THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, December 31, 2016 – Sunday, January 1, 2017



Saturday, December 31, 2016 – Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Moon Phase:
begin, set intentions and goal

Moon in Aquarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill:  moderate extremes, take the view of higher observation

True Alignments:  useful, cooperation and coming together, entering new territory of the mind, maintaining a grounded connection/centered, motivated, inner contemplation, creating, laughter, the feeling of luxury, lucky, selfless

Catalysts for Change:  aggression/warlike, inducing trauma and drama, unable to accept change, uncooperative, discarding, exaggeration, overindulging in alcohol, risk taking, overcomplicating, radicalism, overlooked, invasive/invasion, masks/false flags

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet ride of Oriental imagery”

This weekend, angels advise us to go to a GREAT HEIGHT.


As the Gregorian calendar transitions to a new year, it does so as Mars makes conjunction with Neptune.


A Mars-Neptune conjunction is a very powerful combination because, at their cores, Mars is the Planet of Assertion or Aggression and Neptune is the Planet of Spirit or Delusion.

Here are the things to know about the Mars-Neptune conjunction in association with this weekend’s energetics:

1 – ALCOHOL GOES TO THE HEAD FAST – Gregorian New Year brings revelry, but Mars and Neptune can get carried away very, very quickly when alcohol is involved.  More specifically, the conjunction occurs at 10 Pisces: “an aviator in the clouds,” so the desire to be in an intoxicated or heady state is stronger than it already would be with a Mars-Neptune conjunction.  Mars is in Neptune’s own sign, Pisces, which is watery, etheric, dreamy, and goes into the depths of the imagination.

On Saturday, the Earth is discharging “a clown caricaturing well known personalities,” which can bring elements of foolishness.  Be advised if you will be drinking alcohol for the new year.  Consider finding something else to bring you to a new HEIGHT by reconnecting with nature.  The Sun will move to “a student of nature lecturing and revealing little known aspects of life.”  (Exact conjunction of Mars and Neptune is overnight at 1:38 am ET/6:38 am UT).


2 – DISTORTIONS – Mars and Neptune together bring the HEIGHTS of everything, but it often distorts things or brings them to extremes.  Mars rules our energy and how we use it.  Neptune rules spirituality and creativity.  The most beautiful things can be created with a conjunction of Mars and Neptune.  Our imaginations are wild.  However, if this energetic is not channeled into something of a HIGHER nature or value, it can manifest inversely as depression.  Mars rules anger; depression is anger turned inward.  Neptune rules depression and all mental health states.  But it is the exaggeration or distortion element of this combination that suggests caution.  Anger can be quite intense and unfocused, especially if it has been suppressed…

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, December 30, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, December 30, 2016

New Moon Phase:
  begin, intend

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius 8:30 pm ET/1:30 am UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill: practice patience if you have to re-do something, seeing through falsity and divide/conquer tactics, focus on harmony

True Alignments:  assertive, pure motives, taking shape, inner/true worth, ancient sources, emergence of beauty, multi-faceted and well rounded courses of action, finding common ground, extracting/understanding the essence, flowers, willing to stand up for self

Catalysts for Change:  aggressive, solutions based on aggression not assertion, false information/propaganda, insensitive, too overt, unfinished, invasion, threats of war, unable to learn from the past, a tongue that cuts with words

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Duality is heavily pronounced in today’s energetics.  Two’s, doubles, re-do’s, double time, two time, double talk, double trouble, double bubbles, and the like are strong.

Two (2) can balance or it can divide.  It can bring full truth or double meaning.

The Sabian symbols in effect today divide down the line of GENTLE, PURE, and NOURISHING or SHARP, WARLIKE, and COMPETITIVE…


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John Smallman: CELEBRATE! You are moving to awaken.

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 28th


As 2017 approaches rapidly many on Earth are anxious and concerned.  For many 2016 has been tough with much “stuff” of an unexpected nature arising seemingly unbidden into their conscious awareness, and whence they know not.  They thought that they had cleared all their stuff, the stuff that was draining their energy and dragging them even deeper into the illusion, even as they were hoping to rise above it finally by living in the world but not being of it, being more above it, observing it, being of service within it, but free of all their old baggage which they felt that they had done a very good job of discarding.

Well most of you have done a very good job of discarding what no longer serves you.  Nevertheless, you chose to incarnate this time around to assist in humanity’s awakening, and therefore you needed to be fully anchored in the world, experiencing the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, so that you could truly relate to those whom you had come to help to awaken.  If you incarnated on Earth as spiritually evolved souls of a seemingly “higher or wiser nature” than those with whom you were interacting your ability to assist them would have been minimal.  Those whom you are on Earth to assist need to see you as humans like themselves, people who have experienced pain and suffering, and who are consequently truly able to empathize with them having yourselves been in the dark places from which they are attempting to depart.  To choose, as you all did, to incarnate at this moment in humanity’s awakening process was truly most courageous, and that is why you are so honored and revered here in the spiritual realms

You are all allowing the dark or denied aspects of humanity as a whole to arise within you individually, for recognition, acceptance, and release.  It is painful, disturbing, and confusing because you thought you had released your “stuff,” and indeed you have, BUT you are here, by your own choices, to help release the backlog, built up over the eons, of humanity’s mistreatment of itself on a massive scale.  That “dark matter” has to be released and gently discarded because it is the mismatched energy frequency that flows within and through many millions of individuals, basically a load of discordant and out of tune notes, that distort the inflowing Love that is your true and divine nature.  You are Love, but over the eons many became intensely engaged in the game of separation, so intensely engaged that they built a strong resistance to Love – the divine energy field that is the Life Force flowing through all of consciousness – and severely reduced their acceptance of what is their true nature.

