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Thursday, April 7, 2022


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My Beloveds,

there is no time, there is no space in My Vastness.

There Is Only Radiance, Consciousness, Beingness. Happiness. Only That. It Is Truth.

But it seems, Truth is not appreciated.

It is not believed or considered to be possible.

Because a majority believes there is no True Reality or God. They deeply drowned into the idea of matter, while matter does not even exist, it is a mere illusion of the 5 senses.

So in which lie do you exist, humanity? The fundamental lie about existence is so huge that you cannot see the the obvious, ridiculous lies in your societies,  philosophies, paradigms, believing in the liars who proclaim their lies to be truth. And even many of those you trust they speak the truth, are lying to you, and often don’t even knowing it.

How to solve this dilemma? First of all there is no solid truth in any of your worldly affairs, no matter in which density they exist. It is all relative and everybody has their own agenda. Therefore you will find nowhere true happiness or fulfillment. 

I Am Fullfillment. But in vain I try to break through to the hearts of men, however they don’t notice Me, as they forgot their hearts in their brain. And don’t fall for the error that I am an enforcer who would enforce Myself onto them, as they have free will to choose Me.

But the lies go on also in the subtler worlds. They falsely claim that what you perform there is specifically Divine. But it is just happening in more subtler realms which are not more divine than other realms, because everything is arising in Me. It is just a nice game there, a nice pasttime, while the creator god is being confused with Me. And you don’t realize the suffering that is even inherent in the subtler worlds as well.

Those who seek Me in the more subtle realms, changing few things and structures there, are believing they save the world. There are so many manipulations in the higher worlds by those who claim to be guides of humans, who  want to push their own agendas through human servants. But it is just a checkerboard play in the 4th dimension. It has nothing to do with Me, your True Nature. It is about performing some acts of seeming self-satisfying, even if good-hearted, self-importance. But is is not Truth.

It is a little play in liquid colored waters of those who believe they are holy masters without devotion to Me, while they exist in Reality in Me. 

Those seemingly spiritually advanced ones, seem to manipulate a magic wand to feel important and powerful. They don’t know that they still inhere in somewhat lower realms. They do not want to surrender to Me, Their True God and Reality and the Substance in Which their magic world arises.

I Am not a magician, My Beloveds, you should be aware of this! I do not judge it though, but it is simply not Me. It is not Divine, as far and wide believed by those who engage in magic. It is just play in subtle worlds with sublte energies, nothing else. And that is not more „advanced“ than your play with the worlds of „matter“. It is just about levels of density.

But I Am not a densitiy, not even the most subtle density that could be manipulated according to the wishes of individuals, even in the higher realms.

My Realm Is Absolut, Absolut Real, more Real that any solid presence of a powerful mountain range. All of these other things are a play of mind. It is Circe, it is Maya.

I Am always beyond It, because I Am, before these worlds arise.

But you don’t dare to surrender to Me, your trust in Me is weak, and so you rather want to play god.

As you never tasted Me, the Ultimate Delight, you are convinced you must save yourself by imagining some subtle seeming securities as a game player in the subtle worlds. And this goes on forever already, and still you don’t understand: Only I Am Real.

But you deny Me, you do not love Me, because you are unable to receive My Love. So you indulge in lower games of love, in which you appear to be the self-appointed master of the worlds.

But when finally do you Come Home to Me, your True Home, your True Beauty, your True Divine Reality, Stainless, Eternal?

Your heart must be broken to let Me in. Until then you will insist in the dream worlds, without True Courage to wake up to Me.

When will you become aware of the True God Who Does not create, Who merely Is, Self-Sufficient, Immortal, Truly Powerful, Truly Awake. Absolute Clarity, Unbound. All riddles solved. No more questions. No more answers. 

Because I Am, beyond your I am of mind. I Am My Gift to you. You cannot come to Me, unless I Bless you with My Grace. 

And you  can only receive My Blessings, when you surrender to Me.

