columbus crops, such as Bear Island Corn. Sharing seeds fits into a larger goal on the reservation of “trying to eat healthier and relieve diabetes.”

Seed-Sharing Crackdown

But all this seed-sharing love is butting up against some prodigious economic and regulatory challenges. As the libraries spread across the US, they are catching scrutiny from agriculture officials in states such as Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Iowa, who express concerns about unlabeled seed packets, and the spreading of contaminated seeds and noxious or invasive species.

One flashpoint in this battle is a small seed library in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which ran into a regulatory dispute with the state’s department of agriculture. Last June, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture informed an employee of the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library that its seed library ran afoul of state seed laws and would have to shut down or follow exorbitant testing and labeling rules intended for commercial seed enterprises. County Commissioner Barbara Cross raised the specter of terrorism, telling local media, “Agri-terrorism is a very, very real scenario,” she said. “Protecting and maintaining the food sources of America is an overwhelming challenge…so you’ve got agri-tourism on one side and agri-terrorism on the other.”

The library was forced to limit its sharing, holding a special seed swapping event instead. As Mechanicsburg seed librarian Rebecca Swanger explained to media at the time, “We can only have current-year seeds, which means 2014, and they have to be store-purchased because those seeds have gone through purity and germination rate testing. People can’t donate their own seeds because we can’t test them as required by the Seed Act.”

While the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) insists that laws regulating large commercial seed companies do not apply to seed libraries, “other states are now considering adopting Pennsylvania’s seed protocol,” Shareable reported—potentially stopping the seed library movement in its tracks.

But Pennsylvania and some other states “have misapplied the law entirely,” says Neil Thapar, staff attorney at SELC, which is spearheading a national seed library campaign called Save Seed Sharing. Pennsylvania’s Seed Act, he says, “does not actually authorize the state agriculture department to regulate noncommercial seed sharing through seed libraries.”

Thapar argues that applying state seed laws to the libraries is “inappropriate because it violates the original spirit and intent of these laws. Seed laws were created solely as consumer protection laws to protect farmers from unscrupulous seed companies in the marketplace.” In contrast, seed sharing takes place outside of markets, as a “noncommercial activity in community.”

Minnesota’s budding seed library movement has encountered similar resistance. Last September, the state’s department of agriculture (MDA) informed the Duluth Seed Library that it was in violation of state seed laws that prohibit transferring ownership of seeds without comprehensive testing. Harvie, who helped organize the library effort in Duluth, recalls the crackdown “really shocked people…it seemed like an egregious overreach.”

Harvie says the Department of Agricultures enforcement nationally is galvanizing people to support seed libraries. “What people are asking is, who’s being hurt,” he says. “Nobody is being hurt. The only one anyone can imagine being hurt is the seed industry.”

Was the seed industry behind the MDA’s actions? Harvie does not suspect a conspiracy, but he notes, “There had to be some pressure, the [MDA] has plenty of other things to do. Perhaps the MDA knew that by purposefully enforcing the law, it would draw out support for saving.”

Minnesota’s Seed Program Advisory Group, which advises the MDA on state seed laws, meets three times a year and publishes no records of its meetings. Its members include major state commodity groups such as the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Soybean Growers Association, and the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association.

When the advisory group met last December, Harvie recalls, “I think the Department of Agriculture was excited for us to be at the meeting. It provided them with some community voice,” he says, “when too often it is only industry that can afford the time and expense of attending meetings. The lesson is, the community has to stand up and be present.”

With nationwide challenges to seed libraries, activists worry about a chilling effect on this nascent and increasingly popular form of seed-sharing. In Omaha, Nebraska, the community “has responded really well and been very supportive” of Common Soil’s initiative, says Goodman. “We’re not being attacked, we are being supported,” she says, by gardeners and lawmakers interested in putting the libraries on more solid legal ground. But, she adds, “I was approached by others across Nebraska who wanted to open seed libraries, but they were afraid they would put all this work in and get shut down.”

