Anna Merkaba: New Moon Jan 24 – Wish Grantor – Freedom – Wake Up Call – Archangel Michael

New Moon Jan 24 – Wish Grantor – Freedom – Wake Up Call – Archangel Michael

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Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! There is a lot that I would like to discuss with you today! This is a VERY important and interesting message about what is coming up for us in a few days and beyond.

Before I share the message that I have received from Archangel Michael, I would like to give you the background to this channeling. For a few days before receiving this message I have seen Michael swirling around on a horse, then I would just see horses, lots of horses as soon as I would close my eyes, there they were, staring me right in the face, running around, and trying to get my attention. Later when I would go online to look at something, a picture of a horse would pop up. Looking outside the window a cloud shaped like a horse. Everywhere I looked there were horses. So, I asked my guides what is happening? And the answer I was given is, this New Moon that we’re about to experience is going to open the doors within us to FREEDOM, personal freedom, freedom of thought, and of course that this New Moon’s theme is, Horses.

So what does a horse represent? According to what’s your sign.coma horse represents Power, Grace, Beauty, Freedom, Nobility and Strength. The horse symbol meanings of power are widespread through most cultures, and it is linked as an emblem of life-force. Many cultures assign the attributes of the four elements to the horse: Earth,FireAir, and Water.

So this coming New Moon is all about Freedom and Life Force. However positive this symbolism is, to attain freedom one must begin to change something in their lives, and that is what many on our planet will begin doing.

This New Moon is going to be a WAKE UP call for many and as you recall yourself, when you were awakening to that which you are, you had to get through a lot of fog, outdated thinking, misunderstandings from those around you, which resulted in a somewhat chaotic state. And well, that is what is going to begin happening to many who have not yet gone through this stage of awakening.

And so, My Beloved Masters of the Universe, here we go again! We are going to need to be EXTREMELY patient with our nearest and dearest, and all around us, without getting sucked into all the drama that will begin to unfold. Staying grounded and being true to ourselves, being positive and staying on course. To help you stay sane as we proceed further along everyone’s awakening, you can use various homeopathic remedies, flower essences and cell salts that I spoke about many times before. I have put a list together for you on my blog which you can find by clicking here.

Also, and this is VERY important. This new moon is a very powerful wish grantor, so it is highly important to make a wish for your life, of how you would like to see it unfold in the next few months, BUT the KEY is to say nothing about this to anyone. You can write it down, but keep your note in safe place, away from anyone seeing your wish or desire. Hold this desire close to your heart and be sure not to talk about it with anyone, unless that person is someone who can help you make it a reality. But again, it’s best to keep it a secret until it materializes.

But going back to Archangel Michael, last night he has come to me, in all his glory, and it was such a phenomenally beautiful experience which I am sure many of you have had. He was VERY serious, exceptionally so, very determined and stern.

The aura of his arrival commanded attention and I realized just how important this time for all of us, lightworkers is. The idea is for us to dust off our “wizard wands” so to speak, get our pixie dust out of the drawer, spread our wings and begin to work our magic on this planet to assist those who are going through the awakening process, whilst keeping the planet’s energy vibrations high, transmuting all the chaotic energies that are going to keep increasing as we proceed through this year, and at the same time enjoying the moment, being happy and doing what we have come here to do. Can we do it? Absolutely! 😊 As my beloved Metatron always says “You have been prepared well for the mission at hand”.

Now having said this, here is a VERY important message that I have received from Archangel Michael and The Company of Heaven:

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven greets you now in the aequivocus (having more than one meaning, open to more than one interpretation in this case the reference by AA Michael is that of the double nature of the energies that we are experiencing at the moment, on the one hand we are being uplifted, and on the other hand the purification and pushing out of the old structures is bringing about a lot of chaotic and turbulent energies, however all is positive in the long run, and is simply that which has to be) energetic upliftment to transcend you into the world of Akash and allow you to find the missing link to the energy pathways so very necessary for you to commence your missions on this planet.

And so, through triangular degree of consciousness, through the risen energies of those who have passed the “Ring Pass Not”, through the etheric web of informational encodings, through the effervescent principles of BEing, you are invited to step through the gateway of your choosing into a library of times immemorial. Transcending the duality principle of being, transcending that which you have been taught to accept as the “norm”, you are asked to look through the veil of forgetfulness, and reach through in order to arrive in a new sequenced reality.

Indeed a new sequenced reality matrix. Through the sequencing of the energetic vibrations you are asked to find the seed of the universe, indeed the seed of the universe and withdraw said seed and take said seed with you into your present reality. Said seed shall be planted in the heavily soiled ethers of your present reality, in order to plant its roots and grow to become a mighty powerful tree of knowledge, benevolence and might, said seeds that you have brought with you from said library of times immemorial, shall then assist you in recognizing your full potential of Being. And through said inklings you shall glean much of that which you are here to uphold.

