Tania Gabrielle: Astrological Insights: Mystery of the triple 9:9:9 code [July 18, 2018]


On July 18, 2018 an incredible, rare code is activated.

Embedded in this sequence of numbers is a triple 9:9:9 sequence.

Anytime you see one number repeated three times, the impact is extraordinarily powerful.

  • July in 2018 adds up to an 18 Universal Month (7 + 2+0+1+8 = 18).
      • 2018 has the 18 embedded.
      • July 18 is an 18 Universal Day.

    18:18:18 stands for total acceptance and surrender… giving access the highest Divine wisdom.

    18 governs rest, rejuvenation and your dreams… so take more time to sleep, imagine, daydream and assimilate.

    18 reduces to the “root number” 9.

    9 is the final single digit, holding the wisdom of all the other digits from 1-8 in its “big head” at the top!

    That circle symbolizes the zero-point – God-Mind, Divine Source.

    9 embodies ultimate wisdom…

    Coming off the circle at the top of 9 is a trail of Light – anchoring the 9 into our consciousness.

    This anchor of light is the Life Force that propels the circle.

    The mystery of this powerful number is represented mathematically as well:

    Take any number and subtract the reversed position. The remainder will always be 9.

    For example:


    – 47

    27 = 2+7 = 9


    – 348

    495 = 4+9+5 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

    Another 9 mathematical mystery:

    Add all the single digits from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 through 9 – and the total is 45.

    45 = 4+5 = 9.

    There are many more!

    As the number 9 triples on July 18, 2018 you’ll FEEL a total immersion into LOVE, Wisdom and Compassionate Leadership.

    Epiphanies are likely.. as you let go… and let love.

    Fortunately ALL of July is aligned to a double 18:18 and double 9:9 code, so Wednesday provides a fantastic opportunity to lift-off again through the REST of July!

    Allow yourself to surrender to the changes and shifts…

    • It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring negativity to an end!
    • Getting more rest is important under the 18/9 energy so you assimilate and synchronize.
    • Notice what part of your life is Culminating for you!

    Tune into your most tender feelings – and don’t resist what the heart yearns for, no matter what comes into your conscious awareness.

    Conscious attention on LETTING GO will absolutely attract fresh new opportunities.

    July’s 9:9:9 rebirth code happens during our 11 Gateway Universal Year – beginnings (11) and endings (9:9:9) awaken your inner Light… as all is made visible!

    Take Delight in what you discover!

    Many Blessings,

    Tania Gabrielle


Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast July 16-22: Initiative, Holding Your Vision

Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast July 16-22: Initiative, Holding Your Vision

Published on Jul 13, 2018


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Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World. Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.

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FREE MasterClass Training on how to read YOUR Birth Code: http://goo.gl/ECSW32
Tania’s DAILY Quotes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taniagabriel…

Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World. Renowned as a gifted channel,
Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.

Tania’s Vlog & Blog articles: http://taniagabrielle.com


New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12th, 2018 Psychic Crystal Reading

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12th, 2018 Psychic Crystal Reading

Published on Jul 12, 2018

Earth 1:52, Water 5:44, Fire 9:34, Air 13:06

Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. Please also follow me on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC and twitter:@theluckymermaid and my website: www.theluckymermaid.com

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Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights: The Moment Everything Changes..


A new eclipse cycle begins today!

Our last eclipses have taken place in Leo and Aquarius, as the lunar nodes occupy those two signs.

But now everything is about to change.

As the North and South Nodes of the Moon close in on Cancer and Capricorn – our main focus is going to shift dramatically.


Your radar will be attuned to real, measurable results.

Cancer and Capricorn rule the North-South axis in astrology – angular houses emitting a powerful frequency as they call us into REALITY.

Today’s solar eclipse in Cancer (opposite Capricorn) – inaugurates the two signs that will dominate the eclipses through mid 2020.

  • Cancer governs home and family, your genetic origins, past lives, memory – and ultimately coming home to yourself.
  • Capricorn governs areas of leadership, career – how you step out into your mission and into the public eye.

And there’s more you need to know about this particular Cancer-Capricorn Eclipse cycle…

In 2020 three planets will join together in Capricorn – this planetary event signifies one of the defining astrological moments of the 21st century, as the “stellium” of planets includes Capricorn’s own ruler Saturn!

