Delete Facebook? Or, Here’s How To Clean Up Those Spying Facebook Apps March 30, 2018 by Richard Small Stop Facebook Tracking You

Delete Facebook? Or, Here’s How To Clean Up Those Spying Facebook Apps
March 30, 2018 by Richard Small
Stop Facebook Tracking You

It’s time to check the apps that have access to track your data. Follow these steps below and you’ll suddenly discover a trove of applications that have access to different types of data. What is most concerning to me–and it might be quite concerning to you, too– is that for some of the applications listed, I know for a fact I’ve never installed or granted access EVER! Yet there they are…. siphoning off my data.

In this article we’ll look at those magically siphoning apps. We’ll tell you how to download your Facebook data so you can review what’s being stored on you. I’ll bet it’s more than you realized and …still… you won’t see all the information they have on you…..

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message – March 30, 2018

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message
March 30, 2018

The vibrations are picking up quite quickly and are already having an effect that is noticeable. There is a mood change amongst people that is resulting in a more peaceful approach to world matters. Sympathy for those who are needy and live in poor conditions has grown, and the oneness of the Human Race is being understood and appreciated. There is a coming together of those who have at times been arch enemies. At last the futility of war and its consequent outcome is being seen as unacceptable, and there is a movement towards mutual cooperation. There are opportunities arising for settling old issues in a way that is acceptable to all who are involved.

The outcome will to some extent depend on who is leading the changes, as with the right people becoming involved who can understand all aspects of them, acceptable proposals can be offered that satisfy all of them. As the Legions of Light draw nearer and nearer to Earth so their presence has more influence upon your actions. It means that as time passes the negative energies will have less impact, and that you can look forward to more actions that bring peace to Earth. There are now certainly more souls on Earth that are working for the Light and they do have more influence than their predecessors, plus the will to be successful as was predicted long ago.

The build up of Light will continue and it is speeding up so that events come along much faster than ever before. At the same time it is revealing long held secrets of the dark Ones and their evil practices. However, as much as they try they will be unable to stop the truth coming out, and there will be nowhere to hide and avoid being held responsible for their actions. There is no escape even if they leave the Earth before justice can take place. Understand that either way, on or off Earth they will answer for their actions. Criminals often believe they can avoid justice, but there is no hiding place so you do not have to worry about the outcome. It is fair and intended to rehabilitate them and it continues in subsequent lives until lessons have been learnt. It is therefore quite wrong to look upon it as a punishment.

Naturally if a soul has an awakening and so to say “turns over a new leaf” then the karmic outcome can be lessened, but there are still lessons to be learnt. Sometimes karma can be forgiven so it is up to the soul to make reparations as soon as they understand the error of their ways. It also involves making sure they acknowledge the Light and show their intent to change, and then all the help they might need is made available to them. As souls of freewill you alone are responsible for your actions, .and understanding the truth of them. It is essential to spiritual growth so as to avoid a repetition, and the repaying of karma that has resulted in harm to others. It is a fact that when a soul has seen the Light, they sometimes have a conversion and a complete change of character.

A great future awaits you and it will soon start in earnest as some major changes will truly propel you into the New Age. Eventually you will no longer have to share your lives with those who would continue to deny you your rights, as they will be removed and placed where they can no longer interfere with your lives. It will ensure a happy and satisfying experience from thereon, as by then you will have considerably advanced yourselves. So you have everything to gain by applying yourselves to the task in hand, and let nothing deflect you from your path to Ascension. You have come a long way since you first set out on your journey and now at last it is coming to an end, as you head for the higher dimensions of Light.

The best approach at present is if possible to ignore what is going on around you and concentrate on your own evolution, knowing that all is going to work out well. Your waiting will be well rewarded and you will find that all of expectations will be fulfilled. The outcome of Ascension is both fair and just as all souls have had equal opportunity to raise their vibrations, and none lose out. Your next stage of evolution is carefully planned so that your progress occurs in an orderly manner, and each soul is helped according to their capabilities. Obviously some souls need more time to absorb the information they are given, so you go forward at your own pace and no one is expecting more of you than you are capable of. In reality there is no time such as you understand it, as all is in the “now”.

It must seem strange to you that your present reality is somewhat like a dream state, although it all seems perfectly real. It is all the result of the power of thought and even now the Human Race has a hand in manifesting the changes. Where you place your energy will determine the nature of the changes from your existing conditions. The battle between the Light and dark continues but because the vibrations are lifting, the negative energies no longer have the degree of power they had before the New Age commenced. The dark Ones are like a toothless Tiger, they sound frightening but are not the danger to Mankind that they used to be. Many of them have realised that “the game is up” and flee from justice to avoid answering for their crimes against Humanity. It will be to no avail as every soul will eventually answer for their actions, but as stated previously not in way subject to punishment but helped to overcome their negativity.