We encourage you to drop the unnecessary vibrations that no longer pertain to the energies that you have entered into, and surrender all that no longer belongs to that which shall transform said vibratory sensations into the light, transmute into the light and return to your planes of existence through the rainbow colored particles of truth, benevolence and might, truth, benevolence and peace, peace, harmony and bliss, bliss, love and light, light, mesmerization and unequivocal exculpation (the act of freeing from guilt or blame. pardon, forgiveness – the act of excusing a mistake or offense) for all.

Stay true to that which you have come here to uphold, stay true to that which you have brought with you from interstellar communities from which you hail, stay true to the realization of your coherent principles of Being. Stay true to bringing about the necessary changes coming your way. BE in the NOW, and ENJOY knowing that each and every moment of your benevolent cocreation is exemplified by your higher selves, exemplified in the ethers and returned to you in the form of harmonious enlightenment and purification , harmonious enlightenment and blissful cocreation, harmonious enlightenment and amplification of the light principles of BEing.

What we are trying to say to you master of the kingdoms of heaven is that the time for you to step into that which you have come here to uphold is NOW. The time for you to spread your mighty powerful wings of benevolence, has arrived, and we ask you yet again to step into your power, step into your power, step into the light. Be true to that which you are, knowing that all is well in the cosmic spheres of BEing and all your efforts are dully noted, transcribed, and heard.

Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that it is so, for it is!

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.”

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

Archangel Michael Disc Offers Healing and Protection. Gives Courage and Strength to Face Any Challenge Protects Against Psychic Attacks, Activates Throat and Base Charkas. Assists in Communication.

Peace of mind is not optional. + ALL SiGNS Scorpio Season Manifestation Video November 2018 – The Quietest Revolution

If we don’t have peace of mind in our home, we can feel like we don’t belong anywhere. Wrong assumptions are damaging to relationships. We probably all have been on the giving and receiving end of that. That’s why it’s important to own up to our errors and work to resolve conflict.

When someone asks me a question and I give them an honest answer, because that’s all I can ever do, it’s quite infuriating to be disbelieved, because it’s implying that I’m a liar. As any Sagittarius will tell you, we don’t lie… if anything, we speak our Truth, vehemently, if necessary. Our challenge is to find the balance and speak our truth with love and compassion. However, because we don’t lie, the gloves come off when someone implies otherwise, and we will fight and assert ourselves with the full fury that only a fire sign can muster.

The irony is, as a Sag, I am adventurous, freedom-and-fun-loving, gregarious and bold, yet below the surface, my Pisces Ascendant drives an intuitive and sensitive mystic who fearlessly understands how to navigate the dark depths of the Scorpionic influence in her 8th house. Just because I can face darkness, look it in the eye and call it out, doesn’t mean I’ve surrendered to it. In order to embody the Light, the higher aspects of self, it is necessary to delve into, transmute and release the dark. With all this fire and water, things inevitably get churned up. Thinking or trying to figure it out is not the key to understanding, which actually comes from the realm of instinctual knowledge.

I found this Scorpio season video for all signs to be helpful with this process. You may glean “aha!” moments of insight from it, too. I am also looking forward to moving mid-November.

ALL SiGNS Scorpio Manifestation Video November 2018

Published on Oct 22, 2018

(the audio gets loud halfway through, will fix.) BIG NEWS! Halloween Personal Readings OR 15 min live chat:… You can now purchase a guided meditation for Scorpio Season here:… If you prefer PayPal, please visit: https://extended-readings.myshopify.c… And if you are already a member, we will be doing our meditation during the livestream. The one available for purchase is meant to be used throughout the month to keep us in the flow and ease tension. If you would like to become a member, please follow this link:… Scorpio Season Podcast on Psychocybernetics is up! itunes:… Anchor:


Florals for Beauty, Self Love, and Radiance | New York Institute of Aromatic Studies

Reknowned Aromatherapist Jade Shutes and The School for Aromatherapy merged last year to create the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. ~PB

Botanical Muse

Florals for Beauty, Self Love, and Radiance
| New York Institute of Aromatic Studies

Through the open door
A drowsy smell of flowers – gray heliotrope
And white sweet clover, and shy mignonette
Comes faintly in, and silent chorus leads
To the pervading symphony of Peace.

– Whittier

To me, there is nothing quite like a flower. Their beauty opens the heart, delights the senses, and heals the soul. Flowers reign supreme. Here are some of my favorite floral aromatics.