So today’s new series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses activates something delightfully fresh and new in your life.

Plus, since the MOON rules the sign of Cancer this truly is a special Moon event!

You feel protected, nurtured, embraced… as the womb of LOVE cradles your heart.

You accept yourself AS you are.

Know without a doubt that your ONLY lasting legacy is every life you touch with Love.

Create every moment from that place of deep caring.

This Solar Eclipse is wrapped in so much joy, so much sparkling energy!

Many opportunities are being offered to you now. You have everything within your reach to actualize them!

Embrace beautiful you!

And never forget, you are an eternal work in progress. So nothing is ever wasted!

Accept all with open arms.

To intensify the vibration, in numerology July 2018 is an 18 Universal Month of unconditional love, acceptance and release – and the month we begin three eclipses in a row (usually there are just two)!

July is truly a game-changer month!

Be sure you have the ultimate DAILY inspirational roadmap to GUIDE you during these momentous times…

With the Premium Wealth Forecast at your fingertips you will be able to leverage the star codes the way you are designed to!

Get instant access to July’s daily starcode forecast here.

Have a wonderful Eclipse!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Included in each Premium Wealth Forecast, is the printable PDF transcript and special music selections – all downloadable!


Sagittarius July 2018 Astro-Numerology-Tarot readings

These are among some of my favorite and/or most accurate YouTube Intuitive Astrologers, Psychics and Mediums. For your sign go to their page and click on the video tab.  ~PB


Sagittarius July Jupiter Is COMING HOME TO YOU




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Sagittaruis July and August 2018
~ Just trying to figure things out!

Sagittarius July and August 2018 https://www.psychicsoundsbyb.com


Float. Sagittarius July 2018


It’s a winding road.. and the first card out tells us what sort of trip it’s going to be. The Judgement card is ubiquitous throughout the July readings. Karma has much to get off her chest, and it seems Cancer season is the time to get it right.

So, how does one handle all the back and forth of reexamining your love scrapes… perhaps they’re a bit more serious than scraps… but who likes to complain.

This season, it just doesn’t matter what you want to do or what you want to think about. You’re just done with energies that just won’t change. Is that disheartening at first, sure. But if you can sense the freedom on the other side of this bondage, you’ll get through these trines fairly unscathed.

Make no mistake though, the Grand Water Trine will make you feel like a thoroughbred locked in a confined space. Your instincts to run will be in overdrive… and yet… no movement is possible. Only revisiting and total honesty. Wounds that must be addressed and called out for what they are before the healing can begin.

Give your tears over to the ocean this month, you need the cleansing, as we all do… but you also have to prepare yourself for your season. Which will be here before you know it. Your emotional and mental prep begins now… how much time and effort will be put into those who cannot be trusted. None. And those who thought they were too big to have to care… Pay them zero attention. The tables will turn by the end of July and the power will be in your hands.

And remember, if you stand up, these Cancer waves will absolutely knock you down… swim.. if you must keep moving with purpose through all these retrogrades (don’t it’s a bad idea) or you can coast… yeah… just float.

We weren’t created for 12 month work years with 2 week breaks. Every few months the cosmos let’s us know we need a rest and reflect period… float. Rest… reflect… heck, get into the Cancer energy and cry a little… like I said,. the ocean always needs more saltwater and we all need a place to dump our tears and all the pain we pour out with them.

Welcome to Cancer season… a most wonderful time of the year.

Love, A

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  She Bear Tarot

Published on Jul 1, 2018


Welcome to She Bear Tarot. A channel dedicated to bringing you a new tarot reading every month. I hope you enjoy it!

Love and best wishes, Ursula.

A general tarot reading for SAGITTARIUS – July 2018.

Instagram – @shebeartarot

Twitter – @shebeartarot

Please use the information offered responsibly. Ultimately, you must always use your own judgement, wisdom and discrimination when making life decisions. Caution: Language may be strong at times.

Unfortunately, private readings are not available at this time.


Sagittarius Psychic Tarot Reading July 2018 by Pam Georgel

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My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. Please also follow me on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC and twitter:@theluckymermaid and my website:


SAGITTARIUS July 2018 | HUGE SUCCESS & Love – Sagittarius July Horoscope Tarot

Published on Jun 26, 2018



Horoscope, tarot reading for Sagittarius, July 2018, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin.