Free will is free, not imposed or directed, and so those who chose separation are free either to continue experiencing that state for as long as they desire to do so, or to move back toward knowing Oneness.  Often it appears that people are miserable, suffering, in pain and wanting only to be released from that state, but in truth they are in that state by their own choosing and will only leave it when they realize that they can make the choice to do so.  They have to realize that they do have choices about how they respond to the life issues that they face and that they are not powerless victims.

Victims are those who are under the control of forces outside themselves, that is, those who are imprisoned or physically restrained, but even then they do have a choice as to how they will respond mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to the situations in which they find themselves.  Your mind is always free, but, in your freedom, you are always free to perceive it as not being free.  Over the last few decades many excellent self-help books have been published by experienced and well informed psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and spiritual healers to help people understand this.  There is a wealth of helpful information available that people can readily access when they are ready to make the life style and behavioral changes necessary for them to move forward.

Of course you should always treat those who believe themselves to be victims with great love and compassion while at the same time not reinforcing this belief by supporting it.

The human collective, the One Son of God who was created totally free and remains eternally so, chose to experience separation many eons ago.  Separation is an unreal state in which you experience limitations that severely restrict your ability to function as the divine being that your Father so lovingly created.  Being immensely powerful, the environment that you constructed within which to experience separation – limitation – appears outrageously real when you are incarnate within it as humans.  However, in order to ensure that you could find your way out of the entangled state of confusion that you had constructed, God immediately created your unbreakable connection to Himself, the Source of all that exists, to ensure that when you made the choice to return to Reality, Oneness, as in His divine Wisdom He knew you would, you would be able to do so.  All that is keeping you from awakening from the dream, from returning home to Reality is your utterly false but collective belief that you, all of humanity, are separate from God.

As you have been told so often separation from Source is impossible.  Nevertheless, as stated above, the illusion that you constructed appears completely real to you, and God, Source, the Supreme Wisdom, All That Is, therefore appears to you to be on an altogether different level from yourselves – infinitely good, holy, sacred, blessed, hallowed, sublime, awesome – way beyond any level of goodness or perfection to which you could ever hope to aspire.  Consequently, over the eons you have judged and condemned yourselves for your sinfulness, worthlessness, and shamefulness, and because the horror of admitting that about yourselves is so terrifying you projected it outwards onto others while denying it within yourselves, thus reinforcing the sense of separation that you had constructed.

The apparent result has been that you have found yourselves forever threatened by enemies, those onto whom you have projected your faults while denying them within yourselves.  Wars have raged for eons as you have attempted to destroy those you saw as enemies of god (the god of judgment and blame like unto yourselves that you had invented), while in fact you were but waging war on yourselves, on YOURSELF, the divine being your Father created to live in eternal joy with Him.

Finally the truth that there is only Love is beginning to permeate your conscious awareness as your scientists and philosophers, who through their experiments and their studies are realizing that separation is impossible, that everything is inseparably connected to everything else, are making this knowledge public.  Therefore you are beginning to realize that war or conflict of any kind and for any reason is totally insane!

It is this growing awareness that is nudging you toward wakefulness, encouraging you to leave the nightmare behind and join together as One in Love; that is, to remember that you are One, and that you have never been separated from your Source or from each other for even an instant.  And that is why we in the spiritual realms are in so much joy and are now repeatedly asking you to celebrate!  Celebration intensifies the Love that is your true nature, the nature you share with God, and with every conscious being that God has created.  So CELEBRATE!  You are moving to awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

Benjamin Fulford: Trump’s chain will be jerked if he tries to stop the takedown of war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Fulford: Trump’s chain will be jerked if he tries to stop the takedown of war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu
Posted by benjamin, December 26, 2016
Donald Trump, president elect of the shallow US state, will have his chain jerked by the deep state if he tries to prevent the final takedown of the Khazarian mafia, including war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu, Pentagon and agency sources say.

The takedown is now entering a mop up phase, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport, was routed by a contingent of US, Russian and other troops, mopping up is in progress with more raids,” the sources say. In another operation “100,000 children and sex slaves were liberated from the underground bases of the Getty center in LA ,” they add.

The South of Chile was hit by an earthquake weapon last week to in order to “shake up the Nazi enclave in Bariloche and Patagonia in general,” they say.

The Khazarian stronghold of Israel is now also under unprecedented attack, as can be seen by the passing of a UN resolution condemning their illegal settlement building in the West Bank. The 14-0 UN vote, with the US abstaining, will lead to more UN resolutions aimed at forcing that rogue nation to agree to a two state solution to the Palestinian issue, many sources agree.

The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the downing of a Russian aircraft over the Black Sea by the Israelis has given Russia both moral authority and legal grounds to pursue UN sanctions against Israel and to mount a real global war on terror by going after ISIS/Mossad assets worldwide, the Pentagon sources say.

In an attempted counter-move, war criminal Netanyahu sent the head of Mossad to visit Donald Trump and got him to issue a statement saying he would have vetoed the anti-Israel resolution. However, with the Khazarian base in Denver being wiped out, the Khazarians no longer have the military ability to impose their will on the US government, the Pentagon sources note.

The remaining Khazarian agents in the CIA are bracing for massive purge by Trump of the Bush faction, CIA sources say. The reformed CIA will end all drone attacks and drug flights, and will focus on human intelligence (humint), as well as open source intelligence (osint), the sources say.

Friendless Israel is now expected to face an air/land/sea blockade and other actions to force that state to conform to international law, Pentagon and agency sources agree. The Khazarian regime in Saudi Arabia will also be forced to end its various barbaric practices, they say.

Extra security measures have been taken for Donald Trump with Russian mercenaries and special forces sent to disarm nuclear weapons in New York and near the White House, the Pentagon sources say. One nuclear weapon under Washington has already been dismantled, they add.