Rose (Rosa damascena)
The Queen of Flowers. Rose is available as an essential oil, an absolute, and a hydrosol (an aromatic water). Rose hydrosol is an affordable way to experience the preciousness of rose. Misting your face and neck with the healing aroma of rose is the perfect way to begin and end each day. It will beautify your skin with its soothing, humectant properties, while also nourishing your heart with its divine beauty. Rose is a gentle tonic to the heart and promotes tenderness, self love, and self acceptance.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
I think of gentle geranium as “The Great Balancer.” It’s a highly versatile oil that you can call on during times of emotional distress such as mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and self doubt. I love to add one drop each of geranium and lavender onto my pillow at night when I’m needing harmony and comfort.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Lavender is a classic for a reason. It works on a wide variety of issues including soothing stress and skin, while also promoting restful sleep. I especially love using lavender in the summer because it cools both the mind and body in an incredibly gentle way.

Neroli (Citrus aurantium var amara)
A precious and beloved aroma also known as bitter orange flower. Neroli eases obsessive thoughts and promotes a lightness of being. Try 1-2 drops of neroli essential oil swirled into a cup of epsom salts. At the end of an overwhelming day, an aromatic bath with neroli will lift heaviness and help worries drift away.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
A little goes a long way! Ylang ylang has a super sweet, heady, intoxicating aroma. The essential oil is fractionated, based on distillation time, resulting in five grades that are commercially available. It’s a deeply relaxing, harmonizing oil that is considered to be one of the best aphrodisiacs. It’s a delight to diffuse and works beautifully in skincare, especially for balancing oily skin and hair.

Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum sambac)
Jasmine has a lavish aroma that evokes euphoria and divine sensuality. It releases inhibitions and promotes playfulness and ease. Jasminum grandiflorum blooms during the day while Jasminum sambac blooms at night. Jasmine is technically an absolute, not an essential oil. Jasmine is a team player and works well with many aromatics. It’s an opulent addition to body and massage oils. Jasmine wakes you up to a higher self and keeps you there.

Floral aromatics are a true and precious gift from the plant world. They represent love, beauty, manifestation, thoughtfulness, and nurturance. It has been said that “every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” I hope you’ll be inspired to experience flowers in a deeper way. See what your heart says. Bask in their gentle beauty . . .

Written by Miriam Carl

Miriam Carl is the founder of Kindred Earth Botanicals. She’s enchanted by the beauty of nature, healthy seasonal living, and all things aromatic. She is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and The School for Aromatic Studies. She has completed over 450 hours of formal training and serves as the Illinois State NAHA Director. Her goal is to guide clients through an exploration of healing on all levels with integrity, compassion, and kindness. Discover more about her aromatherapy practice at

Are You Aligned With Your SELF? | Divine Frequency

Are You Aligned With Your SELF?

Published on Nov 29, 2017

 Teresa and Jeremy philosophize on how being service to self actually leads to the greater work of being service to others, and how getting back to the basics can be transformative and is imperative for soul expansion. —

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Lee Harris: ENERGY UPDATE -The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child


ENERGY UPDATE – The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child | LEE HARRIS ENERGY

  • This is a time of HIGH SENSITIVITY on the planet. Sensitivity and emotions are heightened within all of us. Be aware of this and tread lightly wherever and whenever needed, in order to maintain balance. (It is a fast and furious time on Earth when it comes to multiple information streams, sensory influences and multiple dimensions of existence playing out all at once.)
  • Ask Yourself Regularly: Am I overstressed or overstimulated? Do I need to step back, change my pace, find a moment of silence?
  • COMPLICATIONS TO PLANS and unexpected developments were a theme for many in April. This energy will continue through the first half of May. How do these changes affect you? Do they capsize you emotionally or cause anxiety?
  • CONTROL AND THE LOSS OF IT (when outer circumstances surprise or challenge you) can cause an energy reaction of shock/fear/grief. Once these emotions have moved through, you can return to an energy direction of acceptance and presence to the new situation.
  • COMMUNICATION WILL BE MORE AWRY. Passionate and fiery communication will be coming out of the mouths of many, but not always in a cohesive or graceful way. If this feels like you, you may want to write your feelings down before sharing them, as a way to see clearly what is truly for others to hear or what you just needed to feel yourself see and express.
  • It is a time of DEEP DNA LEVEL HEALING for the collective. A major re-patterning is taking place, which can feel as uncomfortable as the magical moments can feel wonderful.
  • There is a DESCENSION PROCESS taking place for Lightworkers right now – getting in touch with (and releasing) old human trauma, both yours and the collective energy of it. It is all a part of the current ‘Rise of the Lightworkers’ energy (spoken about in my earlier message HERE).
  • As we are EVOLVING VERY FAST, we will also rise to the surface the old wounds, limits, and past stories for healing and clearing. This is how healing and true evolution can occur. This means you will notice new layers of emotion, ego, and internal reactions. These rise in you so they can be felt and released. Know you are not alone in going through this process.
  • Accompanying this are CORE CHILDHOOD WOUNDS AND ISSUES, now rising to the surface in waking life (and for some in the dream state). Can you lovingly parent yourself when your inner-child is expressing its hurts, limits or fears? Can you let yourself off the hook, and let go of any ideas of “I am not where I am supposed to be!”
  • Try to surrender control of the mind WHEN DIFFICULT FEELINGS ARISE. Allow yourself to not feel ok when you don’t feel good. These muddier feelings want to come through you, so their stories are seen and heard one last time before the energy can be returned to you, free of the old story and ready for new journeys. Allow yourself the time you need to not be as functional, or as clear as you would like to be. Therein will lie the transformation at the DNA level. And you will return to clearer and brighter energy once the process is complete.







Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

The Power of Love by Charlie Riverman Bergeron

The Power of Love

by Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Power of Love

I have been part of small group who have chosen to do 28 Days of Love Alchemy with a friend and teacher Kalee Coombs on a Facebook event.

The intention is really simple and fun…
“For 28 days we will love ourselves and BE love to change our your world. By loving ourselves and ‘being’ the love we ripple it out into our world.”

Here is a wonderful video she created especially for this event…

Honoring Your Feelings – Kalee Coombs – Love Alchemy

Everyday brings up it’s usual distractions and frustrations which really disturb our sense of loving. So I use them as a opportunity to bring myself back to a loving center. Seeing that Love is an extension of who we are rather than an object of attraction.

I can only suggest to find that center of love within you and encourage it to grow and spread outward without fear of rejection. It is very challenging I can assure you but well worth the effort.

Many Blessings to each of you as we move into the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse


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DAILY OM ~ March 18, 2016 Finding Time for You: Your Most Vital Commitment

DAILY OM ~ March 18, 2016
Finding Time for You: Your Most Vital Commitment

by Madisyn Taylor

We can excel easier in our lives when our own spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs are fulfilled.

Within each of there is a well of energy that must be regularly replenished. When we act as if this well is bottomless, scheduling a long list of activities that fit like puzzle pieces into every minute of every day, it becomes depleted and we feel exhausted, disconnected, and weak. Refilling this well is a matter of finding time to focus on, nurture, and care for ourselves, or “you time.” Most of us are, at different times throughout the day, a spouse, a friend, a relative, an employee, a parent, or a volunteer, which means that down time, however relaxing in nature, is not necessarily “you time.” Though some people will inevitably look upon “you time” as being selfish, it is actually the polar opposite of selfishness. We can only excel where our outer world affairs are concerned when our own spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs are fulfilled.

Recognizing the importance of “you time” is far easier than finding a place for it in an active, multifaceted lifestyle, however. Even if you find a spot for it in your agenda, you may be dismayed to discover that your thoughts continuously stray into worldly territory. To make the most of “you time,” give yourself enough time on either side of the block of time you plan to spend on yourself to ensure that you do not feel rushed. Consider how you would like to pass the time, forgetting for the moment your obligations and embracing the notion of renewal. You may discover that you are energized by creative pursuits, guided meditation, relaxing activities during which your mind can wander, or modes of expression such as writing.

Even if you have achieved a functioning work-life balance, you may still be neglecting the most important part of that equation: you. “You time” prepares you for the next round of daily life, whether you are poised to immerse yourself in a professional project or chores around the home. It also affords you a unique opportunity to learn about yourself, your needs, and your tolerances in a concrete way. As unimportant as “you time” can sometimes seem, it truly is crucial to your wellbeing because it ensures that you are never left without the energy to give of yourself.

Coping strategies for changing times

Processing Shock


Heal From Tragedy and Post-Traumatic Stress

Doreen Virtue

Lee Harris Energy: Allowing Your Emotions: A–Z of Energy Series

Lee Harris Energy: Allowing Your Emotions:
A–Z of Energy Series

Published on Nov 17, 2015

Refreshment for your emotional body…

In this brief interlude with Lee, take a rare moment to yourself to simply feel. Allow the energetic space for your honest and authentic emotions with this video that is truly a “spa treatment” for your energy field. By very gently acknowledging any emotions you may be suppressing out of fear, shame, loyalty to the past, or just habit, you can immediately begin to experience the return of your power, hope, and joy. As you make a practice of letting your real emotions see the light of day, expect to feel increased aliveness in every part of your life.

Special note: Guided Breathing Meditations is the perfect companion video to this one.

We hope you find this quick how-to useful! Subscribe for more free videos in the A – Z of Energy series coming soon.

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