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Published on Jun 26, 2018




Hi You Guys! ❤️❤️

My name is Shay. On YouTube I go by the name of Pisces Moon1111❤️

I am a Leo Sun 🦁 , Pisces Moon 🐟 and Scorpio Rising 🦂

I am a empath so I pick up on energies like a
sponge. I caught on to tarot card readings as I was lead to them through dealing with my own personal issues in love and through other personal struggles. I learned about Twin Flames through my best friend and I am even on my own Twin Flame Journey. I want to use YouTube as a way to help others. Also I would like to use YouTube to assist with teaching people to have love for themselves and to encourage others on their journey. Thanks so much for watching my channel / videos!

‼️‼️CONTACT: piscesmoon1111@gmail.com

Donations to the Channel:



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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: 144k Mass Meditations Called for July 12th & 27th + Astrological Reading for These Dates. The Blueprint: Which Cracks the Astrological & Numerological Code, To Explain MUCH More For You & Your Path + Planetary Liberation News Analysis

Another exciting & revealing episode this week, thanks to:

  • yet another ‘pivot-point’ month for Planetary Liberation … which has two partial eclipse dates of July 12 & 27 … that our special guest, Astrologer Richard-Michael will give us a reading on … followed by the Aug 11 Solar Eclipse. The last eclipse of this series. BIG dates!

  • a possible Positive Templar ‘day of reckoning’ this Friday the 13th

  • what the Planet Uranus that just entered the Sign Taurus means to all of us & our Planetary Liberation efforts.

  • 144k mass meditation times & links to participate in the live global broadcast are right below

  • … and MUCH more, on this week’s huge episode of Ground Crew Command

The Blueprint

… by this week’s special guest, Richard-Michael

In 1985 … when the New Age movement wasn’t quite fully infiltrated, teacher of Astrology Richard-Michael joined a metaphysical group in the spiritual Mecca of North America … Sedona.

This group was developing a new science called “The Blueprint”.

Patterned after the Rubik’s Cube layout, anything can fit into The Blueprint forms:  Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Religion, etc.  Even your personal growth can be plotted in The Blueprint.

The Blueprint resulted in the Numerology readings of:

Points-Of-Power Numerology Reading.

This personalized reading concentrates solely on you and your individual growth … and understanding  the power of your birth date numbers to help you manifest success in your daily life.  This reading defines your birth essence energy. It gives:

  • A description of your physical, emotional, mental and creative bodies

  • A delineation of your Childhood, Teenage, Adult and Middle Age years

  • What astrological signs are associated with your birth date numbers

  • How Points-Of-Power Numbers complement your Birth Sign

  • The season(s) of the year most favorable for you

  • When your energy is at its’ optimum level – when you function best

  • Pin Number:  how to choose the correct 4 digit Bank Pin Number that will work for you and not work against you in banking transactions. What your Bank doesn’t want you to know about your current Bank Pin Number

Soulmate Chart Numerology Reading.

This hand cast chart shows the karmic connections one shares with a relative, friend or loved one. It tells:

  • If the person of your choice is your Soulmate

  • If you were physically blood-related in a past life

  • If you were married or lovers in a past incarnation

  • If you studied together in a past life and the type of studies

  • Personality descriptions for both of you

  • The areas in life where the two of you are compatible

  • Life challenges or conflicts needed to be worked through

Home Energy Evaluation Numerology Reading.

This Blueprint Numerology Reading defines the energies of street address numbers.  Numbers are indicators of energies being drawn down into an environment and “anchored into form”.  These energies define the mood flowing through the home.  Occupants are affected by these numbers.

… and

Astrology/Numerology Composite Reading

… which is a fun-filled mini-reading that combines on one form information gleaned from your Blueprint Numerology Chart and your Astrology Horoscope Chart.  Major highlights of the Birth Composite Chart are discussed.

Even though your own consciousness is always KING, and you regain the power to CHOOSE your timeline/reality when you reach the critical mass amount of internal healing

… it’s certainly important to understand how your ‘moment & location of birth’ that serves as a Astrological & Numerological CODE .. affects & influences your current incarnation, to get an even better understanding of your current incarnation, and the purpose of your current incarnation.

