Shanta Gabriel: Merging of the Divine Human


We are speaking today of merging. Merging means to be fully immersed in the Light of the Universal Presence, aligned with your most essential self, embracing and welcoming the Creative Force into your Earthly body This process leads to Wholeness and a full integration as you become the Divine Human active in the world.


There are aspects of this merging process that are being reflected upon your Earth now. You are seeing conflagration of vast tracks of forest land. These massive fires are larger than have ever been seen by humankind. But what is also going on in this process is not just the scorching of the Earth and the devastation of life and property, there are clear analogies available between the transformative process you are experiencing, and the ancient process of Balance within Nature.


For eons, the environment has depended upon the wildfires to clear away the old and non-essential within the forest freeing the natural life forms to thrive in their habitats. We liken this to your relinquishment of old thoughts and attitudes, which can be seen as the invasive species of mass consciousness.


Just as the heat of the fire is the catalyst necessary for seeds to be released to create new life in the forest, the heat of your transformation is raising your frequencies enabling you to expand your awareness, and let go of all that no longer serves you.  In order to grow into the crystalline form of your light body, the fires of transformation clear away the extraneous releasing the old patterns that are not evolving in order for new forms to birth within you.


The trees have been teaching you for many years now with their clear demonstrations of alignment and photosynthesis. You are using Light as food and nourishment for the creation of your subtle light bodies. The nourishment the tree roots are receiving is naturally raised up the ascending currents within the trunk. In the same way the ascending currents within the spiritual core of your being are raising your spiritual energy from the base of your spine and also bringing the feminine nourishment from within the Earth up into your heart.


The tree attracts and feeds upon the sun light absorbing Light into its needles or leaves and bringing that powerful energy into the the full body of the tree with the natural descending current. The ancient yogis have spoken of this natural current as your connection to the Light of Infinite Intelligence that descends through your energy system so you can integrate divinity into your human form.


Trees become the ultimate demonstration of the alignment and merging of Heaven and Earth through a living being. You have been diligently integrating your Universal Selves and your earthly human selves. Through this you are activating the crystalline body that will allow you to use the new frequencies as a transformative tool within your lives.


Through all of this activity, you are setting into motion the evolutionary process of fully manifesting as the Divine Human, one who is able to live from higher dimensional awareness while in physical form. You do not need to leave your body to ascend into higher consciousness.


As you go through the fires of evolutionary chaos, know you are a catalyst for the birthing of a new form of humanity, one that lives in harmony with Nature and is able to rise above the destruction so that new life abounds in full creative expression on the Earth and within your own life.


Allow yourself to be grateful that you are conscious of this blessing. You are transmuting the old to create the new.


I AM Hope fulfilling this mission. And so it is.


Shanta Gabriel for

Archangel Hope

February 1, 2020


Oct 10, 2019

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Divine Feminine Collective reading, will be posting a part 2 and Divine Masculine collective reading.

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Aluna Ash- 9D: SHIFTS IN POWER, RISE OF THE DIVINE FEMININE (description box) 💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤


Published on Jul 16, 2019

This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is symbolic of the shifts in power for humanity that are taking place internally and externally. The Monad consciousness is descending through the Oversoul then into the Individual male/female forms to bring balance. We are ascending beyond the Soul consciousness/evolution of the time of Atlantis (both on this planet and off this planet) as we are getting out of the timeline loop/maya/matrix during the last cycle. Now we are truly entering the beginning of the new cycle of the Divine Feminine. Everyone is playing a part, even those in nonphysical form. Right now, It is so important to do what you need to for yourself, have compassion for yourself & others and go within… try to remain in your heart as much as possible and see things from your eternal Soul perspective. When we connect with our heart, we connect the Earth with the Sun/brain of the being we are existing within. We/humanity are the bridge. We are rewritting the relationship template/program through this shift to more heart based/soul based.. that’s what White Magnetic Wizard tone 1 year represents…coming from the heart, unity, as one, love, 4D timing to connect to higher dimensions. There are so many karmic endings/new beginning taking place right now. It’s all part of the Divine play.. and we each are playing a unique part/role.

Elemental entities, due to binding, operating in the lower sub planes of the astral realm can see all sides of energy- thoughts/emotions/subconscious/fears.. they impress thoughtforms upon the mental body to create triggers for those unaware of them. Some will operate more in dreamstate. Fears, anxiety, triggers, bad thoughts, etc.. can come up more during portals and solar waves due the astral realms/forces being stirred up by astral currents. The lower sub planes of the astral always feel dark, distorted and negative. The higher planes are bright, luminous, beautiful. What is within your astral body/mental body/desire body and unconscious is where you end up in dreamstate and after the physical body sheds in this life.

