GAIAPORTAL: Heralds of amplifications present by ÉirePort

GAIAPORTAL: Heralds of amplifications present
by ÉirePort

Heralds of amplifications present.

Storm fields relinquish, as dregs are removed.

Waters of emerging Higher Energies wash the planet, and hu-being consciousness.

Nothingness appreciates.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, March 31, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, March 31, 2016


Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Capricorn

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands (Blows) the Mind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire):  Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill:  stay “grounded” or connected with the Earth

True Alignments: small efforts yielding large results, seeing something that was evident for a long time, tuned in to nature, fellowship of humanity, taking turns, sustainable, going deep, trust, cleansing, sincerity

Catalysts for Change:  need for approval, lack of direction, rushing forward, isolative, blindly following, battles for control, stress, inaccurate view of self, disempowerment, dependence, laborious, stubborn, only seeing a “negative” future, leaking energy to situations that are lifeless

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a table set for an evening meal” (putting things in place, aiming for something)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

MERCURY CONJUNCTS URANUS 3:49 pm ET/7:49 pm UT- The firestorm that was briefly mentioned yesterday comes today with the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus.  This combination brings unexpected news, surprising or sudden (even shocking) events, higher potential for accidents (especially car accidents), radical changes (especially radical changes of mind), torrential weather, arguments, relocations, and emotionally-charged communications.

Mercury and Uranus are in Aries, a fire sign, and both planets are governed by the element of air.  This gives the conjunction a massive boost of power to make a lasting impression or have a ripple effect.  This is one of a few days each year that brings the opportunity to make a mark.  You could say today’s energy “brands” itself in time, so what we do with it can be just as permanent.

As if we needed more, Pluto and Saturn are in aspect to Mercury and Uranus, making quite a bonfire.  This means that the things that develop from the Mercury-Uranus conjunction (the themes in bold in the first paragraph) serve to transform and structure (or restructure) something for us.

The thing to understand is that several planets, several heavy-hitting planets, are aspecting each other today.  This makes the energy much more complex and definitely more intense.

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction occurs at 20 Aries and the Sabian symbol (energetic frequency) of “a young girl feeding birds in the winter.”  This energy relates to responsibility and taking on too much responsibility — more than one is capable of maintaining, thus being detrimental to self.  There can strong resistance to change.  This symbol also relates to themes/issues of trust.

BONFIRE OF THE EMPIRES – Venus’ energetics of “the purging of the priesthood” (clearing out what is not spiritually aligned) conspire with Pluto at “the Union Jack flies over a new British warship” (transformation of empire and imperialism) and Saturn at “an Easter sunrise service” (emergence of spiritual order) to overhaul old systems and constructs (our own and global ones).  With all of the fire energy, we might say a “bonfire of the empires” is underway.

This solar-lunar year has been the Year of the Shift or the Year of Mass Awakening with the energetic of “the music of the spheres” re-tuning human consciousness to be able to see the truth about all things, but particularly the truth of the global shadow government.  Today’s energetics cause hierarchies and power/control systems to suffer further losses in their eons-old hold over the human mind.  All is aligning or standing with what is true and “proper” (natural, sane).  We are witnessing, experiencing, and contributing to the transition into that civilization.  It’s the “Second Renaissance” and it is a spiritual revolution.

THE DEPTHS – The Earth is discharging the energetic frequency of “miners emerging from a deep coalmine” and Mars is discharging the energetic frequency of deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed.”  We want to “mine” or plumb the depths of ourselves to align with our highest course, hope, wish, or dream for ourselves and the world.  Our inner world speaks to us, giving us wisdom.

Now is the time that we are preparing for a new year, according to the natural count of time — the cycles of the Sun and Moon.  We can put anything we want on our “table set for an evening meal” – our foundation for the future.

9:37 pm ET/01:37 am UT – THE MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO just a few hours after the big Mercury-Uranus-Pluto-Saturn mash up.  Pluto rules the “underworld,” and we are already in the “depths” with the Earth and Mars’ energies, so things can get downright ugly.  Wounds inflicted by words are particularly devastating, so we are careful to think before we speak (especially if emotions are running high).

Finally, a reminder about Uranus: it always puts things the way they need to be.  It will do it the hard way if it has to, but it prefers not to.  It prefers that we free ourselves from what limits us.

Take good care today, wise owls.  Be attentive while driving, double check that candles are extinguished and electrical devices are turned off.  Choose words wisely.  Listen to the inner voice.  Change something.  Adapt to changes that are happening.  Free something.  Bring something out of the darkness and into the light of this bright and fiery day.

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March Monthly Update by Cobra and Another Interview

While these are the same 2 interviews released on Prepare for Change, the pertinent thing is the final link to VOLUMES of references from prior interviews. ~PB

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Monthly Update by Cobra and Another Interview

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Victory of the Light!

25th March – 13th August 2016: Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius: Rebirth and Responsibility By Sarah Varcas

25th March – 13th August 2016: Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius: Rebirth and Responsibility By Sarah Varcas

Saturn stationed retrograde in the 17th degree of Sagittarius. This degree is one of rebirth, with Saturn our midwife in the coming months. In true Saturnine form it may not be an easy birth and the labour may be long, but the outcome, when it stations direct in August, will reveal the value of our efforts. This rebirth will reanimate part of us which has become lifeless and stagnant, trapped in a state of suspended animation having encountered a challenge, shock or disappointment that took the wind from its sails. Wherever we’ve had the life knocked out of us by the twists and turns of fate, the decisions of others or our own unpreparedness for the path ahead, Saturn retrograde offers an opportunity to regather our energy, regain our balance and breathe new life into old hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Saturn in Sagittarius demands we maintain a bigger view of our lives, beyond our personal present. It enables us to identify connections between apparently random experiences and reveals how past decisions, attitudes and behaviours have painted the picture that is our life today. If we find ourselves frustrated or struggling against opposing forces that seem set upon our demise, it suggests we seek their genesis within and consider how well or not we have previously honoured the mystery of life. To what extent have we ignored a greater intelligence which invites us into alignment, or sought to control rather than allow life’s unfolding? In Saturn’s world a mere shift of perspective doesn’t change the past or arrest the force of its influence upon the present. It demands, instead, that we acknowledge and take responsibility for all we have been and all we have done, welcoming their current ripples of consequence as great teachers bestowing precious wisdom.

We must now face without guile the impact of who we once were. In embodying the wisdom born of doing so, we can live life with an open and enquiring mind, a faithful heart and a willingness to honour truths difficult to embrace. Saturn now offers a chance to process in the quiet of our own souls the lessons and insights which have arisen since its arrival in Sagittarius last September. Cast your mind back to then and reflect upon all that has happened since: changes welcome and otherwise, shocks and surprises, the new that arrived, the old that left and those things which seem forever intransigent! Saturn speaks most deeply about the latter now, revealing why we struggle to change that unhelpful habit, get a grip of that negative behaviour or marshal our inner resources in a constructive way. In doing so it reveals exactly what we need to sacrifice in order to be free. Where we hold ourselves in chains of old attachments born of comfortable familiarity with a status quo that keeps us safe. Numb and stagnant, but safe nonetheless.

In the coming months we can discern how to use our gifts, skills, knowledge and wisdom effectively. We can learn more about what stops us from doing so, the petty things we allow to distract us from what matters, our lack of discipline or unwillingness to do the work needed to manifest our dreams. Saturn delivers nothing on a golden platter as we lounge upon a velvet bed! Its rewards are hard won and earned through commitment, patience and application of the whole self to the job at hand. A hard taskmaster for sure, but also a fair one, and efforts made produce commensurate results. So if our efforts are failing to deliver the goods, it’s a sure sign that something is out of alignment or our timing is off. In the coming months Saturn retrograde will help us get to grips with timing, application of attention and patience with the process of creative change. It asks of us commitment to the journey and a willingness to do what needs to be done rather than fantasising a changed world whilst doing all we can to sustain the old one!
Interested in using astrology to enhance your personal and spiritual development? Check out my Self-Study Astrology Course and let astrology change your life!

Sarah Varcas

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, March 30, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn 12:46 pm ET/4:46 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns Us With Our Highest and Best Interests; Matangi, Goddess of the Wind, The Administrator

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: take charge

True Alignments: changing one’s view, containing impulsivity, resting when needed, recognition, creating order and structure, reexamination, deep inner changes, authentic, service to others, connecting with the other side, different reactions, the elements or basics of things

Catalysts for Change:  false flags and performances, shallow and self-absorbed, pushing ourselves or others too hard, drained (rest is needed – these energetics are hard on the body and psyche), incorrect assumptions, not giving fair share, feelings of superiority, interrupting the flow by needing to be in control, hostilities, harsh self-judgment

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a table set for an evening meal” (re-setting and re-ordering, setting expectations)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

Planetary energetics are highly active today, which means that a lot of things happen in our lives and in the world.  These things are not necessarily dramatic or eventful.  They may be quite subtle.  Insights or inspiration of great magnitude and depth have just as much effect as physical or material events, perhaps even more.

No doubt about it, the day is emotionally charged.  Venus makes conjunction (comes to the same place in the sky) with Chiron today.  This energetic brings energy to heal “heart wounds.”  Painful experiences with past or current relationships (ranging from sore spots togaping holes) are triggered by Venus and Chiron’s conjunction.

Venus “rules” relationships, love, comfort, jealousy/envy, acquisitions and possessions, security, pleasure, desires, beauty, and money, among other things.  Chiron, The Wounded Healer and Teacher who becomes The Archer in mythology,  takes aim at all of Venus’ themes today.  The exact conjunction occurs at 4:02 am ET/8:04 am UT, but is already in effect. 

The Venus-Chiron conjunction occurs at the Sabian symbol of 23 Pisces, “a materializing medium giving a séance.”  Nuances become realities.  Subtleties are as thin as paper ghosts.

Since energies (including planetary energies) are waves, the influence lingers.  If we learn anything from following the cycles of the Sun and Moon it is that energetics always change when the Moon changes.  The Moon will change signs at 12:46 pm ET/4:46 pm UT, and it will change phase tomorrow.  Otherwise, the Venus-Chiron conjunction energetic would still be quite powerful tomorrow.  An altogether different planetary structure comes tomorrow, and it is a firestorm.  (Let’s “table” that for now.  One massive planetary aspect at a time.)