 (C) MensStyleFashionDotCom

144k Call To Arms & Mass Meditation Times, To Clear the Path For Mass Arrests in August.

“… It’s timeline selection time!”

They’ve tried & tried to stop us … from fulfilling our soul mission on this planet. They’ve tried everything …

They failed.

Lightworkers remember the fall of Atlantis & the fall of this planet to darkness’s hands. That started our descent in to hell.

Time to FIX it.

Word is, the Lightforces will be carrying out an operation during the time. They NEED our support & energetic BACKING.

144k Partial Solar Eclipse Meditation Details

Time: July 12th – 9pm EDT (US) start

(actual partial eclipse is at 9:48 ETD (US)

Here’s the link for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144k+Partial+Solar+Eclipse+Mass+Meditation&iso=20180712T21&p1=179&ah=1

Here’s the link to join the 144k Mass Meditation (private link): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio/2018/07/13/144k-partial-solar-eclipse-mass-meditation

Approximate length: 1hr

Stay tuned for the July 27th Lunar Eclipse 144k Mass Meditation


What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week

In the news portion this week, we get empowering perspective on:

  • clearing the energies so Mass Arrests can start in Autumn (on a comparatively small scale, they’ve started already)

  • with 72% of Americans saying the Cabal (establishment) media deliberately lies according to an Axios poll … can the White-Hats seize Disney through its being implicated in the ‘Weinstein sexual enterprise’ … as Weinstein himself begins his court hearings.

  • Knights of Malta agree to the new financial system, thus accelerating the financial re-set & RV. Did they cross over to the Light, or did a positive faction win?

  • Cabal ‘sweating bullets’ over two other ramifications of what a White-Hat chosen – Constitution friendly – Supreme Court Justice pick means. Find out why … as they pull their media assets at full throttle craziness trying to disrupt it all.

  • more indicators that Trump is being helped by the positive faction of the Rothschilds & Mossad. But what do the US White-Hats have to say?

  • … and much more

As always, it’s going to be a VERY empowering episode of Ground Crew Command, YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –

click here for the reminder & to listen in- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio  (hit the pink Follow button for show reminders & downloadable recordings)

Call in #: (310) 807-5232.

Or connect from your browser with the link above.

p.s. If you haven’t joined the 144,000 Army of Light that’s being built … and you feel the calling or desire, watch the short video below & opt-in (no need to opt-in again if you already opted into this website). Let’s take charge & Liberate This Planet!

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: https://www.returntoyourtruth.com

… hit the Share button below first. This must go viral.

Solar ECLIPSE in Cancer July 12/13 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Fresh Start!

Solar ECLIPSE in Cancer July 12/13 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Fresh Start!

Published on Jul 1, 2018


FREE Weekly Forecast Videos, Click HERE: https://taniagabrielle.com/lp/weeklyv…
FREE MasterClass Training – How to read YOUR Birth Code: http://goo.gl/ECSW32
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Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World. Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.

Tania’s Vlog & Blog articles: http://taniagabrielle.com


Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights: Jupiter Moves Direct – Magnificent Momentum!


Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights:
Jupiter Moves Direct – Magnificent Momentum!

There is so much good news in the stars right now!

Our next celebration lifts off on Tuesday, July 10 as Jupiter ENDS its current retrograde cycle and stations direct (forward) again.

Anytime Jupiter (or Venus) change direction – Positivity increases.

And when the direction is forward momentum speeds up and implementation flows more easily.


Jupiter’s positive, expansive impact is especially strong now, so you’ll definitely be feeling good vibes this week – and next!

July 10 (10 = 1+0 = 1) signifies new beginnings – a totally fresh start.

A change of Jupiter’s direction at 13° in Scorpio means sweeping transformation is possible now… and by embracing changes fully, your confidence is guaranteed to soar.

Some new journey ultimately inspires you to OWN your happiness…

  • Jupiter direct makes you feel like there’s PLENTY more to go around.
  • You are blessed, lucky to be alive, and optimistic.
  • You know there are plenty of possibilities!
  • In fact, you expect opportunities – and are not surprised when they APPEAR!
  • You are grateful for how every part of your life is evolving…
  • You are tolerant and respectful of others, no matter what they believe.

Jupiter also governs law and justice – which is felt in present time.