I Am your God-Self, The Divine Source of all beings and worlds!

Message conveyed by Ute 


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Joni Patry: Kala Sarpa Yoga: December 15 – April 24: You Can’t Imagine the Outcome!

Kala Sarpa Yoga: December 15 – April 24:
You Can’t Imagine the Outcome!

Dec 7, 2021
Joni Patry
118K subscribers

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Enchanted Journey


Kevin Macleod


Enchanted Journey


World Doctors Alliance, [11/24/2021 1:38 AM][Forwarded from Lawyers of Light]


Please I ask us all to make the report to the human rights commission for the tribal people of Australia. This is a serious humanitarian crisis now. We must act. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO. I IMPLORE YOU 🙏https://rumble.com/vppr0l-sos.html (video)

~REALNewsNT Published November 24, 2021 125 rumbles

Rumble — Sovereign Tribal people calling out for international intervention and exposing what is happening in the communities.

[Listen to the end. The last man to speak is the most articulate and calls it all out! Criminal Genocide -the oldest living culture with all 7 DNA strains – the Original tribal people of the planet…being wiped out! A plea for INTERVENTION and HELP! “This is not about health, this is a land grab!” ]

“You can let the truth break you- or you can use the truth to become unbreakable. “

Shine with Chanda,🌞 [16.10.21 13:21] https://t.me/shinewithchanda2
We’ve all heard the saying- knowledge is power. But it’s what you DO with that knowledge that makes all the difference.

The realization of what we are facing can be devastating for some. But ultimately, it’s how you CHOOSE to USE the information you’re given that truly matters.

You can let the truth break you- or you can use the truth to become unbreakable.

First comes acknowledgement. The recognition that evil, deception and corruption have infiltrated every facet and fiber of our society.

Next comes acceptance (maybe after denial for some of you😉). Fuuuuckk… all this insanity IS ACTUALLY happening.



As your awareness and consciousness of reality deepens, so should your courage and conviction.

The scope of evil in this world knows no bounds. You can let that notion cripple and paralyze you- OR you can use this knowledge as fuel to strengthen and prepare you.

They want you fearful- so STOP giving them what they want. But, if you ever find yourself feeling consumed by fear, remember that…


The only power they possess is the power we have relinquished to them.

The only power they hold over us is the power we WILLINGLY GIVE TO THEM.

They derive ALL their power from draining ours- they have NONE of their own. For if they did, they would’ve never needed to go to the lengths they have to break us down.

They HAD to weaken humanity first because THEY ARE WEAK.

That is why everything they have ever done has been to diminish our power, weaken our minds, poison our bodies, corrupt our spirits, and divide our unity.

So rather than letting the harsh reality of what we face fill you with fear, let it empower and embolden you instead. You were not given a spirit of fear, but one of power, and love. Act accordingly.

So when the flames of fear and desperation seem as though they could swallow you whole… remember that you always have a choice. You can let the fire CONSUME you..or let it REFINE you instead.

𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑡ℎ 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 𝑠𝑒𝑡 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒… 𝑁𝑜𝑡 ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑐𝑎𝑝𝑡𝑖𝑣𝑒.

Energy Report August 2021 – Will and Truth of Human Hearts

Energy Report August 2021 – Will and Truth of Human Hearts

In some parts of the text I do not write explicitly. Those who are to understand it, will understand without difficulty. The text should be read with the Heart.

In my previous report I alluded to how important it is now to look at the global shadow. At the same time, I signaled that another process of anchoring feminine energy and opening the heart begins at the end of summer. And this is what the report for the coming month is all about.

From the perspective of Earth causality, the will or intentionality of action is crucial. It is what allows certain mental intentions to manifest into matter. People have such a will, but it is very important who/what their will serves. I’ve mentioned this in previous reports, but today I want to expand on it. Does the will connect with the Truth of the Heart (acting in accordance with one’s own energy strategy – see the psycho-energetic profile – more at the end of the text and in the tab on the website), or is it manipulated through the mental programming of archonic structures (acting outside of one’s own energy strategy, through the external representation of the ego-mind). Then the life-giving and causal energy of the human directly feeds these structures. Archonic beings do not incarnate directly on Earth (due to their own frequencies), but it is through the manipulation of the mental sphere of humans that they influence the will (decisions) of specific humans and thus can carry out their agenda here on our Planet.

