Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South | 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT

What a cool insightful dream she had! It helps if you understand a bit about the Mayan Calender. Valum Votam is the spiritual name of the long departed José Argüelles, most famous for his book ” The Mayan Factor” and for his Mayan 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar and Law of Time writings, and earlier books like “Surfing with the Zuvuya” about the death of his son. He was one of f the Founders of Earth Day and The Harmonic Convergence. Later in life after his divorce, Stephanie was Jose’s partner in the Dreamspell.


Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South

Message from the Future?

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On the morning of the equinox, Kin 127, I woke up to a powerful dream that I am still unfolding. 

I share as it feels connected to the Mirror wavespell experiment posted in the previous blog.  

In the dream, Valum Votan appeared. He indicated something “big” was coming. He said much assistance is now available. His evolution was apparent, and his energy was highly refined.

I saw a flash of light, and then my perception shifted. I was seeing through the lens of the future. This world had already passed away. What we experience as reality is just a past replica. I realized that all of the “new’ knowledge and discoveries on earth are all in the past. It is old knowledge from a future lens. The more we are immersed in the world mind, the less we can perceive the bigger picture and the new movements of energy.

I asked Votan where he was, and he said he was living in a place “similar to New Zealand” but also very different. He transmitted images. He knew that the beauty of New Zealand was the closest approximation that my human mind could relate to. But I understood that where he is actually at, is a place I cannot yet fully grasp.

I asked for his phone number, the prefix was 441, and the rest of the numbers were meaningful, but I did not remember when I woke up. I commented on the numbers, and he said jokingly, “well, what numbers did you expect?”

Then he led me to what appeared as an esoteric art installation in a very large warehouse. He wanted me to meet a man, who I was told is on earth now. He asked me to listen to him as he was a man of wisdom. The man appeared to be in his mid-60s and had a unique and mysterious energy yet was approachable. I was intrigued by his depth of being. He made no small talk and told me that in less than 30 years, the earth would be completely changed. Everything. He didn’t give a specific date but indicated soon that the “reset” button was scheduled.  This reset has to do with transitioning from form to frequency.

He repeated this message a few times as if to really imprint it in me. In an instant I understood the meaning of the biosphere-noosphere transition and all that we are currently experiencing on earth. Though much transmitted in the dream that I could not recall upon waking.

His words conjured a type of Noah’s ark scenario in my mind. I heard the words from the Bible: “Be ye renewed by the renewing of your mind.” I understood the knowledge of the Law of Time was merely to prepare the mind for this reset, so we will not be shocked.

We are building the bridge of time, an interdimensional ark, from the world of form to the world of frequency.

 In the dream I could feel that Votan was leaving and I said, “I love you so much.” As I said those words, I could feel a part of my energy was still coming from human conditioning. I felt it immediately and cleared it instantly. He said it was very different where he is at, and that he is currently working with “Athena.” I noted this and wondered about the meaning.

He then motioned to one of his trusted helpers, Kin 34, who was standing in the background by a car, awaiting instructions. Votan motioned to him that it was time to go, and motioned for me to get in the car. The car was a strange compact low to the ground futuristic looking Italian sports car. The top opened for us to climb in. Votan said he was taking me to an important movie and that we can’t be late. The movie was a preview of coming attractions for what is soon to come.

End of dream …

I woke up and wrote down the words: Do your best, but the reward is in another dimension.

Upon waking, many pieces of the inner puzzle began to cohere. I wrote in my journal for nearly two hours. In looking at the coding and noting the less than 30 years, I noted again that 2039-2040 will be Kin 34 years: White Galactic Wizard. This will complete the 52-year cycle of the inception of the wizard’s count that begins during Harmonic Convergence 1987.

I looked up Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, and made many notes.Then I understood more deeply the meaning of the biosphere-noosphere transition as a time of adjustment to this new way of being that we are entering after the “reset.” The new “reality” we are entering will be nothing like what we think. The purpose of the seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles is to prepare the mind for a new way of perceiving. It is a between-the-worlds-transmission that communicates on multiple dimensions beyond words.

The codes of time and all of the knowledge accompanying them are like training wheels so we can become familiar with this new vehicle that we are moving into; the new vehicle is based on elevating our frequency so that we will not be shocked when the world of form changes. We will embrace and surf the changes seamlessly, riding into a new octave.

Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix Posted on 10 September, 2021 | 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South


Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South


Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix

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The Time that we have been preparing for is NOW. 

Many do not realize the magnitude and whole systems aspects of what is currently unfolding.

What is occurring is beyond the scope of most human comprehension. It is of cosmic proportions.

Planet Earth is the focal point for many other world systems.