During further stages of initiation, you’re able to see the astral plane from the higher planes by not being within them at all. This is beyond astral projection- its ascending in Consciousness beyond the astral realms due to the magnetism of your field you’re not able to even experience those realms/plane.. You begin to create a form to use as a vehicle and project your Consciousness into that vehicle in order to connect with others in the lower parts of the astral realm or in dreamstate, if the other is unable to move beyond the astral plane or lower sub planes of the astral plane due to the magnetism of their field or their consciousness.

This is where you really want to be aware of programming/manifesting programming/ law of attraction- if it’s not from a soul place, than you’re creating more magnetism within your field and it keeps you stuck to the physical plane or the lower planes of the astral realm to the realm of desire to matter & more distance from Source, so it’s about balance..and the desire of the Soul over the personality.

We came here to create and we came here to master the personality aspects while integrating the Monad consciousness/Soul aspect. The magnetism of desire is also necessary to remain in the physical, with a level detachment is helpful.. its all about what your Soul is guiding you towards moment to moment.

*** The true Sun’s cosmic rays come from the etheric body of the Sun. Then manifest through physical Sun in etheric form. The Sun operates as the brain/pineal gland/higher mind of one Soul Body within a system. The Earth & the etheric body of the Earth is like the Heart/Heart Chakra. Humanity is acting as the throat chakra/higher heart/thymus to connect the Earth/Heart to the Sun/Brain and vice versa. The cosmic rays/waves that come through the Sun are astral currents to refine matter, to clear & to activate the Body we are existing in. This is the energy that creates the shifts in consciousness of humanity and the shifts to higher dimensions within one system/body.

Humanity is the rainbow bridge connecting the Heart & Mind of a bigger Soul we are existing within. The Sun is also acting as an organ within a bigger body… it is all so complex, all with different roles within one another, interconnecting blueprints/etheric templates, planets with etheric bodies, etc….its like Russian dolls. **I posted an energy update on


I love you guys.




Published on Mar 20, 2019

This is a relationship reading- messages for twinflames AND soulmates- you pick what fits or resonates & leave the rest. General reading so may not resonate with everyone. XO

Part 2 is posted separately on the channel!



This is the Voice ~ LeeHarrisEnergy

“This is the voice
The voice I have
Carries the fire
The fire I am
Feel the power
The power I give
This is the life
The life I bring”


This is the Voice
Published on Nov 15, 2018


We have put a lot of time and energy into this latest free gift video release for you: THIS IS THE VOICE.

This months MP3 ‘Feminine Energy Rising’ was a timely and important channeled message. The Z’s talk about how it shows up in and for us personally and collectively, and lead you through a guided healing process around the rising #feminineenergy in all of us right now, whatever your gender.

Thanks for all your great feedback for it! It was a joyous labor of love to create.

I was guided to create a musical mantra for the recording, and Davor Bozic then worked for a week to orchestrate the music around my mantra and vocals, which we decided to create live cello and guitar for too.

We spent so long on it, we were still mixing literally hours before boarding the plane to Costa Rica for our Soul Magic retreat. It just got hold of us in a way we didn’t expect. That energy told me we should create a video for it, so while we ran the retreat, I turned it over to Rebecca Hall (Video Editor) and Amanda Douge (Creative Director) and the video you see now is the result.

The 7-minute song version of ‘THIS IS THE VOICE’ is included as a bonus MP3 alongside the 55-minute channel/sound healing MP3 included in FEMININE ENERGY RISING. The recording is free to Portal Members in the month of November, or available in the store. All of us who worked on this project hope you enjoy the video, and please comment if you do!

Download Feminine Energy Rising here:



Charlie Riverman Bergeron: Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

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Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

How is everyone doing???

What a week of Energies for all of us.

This week’s talk has been brought about by so many things that are happening in the world that it is difficult to pinpoint the true source.

However I will say it is The Divine Mother who is returning in us all and rising in Her Fullness to give birth to a New Humanity.

Once again this is my personal journey which I share as I have chosen to do from a place of Divine Compassion for all Life.

Video Version on YouTube

Audio Version on Yourlisten

2018-09-06 19.10.54

I include this chart below which unfortunately, I can’t find the original article and author of.
However it shows how many aspects of our lives that are being brought to our awareness to bring back into balance.

Focusing Our Conscious Awareness is really all we need to do, to begin this process of ending a separation within us, that no longer can be maintained without dramatic destruction.