Although they do not have the will to manifest their own intentions in Earth density, they do have the ability to communicate directly to people’s minds (bypassing the five-sensory process of decoding information), which consequently influences a person’s specific decisions. Thus, it is important to grasp the fact that Archons use embodied beings on our Planet for their actions. The beings used before them are either beings without a higher self, or beings who have a higher self, but will be spiritually bankrupt, at low energy vibrations. This is why (in the most abbreviated and simplistic terms) so much effort and attention is currently being put into a global program to provide people with a “life preserver” because it essentially lowers vibrations, stratifies auric shells, and gives easier access to the human energy field to make such mind control installations. In other words: the human becomes much easier to access for these types of beings and weaker (or even helpless) to deal with such manipulation.

Resonance with low vibrations occurs when there is a so-called “outside of one’s own energy strategy” action. (People who know their psycho-energetic profile know what I am writing about and those who hear about it for the first time I encourage to look in the bookmark “Psycho-energetic profile”). So it is even more important to take care of the energetic order in your own field so that you do not resonate with these frequencies. Then the person ceases to be available to such a field. He also does not succumb to fear, which is necessary for archonic beings to have any influence on humans. Then, too, action flows not from the external software of the ego-mind, but based on the vibration of the Truth of the Heart.

And this is the other side of the coin. Let me emphasize again that archonic beings have no causal power here in our density because they have no will of their own. That will comes from human beings. The only power of archonic beings is the illusion of their power over man. In reality, they are beings who rely on the fear of man. In contact with the vibration of the Truth of the Heart they stand no chance. That is why it is so important to realize this fact and to systematically raise your own vibration.

The current global process that will begin in August (and is a counterbalance to what I wrote above) is very supportive of strengthening people’s wills and acting on the basis of the Truth of one’s own heart. The key is to make the decision and express by an act of will to enter into the vibration of the Truth of your own Heart. This act of will consequently supports the manifestation of Truth in a person’s personal life. This is the time when the incoming energies support all kinds of decisions (even the brave ones) related to the realization of one’s dreams (but coming from the heart, not from the ego). This applies both to choosing the direction of further professional activity, but also relationships, places to live, daily activities. It is crucial to realize that every being who chooses to live according to the Truth of the Heart automatically supports and strengthens the vibration of the Truth of the Heart on a global level. Therefore, it contributes to the easier realization of similar decisions in other people. August is a time of increased opening of human hearts. In this context, ask yourself: what activities make me happy? What is my dream? What do I long for?Does the way I think support the choices that serve me?

Along with the energy of the Truth of the Heart, there is a direct connection to the process of further anchoring the feminine energy, and now especially the maternal and nurturing one. Children, their care and protection, are very important in this context. (I have mentioned children in previous reports on the occasion of the global shadow). It is about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual protection. Because this protection determines how these children, as adults, will later create the world.

Physical protection is not only what I wrote about in the previous report in the context of the global shadow (see the report of July 2021 and the comments below it), but also protection from the “glorified life-saving preparation”, which in reality distorts the model biologicality. In energetic terms, it lowers the level of the inner Light and further blocks access to higher vibrational energies. So it makes it difficult/impossible to synchronize with the incoming high vibrations. I have already written about the consequences of energetic incompatibility with the external energies many times in previous reports.

Protecting children also has an emotional dimension. It is about making sure that they grow up in an environment based on Truth, without fear, and without physical or emotional distance from others. Creating bonds based on closeness, respect and trust is very important here. Knowing the agenda of the archons, it is therefore easy to understand the closing of schools and social isolation, which significantly affect this space of the child’s psyche.