Within the context of the Venus-Chiron conjunction and its triggering of healing and teaching us about the pain we inflict(ed) on others and ourselves, there are three undercurrents weaving throughout:

1- COMMANDING – The Sun discharges the energetic frequency of “the ruler of a nation.”  This energy prompts feelings of needing to take charge, engage self-discipline, and summon willpower.  The energy is trying to help us gain or regain strength.  We can be extremely hard on ourselves (a continuation of a wave from yesterday’s energetics with the Moon and Saturn).  The point of power resides in the position of commanding — not demanding.  Command comes from love of wholeness; demand comes from fear of lack.

2- MAJOR SHIFTS IN PERCEPTION – begin today and are almost beyond measure and description tomorrow.  The Earth is discharging the energetic of “a professor (Gaia Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom herself – a teacher), peering over his glasses at his students” (changing lens of perception) and Mars is discharging “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed” (new things coming to life and shifting values).  Questions with this would be: What is fair? and What is deserving?  Our teacher, Sophia, wishes us to expand our minds and go deeply with her in our minds to places that we want to form – the world we want to create, Second Renaissance.

Visualization and putting wishes and desires into the field of consciousness now (setting “the table set for an evening meal”) determines in large measure what we will experience in the upcoming new solar-lunar year.  It’s basically the time of year when we consider where we want to go next with our lives.  It’s important to maintain as much of an open, hopeful attitude now because it makes for better “soil of the mind” to “plant” or set our intentions for the next year.  It’s not magical thinking; it’s co-creation with spirit

3 – ALIGNING WITH A HIGHER MIND –  Evidence of what we might call a Divine Hand in action comes today, as we see that something else seems to be working with us – something on our side, but grander than us or a grander portion of ourselves, depending on your perspective.  When the Sabian symbol of “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed” tends to demonstrate the power of Mother Nature and the power to bring things to life.

New things are crossing our paths to set us into better alignment with the highest calling of our souls.  We are preparing to go deeper or higher, united behind the knowledge that we are all students in Sophia’s classroom.  She hopes that many will attune with her consciousness and so she is flooding the field with information about The Mysteries.  People are being led to what they need.  The world around us is arranging it now.

As things “materialize” today, we want to breathe gently with ourselves and others.  We are in command of our responses to the planetary energetics.  We stand in our centers, like wise owls high up in trees peering out at what is happening but seeing it from shifting our perception, aligning with a higher mind, and responding with a commanding stance.

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Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: Post Eclipse Gateway – 29-Mar-2016 by Kara Schallock

Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: Post Eclipse Gateway

29-Mar-2016 by Kara Schallock

Even though we have moved beyond the Eclipse Gateway, we are still feeling its effects. If new pathways have not yet opened, they will, so be patient. The reason for this is because rarely do things shift on the particular date of a cosmic event because we are in timelessness, regardless of what our calendars and clocks say. It is always important to do Ceremony on the day of the event, for that aligns our energies with the event. Most don’t experience the shift on that particular day, but when a person is ready as decided by Soul. As an illustration of this, last night (March 28-29), I had an ongoing dream in which I released some old behaviors and attitudes that were most limiting and these were transformed into Strength and Power. I kept having a continuation of the dream until I consciously claimed the Transformation. I was continuously awakened after each segment of the dream to do this. When I finally claimed them, the dream stopped. If you are still experiencing the Power of the Gateway, trust that all is in Divine Order.

The energy we have received during and after the Gateway has propelled us forward in the New. Even though we can see the old 3D world is going through some challenging times, we view the worldly events rather dispassionately…being in the world, but not of it. We potentially have detached in a huge way from the old world and our focus is more on seeing the strides we have made and continue to make as we are operating in a higher consciousness and vibrational reality. Whether your passage has been challenging (when you resist) or gentle (when you flow), the result is the same. It’s all how we choose to perceive the changes. We can see the world as broken or we can see it transforming. Much of how we view the world is an indication of how we view ourselves. When one is Love and whole, it is impossible not to see the world through those eyes and see that all is occurring in Divine Order. Of course, it is each being’s choice as to how they perceive themselves as well as the world.

We do not know what is coming next and this is because we are guided to stay in the Moment. For me, when I see predictions of “doom and gloom,” I roll my eyes and see those predictions as fear-producing. I choose not to promote fear, but to promote Love. What occurs in the future is not our concern. Fear-producing blogs or videos do nothing more than take us out of the Moment and fill us with more fear and the desire to save the Earth, which, as we know, is fruitless, because the Earth does not need saving, for She and we are going through a metamorphosis and I for one do not want to interfere with that, as I wouldn’t want anyone to “save” me from my own metamorphosis.

When we are in the Moment, we can address anything that comes our way in Strength, Love and Wisdom. And from this, we take an action step to what we’re guided to do, if anything. Whatever a person is guided to do comes directly from wherever their consciousness is. When we are worried about what may happen in the future, we stop the Creative Flow and become frozen in fear. As one’s consciousness expands, their choices shift. What one may have chosen to do before the Gateway is probably much different now. In the New, there is constant Expansion and growth. There are barriers to dissolve and self-imposed rules to let go of and this empowers our Awareness and consciousness. Based on this Expansion, we make different choices than we would have made before.

As your consciousness grows, your merging with Soul strengthens and from here you are more aware and your choices reflect the strengthening, as do your thoughts and feelings. You step into being more of who you are and this is the Opportunity the Eclipse Gateway brought to us, if we were ready and willing. From this place of being more you, it is easier to surrender to the unknown and easier to trust that you are not alone, yet sovereign. You see that you have chosen to be on Earth, leaving your high dimensional Home in order to help the Earth transform to a higher consciousness and dimension. As you know, coming to Earth at this time, we have stepped into 3D life. We lost our memory of who we are and yet, in the New we begin to remember in order to help all of life remember who they really are as well.

With more Awareness, you may see more clearly into yourself. What may be revealed is where you are still attached. Attachment really is a subset of fear. It is the fear of loss. Attachment brings up issues of controlling outcomes as well as fixing and saving. Attachment may be related to a person, a pet, a way of being, an outcome or the way you think things should be, including what the New should look like. So be aware of where you are attached, infuse it with Love and gently let go and trust all is in Divine Order. When we let go of attachments, we actually are able to love more. There truly is no loss. It is a perception based in separation.

With an expanded consciousness, there is an Opportunity to drop the old separative view of “us and them.” The homeless person, the person in prison and others you perceive as less or more than you, are all aspects of you. This is Oneness. There is no separation in the New; there is only the recognition that we are all a part of each other. We are One. We are connected through Love; the one Truth. While you may make different choices than others do and each being has unique gifts and experiences, we are One. Being One does not carry judgment or fear; it is recognizing that while each person has their own path in life, we are all connected in the One Love.

This Eclipse Gateway has shown us also that there is a perception of a large expanse between the old and the New. We may perceive the old world as being polarized and yet that is a perception. Your perceptions shift, while beliefs that you are attached to do not. As you expand, your perceptions change. All perceptions really are an extension of what you hold within you. As you expand, so do your perceptions. Be an observer; detached and view all in Love. What one may claim to be true, may not be true for all. It depends on each one’s consciousness, Awareness, perceptions and attachments. Realize that sometimes a person may feel they must be right in order to win. The evolving person realizes that there is no such thing as “being right” and that there is no such thing as winning; for to win, there must be a loser; and to be right, someone must be wrong. However a person chooses to be is for them and not necessarily for you, except to see what is within to release and transform. Having to be right in order to win is indeed of the old separate ego. The only goal for the evolving one is Love and to continue to evolve as more Love. That is all.

Our physical bodies are being upgraded by New Codes of Light. Our physical bodies reflect what is in our emotional and mental bodies, and yet our physical bodies seem to be experiencing the shift more dramatically. This may be because for eons we believed that we were not much more than our physical bodies and many still carry that belief in their cells. We are so much more than our physical bodies; much more than our emotional and mental bodies too. We are complete universes! We are the stars and the planets. Everything in the universe is us. Everything in the universe is Love; that is who we are. As we honor this, our very Presence shifts others. Knowing who we are in Truth brings Balance to the world. Being authentic is being all of who we are without shame or judgment. Being authentic shines our Divine Presence onto everything and everyone.

Since we are still transitioning, take care of yourself as best you can. Meditate, rest and eat and drink as healthily as you know how. Remember to be outdoors and breathe deeply into your Heart. Surround yourself in Inspiration. This can be lighting candles, having your crystals around you, as well as creating an Altar in your home, or anything that inspires you. My main Altar has each of the elements: water, fire, earth and air. For water, I have a small earthen vessel with crystals and purified water in it; for fire, I have a candle; for Earth, I have sage and for air I have feathers. My Altar is a place of worship and focus.

As beings of the New, we are Divine Creators. Every thought and feeling creates. We hold more Light and are more powerful now. We know Abundance is who we are; it is not outside of us. Nothing is outside of us, for we create what is within us. As we grow In Awareness, our thoughts and feelings are refined and so goes our world. “As above, so below; as within, so without.” As we expand as Love, our self-esteem rises and we shine in our Authenticity. Being Love affects every aspect of us and as we grow, our Light shines forth, touching all. We don’t do this through mental projection, but by being who we are. The rest happens spontaneously and naturally. As we recognize ourselves as Essence, we need not continue to seek outer tools in order to grow, for all we need is within.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, March 29, 2016


THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire):  Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: go gently, smoothly, warmly

True Alignments: revitalization, calm, different approaches, messages from Spirit, learning something, visionary, revolutionary, extraordinary, quantum leaps, heights of intuition

Catalysts for Change: bossy, knowing it all, rejection, ageism, confusion, self-delusions, lost, fearful, strife and ardor, lack of needed reform, closed off, holding back

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a table set for an evening meal” (re-setting, re-organizing, re-ordering, re-arranging, re-experiencing, expectations)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (re-calibration of consciousness)

Here’s what’s happening right now.

10:18 am ET/2:18 pm UT:  The Moon conjuncts Saturn at the degree of the Sabian Symbol (energetic frequency) of “an Easter sunrise service.”  Saturn is retrograde right now, re-doing and re-structuring everything, in the way that only Saturn’s energetics can re-do and re-order.  Saturn retrograde creates opportunities for chaos, and with it, creates opportunities for order.  The energetic creates scenarios of “death and rebirth” – endings and beginnings – with all kinds of things.  Saturn is about structure and this Sabian symbol is about rising, so new structures (thoughts, feelings) rise.  We see things anew.

