Jennifer Hoffman: April 2017 Energy Report

If you’re reading this you got through the month of March and through our first  power period of 2017 that lasted 3 whole months. It has been quite the wild ride and rather unpleasant at times. But to be honest we did not start 2017 with new energy, as the year began with the same retrograde energy as January 2016 and we have been completing old cycles since this year started. The new cycle beginning in April takes us farther down the ascension journey even if it involves having both Venus and Mercury retrograde which is an asset now, and not a liability as April’s keyword is eliminate and that’s a very beneficial thing for us to do that retrogrades are very supportive of.

In April life can take on a new dimension as we are much farther in the 3D/5D integration than we have ever been before. This is new, uncharted territory and I mean that in every sense of the word.

It’s new because we have never achieved this level of integration, community, and awareness before, even in Atlantis. It’s uncharted because there’s no karma to guide us on a pre-destined and predetermined path, which is what we are used to. These new paradigms are creation-based, not karma based. So the pre-populated life we have been born into no longer exists once we cross that 4D bridge and that may take some getting used to.

We leave our karma on the 4D bridge as we integrate more of the 5D energy into our energy fields. Without karma we have no destiny to deal with and without destiny we are in full creation mode. The only thing that blocks our creation is the presence of our echoes, the energetic cords and connections from the past that stay with us, even after we have finished our release work and think we are all done with them.

If we focus on release there can be some residual connection left, a sort of echo that reminds us of what we had, what we hoped for, and what we were expecting out of that connection. That echo is a strong energy that can bind us to a person or situation for many years, especially when it is part of a karmic life issue or past life connection. Those connections tend to stick like glue and even when we intentionally release cords and connections, we still have a sticky residue that remains which can keep that situation in our energy field for a long time, until we eliminate it.

The next step beyond releasing is eliminating (which is not like terminating). The word eliminate means to remove or get rid of. If releasing loosens the energetic ties that bind us, then elimination gets rid of them entirely, along with all of the sticky energy they contain. If you have had a life situation that ended badly, unexpectedly, or in an unsatisfactory way, and you’re still angry, upset, regretful, or resentful about it, this is the month to eliminate that situation and its echoes and sticky energy, and we have both Venus and Mercury retrograde to help us.

That’s why the theme for April is ‘eliminate’, which is different from release. The word release means to loosen something, so when we release we are loosening the cords, the knots, the ties, and the energy that holds our connections together and makes them possible. The word eliminate means ‘to turn out, to get rid of’ as in putting something outside. When we get full closure with someone or something, we are beyond loosening the cords, we are ready to put them outside the boundaries of our energy field. And if we want to achieve full wholeness and congruence, elimination is what we need to do.

Venus has been in retrograde since January 30 and the final shadow ends on May 18, after it turns direct on April 15 (tax day in the US).  Venus, while it is said to represent love, actually represents value and what we value in our lives, how we create value and want others to value us. This retrograde brings those issues to light and these are difficult lessons for us because we want people to love and value us, which means we want their approval. So we can expect some elimination here as we may have to go over some old, painful memories about how we share our energy, what we want from others, and where we have been de-valuing ourselves, or not respecting our value, to get them.

It is in Aries, the sign of the pioneer and new beginnings, retrograding into Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. In a way this retrograde takes us into the future and then back into the past to clear out the blocks and limitations that prevent that future from happening the way we want it to.  And Venus is ‘exalted’ in Pisces, an astrology term meaning the sign it is strongest and most powerful in, so this retrograde is especially powerful and aligned with the purpose of this part of our ascension cycle, to clear out the blocks on our path, which we have been dealing with since January 1 and for many years before too.

Then we have Mercury retrograde this month, with a shadow period that began on March 15 and ends on May 21. Mercury is in Taurus (ruled by Venus), going back to Aries and it’s also going to give us lessons in value and developing patience. Mercury in Aries can be quick to act and slow to consider the consequences so we’re getting lessons on intentional action, on allowing outcomes to manifest instead of pushing things forward, and to ensure that we are doing things that we value in ways that are important to us.

On the same day that Mercury retrogrades Saturn begins its retrograde station. It has nearly reached the end of its journey in Sagittarius, now it moves backwards along those same degrees to help us with our elimination work. Saturn is the relentless teacher and disciplinarian, the one that forces us to stay with our lessons until we are finished. Its retrograde lasts until August 21 where it will station direct on the day of the big eclipse in late Leo.

The issue of value becomes important in the context of 2017’s theme, Divine Congruence. When we bend over backwards and dim our energy and light to get others to approve of or to value us, we are not congruent or aligned with our own energy. We’ll have opportunities to get clear on that in April as we see where this is happening and can make appropriate adjustments. This might include shining the light of reality on old hopes and wishes and eliminating those that you know are past their ‘use by’ date.

One very strong aspect we have in April, and it lasts all month, is Venus and Chiron in Pisces are both square Saturn. This is a harsh aspect that will bring up a lot of past issues around your own wounds and how they have been magnified in your relationships. The broken hearts, betrayals, unmet expectations, giving and not receiving anything in return, trying to ‘heal’ others, and wanting to save them from their pain or from themselves will be brought to the forefront.

If you are experiencing that just remember it is part of your own journey from  healing into wholeness so you can experience congruence in your life, which is also the theme for 2017. It’s all part of the journey, and the closer we get to completing this part the more we get squeezed to let go of those last drops of density out of our energy field. Remember this is an integration and not a takeover, and 5D is integrating into 3D. While that will dis-integrate a lot of 3D energy which will leave, we are bringing heaven on earth and that means exactly what it says. Heaven is not taking over, and the ego is not dying. We are integrating higher frequencies into the density of 3D, dis-integrating it so we can create new levels of energetic alignment.

But there is more to April as we have a full moon on the 11th that  activates the big planetary aspects we have been under since 2012 and the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 to 2015. The April 26 new moon is in Taurus, inviting us to sit back and contemplate the next steps as we prepare for the month of May, which is symbolic of fertility, growing things, and celebration of the end of winter and the cold weather.

And we have the ongoing Uranus/Eris conjunction, at the degree of the April 11 full moon, which is creating so much discord in the world and it’s very close to the transformation juggernaut Pluto, so the craziness you see in the world will continue as the pendulum that has gone way too far in one direction will swing back to a more manageable center. And if you feel a lot of up and down energy this month, try to stay grounded and in your own energetic space. Awareness of our energetic sovereignty is what will see us through all challenges and it powers this ascension cycle, driving it farther, faster, and higher.

We’re bringing in waves of energy now and the 3D energy gaps are very big as the chaos of the 3D dis-integration creates new spaces for 5D energy to enter. We have won this battle and the war, now we just need to clean up the mess (which we have divine support to do) so we can regroup after March and align with new and more powerful outcomes in April. Shine on, the world is awakening to its truth, one light at a time. Have a wonderful  month, make it a good one.


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Kate Spreckley: Energy Report – March / April 2017

Energy Report – March / April 2017


We have reached a turning point, one that marks the crossing over into a new cycle of being. The beginning of this new cycle is marked by the Equinox on March 20th / 21st and is indicative of the new reality we will now inhabit. A new reality, which is the culmination of all the many, many shifts, changes and transformations that we have endured. This new cycle is the realization and actualization of your true divine self.

The first three months of 2017 have been a time of cleaning up and clearing out all that is no longer need. In this time you have descended into the depths of your soul to access your hidden qualities. You have ascended into elevated aspects of your being to gather expanded states of consciousness. You have shifted timelines and crossed dimensions retrieving long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have accepted your grief, your pain and your suffering. You have healed, realigned and reunited these aspects so that you may move forward unhindered by your past.

You are now in the midst of creating a new life, one that honors difference, accepts individuality, embraces creativity and allows balance. You are weaving a new world into existence. A world that unites all aspects of your being and enables you to truly feel and experience life from the center point of your soul. The next three months will involve a period of rejuvenation, which will accelerate your soul’s embodiment process. With this acceleration your personal growth and spiritual development will rapidly increase. You will travel beyond confusion and into the light of clarity. You will awaken to your soul’s truth and begin to know yourself as whole in the midst of all that life has to offer.

The incoming energies are fully activating your original divine blueprint and releasing your pure essence. The unique codes of light and energy, which define your soul, are shifting the patterns of subtle energies that have shaped your soul’s form and experiences. With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding and linking you to multidimensional consciousness. Your ability to see, hear and feel truth is being enhanced, enabling you to step fully into your soul’s consciousness. Clarity and wisdom are emerging, which is helping you to being creating a new life filled with the light of your soul.

If you can imagine that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, then you can understand that the new reality you are inhabiting also contains a divine blueprint. This divine blueprint reveals its self as you surrender control of your reality to your soul. As you do this your place and your purpose in the new reality begins to emerge and you are able to fully actualize your own divine blueprint. You are then able to work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate reality.

In April of 2017 the energy of rejuvenation and renewal will come in to sooth and to heal any remaining mental anguish and control issues you may have. You will need to surrender to your soul, which will enable you to enter into its inner sanctuary and ignite the seeds of wisdom germinating therein. These seeds of light and energy contain the inspiration and insights you need to rekindle the awakening of your soul’s gifts.

Connecting with these gifts initiates a journey into your soul’s mysterious depths. In these depths you will unveil your soul’s divine messages and find your way to greater self-knowledge. As you access this knowledge you will discover your true nature, your purpose, the dreams, prayers and hopes your soul has for this life. You will remember that your soul is also a keeper of divine wisdom and truth. You will come to understand that no real separation exists when you are in constant communion with your soul. Your soul then becomes a sacred sanctuary where your body, mind, heart and spirit can truly merge aiding you in becoming an embodiment of divine love.

In the coming months you are encouraged to dive into the depths of your soul, to unlock the sacred messages of your divine blueprint and to immerse yourself in its flowing light and energy. It is this that will support you in embracing the many blessings of this new reality, as well as the shifts and changes you will be required to make.

Jennifer Hoffman: March 2017 Energy Report

Historically March has been said to ‘come in like a lion’ and it will. Let’s hope the second half of that sentence also applies, ‘it goes out like a lamb’ although I think, with all of the activity we are going to see this month, it may be a very big, toothy lamb.  So far this year we have been processing energy on every front and if you’re tired because you aren’t sleeping at night, you have been enduring the hurricane of energy shifts and downloads that have marked the year, this is not the month to sit down and rest. Rather, since it opens with the resonance from the year’s most powerful new moon solar eclipse on  February 26,  with powerful Mars energy and a Venus retrograde, there will be periods of big action and equally big inaction. And we have the equinox in March, and an interesting opposition of planets in Aries, the first sign, and Pisces, the last sign. It’s the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. March has two concurrent themes that will be running side by side all month, what has ‘gone to seed’ and is now finished and what is ready to take root and sprout, both appropriate themes for the month that celebrates spring.

March opens with an active Mars energy as it faces off in a variety of aspects with several of the big planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto that are both easy and challenging. This inspires us to move forward but we still have some clearing out to do and as we do we make room for more of the 5D energy to arrive. It is pouring in now, which is why you may feel great one moment, and terrible the next. We’re going to be in energy alignment, integration, and balancing mode all month.

Venus goes retrograde this month and it won’t go out of its retro mode until the end of April.  This happens once every two years and I have noticed that there are many more relationship issues in a year when Venus is retrograde. This retrograde happens in Aries, a sign Venus is not comfortable in, as it’s a sign of its detriment, in astrological terms. It will retrograde back into the last degrees of Pisces, its sign of exaltation (where it is most powerful), at the degree of February 1 so once again we move forward a few steps, then back a few steps.

Venus rules value and beauty and in Aries this can get personal. Our challenge is to know our own value this month and not base that on whether others find us valuable. Is our search for acceptance also a desire for approval, to know that we are worthy and deserving of someone’s love without considering what that approval costs us, in terms of our time, energy, and effort? So often we try to gain approval from someone who is tapped out as far as their approval energy, they have no more to give us. It’s a month for self awareness, self value, and self love, and Aries, as the first sign, is all about the self.

At the same time we continue with the Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries although Mars will move forward into the next sign, Taurus, which is Venus’ sign, in March. We had this conjunction throughout February, ushering in the divine feminine and divine masculine awakening. This continues in March as we learn and implement new definitions for this new paradigm and with Mars and Venus in mutual reception, in each others’ signs, we’ll have support for our new paradigm even if it comes at the cost of giving up our desire from those who can’t, don’t, or won’t value, love, or respect us. The divine in us doesn’t require approval from others but it does require self acceptance, and that is one thing we will be working on with this Venus retrograde.

And we have a new aspect in play this month, that of being the bridge between dimensions. This is not about standing on the 4D bridge ushering people across, this is about bridging the material and spiritual worlds, and finding our comfort zone in both. While we’re comfortable in the spiritual world because it feels better to us, we must find the same level of comfort in the material world.

We have long waited for the veil between the worlds to dissolve and it has been gone for several years now.  Although highly spiritual people find the material world difficult and challenging, the 5D energy integration requires us to learn to operate in 3D at a higher level. This is the ‘heaven on earth’ soul mission we have all been completing since our first incarnation. Every day brings us closer to its completion but that’s not because we reject the material world for the spiritual. Instead, we bring our spiritual energy to a material world that is hungry for greater spiritual meaning and presence.

We have a willing audience that is seeking new meaning and purpose as the illusion of 3D dis-integrates and its domination and control agenda dissolves. We will see more secrets and hidden agendas come to light this month and continuing through August. As the old 3D support systems fall away they must be replaced with the new 5D frequencies and that is where the bridge people must step up. What kind of bridge are you, a creaky unstable one that is falling apart from lack of use, or a sleek, strong one that invites people to cross over it with confidence? How confident are you with the material world and how grounded are you in both realities? That’s going to be a big test this month that continues throughout the year and into 2018. There is no more divide between spiritual and material, they are one and we must learn to be one with these energies too.

And we have more of the Atlantis energy coming to light as we shift the masculine domination to divine cooperation, replacing the power hungry agendas with community minded collaboration. The transition into 5D integration is not smooth as 3D won’t go down without a fight. There are beings and energies on the planet who must have 3D intact to survive and they are in their death throes now. Use your discernment this month as all may not be as it seems and remember that any news that generates a coordinated, full orchestra of denial is most definitely true.

We can’t forget some important aspects that are creating the chaos and revolution we are experiencing now. Pluto is setting off the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 to 2015 throughout the year. We still have an ongoing Saturn/Chiron square that will gain in strength as Saturn is now retrograding back to Chiron. The Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries is still in full force, empowering the voices that are now waking up and joining forces to bring the power back to the people, something Eris is very supportive of. The March 12 full moon exactly highlights Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and makes an uncomfortable angle to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Eris, Pluto, and Neptune, although the orb is wide. This provides an undercurrent of ongoing support for the changes that we’re making in every area of our individual and collective consciousness as we transition into more self aware, divine being. The theme of 2017 is Divine Congruence and that is going to be present in everything that happens this year.

The equinox on March 20 is the beginning of the solar new year, when we arrive at the zero point of the zodiac, 0 Aries. We enter this new cycle with the experienced wisdom of what we have gone through for the last 12 months and we are ready for a fresh start. Remember 2017 is a ‘1’ year in numerology, so it’s a new global cycle that builds on the foundation of what we have already learned. We’re still in the eclipse energy resonance path of February’s eclipses so bear that in mind as you go back and forth this month, stepping forward into new potentials only to take a step back and clear more blocks from the path to their manifestation. You can read my article on how to manage this energy at this link. We are making progress every day, so shine on, keep those lights bright and remember that the brightest lights deserve the biggest blessings. Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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January 2017 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman


January does start off in a powerful way even if it begins with a Mercury retrograde that’s a carryover from January 2016 and a Mars/Neptune conjunction, two polarized planets whose energies are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Together they should create murky, unsettled energy but they will do just the opposite. It’s the first month in a new cycle too, a ‘1’ year that compels us to stretch and soar after going through a very challenging 9 year cycle.  If we’re ready to soar, we will have every opportunity to do that with one caveat, this is a new paradigm and it’s not ‘done for you’, it’s self powered and self empowered. We can go far but we have to provide the motivation, determination, and intention to do that. We do have some help though, with something that happened on January 4th. You can see my YouTube video about it at this link.  I think it’s going to be a great month and a fantastic start to what will be a miraculous year, full of the change we have been longing for and confirmation that we are indeed ascending into miracles.

This month’s energy is all about coming full circle, the novice becomes the master, the alpha meets the omega, and the light challenges the dark. First we begin the year with both a Mercury retrograde and a Mars/Neptune conjunction that I believe sets the tone for the month and the year. We have come through the challenge of the last 9 years, which was not easy, and we’re still here. Maybe we’re a little bruised and humbled but we can’t let that stop us from realizing how much progress we have made. To see that, we have to back two 9 year cycles, to 1999 because that is when the real work began.


The 2017 predictions, my annual report on the energy potential of the coming year,  are available in several formats, the written predictions and audio book, and a 7 step Awakening to Divine Congruence course. You can get your copy at this link. You’ll have access to the program all year so you can use it continuously as we make our way through this transitional, transformational year.


How much has changed in your life since 1999? How much have we changed as a society and a world? We didn’t have social media then, the internet was in its infancy (many people thought it was going to be a passing fad) and only hippies and yuppies ate organic food. Spirituality was for lightworkers and the spiritual groupies, and no one else really cared. And we were all hoping that 2000 and the birth of a new century would create a lot of changes. Well, that did happen. Maybe not as quickly or as easily as we had hoped but it has taken two 9 year cycles for us to get to this point, to make our firm choices for ascension, individually and collectively, and there is no turning back or turning it off. Look at how far we have come today.

This month’s Mercury retrograde echoes the degress of January 2016, as we started and ended that year with Mercury retro in Capricorn so we’re bringing that energy into this new month and year but not to hold us back. It’s more of an opportunity to remind us of what we do and do not want to bring into the new year with us. Mercury retro always brings up the past, slows down the pace, and is about review, reconsider, redo, re-work, release, rest, and relax, often because our plans don’t work out as we wanted them to. And it’s in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn, which is going to be a big player this year. It goes direct on January 8 but the shadow period lasts to the end of the month.

Don’t despair or think you have to wait, this is an especially powerful month for ending karmic ties and connections, and setting plans in motion to be fully in your own power and karma free.

The Mercury/Neptune conjunction is an enlightened step into our divinity because we have Mars, the ruler of the first house and Aries, the pioneer, the ego, the action taker holding hands with Neptune, the rule of the twelfth house and Pisces, the sign of spirituality, illusion, other-worldly and the illusion. This is where we become one and One, the individual joins the collective, not in surrendering its individuality but through the realization that we are all connected, part of a vast community of beings and energies. The “I am” slips gently and effortlessly into ‘We Are”.

We have a full moon on the 12th that aspects nearly all of the bigger planets and especially Chiron, the wounded healer, Chiron is still under exact the influence of a square from Saturn as it was in most of 2016, and it will be a big influence this year too. This isn’t bad, it is the nagging reminder that we have karma to get closure with, it’s one of the purposes of our being here, and we need to keep that energy going. And we’ll get many opportunities to do that this year too as our karma, karmic cycles and contracts, and karmic partners will be constant reminders of this promise. While we probably won’t see instant closure and completion in January (but it is possible), we can make progress.

The new moon on the 28th prepares us for February’s eclipses and is going to bring the illusion to light as it aspects Neptune, which rules illusion, spirituality and the oil industry. Corporations, politics, and government are under heavy aspects all year and it’s not a good time for secrets, lies, hidden agendas, or any activity that is designed to benefit special interests. What is concealed will be revealed and the truth is going to have a way of coming out no matter how much effort is spent to hide it.

Another exciting aspect in January is Mercury ending its retrograde on the galactic center at around 27 Sagittarius, the center point of our galaxy. It’s an auspicious sign for this year too, as it’s the point of  Saturn’s retrograde, where it will sit for two months this year. We are living in tremendously transformation times and this month is just the beginning. Remember to set your intentions for the year but keep them fluid and open because the fun is just beginning. Have a great month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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December 2016 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman | Dec 4, 2016

December 2016 Energy Report

by Jennifer Hoffman  | Dec 4, 2016


Every year comes to an end and this is the final month of 2016, a year of clearing and fransformation that has been challenging but we’re at the end point. I started to write this report several times and could not finish it for reasons that had to do with the collective intention to stand up for its truth and we have seen a lot of that in recent days. If you’re familiar with the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access pipeline route through their water source it was denied today, after heavy protest and the presence of 2,000 US veterans. This is a significant moment for us and it changes the landscape for 2017. We have been challenged to stand up for what we believe in and for what benefits the collective. Standing up can lead to a stand off or a stand down but one thing we have learned with this situation is that the power rests with us, the people, and in a 5D paradigm power does not corrupt, it unites.

We’re still resonating with the energy from the November 29 new moon that exactly aspected, by square, Neptune, the planet which rules oil and gas, as well as illusion and deception. At the same time we’re under heavy pressure from Mars which is highly active in the next two weeks and aspects, in powerful and positive ways, all of the big planets, especially Pluto (transformation), Uranus (revolution), Eris (warrior for justice), Saturn (logic, discipline, lessons, and reality), and Jupiter (expansion, higher thought) to take a stand for what we believe in and want, now and going forward.

The Mars action is very symbolic because it rules Aries, the sign of the pioneer and the first sign of the zodiac. In Aquarius it is in mutual reception with Uranus, which rules community and the collective, which remains in Aries until May 2018. Mutual reception means that Mars and Uranus are in each other’s signs and that makes December’s first week, when Mars connects exactly with Uranus, extra powerful. We have the planet of action meeting up with the planet of revolution and let’s not forget Eris, the divine feminine warrior energy, who is also conjunct Uranus.  More than action, though, is the Mars/Uranus connection, where one becomes One, uniting the pioneer with the collective, inviting the individual to join the community. This is divine intelligence at work and we’re invited to join the party by acknowledging both our divinity and our humanity, our individuality as well as our membership within the collective.

Is there any relief this month? Yes there is but relief doesn’t come with a massage, hot tea, and a soft cushion for our feet. It often comes from new understandings, realizations, truths, and a desire for change that is so strong we are compelled to create it, usually after we have experienced confusion, pain, and suffering. December is a month that holds the potential for completion and closure that give birth to transformation if we are willing to take action and allow it to happen.

The uniting of people through a common, shared goal is not new but today it is more significant than ever before. We have to realize that we are the creators, we are the powerful ones and it is our collective intention that is the key to a world in which peace, joy, love, and abundance are available to all. We have been through a powerful cycle which began in 2007 and in 2016 we had the final year in that cycle; 2017 starts a new energy cycle.

2016 was a ‘9’ year which symbolizes completion and endings. The most recent 9 year was in 2007, and the new beginning which followed in 2008, a ‘1’ year, was marred by the global banking and economic crisis. Now we’re on the cusp of a new ‘1’ year, another cycle begins and this one requires the collective intention to be an empowering one for everyone. We have experienced the depths of despair, now we’re ready for joy but in a balanced way and that we create for ourselves. How much more do we know today than we did in 2008? How much more connected are we and able to use vehicles for connection like the internet, smart phones, and social media?

The ‘done for you’ model of living was a tempting option and we became couch potatoes, robots, and lost our creativity. It required that we live as disempowered victims, no longer sovereign in our individual and collective realities. Now we are moving into a new energy cycle and faced with a sobering truth, that if we want the feast we have to be willing to spend some time cooking in the kitchen.

This new cycle will flourish with our intention, alignment, and mastery focused thinking. So if we’re ready to explore the benefits of higher vibes, new frequencies, and new potentials, we have the support we need and it’s waiting for us to take action.  This is the difference between singing ‘a capella’ and with a full orchestra. The song is the same but it sounds richer and fuller when everyone in the orchestra is supporting us.

We get more support on December 14 with the Gemini full moon which again aspects all of the large planets (except Neptune), and the Solstice on the 21st which shifts the light/dark balance and we’ll feel that energetically too. We have the gift of a Mercury retrograde starting on the 19th and it’s in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and the sign of corporations and ‘big business’. More than being a nuisance and interruption to our travel and communications, Mercury rules karma and our connection to it. This Capricorn retrograde is going to bring up issues around corporate karma and the end of the corporate influences that have long played overly powerful roles in society.

Do we want to continue to allow them to run and rule the world or are we ready to stand up energetically and take back our sovereignty which we have been ignoring and sacrificing for so long?

I believe that the family of humanity is finally seeing the value of connection and how powerful we are when we come together with a shared intention that includes our desire for what we want in our world and expands it to the rest of humanity. Since we are each here for our own healing when we expand what we heal to the rest of humanity we complete our universal healing cycle and that speeds up the ascension process.

What we’ll find this month is that we do not have to work so hard to change the world and it won’t happen with our suffering – the Martyred Healer paradigm is finished. What does change the world is our intention to have a world of balance, equality, congruence, compassion and justice. Our intention to lead a powerful life creates empowerment for us and in the world. So we can’t afford to focus on the problems we see in the world. The only reason we see the problems is we now have access to the solution because we are above the problem’s frequency. We are the ‘chosen ones’ and events this month will reveal that to us. All we have to do is embrace that understanding and use it to take action.

The big moments this month (yes there’s more) happen around Christmas and Hanukah, which occur on the same day this year. It’s also a time when a large percentage of the world’s people are doing and thinking about the same thing. I believe the ‘spirit of the holidays’ will be strong in many people and it will get support by more unusual planetary aspects as all of the major planets (except Neptune) are at or very close to the same degree and are aspecting each other in positive ways. Considering how slowly they move and their long annual retrogrades, this is very unusual indeed.

But it underscores something I have been saying for many months, that we have the support we need to empower the changes we want to make, we just have to know that the power is there, and it is there for us to embrace and use.

And we live in an energetically synergistic system, where everything works together in support of manifestation, creation, and transformation. So the actions of the planets create a resonance that we can use to empower our own transformation. When we believe we operate in isolation and hold the burdens of the world we ignore all of the solutions and support that are available to us. We can carry the resonance of the universal energy and activity forward to manifest powerful transformation.

As we close out this month and this year we can look back on what we have achieved in terms of learning, healing, growth, and transformation. While your life may not look different on the outside and you may still have some of the personal challenges you had earlier in the year, are you feeling more empowered to make the changes that will take you into a new paradigm for your life?


Learn about accessing your mastery, clearing out the final remnants of the victim consciousness, disempowerment, and limiting beliefs that challenge your transformation. The 7 Mastery Attunements are an opening into 5D living, and represent key areas of your mastery journey. These are often the areas in our life where we are the most vulnerable when we do not manage our energy. The 7 Mastery Attunements focus on Alignment, Integrity, Acce7mastery-attunements-square

ptance, Trust and Faith, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love. Each Mastery Attunement raises the energetic frequency of its polarity energy, so the Alignment Mastery Attunement raises the frequency of chaos, Integrity raises the frequency of judgment, and each one raises the frequency of the limiting, lower frequencies that do not allow you to prosper, have joy, and peace.

Start the new year from the point of mastery, learn more at this link and receive the tools that will help you close out this year and this cycle fully prepared to start a new cycle with a new mindset, energy set, and ready to use your intention to create a very powerful, fulfilling reality.  This is an online program with Q&A calls. You can begin your learning as soon as you register, registration closes on December 9, 2016. Review & Q&A call schedule will be the week of  December 19.


Let something end this month, give yourself completion, closure, and peace. Set your intention for what you want in the new year and in this new cycle. There has never been a better time to explore just how powerful you can be in your reality and we can all be in our collective reality. We are the ‘family’ of humanity and it’s time to set aside our dysfunctions and begin to explore true connection, synergy, inter-operability, and self awareness. This is what will save us and the world, and will make heaven on earth more than a promise, it will create that as our individual and shared reality.

Have a wonderful month, best wishes for a joyful and joy-filled holiday season and a prosperous, abundant, blessed new year.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman: October 2016 Energy Report | Enlightening Life


October 2016 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

| Oct 3, 2016

We’re out of the heavy transitional energies of September and that’s a relief. But before you jump out of the October starting gate and rush off onto any available path because you are so glad to be out of those challenging energies, be aware that Mercury is still in its shadow retrograde, we have some energy aspects that support careful consideration and calm assessment before taking action, and while fresh starts are possible, they must be made within the context of October’s energy requirements of balance, equilibrium, and congruence. And with all of the focus on relationships and partnerships this month, remember that your first and most import ant relationship is the one you have with yourself, and it’s the one all of your other relationships will mirror.

Like September, October begins with a new moon but this one is not an eclipse and it doesn’t have some of the challenging aspects of September’s. So we begin the month with support for new efforts but Mercury is still in its difficult retrograde until October 7, so mind the retro warnings, they are still in effect. This is a month for action that is aligned with our intention, energy, and energetically balanced with our needs, for priorities that put us first, and for equilibrium in our lives so the energy flows with congruent harmony. If you’re saying ‘yes’ to all of that, let’s take a closer look so you know exactly what this means. October’s energy does not come with a magic wand but it does offer profound potential for transformation if we’re willing to align with it, do the work it requires, and take action.

This month’s key words are balance, equilibrium, and congruence – all of those words apply to how we give and receive energy and that will be our challenge, to be mindful of our energy boundaries in all of our relationships. Where are we giving and not receiving? Where are we out of integrity with our needs? Who or what has priority in our life? These questions will arise again and again this month so we can have a clear picture of where our energy is going and how it is flowing. And whether we’re doing it in an empowering or a disempowering way.

We will also see how we’re supporting connections with our own energetic input and holding onto people and situations that we need to release. These are more than energy drains, they represent our fears, obligations, and commitments that limit our life path and probably have for many lifetimes. As they are related to karma, karmic cycles, and soul group dynamics, another theme that is highlighted this month, they are the lessons we have chosen to heal and complete in this lifetime. And with Saturn squaring the moon’s nodes all month (strong karmic indicators), how we create energetic balance within our karmic lessons will be brought forward too.

Jupiter moved out of Virgo in September, ending a spiritual cycle that began in 2003 and now we take can take all of our learning from that cycle into another level, which means taking action to put what we have learned in place in our life. Once healing is completed and we have closure, we take action by exploring new options. If we wait for the right, perfect, or best time, we are missing opportunities to expand into our new potentials and possibilities. And we’re out of balance because now we have new energetic options that we are not using. That will also be brought forward in October with Jupiter in Libra, the sign of balance.

We have a couple of interesting aspects this month too, with Mars conjunct Pluto (which happens every two years), pushing forward the transformation agenda which started in September with Mars conjunct Saturn.  If Saturn made us aware of our lessons in ways we could not ignore, Pluto pushes us off the transformation cliff so we can find our wings and soar. And Mars, as the planet of action, drives us towards that cliff. The fact that it is now in Capricorn, which is Saturn’s sign, just gives it that little extra edge and carries forward the September Mars/Saturn conjunction energy. We may feel a little pressured with all of this going on, the need for transformation is in high gear as we need to integrate our 5D energies into our 3D realities. It is up to us to make the changes which will change our world, which then extends to the world and the collective reality. Each of us is important in this process, no change, no matter how small, is insignificant. But any change, no matter how small, is necessary.

The other interesting aspect happens at the October 16 full moon, which exactly aspects the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries that has caused so much upset this year. But that is not all, we also have the Pluto/Mars conjunction gathering steam, the Saturn/Node square is exact, Jupiter is at the degree of the September 30/October 1 new moon, Mercury is active too, Venus is at 27 Scorpio (the final degrees are still resonating from the Saturn in Scorpio action of September 2015), and Neptune is still close to its Saturn square which has been activating the 3D/5D integration all year.


And one more thing, Pluto is at 15 Capricorn, the degree it occupied for the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto square in March 2015. It was also at that degree on January 1 of this year. This is the 3rd time it has been direct at that degree, and that is always the point of greatest power. So we have a very powerful force for transformation ready to unleash its power. That is going to be a busy week, we may want to get some popcorn, sit back, and watch the fireworks.


I think we’re going to see a variety of truths revealed and unveiled that may be a little hard to take but we have awakened enough to see that we live in a highly manipulated illusion that we can choose to believe or not. Once we decide we no longer want to believe it, we can no longer go back to the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ view of the world. We’re reaching that point individually and collectively, and the illusion is teetering now. I think that the illusion of the world the establishment wants us to believe is held in place only because we believe it, or have in the past. Once we no longer choose to accept that we are limited, powerless, and helpless, all of the structures whose existence depends on those beliefs will crumble. Then we’ll have to re-create a new, more empowered world but we can handle that and we are ready for it because we have been working on that in our own realities. This is true of the collective reality, but it is also true of our individual realities.

This month’s energy is about balance, how we create it in our lives and how we maintain it with our energy boundaries. If we are at a level of perfect equilibrium, we are at a neutral point where our giving and receiving are balanced. This is our point of greatest power and expansion. As soon as we move in any direction from that point, which we do by giving more than we receive, or we receive and do not give (which includes taking action), we are now out of equilibrium and are unbalanced. There is no equilibrium and there can be no congruence, where the energy flows in harmony. We feel stuck, overwhelmed, and powerless, but that’s because we are trying to move forward without the full use of our energy, like trying to drive forward in a car that’s missing a few wheels.

This also extends to the relationships whose existence depends on our pouring energy into them to keep them together. If we stop sending energy to them, which maintains balance and equilibrium but only because we are creating that with our energy, will the relationships fall apart? Are we willing to take that chance or not? That is a decision we may not have to make because as we create balance and the flow of energetic congruence in our lives, everything that is an energy drain will have its plug pulled, so to speak. Our intention to be balanced, in equilibrium, and to have energetic congruence has a strong ripple effect throughout our reality. And the same effect extends to the collective reality.

Our choice for balance requires that we make our own energetic requirements a priority. Are we happy and fulfilled, do we have what we need, are we living within our greatest potential and possibilities? If the answers to those questions is not ‘yes’, then October will give us the tools to help us get into balance energetically with ourselves. And if we have been putting all of our efforts towards ensuring everyone else’s happiness, potential, success, and joy, we will get what we need to get our energy flowing in balance so we have equilibrium in our giving and our receiving. (This was a topic of the October Energy Mastery Class and if you would like to have the class audio recording & worksheet, you can click here to purchase it).

Balance, equilibrium, congruence are all required for us to access all of our energetic resources. Power drains such as distractions, obligations, commitments, and giving more than we receive or delaying action because we are afraid, confused, or want to get things right or perfect, all prevent us from accessing the full use of our power and create dis-equilibrium and an unbalanced state. So do self judgment and self criticism, and worrying about the future or regretting the past.

There is power in transformation, it will take us into the new realities we have been wanting. And there is power with transformation but it requires that we are willing to do the inner work that the transformation requires. We cannot integrate energy that we have no room for – so part of the transformation work requires that we create space for that energy. We do not have to worry about what that is, whatever is unbalanced and blocking our transformation will be revealed so we can decide what we’re going to do.

October is a month for action but it has to be what we’re ready for. We say we want change and maybe we do, but are we willing to put our energy behind it? Are we ready to be fully aligned with it and integrate the fullness of our power and potential in our realities? And most importantly, are we ready to get out of our healing cycles and start living life through our 5D potential and possibilities? It’s time to explore those timelines (that’s something we did in the October Energy Mastery Class) and bring them into our 3D realities.

We are ready to integrate 5D energy now, it is time for us to begin. We have all of the tools to create heaven on earth, we need to create the balance, equilibrium, and congruence in our lives to make that happen. It is time to bring the light home now, and home is right here. Let’s make this a month to remember for what we achieved and the joy-ful and joy-filled realities we created.  Have a wonderful month.

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If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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GAIAPORTAL: Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse 11 Sept by ÉirePort


Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.

Dana Mrkich: Solar Eclipse: Moving on from ‘not enough’ land

Dana Mrkich

August 31, 2016


We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo today on the first day of Spring (Southern Hemisphere)/Autumn (Northern Hemisphere).  It’s a perfect day to shift gears and get yourself moving onto a new train track where needed.

With this Solar Eclipse opposite Neptune, we might be confronted by something to do with the visions and dreams we have for our life.  Some of our visions and dreams we intentionally ‘put out there’ or hope for, while others have always been inside us or come to us intuitively, showing us something that feels ‘meant’ for our future.

We always hear about the positive side of visions and dreams, how they inspire us and move us forward toward a desired goal. Millions of people seek out glimpses of what is to come to give them hope and direction, be it by getting a reading or using an intuitive tool. Yet there is another side to visions and dreams too. Depending on our personal wounds, beliefs and history, our visions and dreams can trigger feelings of lack, of “I’m not good enough to get there”, “I’m not good enough until I get there”, “I don’t have enough, I am a failure until I get/achieve/have xyz”, or “I’m not complete yet without abc.” Depending on our mental and emotional perspectives, our visions and dreams can spiral us into anxiety, doubt, despair and depression. We can fall into feeling “I can’t do it”, especially when the gap between here and there seems like an impossible journey.

As someone who has always had visions and glimpses of things in my future, I can definitely relate to this. As much as my visions have acted as a kind of a guide toward things my Soul wants to do this life, and lots of things have definitely come to pass, they have also generated feelings of ‘not happy yet’ when certain things are not here yet. It is one thing to be inspired by a vivid inner guidance system, it is another thing to have the manifestation of certain things not show up for years or decades…or ever (not yet or not at all, who knows).

Regardless of how much we have or how much we have achieved, if we have a vision that is so much ‘more’, (be it a better self, a greater life, a successful creative offering, a higher status job, more money, a bigger house, a more fair world), combined with a lens that paints our present as ‘not enough’, then we will have a tendency to walk around feeling unhappy and unfulfilled even when we reach certain milestones, as well as during the process of getting there.

Through life we tend to adopt either a glass half-full or half-empty philosophy. Sometimes we can consciously think we have a ‘glass half-full’ attitude to life, but our day to day feelings and experiences tell a different story. Regardless of our positive conscious thoughts, if our subconscious tapes are running ‘glass half empty’ songs, then it is that vibration that seeps its way into our feelings and life.

So, first lesson of this eclipse. If you know you have a glass half-empty issue going on, or your life is giving you clues that you do, adjust your lens right now. Feel into the difference between:

1. There is my dream job over there. I won’t feel like I’ve made it until I’ve got that job.


2. I know there is so much more out there for me to do and expand into. I’m really looking forward to that. Today though I am grateful for where I’m at now as this situation is giving me a really good foundation to step up from.

Adjust the words and topic to your own circumstances, and know this is not about just saying the words. It is much more about really feeling the difference between the two above perspectives. The first perspective feels very ambitious and go-getter, but for people with ‘lack’ as a core wound, it will only perpetuate lack and not allow the desired results. It will make you feel like you are holding your breath, waiting to exhale. This approach can be kind of like trying to get water in through a twisted hose. The second perspective is something people can shy away from, mistaking acceptance of the now as ‘giving up’, when actually acceptance opens up your energy to one of allowing, of letting in what is there waiting for you.

Imagine there is a hose above you that lets in whatever you truly need. If yours is twisted see it untwist and relax, allowing yourself to breathe in whatever you truly need, when you truly need it. Just as importantly, see this hose help you to breathe in healthy, abundant mental thoughts and emotional feelings, so that you can view everything around you right now with genuine appreciation and gratitude.

This Eclipse is in Virgo, known for its tendency toward perfection. This ties in so perfectly with what Neptune is triggering regarding the ‘I’m in not enough land’ theme.  Perfectionists and visionaries alike can have a whip-yielding mentality toward themselves, where nothing is good enough because they can always see the vision of how something is supposed to look, or how they are supposed to be according to some self or society imposed expectation.

A perfectionist or vision-oriented person with a ‘not enough’ wound, might read perspective 1) above and think “What is wrong with that sentence? That is a perfectly normal way to think if you know what you are capable of!” Whipping ourselves to get to the next step or goal can become such an ingrained habit that we don’t even realise we are hurting ourselves. Thinking that focusing on ‘what we don’t have’ will push us forward to get what we want, may or may not give us our desired result. But it is an exhausting way to go about it. It drains and depletes us on every level.

If this has been an issue for you, challenge yourself to consciously tune into a different channel, channel number 2). The ‘I am grateful for this’ channel, the “I can see how this current situation is really creating a great foundation for me” channel, the ‘I feel very whole and fulfilled right now” channel. It is much much easier said than done, but an Eclipse can offer you the exact catalyst you need to help you shift gears.

The shadow side of perfectionism is that it can cripple us creatively and emotionally. We can fall into the habit of having our work, or our heart, never quite ready, never quite good enough, to be ‘out there’. Or we can act like we are putting ourselves out there, we can be doing all the ‘right’ things, but if facilitating thousands of Soul Sessions taught me anything (as well as my own life experience), it is that our inner energy overrides our outer actions all the time. If your legs are walking toward the green light, while your inner critic is chanting ‘you’re not good enough’, then somehow you find you never quite arrive at your green light. Or even if you do physically, your emotional body and thoughts don’t, completely affecting your enjoyment level of major accomplishments.

It was very revealing to listen to Bryce Dallas Howard being interviewed by Marie Forleo recently. Something she said has really stayed with me, and I think every person with a dream should know this. It so relates to this Eclipse opposite Neptune energy of today. Bryce comes from an acting family. When she decided to pursue acting, her grandmother told her something that would discourage most people but it ended up being the very thing that gave Bryce the strength and patience to keep going. Her grandmother told her that for every one acting job they got, the average working actor would have to go to 68 auditions.

It’s actually a liberating thought to give yourself such a huge ‘rejection allowance’ number! Most people aren’t taught that rejection is ‘normal’. We assume it means we aren’t good enough, or are in the wrong career entirely. Even when we do know that it is very normal in the creative arts biz, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a number like 68 being thrown around! I know for myself I feel so defeated after even just a few no’s from magazine editors or potential agents. I can feel so disheartened when an online course isn’t being done by lots of people. I love what I do, so I keep going, but it is always good to get that reminder that the fruits of our greatest visions don’t just ‘happen’.  We have to keep showing up for ourselves, and for our dreams.

We often assume that successful people are that way because they are super talented, or got a lucky break, when in fact the majority all have stories like Bryce’s, including those outside the creative business. Success is usually a result of rejection after rejection, failure after failure, and you just keep showing up regardless. You show up because your dream, or your soul’s calling, or your heart’s desire can’t just go away.

So this Solar Eclipse in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces, might confront you in some way, or it might prod you in an inspiring way. Neptune says “Here is your dream, your vision, your soul’s calling, it is here and not going away.” Virgo says “I am not asking you to be perfect, but I am asking you to move toward your dream like an artist or sculptor creates a work of art, or like a writer completes a novel. They do it with great patience. They do it sometimes excruciatingly slowly. But bottom line – they just do it. They show up. They take a step or two or twenty every day. They make mistakes, they get rejected, they fail, they keep showing up regardless.”

Neptune can also be about illusions, fantasy and delusions. So this Virgo Solar Eclipse is asking us to step up and match our physical steps with our ideals and dreams, rather than hide in daydreams then get frustrated as to why nothing is changing. Interestingly enough this is very similar to the recent Mars/Saturn message that was about taking action and looking at what is possible, what is do-able. This can relate to our personal lives, as well as the energy we contribute to the world. If you have been waiting for the world to change, have a think about how you want the world to change, and what you can do to help create that kind of a world. You hold one piece of a 7 billion piece jigsaw and your piece is as important, powerful and valuable as anyone else’s.

Neptune in some instances can also be about something hidden, so this Eclipse for some people will mean becoming aware of something you didn’t know about. Know that anything that happens on or around Eclipse time is a part of your destiny path, accelerating you forward. Better to be aware of something than not, no matter how painful as from there you are liberated to take action.

Well this was a long one, and if you are still with me thanks for reading to the end. Wishing you all a good New Moon and Solar Eclipse. It is a perfect night to light a candle, set your intentions for the month ahead, and say thank you for everything that is in your life right now.

