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Analyzing the Realms of Disclosure with Pedogate & UFO’s | Destroying The Illusion

More brilliance from Jordan Sather​, and his aptly-named YouTube channel, Destroying the Illusion.

I recall years ago when I thought Disclosure was just the official acknowledgement by governments -particularly ours – of the existence of Extra-terrestrials. I thought once that occurred, we’d all be celebrating and have access to advanced technologies to make life easier. But it is so much more, as we are now seeing soft Disclosure not only in alternative news sites, but in MSM.  I remember feeling very disturbed and disheartened to learn about the global pedophile/Satanic ritual child abuse/human trafficking network that permeates world governments and is tied into global finance, and helps to fund things like the Secret Space Program (which I also didn’t know about years ago).

None of this stuff is “fake news”, that is a ploy to keep people unawakened and unaware of the dark truths that are extremely disturbing. Why do we need to know about this stuff?  So we can put an end to the corruption, abuse, lies, power grab and enslavement of humanity, and hold those participating in this stuff accountable. THEN we can celebrate and join our Galactic community.

Victory of the Light!


 Analyzing the Realms of Disclosure with Pedogate & UFO’s | Destroying The Illusion

Violet Flame over Long Island – New Global Daily Meditation at 4PM UTC (12noon EDT) | Prepare for Change

Violet Flame over Long Island – New Global Daily Meditation at 4PM UTC (12noon EDT) | Prepare for Change

As mentioned by Cobra in the recent situation update, “there are only about 180 members of the Chimera group left on the planet. They are a small and yet very powerful and dangerous group that maintains the quarantine status of planet Earth through a top quark-antiquark condensate located in Long Island, tied to plasma toplet bombs.”

As a result, a new Event is created for healing the situation on Long Island.


Facebook Global Meditation – Violet Flame over Long Island:

The following information is text from the June interview with Cobra about the importance of healing the situation on Long Island.


COBRA (June 24, 2015)

(Answering the question about Cern Collider)

They are trying to open negative portals, plasma portals. They want to create more strangelets, more anomalies.They want to maintain their remaining anomaly. That’s why they are using this accelerator. This accelerator is far less dangerous than the other one on Long Island. So there is too much focus on Cern and not enough focus on what is happening on Long island, because the accelerator on LI has produced stable strangelets, already last year. And those stranglets went to the center of the earth where they are being accumulated. Thankfully, the Light Forces can do many things about this, but still it will be good that the light workers and light warriors put more focus and start healing the situation on LI with their meditations. That would help a lot. (Source)


In the same interview Cobra speaks about CINTAMANI STONES:

They are one of the keys to the planetary liberation. There is certain unique energetic signature of that stone because #1) it came from Sirius star system and #2) it was infused with energy directly from the galactic center many millions of years ago. There is a certain technology of the light forces that they can use and they can transmit certain energies directly from the galactic center to the Cintamani stones to dissolve plasma and influence the implants. Using Cintamani stones, you can amplify and speed up the process for yourself and for the planet. (Source)

FYI: The Long Island Ground Crew has covered all of Long Island with Cintamani Stones!





WE SEND THE VIOLET FLAME THROUGHOUT ALL OF LONG ISLAND from the place in the world where we are situated.

These PROTECTION METHODS are highly recommended before the start of this Meditation:

Use your Cintamani stone while meditating, holding it in your hand, if you have one.

Also consider these options to remain in complete Balance and to always Radiate in the Purest Light:




6 am HAST Honolulu

9 am PDT Los Angeles

10 am MDT Denver

11 am CDT Chicago

12 noon EDT New York

5 pm BST London

6 pm / 18 CEST Berlin

6 pm EET Cairo

11 pm ICT Bangkok

12 midnight CST Taipei

– next day –

1 am JST Tokyo

3 am AEDT Sydney

5 am NZDT Auckland








Music only:



  1. Before beginning, begin playing this music-only track from the epic Etheric Liberation Meditation to enhance the strength and focus of your intention.
  2. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
  3. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of healing for Earth and its inhabitants. Visualize this by grounding yourself to the core of the the planet and visualize gold and green light spiraling around you to strengthen your connection to Gaia.
  4. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.
  5. Now visualize a violet flame purifying the last remaining Chimera stronghold on Long Island – including the RHIC and its energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes. Then visualize this violet flame expanding through all of North America and purifying it. Then expand it even more until it encompasses the whole planet, purifying its energy field on the plasma, etheric and astral planes.
  6. Visualize the Ascended Masters’ light surrounding Earth with the White Dove of Peace glowing in golden light ascending with the violet flame on the Chimera stronghold on Long Island. See a violet and white flower of life grid surrounding the planet to activate the planetary grid with light.
  7. Visualize the Light Forces taking control of the Plasma Grid around Earth, dissolving the head of Yaldabaoth, and accelerating the dismantling of all Toplet Bombs to hasten the liberation of the planet at the Event. 

Victory of the Light!


IN ADDITION TO THE MAIN GLOBAL MEDITATION, you may wish to participate in additional meditations throughout the day focused on dissolving the head of Yaldaboth and disabling the Hadron Collider on Long Island.




Additional Asia Meditation – Violet Flame over Long Island:


Inspiring Videos:


Whenever you focus on Long Island throughout the day, the following visualizations are suggested:

* We do the protection. We connect with the Galactic Central Sun, we do a beam of brilliant white Light descending upon us and going into the center of Earth.

*We call upon Archangel Michael and his powerful legions to provide us with absolute safety and protection.

* We invoke Violet Flame to gently transmute, cleanse, purify and dissolve all negativity on Long Island, the particle accelerator and all devices of Chimera and Chimera itself.

*We call upon master Saint Germain and archangel Zadkiel to assist in transformation. We call upon Goddess Quan Yin to gently and harmoniously lead the process.

* We simply focus on the visualization of the Violet Flame and feel it’s blissful energy directed upon and through this area for some time.

Victory of the Light!

Universal Sphere interview with Paul Marwood replay available [Due to popular demand] – Unbounded Potential

Universal Sphere interview with Paul Marwood replay available [Due to popular demand]
| Unbounded Potential

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Universal Sphere Online Workshop

Sunday April 23rd, 2017

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As Paul and I are learning more and experiencing more about this
amazing Universal Sphere® we are blown away at how it can help
us in almost unlimited ways. We do multiple Universal Sphere’s first
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We use the Universal Sphere multiple times daily and we are still
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~ Holly Marwood

This is WAY BEYOND simply a Healing Modality!!