SEEING ANEW – is highlighted once again with the Sun at 10 Aries and the Sabian symbol of “a teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images.”  We learn lessons with this energetic.  New things are brought to light, especially brought out for discussion today.  Rebirth, rising, and revitalization are inherent with this energetic, just as the “Easter sunrise service.”  A “refresh” or a new version of ourselves is emerging.  We can be very hard on ourselves when the Moon conjuncts Saturn each month, like it is doing today.  There is no need to do this, no need for suffering.  All experiences ultimately bring wisdom.  Endeavor to do things a different way (bring “new forms to traditional images”).

UNSEEN ASSISTANCE – comes with Mercury discharging the energetic of “brownies (fairies) dancing in the setting Sun.”  Saturn is working with sunrises, and Mercury is working with sunsets.  Things are reshuffled and re-sorted, and our emotions can be all caught up in the mix.  Ups and downs are more common.  Energetically, this is a drain on the physical body, so we want take this into account.

The theme of “unseen assistance” is seen again with the Earth discharging the energetic of “a canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.”  This energy sees us through hard times.  It comes at the end of journeys, like the end of our journey through this year.  We are even more guided and protected when this energetic is in effect.  It reminds us to keep the faith, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30, Venus will make conjunction with Chiron (exact conjunction at 4:02 am ET/8:02 am UT).  This will press on wounds or personal pain and heartaches, and often brings up the past.  This is an energetic that makes things hazy or nebulous or confused (or obfuscated).  The conjunction occurs at 23 Pisces and the Sabian symbol of “a materializing medium giving a séance.”  Things develop with this energy, despite its seeming lack of form.  Things from the past can be revitalized or brought back.  We are aware of the tendencies that come with tomorrow’s energy.

Today, we approach the energetics as gently as dancing fairies, as smoothly as a canoe through safe waters, and as warmly as an Easter sunrise service.


A deeper look:

The season is ripe, we might say, for inciting chaos in an attempt to regain control.  Consider the temptation of the symbol of “an Easter sunrise service” by those obsessed with symbols that they believe can control human minds.  Look at was has been done during this “season” (in the symbol) of Easter.  A holy war is being waged on all of humanity.  The God-given rights of free thought, speech, and belief are being crucified – sacrificed in front of us.  Ritual is being played out and “loaded in” to consciousness.  It’s happening all around.

In the natural cycles of reckoning time, the cycles of the Sun and Moon (the cycles of life), we are preparing for a new start.   Using the analogy of farming or planting, we are in the time of the year when soil is fertilized.  This involves pulling weeds, tilling up the soil and turning it over, getting it ready for planting.

The same is true for us.  This is the time of year that we “weed out” our minds or go through a release of thoughts and feelings (that are not in alignment with the highest ideals).

In some circles and Illuminati triangles, this is considered a time of “high magic.”  It is the time before the New Moon in Aries, the new year in the true count of time, the time of shadows.  It is the “darkest” time of year.  It is the “shadow” of the season.

The season’s shadow is cast only because there is so much light shining – it’s sunrise.  We all rise.

The cabal is trying to get a rise out of us, their way, through terror.  It is not unexpected, though nonetheless terrible.  They are playing the same old game, only it is now dramatically amplified because it has to be.  Desperation is setting in.  The “acting out” has begun.  For the Archons and their minions (the cabal), nothing is off of their “table set for an evening meal.”

They believe they are preparing to take us for a ride – a magic carpet ride, the Sabian symbol for the upcoming year, of their design.

In the tradition of the Sabian symbols and archetypal energy, these lyrics from 2002 could be seen in a new light:

(We) are not your rolling wheels.

(We) are the highway.

(We) are not your carpet ride.

(We) are the sky.

Chris Cornell

I Am the Highway, Audioslave

(Audioslave is an alternative rock band.  Chris Cornell’s latest solo release, Higher Truth, a mostly acoustic album, was on my heaviest rotation during this Year of the Music of the Spheres.  Chris Cornell captures the mysteries of the universe.  Thank ya, Chris!)

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Cobra Planetary Liberation Update – What You Can Do! – 21st Century Superhuman Show by Cary Kirastar Ellis

Cobra Planetary Liberation Update – What You Can Do! – 21st Century Superhuman Show by Cary Kirastar Ellis

Join Host author Cary Kirastar Ellis with Cobra – voice for the Forces of Light, in this Planetary Liberation Update . Learn what you can do to assist in this compelling time of Planetary Change! For ease of listening, follow along on transcript below.

FOLLOW COBRA The Portal: The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

The Ascension Conference Switzerland April 16-17, 2016

Prepare for Change

CARY: Hi there, this is Cary Ellis, author of “21st Century Superhuman, and this is our 21st Century Superhuman Show.

Today we have with us a great warrior for the Light, Cobra. And Cobra, welcome, we are so grateful to have you here today.

COBRA: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here, to be part of this interview.

CARY: Awesome. Cobra, you have a pulse on Global happenings. We know that you are closely associated with our Galactic neighbors, that you are a liaison for the Forces of Light. We’re excited to have you answer some questions today, and have you give us your point of view on how things are going in this great time of Planetary Change.

Our first screen here shows that you have 22 million views at your website; so you have a great following, and people around the world are hungry to know what’s happening in this time of change. Your website is called The Portal, the Intelligence Hub for the Victory of the Light.

Q. I have a lot of listeners who probably haven’t been around your material over the last few years. Can you tell us a little about who Cobra is, and where you come from?

COBRA: OK I have been chosen by the Resistance Movement to be their spokesperson on the surface of the planet, in this very special time in the Liberation of the Planet. Cobra is a code name that I have been given for this particular time period.

CARY: Nice. Very cool. Q. Can you tell us a little bit more about what the Resistance Movement is?

COBRA: The Resistance Movement are Forces of Light that are hidden below the surface of the Planet, and are preparing to assist us. And they are assisting us actually in this Liberation process. I would say they are one faction of the Agartha network, a part of Agartha.

CARY: You say they are connected with Agatha?


CARY: Nice, very nice. And so Agartha is one of the inner Earth civilizations? I know there are differences between those. Wonderful.


CARY: So what is the view from your multidimensional perspective in dealing with all the forces at play in this great Transition? How do you see this big play taking place?

COBRA: It is a very complex process, and usually things do not turn out as they were planned, because there are so many factors involved: so much freewill in different directions, so many things happening. Its a very complex situation. Slowly but surely we are progressing toward the completion of this situation. We are getting closer and closer to the final breakthrough.


Yes, I believe we are as well. It’s been a long time coming, too.


Yes, it’s true.


Q. What are some of the complexities that have existed in other dimensions that have needed to be resolved?


The main thing that needs to be resolved is the so called “Primary Anomaly.” The Primary Anomaly is, I would say, the original source of all darkness & suffering. Planet Earth is a focal point of this resolution. So we are now at the key place and key time in history with singularities to resolve this. And this is the main reason why this is taking so long and why it is so complex.


Yes. Very interesting.

Q. I know there’s been a lot of technical devices and various things that I probably don’t even know how to pronounce properly. How much more of the strangelet bombs and other espionage technology that is out there, how much is left to clear? And how is that affecting humanity?


There is a certain degree of this that still has to be cleared, but much has been resolved and there is a deeper occult reason why we have been quarantined in the first place – why we’ve been hostages in the first place. Without that technology we would have been free sometime ago.


Q. How is that quarantine working? I’ve heard, hasn’t the quarantine somewhat been lifted at this point?


It is in the process of being lifted, but it has not been lifted yet. Because when the quarantine will be lifted, we will no longer be limited to the surface of the planet. The surface population will not just be limited to the surface of the Planet, but Space travel will open again. Contact with other races will open again.


Nice. Very good. That is excellent.

Q. It seems that Plasm Energy has been used for damaging space weaponry by other races and perhaps even in our own ancient history. It is now emerging as a possible solution to our planetary energy needs and space travel. Would you give us your input on this?


OK Plasma plainly is one of the biggest secrets, one of the most suppressed aspects of creation, and the Plasma plainly is both the key for suppression of knowledge, and the key for our Liberation. And advanced beings using these technologies are helping right now with the Planetary Liberation process.


Q. So do you feel the proper use of Plasma energy will play a role in this?


Yes exactly.


Very good.

Q. Do you see humanity able to work together for viable solutions and go beyond the need for war? Do you think we’ve gotten to that point yet?


We will get to that point when the cabal is removed.


I have some questions for you on that. We’ll get to those in just a little bit and talk about that some more.

Q. Is the Resistance Movement working with the Sphere Being Alliance, the Andromedans or any particular Galactic race or collective?


Yes the Resistance Movement is working especially with the Pleiadians, it is also working with Andromedans, it is working with Galactic Confederation and so-called Central Race that some people call the Sphere Beings.


Very nice. Excellent. I’ll ask you a random question here.

Q. What can you tell us about the Dragon’s Gate?


I will not answer this question at this point.


OK, let’s go on the, and maybe at a future time we can discuss that.


Yes, when the time is right.


OK perfect. That will be wonderful.

Q. So has the collective shifted enough to turn the tide with what is going on on the Planet?


Not yet, but we’re getting closer.


OK. Very good.

Q. What will it take for more cabal arrests and a real transformation of the old system?


As I’ve said many times before, the transformation of all the exotic weapons has to happen first. This is what gives the Chimera the power to protect the cabal. The cabal by itself is no longer able to sustain themselves. Without the protection of the Chimera they would have been cleared a long time ago.


Q. So what is happening with the clearing of the Chimera group and the exotic weapons?


It is progressing quite nicely and there will be some breakthroughs in this area soon. And hopefully if there are no surprises we will quite soon arrive to the end of this.


Q. And is that something that there is a whole collective working on? Or who is working on that and helping make that happen?


The Pleiadians and the Galactic Confederation are working on this.



Q. So do you Cobra and the Resistance Movement have a plan how to repurpose the banking system & military industrial complex to something that serves the people, or how will that change take place?