It remains unclear whether the seed industry has played any role in promoting the enforcement push, but this powerful agribusiness sector is vigilant about expanding its control over seeds. As first reported by MintPress News this January, the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is peddling its “Pre-Emption of Local Agricultural Laws Act”—a law providing “exclusive regulatory power over agricultural seed, flower seed and vegetable seed and products of agriculture seed, flower seed and vegetable seed to the state.” Despite the conservative mantra of “local control,” ALEC’s measure would prohibit local governments from enacting or enforcing measures to “inhibit or prevent the production or use of agricultural seed, flower seed or vegetable seed or products.”

Meanwhile, the American Seed Trade Association advocates for “Strong intellectual property protection,” to keep investment dollars flowing, and to “add value to agriculture and society through new products. Any state legislation that could undermine this simple principle is vigorously opposed.”

Asked for its stance on seed libraries, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated, “We have not received any formal complaints of mislabeled seed being distributed in interstate commerce through these programs (seed libraries).” The Federal Seed Act (FSA) governs “truthful labeling of agricultural and vegetable seed shipped in interstate commerce,” the agency said, adding, “It remains to be seen if any of the seed being obtained from these libraries will make it into interstate commerce.” Unless the seeds are shipped across state lines, or “determined to be a variety protected” under the federal Seed Act, the FSA “has no jurisdiction over this seed. Individual States will need to establish internal methods of dealing with labeling and possible mislabeling of the seed packets.”

Saving the Libraries

As state agriculture agencies consider whether to curtail seed libraries, legislative efforts are underway in Nebraska, Minnesota, and other states, to protect them. The Community Gardens Act [pdf] currently moving through the Nebraska legislature would exempt seed libraries from state laws governing seed labeling and testing. In December 2014, the city council of Duluth, Minnesota passed a resolution supporting seed sharing “without legal barriers of labeling fees and germination testing.”

Perhaps more significantly, the Duluth resolution advocated reforming the Minnesota Seed Law to “support the sharing of seeds by individuals and through seed libraries,” by exempting these forms of sharing from the law’s labeling, testing, and permitting requirements. After one reform measure was withdrawn from the Minnesota legislature, activists are gearing up for another legislative push soon.

In coming months, seed-sharing advocates can expect legislative battles across the US—some seeking to expand libraries’ sharing rights, and others limiting the exchange. Meanwhile, agribusiness continues to widen its economic and legal control over the world’s seed supply. “Seed sharing is an interactive and vibrant contrast to the extractive marketplace,” says Harvie. The battle over seed libraries and sharing represents “a clash of worldviews that just don’t reconcile.”

Despite the challenges, Goodman remains buoyant about the seed library movement. “It’s natural for companies to try to get power over this, but it’s our responsibility to push back and establish our freedom,” she says. “We are losing huge chunks of our food system, and it’s our responsibility to reclaim it. We have to be the ones to do it.”

Please sign the Save Seed Sharing petition. Further reading on the Save Seed Sharing campaigns.

Christopher D. Cook is an award-winning journalist and author. His writing has appeared in Harper’s, the Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Nation, Mother Jones and elsewhere. He is the author of Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis.

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Anna Merkaba: AA Metatron – Final Blood Moon – Key Holders – Twin Flames

AA Metatron – Final Blood Moon – Key Holders – Twin Flames

BLOODMOON1Greetings Everyone!

Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. As most of you are aware the event of the year – The Final Blood moon in the tetrad is quickly approaching. In the weeks leading up to this event you will begin to see more and more information pop up all around you. Most of the information that you will see will focus on destruction and the “end” of this world. Most will focus on chaos and will try to raise within you various emotions of lower vibrations, all in the hopes of keeping you locked in the reality structure in which humanity has been living for eons.

What I want you to understand is that the prophesies which have been ingrained in human psyche for thousands of years of destruction and war, have been misconstrued. The idea however is accurate that indeed our world as we know it is coming to an end, and a new beginning is quickly approaching. It is true that one era is ending and another is commencing. The point of the prophesies which most are missing, is that it is COMPLETELY UP TO US, how everything will turn out. If we fall prey to the idea of destruction and “negativity” that is exactly what we will attract not only into our own lives, but the lives of ALL beings currently residing here on earth, and not just earth.

We must always remember that whatever happens here, affects the rest of this universe. Therefore, I ask you to please remain positive about what is to come. No matter the chaos and the seeming destruction, what we are all experiencing is the building of a new world, where old ideas of how things should be, are disappearing from this planet as we speak. And a new world is being built, step by step with all of your efforts.

Just like our benevolent counterparts, guides, angels, various light beings and our star alliances are communicating to us constantly: You are very powerful co-creators of this experience, so please stay grounded and look for the myriad of blessings that surround you daily. Focus on what you want to attract into your environment instead of what you don’t want.

Now is an incredibly powerful time, to create what you want, so stop giving your power away by reacting to all the negativity that you are led to believe is surrounding you, and use it instead to create the type of life that you want to have. Use this time to your advantage. And remember to GROUND, GO DEEP WITHIN, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION, and then take ACTION towards your goals and aspirations.

As always I send you my love of universal proportions. May you be blessed with all that you wish for. May you continue to shine your light into this world!

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received from AA Metatron.

Dearly Beloved Children of Light,

When the key holders awaken, and activate their hidden potential, when the key holders awaken to the truth of that which they are, and the pineal and pituitary and third eye activate, the heart codices are brought into alignment with that which they are here to uphold.

Through said activations, the heart begins to send a signal akin to a sonar in your ships, said signal travel through the distance at lightning speed, for in truth there is no distance between you, for indeed you are all operating on the same spectrum of light.

But once the key holders fully awaken to their identities, and raise their vibrations, their vehicles of choice shall begin to vibrate on a new frequency, and so the sonar that they indeed send out into the world, does not only stop within the matrix of your creation but continues out into the universe until it reaches the highest pinnacle of truth, that is, their higher selves.

Once reached, and confirmed, once the resonance has indeed been established, a doorway is opened for the beholder to glean through the veil of forgetfulness, and to fully cognitively understand their respective decrees with which they have come into this matrix. The decrees with which they have come, are then translated by their higher selves into human understanding, and from therein, the key holders are able to cognitively take their righteous place upon this planet in preparation for major activation which is set to take place on a particular note and octave of BEing.

Whence such moment arrives, the activation of said key holders shall come into perfect alignment with the creative energies flowing to Gaia, and from therein, utilizing the respective energies and encodings, the key holders shall send another sonar signal which shall resonate with the hidden vices, held sacred in the mountain tops of your known world. Whereby not only those mountaintops which are visible to the naked eye shall begin their awakening, but those laying beneath the layers of time, laying beneath the oceans, and those located within the sphere of this planet.

And so and thus, the preparation of said key holders of which there are 36,000 vibrating on feminine and masculine frequencies, has indeed began. The preparation of said key holders has begun and shall continue full force until the last of your blood moons of your earthly year. And whence such moment occurs and it will, the key holders shall merge, swirling within the sphere of unconditional love for each other and through the sphere, through the vortex that they shall generate, the “sonar” signal shall double in its power, travel through time and space, connecting with other said vortices generated by all key holders, culminating in a giant spinning vortex of positive and negative polarities, creating a void sphere of influence, whereby all past, future and present “karmic debts” shall be voided fully and completely and from therein a new clean slate of understanding shall begin to emerge.

That is not to say that you shall arrive to a new world overnight, that is to say that through the activation of said vortexes and annulment of all karmic debt that human earth and human souls dwelling therein have acquired, shall propel them to awaken to their understanding of BEing, shall propel them to understand the karmic experience, understand the karmic experience and proceed benevolently into a new cognition of BEIng, forgiving that which they have experienced, being grateful for said cognition, knowing, feeling and understanding that said reality structure of the past no longer has any association, nor place in a new world in which they wish to dwell.

Nonetheless, the free will of human souls shall continue to be in effect for a short duration in which time the idea of karma and the understanding of said structure shall dissipate and seize to exist on your planet. And for those souls who shall still wish to continue said experience they shall be given an opportunity to experience said reality in the matrix that most shall void.

And so, and thus, the stabilizing effect of energies, the merging of various polarities, the expansion of consciousness, continues to be in effect through the clearing and cleansing and purifying energies embracing your earthly sphere of cognition daily.

And hence it is of utmost importance to stay alert to the conflicting energies, encounters and information entering your psyche. Be mindful of that which you see unfold rapidly before you, stay grounded, stay in the NOW. Remember your divinity. Understand that you are being supported, assisted and REMINDED of that which indeed you are. Know that it is so, for it is.

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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Kara Schallock: Ascension Notes: The Magdalen Gateway – 23-Jul-2015

Kara Schallock: Ascension Notes: The Magdalen Gateway 23-Jul-2015

We are in a most powerful shift. As you already know, we have had bigger and bigger shifts, one right after the other, with hardly any time to take a break in-between. The current shift is extremely powerful as it leads right up to the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. (8/8/2015=8/8/8). Eight symbolizes Power and certainly, Power to be all that we are is what we each are guided to be. The Magdalen Gateway, the shift we are currently in, helps us prepare for the Lion’s Gate by empowering the Divine Feminine in each of us. Please know that the Divine Feminine holds both sexes within and the Power is in manifesting our creations, which is a blending of both female (creativity) and male (manifestation).

The Magdalen Gateway brings with it the vibration of The Magdalene. Her main essence is Courage…Courage to transcend the small separate ego and step more completely into the fully integrated ego. having Soul and ego be One. In the past it seemed as though separate ego and Soul were in conflict. This Gateway helps the separate ego be what it is intended to be and that is the expressor of Soul in all ways. As we use the Power of this Gateway to merge as One (Soul and ego. and female and male energies), we prepare for the culmination of this Gateway at the Lion’s Gate. Each day brings more Light and more Power onto Earth and into us as we build in momentum. The Full Moon, our 2nd Full Moon of the month, on July 31 (in the U.S.) helps to further empower this Gateway. So you see, not only are we in one Gateway, it immediately is followed by the most powerful Lion’s Gate. And the energy will continue from there, as dates are only a guidepost.

We can feel the build-up, can’t we? Emotions are more intense and those lower emotions from separate ego are right in our faces saying, “Whatcha gonna to do about it?!” Well, what are you going to do about it? Will you play the victim to them or take a stand and say, “No more. buh-bye!” If you’re willing to drop your old people-pleasing patterns and step more into your Authentic Self, it helps greatly to move gracefully through this powerful time. It takes being fully honest with yourself and not holding back from others in order to keep your old mask on to keep the peace. Remember that when you stand in the Power of your Authenticity, it helps others do the same…if they choose to. Of course, they may choose not to and will become quite upset if you change the rules of the “game.” For you, you simply cannot abide games, lies or deception any longer. And you see right through those who choose to live their lives in a fake role.

Since the New Moon of last week, we have gotten more in touch with our Authentic Selves as well as through choices we’ve made. There may have been some big drama especially in relationships, family and our own version of security. The more intense it has been is equal to how fervently you and/or others are resisting change. If you have flowed with it and have observed, rather than attach to the drama or conflict, you have empowered your Courage to be more Authentic. With this shift, which is also part of the Magdalen Gateway, we have not only felt it emotionally, but physically as well. There may have been a big shift in your sleep patterns as well as in other areas of your physicality. Women especially may have felt it in their reproductive organs. all a part of the upgrade of the Sacral Plexus. This is a huge wave of Divine Feminine energy and the urge to heal any part of denial is present. There may be a return also of some headaches along with Heart energy in the form of palpitations, pressure or other manifestations. This is all a message to love yourself more. every part of you, for that is the message of the true Goddess.

Yes, the energy has been building and will continue to build, as if we are riding a huge tidal wave that continues to grow. This all prepares us for September’s eclipses. yet another huge wave of powerful energy. Stay on top of the wave and let it carry you, lest you get swallowed up in it.