Enjoy the replay!


Karen & Salma

PS Replay and offer are only available until midnight Eastern, Saturday, April 22nd!

Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc. | 49 Canyon Blvd West | Lethbridge, AB, CA | T1K 6X6

Selacia: Love in Your DNA Akashic Records

Love in Your DNA Akashic Records

Relationships are having an extra dose of challenges in April as stressful planetary energies play out and add to the amplified tensions we’ve been experiencing since 2017 began. In this article, I’ll outline a few ways this can play out with the people you love, as well as the connection between discord and very old patterns in your DNA akashic records.


Inside your DNA is the vast akashic records of your soul’s journey over time. Key events, beliefs, patterns, qualities, talents, and tendencies are recorded there. Memories and lessons of relationships are there too, along with vows and agreements made with loved ones across time. Quite often in my DNA intuitive healing practice, it is a relationship issue a person first presents as a key challenge.

Relationships are the catalyst for personal growth and enlightenment. Very old dysfunctional fear-based DNA-level patterns within humanity are coming to the surface this year. You can see this being played out in personal relationships, in business, and in government. It has a lot to do with the craziness unfolding in politics and the increased war mongering between countries. Most likely, you are noticing an increased turbulence within your family and in key relationships.

At the core of all beings is love and the ability to love without condition. To fully access that love and have it consistently reflected back to you in loving relationships, dysfunctional DNA-level patterns must be addressed as they arise.

Everybody has them. When they rise to the surface, they play out in relationships. These patterns in the unconscious cannot be accessed by the mind, or understood with conscious awareness. That’s why even advanced healers and spiritual practitioners reach out to a trusted DNA healing practitioner skilled in properly identifying and healing patterns and their root causes.

As mentioned in my article “Tips to Thrive in April,” difficult energy cycles are likely to stimulate more than the usual amount of emotional triggers in relationships. You and your loved ones may be more sensitive than usual, for example, so discussions and events may be magnified. When this happens, another deep level of unconscious DNA-level conditioning could rise to the surface and begin playing out. Harsh words may be said. Irrevocable actions may be taken in such a cycle.

Viewing Relationship Turmoil with Compassion

Knowing we have this energy unfolding, consider the following suggestions that can help you view your relationship turmoil with compassion and understanding.

FIRST, do your best to stay positive and keep your frequency high. Even if you have harsh words with a loved one, don’t allow yourself to make snap judgments about what the words mean. Avoid ultimatums and black-and-white thinking. You – and perhaps your loved one too – may simply be having a melt down that has nothing to do with the love you share for each other. Don’t ignore it, though. Melt downs are a sign there’s a weak link somewhere – most likely an old unresolved DNA-level pattern that needs to be looked at and healed. With this higher view, it’s easier for you to avoid taking things personally. Also, you are less likely to react and say or do something that you later regret. Breathe. Give space.

SECOND, given that we have a Mercury Retrograde starting April 9, use that time to initiate a deeper level of exploring DNA-level blocks to loving relationships. Those blocks do not come to the surface all at once – thank goodness – but in stages over time as life events unfold. Retrogrades indeed are a perfect time to go within and focus on healing key relationships. I recommend starting with you, as the reference point – focusing on what might be blocking your manifesting a loving partner or a harmonious work environment with others who accept you and value your gifts. In tandem with that, intend to notice which current relationship is stirring the most angst within you. Ask yourself: “In the recent argument or situation with X, what was my core fear?” This inquiry can be fruitful now.

THIRD, go gently with yourself and others. Change cannot and should not be forced, and it doesn’t need to be stressful. Current planetary energies may sometimes be felt like lightning bolts, or simply a big shove from behind. This kind of energy pushes you to change something in your life. To move through the change passageway in the highest manner, you will need to stay in your heart, remain positive, and be willing to take risks. Depending on what you need to change, the risk could look like one of these options: (1) Asking for what you need (2) Setting loving boundaries (3) Re-evaluating what you truly value (4) Confronting a dysfunctional habitual pattern you learned from caregivers (5) Being honest with yourself about who you are allowing to drain you of energy.

Think of this cycle as another call from the universe to do a major overhaul of your way of being, way of thinking, and way of operating in the world. Invite your inner wisdom to give you nudges to help you learn from relationships. Ask to be shown how to be more loving and how to experience more love with others. Trust that you are encoded to love and that with each relationship you can learn to more fully embody the love that you are.

The Virus of Consciousness By Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg

The Virus of Consciousness

By Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg
by | Apr 11, 2017


Nausea, extreme exhaustion, an intense longing to just sleep, endless thought spirals and recurring emotional breakouts – this is the current experience and reality not only for people just waking up, but also for people that have been on this path for a longer time and had already raised their frequency to a 5th dimensional level. They had already been enjoying the ease and flow of this plane – being completely in the Now, their true authentic self and completely free. All of a sudden it feels like being back to square one. How can that be after all the work done? How can I fall back so much? There is a reason for it and the experience can be turned around quickly again. We have to start by becoming aware of how the Matrix works and how we are manipulated energetically in case we do not have this discernment, yet. And please! This is nothing to be upset or scared of – the more you treat the situation and yourself with love, the easier you navigate through.



Yes, there has been a lot of solar activity and solar flares – and that certainly is one explanation for it. But usually – people with a very high frequency are no longer reacting that strongly emotionally, mentally and even physically on these events, simply because they have done their inner work and do not resonate with these low frequencies anymore.


So there must be more to this… and there is….


With this article, we would like to introduce you to the illusionary 3D/4D plane of duality also from a spiritual angle and how this whole programmed matrix is operated. And – of course – most importantly, how to re-establish your true energetic flow and well-being.


The Matrix and the Illusion of Duality

The Matrix’ only purpose is to keep people in fear. That is what the system we are currently living in and for, is getting its fuel and energy from. The entities that are so keen on keeping it running on the one hand are getting more and more desperate to find new ways to keep up the fear level amongst humans, which becomes more and more difficult with the average frequency on the planet constantly raising. On the other hand, they are also becoming more and more creative in tricking people into fear again. Because that is all they are interested in: To keep us in fear. That is what they feed of, that is the energetic air they need to breathe.