Child protection is also about the mental dimension. Here it is about ensuring that their minds remain pure in their perception. In this context, the responsibility of parents means, for example, choosing such a mode of education that is free from programming falsehood and social standardization, being aware of the influence of technology (hours in front of a computer, a smartphone), or even hypoxia resulting from covering the face on the mind.

On top of all of this, it’s also worth remembering that most of the children who are currently emerging have a naturally strongly developed spiritual element within them. They come here with great Gifts and capabilities of supra-sensory perception. They also intuitively feel the connections between spirit and matter. It is the duty of the caregivers to support the children so that this state remains undisturbed in them. By accepting what they say or maintaining their natural sensitivity to the world around them. Then, in all likelihood, they will remain open to this type of perception in later years as well.

Children anchor really high vibrations on our Planet and strongly contribute to the increase of the consciousness of the whole Planet. Besides, they will be the next generation to make certain decisions and actions. How we take care of the children at this particular moment depends on how quickly humanity will be able to fully manifest its true potential for divine perfection. Caring for children at this special time is the responsibility of every parent. It is worth asking ourselves a few questions here: “What pattern of behavior: one based on freedom or one based on subordination and external control does the child bring from my family home?” “How do I support my child in reaching his or her physical, emotional, spiritual and mental fullness?” “Do I realistically protect my own child from the influence of low-vibrational energies, especially when he or she is unable to do so on their own?” “Do I have the courage to follow my heart and say NO when the situation calls for it?” There are many more such questions that can be asked.

By way of summary: Action based on the Truth of one’s Heart is also about supporting each other. This multiplies causal power and creates synergistic effects. This unity and coming out of fear is what the Archons fear most. Because then they will lose the providers and doers of their own agenda. This is why they take actions aimed at isolation and blocking the frequencies at the level of which anxiety ceases to exist (including through “life-saving preparation,” mind programming with falsehoods in the mass-media, etc.). So it is worth asking ourselves the questions: “Do I support others who work for the freedom of people?”, “What can I do in my daily life to co-contribute to this process?”, “Which energy structures: low or high vibrational do I feed with my cooperation, attention and energy?”,

At this point the space is very supportive of any action based on the Truth of the Heart. Which makes for a really good time for individual change as well. In anxiety-free people it is a time to realize their dreams and life desires.


J.C. Kay: #157 INTENTION IS EVERYTHING – Explaining #156 video through Quantum Tech, DNA, Living in Truth + #156 video+ # 155 video – THE TREE WHISPERER – Messages From The Trees – 8 July 2021

 Wow!  This is intense! Listen carefully…The messages and analysis get into some deep concepts about Quantum Physics and the co-creative nature of our reality, and how THIS is the key to setting ourselves free when we are brought to the brink! Do not acquiesce to fit in. “STAND IN YOUR TRUTH!” Do not diminish your understanding of Truth!

Take tech breaks and get out in nature to tune into your own desires and set your intentions. We have the New Moon tonight and this is a perfect time to make such changes if this is something new to you. J.C. Kay explains clearly and plays part of a video by Tore Says, who is very smart and experienced in dealing with the dark side of government as a Contractor. She was one of the key Whistleblowers in SHADOWGATE Documentary interviewed by Millenial Millie last year.

Take the time to listen and digest, and you may find much resonance and insight, as we have.


#157 INTENTION IS EVERYTHING – Explaining #156 video through Quantum Tech, DNA, Living in Truth

Jul 8, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay
82.2K subscribers

Thursday 8th July, 2021


Link to my #156 Video – Message From The Trees:



The Egyptian Book of The Dead link:

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#156 – THE TREE WHISPERER – Messages From The Trees
– 8 July 2021

Jul 8, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay
82.2K subscribers

Thursday 8th July, 2021

This very cryptic message can be taken as a metaphor or literally or as both. It came from my Tree, Brenda, today …


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#155 – THE TREE WHISPERER – Messages From The Trees – (a message dated 21st June, 2021)

Jul 8, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay

82K subscribers

Recorded: Thursday 8th July, 2021

This message was recorded on my voice recorder 21st June, 2021.