I shared some time ago that the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light have passed the torch of guardianship to the Sirian Emissaries of Light. These Blue Beings are guiding us through our next Ascension years and eons. Part of the Blue Beings’ gift is the empowerment of the Magdalene and her Twin Flame, The Christ, as One…the Divine Feminine. Yes, they were/are of Sirius and is why this Magdalen Gateway is extra powerful. While the old guard has maligned Her, She and The Christ take Their place now as the Courageous One and this is a most powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine/Source. Please remember that the Divine Feminine is not about gender, for it holds no separation between female and male. This entire evolution into the Divine Feminine is guided by the Blue Beings of Sirius and greatly empowered by the current Magdalen Gateway. The Blue Beings of Sirius have actually been with us for a while now and have helped us rise in Christ Consciousness and will further help us evolve into Universal Consciousness, as our DNA evolves and we access our New blueprints. As you know, our cellular structure is slowly changing, which eventually leads us through different consciousnesses and into Diamond Consciousness eventually. the most brilliant of all. There are some now that hold this frequency, yet few really know this nor express it.

We are taking one step at a time, and the first step is to let go of all that limits us. This gradual evolution is important to build a strong foundation. When we are clear and when Soul and ego are merged as One, with no remnants of separation, we will continue to evolve into the higher consciousness levels. For now, it is important to just put one foot in front of the other and follow our Guidance. We will be led. So continue to meditate, release what is for you to release and if there are big changes for you, take them, for each step and each choice leads the way into the Lightness of Being. You needn’t rush things, so stay in the Moment and be ready to leap into the unknown when it is time. your Soul knows what is best for you.

As we each follow our Guidance we will be led to wherever we are meant to be. We will have new paths that are aligned with our evolving consciousness. Be aware in each Moment, for it is only through Awareness that we evolve and this Awareness helps you choose. When you say Yes! to the Universe, the Universe says Yes! to you. Be aware of the people in your life and for the messages they bring. Some will be painful messages and you will know that it is time to let go. Align yourself with Joy and you can’t go wrong. Joy is the highest vibration of all and without it there is no evolution. Remember that Joy is not based on anything outside of yourself. it is a Soul Essence within you. Now is the time to face your life honestly and be willing to let it go, if that is your guidance. Hold onto nothing. Be free. be You.

Note: New requests for Soul Transmissions are on hold till the middle of September.

~ ~ ~

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Lynda Hill: Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures While Venus Retrogrades: The Aquarian Full Moon

Lynda Hill: Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures While Venus Retrogrades:
The Aquarian Full Moon

“…This Aquarian full Moon occurs on July 31. This is a rather remarkable full Moon as it is smack on when Venus goes retrograde for 40 days (and 40 nights). Venus just touches into Virgo ever so slightly and then retrogrades back into Leo. We then have the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Leo, making this period one that’s largely focused on the idea of love, generosity, kindness, open hearts, creativity, along with the need to put yourself at the centre of your own universe – now is a great time to align with the things you’re wanting to do, wanting to concentrate on, wanting to achieve.
One of the big tests we’ve been facing these last few weeks and will be continuing over the next few weeks is Venus moving very, very slowly as it’s going retrograde square Saturn moving very, very slowly in it’s own retrograde motion. This can feel like trying to swim in glue – or molasses – and it can be a very trying time around issues to do with relationships (of all kinds), money and motivation. Saturn can be a hard task master and it can ask for a pound or two of flesh in exchange for getting your life more organised and under your control. Sometimes we have to submit and let go of things we really don’t want to let go of, even if they are really not good for us. Sometimes, the world closes in and we have no choice but to just do a deep, big let-go.

On top of that, we have Jupiter in the mix – Venus and Jupiter will soon conjunct, both still squaring Saturn. This can bring about maximum feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration (or both), however, it can also bring to the fore the ability, or the necessity, of getting one’s ducks in a row. This can bring about the need to get organised, to release things from the past, to move past obstructions that are tying you down and to get your life sorted out….”