“That is all the operators of the Matrix are interested in: To keep us in fear. That is what they feed of, that is the energetic air they need to breathe.”

One of the most insidious ways the creators of this Matrix were able to bring fear to the population, was to get us to believe that God is outside of us. By blocking the planet off from connecting into the conscious web that all information (God) flows through, and inciting generation after generation into programmed trauma and false karma (atrocity for the sake of nothing more than atrocity), the creators of this Matrix were able to trick us into shutting ourselves away from God.

Thousands of years down the line, when mankind was firmly seated into the 3rd dimension, and shut off from seeing the effects of the energies we are connected into, these dark, negative beings cloaked themselves in a reflection of Source light, and physically made contact with many prophets and gurus of the time. Mankind has had and always will have energetic guardians in the etheric realms that in a natural system can be easily connected to for learning purposes. These false light negative entities masqueraded as what most label as the Archangels, or these guardians, and put many of the prophets and gurus through a crash course in labelling and giving a name to the infinite and directing that energy to themselves, and then sent them out to walk the world. (Sidenote: It is important to recognize that these people are actually believing that they are helping you. They are not aware of the fact that they are preaching false light ideology and belief systems that keep people in fear, attachment and dependency by blindly following their teachings.)

What rose from these interactions were doctrines and religions that began to structure and trap into a box All That Is. Since mankind was connected in on the deepest levels into Creator energy, every single one of us felt the pull of something more than just the physical reality around us when we came across it. Since none of us had truly pure information other than what had been filtered down from traumatized generations throughout history, when we feel that innate spark of connection inside of us flare to life as instinctive understandings begin to blossom we instinctively KNOW that there is a Creator out there. What happens is that most often times people connect to these awakenings of Creator energy inside of themselves through the teachings in religion.

All of the core religious teachings are basically the same: “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Forgive yourself and the people in your life. Love your neighbor as your love yourself.” Basically, be a good person. When these energies are focused upon, your soul springs to life. You are connecting into where you came from, and because these things are found within the religious texts and practices, suddenly the doctrine becomes the source of these feelings, and since these teachings are telling us over and over that God is outside of us, that connection to Source, that flaring of exuberance and joy as your vibration begins to lift becomes something that you have to reach outside yourself for.

Through the generations, this has become the key to divinity….through the outside, despite the fact that each of us has God inside of us. Our bodies are the temple for the Holy Spirit. They have to tell us this information flat out. What they tricked us into believing is that the Holy Spirit/Source/Creator/Shakti/God/Tiamat/Whatever-you-want-to-call-Creator-energy is outside of us. Growing up from childhood indoctrinated into this system cements these pathways energetically, collectively emotionally, physically and mentally. By believing God is outside of us, we were then able to be cut off from it.

“By believing God is outside of us, we were then able to be cut off from it.”

Separation from Source allows the body to become toxic and unstable energetically simply because there is no clean flow able to keep stuck pathways clean and open. Energetic toxicity that stays long enough in the body begins to cause physical pain. Physical pain in the body long enough causes the brain to shut down functional flow from the area where the pain is, simply because the brain cannot handle the influx of such a sustained pain threshold. Even more importantly, it cuts off flow from the consciousness to the body. This results in humans, on the surface completely aware of their reality of 3D, yet underneath connected into multi-dimensional energies stemming from their individual emotional, energetic, psychological and mental states of mind that they are completely and totally unaware of. This leads to extremely easy energetic manipulation to lead to different energetic/emotional states.

Consequently, anything spiritual tends to be thought of as something on the outside that needs to be learned. Attention is led to the logical mental processes that are easily hijacked, led astray and distracted, completely ignoring the fact that true spirituality is nothing more than following the message, not the messenger. This ends up with someone who knows that there is much more to life than waking up to go to work 5 days a week, drinking on the weekends, and doing it all over again until some bills come in the mail to break up the monotony, but are constantly looking outside for information or a guru to show them the way. So many people drawn to spirituality are on a constant search for more information to figure it all out with their head. And here the Matrix succeeds again in keeping people away from their true connection to Source through the heart. The false light will always connect into your head. And the head is not capable of transmuting energy – that is only possible through our feelings and emotions.

“The false light will always connect into your head. And the head is not capable of transmuting energy. That is only possible through your feelings and emotions.”

The answer has always been within. These Matrix creators put us here because they could corrupt our innate spark of Source inside of us and then feed off of it. There is the key. The innate spark of Source inside of us! The body is the key, and logical, mind based thinking is not the language of the body…feeling, emotion, image, impulse and visualization are. By connecting into the body, and exploring sensation instead of mind traps, anyone can bypass the Matrix and hook directly into Creator energy. So stop thinking and start feeling, connect to your heart and learn the language of energy. This language can only be felt through your body. What are the energetic impulses telling you? This is what is meant by going with the flow – the energetic flow of the universe in alignment with your own energetic flow.


Implants and the Geomagnetic Storm

Now, after having understood all of this, let’s go back to the geomagnetic storm that took place from March 27 to March 31. That storm was different from storms we have experienced in the past. It actually caused a drop of the planetary frequency over several days back onto a third dimensional level. This was intentional to push more people still caught up in 3D into their awakening and provide activating energetic codes. This drop had a side effect though: It caused an intermediary adaptation of the auric fields of people that had already been in higher frequencies to this lower frequency. And with that, it granted access to the auric field for low frequency energy implant technology and low frequency entities / parasites.

An entity is a negatively oriented consciousness (intelligent, sentient, able to communicate, feels emotions, has an agenda) that is strong enough to influence the energetic/physical body and field of a human or animal, without needing the victim’s field to survive. A parasite is the same exact thing as an entity, a complete, sentient consciousness with thoughts and feelings (100% of them being negative), but this consciousness needs the host to survive. It has not yet become big or strong enough to not need a host and graduate to the actual entity status.

“These entities use devices constructed on the etheric levels to affect the people they are attached to directly.”

These entities use devices constructed on the etheric levels to affect the people they are attached to directly. With the rising frequencies on the planet, the negative agenda of the Matrix controllers has been losing effectiveness, strength and range of influence, and in retaliation to the ground lost, they are pulling out all the stops and using the highest levels of etheric technology at 100% capacity.