Masculine Energy     vs     Feminine Energy

doing     vs     being

aggression     vs     surrender

analytical     vs     intuitive

concrete      vs     abstract

impatient     vs     patient

striving     vs    tranquil

rushing     vs    nurturing

assertive     vs     receptive

left brain     vs     right brain

thrusting     vs     receiving

organization     vs    synthesizing

logical     vs     creative

busy     vs     calm

hard     vs     soft

controlling     vs     allowing

So be gentle with yourselves as you call forth the Divine Masculine and the DIvine Feminine as you feel called to.

Know in Your Hearts that none of us are innocent here after so many lifetime cycles, yet We Are continuously Loved by our Divine Mother and Father which could never be separated as the Source of All Creation.



Lisa Transcendence Brown: Your Level of Consciousness is Going to BE BEyond Important


I prefer not to write this stuff, yet it’s important to assist those collectives finding themselves “challenged” with their own Consciousness/physical reality. I will explain, paint a “picture”, so all can read/see, and then CHOOSE: HOW to experience all… from inside… as Shifting your Energy/Consciousness, shifts your overall vibration, therefore your body’s transmission, therefore your physical experience…

This is not to create fear, it’s quite the opposite. It’s to create awareness, which can resolve the fear, through Intentional Conscious Expansion, which give you the power to then shift your own consciousness/act from a different space inside, therefore shifting the vibration of the reality and experience, by applying a different mindset to the reality, one that doesn’t hold judgment/fear/lack and emanate from the survival mode/root chakra area of Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra area of the body (hips/legs/feet too).

Conscious Awareness returns each’s power. Judgement/fear is a dis-empowered state. These are opposites. One allows you to act from your higher vision/you, the other is you acting/beliefs, from your lower dimensional/ego aspect. Choose.

The 3rd Density was a reality, a frequency bandwidth, created out of a level of (un)consciousness. If your body is in 3D, it’s going to be pure hell. If you are holding onto anything, beliefs, things, people… this is fear/attachment and lack. Root chakra-based… heart closed/mind closed. No/little deep inner-connection on a Soul Level. Fear/control/judgment rule these realities that increase “collapse mode”.

As the constructs for 3D timelines continue an accelerating process of dissolving/dismantling/deconstruction phase (template), the realities built on these go too. Judgement is an ego game of “blame/outside’s fault/I’m a victim” and complete disempowerment. This is a huge energy that all hold prior to physical body ascension can occur. It’s up to each to SEE this energy and choose not to play that lack game/program out anymore.

The human ego LOVES to judge and be a victim to outside being the fault. This is pure separation and it perpetuates the old until all the judgement goes. The conscious being OBSERVES the judgment and the mentalities stemming from this and comes to realize the game involved, which is “I’m not taking responsibility for my own Energy and owning my own reality. Instead I’m going to blame and gossip and point the finger at that/them, because if I don’t, I actually look at myself and realize it’s my lack of power/connection”. Judgement carries the stories on and re-inforces the “belief”. Pre-judging is each creating an opinion on all and bringing forth these “pre-judgments” based upon something not of the current vibrational experience (presence), because of some program still playing inside that individual/collective.

Judgement is PURE VICTIM mentalities/energy that loves to make everything “someone else’s” fault. Example: “I’m broke, they charge too much.” or “I’m not capable/they did this to me”. It’s an EXCUSE not to stand in your power and take responsibility for your own Energy/REALity as LOVE, abundant, infinite and Sovereign. There’s always a dualistic blame/fault/victim/perpetrator…. which perpetuates the 3rd/4th Density Experience…. which will become heavy, create chaos and take each to a “breaking point”. When instead, observing the judgment means we see it, yet it’s not our reality anymore.

I awoke to observing many Collectives, Cosmic Energies and “what’s to come” for 3D/4D realities maintaining a level of unconscious programming still. I share for each to understand, that shifting/expanding our consciousness, completely shifts this as “reality”…. to an alternate/very different one.

So, here we go: (3D/4D Consciousness). I’m making all as direct as possible. No fluffy stuff.