The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda by Zen Gardner | Shift Frequency


The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda


Zen Gardner – The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities.  The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing.And it’s driving them nuts.

Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. Crude military and police state maneuvers are only one aspect, of course working in concert with dastardly economic manipulations and an outlandish propaganda barrage. The biggest clue is seeing the previously incremental and now hyperbolic use of technocratic programs from mass surveillance and data gathering to the advent of cyber warfare and artificial intelligence, while crazed maniacs at CERN try to crack into other dimensions.

The magnitude and desperation of their insane agenda has become completely transparent to just about anyone.

This last techno-based stage is a draconian move to try to delete our innate humanity before our awakening reaches critical mass. They’ve openly admitted this. Hence their attempt to transmute everything from genes and humans to automated monsters and geoengineering. Agreed, when it comes to realizing what’s happening there are the entranced apathetics who swallow anything, but we’re witnessing what’s bound to lead to a total meltdown of their dark designs before our very eyes.

If you can’t see it, look again.

The Proof is in the Dot Connected Pudding

First of all you’re in the wrong mindset if you’re looking only for data or left brained evidence that they are in their death throes, although it’s out there for those who can see. When we come to understand the vibrational workings of our holographic reality everything takes on new dimensions and opens us up to understanding these more esoteric notions.

Those with awakened hearts can feel this. I say hearts because much of what we need to grasp or at least track is intuitive and somewhat metaphysical. Taking all of the information and dot connecting and personal spiritual experience together paints very clear pictures, we just need to trust what we’re seeing and learning. When we explore these realities we’re sensing, we start to notice how they’re manifesting.

Forbidding free speech, shooting civilians with no cause, obviously propagandized news, wars with no possible end, deliberate poisoning, starvation and dumbing down of populations are all completely transparent. Add these next levels of technotronic and genetic morphings and the picture is as plain as day.

They’re as obvious as the desperate, flailing, and dying aberrant parasitical species that they are.

It’s kind of a conscious or spiritual symbiosis we’re experiencing as our awakening dissolves their machinations. They all work together. But ignoring the spiritual and metaphysical as “evidence” in conjunction with such obvious manifestations is why this world has devolved into its current state. Previous enlightened civilizations and earth connected tribes took this type of understanding to heart. Our current imposed paradigm does nothing of the sort.

Of course, because it only exposes their perfidy.

They Can’t Control the Shift

Their programs can’t keep up with the changes the cosmos is bringing to our planet and race. The perfect metaphor. While they’ve literally gotten away with murder for millennia and are working furiously to enforce their “programs” at so many levels, the time’s up.  We have news for you boys, you’ve been superceded, or should I say “super seeded”. The new upgraded paradigm is taking over one awakened light infused body at a time. It’s just a matter of time before your whole wicked system crashes.

The shift is moving through their lower level grip and on into massive human empowerment and transcension beyond the net they’ve laid for humanity.

It’s got to be frustrating the hell out of these creeps. Imagine, the very thing you’re trying to encase in every way possible keeps morphing before your eyes and slipping through the grate. They can throw up matrix program after program but their perceived petri dish subjects just keep finding ways to survive and grow beyond their control or even imagination. What irony the Universe has.

But again, this reality is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps it’s those who grasp this that transcend. Something to think about.

Hence the Transhumanist Agenda – Things They Think They Can Control

Humanity is getting out of hand, in their eyes. All the while we’re being empowered not only by our own awakening and resultant commitment to truth, but also by a fundamental vibrational shift we’re undergoing. No savior, no galactic battlestars. It’s us, and an organic consciousness evolution at the deepest level with a living, expanding and all enveloping Universe.

We’re awakening with Creation Itself.