Shackles, chains, and other anchoring devices: Found most often connected to one or both ankles, this type of etheric device causes fear of success, travel, the unknown, new things, etc… The etheric metal is extremely dense and heavy, and drags down with “invisible” weight. People who feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders do not feel that way because there is much on their mind, they feel that way because of devices such as this that can add weight and drag down the energy body. They are found most often on people who have brilliant ideas and can not make themselves actually implement them, want to move and experience new things, yet cant leave their hometown, want to leave an abusive or draining relationship but cant seem to actually get the motivation to go, or any type of holding back types of behavior that do not allow people to grow despite wanting to.


Spinal column control rod: This device is found in most cases of entity attachment. The central channel has multiple energetic points up the spine and down the front of the body where entities prefer to tap into people’s energetic field. Once the energetic center is penetrated, the entity burrows its way into the spine, where it then connects into the spinal column and spinal cord. Using this neural pathway, it coats the physicals and energetic flow up the spine with dark, organic material. Stretching from the pelvis to the head, the entity can then reach into any area of the body and implant devices in the areas described further below in this article. More importantly, this control rod allows the entity control over multiple implants at one time. If the entity is trying to shut the host down, it can activate the solar plexus implant to attack the confidence and self worth, at the same time sending the chatterbrain implant into overdrive with negative self talk, or any other type of combination. Removing this control rod is key in unblocking the central channel flow, as well as making it much easier to remove anything else found in the body. Often times, when removing this device, the energetic connection leading directly to the entity can be felt, allowing for removal and extraction of the actual entity fairly simply.


Head octopus parasite: This parasite attaches to the top of the head, siphoning off multiple meridians in the head. Most of the organs in the abdomen correspond to meridians beginning or ending in the face and head. This parasite attacks all of the functions in the head, from blocking the 3rd eye, blocking Source connection activating the “chatterbrain” function, blocking central meridian flow, and in some cases, hijacking the optic nerves to force visions into the brain, almost like projecting onto a movie screen, but the retina instead. It will wrap around the head and face, sinking into the astral body with tendrils or tentacles of dark, organic energy, anchoring in anywhere it can find purchase. More often than not, this type of parasite attacks the vagus nerve, which handles many parasympathetic nervous system responses, most notably, the fight-or-flight response. People who suffer crippling anxiety, non-stop chatter in the head, severe panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and violent migraines often times have this type of parasite attaching to their head.


Gallbladder meridian/temple chatter-brain: Coming in multiple shapes, forms and modalities from AI wires, chips and automation to black metal framework with organic “feelers” to full blown organic parasite infestation, these devices in the temple always have one job: to study the frequencies and brain patterns of the host, and begin to replicate the frequencies of the hosts “inner voice”. We have three different voices in our reality. We have the voice that we hear coming from our voice boxes while speaking, the voice everyone else hears from outside of our body, and the internal voice we speak in our heads with. This device isolates the internal voice algorithms and begins to ingeniously mimic them to the point that unless awareness of the device is already in place, the host will simply mistake the chatter-brain/monkey mind implant for their own internal voice. The purpose this device is to simply distract and confuse. If the host begins to ask the important questions such as, “Why are we here?” and “What is my purpose, why do I exist?”, the device is programmed to lead them away from the path those esoteric questions would lead them down. It will constantly bombard the host with distractions that pull them out of the present, constantly having them remember the past, or putting them in fear or apprehension of the future. Of all the devices and implants used in these systems, this is most often the most easily recognizable. Once this device is gone, complete silence becomes the natural state of being in the mind. In a completely clear body, the only noise in the head is what is actively being thought, i.e., a “Hello!!” would not be heard unless an active, “Hello!!” was “yelled” into the head by the internal voice, or a song would not be playing in the background unless it was actively being “played” in the head. The physical symptoms of these devices are cloudy/dazed perception, lack of perception (i.e. it takes longer than it should to pick up on happenings around you), and headaches most often in the temples and front of the head, but can be found anywhere. More often than not, the headache symptoms are not an all over blanket pain, but a small point where it feels like something is pressing, poking or pushing through and the pain level can become quite high.


Voice box constrictor/frequency modulator: This device has two functions that I have run into. The first is a shutting down of the lines of communication from the brain to the words being spoken through a closing off of the throat in a physical constriction, or a deconstruction of the language into nonsensical run-on sentences or complete gibberish. This symptom is most often activated when the host begins to step into and vibrate in their truth. For example, someone who is constantly struggling with self esteem and confidence issues begins to start stepping into a place of strength and speaking up for themselves, they will notice the throat closes up, making speech difficult, or the words just completely fly out of their head. This causes the voice breaking tenor or extremely shaky speech, almost like they are speaking through a body suffering hypothermia. Another example would be when the host begins to recognize the deeper nature of the universe, and when trying to speak of these concepts, and along with a constriction, they find themselves completely butchering the concepts they are reveling in, or just not being able to physically talk because every time it is like they have a mouth full of mush. This often leads people attacked on this level to be shy when it comes to speaking to people they do not know, and regular neural flow between the brain and lines of verbal communication are not exercised, and the situation often becomes much worse until the host begins to actively work and focus on making these neural connections a priority again.

The other function found here is what I have called a frequency modulator. This device goes over top of the voice box, and what it does is shift the frequency that the host is speaking on. More often than not this is used against someone who has already re-connected the neural lines of communication that were attacked, and is now speaking deeply from their resonance of truth. Since communication can not be stifled from the source, what ends up happening is that the device makes it so that it seems people never even recognize that the host is speaking. They will hear them talk, but the level of communication that their brain is picking up is relegated to background noise. An example would be that traffic in the background is definitely a noise that can be heard and tuned into, but why would you ever recognize the sequence of revving engines, squealing brakes and tires rolling on the asphalt? This is the level of frequency that the host ends up speaking on with this device implanted on top of the voice box.


Solar plexus clamps/cages/constrictors/etc..: Anything found in the pit of the stomach where the rib cage meets in the front of the body, is always going after the confidence, anxiety and self-esteem of the host. This is one of the most common implants almost everyone recognizes simply for the fact that it is recognized every time that aching, burning ball in the pit of the stomach related to anger, shame, depression, sadness or hopelessness is felt. The other physical sensation of this device is a torsion, or constriction in the area almost like something is being physically twisted or wrenched in the solar plexus/lower heart. The devices here range in shape, size, construction and strength depending on the level of attention going into shutting down the confidence, and can be found as metal clamps, cages wrapping around the energetic center, tentacles burrowing into and around the area, and all the way to miniature black holes or singularities that connect negative space with 3D reality. The energetic and emotional symptoms will include varying ranges of shyness, lack of self-esteem, constant negative self talk, aversion to interaction, lack of confidence in personal ability, anxiety, paranoia, inability to release trauma, PTSD-like symptoms, apathy and depression. These symptoms can range from minor annoyances all the way to crippling phobias depending on the intensity of energy placed into the implantation and monitoring. These devices are constantly on alert and scanning for any positive feelings of self worth, confidence, excitement or self love to hijack them into repeating emotional trauma loops and thought cycles, thus making the cycle of recurring issues pop up whenever self improvement moves into the conscious focus.