  • Harshness is “coming” (vibrational response) to all holding judgment/ego lack games still
  • Harshness means that those timelines/templates have collapsed and the experience is to clear the energy still held within.
  • Harshness is a word to describe a vibrational experience relative to unconsciousness
  • Harshness doesn’t “have to occur”, if each will CHOOSE to shift vibrationally/expand
  • This applies to still trying to make reality conform to old limited lack-based beliefs
  • Holding onto old ways
  • Allowing “Lack” to rule, therefore transmitting out for “lack” to be returned
  • Judgement is an Ego-Projection reflected back for each to observe/clear/see
  • Hearts closed/minds closed… which means the only reality available has to be as strong or stronger to get the heart/mind open finally/again. This can be soft/beautiful or harsh/rough. Our energy/level of consciousness dictates this.
  • Not self-accountable for own Energy (leaving from presence to “go off” and get caught up in something “outside”).
  • There is a “caged animal syndrome” (my phrase) that occurs, when the human ego aspect gets boxed in or realities are collapsing/control no longer works. This will increase for those deeply unconscious and trying anything to avoid opening their hearts and standing in their power as LOVE.
  • “Forced Change” is how the human ego experiences up-shifting and heart opening, because there is so much refusal/resistance energy held. Technically, on a Quantum Scale, it’s Energy relative and of a greater “force” to break those old constructs down and “break/dissolve” that energy…. yet the human aspect cannot understand this, because of the dis-empowered state of consciousness it lives in. This is going to increase as 3D templates go.
  • 3D = All HELL breaks loose on a collective/individual level (3D Version of Earth too). Closing your eyes, going deep inside, pulling away on an energetic level and shifting/tuning in to a higher state of consciousness can assist with shifting the actual experience, unless “you waited” too long, then the physical may play itself out, because of the amount of energy still held inside. (Unconscious programming/separation/dualistic energy).
  • 3D Energy has to fully clear. 4D is where all maintain “one foot in each reality” until all of this duality can clear on a physical level, for the (Light)Body to vibrate/Merkaba full activate (occurs over months/years), for Physical 5th Dimension to become HOME.
  • 5D/5th Density and above – Opposite realities from 3D. Flourishing, vibrant, abundant and alive, because the BEings here don’t operate from fear/lack-based programming anymore. This is called Transcendence…. and the whole physical reality is an alternate dimension and different frequency bandwidths only visible as each elevates their consciousness to see (then experience NEW Earth). First in dream/meditative state, to expand each’s consciousness, open hearts/minds and DNA/body template to re-write/build itself according to Quantum Geometrics (non-linear).
  • For Heaven to materialize, hell must dissolve inside. Hell was hidden for a long time. It started as an etheric thing, yet becomes a physical reality to held clear these energies/programs where they were housed in the physical body, often “undetected” for eons/years, masked by ignoring, pretending and suppression…. until no longer an option.
  • 3D/4D/5D (and way above) are accessed through each’s body….. Learning how to open access and clear this deep seated programming is an immense process for us all.
  • A complete re-education through higher consciousness practices and application is required. The whole body will go through a massive process to accomplish multi-dimensionality here.
  • The physical body “weights” (anchors) each in the lower dimensional realms of unconsciousness (amnesia/veiled). Each must get their body’s vibration high enough to “leave” the lower dimensions/frequency bandwidths “once and for all”.
  • Free-will (Choice). Human aspect “thinks” it has a choice or “thinks it doesn’t”, depending on the perspective/current dimensional experience. The only “choice” each has is within the present moment, fully connected or disconnected and dictated by which aspect/version is in charge/command. Human ego is unconscious, therefore technically the choice is unconscious too, which is not in full alignment on a SOUL LEVEL, therefore returning a distorted reality to experience (out of sync timeline/parallel). As a Higher Self (or in conjunction with our higher selves/aspects/Universe, depending on our own current vibration and “where” our higher aspects are “located” (within or out/up there), the decision is aligned on a Soul Level, therefore the reality created is fully aligned too. Any variance from this can create an alternative parallel to experience, splitting off from a fully aligned reality to experience something “necessary” to learn/dissolve separation/unconscious programming. One can step right back into the primary aligned timeline, if it’s still available or “have to wait” until another portal is opened for a different/similar opportUNITY to become available again. Sometimes it never will, as it wasn’t that important on a higher level/bigger picture kinda of thing. If it’s necessary for the bigger picture/highest dimensional existence, then it will. The human ego aspect won’t know which is which. Only the Soul Level Avatar/Higher Self can understand/see and intentionally activate/call this forth here. Free-will is misunderstood by the human ego aspect, as it thinks this is “control” and “what it wants”, when in essence it’s the opposite. It’s exercising vibrational choice and action (or conscious non-action) to shift a reality/timeline vibrationally and comes from a deep sacred respect, integrity, honor and love. The human ego aspect doesn’t have this capability. Each choosing which aspect/version is “in charge”, determines how all of this plays out. Control is removed when the linear/ego constructs “have to dissolve/collapse”, forgo the desperate ego, trying everything it can to “get out of” the current experience…
  • 5D Light BEings… This is a frequency bandwidth emanating from Sacred Love and Respect. Judgment does not come into play here. If it does, then it’s not 5D. It’s lack programming again and each has shifted “back” into a 3D/4D Level of Consciousness again.
  • The integration of the 12D template within us and Gaia is what “causes” these lower frequency bandwidths to collapse/dismantle/disengage…. WE are in a Vibrational reality where all now is being re-aligned to match this 12D Template (we are building continually from this). The “merging” of the 12D Axiotonal Lines are pivotal for this and all. For the lower dimensional realms of consciousness

