Into A New Reality | Creator Writings

Into A New Reality | Creator Writings

May 1, 2016

For some of you, the shifts occurring now may feel as if you are starting over from scratch.  Everything are familiar with may be changing/leaving at an accelerated rate and it is challenging!  The best part about it… get to start over.  This may sound odd to you, however, there is a purpose to it.  Your thoughts and attitude during these moments will make all the difference in your Earth plane existence.  Do your best to keep it light, positive and as peaceful as possible.  Once you have moved through this time, you will be able to set forth into a new reality created just for you! ~ Creator Writings

The Key Of Love | Creator Writings


The Key Of Love | Creator Writings

My beloved one…..I know you have been experiencing pain.  I know the pain you feel makes you as if you no longer want to exist on your Earth-plane.  I know there is so much going on that you may not feel as if you can take another moment of it.  Through all of this, it is hard to believe that The Universe has a plan…..but, it does.

You have chosen to manifest at this important time in your history because of your gifts of feeling, nurturing, healing and growth.  You are here to show your world how to move through that pain with grace and ease.  You are here to show others that is it possible to grow and thrive even in the face of death and destruction.  You may not fully understand it yet, but you are one of the keys of Love that is healing Earth.  ~ Creator