Basically all of these implants are causing this feeling of replaying the past for people that had already moved up in frequency. It is like a program loop repeating itself. Causing thought spirals that are not possible to be dissolved in the regular way through an emotional release – because it is fake and it is not yours! It is just a software running, giving you this impression, all with the intention to freak you out and keep you in fear. Therefore, there is no emotion attached to it that could dissolve it. The same counts for the emotional loops. These are like a constant trigger plugging into your lower chakras to simulate this replay. On a sidenote – people who do not have chakras anymore as their frequency was already completely anchored in 5D did not experience the emotional part. No chakras? What?


When we break apart a beam of sunlight with a prism, we are bending the light spectrum into slightly separate frequencies, and we can then see the visible light arrayed as the familiar red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rainbow spectrum. What is not seen with our eyes, is that when we do this, we are only seeing about 5% of the entirety of the light frequency, such as infrared, x-ray, gamma ray, ultraviolet, etc…

Doing the math, if we were to take that 5% of visible light, and then break it into 7 different pieces respective to each color in the spectrum, every color holds .714% of the full spectrum of light. What this means is that each of the 7 chakras in the body from root to head are limited into only .714% of the energy that should be accessible. The natural state of humanity and the energy our body uses is brilliant white/gold, just like the sun.

“The natural state of humanity and the energy our body uses is brilliant white/gold, just like the sun.”

The Golden Frequency is not exclusionary, it is not saying, “I will not use the Violet Flame, or the Blue light of healing.”. What the brilliant golden chi/energy does is use the entire frequency of the light spectrum, but more importantly, the energy that we are not able to “see”, where these entities reside. By attuning your chi to this frequency, you begin to be able to clean your body out of energy that was unaccessible before, and more importantly, begin priming your energetic centers to make the jump out of the 7 layer color systems of chakras, into the 3 point golden stars of the Dan Tien system that the ancient Chinese had mapped out thousands of years ago, one in the head, one in the heart, one the lower abdomen. These are also often referred to as your three brains.

A simple sensory meditation of truly feeling the color and vibration of the 7 layer chakra systems for an extended period of time until they are very obvious, and then allowing these points to float on a golden/white background will allow you to prime yourself into this activation. When the body is ready, the intent to release these colors back into the whole will allow Source energy to ignite inside these 3 Dan Tien centers. If the energy body is not ready for this transition, more work is needed to buffer the pathways needed to facilitate this integration and nothing will be felt out of the normal when doing this meditation, but each time it is done, it will open up the energetic, physical and neural pathways needed, simply because the body responds in the language that the body speaks….sensation, emotion, impulse, visualization and image. When successful, there will be no doubt. Energy in a magnitude and scope completely unfelt before will explode out of these three points, hypertuning you into the immediate lower etheric realms. It feels very different from the energetic flow through the chakras. Instead of spinning energy the flow is now like a golden pillar through your whole body. The key is consistency and practice. Think of a rusted shut door that needs to be kicked in order to actually open. Each kick primes the one that finally allows the door to fly open, but without each one before there would be no moment of the door flying open.


How to remove these Implants quickly

So what we are experiencing right now is far more than the effects of solar activity. We are actually dealing with a collective implant plague right now. Again – this is nothing to freak out or be upset/angry about or afraid of.

Always remember: That is EXACTLY the frequency, that the matrix and its operators want you to be in. Instead, follow this simple process to establish your true self again.

The most important part of this process is to connect to your heart. That is where you are connected to Source. And that means to stop thinking and start feeling. As said – the old system will do anything to keep you distracted from discovering your ability to feel – because that would mean you would discover the key to true ascension!

“The old system will do anything to keep you distracted from discovering your ability to feel – because that would mean you would discover the key to true ascension!”

We find it very important, that you learn how to do that yourself to make sure you keep your power and do not give it away to others. It is always fine to ask for assistance, but you should always stay in charge of your own energy field. Hypnosis, spiritual drugs and a lot of alleged energetic healing methods are quick ways to give your power away and open yourself up to energetic manipulation – taking you into the illusionary astral realm of the false light matrix.


How to remove implants and entities from your system:


  • Go into that thought spiral, emotional loop or physical issue and feel the energy of it. Follow the energy of it to its anchor point / origin in your system. Where does it make you feel uncomfortable? Where does the energy not flow but feels blocked? You will be able to spot exactly where the implant / entity sits. It is enough to feel it – you do not have to see it.


  • Imagine yourself in your most favourite spot on this planet or somewhere else. It is a place that provides you with everything that makes you feel good, powerful and at ease, brings you into the NOW and is giving you a strong energetic support.


  • Now think of all the traits that you would love to incorporate if you had the magic wand and could create the best and powerful version of you. How would you like to be perceived, look like, feel like, act like etc. Feel all of these traits and speak them out loud while staying in your power place. Feel the energy of these words and how they are expanding within you with the support of your powerful surroundings. Feel how this power in your heart and see it as a golden, glowing energy ball that is growing and expanding into your whole body. You will notice immediately how the spiralling stops and you come into a feeling of inner peace and balance when you are in your heart space.


  • Now imagine that golden energy flowing through your hands. Take your hands to the place where you spotted the implant. Hold your hands over it and imagine how this golden energy is flowing all around the implant. Send all the love coming from your heart to this implant and form a golden, energy love ball around it. This has the effect to raise the frequency in this place intensely, so the hooks of the implant have no chance to stay plugged in: The particles are vibrating, too high and the density gets too low for that.


  • Now imagine that you have completely enclosed that entity or implant in this golden stream – kind of like an insect enclosed in amber. When you feel this is completely done, then start pulling that ball out of your auric field. You can even use your hands to actively support that. Keep the implant enclosed in that ball once you have it removed. It might happen that you feel a bit emotional when pulling it out, and the physical body might even react with dry purging / puking reflexes. Shortly after, you should feel the place where the implant was filling up with love, feeling very light, warm and comfortable.