Carrying “others” with your field… this is going to get “heavier”, meaning cutting those cords of attachment and “hanging on” will occur “faster”, because many were using each other to maintain/get through/get by… words don’t matter. The mentality/energy does. No more carrying others. Each has to stand on their own two feet (energetically), come into their own POWER and open their hearts fully… experiencing exactly what is necessary to assist with this.

The more Light held, the more others love to attach, be in that energy and live off of that…. it’s easy, abundant, magical and happy…. yet if all are not wide open and contributing, there are distortions/imbalances and you won’t be able to “carry others” anymore… It will “get too heavy” and weigh on you. Literally, your body will put on weight…. You will be carrying “heavy” with your body and your field, and your field can’t spin in the direction/at the speed it must in order for you to expand…. if you are the one relying on someone else’s field/energy/anything, then you may notice them pulling away, shutting doors and ending relationships, closing out realities/timelines… your human will be shocked, even go to judgment or blame, when in essence it was YOUR ENERGY… so observe yourself and what you are transmitting out.

Warp Speed and slowing all down to a halt: Quantum Jumping, Quantum Realities are at warp speed/the Speed of Light. Maneuvering and Mastering can only be done from WITHIN THE PRESENT MOMENT and functioning in Universal/Cosmic flow…. Zero Point Field is where all is CREATED FROM… if you are scattered, not present and separated off into other places, times, things… if you’ve attached to something outside or anything, when the geometrics/Light Codes for your current reality activate to change the structure of your reality, you won’t be aware of this and it will “appear” all is collapsing, because you are trying to “hold on” to something going… instead of embracing what’s newly/now available and ready to come forth, the moment your heart/mind are fully open and you are on-board with ALL OF YOU….

NEW EARTH IS QUANTUM…. multi-dimensionality is Quantum… there’s absolutely nothing linear here. We all have to learn how to function in non-linear states, from a Quantum State of Consciousness in order to Master the Physical here. This is through practice, applying much higher consciousness knowledge to your current reality, through the Light Encoded Teachings/Sharings available and created/shared to “make all easier” for those who VALUE this. It takes awhile to learn/understand how all works… as it’s all completely different than before. Your old ways won’t work…. and we all do have to choose NEW EARTH over Old Earth… at some point. The “sooner” we do this, the easier all is…. as all can align their entire reality on a Soul Level themselves…. instead of the “alternative” options that the ego aspect requires, due to refusal to open up to multi-dimensionality as a whole new “real existence” now.

3D = Ego Experience. Control. Narcissism. Fear. Judgment. Blame. No inner power/connection.
4D = Duality Experience/Transition phases while DNA repair/re-writing occurs. Higher Self becomes audible. “Other dimensions” (etheric realm) presents itself dependent on each’s awakening process (Battle of Armageddon between Heaven & Hell, Good and Evil, Dark & Light begins. Outside and inside until inside aligns fully, then outside can begin.
5D = Higher Self is birthed/takes over/moves inside (descends into your form/emerges from within)
6D & Higher begin after 5D Embodiment has occurred… everything is birthed from within

NEW EARTH is beyond the 3D/4D Mentalities/Limits and Judgments, where bliss, magic, pure JOY, Harmony and infinite everything exists. It comes forth from within you…. as you awaken to your highest aspects/versions and START TO LIVE THIS FULLY NOW.

Unity – Love – Consciousness is our NEW Way. Sharing, caring, respect, kindness, compassion, generosity… supporting, receiving as a vibrational response to each’s ENERGY, which is Quantum (non-linear)…. our entire reality is fully aligned with this. There is zero feeding the old, allowing the old to play out. We don’t “carry others” or tell them what to do. We allow all to decide their own reality to live out on whatever Earth they choose, whatever dimension/vibrational timeline. We don’t “criss-cross” like before. We see each’s purity, each’s abilities and each’s unconscious/conscious actions/energy CREATING REALITIES to occur and we honor this. We do have to separate all out, otherwise human ego aspects will impose and bring their karma/unconscious programs forth and dump them on our table/on our doorstep for us to “deal with”, which is an unconscious program on all’s part… where this is allowed to play out.

