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MICHIGAN & BRAZIL I Take My Hat Off To You!! | RIGHT To Be FREE! | Twilight Zone – AWAKENING!

Apr 18, 2020
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These are my thoughts regarding the current situation in the world. I would like to remind you all as I always do IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER TO REMAIN AND STAY POSITIVE. BY STAYING POSITIVE YOU ARE AT THE SAME TIME BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

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TWILIGHT ZONE | My Thoughts On The Current Situation | Prison? | Lies | WAKING UP & UNITY

Apr 13, 2020
My gorgeous people around the world please do remain positive throughout this difficult times, your own positivity will boost your immune system! On another hand all this will soon be over. Just remember: STAY STRONG! DON’T EVER LOSE YOUR HOPE! Love you! ♥️ #SpiritualAwakening #PsychicReading #PsychicForecast

Amie Harwick murder brings renewed demands for stronger stalking, domestic violence laws

Dr. Amie Harwick was as amazingly talented, intelligent and loving as she was beautiful. She was once engaged to Drew Carey. She was murdered by her stalker a few weeks ago on Valentine’s Day, in her home in Los Angeles. Her story is compelling, and because she was well known, it helps to shed light on a serious problem in our society. I know it is a dark and uncomfortable subject, but important to learn about and understand. Most of us know or have known people who were stalked, harassed and even murdered, like my cousin Patricia Gilmore was in 1979, right after I arrived in California.

After years of stalking by her ex-boyfriend, he got out of the state mental hospital on a Christmas furlough to see his kids. She was not notified even though he was in there for threatening her life. He went straight to her home, abducted her at gunpoint in front of her younger siblings, drove off and and murdered her with a machete. She was 26. It was the first televised trial in Massachusetts history.

I had a friend in California who was stalked by an unknown person. She wore wigs and disguises to work, but eventually had to work from home. Several other women in the office building were also stalked, before they discovered a guy working at the in-house copy center was behind it all. My friend, who was happily married, simply turned down a date request.

Often the stalker feels slighted or that their life has been ruined, and they seek revenge. The women who are victimized and threatened consequently live in fear and find little support or sympathy or even help from police. We need laws that better protect these women, and they need a support network of friends and family who can be there for them and watch out for them. ~PB

Amie Harwick murder brings renewed demands for stronger stalking, domestic violence laws

The Hollywood therapist was devoted to helping people.
Did the system do enough to protect her from her alleged killer?

The Hollywood therapist was devoted to helping people.
Did the system do enough to protect her from her alleged killer?
Amie Harwick murder brings renewed demands for stronger stalking, domestic violence laws

‘Pot dogs’ a growing concern for pet owners | Cape Cod Times



‘Pot dogs’ a growing concern for pet owners

ORLEANS — There’s a new drug crisis on Cape Cod and the Islands, and its victims may come as a surprise…


“…Dr. Daniel Hebert, originally from Dennis Port, is the owner of Duxbury Animal Hospital. He said a telltale sign that a dog has been poisoned by marijuana ingestion is dribbling urine, paranoia and twitchiness.

Walking with a “drunken gait,” if the dog can even walk at all, is also a major symptom, according to Rahilly.

It’s scary,” she said. “They often can’t walk, are vomiting and urinating. For an owner who doesn’t know what happened, they often think it’s a stroke….”

“..While eating marijuana plants and buds is harmful to dogs, edible cannabis products pose even more of a danger. They often resemble dog treats and have higher concentrations of THC. Many also are made with chocolate, another toxin for dogs…”

“It can be fatal, and that’s the scariest part,” Knepper said. “High concentrations can cause respiratory suppression and low blood pressure and lead to a fatality if not treated and monitored closely. It’s dose-dependent, so marijuana ingestion can be worse for smaller dogs.”