Anyone who’s woken up to almost any degree understands everything is interconnected. Even “modern” physics is arriving at this reality, all while mainstream thinking ignores the profound ramifications of such a liberating concept. That we’re all interconnected not just as a race, but with the earth and the cosmos in such a fundamental way is a game changer. While this has been known for eons and is now finally being identified, our current control model cannot even begin to acknowledge this fact. To these oligarchs and self-appointed maniacal masterminds, no matter what powers they’re summoning, that truth is something apparently well beyond their debased comprehension.

It’s out of their league.

Sure, they have their satanic rituals and tap into other dimensional powers and entities, but it’s child’s play compared to the True picture of our all Powerful Creative Universe. That they live in rebellion against this Force is a known reality for millennia, and even alluded to by spiritual traditions and native shamanic teachings alike for ages. Bringing this understanding “down to earth” is another story.

This is why genetic engineering and the transhumanism agenda is so important to them. This attempt to fundamentally change human nature and the merging of man with machine has been in the works for a long time. Clipping the link with our humanity by short circuiting the human creation is an obvious next step for these would-be controllers. Agreed, they’ve made it a fad and carefully groomed acceptance of such a trend, but it’s going to fritz and die in the junkyard of temporal existence. It can’t stand, never mind last, in such a creative force field.

Time will bear this out, as has happened to previous off-course civilizations.

The Time the Warrior Arrives

It’s up to us. We have everything going for us but our will and actions need to be aligned with this transition. We can ignore it or respond. The sanctity of our free will cannot be violated. Either we fully awaken and get paddling and ride the wave or it crashes on us and perhaps dissipates on the shores of time for lack of recognition or response. And the whole cycle may need to be repeated. Not a nice destiny.

I don’t know.

I know I’m not coming back. I’m pretty sure I’m done with this insanity while doing my damnedest to change things this time around. If enough of us did it won’t get repeated, but time will tell. Not many seem to be willing to respond, even though their lives and their children and grandchildren’s lives are at stake as well as the future of humanity. Talk about self imposed defeat and debilitation.

But people are waking up.

Either way, the matrix will collapse over time. We have an opportunity to make it this round. Let’s take it. The true civilization of love, peace, harmony and abundance awaits manifesting.

Is it time?

I think so. It is for me.

How about you?

Love, Zen

Zen Gardner is a Guest Contributor for Shift Frequency

SF Source  July 2015

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Top 5 Places Not To Be When The Dollar Collapses

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 11:50


(Before It’s News)

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history.

This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world.

All human activity is controlled by money.

Our wealth, our work, our food, our government, even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar.

It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one.

All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to.

This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies, as they are fundamentally no different.

The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets.

The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide.

Thanks to the globalization and the giant vampire squids of the Anglo-American Empire, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency.

It supports the global economy in settling foreign trade, most importantly the Petro Dollar trade.

This money is recycled through the City of London (not to be confused with London) and New York. This fuels our corporate vampires that acquires and harvests the wealth of the world.

The corporate powers suppress REAL assets like natural resources and labor to provide themselves massive profits. This Fascist, Statist, Collectivist model provides the money into the economy to fund an ever increasing federal  government.

That government then grows larger and larger enriching its minions with jobs to control their fellow citizens. Finally, to come full circle, the government then controls other nations through the Military Industrial Complex.

This cycle will be cut when the mathematically and inevitable collapse of the dollar occurs.

 In order for our debt based money to function we MUST increase the debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or we will enter a deflationary death spiral. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. There is never enough to pay off the debt, because there would be not one dollar in existence.

We are at a point where we either default on the debt, willingly or unwillingly, or create more money/debt to keep the cycle moving.

The problem is if you understand anything about compounding interest, we are reaching the hockey stick moment where the more debt that is incurred, the less effective it is and this leads us to hyper inflation.

There are only two actors needed for this hyper inflation, the Lender of Last Resort, the Fed, and the Spender of Last Resort, the government.

These two can, and will, blow up the system. I believe they will wait until the next crisis and the whiff of deflationary depression before they fire up the printing presses.

That crisis is coming very soon at the end of this summer or fall. The money and emergency measures are worn out.