When in a personal relationship also realise that you have been brought together because you have something to offer each other. One that is fraught with problems is a way of testing your patience and ability, but all experiences are set up so that those involved all learn from it. Some doubt that your experiences are largely planned but are set in such way as to give you every opportunity to gain from them so that you do not need the same one again. However, with your freewill you may stray from your path and as a result might incur more karma, meaning that you will have to go through certain experiences again. From your perspective it will seem complicated and even unlikely but be assured that your Guides will inspire you to follow your life plan.

Do not dwell on the past it is already old and is moving aside for the new energies to take its place. With it will come everything that is positive and very acceptable as you are lifted up by the higher vibrations. You have earned the advantages that are coming your way and in reality you will not have too long to wait for their manifestation.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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Libra Full Moon March 31 A New Life Purpose Kelley Rosano Published on Mar 21, 2018

Libra Full Moon March 31 A New Life Purpose
Kelley Rosano
Published on Mar 21, 2018

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Blue Moon Full Moon in Libra March 31st, 2018 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

Blue Moon Full Moon in Libra March 31st, 2018 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel
Pamela Georgel
Published on Mar 27, 2018

Earth 2:04, Water 6:27, Fire 10:19, Air 14:19

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Full Moon in Libra – Blue Moon of BIG Opportunities! – Tania Gabrielle

Full Moon in Libra – Blue Moon of BIG Opportunities! – Tania Gabrielle

On March 31 at 1:37 pm UT (London), 8:37 am EST (New York), 5:37 am PDT (Los Angeles) a dynamic Libra FULL Moon brings March to a rousing close!

31 is what I call the “genius number” – awakening your uniqueness – and with the Sun and Moon at 10° this Full Moon is designed to awaken new feelings that deepen your understanding of an important part of your life – especially regarding intimate relationships.

Watch the new Full Moon Forecast for the exciting details!

Jacqueline Lasahn: Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a Chance

Jacqueline Lasahn: Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a Chance

March 29, 2018

Illustrator Ernst Kreidolf” by Will is licensed under CC

A lifetime is not what is between
the moments of birth and death.
A lifetime is one moment
Between my two little breaths.
The present, the here, the now,
That’s all the life I get.
I live each moment in full,
In kindness, in peace, without regret.
Chade Meng, Taoist poet

Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a Chance
See that Full Moon. It’s her time to shine.
Complexities are highlighted.
Hierarchical jousting,
there is pressure from all sides.

She walks a tightrope.
Torn between her head and her belly.
Mediating towards equilibrium
in a shifting equation
of intensity, responsibility and extremes.
Cooperation is key.

The Moon is singing:
Give Peace a Chance.
Moon in Libra, It’s her time to shine,
in the matrix of planets in a tense design.

“As this life is not a gate, but the horse plunging through it.” Jane Hirshfield

As this life is not a gate but the horse plunging through it. 200×300 – Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a ChanceGet up and go!
Hold back, be responsible.

Too fast, too slow?
Do it now, wait and see. Be careful.

Hurry up, now is the time.
Stay steady and plan ahead.

Follow impulse. Jump to it.
Impatience at the wheel.

Restraint and adherence to the rules.
Stick with it and don’t give up.

“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in the heart.” Marcel Morin

Libra FM 2018.bmp 300×300 – Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a ChanceLibra Full Moon
March 31, 2018 5:36 am PDT

This lunation culminates in a cardinal t-square which usually indicates crisis with excitement and challenge. Aries impatience chafes with Capricorn’s caution and reserve. Anger arises. Control is displayed. Agitation, discussions and negotiations. Ambition, desire and ideals.

Venus in Taurus (Venus rules both Libra and Taurus) adds a solid voice for slowing down with pleasure, as well as gravitating towards practical and creative solutions. Libra is drawn towards talking about co-creating balance, harmony and cooperation. Aries challenges and asserts individuality. The full moon vibe reaches new levels as Mercury retrograde (Aries) reaches an inferior conjunction with the Sun on April 1, followed by Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn on April 2. These aspects will be eye-opening, How is this showing up in your life?

Discern what you want and what you need, claim your authority and take action responsibly. Notice what is your focus. Where are you grounded? This is a turning point. There are choices and decisions to be made.