Jupiter’s justice is lived, it is a way of being. Justice comes alive through the words you choose… what you decide to ACT on.

Jupiter’s focus on presence, wisdom and joy means that justice is not something you seek after a moment has transpired. Justice is being and doing what is honorable and of the highest vibration – in present time.

Jupiter is teaching us to focus on Divine Law – to love, forgive, embrace, live wisely and joyfully.

And with the imminent Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 13 (Universal Time), we are experiencing a positive “homecoming”.

Coming home to yourself is the happiest experience there is!

Jupiter and the New Moon Eclipse create a super fortunate double “Grand Trine” that carries tremendously positive energy into your life.

So focus on what works. And always align yourself to activities and people who resonate to you.

If you follow positive resonance, all the wealth / well-being in the world is yours.

NOTHING can stop you from being abundant and blessed.

Look for the signs.

Follow your OWN Jupiter code.

Jupiter plays a very special role in your life:

Jupiter signifies your personal prosperity zones.

Your astrology birth chart unlocks your unique Jupiter Wealth Code.

Discover yours here.

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. It’s the PERFECT time to discover your Jupiter Wealth Code! (Do so NOW and you’ll receive your blueprint in 5-7 days – while Jupiter starts its forward momentum again!

Kelly M. Beard: Weekly Forecast: July 8 – 14, 2018

Weekly Forecast: July 8 – 14, 2018

7/8 ~ Sun (authentic Self) ~trine~ Neptune (intuition):

This energy triggers your idealistic, altruistic inclinations, but remember that help has to be invited. But if you have the energy to share & to spare, then dedicate your Self to something greater than you. Choose a cause to support or help those less fortunate for the sheer pleasure of giving. If your energy is low at this time, it is better directed inward. If you can, take some extra time in intentional solitude, praying, meditating and connecting to Spirit this week, you will be rewarded with deep revelations & mystical discoveries within you. It’s a great time to do divinations, ritual or ceremony if you’re into that. Your intuition is heightened also, so pay attention to any ‘messages’ that come through or to you. Try to use this energy to reflect on where you are and dream a little about where you want to be, mentally, spiritually and physically in 6-months to a year from now.

7/9 ~ Mercury (expression) ~square~ Jupiter (truth):    (1 of 3:  7/9 ~ 8/11 ~ 8/28)

This energy challenges you to integrate your smaller vision with the larger vision for your life. On one hand, you can see the big picture in new ways, but on the other hand, you may not be very interested in the details that bring it about. This is another good one for expanding your consciousness and thinking outside the box, but as the insights come into your conscious awareness, be mindful of the steps it will take to make your ideas a reality. This activation is also great for course-corrections where your ideas are concerned and will open you up to learning something new or bring in a crucial piece of information, just keep in mind that you will have to stabilize anything you start and probably have to review some details down the road because of something you overlooked in your enthusiasm for the new Truth revealed from within.

7/10 ~ Jupiter Direct at 13* SCORPIO (since 3/8):

Jupiter goes Retrograde annually, providing an opportunity to check in with the Area of Life (House) where it is extending its stay. This year, it’s your Scorpio House, so rebirth & transformation is all part of it. Jupiter helps us learn & understand things on a deeper level, and in Scorpio, it is the deepest possible, Soul level. Review what has come into your conscious awareness during Oct – March because March – July 2018 will facilitate the review, and ultimate reconnection with your SoulSelf and your deepest, core beliefs. Once-in-12-years, we get to do this kind of renewing deep dive into how we channel our individual power to create our lives, based on what we believe to be possible (or not). It’s time to edit your personal Story and prepare to live your Truth at a more embodied level going forward. We have from now until 11/8 to anchor that expanded awareness & connection to SoulSelf, then Jupiter will enter Sag and move on to expand another realm of life for each of us.

7/11 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):

This energy is likely to bring a little excitement into your life, one way or another. This is a good time to do something different, try something new & consciously put your Self in situations where you have to improvise & think on your feet. We are in times of breaking old patterns and re-setting them in more positive, effective ways. You can still live your true values & priorities, but in new & different ways. This blessing from the Cosmos allows you to align with more personal authenticity, which in turn is infused into all that you love & treasure. Relationships will have an unusual energy to them; an established relationship may sparkle with some extra “spice” or a new relationship begun under this energy may be stimulating & unusual but probably short-lived too. This is not a bad thing! It’s perfect for experimenting with new ideas & expressions to see what your Heart aligns with. Use this energy to soak up some good energy from those who live on the fringes!