Jenny Schiltz: What can hold us back in the Ascension Process Part II

A Trek to Manchester-By-The-Sea On the Last Day of Summer

A Trek to Manchester-By-The-Sea On the Last Day of Summer | ForeverUnlimited

I have been on a good, steady, work flow routine,with massage clients every day,
and felt the need for a break.  It’s part of my intent to walk my talk and do more self-care,
so I can feel grounded and balanced, easily able to help my clients, without feeling depleted.
With all the energies and aspects hitting us lately, and personal changes,
I have not been able to sleep well, or long enough.
Sometimes it is good to get out of the city, away from normal routines,
in order to gain new perspective, decompress and unwind.
It’s late season, so the water on the North shore is cold, but of course I went in to refresh myself.
The ocean was clean and clear to the sandy bottom, the waves gentle, the winds slight and calm.

Glistening, soft waves…

Last day of Summer with a hint of Autumn…

View from the train…

Inner harbor…

Seaside commuter village…

Singing Beach, with sand that “squeaks”…

Rocky cliffs and islands…

So nice by the water…

Plenty of room on an off-season beach

Lots of benches for contemplation…

Groups who camp for the day tend to bring umbrellas…

Beach Roses remind me of childhood…

A protected harbor…


On the road again…

It gets dark so early!
Despite the warm day, we can really feel the change of season upon us.
So after grabbing a bite to eat in town (Lobster Roll special!),
I caught an early train (7:30 or so) back to Boston.
I’m glad I took this day, and after my Epsom salt bath, I feel sleepy early.
Early client tomorrow, for which I am grateful.

Our Counterpoint to the Mischief of the Dark Cabal by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Starship Earth is such an outspoken voice in the community. I felt it was especially important to reblog this. -PB

Our Counterpoint to the Mischief of the Dark Cabal

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I think it’s a good time to share words of wisdom from Sierra Neblina’s Facebook page.

Knowing and understanding what has transpired in France and elsewhere is one thing; getting sucked into fear and negativity is quite another.

We, as conscious Beings, have a choice, and I believe Sierra is correct.

Adding to the hate and violence–even in thought—only feeds the fire. We need to retain our detached positions of observation and feed the Light, instead, with positive intentions.

We are close to the resolution of this global problem. We know our Star Families are here to support us—there’s ample proof of that—but they can only do so much at this point.

As Drake reminded us on his show last Wednesday, they don’t like being shot at—so VISUAL disclosure is a ways off.

WE have to take responsibility for our current situation until the cabal is rendered impotent and the game changes.

Let us do whatever we can to advance toward the end of the suffering and our final liberation, and resist their attempts to distract us from what we came here to do.

The talking heads are very skilled in that regard, as this cartoon reminds us. Distraction has been so easy, but as the numbers of the Awakened swell, we are equipped to counteract their efforts.

France distraction

For those who think this kind of talk is new-age woo-woo, please consider that you have been deceived in every possible way as to the nature of the world you live in, as you may just be discovering now.

The truth about everything has been hidden to render you powerless to take your destiny into your own hands. The wonders of who you are have been smothered and strangled until you’ve almost given up hope.

You HAVE the power to change what IS; and together, unified, we can bring great change. 

The power of mass meditation has long been documented, and we cannot afford to ignore its benefits.

When I ponder it—I get delightful images of the Na’vi people in the movie ‘Avatar’, linked and swaying in perfect unison as their voices rose in their healing meditation.

That is the way the Universe works. One people. One thought. Peace.  ~ BP


Sierra NeblinaSierra Neblina

BREAKING: To all my friends…

Please, now is the time during the violence happening in France, to focus our conscious Light and Intention towards this situation. Resist the urge to fall into fear around this. Resist the urge to want to fight or defend.
NOW is the time for LOVE- NOW is the time for LIGHT – NOW is the time to take your place as Conscious Creators of the New Earth.
PLEASE RISE UP IN LIGHT. Focus your clear intention that this will cease. Focus your attention towards healing the wounds of this for the people and the impact this has on the collective consciousness.
If there are any people or meditation groups who are witnessing this, this is the time to gather and send your light. We cannot afford as a nation, country or sovereign people to engage in anything other than peace.
Let us stand and send our love and support to the families that are impacted right now and lay down our urge to fight anything. This is a symptom of a much larger issue and if we do not feed the beast it will die away. Please share with your family and friends.
Much love
Sierra Neblina