The Khazarians are also planning to counter attack by creating a major financial crisis, multiple sources, including from the Rothschild family, agree. Here is what a twitter account claiming to emanate from Baroness Hanna de Rothschild, the daughter of Baron Jacob de Rothschild, had to say about the upcoming attack:

“Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild 14時間14時間前 Its going to be a frightfully dismal year for US in 2017. No jobs, hyperinflation, more debt & impeachment. Merry Christmas you fools!”

She is also making multiple death threats against Trump and needs to be taken down, CIA sources say.

The financial attack, which will accelerate rapidly in the New Year, has already begun with a major push to cause interest rates world-wide to rise to crippling levels. This is being done by means of a huge sell off in the bond market by the Khazarian mob families. The planned result will be to cripple indebted emerging nations’ economies and punish debt slaves in countries like the United States by forcing them to pay more for their card, car, house and other loans. The plan is to blame the engineered economic hardship on Trump, Rothschild family sources say.

However, there is a huge split within that family that will make this planned economic attack impossible to carry out.

On that front, we got word from Nathaniel Rothschild who says he has not been killed, as claimed by Pentagon sources, but has merely gone into hiding.

Here is what a source with access to Nathaniel had to say: “His family members are out to take away his position as the next head of the clan. They are not out to eliminate him, but need his signature on a specially prepared document only used by ‘the family’ that will annul his upcoming leadership ascension.”

The source also said “The battle continues within the family. They are losing control of the world’s financial system but will still remain in the club with China at the helm, via the Shanghai gold exchange… of which they are a main player”.

As far as the overall financial war was concerned, this is what the source, who is of Asian royal blood, had to say:

“It seems that those with a lot of green backs ( USD) want to get rid of it and trade it for Au. This is happening all over the world. The problem is that only a handful of people can actually move it around. Unless you are talking about black Au of which there are hundreds of thousands of tons of it but only the 10 ‘authorized dealers’ will touch it because it is not hallmarked. Hallmarked Au is not just a mark for selling, and keeping track of its movement. All hallmarks also contain a ‘radioactive marker’ so it can be tracked during shipment. Remember that the Boys also did this to the Shah of Iran’s gold stored in Thailand. Many people want the real thing now, NOT the paper that says you own it, as you and I have seen so much of that fake paper going around. That is why the next month is going to be very interesting. There is a scramble for physical gold now. The off ledger Au will be slowly moved back into the official market and must be hallmarked. We anticipate that China, Russia, and Thailand will be the main players involved in this transfer as they prepare for the new Gold backed currency. Remember that China slipped the news out in their big billboard near the Bangkok airport a few years ago. The truth was put there in place sight.

Do you wonder why there is no mention of BRICS lately? It because there is internal juggling taking place. They are repositioning their strategy now. They will need the physical Au to back their currency”.

Here is a picture of the billboard mentioned:

gold biillboardIn the Quechua language of the Andes, “Apu” refers to the spirit of each mountain which is not unlike a god

<p>1. In the Quechua language of the Andes, “Apu” refers to the spirit of each mountain .</p>
<p>2. My formula, 1.5 Tb coffee, freshly espresso ground, into bottom of mug, add 500 ml (16 oz.) boiling water (spring, or RO, or even energized by throwing a cluster of blue Light Energy sparkles into the water) on top of grounds into mug, let it sit for 4 minutes, take a chopstick and swirl around the outer top of mug so remaining grounds on top sink to bottom, then sip the crema (foam) from the top, go “mmmmm…”, and start drinking. (more or less coffee and/or water may be used to taste)</p>
” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” />

The same source said that “The intel regarding David Rockefeller [being dead] is correct. He is in stasis now at ‘The Base’…he will not be heard of or seen again… unless they hologram him…There are others in the elite club who are also there now. I am obtaining a list from our man on site and will pass it on to you once I have it. I was informed a few days ago that W J Clinton has been denied access to ‘The Base’. Henry Kissinger has a pod reserved. He will most likely go off radar very soon.”

Queen Elizabeth II, head of the committee of 300 has also been put under house arrest, Pentagon sources say. This can be partially confirmed by the Queen’s cancellation of her scheduled public appearances in recent days. However, sources close to the Royal Family say the Queen is simply avoiding public appearances as a security precaution because they have received reports the Gnostic Illuminati are targeting her.

The other visible bloodline public figure being targeted by the Gnostic Illuminati is Adolf Hitler’s daughter and Rothschild family member Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. The Illuminati say members of the German army and intelligence services are determined to remove her from power during the coming year. The recent fake German truck terrorist attack, and subsequent media campaign pinning the blame for that on Merkel, was just the first round of that campaign they say.

The year 2017 may also be time when the secret space program and ET folk get their long awaited disclosure. The following quote, from a source in the Antarctic base, requires more proof before I will believe it but, nonetheless here it is:

“The cabal are all freaked out by what they found in Antarctica – It gave Buzz a heart attack. Very large “pods” with beings inside. That is why John Kerry was there Election Day. Animals and people frozen in time. 12 – 14 foot humans in the pods who were in stasis, are now awakening”.

One thing we can confirm about Antarctica is that while the North Pole appears as part of a regular map on Google Earth, the South Pole cannot be found there, instead the map just vanishes into a point where many lines converge. We can only speculate as to why that is.

On a final note for this week and this year, December 25th marks the first day of the solar New Year. Since the Christians do not know the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, they conflated the old pagan solar New Year festivities with his birthday celebration. So, in a holiday spirit, we would like to wish our readers a Merry-Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2017 be the best year yet.