  • Go back into your heart space again while holding the ball outside of your aura. Connect to your heart and imagine a golden pillar of light coming down directly from source / the central sun. When this pillar is complete, take the ball, put it into the pillar and say out loud: “I release you back to the Central Sun”.


  • Say out loud: “I, in accordance with my free will, do not allow any energetic implant in my field anymore”.


  • Sit back, feel into your heart space again and enjoy the smooth flow of energy through your system.


We hope that this helps you to feel better again immediately. Never forget: These are the last desperate attempts of the matrix and the old system to keep the fear frequency alive. The less we fight them and the more we wrap them into our true light and love, coming from the heart, the more we embrace them, the quicker they dissolve into the light.


Please note that this process of implant removal does not represent a short cut / spiritual bypassing in your spiritual journey. There is no way around your own inner work dealing with your own emotional traumas, belief systems and patterns. Implant removal only helps to take off additional burden and energetic draining from you that was programmed into you.


The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

Ready for a true change in your life and reality? Although spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, there are ways to navigate it as smooth and effective as possible. The key: Learning the language of Energy. Check out  my wake up program that I have created for you, to make this journey an exciting life changer for you! 

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Tachyon Particles For Physical + Spiritual Healing? Get the Truth This Wed

Tachyon Particles For Physical & Spiritual Healing?
Get the Truth This Wed
April 5, 2017 9:00PM

After it’s successful 1st Episode Launch last week, Ground Crew Command Radio will once again get to the bottom of the latest hidden Geo-political chaos, non-physical upheavals and make sense of it all … And will also get to the truth of the healing, releasing & clearing powers of Tachyon chambers & Tachyon particles … on all the lower bodies, including the highest spiritual ones.

How much of the healing is spiritual or energetic … and how much of it is physical?

… and how does it do it?

… is it true that Tachyon Chambers use wormhole technology, and influence timelines in a positive way as well?

… can it re-activate DNA, or the pineal gland?

… should you bother with Tachyon chambers … or not?

We’re going to clear this up, once & for all … and you can ask your most burning questions directly to the good doctor, (call in # provided during show).

As the first Tachyon Chamber owner in the US, a speaker on tachyon energy, also a medical MD and documentor of many client results … Joseph McNamara will reveal all – this Wednesday the 5th on Ground Crew Command Radio.

This interview is in keeping with the premise & principals of Ground Crew Command Radio – to bring Lightworkers, Starseeds & the Awakened … empowering clarity on what’s really going on with geopolitical chaos on and off the surface of the planet… and even more empowerment with interviews on the best healing, clearing & re-activation methods & resources (which GCC Radio does NOT make money off) …to help the awakened return to their soul path & thus push things along even more quickly towards Planetary Liberation.

This promises to be HIGHLY beneficial. Join us and meet Dr Joseph, for the 2nd episode this Wed – 5th of April by clicking this link, and then click the follow button for reminders & recordings of missed shows … on the official Ground Crew Command Radio page.


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Balancing the Heart Chakra During Venus Retrograde by Tanaaz | ForeverConscious

open your heart chakra

Balancing the Heart Chakra During Venus Retrograde
by Tanaaz | ForeverConscious

As Venus the planet of love continues through her retrograde cycle until September 6th, 2015, there is no better time for clearing out and rebalancing the heart chakra.

The heart chakra rules compassion, generosity, trust, openness, self love and also romantic love.

With Venus retrograde, chances are issues in these areas may have been creeping into your life, reminding you that they need addressing or clearing.

Because the heart chakra is also the center of your energy system, these issues may have been weighing on other areas of your life and perhaps you have even noticed a discourse between needing, wanting and receiving.

As the center of your energy system, the heart chakra really acts as a mediator between your lower and higher chakras.

The lower or earth based chakras are often about groundedness, security, needs and wants, whereas your higher chakras are more about receiving, self love and the connection to spirit.

Perhaps since Venus has been retrograde you may have been feeling a pull between these two areas of your life and perhaps you have felt off balance with your needs and desires and actually receiving them.

Aside from being the keeper of energy, the heart chakra is also where we connect to our source or our soul. From this place we receive our life force, our zest, our passions and our sense of balance and peace.

A lot of the time we can loose this connection, especially as we enter into some of the heavy lessons that Venus may be trying to stir within us as she moves retrograde.

When your heart chakra is out of balance it usually manifests as:

Being emotionally closed off or feeling the need to push others away
Inability to receive abundance, support or help from others
Being overly critical of yourself and others
Blaming others or feeling a sense of superiority
Pushing away others out of fear of rejection or being hurt
Being out of touch with your emotional state of mind
Losing trust in the state of humanity and the world
Feeling withdrawn or isolated from others
Feeling out of touch with your passions or life
Self-hatred or hatred for others
Feeling overrun with fears and anxiety
Holding on out of fear of loss or being alone

If any of these are resonating with you, chances are you are in need of a re-balance to your heart chakra and a clearing out of old, stagnant energy.

The good news is that you have the power and the innate knowledge to heal your heart charka yourself. Here’s how:

1. Attend To Your Needs

What do you truly desire for yourself? Sometimes it can be so easy to go along with what others want or fall into patterns of peer pressure. Really take the time to ask yourself what it is that you truly want and start to become firmer in your intentions.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write down a few answers to the following questions- “What do I really want for my life?” and “What is important for me today?” Review your answers and try to create more of what you want in your life starting now.

You may also want to use the following affirmation:

“All of my needs are being taken care of by the Divine Universe. I trust this open myself to the flow of the Universe, knowing that my needs are always being met in perfect timing.”

2. Release Blame

Our heart chakra can become blocked when we start projecting our emotions onto others instead of looking within.

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of your own inner state so there is no need to pass blame. No matter what you feel a victim to, releasing blame allows you to take your power back and brings your emotions and a solution into your control.

You have no control over what others do or the events around you, the only thing you can control is your internal state. Remembering this allows you to release the blame and take responsibility for your own energy.

Here is an affirmation that may support you:

“I release my burdens, my blame and my victim mindset and I understand that everything in this life has a higher purpose to teach me. Through releasing blame I take my power back and understand that I am a powerful manifestor and co-creator of my destiny.”