Oh yes of course there’s a plan, I have spoken about it many times. Basically when the Chimera group is removed and the cabal arrested, actually the Eastern Alliance is already preparing the new financial system, which will be just a transitional financial system. Which will help us go through the transition to the point where the first contact happens. Then advanced technologies will be released to humanity that will assist humanity in going through that change to become part of – copartners in the Galactic Federation. As a sovereign race, I would say, connecting with other sovereign races throughout the Galaxy.


Very nice. So advanced technologies will be given as we get ready to step up to the plate to that level of being a sovereign race.




Q. What is it going to take for us as a collective to move beyond the “power over” agendas and into global equality?


The same thing here. We have to remove the cabal. I would say, all those exotic technologies – the plasma technology, the vrill technology, etheric and scaler devices are influencing human consciousness.




The non-physical archons are pressing the buttons, psychologically manipulating especially the most advanced Light Workers and Light Warriors. When this is removed it will be much easier for all those beings to work together. This is what we are waiting for.


Q. Would you say this a reason that some of the Light Workers are still kind of attacking each other? Is that something that is being energetically manipulated?


Exactly. This is what’s going on.


Very good. That’s good to know about the scalar weapons. It is so complex, and I appreciate you answering these questions for our audience. I know many of these things you’ve spoken about before, but it’s always nice to have a review from you. Because I know there are many people waking up and learning every day.

Q. We’ve been told of global collateral accounts positioned to move into circulation to serve humanity. How close do you think we are? What are the holdups if any?


The problem is the cabal is still controlling the financial system. The infrastructure of the financial system is in the hands of the cabal. The collateral accounts cannot be released until this is addressed. This situation will be solved during the event when the Light Forces will take over the financial system.


It is a complex situation, isn’t it?




Q. So who do you see stepping into emerging leadership roles in these areas?


There are people, especially in the Eastern Alliance, that are quite capable and have been trained for this purpose and will assist when the time is right.


Very nice.

Q. So the average person is still struggling in literally every country in the world. I know there are a lot of shifts that need to take place, but is there anything you could throw a little light on, that would help us understand, what is it going to take beyond these other shifts we’ve been talking about to make this gigantic leap into global abundance? I mean I realize we’ve got shifting monetary systems and shifting governmental systems, and needing to remove the global elite from their position of power. How do you see us making this leap, which seems like a giant leap from where we are. It seems like the suffering gets to be more all the time.

COBRA: OK – What needs to happen is The Breakthrough. The Breakthrough is the change of the paradigm. The change of the paradigm happens when the critical mass of new intel is released through the mass media. This will create The Breakthrough. The media are now under the control of the cabal. And when this control has diminished to a certain point there will be a massive release of intel through the mass media. This will suddenly create a breakthrough in the thinking patterns of humanity. This will be the catalyst for the change.

CARY: Very good. And we’ve already got that happening at subtle levels in the undercurrent of the unofficial news that’s going on. Certainly the movement that direction is already happening. But that’s good perspective. I really appreciate that insight.

Q. So many of the Lightworkers who have awakened and exited the old system – Like NEO did in the movie “The Matrix” – are still struggling. I see it in people I’m connected with all around the world. What can be done now to assist those (or how can they assist themselves), who are ready to build new lives and communities? How do they get these things going?

COBRA: People who are struggling financially need to do a few things. First is to start clearing their belief systems. Their patterns of lack of abundance, their belief systems about money, and this will begin to give them power for themselves to create abundance in their lives. They can become an instrument of good, a force of good because the money they will manifest will assist them in their mission. It will assist them in becoming more effective in the process of planetary integration.

CARY: Very good. That’s excellent. So not just sitting around and waiting for global collateral accounts to move but to begin changing their own belief systems about abundance being able to come in.

COBRA: Yes and do not be a victim of the current system. Start finding ways to manifest abundance outside the matrix.

CARY: Excellent. Excellent.

Q. So the prophecies of the Ancients called this time, the Shift of the Ages. What are the most important things people can be doing at this time, knowing that many of us volunteered to be here in this now?

COBRA: Yes. What is most important right now is to spread information, to start new blogs, to spread this as far as possible. Inform as many people as possible, about whatever you know, whatever you are aware of, of this change that is happening.

CARY: Excellent. Excellent. Yeah, I like to encourage everyone to listen to their hearts and to take action. That is great, everybody should be starting their own communication system to start spreading the word.

Q. So it’s my understanding, [this is what we teach in my book “21st Century Superhuman”] that every person carries the seeds within themselves of activating this change. What do you suggest for people to expand this change within themselves?

COBRA: It is simply to connect with your higher self, with your own soul. You will receive guidance from there.

CARY: Excellent. The answers are always beautiful and simple.

COBRA: Yes, it’s true.

CARY: How do you see current events fitting in with the Ascension timetable you have recently been writing about?

COBRA: This Ascension timetable speaks about after The Event, and we’re still in the pre-event phase. We are not there yet.

CARY: Right

Q. So how do you see as far as current events on the planet go, do you think any of that is playing into bringing The Event closer, or is it not really related?

COBRA: There are many things happening behind the scenes that are bringing the even closer, and there is a part of the cabal that wants to delay The Event. So both things are happening at the same time.

CARY: Right. The cabal wants to what The Event?

COBRA: They want to delay The Event as much as possible.

CARY: Right. So what are they doing to delay it?

COBRA: They are creating chaos, they are trying to start wars around the Planet, they are withdrawing the funds, they are stealing money, they are – you know what they do.

CARY: [chuckles] I know – right. It seems like a really old game doesn’t it?


CARY: OK Cobra, so can you tell us more about The Event? I know you’ve talked about it a lot, but if there’s any more that you could tell us? How close we are and what we’re likely to experience? I realize you’ve talked about it a lot, so if you have a little bit of expansion on that you can share with us, we’d love to hear it.

COBRA: Well, there is not much new to say, simply we are getting closer and closer. I am not here to tell how close we are. I don’t want to give grounds to speculation, but know that there are plans and there are actions taking place every day to bring us to the exact moment of The Event. This is happening daily, and you can participate.

CARY: So do you see The Event as a Cosmic action, or do you see it as a movement in the consciousness of humanity and the Planet or do you see it as a movement of events?

COBRA:It is actually a cosmic occurrence, it is completion of the Liberation process. That is taking place throughout the Galaxy for quite some time. Planet Earth is the last planet to be liberated. It will be a completion of our Galactic process of leaving the darkness behind.

CARY: Very good.

Q. So what is top priority for each individual to work on as we move through this transition and closer to The Event?

COBRA: The top priority is to follow your mission, to use your talents you were born with for the exact purpose of doing whatever you can to assist in this process.

CARY: You know I think a lot of people maybe stand with one foot in each world. They have a hard time knowing how to “leave the old system” and how to really step into their own vision. Do you have any encouragement on that front for people?

COBRA: Simply if you will follow your inner guidance and will follow your dream you will not be in two worlds. You will be fully stepping into the new world. You will be fully exiting the matrix.

CARY: That is beautiful.

Q. Any additional thoughts on how we will move beyond the old civilization revealed by recent “disclosure” and into a more harmonious Galactic type of culture?

COBRA: Again this transition will happen after The Event with a massive release of intel, and then of course, after the first contact, when the massive release of intel will be not just a theory but will be a practical connection with higher positive races.

CARY: Very good. That thought is exciting to me.

Q. So is there a harmonious Galactic culture that you’re connected with, that you could tell us how they operate?

COBRA: Yes, of course. The Pleiadians are a very harmonic race. They are evolved enough over setting an example of this. They have learned through their own growth to live in harmony with each other, and they have created a paradise type of civilization. It is a very natural occurrence. It is not something that is unusual in this Universe. You see what is happening on this planet is unusual. It’s an aberration. Harmonious civilizations are where harmony is the norm, the standard, throughout the Universe.

CARY: Interesting. That’s wonderful. I know yeah, we’ve been the great experiment in the duality experiment here on Earth, so I’m glad we’re coming close to the end of that.

Q. So in one of your recent posts you mentioned Soul Groups. Could you describe a little more about what commonalities such groups might have, and how they can interact with and support each other?

COBRA: Soul Groups are actually souls which were born from the Source at the same time, through the Galactic Central Sun. They have a big soul connection with each other, and sometimes they are able to recognize each other when they meet in this lifetime especially. Various Soul Groups have incarnated, especially in this time in order to find each other and collectively as a group do their mission for the Planetary Liberation. The Archon forces were interfering with those incarnation plans and were separating various beings from the Soul Group, and were creating various amnesia fields like implants and other technologies for various members of the Soul Group not to recognize each other. So there is a lot of opposition to this plan.

CARY: Interesting. Yes, very good.

Q. We’ve been reading lately about LOVE WARRIORS and those embodying higher Cosmic Consciousness at this time. Their power of love is stated to be growing beyond what has been known before upon the Earth. Can you give us any input about this?

COBRA: Well, I would just say that there are various groups that have been present on the Planet for quite a long time; they are coming to the forefront. Especially now it’s time to unite the energy of Love and the energy of Power. They are not separated. The power of Love is not just a gentle energy. It is a Force which stops all negativity and transforms it.

CARY: Wow, that is beautiful. Love is a Power.

Q. So you have at your website some advanced healing systems that include Tachyon, Pleiadian Technologies and Mandala Sphere Laser Systems. Can you tell us a little bit about those, and if someone wanted to seek out using those what they would encounter?

COBRA : Yes, we are developing under the guidance of the Pleiadians and under the guidance of various Light Force groups. We’re developing advanced technologies which can assist as much as possible in the healing process for humanity until the time of The Event.

One of those technologies is Tachyon technology. We are bringing Tachyon healing chambers and there is a formula for healing and wellness that can improve the vibrational frequency of human beings with tachyons.

And there are also advanced laser systems which have been developed by certain Dragon Groups. They are very advanced systems that can bring the healing process to a higher level.

If you would like to know more you can go to the website and you will see everything there.

CARY: Does a person have to be in the presence of these technologies, or can they be used from a distance?

COBRA: Some of those technologies work from a distance, but some of them are actually, people need to be present there.

CARY: It seems like there are some very interesting things there for those who are interested in healing.

COBRA: Yes. Exactly.

CARY: I understand and have participated in many times. You have a weekly Event Mediation every Sunday 7 pm GMT. Liberation Now! You’re calling for 144,000 to be involved in that mediation at the same time. Is that correct?

COBRA : Yes, that is correct.

CARY: So a great encouragement might be, everyone who gets to know about this can assist by participating in this meditation. Is that what you’d suggest?

COBRA: Yes. Exactly. We would like to gather as many people as possible for this weekly meditation together for critical mass, in order to speed up the process of The Event. And if we would get closer to that number, we could really speed up the process quite much.

CARY: Very nice. Is there any specific protocol that you like to encourage during the meditation? Or can someone just sit down and meditate and envision, you know, world peace, world Liberation.

COBRA: No we have guidelines for the meditation, and the guidelines are on the blog. All the instructions are there.

CARY: Right and I think I’ve seen a video on it as well.


CARY: Correct. So Victory of the Light is the salutation of people that are following you and are involved in your work. Can you tell us a little bit about where that salutation came from?

COBRA: This salutation came from the Light Forces.

CARY: Beautiful. It’s really nice. I love it when I hear people or see people writing it. It’s a really nice energy field for Planet Earth.

I see you’re having a conference in Switzerland in April. People can find that on your website if they wanted to come and learn with you personally?

COBRA: Yes that’s right. There’s a link on the blog where there are details about the program. People who want to go deeper can attend the conference and there will be much new intel. Very strong transformational energies will be present at it.

CARY: Beautiful. I was getting that feeling looking at it on your website.

So Cobra, I’m just going to say thank you so much. It would be wonderful if we could do this with you again at some point.

Listeners can find you by searching for The Portal 2012 online, (link will be in the description. You’re also associated with the Prepare for Change Network.

COBRA: Yes that is right. They can just go to the blog, they can find everything about the conferences, the mediation, the technologies, and all the intel I release. It’s updated there.

CARY: OK great. Thank you so much for being with us today. It’s always nice to get a fine-tuning to hear you speak to these energies. I just want to thank you so much on behalf of all of our listeners, and those who are seeking to be part of this amazing time of great change on Planet Earth.

COBRA: OK OK Thank you very much.

CARY: OK. Many blessings to you Cobra, and many blessings to our audience, and we will see you all soon.



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03-21-16 Cobra: March Interview (MP3format 72:40 and Transcript) | Prepare for Change

03-21-16 Cobra: March Interview (MP3format 72:40 and Transcript)  | Prepare for Change
March 27, 2016 by Dane Arr

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 549 entries to this date. See:

Transcript of the March 21, interview posted on March 27, 2016


Lynn – Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our new monthly Cobra interview. Your host today are Lynn and Richard. Our goal with these Cobra interviews and with our website is to inform, educate and prepare for upcoming events. We will keep comments and chats to a minimum so that you can get the most from what you are here to hear; your questions and Cobra’s perspective. Please remember that no one has all the answers all the time. Remember that your own internal guidance is the key and always go with what resonates with you. For those new to our website; and/or Cobra I would suggest you go to the media archives at and listen to the introduction interview done August 28, 2015 where more background on Cobra is given. And the follow up interview that was done on 10-18-2015. The team at Prepare For Change are all devoted volunteers. No one receives compensation for work done. We have had many upgrades to our website in the past few months thanks to the very skilled and dedicated volunteer team. There are upgrades that have been costly and we count on your support to help maintain the monthly recurring bills. This team of computer wizards are putting the finishing touches on our new radio/media page which will feature our Cobra interviews and more. With the interviews on the web-site you will be able to listen any time that you want 24/7. Please use the donate button in the right hand column of the website. Now I would like to welcome back our warrior of light and liaison with the Resistance Movement (RM), Cobra. Welcome Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you very much. I’m glad to be back to interviews.

Lynn – Wonderful. Were happy to have you. Today we’ve got some very challenging questions. We have some listeners that are quite astute at asking questions and they’re getting a little more difficult with the day, so this might not be the 101 variety of interview. We’ll do our best to answer all the questions. OK. (OK) So I’m going to read a preface to the first one:

The Illuminati is not a real Group. It is just a label. There are 3 main groups that make up the Illuminati: The Masons, the Jesuits and the Rosicrucian’s. So, if your intention is to be part of the Illuminati you need to be part of one of these groups and you need to be wealthy. No poor person ever gets to be part of the Illuminati. The Illuminati has recently changed its name. Cobra can you share the new name with the listeners?

COBRA – I did not receive any confirmations they have changed names. Because they never called themselves with the name Illuminati. They usually call themselves the circle or the brotherhood, the family even. This is how they call themselves to each other, and this has not changed.

Lynn – OK. Are the Zionists and the Khazarians the main branches of the Illuminati and have the Illuminati divided the world not by countries but by regions?

COBRA – It depends of which group are you speaking about. The World domination is mainly the domain of the Jesuits which has managed to infiltrate the governments of the vast majority of countries around the world but the more economic and finical aspect of this is in the hands of the Rothschild’s faction. They have infiltrated their people also. Each of those groups have their own regions or divisions of their world, how they divide the world based on their interest. All of this is going to be transformed at the time of the event. So it’s even not so much important how they would like to divide the world among themselves because all this is going to change.

Lynn – Is Israel the grand puppet of the Illuminati?

COBRA – I would say the vast majority of countries around the world are puppets of the illuminati or should we say of the Cabal. Illuminati is just one aspect or one label which we give to a quite complex network of individuals that form shifting alliances within that network.

Richard – In the recent reports you posted on your ‘Portal 2012’ website on Jan 27th 2016 you called ‘Planet X’ and said that the ‘planet X’ is 0.75 earth masses and in a recent California Institute of Technology report posted on January 20th 2016 titled ‘Evidence of a Distant Giant Planet in our Solar System’ says ‘The 9th Planet’ is 10 times earths’ masses, has an orbital period between 10,000 to 20,000 years and is 60 billion miles from our Sun. Is this planet X that you reported on months ago?

COBRA – No it’s not exactly because what the scientists released in January is just a theory or shall we say, theoretical model that tries to describe and explain the behavior of certain objects in the Kuiper belt. It’s not exactly the correct model. In fact, one Japanese scientist has created a far more accurate model which is much closer to the truth and I have posted a link to that scientific paper on my blog and you can find it there.

Richard – Great I remember that. Thank you very much.

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet

Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System

Richard – Scientists have discussed a second sun. Is this true? What do you think?

COBRA – There is a certain theory about, I would say a small star in which is orbiting around our sun or shall I say we have a double star system but this has not been proved and based upon the intel that I have on the RM it does not exist. (OK, thank you).

Lynn – What is Nibiru and who inhabits it?

COBRA – Nibiru is a label which is a complete disinformation. It has been created by Illuminati agent Zecharia Sitchin to confuse people.

Lynn – OK. So there isn’t any such planet as Nibiru?

COBRA – There is not such a planet and not such an object inside the solar system.

Richard – Thank you. There are many reports of dormant giants being discovered and awakening in caverns around the world. Are these claims accurate?

COBRA – Yes, some of those claims are accurate. Those giants are put into stasis in special chambers which are triggered by a certain vibrational frequency. I would say certain intensity form of sub-atomic particles and energies from the galactic center which is the earth, those chambers get triggered and those beings then are then awakened from hibernation and many such cases have been taking place lately around the world. Militaries of most countries or shall we say of the major countries have been suppressing that from the mass population. And whenever that happens the military went there and just suppress the whole thing. And yes it was happening quite much lately.

Richard – That’s amazing. Are they a positive nature these giants?

COBRA – Most of them yes, but some of them no.

Richard – Why are they waking up now? Because of the galactic central sun’s activity.

COBRA – Because …. they went into those chambers. They didn’t want to wait for a change. They have put themselves into hibernation to spare…. so not to wait too long on this planet and now when the change is happening they have interest to take part in this change. But they were not expecting that the surface population will be taken hostage to such a great degree and now they are taken hostage by the Chimera group.

Richard – What was their actual function. What is these beings …. what is the function to wake up in this time period to do within this time of the planetary liberation process?

COBRA – They wanted to participate in the shift. They have various agendas. Some of them were quite positive and some of them not so positive. But they were not expecting that the amount of control and suppression on this planet would go that far. All of them were captured and are now actually hostages in the various militarily bases around the world. (Wow. Thank you very much.)

Lynn – Cobra, I’m going to read a long comment that contains questions. Just bear with me.

COBRA – Yes, but if you want me to answer questions, you need to go one by one. (It will be).

Lynn – This person states: A trusted friend came with me came with the following information and there’s going to be a you tube video within our link transcript that people can refer to for more information.


Pay attention to the 10 1/2-minute mark. It states that non-human beings have given man technology of the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex or M.I.E.C. to remove a soul, transfer it to another body and then kill the old body. This is done though an occultist magic-technology call soul transference. So now basically the NSA can download your memory and emotions in a computer and then place it into a new clone. This person claims that when she did a ceremony with Mother Earth Creator, she showed her what was being done to ALL PEOPLE WHEN THEY WERE LITTLE, YOUNG AND PURE. She was shown how the dark ones took our souls and manipulated our soulless bodies that were under heavy physiological control. These entities have compromised us all whether we want to believe it or not. Just because they took our soul did not mean that we were doing evil things. This happened without our consent as very, very young children. When we “wake up” and finally walked the path less traveled we are restored again. The NSA has been given E.T. technology and we are now able to create clones of us without a soul and this claim is admitted to in the above quoted video. Then this person goes on to state: “It was shown to me that this is the truth and I stand by it 100%.”

Cobra, can you comment on this.

COBRA – I would agree to most of this. There are some things that are not happening exactly as people stated. Yes, the Cabal has technology for a long time to transfer soul from one body to another body. It was happening massively during the Archon invasion from 1996. And it was happening massively and is much, much, much less now. They are not storing the memory on the computer, the soul essence on the computer. They can map the brain and memory connections inside of the brain so they can have I would say, like a dynamic photo of an inner happening of the person. It does not mean they capture the essence. The essence of the soul person can always be set free and can be liberated. No matter what they do, they are not able to stop this process. Thanks to the actions of the light forces especially the RM this is not happening as much, and has decreased almost to zero.

Lynn – Thank you for that answer Cobra. On a related subject, how would you identify a clone and its intent?

COBRA – If you are speaking about a soul-less clone you would feel that mechanical artificial energy and there would be no living being interaction. If you are speaking about a soul that was forced into a clone body with technology, it would be very hard for you to tell the difference.