I have finally transcribed it, and recorded this video.


FOR ALL JC KAY LINKS – GO TO: https://linktr.ee/jckay


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Molly McCord: Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of May 5 to 12 + Energies of the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Podcasts

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of May 5 to 12 ~ Podcast

•May 5, 2021
Molly McCord
109K subscribers

The energy loosens up and moves forward over the next week, as the Sun continues through Taurus and we approach a powerful New Moon at 21 degrees on May 11. Venus in Taurus is guiding us as she receives transformational support from Pluto RX in Capricorn and a square from Jupiter in Aquarius, activating more of what is in our hearts and self-worth that is ready to grow. Then she moves into Gemini on May 8 and has clearer understandings of what she wants to share and express.

Mercury is very active now that the Messenger planet is in his home sign of Gemini, and makes a conjunction to the North Node this week. New information, ideas, solutions, and a fresh pathway come up for our consideration.

Mars in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries, activating an emotional wound response, and then sextiles Uranus in Taurus that provides an understanding of where the intense reaction may have originated from when we were younger. Your communication style is key right now, and over the next few months. Much more to share in this week’s podcast.


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Energies of the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Podcast

•May 3, 2021
Molly McCord
109K subscribers

The Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees on May 26, 2021 is revealing what we’re no longer meant to carry forward – time to drop some luggage! This releasing lunar eclipse is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius, bringing up unconscious programming around judgment, opinions, righteousness, Spiritual Egos, and the unconscious truth systems and belief systems that are no longer in resonance with your authentic self.

There is a redirection and new timeline opportunities as we step out of a comfort zone and open up to new possibilities and big life changes. Jupiter, the ruler of this eclipse, is in Pisces and squaring the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, which is an exaggeration of energies that are highlighting what is complete. Our upper chakras are being cleansed and opened up. More to share in this episode.

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Thank you for watching! I appreciate all of your high vibes and what you have contributed to my new YT channel! Many blessings~~ Molly https://www.instagram.com/moxiemolly11

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Molly McCord: Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of April 14 to 21 ~ Podcast

Molly McCord.. She posts on Wednesdays but has a good understanding of the energies, how they impact us and how to deal with it. So even though we are in the middle of this forecast week, since Astrology is both events and cycles, insights gleaned still apply.Really good information for anyone reassessing where they are now and what they want out of life. ~PB

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of April 14 to 21 ~ Podcast

•Apr 14, 2021
Molly McCord
107K subscribers


The roaring Aries energies continue over the next week with very active conversations between numerous planets. You could be feeling greater clarity around your authentic energy and what is important to you right now.

Venus enters Taurus on April 14, followed by the Sun and Mercury moving into Taurus on April 19, adding a stabilizing and calming influence to what we’ve been moving through. We are meeting more of ourselves and seeing what has been unconscious as the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on April 16.

There could also be significant conversations and realizations now, as well as an opportunity to stand in your truth and express what you want and need. The key is to be Pro You from a place of strength, confidence, and courage, even when it means standing up for yourself in uncomfortable conversations. Much more to share in this week’s podcast episode.

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Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author of twelve books, professional intuitive astrologer, radio show host, business strategist, and modern consciousness teacher.

Since 2013, over 50,000 copies of Molly’s books have been downloaded globally with 4 books reaching #1 in their categories and 4 recognized as Hot New Releases. Her debut memoir, “The Art of Trapeze: One Woman’s Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening”, hit #1 in 2 Amazon categories within 3 days and hitting #6 worldwide in the Kindle Top 100. One of her publishing projects, “Modern Heroine Soul Stories”, features 24 contributing authors in a special inspiring book with all proceeds being donated to the non-profit, Women for Women International.