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, December 29, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Moon Phase: begin, set intentions for the month

Moon in Capricorn

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill:  attune to new energy; the Resonance Principle of “like attracts like”

True Alignments:  revelations, getting in tune and on track, music for the soul, channeling, cracking codes, truth shown, breaking limitations, overcoming confusion, directed, good of all, balance, breaking free, receptive

Catalysts for Change:  harsh words and communications, unwarranted, avoiding closeness, imbalance, manipulative, lost in an illusion, chaos and discord, mind control, know it all, telling people what to do, rigid structure, inflexible, racism, strict expectations, alienation

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Welcome to the lunar month of the New Moon in Capricorn.  This month brings us “Sonic Skyways of the Magic Carpet Ride.”

This month is about attunement and harmony, as the Sabian symbol for the New Moon is 9 Capricorn, “an angel carrying a harp.”

This month is an extremely important one on the road to the liberation of humanity.  This month sets the stage for not only the remainder of this solar-lunar year, but also well into November of 2017.

Capricorn is a “cardinal” sign in astrology, like the cardinal points on a compass.  When the New Moon is in one of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), they are months of intensive shift.  We make BIG SHIFTS and ADJUSTMENTS that are in tune with spiritual directives (the restoration of what is good, natural, real, and free).  Cardinal cycles are pivot months and turning points…



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn 10:13 am ET/3:13 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West (last day on duty)

Skill:  see the blessings in your life, communicate patiently; uncomplicate

True Alignments:  the best representations, content, spreading goodwill, oneness, surviving, lessons learned, waking up to something, leaps of faith/taking a chance, appreciation of effort made, imitation as the best form of flattery, simplifying

Catalysts for Change:  pretense, suppressing instincts, reacting solely from instinct, giving up, dissatisfaction with life, not seeing one’s blessings, gossip, separated through divide and conquer tactics, disguises, projecting one’s fears onto others, making something too complicated or harder than it needs to be, all for “show”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Mercury conjuncts (comes to the same place in the sky as) the Sun today at 08 Capricorn “birds in the house singing happily.”  This conjunction occurs at 1:40 pm ET/6:40 pm UT, but is in effect all day.  Per the Electric Universe Principle, when a planet conjuncts the Sun, it often causes geophysical effects, so we may see that today.

Mercury rules our communications, so this conjunction with the Sun empowers the RESTORATION, RECOVERY, and RECTIFICATION of issues/situations related to communications.  Mercury happens to be retrograde right now…


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release what you do not want to carry into the next lunar month

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess Whose Body is the World, The World Nurse

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  pay close attention and listen closely

True Alignments:  a well nourished mind, body, and soul, attention drawn to something, information from unexpected sources or events, skill development, aiming or making a goal, connection with intuition and listening to it, unseen assistance, discernment when falsity is being presented, dutiful

 Catalysts for Change:  loss of faith and hope, feeling exposed or vulnerable, monotonous or rote, defiance of restrictions or bossiness, losing self, manipulation, lead astray, acting out in an effort to gain attention, compromising oneself, negative mind chatter and loops, disconnected from nature, feeling one has to perform, pressure, taken off one’s feet

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Many times, the starry skies activate frequencies of energy that make optimal conditions for receiving messages and gaining important information and insight.

When Mercury is retrograde, this is especially true.  Today the Sun is located at the degree of the zodiac where Mercury, The Messenger, will be at the New Moon this Friday, December 29.  This degree is 07 Capricorn: “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.”

So the things that happen or develop today will unfold pretty much the entire month of January.

The symbol of “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god” is the energetic of messages and information FROM SPIRIT delivered to us from unusual, unknown, unexpected, or sudden sources.  The “source field” or “information field” or “mind of Sophia” (as I like to think of it) tells us what we need to know to set ourselves straight or whatever is important for us to know at this time…


Monday, December 26, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase:  release, believe

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace, Goddess Whose Body is the World

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: go with the flow; slow down; take care while driving and with flames

True Alignments:  using caution and discretion, embracing mystery or the unknown, connected to something magical, safeguarded, prepared, refreshing things, enjoyment, goals, care

Catalysts for Change:  needing to stand out or be noticed, not using caution or discretion, fear of the unknown, too insulated from others, strict, worrying about being overlooked or not considered, complacency

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbols for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”


Lynda Hill: Releasing, Reflecting and Reconstructing Intentions Before New Year: December’s Capricorn New Moon

Releasing, Reflecting and Reconstructing Intentions Before New Year: December’s Capricorn New Moon | Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols
December 28, 2016

Releasing, Reflecting and Reconstructing Intentions Before New Year: December’s Capricorn New Moon

Birds In The House Singing Happily saying

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come. Chinese Proverb

A forest bird never wants a cage. Henrik Ibsen

We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry. John Webster

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Chinese Proverb

A guest sees more in an hour than the host in a year. Polish Proverb

How easy to be amiable in the midst of happiness and success. Anne Sophie Swetchine

“Hope” is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tunes without the words And never stops at all. Emily Dickinson

A good laugh is sunshine in a house. William Makepeace Thackeray

Suffering is the price of being alive, and it is music and singing and art that has helped me live through some of the most difficult things that have happened to me. Judy Collins

Occurring on December 29, this Capricorn new Moon (6:52 am GMT) is seeing out the last of 2016, and, now we head into 2017. Goodbye 2016 I think a lot of people will be cheering as we see the end of this year. We have had the Saturn/Neptune square messing and fooling with our hopes and dreams for the last year or so, and, we’ve seen many celebrities pass away. That – our losses both collective and personal – and events on the political scene all over the world – have no doubt added to the sense of ‘where in what new fresh hell are we heading?’ We enter 2017 with a lot of uncertainties, and, obviously, we need to keep the faith that all will be OK, even if we may be having a hard time seeing it panning out (like panning for gold, we need to be able to see those nuggets amongst the mud).

This new Moon is exactly conjunct a retrograding Mercury, so, we might find our minds working overtime with all the pressures, commitments, demands, worries, etc, especially as we’re in Capricorn territory now, and, are feeling the need of having to perform, make money, cover the bills, etc. We may also find that we’re running to keep up with people, it is the holiday season after all, and, this always asks us to answer emails, phone family and friends, or whatever.

It can be exhausting, but, there are rewards inherent in taking one step at a time, covering old ground (as well as new), and, tying up loose ends before heading into 2017. Even if only token efforts are made, we can achieve a lot by concentrating our energies into outcomes that can work for us, even if it feels like we’re cycling backwards at times, picking up the pieces of things that have broken down or perhaps aren’t going in the way we want them to go.

Letting go of the past is a big theme of this period as the Moon’s south node has both Mars and Neptune conjuncting it, drawing us back into the past and making it imperative that we sort things out that hold us in emotions, thoughts, or situations that no longer serve us. Now is a good time for analysing what thoughts and emotions come to mind; is what comes up useful to you, or, is it about something that really needs to be forgiven or forgotten?

Letting goIn amongst the energies going on, we have the Uranus/Pluto square pulling things up for inspection again. Even though it is a separating aspect, we are feeling it (and, have been for some years), especially as Jupiter is in a t-square with Uranus and Pluto. This has brought up a lot of social and political discourse and pain and many feel politically cast adrift and unsure what the future will bring in the greater scheme of things. Staying true to our values, choosing which battles will further us, and, keeping an eye on our reactions to the things we’re seeing or hearing can help enormously. This does not necessarily mean just accepting injustices and the things that bother our sensibilities, rather, it’s about choosing our ’causes’.

Even though this time feels rather tough, there are some really good aspects to this new Moon, and, we can make good use of them by concentrating on the good, those parts of our lives that reward us – that lift our spirits.

Although Mercury is retrograde, it, and this new Moon, are forming good aspects to the Moon’s nodes (Mercury is trining the north node and sextiling the south), and, in the days following the new Moon, this aspect gets stronger, giving us the ability to form more positive outcomes, to make strides in our relationships, to see where we can head in the right direction. Adding to this is Mars and Neptune separating out from the south node – things will begin to lighten up.

Another, even more potent and positive aspect going on is the Uranus/Jupiter opposition, which is being supported by trines and sextiles from Saturn. Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn are asking (and, in some cases, pushing) us to let go and move towards positive possibilities. There is energy here for the new, and, with concentrated effort, we can make great strides with their energies at our back.

As many have said, including myself, 2016 was a 9 universal year in numerology – the end of a cycle – we go into a 1 year in 2017. A 1 year can, at times, feel like we’re going down a new path with only a candle to illuminate our way, but, as the year progresses, we will no doubt feel the momentum increasing in the light of a new cycle. It’s as if the universe is saying “OK, it’s been tough, but here’s a way out of the mire…”

Chiron, as always, is asking us to examine The Stories That We Tell Ourselves. Chiron has been retrograde for what seems to be an eternity (it has been retrograde and stationary for months and months). Chiron and Saturn are exactly square to each other with Chiron on Pisces 22: A Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The Mountain, and, Saturn on Sagittarius 22: A Chinese Laundry. This can bring up the need to see where we may feel like a hamster in a wheel, and, how hard we may work for seemingly little rewards. Having said that, we have a prime opportunity to heal a lot of the ‘wounds’ that have built up over perhaps even lifetimes. Time to let go of old grudges, old wounds, old stories. Time to lay down some new ‘laws’ in our lives. What will and what won’t you accept as we go into this new year?

I feel to give Venus and Lilith the last say: They are exactly X-Raysquare with Venus on Aquarius 25: A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed and Lilith on Scorpio 25: An X-Ray Photograph Helps With The Diagnosis. It seems that Lilith wants us to go deep, to examine the ins and outs and to not take things at surface value. We can be attached but dispassionate, be welcoming and yet discerning… We also have that type of warning through the agency of Mercury on The Veiled Prophet degree (which is also the Karmic Condition of this new Moon). Look deeply…

What a time! I wish all of you a fabulous New Year, and, a loving and rewarding time
with friends and family
. I know I’m not alone in wanting to see 2016 go into the dustbin of history! 🙂

Diary-01-640x385Setting your intentions on the new moon…

The new Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realisations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A new Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together. The new Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the future. This period is wonderful for planting seeds of whatever kind.

What do you want to manifest in your future? Whether you write it down, sing about it or just hold the thought forms in your mind, doing this at the new Moon can realise some fabulous results around the things that you want to draw into your life.

If you would like a reading with me to explore these possibilities and set your intentions for your year ahead, here are some options.

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The New Moon is on Capricorn 8: BIRDS IN THE HOUSE SINGING HAPPILY – this degree is a beautiful one, and, this new Moon is on the very last minute of this degree. So, the following degree, Capricorn 9: An Angel Comes Carrying A Harp, kicks in just minutes after the exact new Moon. Both of these Symbols ask that we concentrate on the beauty around us…

This degree shows the spreading of joy, happiness and laughter to those around you. It also Birds In The House Singing Happilyshows that music can lighten people’s spirits. Further, thinking positive thoughts, being loving and accepting of others are the hallmarks of this degree. Listening to the songs of birds can be rather magical and can bring spiritual messages. By expressing your pleasure you can lift the feelings of others and they will most likely join in the chorus, in some way. Even though there are a number of social rules to follow, that shouldn’t bother you. This is a sign of sharing good feelings and happiness with all who enter your sphere of operations.

Keywords: Being at one with everything. Tunes sung or whistled. The promise of contentment. Communal sharing and fun. Faith in the good things of life. Music. Instruments. Playing the piano. Singing. The radio. Chattering in the background. Entertaining others. Seeing the beauty in life. Reminding others of how life can be rewarding. The sound of voices. Birds. Positive thinking.

The Caution: Idle chatter. Smug superiority. Not seeing the happiness inherent in everyday life. Loneliness. Feeling abandoned. Whining and complaining. Demanding.

The Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.

The Karmic Degree for the new Moon is Capricorn 7: A VEILED PROPHET SPEAKS, SEIZED BY THE POWER OF A GOD – this is a really potent degree, and, Mercury is also highlighting it now. It’s interesting to note what’s going on politically – can we ‘trust’ what we’re hearing? Can we really put our faith in those that are ‘in charge’? This is a fascinating Symbol in that, if we tune into our intuition, really listen to our gut, we can have some amazing realizations and breakthroughs. The trick is to be discerning about what we let into our force field. 

Veiled Prophet SpeaksThis degree implies disseminating information or knowledge; there are messages and they are coming from a deep source, or, from a place of authority. Still, it can be difficult to know whether it’s always the truth that is being spoken or that’s coming through. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? With such power in one’s words, we have to be careful about what we say as well as what we hear. This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Something to watch out for is blind acceptance of things you see or hear. This is a very powerful degree.

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channelling and medium ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation. Propaganda. Mind control. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Barging into other people’s space or conversations.

The Quest Degree for the new Moon is Capricorn 9: AN ANGEL COMES CARRYING A HARP – as I mentioned above, this degree kicks in just minutes after the new Moon = it is also a very strong Symbol to keep in mind.

This degree shows being able to care for others – being there when they need it. It also shows The Song of the Angels  William Bouguereauthat “Angels” will come when you call on them, when you’re most in need yourself. You may be able to ‘tune in’ and radiate harmony around you, inspiring confidence and joy. This pictures care, generosity and a fulfilled selfhood. Inspiring people to do their best can bring rewards to all concerned. The trick with this degree can be sorting out whether to trust the ‘tune’ that others sometimes play. Following someone for the wrong reasons can just lead you astray.

Keywords: Demons driven away by music. Lifting faith and hope. Messages of peace from the other side. Having a message to spin. Being in tune, spiritually. Having an elevated view of humanity. Creating harmony. Blowing the whistle. Advertising. Salvation that arrives when most needed. Harmonics. Music and musical instruments. Visitations of spirit. Messages of love and hope arriving. Pulling on the heartstrings. Heavenly attunement. Beautiful tunes. Promises of redemption. Revelations. Plucking strings.

The Caution: Having a holier-than-thou attitude. Losing oneself in fantasy. Tricking people with soothing words that mean nothing. Harping on about things. The Pied Piper.

Veiled Prophet  Mercury is retrograde on Capricorn 7: A VEILED PROPHET SPEAKS, SEIZED BY THE POWER OF A GOD – Mercury retrograde is very closely tied in with this new Moon, and, it’s retrograde, and it’s interesting to note the recent talk of ‘fake news’, fake posts on social media, etc, and, this degree has been involved in all of that. Mercury went over this degree a few weeks ago, so, it’s been part of this push to marginalise and delegitimize some ‘news’, some reports, or memes. Mercury here is asking that we be discerning around not only what we hear, what we digest, what we believe, but, also, what we say.

This degree implies disseminating information or knowledge; there are messages and they are coming from a deep source, or, from a place of authority. Still, it can be difficult to know whether it’s always the truth that is being spoken or that’s coming through. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? With such power in one’s words, we have to be careful about what we say as well as what we hear. This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Something to watch out for is blind acceptance of things you see or hear. This is a very powerful degree.

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channelling and medium ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation. Propaganda. Mind control. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Barging into other people’s space or conversations.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals.

 Venus is on Aquarius 25: A BUTTERFLY WITH THE RIGHT WING MORE PERFECTLY FORMED – this is a lovely Symbol, but, it can have us flapping about, not knowing which way to go, or, it can feel like we’ve over-extended ourselves in some areas. This can further us, but, if an imbalance gets too out of hand, it can lead to us achieving very little.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to find balance, to find your center so that you Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalismight be more effective, stable and organized. As the “Butterfly” has a “Right Wing More Perfectly Formed”, you may be applying your rational logical mind out of balance to your intuitive and creative wisdom, or, vice versa. It is often harder to understand your intuitive messages, but reliance on logic can limit your possibilities. However, not applying logic can lead to big problems as well. There can be physical handicaps which may prevent one from truly doing what one wants, or strange imbalances on the spiritual level.

Keywords: Rising above life’s distortions. A need to bring some type of balance to situations. Injuries or problems with hands or arms. One side being more ‘Perfect’ than the other. The ‘Right’ being better than the left. Mutations. Handicaps. Challenges. Disabilities. Impediments. Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them. John Henry Cardinal Newman

The Caution: Imbalance of function. Lopsidedness. Flapping around and getting no where. Mutations. Being at a disadvantage. Hindrances. Judging beauty on external appearances.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.

 Mars is on Pisces 8: A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE – Mars here can be very interesting, especially as it’s conjunct Neptune (and, in Pisces). We may feel as though we want to sound off, to make our case, to be heard. Of course, this could be about others in your life; you might be marvelling at people that just don’t know when to call it quits – when they’ve said or done enough. It could be that it’s time you contributed to the chorus, making your thoughts felt…

Girl Blowing A BugleThis shows sounding the call, rallying people together, knowing when to speak or “Blow a Bugle” to awaken others, to wake up to realities going on in the world, join some cause, etc. Perhaps you feel the need to wake up those around you, or, perhaps be woken yourself. When situations get bogged down in emotional or rational complexity and everyone just needs to be rallying and going for the objective, you may be the one to let everyone know. Sometimes this Symbol can show someone who makes a lot of noise; justified or unjustified and they can get people moving. Using simple, receptive innocence will get situations back on track.