This is a multi-dimensional experience where an open heart means each is kind, each is contributing, each is sharing, each is holding their own/pulling their own wait and showing up fully….. there’s zero lack… as that’s an ENERGY and everyone has the ability to manage, master and shift their own energy. Only the human ego says it can’t. ♥

I love you… you won’t see me writing on this anymore (unless it’s mega important for collectives), as my focus is on those who are embracing, ready and not playing the lack/judgment/blame/victim games anymore. My focus, as are all that I unite with, is NEW EARTH and Unity and our amazing realities we already live. My focus is supporting those in return, who have decided what is important and VALUE all as LOVE. My focus is fulfilling much higher roles/purposes here and we work daily to accomplish for all of humanity here. Those who truly value themselves, each other and are ready to live the most amazing realities too, are not arguing, fighting, judging and letting lack mentalities “control” their choices, because they understand that lack breeds more lack. Gratitude, abundance, appreciation and re-prioritizing creates and activates the highest timelines through the exchange of Light Codes to awaken within one/their field, for integration, application and living our highest vibrational DREAMS and Heaven on Earth fully… because we can.

You won’t find us going small and catering to human lack programming…. because that’s Old Earth… which is “dead”. Literally… NEW EARTH IS VIBRANT, ALIVE, THRIVING and miraculous. Yet we all have to CHOOSE TO BE HERE… and all here… we have/did.

NEW EARTH is not experiencing 3D/4D (Density/Dimensional) Realities, because they are relative to our own Levels of Consciousness held/Embodied…..

See your OWN DIS-EMPOWERING JUDGMENTS…. and resolve these yourself. Clear this energy and open your heart fully. You can’t bring judgment to NEW Earth. You must leave it at the gates…. to enter/walk through. ♥

p.s. I have a saying.. If you are Judging then you are not Doing…. You can’t do both. Pick. ♥
p.p.s. This article is not a judgment. It’s a Light Encoded Activation/Clearing to assist collectives with transcending the suffering that judgment creates/perpetuates, a Cosmic Multi-Dimensional Energy Report directly speaking to an Unconscious 3D/4D Program/Energy (Clearing Process) for all holding this still.

Untwine: Ending the Contract System | Recreating Balance

I was reminded of this, and thought it would be a good time to review it, since we are close to breakthrough. ~PB

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ending the Contract System by Untwine
| Recreating Balance

One of the major tool of the Earth prison system has been to manipulate people to get their free will agreement on their own enslavement. This can be easily seen with mass media manipulations, however there is a deeper and more important layer to this, which is all the contracts that have been signed by the people
over the many thousands of years in the Earth prison system.

When we die, we dot not automatically ascend, have all our issues solved magically, merge with our Soul/Spirit, and get out of the Earth prison. What happens instead is we cross over to the the density above us. Densities are states of matter, the most dense being solid matter, then liquid, then gas, then plasma, etheric, astral, etc,
as shown in the graphic below :

In this graphic, you see 7 major planes, each divided into 7 sub-planes.
The physical world is only the 3 sub-planes at the very bottom of the graphic : ‘dense, liquid and gaseous’. The dotted line above gaseous is the plasma plane.
The 4 sub-planes above plasma are the Etheric plane.
The 7 sub-planes above Etheric are the Astral plane.

It’s important to understand that even when we are incarnated in a physical body, we still have plasma, etheric and astral bodies (and also all the planes above),
connected to our physical body. There is always communication between the planes : something happening on the liquid plane can affect the solid plane,
same with plasma, etheric, astral, etc.
The veil, the electro-magnetic fence surrounding planet Earth, exists on physical, plasma, etheric, astral and lower mental planes simultaneously. It has been blocking the vast majority of people from going in and out of the Earth.
The Soul/Spirit itself is not trapped but its incarnations are.

The dotted line in the middle of the mental plane represents the end of the world based on 3 dimensions : depth height and length. All planes above that are pure fluid Love and Light where no disharmony, no darkness, no anomaly can ever exist,
only pure Love and Light.

When we die, our consciousness is removed from the physical world (‘dense liquid and gaseous’) and moves up the planes to the etheric and astral. What happens then depends on the choices, circumstances and consciousness of the people.

The movie Nosso Lar is based on a real story as it was told to the medium Chico Xavier, who was famous in Brazil for helping people communicate with their deceased loved ones, giving them details about their private lives that he couldn’t have known without being psychic. In this movie we follow the story of a doctor who dies and finds himself on the etheric and astral planes.

After dying, he wakes up in a totally dark, desolated and horrible world,
where people have no resources and constantly
re-act negative patterns.
This is the plasma and etheric plane, in the state most of it has been during prison Earth.