3. Acceptance and Forgiveness

When you bring acceptance to a situation you automatically introduce a space for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful healing tool that can really help to open your heart chakra and to mend traumas from your past.

No matter how bad the situation, bringing acceptance allows you to really deal with your thoughts and emotions and brings any arising issues to the surface. Through acceptance you can also start to work through any stagnant emotions.

Remember, forgiving is not about saying that what happened was ok, it is about accepting what happened and only through acceptance can you truly heal.

How does it change your outlook to simply accept what is? How does your internal dialogue or your thoughts about the situation change when you just accept?

4. Look into the Mirror

Every soul lesson in this life can all be traced back to learning how to love yourself. When you truly love yourself you step into a higher frequency where miracles, destiny and the Divine all flow.

To really reach this place you have to be able to look into the mirror on a daily basis and tell yourself- “I love you”.

Place your hand over your heart, look deep into your eyes as you gaze in the mirror and repeat- “I love you”. Repeat it till you feel it and then repeat it some more. Pay attention to what emotions or resistance arises as you do this exercise.

This powerful practice instantly helps to raise your vibration and opens your heart chakra.

5. Respond with Compassion

When you remember that everyone is just doing their best with what they know, it allows you to bring in a sense of compassion and understanding. By no means do you want to be a doormat, but at the same time bringing compassion into the situation can really allow you to see things from a different viewpoint.

Ask yourself is there a way you can be kinder? Is there a way you can bring some light and loving energy into your life or into the situation? There is always room for love, there is always room for compassion, sometimes you just need to work to put it there.

Your heart chakra runs on Love, so by providing it with more loving thoughts, words and deeds you can truly fire it back into balance.

6. Pink Flowers and Rose Quartz

Pink and green are the colours of the heart chakra and flowers are the hearts of Mother Earth. By bringing some pink flowers into your life you can start surrounding yourself in a more positive environment for healing. You can also make a bath filled with pink rose petals and other flowers to help evoke healing.

Rose Quartz is also a powerful stone for healing the heart chakra as it helps to rebalance and refocus your energy.

Place your Rose quartz crystal over your heart while meditating or wear a pendant close to your chest in order to align with the vibration of the gemstone.

7. Heart Chakra Ritual & Meditation

This ritual is a great exercise if you are looking to deeply heal and open your heart charka.

You will need: a pink or white candle, a piece of rose quartz, a bowl of water, a pink or red flower and/or rose essential oil and a pen and paper.


1.) Find a quiet space where you absolutely cannot be disturbed.

2.) Take a few deep breaths in and out in order to relax your mind.

3.) Placing your hand over your heart breathe here deeply for a moment until your thoughts settle.

4.) Take your pen and paper and write down your intention for your ritual, for example: “I intend to clear and release any blockages from my heart chakra caused by my fears surrounding my partner.”

5.) Fold the piece of paper and place it under your piece of rose quartz.

6.) Light your candle and take three deep breaths, allowing your intention to sink in (you may also want to repeat your attention aloud or to yourself.)

7.) When you feel ready, begin my reciting the following affirmation (please feel free to tailor it for your own situation or feelings)-

“I release all of the blocks surrounding my heart and my energy moving forward. With every breath I release the burdens that my heart has had to carry. With every passing moment, my breath will carry away the fear, pain and stagnant energy that surrounds my heart. These that no longer serve me will be carried up to the heavens where they will be released. Anything that I no longer need will be released into the heavens in order to be purged and released.”

8.) Take a few deep breaths imagining all your fears, burdens and pains being taken away into the heavens.

9.) When you feel ready, begin reciting the following affirmation:

“Now that the heavens have accepted and taken away my burdens I feel an openness, a lightness and a trust. I allow love back into my life, I allow compassion back into my life, I allow myself to trust and know that I am being supported and carried by mother Divine. I love myself, I love all those around me and I know I live in a loving world. I am love and for now and forever I return to the state and the vibration of love.” (Again, feel free to edit this for your needs).

10.) Take a few deep breaths allowing this to sink in and then place the flower or a few drops of rose essential oil into the water.

11.) Hold the bowl of water in your hands while reciting “I am Love.” Using your fingertips dab a few drops of the water over your heart center as a way to protect and purify your heart chakra opening.

12.) End the ritual with a thank you prayer to the Universe. To close the ritual, blow out the candle, pour the water into the garden and take the paper straight out of the house into the recycling can.

There is a real calling for all of us to open our heart charkas and bring more love, compassion and understanding into the world. Understand that as you open your heart charka you also help to effect the world and those around you in a positive and loving way.

Love is truly the Universal healer.

Why Crying Is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You by Vera Ingeborg | The Wake Up Experience 

Why Crying Is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You

We have to re-learn the language of energy

Everything in this universe is energy. All that exists, including us, is made of smallest particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc. There are differences in density and that is defined by the energetic frequency: the lower the frequency, the higher the density. The same counts for emotions. There are low emotional frequencies – those are the ones related to fear, such as anger, resentment, guilt, shame, etc. and we have the high frequencies of unconditional love: joy, happiness, playfulness, gratefulness,….

“We all strive for the high frequencies of love but ignore the fact that we need to get rid of the low frequencies of fear we still carry within us.”

We all strive for the high frequencies of love but ignore the fact that in order to get there, we need to get rid of the low frequencies of fear that we still carry within us. And we only carry these low frequencies in our energetic system and body because we did not release them. We have suppressed the natural reflex of crying or screaming. It can be compared to the urge to puke. If you suppress the vomiting reflex to rid yourself quickly of the food your body could not handle well or was even poisoning, then your body can get really sick and you could even die. The same happens when we do not release low energetic frequencies. They will stay stuck in our energetic system and can lead to serious depressions and even physical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. Today, in our western society, we are now at a starting point to rediscover that we have more bodies than just our physical body. This is very ancient knowledge, which was already used for healing for example by the Asian traditions, the Indian shamans and the Aborigines. We have to re-learn this language of energy to be able to heal ourselves and keep ourselves healthy. We have energetic bodies around us that are just as important and influence each other through the energy exchange. If energetic blockages appear, then the flow is interrupted and stuck energy accumulates. When we do not release the energy, it becomes denser up to a point the density is high enough to transition into the physical body and manifest in the form of diseases.

We should learn from our children

Children still fully make use of the natural reflex of releasing low frequencies. They cry or scream by simply acting out the energy that runs through them. They are masters of “energetic puking”. Until we teach them that this behaviour is not appropriate and not acceptable. At a very young age already, we unintentionally are preparing them for possible illnesses and diseases simply because we were not aware of our energetic bodies and our energetic system. We even make it worse: If children are still following their natural reflex of crying or screaming, they start beating themselves up and blaming themselves for being too weak and not being strong enough. This even adds low frequencies and fears into the energetic system and amplifies these emotions. This way, we constantly keep ourselves stuck in fear energies and are not able to move up on the energetic scale into this beautiful place of love where our soul strives towards. If all of that is true, then why on earth does society teach us something else and prevents us from being happy? It is very simple. People in fear are easy to control. Imagine a world where people live without fear. How different would that be? People would just go for their dreams – they would not stay stuck in a job they hate that gives them an alleged security. They would not buy all the things that the advertisements and commercials are proclaiming to be things they need to have to be good enough. They would not fight against each other for ownership but would simply share. They would see how abundant this world actually is and how little we need to be happy. They would not need to buy something new and get more useless stuff to satisfy an inner void caused by fear.

“If people were without fear, they would recognise that we are all human beings that share the same values and dreams to the core.”

They would recognise that we are all human beings and share the same values and dreams to the core. They would be healthy and would not need any medicals that only treat the symptoms and not the root cause. In reality, medicals actively maintain low frequency in the system and make us dependent on them. Do we really believe the pharmaceutical industry is interested in healing us for good? Do we really believe that the fashion industry is interested in making us happy and whole so that we do not need new things to wear every month? What would they make their money with then? The whole political and economic system that we know today would not work anymore because it is based on control and hierarchical power. It is based on the low frequency of greed and on the ego and fear-based belief system of scarcity which is constantly convincing us that there is not enough for everyone and we have to fight to get our piece of the cake. If people recognised that all of this is an illusion and that there is enough for everyone; if we lived in the frequency of love instead of fear, it would be a different story.

We should recognise vulnerability as our biggest strength

It is time to wake up to a new reality and recognise how important it is to release emotions. One very decisive factor is to shift the feeling of anger and blame towards ourselves and/or others for making us feel this way into gratefulness and forgiveness. We should recognise the fact that we are given the opportunity to heal; that those that allegedly hurt us or judge us are simply holding an energetic mirror for us and are showing us the wounds that we still carry within us and that need our attention in order to heal. And we are doing the same for others. This is the simple rule of the universal energetic law of attraction. Alike energy frequencies attract alike. What we send out energetically is what we attract into our energy field. If we carry the low frequencies of fear, that is what we get. This is how patterns repeat in our life again and again until we have understood that we have to change ourselves and our own frequency to get rid of the pattern. We are creating our own reality with our energetic behaviour.

“By feeling gratefulness and forgiveness, we are transmuting low frequencies into high frequencies of love-“

By feeling gratefulness and forgiveness, we are transmuting these low frequencies of fear into high frequencies of love. The more often we do so, the more we are raising our own frequency and are releasing our old traumas and patterns step by step. Of course, this does not happen over night and it needs some patience, but first results will be felt quite quickly because one thing changes: We recognise that we are not a victim. We understand that we do not have control over others, but we do have control over ourselves and that we can influence the outcome by changing our own patterns and behaviors. We are rewriting our old fear-driven software into a new script full of high love frequencies. And we recognise that vulnerability is our biggest strength and the key to happiness and wholeness. So next time you feel hurt, blamed, judged or accused, do not react on the same low-frequency level, which will only amplify this energetic frequency between you and the other person resulting in a huge conflict. Instead, take a step back, see the opportunity to heal and have a good cry or scream while hitting a pillow. Do not identify with those emotions but tell yourself that these are just old energies that want to leave your system for good. Feel grateful to be able to release these energies, forgive this person by seeing that they helped your own healing and recognise that you do something very important for your own well-being and health. Become a master of “energetic puking” and realise that crying is the best thing that can happen to you. You will be surprised how quickly the situation changes and the behaviour of the other person will either adapt to your new frequency or will drop away because you have not given that energy a resonance field on the same low energetic level, but have forced it to transmute to a higher level. The change of this world into a place of peace and love starts with the change within each and every one of us. Understanding the language of energy will be of tremendous support in doing so.

The texts I share are always based on downloads I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me full time, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you ❤

As spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, I am offering different services and tools to learn how to navigate energies. For more information, please gohere.

Laura Bruno: Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals: How to Shift the Energy Now

Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals:
How to Shift the Energy Now

I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve had with people this past week for whom the election and its aftermath — regardless of their politics or disinterest in politics — has triggered massive grief, anger, shock, disbelief, confusion, feelings of fear, cognitive dissonance, betrayal, and/or the desire to give up. Most of these clients are people “who know better” than to go down such spirals, but for whatever reason, they can’t seem to pull themselves out of the whirlpool.

In most cases, their usual coping tools aren’t working, because the things bothering them aren’t really “theirs” to fix.

I’ve had an unusually high volume of calls from Water Signs this past week, especially Pisces, well known for their fluid boundaries and subconscious empathing of surrounding emotions and energies. Even if you’re not a Pisces, if you feel less than optimal right now, please consider the possibility that you might be empathing a bunch of energy from people and a culture whose carefully imprisoned Shadows just experienced a collective jailbreak and are now rioting in the streets. In some cases, quite literally.

If you continue to receive “signs” like angel number sequences, faery winks, creative ideas, and magical synchronicities but still feel awful, please prioritize what I call “good energy hygiene.”Literally brush yourself off if an interaction with someone sends you into a tailspin. Sweep down each arm from shoulder to fingertip and flick your fingers like you just washed your hands and can’t find a towel. Employ good energy filters: indoor plants, soothing music, protective crystals (especially black tourmaline, black obsidian, black jade, hematite, and onyx), use protective Runes like Algiz, and follow these guidelines below:


If you need extra support right now, please don’t feel embarrassed to reach out. I can assure you that you’re not alone. People who began our phone calls sobbing this week ended them laughing and refocused. Sometimes it just takes a little adjustment to pop back into the good reality. A little chiropractic for the soul. As the veils continue to thin, we can sense all sorts of chaos and negativity, but in the immortal words of Leonard Cohen who recently crossed the veil: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Big Love …