Lynn – So is there a legal and moral responsibility that we have with all the many clones that many be walking around and living among us on the surface of our planet today if this is accurate?

COBRA – You would need to specify this question.

Lynn – I’m looking at this from the point of view of a human. Do we have any moral or legal responsibility in our interactions with these cloned beings?

COBRA – If there is a soul in a cloned body, it is the same as a soul in a born body. There is actually no difference. If we are speaking about a soulless clone, all those soulless clones will be removed from the surface of the planet after the event because this is not the highest purpose for them to exist here.

Lynn – Well that would make it a whole lot easier on the humans. Thank you.

Richard – Cobra, on the same topic. Do rocks, plants, water, planets, galaxies, universes and even suns have souls or spirits?

COBRA – Yes, every planetary or cosmic body has a higher entity which is ensouled in that body. So every planet has a soul or a higher self. Every galaxy, every star has a higher angelic being that is taking care of its evolution of the particular body, that star body.

Richard – Thank you very much. What are the fundamental differences between those souls and a soul that inhabit a human body? (Would you specify your question which souls you are speaking about.) What is the evolutionary, the difference between the soul that inhabits a human body and the soul that inhabits a planet or universe?

COBRA – The soul that would inhibit the planetary body is much, much, much, much higher level of evolution. It would be hard to compare those 2.

Richard – That’s what I wanted to know. Thank you very much.

Lynn – Cobra, why is the City of Los Angeles in the USA named Los Angeles which in Spanish means City of Angels and what is the significance of this specific city in the Planetary Liberation Movement?

COBRA – It is simply because in the 18th century when this city started to grow it was part of the Spanish community and there was a church a sanctuary a church of angels, the holy Mary that you would call in the current terminology then this city grew and now it is one of the major energy vortexes for the planetary ascension process. The dark forces wanted to suppress this. Los Angeles was center of very strong energetic attack in 1996 which wanted to destroy the energy vortexes of Los Angeles. And healing of that attack hasn’t been completed yet. (Thank you).

Richard – Cobra, since animals are innocent beings and do not have ego or sin, are the Animals also trapped within this prison Matrix system or can they come and go as far as souls.

COBRA – They are also trapped but they don’t feel that. Because their sphere of movement is much smaller. For example, animals don’t have a desire to leave the planet because most animals in their lifetime they don’t have the desire to expand their freedom so much. They don’t actually feel they are in a prison except those that are trapped because of human beings in cages and exploited by human beings for various purposes.

Richard – I understand. Thank you.

Lynn – Cobra, the resemblances between Archons and Demons are almost exact. After studying their behaviors, I have no choice but to conclude that they are one and the same. Do you agree with this?

COBRA – I would say demons are lower Archons. I would say Archons are the top demons, the most powerful ones.

Richard – Why has the fate of Satan and Lucifer been censored in the past Cobra interviews?

COBRA – It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

Richard – OK.

Lynn – Why do all advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations pay such close attention to genetic lineage?

COBRA – Not all of them. Only those who are not spiritually awakened enough and put too much attention on the physical plane.

Richard – What is the quantum probability control?

COBRA – It is a concept which states that it is possible to control quantum random function. Of course it is not possible. You can predict it to a certain degree. You can group it with sophisticated with mathematical equation, but basically it is impossible to completely predict or anticipate what the quantum function will do. (Thank you)

Lynn – I have a Preface to the next question:

“Black Magic: Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads” this is an established fact. The few people in alternative media and even our awakened spiritually established community is talking about. It needs to be brought to the light so that we don’t miss the point and properly understand the true source of our spiritual battles. It seems as if the biggest trick that the Devil ever played was that ‘He Never Existed’ is working out well for him. In order for our listeners to fully understand what we are saying here we are adding an important You Tube channel video to our transcript for further study on this. My question is: would you describe what Black Magic is?

COBRA – Intentional manipulation of energies with negative purposes.

Richard – How do you effectively protect yourself and release yourself from black magic attacks and its effects?

COBRA – Simply by dis-engaging yourself from that vibrational frequency. So you need to find what within you is attracting those and release all attachment to negativity. This is#1 and #2 – which goes deeper is to cancel all past agreements on a soul level between you and the dark forces and #3. to protect yourself. There are various techniques of protection. If you do important mission and when you are more exposed, you need to follow protection protocols quite strictly. (Thank you very much)

Lynn – Are Magic and mind control intimately related? And if so, why? I understand that magic is some sort of advanced spiritual technology.

COBRA – Yes, exactly and of course mind control needs to take into account the principles of magic, actually basically the mind control that the dark forces use is a combination of magic and technology.

Richard – What is the meaning and ultimate use of the blood during magical rituals?

COBRA – Dark forces use this to strengthen their energy fields but it’s basically just their misunderstanding of the life force. (Thank you)

Lynn – Could you please define what ‘white’ magic is?

COBRA – White magic is the use of will to direct energies into the positive purpose.

Lynn – Since the adversary is now heavily using black magic on the most active light workers as a mean to stop them, would you recommend the use of ‘White Magic’ as a method of defense for the Light Workers & light Warriors?

COBRA – White magic is not just a matter of defense, it’s matter of creation and manifestation of a positive future. Of course this is something to recommend if someone understands what he is doing. (Thank you)

Richard – It recently came to the light that the Zika virus was patented in 1947 by the Rockefeller’s Foundation and now the Zika virus outbreak, from a virus no one ever heard of before. It is said that there is a link to the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes. It is said that the same area where the GM mosquitoes were released in 2015 is the epicenter for the Zika outbreak. This has potential disastrous unintended consequences which now threaten life across the Americas. Is this virus a real threat or just another fear mongering strategy perpetrated by the Cabal to distract us from the real issues that are happening all around our world.

COBRA – This is not a real threat. It is an engineered fear generating mechanism and it is not important at all. (Thank you very much).

Lynn – OK Cobra, I’d like to ask you about the Bundy family. The incident happening at happening in the ‘Hammond Ranch’ in Oregon USA. Is this a real Government Vs Patriots incident or is it just another Cabal fear mongering related distraction?

COBRA – The dark forces have manipulated genuine feelings and genuine resistance against the Cabal to twist the whole situation in a way that would actually trigger the response of the militia. It’s like a psychological testing you might say.

Lynn – Are those Bundy individuals related to the infamous BUNDY Illuminati blood 13 families?

COBRA – They have some distant relation but the Bundys’ that were resisting the Cabal are not part of the Illuminati. (Thank you.)

Richard – Judge Anna Von Reitz said within the alternative news channels communities that as of -01/01/2016 a new President of the New Republic of The United States, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford has been sworn in and that all corrupted traitor congressman, senators and chief justices were being quietly replaced. It is also said that no sovereign nation associated with the AIIB or the BRICS is allowed to recognize Pentagon Dark Hats controlling military operations as being representatives of the free will of the Republic of the United States citizenry as of 1/1/2016. Is there any truth this?

COBRA – I cannot confirm this because when the Republic is around you will see it in your lives directly. (Got cha). It will be very evident and there will be no doubt. And it will happen at the time of the Event and not before.

Lynn – Is there going to be a U.S. election this year with the current cabal appointed puppet candidates and therefore endure more years of a Dog and Pony shows of this sort or are we really going to really experience change this year?

COBRA – I cannot give any statement when the Event will happen. So if the event does happen before the election, there will be no election. If The Event happens after the election, there will be an election.

Lynn – Do you see the possibility that Hillary may be arrested before the election?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Richard – Cobra, Regarding the petition that you announced and you wanted us to make viral for the ‘Secret Space Program Disclosure’. Some Prepare for Change members have noticed and reported many obstacles that have prevented them from signing this petition, and worst, we have noticed a constant ‘re-adjustment’ of the numbers of signatures in the petition, sometimes dropping of signatures from 50 to 75 signatures to sometimes as much as 5,000 to 7,500 signatures dropping at once! How do we EVER achieve ANY type of critical mass with any of our petitions if the Cabal is manipulating all the petitions on the Internet in this manner?

COBRA – OK. The purpose of this petition was not to reach very high numbers and the critical number has been reached and a certain process has been initiated because of this petition. I will post more about this when the time is right. So we must not get frustrated if the Cabal is starting to block all those efforts because each time they do this, they violate certain protocols and because they violate those protocols this will have long lasting effects in the final surrender and negotiation process. It is actually speeds up the process of the Event.

Richard – Excellent. Thank you for that.

Lynn – Do the Cabal have total control of Switzerland?


Go to the Secret Space Program Disclosure Petition at (to sign the petition). As of 3/20/16 – 28,019 supporters

Richard – Is it true that after the fall of ancient Egypt the pharaoh’s bloodlines migrated to what is now Switzerland, along with their enormous wealth and established residence there . . .

COBRA – No, it is not true.

Lynn – Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars or Order of the Temple of the East—What do you know of the O.T.O. Order?

COBRA – They are not templars. It is simply a magical order which was created by Allister Crowley and they are following certain philosophy that has been greatly misunderstood and also has been manipulated by the Cabal. (Thank you).

Richard – It is said that Barbara Bush, wife of George Herbert Walker Bush, who served as the 41st President and mother of George W. Bush who served as the 43rd President of the US is the granddaughter of Allister Crowley. Allister Crowley was a Mason, a known bisexual, an occultist, magician and a well-known Satanist who earned the title of the “most wicked man in the world”. He wrote the Book of The Law, that was later use as the foundation of the Satanic bible and he also wrote many other Satanist books. Is this true?

COBRA – Most of it, yes.

Richard – The part about Barbara Bush being the granddaughter.

COBRA – Yes, they are related. (Thank you very much.)

Lynn – Cobra, you said in your last interview that Supreme Court Judge Scalia was murdered. Was this by the dark forces?

COBRA – It was a conflict within two factions of the Cabal and he was murdered as a result of that conflict.

Lynn – So that was the reason he was murdered because of the conflict?

COBRA – Yes.

Richard – Are archons able to turn towards the light and change to do good instead?

COBRA – Yes they are.

Lynn – According to Karen Hudes, who works for the World bank, the world today is run by a coalition of the rule of law in the ‘board of governors’ of the IMF and the World bank. Is this correct?

COBRA – First, she is not working for the world bank anymore. She used to work for the World bank, #1. #2 – The ones who run the world outwardly are the Jesuits, not the World bank and not the IMF.