7/12 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

This energy can/will create very intense encounters with others, possibly revealing things about you which you may not have been aware of, misunderstood or have chosen to ignore thus far. This energy provokes power struggles and/or challenges with authority figures where you may have to stand up for yourself. It can also may make you more aggressive, intense or over-bearing than usual, creating or attracting these kinds of situations. If there are any problems within a relationship (personal or professional), this energy will force things out into the open. It will be much easier on you, if you can open a dialogue with the express purpose of clearing the air and proceeding to a new level in your relationship, by choice. Any aspect of your life that you have been “just getting by” will now DEMAND attention; you won’t be able to do anything less than a complete overhaul or replacement (this can be ANY area of your life but the Capricorn House in particular during years 2008-2024 due to Pluto’s extended stay). Let’s put it this way, any time Pluto is involved, there is usually complete destruction of the current (x-y-z) to make room for the new and improved. This will be by the Universe’s definition, but you get a vote, you can consciously choose too. Ultimately, this is a good, growth & development type of energy/activation, pushing you to the next level … ready or not, here you come so use the energies available to strengthen, fortify & prepare for your own personal transformation. Also consider your drives & direction about 6-months ago, and where you want to end up 6-months from now. This is an integration, that means a time when the depths of your Soul Self can commune & bond with your surface, personality, conscious Self. Like the conjunction (1.9.2018) about 6-months ago, this is about how you direct your personal power on your own behalf, and often, breakdowns precede breakthroughs.

7/14 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Saturn (stability & endurance):

This is a smooth, easy energy that you can work with consciously and yield incredible, even tangible, results. It’s a good time to define your terms where relationships are concerned because you are clear about your values & priorities. Based on your past choices & efforts, positive benefits & rewards are forthcoming. If you’ve avoided responsibility in your own relationships (public or private), then this energy can help get you back on track, with less pain & suffering than usual (when Saturn’s involved). If you can be practical about your own limits and realistic about what others bring to the table, then this energy also supports discussing forward movement, development or spiraling to a new, higher level in some way, as a team. Strategizing about the future, clarifying the vision of what will support & protect all involved and honoring the essence of life that runs throughout is deeply supported by these two getting together in an easy angle. Venus is also the energy of love & money, so it’s a good time to be objective and somewhat conservative where both your relationships & finances are concerned. With this interaction with Saturn, I would suggest outlining a reasonable relationship or financial goals for the next 3 – 6 – 12 months.

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

NorthPoint Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for July 9 to 15, 2018 By Pam Younghans

Photo: A summer’s midnight in northern Denmark on July 3, 2018
(photo by Ruslan Merzlyakov, RMS Photography, posted on apod.nasa.gov)

NorthPoint Journal

Aspects of Note this Week
MON: Mercury square Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo
TUE: Saturn trine Ceres,Jupiter goes direct, Pluto sesquiquadrate Ceres
WED: Venus trine Uranus, Saturn trine Juno, Venus quincunx Chiron
THU: Mercury quicunx Neptune, Sun opposite Pluto, Solar Eclipse/New Moon 7:47pm PDT (2:47am GMT on Friday)
FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Venus trine Saturn
SAT: Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto
SUN: Mars quincunx Ceres, Uranus square Pallas Athene, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn

ECLIPSE SEASON officially begins this week — although in truth, many have already been feeling and working with the potent energies. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon on Thursday is especially transformational, due to the close opposition between the Sun/Moon in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Anytime Pluto is involved in a major astrological event, we can expect profound shifts. In sharp contrast to its diminutive size, the dwarf planet usually packs a punch. Reactivity is increased, secrets are exposed, motivations are revealed, and power struggles are engaged under Pluto’s heightened influence.

THIS IS ALSO the first eclipse of a new eclipse series. Eclipses occur in a pair of opposing signs for about 18 months, and then move on to the next zodiac polarity. We had our first eclipse in Leo-Aquarius in early 2017, and this week’s Solar Eclipse is our first foray into the Cancer-Capricorn series, which fully takes over in 2019.