Would you like support in slowing down in a luscious, safe and supportive way so that you can deeply rest, integrate and embody an inner spaciousness?? I am offering a new event in Oakland – Sonic Tonic: Restorative Yoga Elixir with Tibetan Bowls. Details on my Event page (click here to access)!

A lifetime is not what is betweenthe moments of birth and death.

– Libra Full Moon: Give Peace a Chance☽ Libra Full Moon Contemplations ☼

Where do I need to resist or persist or let go?

How may I be an agent for change aligned with peace and harmony?

What is being triggered inside of me? What am I really angry about?

How may I use my will with intention, courage and steadfastness?

“Thanks so much again for my reading. I loved your micro and macro, past, present and future overviews. The key Saturn-influenced dates as turning points in my life were uncanny, unnerving, and resonated well with my recollection of events. I would like to sit with this reading, reflect and then follow up in two months with some specific questions.” Maureen White, Sacramento, CA

Are you drawn towards learning more so that you can be attuned to your unique cycles in this new year? I offer deep and compassionate insight that is tailored to your specific needs and interests.

2764 – Taurus Full Moon: Essential Values Learn about how an astrology reading can you help you:
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“grasshopper, Illustrator Ernst Kreidolf” by Will is licensed under CC BY 2.0. “Horse racing event” by Tsutomu Takasu and “Rush hour” by Patrik Jones are licensed under CC BY 2.0 and modified by Jacqueline Lasahn.

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Celia Fenn: We are coming up for the Full Moon in Libra/Blue Moon tomorrow.

Celia Fenn:

We are coming up for the Full Moon in Libra/Blue Moon tomorrow.

Libra is all about Balancing and ensuring that we bring our inner Masculine and Feminine into balance at this beautiful and powerful Moon Gate. Libra also brings in the Goddess energies of Beauty and Harmony and the Joy of Sacred Union and Sacred Marriage as the Divine Masculine and Feminine come together into a Blissful Union. The Blue Moon intensifies these energies.

Of course, it is also Easter and Good Friday today, so the energy of the Divine Masculine through Yeshua is very powerful. Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of the Christ, and it is a powerful symbol of the ending of the old ways and the birth of the new. Yeshua was an Avatar who showed the way towards the new Ascended Being or Christed Diamond Being. His Union with Mary Magdalene is the symbol of the coming together of these Sacred Energies in the service of the Divine Light and of the forward evolution of Humanity.

At this time when we are receiving powerful waves of transformative energies that are leading us towards ReGenesis and the New Earth, we can also feel the rising inner power that will birth the New and our place in the New Earth.

So, as we feel the waves and transmissions of energy, it is good to simply allow the waves and trust that all will be well. This energy will clear away the old and will birth what is needed for the New Earth.

It is a time to focus our intention on Peace and Beauty on Earth, no matter what is happening in the old 3D reality. Focus on the New Earth and the incoming frequencies of Love, Peace, Creativity and Joy.

❤ ❤ ❤

3.29 – OIG&FISA/New Pizzagate Instagram Pics/NXIVM/Solar Shift & UFO Sightings|Destroying the Illusion


3.29 – OIG&FISA/New Pizzagate Instagram Pics/NXIVM/Solar Shift & UFO Sightings

Destroying the Illusion

Published March 29, 2018

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The people you trusted are now hijacking the internet.

Knowledge is power. NWO /Deep State Agenda: The people you trusted are now hijacking the internet. Just the facts, 1947-2018… I’m pretty sure there’s something in here everyone’s not going to like, so think about it in terms of Deep State versus We the People. This is a gathering of facts, names, and dates that demonstrate the New World Order / Deep State takeover, or how the United States of Surveillance got to be in the mess it is in today.


Let the page download then scroll back to the beginning for navigation links to different years where everything is documented in detail, in meme form, explaining how it all came about, and who the major players are.


I can’t say I’m shocked, because as a Truther, I already knew a lot of this stuff, but if you only follow mainstream news and opinions, prepare to be shocked by these facts. While they distract you with the latest “scandals” and concocted “nefarious connections”, you miss the deeper truth of what has transpired in this country.


May Truth Come to Light, May it Awaken Humanity, and let the chips fall where they may, regardless of partisan politics. We the People want transparency and accountability in government. #FullDisclosure




NWO / Deep State Agenda: The people you trusted are now hijacking the internet. Just the facts, 1947-2018...

Findings of Fact, Timeline & Database

Pay-to-Play New World Order
People you trusted are now
hijacking the Internet
The Greatest Financial Crime in the History of the World
The Theft of the Social Networking Invention
Clear Evidence of Pay-to-Play Public Corruption
Search the entire Americans for Innovation database of actionable intelligence: