What Happens After the Lionsgate Portal ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

What Happens After the Lionsgate Portal ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Aug 8, 2021
Daniel Scranton
23.5K subscribers

What Happens After the Lionsgate Portal ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are in a constant state of lucid dreaming where we exist in the nonphysical, ninth-dimensional realm. We can create and experience anything that we want and have it be instantaneous, because of the lack of density. It’s not a complete lack of density, but from your perspective there would be none. It is still the case for us that we want to have certain experiences. We want to create, and then we want to experience what we create, and it’s just easier where we are because there is no time lag. We see, feel, and experience everything immediately after its conception.

You are moving closer and closer to that experience on your world every day, and one of the many benefits of this Lionsgate portal being open is that the time lag is shorter for all of you, and it always will be from this point forward. That is the direction you are all moving in at all times, but you are getting a much bigger boost from this particular Lionsgate portal opening because all of us in the higher realms have decided that it was time for people to really know the truth that what they put out energetically will come back to them. And when those turnaround times are sped up, you can get a bit more particular about what you put out. It is time for you to realize what’s happening, in addition to of course realizing who you really are as Source Energy Beings, as beings of unconditional love who create one hundred percent of your reality. That is all very important as well, and as you move forth from this Lionsgate portal, you will notice that manifestations are coming to you sooner and sooner.

And so, it really does behoove you to pay attention to what’s going on inside of you, since many of you are spending a lot more time inside your homes now, and you tend to turn on your devices to see what’s going on, you are much more easily influenced into believing in a reality or a future reality. And that really doesn’t serve you now that manifestation times are speeding up, because most of what is written about your future is not positive. People are seeing down timelines filled with doom and gloom, or they are just making things up because they want to be important.

We tell you that you are important as Source Energy Beings and that you can create your reality, and yet some of you still look for what so-and-so is saying will happen. It’s time to stop doing that and start taking responsibility for what you create. And again, things speeding up will help you accomplish that goal. You are going to get better and better at focusing and manifesting, and we are going to watch you like proud parents from high above, realizing that we played a small role in getting you to where you are going. But we will give you the vast majority of the credit, because you are the ones living those challenging lives there on Earth and having to experience so much to grow as fast as you need to grow to complete the shift to the fifth dimension.

And we know you will. We have no doubt about it, even with all the doom and gloom predictions that are meant to sway you in a particular direction that you were never meant to go in, but everyone there on Earth right now can course correct and choose the better-feeling timeline that’s lighting up in front of all of you and paying attention to what’s going on inside of you is the key, as always, to living that better life, and you can also create a better future for your fellow humans while you are at it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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AstrologerCoach: New Moon in Leo, August 2021

New Moon in Leo, August 2021

Aug 1, 2021
17.5K subscribers


Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events: * New Moon in 16º of Leo (exact on Aug. 8th, 2021 at 9:50am EDT) * All about the Leo-archetype 1:45
* Mercury aligns with the New Moon in Leo 3:46
* Mercury in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius 6:04
* Two Quincunxes pointing towards one planet — YOD 8:45
* Mercury in Leo is the Focus point of a YOD aspect involving Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces 9:10
*Uranus in Taurus (Uranus is stationing/exalted until Sept. 2nd, goes Retrograde on Aug. 19th) 12:47
* The New Moon in Leo & Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 15:12
* Solution of any T-Square — empty leg, this T-Square: Scorpio is the empty leg 19:47
* The New Moon trines Chiron in Aries 25:01
* Mars in Virgo squares the Moon Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius 28:58
* To sum it all up for this New Moon 36:14
* Best and most potent time for setting Intentions 40:18
* Do you have an Ascendant (or any personal planets) in 14-18 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio? 38:50

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Pam Georgel: New Moon in Leo August 8th 2021 Psychic Crystal Reading

New Moon in Leo August 8th 2021 Psychic Crystal Reading by Pam Georgel

Aug 4, 2021
Pamela Georgel
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Earth 3:36 Water 9:24 Fire 15:11 Air 21:50

Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 19 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world.

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Edited by Daniel Georgel Intro filmed and edited by Nicholas Georgel

Molly McCord: 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Energies and Leo New Moon ~ Podcast + Leo New Moon ♌ – New Life and Higher Potentials Opening Up Now

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Energies and Leo New Moon ~ Podcast

Jul 26, 2021
Molly McCord
116K subscribers

A powerful surge of energy is coming through during the Leo New Moon that coincides with the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal energies, which connect us with higher frequency downloads. Moving forward is a must, and there will be separations in energies that are not in alignment or on the same growth trajectory at this time. The third eye, heart and solar plexus chakras are receiving powerful integrations of higher love and openings in order to connect you more fully with your path. Whatever is expired, rusty, out of date, or only in the ego will fall away because the Universe is needing more love and light on the planet now. Much more to share in this podcast episode. 2019

Lion’s Gate Message ~ https://youtu.be/P6a3RewSssg

The Galactic Center ~ Sign up here to access the free online platform with channeled messages:


Leo New Moon ♌ – New Life and Higher Potentials Opening Up Now

Jul 24, 2021
Molly McCord
116K subscribers

The Leo New Moon on 8/8 is a powerful opening into more of what you want, need, and are ready to create in your life at a deep level of your being. Powerful heart openings are happening that return you to what is true and genuine for you, which provides balance to the strong Aquarius energies of 2021. The Universe picks up on the vibration of your solar plexus and heart chakra, and asks you to intentionally create the life you want now from this energy field. Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus is squaring both the Sun and Moon at 16 degrees Leo, adding strong potentials for change, breaking out, breaking through, and releasing yourself from where you’ve been stuck, stagnant, or resisting a part of yourself or your life. Movement is happening!

How To Find a Degree Point In Your Astrology Chart: https://youtu.be/m2wmzgRJoqY

2021 Lionsgate Portal Energies – https://youtu.be/wgTCZdNwxDY

2019 Lionsgate Portal Energies: https://youtu.be/P6a3RewSssg

Tania Gabrielle: 8.8. LION’S GATE ~ Creation + Infinite Flow [Astrology Numerology Forecast] + 8.8 Leo New Moon [Aug 8]

8.8. LION’S GATE ~ Creation + Infinite Flow [Astrology Numerology Forecast]

Aug 3, 2021
Tania Gabrielle
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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and Astro-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names, dates and numbers to facilitate wealth (well-being) and joy with a primary focus on sharing spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.

8.8 Leo New Moon [Aug 8] Astrology Numerology Forecast

Jul 27, 2021
Tania Gabrielle
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Elizabeth April: Lions Gate Portal Activation & Live Channelling (Elizabeth April 8/8 2021) -REPLAY

Lions Gate Portal Activation & Live Channelling
(Elizabeth April 8/8 2021)

Streamed live 64 minutes ago
Elizabeth April
130K subscribers

Hey Team!! I will be live channelling the energy of lions gate and the information coming through for us at this time.

I have also downloaded a technique of 3D release and 5D manifestation, please show up either live or after with these materials:
– Small piece of paper
-Pen or pencil
-Sage or something to clear energy with
-A lighter
-Your soul 🙂

See you all then!


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