Keywords: Sounding the call. Awakening all to action. Going on and on about something. Loudspeakers, telephones, announcements. Being prepared to state one’s case. Calling attention to one’s self. Blowing your own trumpet. Whistleblowers. Heralding and proclaiming the dawn. Rise and shine! Girls in a man’s world. Leading the charge. Resurrection. Mass announcements. Advertising campaigns. Alarm clocks. Ear plugs. Blind folds. Break the fast. Proclamations.

The Caution: Unwarranted and disturbing noise. Showing off. Trumpeting about oneself. Not listening to people. Being annoying. Interrupting. Betraying confidences. Loud voice.

Mars symbolizes: Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.

 Jupiter is on Libra 21: A CROWD UPON A BEACH – with all that’s going on astrologically, this is an interesting degree thrown into the mix. Jupiter seems to be asking us to get along with others and to realize that everyone needs their ‘space’… kicking sand in someone’s face can lead to turmoil, when, really, the aim is to enjoy life and not take things too seriously. A fine balance needs to be struck between what is your space and what is others.

This implies getting along with people with a live-and-let-live approach. People enjoy the Crowd Upon A Beachoutdoors and each other as they leave behind the stresses and strains of modern life in order to get more in touch with their bodies and their environment whilst having fun and relaxing. At times you may feel the need to get out into the open air or spend time with others or get in touch with your emotions. Joining with people of like mind in a natural setting, in a free and easy way, you can feel the release that can come from reminding yourself of the wonders of nature. Any feelings of what needs to be done should be put aside as you enjoy, relax and play.

Keywords: Simple gatherings and sharing in natural values. Watching people swim, run, skip and play. People getting loose and revealing their bodies. Remembering the basic elements of life. Marveling at nature. Getting back to the basics of life. Enjoyment. Relaxing social constraints. Picnic hampers, towels, sunblock. Wanting a tan. Queues and lines. Swimming in the collective unconsciousness. Leisure times.

The Caution: Avoiding close interaction with others. Sunburn. Sunstroke. Feeling like just one of the many. Dehydration. Loneliness. Difficulty finding room to yourself.

Jupiter symbolizes: The big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.

 Saturn is on Sagittarius 22: A CHINESE LAUNDRY

Chinese LaundryThis Symbol pictures situations where people may not be taken seriously, are expected to perform in a stereotypical way or are shut away because of their culture, or language, or because of racial prejudice. In a “Chinese Laundry” people are often working very hard with little free time and expected to do the ‘dirty work’ for others for very little in return. Be careful not to shut yourself away as there can be the danger of closing your mind to other options, opportunities and possibilities. This can also picture situations where people are working closely together, speaking the same language, although here, too, there can still be alienation and loneliness.

Keywords: Restrictive expectations. Relations with others because of social duty. Performing tasks. Mediocrity, or the fear of it. Washing machines and dryers. Money and other laundering. Laws and legislation based on social and racial inequality. Issues of belonging. Cleaning up for others. The search for purity. Institutions that inhibit individuality. Convents. Stereotyping people. Work and the rewards it should bring.

The Caution: Giving in to prejudice. Self-inflicted inferiority. Being used. Issues of self respect. Confining stereotypes. Money laundering. Not taken seriously. Feeling trapped.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.

 Uranus is stationary direct on Aries 21: A BOXER IS ENTERING THE RING – Uranus goes direct on December 29, smack on this new Moon.

This Symbol shows that there may be a temptation to take on issues, even to fight, but it The Boxer and The Gate To Fulfilled Desiresneeds to be with dignity and regulation. You may feel a need, or the urge, to step up to the plate and take something or someone on. There are rules to follow and often others will be end up being the judge of the final outcome. Make sure you possess the skills and training to defend what you believe. Remember that sometimes you need to back off if you’re not winning a contest. Question: is someone on the attack or the defense?

Keywords: Physical or psychological self – assertion and determination. Attack or defense? Fighting for emotional, psychological or physical space. Being seen as a person of strength. Throwing punches. Fighting on any level. Being prepared to take a swing at someone or something. Stepping up to the plate. Throwing down the gauntlet. Going after the title. Big vs. small egos.

The Caution: Using power to dominate people or those who challenge you. Wanting to knock people out. Storming in and taking over. Looking for combat. Being combative.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or ‘different’. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.

 Neptune is on Pisces 10: AN AVIATOR IN THE CLOUDS – Neptune has been on this degree for months, having turned direct on this degree… have we been able to see what’s really going on? Are we managing to stay above the noise, the distraction and irritations, OR, have we founds ourselves not being able to see the true picture? 

Aviator In The CloudsThis shows being able to stay on course, not allowing distractions or difficult or confusing issues to deter you from your destination. Perhaps you need to rise above and transcend the more nitty-gritty realities of earthly existence and its difficulties, just be aware that you may not be seeing the complete picture very clearly sometimes. If you take special notice, you may be able to see through illusions, seeing past the surface appearances to things that others miss. You may be able to rely on your spiritual, creative or intellectual skills to take you above and beyond those things that others have to deal with. However, you may also be evading the real truth.

Keywords: Elevated views. Always seeing the best in people and things. Peace and tranquility. The longing for transcendence. Not seeing limitations. Being in a refined “head space”. Mastery. Flight, planes, pilots. Avoidance of time constraints. Pollyanna attitudes. Free flights of fantasy and escapism. The need for accurate navigation. Being in charge of the controls. Seeking higher truths. Maps. Compasses. Global satellite positioning. Clouds. Mist and fog. Hang-gliding. Don’t “over-control” like a novice pilot. Stay loose enough from the flow that you can observe it, modify, and improve it. Donald Rumsfeld

The Caution: Escaping responsibilities. Isolating oneself. Drugs and alcohol abuse. Avoiding reality. Unearthed. Unrealistic expectations. Missing the point. Evasive.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, “out there,” spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co dependent, sensory awareness.


This Symbol shows getting rid of the restraints imposed by social conditioning and inhibitions; Young Girl Surreptitiously Bathing In The Nudeto strip down to bare essentials and not be ashamed of it. The “Young Person” is enjoying the feeling of not having clothes or costume to constrain or cover them. They are also letting the sun and the air contact their skin which is very healthy and revivifying. Although there may be some feelings of being ‘exposed’, really letting go and not worrying about being ‘seen’ can lead to feelings of freedom. This applies to a freeing up or exposing on a spiritual and emotional level as well, it’s not confined to physical realities.

Keywords: Confrontations with one’s self. Reconnecting with nature. A desire to “reveal” oneself mentally, physically or emotionally. Issues with weight. The manipulation of the female form in the media. Exhibitionism. Learning to let go of extraneous things. Confronting puritanism. Being at one with the environment. Releasing inhibitions. Stripping. Streaking. Sun lotions.

The Caution: Suppression of natural attitudes. Bondage to inhibitions. Exhibitionist. Revealing too much. Showing off. Lack of concern for others’ feelings. Sexual exploitation.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivations, depth psychology, history. Sex, procreation at a deep level, intensity, profound emotions, taking hold of one’s power. Being king or queen of one’s underworld. Strength, survival mode instincts. Big money. Big power. The Plutocracy. Power vs power struggles.

Chiron is on Pisces 22: A PROPHET BRINGING DOWN THE NEW LAW FROM THE MOUNTAIN – time to put some new ‘rules’, some new affirmations into place?

The Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The MountainThis shows being able to live life by a set of “New Laws”, or, to make a new set of laws that better suits your life and place in the scheme of things. This pictures revelations of spirit and truth. It is important to manifest these truths and laws and to integrate them into your everyday life. Codifying the ways of humankind can help us understand the limitations of our earthly existence. Although our basic principles may stay the same, the specifics will vary in order to accommodate the changing perceptions. You may find new laws to live by, or, you could be the one to bring these ‘rules’ to others.

Keywords: Revelations and channeling of new information. Truths being revealed. Thoughts, ideas, guidelines. The Ten Commandments. Laying down the law. New resolutions. New pathways of living. Social justice messages. The Koran. The Torah. The Bible. Finding records. People of the book. The Ark of the Covenant. Newly codified laws. Amendments. The Testaments. Avatars and guides. Moses. Mt. Sinai. Legislation. Laws enacted. Legislation.

The Caution: Being told what to do. Believing one has all the answers OR believing someone else. Rigid application of dogmatic laws. Bureaucracy. Laws set in stone.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. The wounds are The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.

 The Moon’s North Node is on Virgo 5: A PERSON BECOMING AWARE OF NATURE SPIRITS AND NORMALLY UNSEEN SPIRITUAL ENERGIES – opening up to new impressions…

This Symbol implies strong feelings of another level of awareness around you. Your rational A Hidden Choir Being Heard In A Church Service
mind is, at times, being overshadowed by intuitive thoughts and feelings. Your imagination or spirituality is showing a clearer path to understanding and knowledge. Equipped to see the invisible, you penetrate into the mystical levels of life. There may be messages to bring back into your waking consciousness. This can show a creative, attuned mind that can perceive subtle phenomena, shifts and changes in the environment. Tap into your clairvoyance, but don’t be thrown off track by it

Keywords: Creative fantasies. Attuned minds perceiving subtle phenomena. Fairy tales. Seeing things or imagining them. Fantasizing. Seeing entities. Mental institutions. Halloween. Fairies, nature spirits. Seeing the normally unseen.

The Caution: Confusion or a lack of true perspective. Time wasted. Being a space cadet. Losing the plot. Mental institutions. Not being taken seriously. Schizophrenia.

The Moon’s North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a ‘karmic point’ (although all planets and points in a chart can be’karmic’). One’s destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.

 The Moon’s South Node is on Pisces 5: A CHURCH BAZAAR – this Symbol is about charity and giving and helping others. It can also signify issues to do with pensions and social security, etc = the need to feel safe and sheltered by society.

A Church BazaarThis shows being able to work with others for the needs of the community. In a “Church Bazaar”, people come together, bringing home-made jams, bits and pieces, bric-a-brac, handcrafts and things that they’ve donated. A church bazaar is a great place to meet others, find a bargain and help the community build a bigger and better sense of cohesion. Raffles and charity drives can have small donations building into worthwhile amounts to help those who in need. You may donate some of your time, energy or possessions for benevolent ends. This always brings some type of tangible reward. Old fashioned values can be brought to the community through commerce and the warmth of sharing.

Keywords: Overcoming loneliness and alienation. Selling things. The issue of real worth. A lot of effort for small rewards. Small scale commercial bartering and interchange. The collection plate. Generosity and charitable community attitudes. Jars of jam and things handmade. Bric-a-brac. Bargains. Practical spirituality. Volunteers. People sharing the load. Charity work. Money raising. Garage or yard sales. Second hand clothes.

The Caution: Spiritual or social exclusivity. Giving things smaller worth than they deserve. Fussing around about small details. People being stingy. Never enough money.

The Moon’s South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good, but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

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The Rebuild


As your new year approaches, please be aware that you are in the process of being rebuilt.  All that went before in your previous year; the tearing down, the releasing, the ‘deconstruction’ of what you have known is preparing you for the new and amazing to arrive.  Use the space between now and then to rest, take care of your human vessel and align yourself for what is to come.  Your beginning is on its way! ~ Creator

December Monthly Cobra Interview By Prepare For Change | The Portal

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Monthly Cobra Interview By Prepare For Change  | The Portal

Here is the December monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change.
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