Richard – Will you please explain to us who are the cauliflower ear faction of the Illuminati and what is there specific function? (repeat)

COBRA – I have no information about that particular faction.

Lynn – OK Cobra, he next question has a Preface to it:

– The Sphere Being Deception –

The Sphere Beings are a group that gained notoriety on the internet from the postings of Corey Goode. It is claimed on the internet that his mistake is that he made the assumption that the Blue Avians were actually the Sphere Beings. The Blue Avians are a group from the Lyra constellation that appear to the people of the surface of the planet who have most potential to aid in the evolution of humanity. The Blue Avians are what we consider a 6th dimensional race. The Sphere Beings are a group of very large reptilians who are basically the father race of the Draco factions that are currently holding out on our planet.
The Sphere Beings have created an outer barrier in order to delay the situation for as long as possible. Their main tool of deception is their ability to mimic voices to channelers and other telepaths. They usually latch on to legitimate information in order to pervert it. Their goal was to make as many people as possible in the awakened community believe that they were the creators of this galaxy. Cobra can you comment about this? What is your information. Is this information accurate?

COBRA – This is absolutely not accurate. The Sphere Beings or any connection or any connection to the Sphere Beings. They are not reptilians. They have absolutely no relation to the reptilian race. That’s as much as I can say.

Richard – The U.S stock markets seem to have a ‘mind of their own’ not following any of the traditional economic data reports any more. Doesn’t matter how bad the economic indicators look and break lower and lower historical records. It does not matter if ALL of the world stock marketers are crashing, the U.S stock markets just keeps thriving and going higher & higher. This is obviously a bold and complete manipulation of the U.S. stock markets by the Cabal and it seems that it is a lifeline and a very good source of income for them. Is this manipulation of the stocks markets going to end at any time soon or are we going to have to wait until the time of the Event when the stocks markets will be completely shut down for good?

COBRA – We will have to wait for the Event for that. (Thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, has the Federal reserve been taken over by the US treasury or is this just another rumor?

COBRA – This is just another rumor and it is not based on truth. (Thank you.)

Richard – Pope Francis seems to be cooperating with the light forces in many fronts. Is he doing it willingly out of a sudden ‘change of heart’ or is he being forced by the light forces to ‘play ball or else’…or is he just positioning himself as a ‘good guy after all’ so when the ‘Event’ happens he & the Vatican can get away with most of the horrific crimes they have committing to humanity throughout millennia?

COBRA – First you need to state where exactly where he is cooperating with the light forces. He is a Jesuit and he wants to put a friendly face so that he will survive at the time of the event he wants to save his own skin and the skin of his fellow Jesuits. And I don’t see much concrete positive action from his side.

Richard – That answers the question. Thank you very much.

Lynn – You have said repeatedly that there won’t be any natural disasters happening on our planet in the short term. What about in the mid and long term such as in the next 10, 20 or 30 years?

COBRA – It is too early to speak about that at this moment. (OK).

Lynn – What about during the upcoming expected galactic pulse?

COBRA – It is too early to speak about that also.

Lynn – Can you share any Intel on this matter at all.

COBRA – Yes, actually the galactic pulse is a process which has already started. It will have one peak at the moment of the Event and there will be further peaks of the galactic pulse coming later which will trigger more changes on the planet. (Thank you).

Richard – What is the plan for the Palestinians and their country of Palestine to make right the 69 years of brutal occupation, abuse, murder, suppression and terror the Palestinians had to endure since the creation of Israel and their never ending land grabbing, confiscation and surgical ethnic cleansing?

COBRA – At the moment of the Event all this will be balanced out. Palestinians will have their own independent territory where no one will be occupying them or forcing them into anything.

Richard – Great. For those who are not fully aware of the extent of the damage and abuse we are describing here we are adding a link of an amazing video and transcripts of this interview, a speech directly from the mouth of a member of an influential Zionist Israeli family who also is an ex-Israeli soldier son of a very famous Israeli Army General. The speech is made by Niko Peled and the You Tube video is titled “An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel”. How is this going to be effectively handled so it is finally fair for the Palestinians? How are the Palestinians going to be compensated?

“An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel”

COBRA – It’s not about compensation, it’s about final reconciliation process and the peace process which will begin when the Cabal is removed. Most Israelis have no desire to fight with Palestinians. They have been programmed and engineered in that direction. When the Cabal members are removed peace will be reinstated and the healing process between two nations will begin.

Lynn – Cobra, it was announced on alternative media channels that the pilot of the infamous flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that disappeared in March 2013 was found alive but with amnesia. Is this true or is it just another elaborate hoax?

COBRA – It is not true.

Richard – Corey Goode pointed out that while the (Secret Space Program) SSP Alliance Council and the Earth Alliance have the same goal – full disclosure and release of advanced technologies – there are very different agendas over how to achieve this aim. Many in the Earth Alliance want to spread out disclosure of the truth over a 100-year period, and in the meantime allow China and other Eastern nations to become the new hubs of the international business and high finance. He pointed out that while the Earth Alliance and the SSP Alliance represent the full spectrum of humanity, they have been deeply fragmented in negotiations over what should be done to disclose the truth to the rest of humanity. Many in the Earth Alliance believe it would be irresponsible and foolish to move forward with a massive document dump, which would overwhelm the populace. Another issue discussed was that the Earth Alliance has been infiltrated by the Cabal/Illuminati operatives who have been given access to all of the documents that have been prepared for dumping into the public arena at some point. This was a cause of great concern for the SSP Alliance Council, who believed that it would enable the Cabal/Illuminati to devise ways to neutralize the impact of such documents at the time of their eventual release. All of this sounds to me as a master Cabal plan to make us believe that we are not ready for the entire truth so we should accept another 50 or 100 years of their diabolic rule while they conveniently “fade way” into the sunset, the background free on any responsibilities and fault! What is you take on all of this Cobra?

COBRA – First the more advanced part of the earth alliance is not promoting limited disclosure. They are not promoting 100 years of Eastern domination. It is there are certain dynastic Chinese families that do want that but they are in minority. This is not such a big problem as Corey Goode has stated, so there is no need to be afraid of this limited partial disclosure. It is not going to happen because the light forces are pushing for full complete and total disclosure and only that will happen. And they will keep on fighting until that happens. They will not give up. They will not suddenly change their minds and shift the course, it’s not going to happen. (Thank you very much. Yea)

Lynn – Are we able to cease spiritual evolution at some point in the future?

COBRA – You mean like stop it completely or something? (Yes) It’s not going to happen. Evolution is life force. It’s like a wheel that will never stop.

Lynn – This person goes on to ask: are we forced to go forward with our ‘spiritual evolution’ in a way in which the archons are forcing souls to come back on earth? Is there a choice here that we have?

COBRA – We are not forced to go forward. There is a natural desire of every sentient being to go forward unless that being is completely manipulated. Everybody wants to feel better. Everyone wants to be more happy. You are not forced to want to feel more happy. You have a natural tendency and desire to want to feel more happy

Lynn – So it’s a good thing.

COBRA – Yes of course. Isn’t that obvious.

Richard – What is the purpose of the ego?

COBRA – The concept of Ego is an Archon creation. The concept of ego is a belief of a separate entity and the incarnating soul.

Richard – So how would you go past that or how would you defeat that.

COBRA – Defeat what? (the ego, that perception we’re given) You don’t need to fight with the so -called ego. You can just be who you are. Express that explore that and transform that. That is what is needed.

Lynn – Cobra, Cintamani is a clear Sanskrit word. “Cinta” is a brain and the “mani” is called stone or crystal.

COBRA – That is not exact translation. Cinta is thought and mani is Jewel. But Cinta does not mean mind or brain. So the one who was making this translation is not absolutely correct. So what is the question.

Lynn – The question is what is mentioned here is this the illuminated brain?

COBRA – No, it’s not illuminated brain. Cintamani stone, I would say, the stone which is the reflection of your inner jewel, your higher self, your I AM presence.

Lynn – Does it have a relationship with the Pineal gland.

COBRA – No, it has a relationship with your spiritual heart, your I AM presence and the totality of your being.

Lynn – There is another stone called; “Shyamanthaka Mani” it’s (a blue stone / crystal) which KRISHNA possessed in his life time? Do you know about this stone?

COBRA – Yes, it is an extremely rare stone, more rare than the Cintamani. It’s a higher frequency of Cintamani stone. I don’t know of anybody who is having that is having that stone on the surface right now. It is simply not found. (OK Thank you).

Richard – There has been a new discovery made off the Giza Plateau. This was discovered by Carmen Boulter and her team (creator of the Pyramid Code). There are apparently three levels of Costco size chambers- can you tell us more about this?

COBRA – No, because I don’t have much information about this.

Lynn – Can you tell us about the Arcturians and what are their specific role in our planetary liberation?

COBRA – The Arcturians are very powerful in transmuting belief systems and connecting the mind with the 5th and higher dimension and they are also very strong in working with the energy grid, so they are healing the energy grid around the planet and preparing the energy grid for the event. (Thank you).

Richard – Who are the Hathors and what are their specific role in the planetary liberation? (Repeat question)

COBRA – Oh yes, they are connected with the Pleiadians quite much and their purpose is to awaken the connection between the emotional body and the soul presence among the awakened population.

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Lynn – I have a question from an individual who writes: When I’m awakened in a dream… where am I? In the world modulated by my dream or am I somewhere in other dimensions? or the astral plane?

COBRA – So if you’re speaking about lucid dreaming you are awakened in your astral body and you can explore the objective astral plane which is as real as the physical plane. If you are not awake and not lucid dreaming you are simply processing mostly your inner subconsciousness and you’re located within your astral body and are processing your own inner situations. If you have managed to awaken to the point where you are aware that you are dreaming you can start explore your surroundings on the astral planes in the same way you can now explore physical surroundings on the physical plane. (Thank you).

Richard – Does the force of gravity have a positive, negative or neutral nature?

COBRA – The force of gravity is just a physical force without any physical without any positive or negative connotation.

Lynn – The Bible also mentions that the Tower of Babel and the appearance of the languages for the purpose of the people to spread it through the Earth, implying that there was only one language before. What is the real purpose of the different languages? Was it a negative invention?

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – Is colloidal gold as effective as monatomic gold?

COBRA – Not to the same degree but it still has a positive effect.

Richard – Cobra, do parallel realities exist.