This means that new evolutionary imperatives are being established with this week’s eclipse. Watch for signs of new themes emerging, especially in the realms ruled by Cancer: children and motherhood, women’s issues, home and domestic concerns, emotional and psychic sensitivity, protectionism, and vulnerability.

WE ARE LIKELY to feel deeply sensitive and moody around the time of the eclipse. Emotions may swell up from deep inner levels, breaking through the surface of an otherwise calm sea. We can feel a profound nostalgia or longing, especially if our lives are not currently providing the kind of nurturing and support we need to thrive.

If this happens, it is an opportunity for us to check in and ask why we are not making choices that allow greater satisfaction. We can look to Pluto in Capricorn for some clues as to the answer to that question. Are we giving away our power to our career or other responsibilities, forgetting to take time for self-nurturing? Are we trying to live up to the demands of authority figures in our lives, in ways that undermine our self-care? Or are we giving away our power in some other way, and feeling emotionally depleted as a result?

THE OMEGA/CHANDRA symbolic system for the 360 degrees of the zodiac was channeled by John Sandbach in 2005. The Chandra symbol for the location of Thursday’s Solar Eclipse is “High up on a mountain, an eagle’s nest.” And the Omega symbol reads “A man milking a poisonous snake of its venom so that he can make an antidote.”

Interestingly, Mr. Sandback explains that both of these symbols actually represent spiritually healthy ways to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. The eagle protects itself not by withdrawing, but by choosing to “view life from a higher place, seeing the whole picture more clearly, and staying above the chaos, confusion, and negativity.” And the man milking venom from the snake protects by “turning negative into positive and finding benefit in places usually thought of as offering none whatsoever.”

Perhaps this eclipse is designed to help us become aware of one very specific way many of us give away our power — by getting overwhelmed by what we perceive as bad news and allowing it to eat away at our energy and faith.

I POSTED some words of wisdom from Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm on my Facebook page this week. It relates directly to this theme of “turning negative into positive,” so I am drawn to repeat it here:

“Just as walking in on someone in the middle of a surgery would not give us an indication of where the person is in the healing process or how things are going to turn out, the degree to which things look profoundly messy right now is not an indication that the situation is hopeless. It is a sign that we are deep into the healing, deep into the surgery.”

JUPITER GOES DIRECT on Tuesday, after traveling in reverse since March 8. Jupiter is associated with optimism and expansion, so its forward motion should help us begin to re-invigorate our belief in the future.

But, since Jupiter is in Scorpio, its shift into drive may also take us more deeply into dark landscapes where we first ventured earlier this year. Our headlights have already shone light into Scorpio’s shadowy realms of harassment and the misuse of power. And while we can conjecture about what might next be revealed once Jupiter starts moving forward, we may get more clues very soon with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, so strongly involved in Thursday’s eclipse.

A VERY SUPPORTIVE earth grand trine occurs this week, and is a strong factor in the Solar Eclipse chart. This configuration forms a harmonious triangle between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus and Juno in Taurus, and Venus and Ceres in Virgo.

Earth signs are very grounding, and this grand trine is a true gift during this eclipse season! The stabilizing force it provides can help us maintain our centerpoint, making it more possible for us to ride the energy wave of the eclipse without losing our balance. With relationship-oriented Venus, Juno, and Ceres involved, the grand trine can also bring forward opportunities to develop and maintain mutually supportive connections with others.

We’ll need to intentionally focus on this steadying influence, though, since the prevalent influence of this week’s Solar Eclipse is otherwise unstable. Trines do not demand anything of us in exchange for their gifts, but they do require that we consciously choose to align with their energy. If and when we do, we can take advantage of the grand trine’s increased resourcefulness, insight, and inspiration, combined with a practicality that can help us start to build new, more ideal forms.​

FOUR DAYS AND COUNTING! The live broadcast of my webinar/teleclass covering the next six months is this Thursday, July 12 — the same day as our first eclipse!

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IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are moving through a time of deep personal change that is transforming many areas of your life. Whether you are in the beginning stages of this process or are nearing the finish line, know that you have all the power you need within you. You are on a hero’s journey, and the strength you gain along the way will energize and support you in the years to come. Take advantage of every opportunity to release the past, as this will enable you to reinvent yourself and your life in new form.

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