We are now experiencing the amplification of frequency wars and the electromagnetic enslavement of the entire species encapsulated by the artificial timing frequency. 

We are in the final days of the 12:60 matrix. We are called to FULLY AWAKEN NOW!

The 12:60 has its tentacles in all institutions and seeks total control over humanity, including its biology. We are in the final battle of the War of the Heavens. The end sequence of the 12:60 Beast has been unleashed on Earth. There is a War on Consciousness; A War on Freedom;  A War on Imagination.

All that is occurring is to merge us with an artificial frequency grid. 

Stay vigilant. 

The root of this frequency war is embedded in the mechanized 12:60 timing frequency. This is a subconscious implant that seeks to control and program our perceptions. It seeks full control of our body, mind and soul.

Consider that all we have been taught about reality was generated within an artificial frequency: the 12:60. This means that we must reconsider everything, even perceptions that we take as second nature.

“All fear-based programs and dis-ease have their origin in the 12:60 frequency. When fear programs become collective belief systems then an unconscious playing out of previously unresolved histories takes over.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

All of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was to warn and prepare us for this Time if humanity had not chosen to return to natural cycles. 

He reminded us that everything goes in cycles. There is a Time of Corruption and a Time of Redemption. The Prophecy of Pacal Votan is about Time and the redemption of Time; it reminds us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in machine intelligence. 

The Law of Time describes the process of going from unconscious to conscious. The purpose is to wake up from the Dreamspell of history and all false perceptions. 

See through the illusions.

To begin to grasp the whole system energetics playing out now requires us to rise above conventional thinking, polarity, and personal biases to see the bigger picture. This is the purpose of our work with the 13 Moon Calendar and Law of Time. 

We are witnessing the climax of the break of the Universal Order. This manifests as a polarized split in the Mind that is projected out into the phenomenal world. All of the Universe is unified in our Minds. The break or fracture of the Universal pattern manifests physically as all sorts of diseases, neurosis, and psychological disturbances.

To Return to Nature is to return to the Universal Pattern. The Universal Pattern is experienced as the Synchronic Order, where beauty, order, and harmony reign supreme. This is what we are returning to. 

The new Tzolkin cycle began on September 1, with Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon. This cycle concludes on May 18: Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun. The choices we make in this cycle will determine the future. Taking care of our emotional body and keeping our own inner harmony is key. This might mean you need to respectfully disengage from certain people or relationships.

We do not want to waste our energy in relations where we have to explain, defend or argue our perception. We want to keep our frequency and energy as high and balanced as possible as we pass through the next stages of the eye of the needle. 

The Original Mission of the Law of Time stands true: Return to Natural TimeReturn to Nature.

Jose Arguelles’ original vision took into account that the crisis of the world community can end in two ways: “self-destruction, either dismally drawn out for another generation, or rapidly exploded through some ‘accident;’ or it can create an entirely new pathway by embracing the advent of galactic culture.”

Losing our comprehension of the higher worlds, human civilization has veered from the sacred path. We cannot underestimate the spiritual dimension of our current planetary crisis. 

This year is the 20th anniversary of 9-11, the symbolic puncturing of the old Time. This day lands on Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey. This event inspired the book Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs, which explains how the 12:60 world goes through 28-year cycles, which brings us to 2029. 

This is the purpose for putting out the nine-year vision plan. 2020-2029. This is merely a structure to organize our activities within the Timeship. See links at bottom for 9 year vision map and the recently published Planetary Kin Report.

There is a transmutation taking place in every cell of our human body and planet body. Information that was coded into our DNA is now being activated. 

We are in an age of embodiment.

Do not succumb to the fear virus. Stay calm and centered.

Envision the world you wish to live in. Envision it in detail. 

Take action, as guided. 

The New Way will be unlike anything that came before.

New instructions are being given. 

Let’s turn off our monitor screen and Listen.

Awakening from Second-Hand Reality

I have a feeling the world will go “Pop!” pretty soon!

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Yellow Electric Human: NEW MOON

Awakening from Second-hand Reality: Last Call for Tomorrow, by Valum Votan

As you know, we have been studying your planet for a very long time, for many cycles even, preparing for this very moment.

We who speak are Elders of the Supreme Star Council of the Federation of Galactic Federations. You should not presume that because of our title and who we represent that this account is what you might call science fiction.

The system of the universe beyond the range of your sense perceptions is far greater and more interesting in its stages of evolvement than the narrow waveband of frequencies encompassed by your sense organs—even with your microscopes and telescopes. Beyond logic lies the dimension of creative thought, and beyond creative thought lies the dimension of the imagination.

Imagination defines the supersensible range of possibilities open to the super-conscious states of mind…

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