COBRA – Some people describe various forms of creation as parallel reality. We have physical, the etheric, the astral. These are actual parallel realities. Concept of parallel realities as parallel earth’s existing in other dimensions like co-existing two physical planets in different time-lines it does not exist.

Lynn – What languages do we speak after the Event?

COBRA – The same languages that we speak now for a certain period of time.

Richard – Will we use telepathy after that period is over?

COBRA – At a certain point, yes.

Lynn – On some level do twin souls effect each other’s consciousness or emotions? Or are they completely separate mentally?

COBRA – They are always connected on a higher plane beyond 5th dimension and there is always a certain level of exchange on the physical and emotional and mental plane through the so-called permanent atoms which means that there is always a flow of energy between the two.

Richard – What happens to discarnate souls post Event?

COBRA – There will be a huge purification of the etheric and astral planes. There will be a lot of light flowing in those planes and all those souls will be contacted with spiritual guides and they will be guided to go wherever their higher purpose is. (Thank you).

Richard – Do E.T.’s have the equivalent of falling in love on other planets?

COBRA – They feel love all the time. They don’t fall in love they rise in love. (Beautiful, thank you.)

Lynn – Are the White Draco council of 200 still actively ruling our planet?

COBRA – They never were ruling our planet.

Richard – Cobra, what is the difference between the portals and black holes which link distant places to the same universe and the one’s which link places in different universes?

COBRA – Black hole is just a concept which is used by current science to describe a certain reality of hyper dimensional worm holes. Those hyper dimensional worm holes connect two different points in space/time continuum and the distance between those two points is not an issue because higher dimension they are always connected. And this is the principle based on which the worm hole operates, or those star-gates operate. (I understand, thank you).

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us why the RH neg blood type was created, where it came from and what its purpose is and how it differs from positive?

COBRA – I cannot go into details of this but there were a lot of E.T. intervention regarding blood-types, a lot of research especially in times of Atlantis regarding different blood types. There are various E.T. groups, actually interfering and messing with human blood type and experimenting with the relations between the blood type and the genome type. So we have a very mixed situation here. (OK).

Richard – Can you tell us what Brahma is or who Brahma is?

COBRA – Brahma is one aspect of created source. Some people call it a third aspect, the created aspect, the one that creates Universes. (Thank you very much.)

Lynn – Did Brahma create the secondary anomaly or primary anomaly.

COBRA – No, there was no conscious being creating the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is the random function which just appeared as a result. It was always there as the potential but when there was enough consciousness, that potential manifested in the Universe. (Thank you).

Richard – If Wing-makers are the ancient humanoid race, are their creators the Annunaki?

COBRA – I will not use the concept of Anunnaki because it was again the invention of the Zecharia Sitchin. He was an Illuminati puppet and he has spread a lot of disinformation so I would prefer not to use that word which was First wrongly translated from the Sumerians and second does not describe a genuine interest group.

Richard – I love it. I don’t want to use that word any more either. Thank you.

Lynn – Many ascended masters like master Djwal Khul, Babaji are said to be still living in the Himalayas. Babaji said to one of his disciples that he will openly interact with the public the earth governments in circa 2040. This is probably after the Event once new people’s governments are established on the surface.

Can you please elaborate more about this and the underground bases in Himalayas?

COBRA – There are two questions. The first question is this information is coming from a certain source and I cannot confirm it is true, about the time when Babaji will appear. He will appear as an ascended being in his light body when the time is right after the event. And about the second question, yes, there is a Pleiadian base in the Himalayas on the Indian Chinese boarder. This base is quite important because it holds a certain energy balance for the planet. People who visit that part of the world can see and experience many interesting and wonderful phenomena in that area. (Thank you).

Richard – Cobra in one of your previous interviews with the Prepare for Change group it was said – that a soul’s agenda is to return with the Source once again. What happens to the soul’s individual personality when this happens?

COBRA – The personality gets absorbed back into the soul because you never were a personality. Personality is just a reaction of the soul on the primary anomaly. It’s a secondary function of a being. It is not the primary function of a being.

Richard – I understand. Thank you. Once the soul evolution is complete and once it leads back to its source, what happens then.

COBRA – When the being is back to the source it becomes one with the source again.

Richard – What is it able to do then? Does it continue to evolve, or is it finished.

COBRA – The source is always dynamically expanding and the evolution never ends it’s just the deepening of itself. the source deepens it’s connection with itself through the totality of existence.

Lynn – In the Ascension Plan, you said: “The majority of 70 billion non-incarnated human souls were mass evacuated on August 14th, 1999 to the motherships of the Ashtar Command and then transported to a certain planet on the outskirts of the Pleiades star cluster. . . The only souls remaining on the etheric and astral planes were those who were direct hostages of the non-physical Archons, those with strong attachments to the physical plane and those who decided to stay to help the physical humans as spiritual guides.” With so many souls having left Earth, can you say anything about the source of souls for children who were born on Earth since that time?

COBRA – There were just a few billion people born since that time.

Lynn – Can you tell us anything about them, their nature?

COBRA – Yes. Some of them are quite awakened and they are here to raise the vibration of the planet and especially the vibration of humanity. (Thank you).

Richard – Cobra, you confirmed once in your interview about the “walk-ins” phenomenon (When a human person’s soul is leaving his body and replaced by another soul). How is this possible? Is it by request? Do both the incoming soul and the outgoing soul have to agree to this?

COBRA – Yes, exactly. Both have to agree and exchange happens with mutual agreement of both and there is a certain energy process which they go through and it’s actually it’s a very rare phenomenon. It is not something that happens as often as people think and claim.

Richard – Will this still continue after the event.

COBRA – In some rare cases, yes. (Thank you).

Richard – What is the criteria that is met by the body host in order to accept by the incoming soul?

COBRA – The body itself needs to be suitable for the incoming soul to come in. The right vibrational frequency, the right body type and there needs to be a certain higher purpose for that exchange to happen. (Thank you very much).

Lynn – Are there different energy grids on the planet with different sets of vortexes?

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – What is the current status of the planetary energy grid?

COBRA – The planetary energy grid is healing quite rapidly and there has been a lot of progress in the last few years which will make it much easier for humanity to go through the process of the event.

Lynn – Are there positive and negative grids?

COBRA – Yes there are.

Richard – Are there entries into the inner earth at the south and north poles?

COBRA – No. (Thank you).

Lynn – Are there Akashic Records for all planets, universes or is this an anomaly that pertains to Earth?

COBRA – Akashic records exist of everything that has ever happened, but we are speaking about just the recording of the event, not the energy charge of the event that happened.

Lynn – And this is the same throughout the Universes.

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – Can this information be accessed by other beings that are not a part of the Earth or universe?

COBRA – As long as it serves a higher purpose, yes. (Thank you.)

Richard – What can we do to remove or limit the effect of chemtrails have on our physical bodies until the Event happens?

COBRA – First, do not be overly concerned and focused too much attention on chemtrails. The food that you eat and the water that you drink has much greater effect on your well-being and there is much more you can do about that. And we will have to finish very soon. (Excellent, thank you very much).

Lynn – The attacks on light workers that are more involved in bringing about the Event continue and there is any additional protection method that can be used in place of or in addition to the pink egg that will completely stop or prevent the attacks. Is there information that you can give us to help people protect themselves during this stressful time.

COBRA – I have given a few protection techniques on my blog. You can go and find them and use them.

Lynn – Thank You Cobra. I think we’re coming to the close of our session here with Cobra. I would like to thank the many people who have made this possible. I want to thank Cobra first of all for being a gracious guest, and my co-interviewer Richard, Aaron on sound, Danell for her transcription expertise, untwine for modulation and editing and Eduardo and Dane behind the scenes. For all the wonderful listeners, thank you all so much. Check out the transcript for reference links relating to the questions asked today in this interview. And remember we are all voices of the world. Thank you Cobra. Do you have any parting words for us today?

COBRA – Yes we are entering a very intense period which will bring many changes and I would ask everybody just to stay centered and calm no matter what happens.

Thank you. Excellent, will do.

COBRA – Thank you very much.

Forecast for March 28-April 3, 2016 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Forecast for March 28-April 3, 2016
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Mental mercury is a busy bee this week. Clear inspired thinking is a great big blessing when you can bring the vision down to earth. Empire building Saturn is dropping beats with clever Mercury. Mercury is in Aries, big, bold, and brave.  Take a deep breath this week- breathe in the buoyancy this mix of energy is feeding us. It’s nice to relax while you are getting things done.

Tuesday is a productive day in the Cosmos. Brave new moves are possible now. The trine between Saturn and Mercury creates a great opportunity for our ideas to make themselves real in our lives.  Uranus is adding the energy of your individualism to the mix too. Let yourself loose.  You have a plan.  Lay it down. Speak it, write it, sing it, and wing it!

But before you do consider the consequences.  Because the very next day is a complicated square between soul seeking Pluto in serious Capricorn and willful Mercury. Two energies at cross purposes. The thinking you and the deep real get to the bottom of this you have different agendas.

We meet our shit squarely when our planets square each other. Perhaps there is something that needs facing. Something that needs ritual burning. Maybe cords need cutting.  Pluto will ensure you do. Mercury might throw a tantrum.  No biggie, sometimes you need to stomp your foot when your plans are thwarted. Sometimes you need to slam that door on your way out.

There is really rebellious energy that will hit full swing by Thursday when Mercury joins Uranus and the moon and Pluto fuse in Capricorn. This is a great liberating energy combined with a serious concern for the ancestors type vibe.  This tricky mix of energy is perfect for laying down new ways of doing things.

We live in an age of constant marvels, magic is happening all around us. We fly through the sky. We beam our thoughts instantly through time and space. In less than a hundred years we went to from black and white TV to YouTube. And all this has really just been happening in the last 20 years. Evolution is racing.

This energy helps us hop up to join a higher frequency while laying the foundation of new traditions. Consider that is the work you are doing now.  Important foundation laying work. Legacy leaving business is at hand.  Your soul has a song and it is time to sing it.  Clear your throat and go.

Saturn and Jupiter are both in retrograde. Which speaks to things going kind of slow on one level. On other levels things are going fast. Life is assisting us in ways we cannot really see, but are likely to feel. Your depth of knowledge will take you places, no rush. Hurry up, but go slow.  Godspeed

~ contributed by Hillory Skott

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