Love Dana

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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Solar Eclipse

Follow your dreams

Life & Soul

August 2016 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

The word courage is from the French word ‘coeur’ which means heart. ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the presence of heart. We don’t need to get rid of our fears to have courage, we need to have the courage (or heart)  to act in spite of our fears.’ If July brought up all of your fears, August inspires you to take action without feeling the need to wait until they go away. You may think you have to wait for the right moment or to be confident that you are ready but the only way to create movement is to take a step forward. The step doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be a step.We tend to use the word ‘love’ in the romantic sense but love is an energy first, and an emotion second.

Love is required to get our creative energy in motion and that means being open to receiving the energy required to manifest our dreams. Manifestation is both destructive and creative, where we destroy the old to allow something new to enter. It can occur with perfect rhythm and timing, like a revolving door where the energy that’s leaving is immediately replaced by what is entering. But we have to be in that love energy, and its frequency and vibration, and a big enough container to receive the higher frequencies. That’s why ‘shine on’ is our new mantra, because the brighter we shine, the more love energy we can attract and work with.

Our creative energy originates from our heart space and yours may be bruised and bloodied after July’s challenging aspects (and everything we’ve been through for the past year or more) but the only way to heal those wounds is to dis-integrate the pain and integrate new energy. It may not be possible to fully step away from the things that create the pain, but we can stop being driven by our pain and choose a different way of relating to the energy in our life. We must see pain as one option among many others and choose the option that best serves us. One way to do this is to set very clear intentions for our lives which creates a container for the energy to flow into.

We’re dealing with very ‘creative’ energy this month and while that may manifest for you as a desire to take painting or jewelry making lessons, it has strong energetic roots. Our reality is an unfolding process of creative manifestation. Where we feel stuck is where we are no longer actively engaged with our creative energy. With all of the heavy Chiron, Saturn, and Neptune energy this month, as well as the Uranus/Eris conjunction and the ongoing echoes of the Pluto/Uranus square of 2012 to 2015, the desire to get out of our ruts may be strong.

Watch for a tendency to weed things out of your life in August, and that may happen somewhat ruthlessly. Are there any unwanted weeds choking out the plants you want to have room to bloom? Are they taking up too much space or using the energy which could be empowering your dreams.

This will be a month where we get to practice duality, being multi-dimensional in our human form so we can learn to function as both human and divine – one is not better or less than the other. Ascension is an integration, not a takeover. We do not destroy 3D so 5D can take over; we integrate higher dimensions into our 3D paradigms so they take on higher aspects. We see examples of that all around us today as people are more socially aware, less willing to tolerate injustice, separation, discrimination, and any form of disenfranchisement. These are examples of our movement into duality and that will be an ongoing theme through 2020.

We have some stellar astro aspects in August, starting with the New Moon on the 2nd which is also the date Mars moves out of Scorpio (finally) and into Sagittarius. The new moon features close connections to Neptune and Saturn, highlighting its ongoing square. Is there balance between our reality and our illusions? Is there something that has outlived its usefulness in our lives but we’re hanging on to it for our own reasons and are those reasons still valid? Are those reasons the truth for us or are they another illusion?

The upcoming US presidential election is an uneasy topic — who is going to be running and who will win? In light of all of the unsettled energy right now, it’s hard to tell and we will have to wait until we get closer to voting day to see who is left. Anything is possible right now, and the best we can do is hold our intention for the highest outcome for everyone and the situation. The light always wins in the end, that may be helpful to keep in mind now.

The full moon on August 18 is almost an eclipse and it’s at 25 degree of Aquarius which is a repeat of the last few months of full moons at this degree. It is also the degree of many of the larger planets now, so they’re all acting together now, supporting our transformation. It connects with the ongoing Uranus/Eris conjunction and since Uranus rules Aquarius, this full moon is extra potent.  We have seen the power of the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Brexit, the events around the US presidential election, protests in France, and other parts of the world where the ‘status quo’ has become the ‘status no’. We can expect more of this for the next few years as we seek to recalibrate a world that has tipped too far in the direction of the elite, the power mongers, and those who wish to rule, not lead.

And at that full moon we have Mercury and Jupiter connecting in Virgo, and connecting with Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron has been playing a big role in our ongoing healing cycles and has been prominent, since it has been in Pisces, for several years. This is assisting in our evolution as Chiron keeps poking our wounds, the places where we hurt, reminding us that as long as it hurts it isn’t healed yet. Those of you born between 1964 and 1968 are having your Chiron return, a rather unpleasant sort of midlife crisis where all of your choices, decisions, and consequences come up for review. It lasts about two years.

And on the 11th Mercury enters its shadow in preparation for its retrograde in September. It’s in Virgo, a sign that Mercury rules (although Chiron should rule Virgo), so this will be a potent one and the retro point is 29 Virgo, a powerful point. Including the before and after shadow period, Mercury retrograde lasts about 9 weeks. While some people tell you to avoid doing anything new during this period, that’s a long time to wait in today’s fast paced world. New things started in a Mercury retro generally have to be re-done in some way, and things get missed, details are overlooked, and delays do happen. Just add extra time for travel delays and if the communication is important, double check to ensure that it was received.

Later this month, on the 23rd, Mars will join Saturn and that could be a rather fiery day. When the planet of restriction (Saturn) meets the planet of action (Mars), the fur can fly. Saturn is also coming out of its retrograde, so it will be ready for action. You can expect events on the world stage to be rather volatile as we’re still in the heavy Uranus/Eris energy and the Saturn/Neptune square. If you’re wondering why I am adding so many astrological references, it’s because the planets are part of our energy system and they mirror what is happening with us.

Venus also covers three signs this month, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. We get 3 different aspects of Venus energy this month too, which is rather unusual.  While it’s not comfortable in Virgo, it will conjunct both Jupiter and the Node in Virgo, which should be very pleasant energies.

And as we close out this month we’re going to experience the energetic duality on the collective level that we are also going through in our own lives. It’s a mixed bag of easy and challenging, positive and negative, with some really tough energies thrown into the mix as well as some very free flowing energies that will lighten things up. This is where we have to learn to make the most of the positive energies and use them to help us overcome the challenges. A spiritual life is not free from challenges, it is free in every aspect, including in the face of challenges. And we’re winding up phase 1 of our new spiritual awakening cycle as we have the final days of Jupiter in Virgo this month and next month Jupiter heads into Libra for 12 months. What were you doing in September 1991 to October 1993 and September 2004 to October 2005 that may be coming up for review now?

If you’re ready to shine, August will be a welcome relief from the energies we have had so far this year. So let’s shine on, get back in the saddle, and have a fantastic month.


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July 2016 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life