He searches and finds no grace there, until he is at the end of his rope and prays to the divine for help. Help comes and he is rescued by people
surrounded with an aura of Light.

They bring him to a beautiful city :

Cobra has spoken about these cities:

“Actually on the higher astral planes there are areas of Light where people can go after they die if they have high enough vibrational frequency. They have beautiful landscapes, beautiful buildings, beautiful surroundings. But they are still tied to the quarantine Earth, sooner or later they have to come back and reincarnate,
because the archons still have control over them.”

We see this control system clearly in the movie. The city is surrounded by walls:

And people are not able to go out, they are strongly discouraged to do so, and if they do, they come back wounded. The whole structure and hierarchy of the city gets people to reincarnate, it is actually the only option offered to people. There is never any mention of moving to a different planet, or even staying on the astral plane. People who try to find a different option are rather shamed and considered »unspiritual« for »not surrendering to the divine plan«.

Again, Cobra has described this situation:

“It’s also that guides of the Light forces are manipulated by the archons on the etheric plane, and they generally want to do good but they are brainwashed, same as spiritual teachers on the physical plane, it is quite similar.”

It is also quite similar to what we can see in the medical system on the physical plane. Many hospital personels are well-intended yet they are brainwashed
to poison people daily.

In these astral cities, people are told that in order to resolve their personal issues and progress spiritually they have to reincarnate and make a specific reincarnation plan to re-act these issues. This plan is a contract, stating that they accept to forget everything during the rebirth process, and that they accept to suffer during the next life. This is based on false karma teachings, which I have explained in a previous article :

“A lot of programming has been created by archons to justify evil. For example the laws of karma, which state that for example, if i broke my friend’s bowl, then the universe will send somebody to break my bowl in order to teach me the consequences of my actions. This means that the universe will then send somebody to break the bowl of whoever broke my bowl, etc. This is totally made up and has nothing to do with true universal law, simply because if it did, nothing would ever resolve and suffering would just escalade forever. The true universal law is forgiveness and grace and this is what has been taught by the teachers who had a true connection. The will of Source is that if somebody does something hurtful, they should receive adequate healing in order for them to embody their true self again. Some re-balancing of the energy between the people involved might be needed, for example whoever broke the bowl can buy another bowl for its owner, or repair it, or do some other kind of service to compensate energetically. Or the owner of the bowl could simply forgive and the infinite abundance of Source would re-balance things automatically somehow, not by taking anything away from whoever broke the bowl, but by providing both of them with whatever is needed. Resources and abundance are unlimited.”

There are many other contracts that people in prison Earth have signed. First in late Atlantis, many humans (not star seeds) were tricked and promised wealth and power by the dark forces in exchange for implantation and signing contracts with them. Then when the conflicts on the planet were so strong that the Light forces retreated, the dark established prison Earth with a border around the planet, stopping everybody from going in and out. Everybody inside the veil was forced to sign contracts with the dark, that they accept to suffer, that they accept the dark forces conditions, that they will not receive help from Light forces, etc.

Then in our modern life, a lot of contracts and agreements were made with the cabal. The main one is the birth certificate, which is actually a property title owned by the government, stating they have copyright on the birth name, and therefore they own everything registered under this name. This is why everywhere in the world it is not possible to aquire your birth certificate, people can only get copies of extracts of it.

The point of all of these contracts is energetic, having people’s signature gives energy to fuel the dark forces to manifest what they want.
The solution to remove these contracts is also energetic. We are sovereign beings of Light, incarnations of Source. Source’s will is the most powerful force in creation, and it wants us free. We are not bound by whatever insane contracts that are disconnected from Source. By stating our free will to revoke these contracts we can free ourselves from them. It does not get us out of prison Earth instantly because free will is not fully respected here, but it does increase the flow of Light in our energy field and helps protect us to a good degree.

In a previous Cobra conference, he has shared with us a contract cancellation that I will share here. He advised us to write down this text, fully join our intention to it, declare it out loud, and keep the paper with us.

“In the name of I am that I am, in the name of divine soul presence that I am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic center, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreement and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free, all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.

I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity.

So be it, and so it is.
In Light

*Sign with your name here*”

I highly recommend everybody to do this, it creates very powerful positive shifts for us personally, and the more people do it, the less fuel the dark forces will have to maintain prison Earth, the faster the Event and full liberation for all will come.

Victory of the Light !

Elizabeth Wilcock: 13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

A gentle reminder from David Wilcock’s wife about
the Sacred Feminine/Goddess connection to the Number 13. ~PB

The Priestess Path


13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

Happy Friday the 13th!

