NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for October 1 to 7, 2018 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology

Your guide to planetary energies for

October 1 to 7, 2018

By Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note this Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

TUE: Mercury square Pluto
WED: Mercury biquintile Neptune
THU: Mercury quintile Saturn
FRI: Venus stations retrograde 12:04 p.m. PDT
SUN: Sun conjunct Ceres, Sun quincunx Neptune, Neptune quincunx Ceres

VENUS, the planet named for the Roman goddess of love, goes retrograde this week. When planets are retrograde (appearing to move backward), they are actually closer to the Earth than at other times in their orbit. This proximity brings their themes into stronger focus in our collective experience and in our individual lives — and the backward motion means that we tend to approach these themes more subjectively than usual. For the most part, we also find it beneficial to be more in review mode than in creation mode related to the planet’s areas of influence. 
All planets are linked energetically with at least one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and some are associated with two. Venus is one of the planets that does double-duty, reigning over both Libra and Taurus. As planetary ruler of Libra, the sign of The Scales, Venus has jurisdiction over issues of relationship, equality, and fairness; as ruler of Taurus the Bull, she concerns herself with nature, physical pleasures, values and material resources, and financial well-being.
Venus goes retrograde every 18 months or so, for about 42 days at a time. She is moving very slowly forward this week, and comes to a standstill on Friday, October 5, at 12:04 pm PDT. At that time, she will reverse her course, being retrograde until she stations direct on November 16.

THE FACT that Venus is in Scorpio as she begins her retrograde phase greatly influences how we will experience this period. From her throne as queen of Libra, Venus retrograde will ask us not only to consider our alliances in general, but also specifically to review those intimate relationships from the past that involved the use and abuse of power, secrets and hidden truths, and subjects often thought of as being too taboo to discuss in “civilized society.” While Libra may be mostly concerned with harmony (or the appearance thereof), Scorpio takes us to the heart of any matter, even if it causes upset.
At the same time, from her position as ruler of Taurus, Venus retrograde in Scorpio will require that we rediscover what we truly value, how we want to invest our energy and resources, and what it means to find our center of calm in the midst of turmoil. As we heed this call to dive more deeply into self-awareness, we will find it is no longer adequate to gloss over those issues that we don’t want to face, simply because they make us uncomfortable.
Above all, if we successfully navigate this Venus retrograde period, we will learn the validity of the phrase “True peace comes from within.” We will discover that when we try to “seek it without,” we are living life based on externals, which will always be variable and therefore unreliable. To be truly and deeply at peace, we must find and dwell in the constancy of our divine self, which is able to ride the Scorpio storms and not be capsized.
A quote from A Twofold Life, by Wilhelmine von Hillern, written in 1873:
“There is also a heaven upon earth in our own breasts. Do not seek it without, but within your heart; then you will not come into heaven for the first time when you die, but remain in it always.”

MERCURY plays a vital role in the week’s activities (aka shenanigans), starting on Tuesday when the Messenger Planet squares Pluto. We can expect confrontational words, accusations, and arguments early in the week, that interfere with Mercury-in-Libra’s yearning for cooler heads to prevail. This square aspect can bring even more “inconvenient truths” to the surface — as if we hadn’t already had a great helping from this particular plate!
Mercury then goes on to form a biquintile aspect with Neptune on Wednesday, and a quintile aspect with Saturn on Thursday. Both of these aspects are members of the same “5th harmonic” family of aspects. Writing about these aspects in his book Dynamics of Aspects Analysis, Bil Tierney references the work of the 20th century English astrologer John Addey:
“John Addey associates the entire ‘quintile series’ with the use or abuse of power and authority. He also found it to be linked with a pronounced tendency to be very one-pointed and intensely driven in a specialized field of activity.”  