Molly has a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy as a formal channel for understanding Global Consciousness with a Jungian perspective.

With 25 years of sales, marketing, business development, and leadership experience, Molly aims to support more entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, healers, and authors build their dream business in practical, solid ways on her new business platform website.

COBRA: Planetary Situation Update | The Portal

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

COBRA: Planetary Situation Update | The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases.

Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet.

The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a random quantum field which is preventing Ascended beings from manifesting into the physical realm and thus preventing them directly assisting humanity. The amount of this quantum primary anomaly around Earth was simply enormous, much bigger than expected, and it encompassed the quantum timeline potential for all negative events that might happen. Most of this general anomaly has been cleared in the last two months and most negative event potentials canceled out.

Very small amount of that anomaly extends beyond lunar orbit throughout the solar system and even throughout the whole universe, as until the last planet of darkness is liberated, none of the universe can be completely free. Even one cancerous cell in an otherwise healthy body is too much, and healing needs to happen.

Due to the huge amount of anomaly that needed to be cleared, the Age of Aquarius meditation last December did not lead to bigger physical breakthroughs in the months following the meditation, and many people were disappointed, myself included. However, we need to understand that we are clearing millions upon millions of years of cosmic darkness and we can not expect results overnight.

Therefore I would also appreciate if people posting comments do so in a benevolent and meaningful way, as negative and meaningless comments will not be approved, there is more than enough anomaly and negativity elsewhere already. It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context.

In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity.

On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.

On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter:


To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed:



On the physical plane on the surface, the Chimera group is still present within DARPA, from where they exert considerable amount of influence on the surface Cabal through Orsini, Torlonia, Theodoli families and other black nobility families. Through top Jesuits they control the rest of the Cabal:


Through DARPA, they are planning to develop a new generation of biochips to be put into vaccines, as they want to upgrade old Siemens biochips that the vast majority of humanity has now:


Those biochips would be based on a cushion of hydrogel a few milimeters in diameter which the body would recognize as its own tissue and would not reject it, with the actual chip between 50 and 100 micrometers in size embedded into the hydrogel.

The biochip would monitor biochemical activity in the body and could detect Pleiadian stardust technology and counteract it with its own negative stardust technology, similar to this one:


It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions:


This biochip would use ultrasound for communication, as old Siemens biochips do:


This technology is still in development and is currently not present in existing Covid vaccines. Our team has checked some current Covid vaccines in a lab and did not find any microchips larger than 50 micrometers (which is the smallest practical size of a working microchip) in either Astra Zeneca or Cominarty vaccines, but they did detect lipid nanoparticles in Cominarty vaccine.

Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution.

More evidence has emerged that the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan:


And everybody responsible for the pandemic and for lockdowns will answer for their crimes in Nuremberg-style trials:

With the pandemic plans slowly falling apart, the Cabal wants to engineer a new world war:


Two weeks ago, the Pleiadians have again contacted top brass within Russian Space Forces and have given them strategic intel for Putin. Surprisingly, intel about that contact has leaked into alternative media:

Pleiadians have communicated that if a full war escalates in Ukraine, they may trigger a release of full disclosure files through Russian mass media and even risk showing a small part of their fleet publicly.

Despite that, urgent meditation for peace in Ukraine and Middle East is still very much needed to help preventing the situation spiraling out of control:


Mass media are deliberately censoring all intel about the situation in Ukraine because the Cabal wants to surprise everybody with a sudden war coming out of nowhere. Yet, the story is leaking out:


Dragon families and Alliance forces within BRICS countries are making some covert geostrategic moves that will ultimately lead to the fall of the Cabal. The only hint I can give is this:


For those who are interested, reliable sources from Trump’s innermost team have said that they have indisputable evidence of election fraud, but now is not the time to present it.

Although there are no bigger positive breakthroughs on the surface of the planet happening yet, much preparatory work is being done.

If you feel so guided, you can experience the healing energy of the Tachyon chambers:


Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event:


Victory of the Light!

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