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be “unlucky”.

We clearly see that there are thirteen moons in one year. The ancient Maya and Native American cultures used the cycles of the full moon to tell the time. There are exactly 13 full moon cycles in one solar year with one sacred day out of time. You can get 13 Moon Mayan Calendars if you wish to follow moon time.
Native American cultures also used 13 moon calendars. Each of the 13 moons of the year has a name associated which reflects the aspects of the earth and climate when the moon is full.  For example the “Blossoming Moon” in March clearly notes the time when the the plants and trees blossom. The Saanich people of northern most Washington had this thirteen moon calendar:


Thirteen also happens to be the number that marks the half way point from full moon to full moon. Each full moon cycle is 28 days, with day 13 being the half way point.

It is interesting to note that a woman’s menstrual cycle is normally 28 days and harmonizes with the moon. Day thirteen of a woman’s menstrual cycle is her fertile time and marks the half way point in her monthly cycle.

In the earliest records from Neolithic times, we see goddess figures associated with the number thirteen. This carving is known as the “Venus of Laussel.” Found in a shelter in Southern France, it shows a volouptious goddess figure with her right hand holding up a bison horn with thirteen notches engraved in it and her left hand placed upon her pregnant belly. The thirteen notches, likely noted the thirteen moons in one year and/or the thirteenth day of her menstrual cycle in which she could get pregnant.



In the mystic teachings of the Hebrew, there are thirteen aspects that make up the body of God. There are thirteen Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, the thirteenth realm being that of Ain, which is the unmanifest, yet all-potential aspect of God.



Throughout the course of history, the number thirteen has been feared, vilified and marketed as “unlucky”. For instance, the number thirteen is known as the “Devil’s Dozen” the fear of the number thirteen is known as Triskaidekaphobia. Fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.

And let’s not forget, the noble Knights Templar, who protected Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, met their fate on Friday the 13th in 1307. The King of France feared their power and wealth and got Papal support to massacre, arrest and seize all the assets of this powerful and noble group of warriors. Likely, this attributed to the fear of 13 and Friday the 13th.

Fear of the number 13, could also come from there being 12 Apostles of Jesus and then Judas the 13th, who betrayed him. Fear of the number 13 is also clearly the fear of the Goddess and women which resulted in the Christian vilification of this trinity: The Goddess, Women and the number 13. This world wide fear has crept up to the present moment in time, but many are seeing through the veneer of fear into the sacred reality and origins of the number 13.

Rock on 13, we love you!

© Elizabeth Wilcock The Priestess Path 2015-2018

Call to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July | Recreating Balance

[NOTE: Friday 13th July at 2:37am UDT-10 min prior to exact
corresponds to Thursday 12 July at 10:38pm EDT, which is ten
minutes before exact eclipse] ~PB

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Call to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July

I am putting a call out for Friday 13th July for the Divine Masculine to stand up and bring Justice to Earth. As mentioned before, Friday 13th is connected to Templar timeline of Return of Light. It’s also a day of celebration and return of the Goddess.
So I call especially men, brothers, and also women, to call and connect with the Divine Masculine energy on Friday 13th July at 2:37am UDT, which is 10 minutes before the exact New Moon time, and also at the beginning or included in your Sacred Union ceremony on this same day. And then you can continue with the Goddess meditations and Sacred Union ceremonies as was mentioned in my previous post :


To connect wih Divine Masculine, connect with Archangel Michael and his Angels, and visualize his Blue Flame of Divine Will, and also connect with Ashtar and the Ashtar command and the Jupiter command and the energy of Mjolnir, electric blue Light of Divine Will. Visualize this Blue Flame and Blue Light fully embracing your energy field, surrounding you, giving you strength and purpose to continue your mission and manifest your dreams. Visualize this Blue Flame and Blue Light and Archangel Michael and Ashtar and their teams, spreading around the Earth, around the whole planetary energy grid and Cintamani grid around Earth and the Solar System, clearing all darkness and interference, bringing Divine Galactic Justice, creating a safe space for all sentient beings to live freely and express their Soul Purpose.

Regarding the connection with Goddess energy and Sacred Union, I would like to put out a call again to men, brothers, to remember to establish and maintain their own inner connection with the Divine Mother, the Goddess, and through that to make a connection with women. Human women can not replace the inner connection with the Goddess for males. Trying to get something only externally, only brings distortions. It is important for males on this planet to keep that inner connection with both God and Goddess. The external connection and balance that we want to create and experience between masculine and feminine, has to be a reflection of inner marriage, inner balance.


Liberation Now 💖