The fact that NONE of the underlying problems that caused the 2008 crisis have been resolved.

The only thing that has happened is that instead of corporate problems, we now have nation problems. In this movie Greece will play the role of Lehman Brothers and the United States will play the role of AIG.

The problem is there is nowhere to kick the can down the road and there is no world government to absorb the debt, yet… (Problem, Reaction, Solution.)

So this leads me to the Top 5 Places Not To Be When the Dollar Collapses.

1. Israel- This Anglo-American beach head into the Middle East was first conceived by the most powerful family in the world, the Rothschilds, in 1917.

The Balfour Declaration said that there will be a Zionist Israel years before World War two and the eventual establishment of Israel. Israel has not been a good neighbor to its Muslim nations and has always had the two biggest bullies on the block at it’s back.

When the dollar collapses, the United States will have much to much on its plate both domestically and internationally to worry about such a non-strategic piece of land.

This will leave Israel very weak at a time when tensions will be high.

This very thin strip of desert land will not be able to with stand the economic reality of importing its food and fuel or the political reality of being surrounded by Muslims.

2. Southern California- The land of Fruits and Nuts turns into Battlefield Los Angeles. 20 million people packed into an area that has no water and thus food is not good to say the least.

Throw on top of the huge wealth disparities and the proximity to a narco state and this does not bode well. We have seen riots for Rodney King, what will happen when the dollar is destroyed and food an fuel stop coming into this area.

People will get desperate and do crazy things, especially when a huge proportion of its citizens are on anti depressants. If food and fuel cannot get in, what about Zolfot?

At a time when people’s world are falling apart they lack the ability to deal with this new paradigm. If people come off of these drugs too fast they suffer psychotic breaks and you will have thousands of shootings or suicides.

3. England-

The Land of the Big Brother and former Empire of world wide slave and drug trade will suffer heavily.

The stiff upper lip that their the British Elite ingrained into their sheeple will not work anymore as the British population explodes.

The human character will sacrifice and unite for a foreign enemy, but not if the enemy has always been the Elite.

The Anglo-American Empire may pull off another false flag to distract it’s population on another Emmanuel Goldstein like in 1984, but I feel this collapse will happen before they pull it off.

This will make all eyes point at the British Elite as solely responsible for this catastrophe. We have seen massive riots for soccer matches with hooligans. What will happen when this island with very little food and fuel gets cut off?

4. New York City- 

Another large urban area living too high on the dollar hog. NYC is the area I moved out of in 2008.

There is little doubt that all of the wealth in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is derivative off of Wall Street wealth.

The savings and investments of the whole nation and much of the world flows through this financial capital. As the world wakes up to the massive financial fraud, this will lead to the destruction of capital like we have never seen before.

This will have tremendous effects on the regional economy as people driving in Mercedes suddenly wonder where their next meal is coming from.

5. Washington D.C.-

The political collapse of the Federal Government will wreak havoc on the hugely inflated local economy.

As more and more states find it necessary to assert their natural control, the Federal Government will suddenly loose power and importance as the whole world suffers from a Global Hurricane Katrina.

The money that they create and spend, will become worthless and the government minions pensions will evaporate. Millions that once relied on the ability to force others to send their money to them, will learn that the real power has always been at the most local level.

Massive decentralization will be the answer to globalization gone mad. Local families and communities will forgo sending money and power out of their community, as they will care about their next meal and keeping warm.

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

To sum up, those areas that have lived highest on the hog in the dollar paradigm will most likely be the worst places to live when the dollar collapses.

Many of you will find this article with passing interest, but rest assured this dollar collapse is coming. It is a mathematical inevitability. We will not be as fortunate to muddle through this collapse like we did in 2008 when it was a corporate problem.

This time around, it is a national and global problem.

The global Ponzi scheme has run out of gas as the demographics decline, as cheap abundant oil declines, as hegemonic power declines.

This comes at a time when we reach the exponential or collapse phase of our money.

The Irresistible Force Paradox says, “”What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” We are about to find out, when infinite money hits a very finite world.