GIVEN that nebulous Neptune is involved in the aspect on Wednesday, we can expect attempts to obscure the truth, as well as finger-pointing and labeling others as liars. The Mercury-Neptune combination can be very imaginative in a positive way, but it can also be used for deception, where the facts are manipulated to control outcomes. As participants in or observers of this charade, we can feel disillusioned and confused by the competing “facts” that are being offered.
But, we also have a reality check on Thursday, when Mercury and Saturn form their aspect. This may be the culmination of a process, when solutions are discussed. Hopefully, it will be a time when those in authority (Saturn in Capricorn) exhibit integrity in their decision-making process.
NEXT SUNDAY, the Libra Sun aligns with dwarf planet Ceres, and both are in quincunx aspect to Neptune. The desire to please and nurture is strong with the Sun-Ceres alignment, and we may derive our self-esteem from our ability to give others what they appear to need and want.
But, Neptune’s involvement means that we may not be seeing relationships very clearly on this day. We may idealize another person, or expect ourselves to be saint-like. We are especially sensitive to how others respond to our efforts, and prone to disappointment if situations do not unfold according to our fantasies.
The key to navigating these challenges is to maintain good boundaries, and to base our self-worth in our capacity for love, not on the outcomes of our specific attempts to express caring. The true solution is found when we can honestly convey affection without going into self-sacrifice.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your relationship with home and family are highlighted this year. It may be a time when you express nurturing in a new way, either through becoming a parent, making changes in your home, caring for a person in need, dedicating yourself to better health and nutrition, or tangibly expressing your caring for the Earth and our environment. In some situations, you may run into differences of opinion, especially if you are revealing facets of your personality that you had once kept hidden. If this occurs, your challenge will be to stay true to your knowing of what is important to you, without falling prey to the need to make everyone else happy.
In light,

Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2018. All rights reserved.

Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast October 1 – 7: Shift in Love, Deep Discoveries

Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast October 1 – 7: Shift in Love, Deep Discoveries

Published on Sep 29, 2018

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Dorothy Morgan: Venus Scorpio Retrograde Astrology Forecast – Week of October 1st – 7th

Venus Scorpio Retrograde Astrology Forecast
Week of October 1st – 7th

Published on Sep 27, 2018

Astrology Forecast Week of October 1st – 7th A BIG THANK YOU – GRATEFUL WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS

October 1st and 2nd comfort nurturing homecare self-care.
Mercury square Pluto Deep penetrating conversations
Take a quick look back to July 27 and August 11 Eclipses
So basically Wed night into Thursday old emotions/issues coming to the surface.
Retrograde = gaining insight
We are responsible for our own actions
Don’t make a problem were you don’t have one!!!!!
Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
Let’s talk about finances now very Scorpio
If you have doubt wait to purchase
Relationships and Finances
In certain situations Your inner circle people can be a big help in regards to deep emotions that need to come to the surface.
Process this coming weekend.
Most intimate partnerships will feel intense, working through old Karma with partners.
This is a natural process so work with it as best you can.
And if you can’t work with it, chill out as much as possible.
Saturday and Sunday October 6 & 7 Virgo Moon
Whenever Scorpio and Virgo are strong at the same time we get hyper focused on the details.

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7 MANDELA EFFECTS that are Driving People Crazy in 2018! [PART 2] | Edge of Wonder

[Fascinating and fun discussion, a real head-scratcher, even for those of us familiar with the concepts of multi-dimensional awareness and timelines! I recall the exact same things they do, although the current timeline indicates a slightly different history! This may blow your mind if you are of, or close to my generation, or older! Is our reality completely malleable? Could be! ~PB]

#MandelaEffect2018 #MandelaEffect

7 MANDELA EFFECTS that are Driving People Crazy in 2018! [PART 2]

Published on Aug 10, 2018

Think you remember something one way, but now it’s not that way at all? Perhaps you’ve seen a movie or a logo and now that movie isn’t how you remembered it to be or the logo has been changed. Confused? Your not alone. Welcome to the #MandelaEffect2018.

In our very first Mandela Effect episode we covered a lot of pop culture and how a lot of what we thought we remembered has been changed or doesn’t exist.

In this 3 part series we will go over real life situations that people all seem to remember differently. Such as was how many people do you remember were in JFK’s car when he was assassinated? Do you remember the Statue of Liberty being on Ellis Island or Liberty Island? Was there only 1 Moon landing or 6? Did our human anatomy change? How do you remember the position of Rodin’s “The Thinker?” Also do you remember who was the spokesperson of Publisher’s Clearing House but turns our never was? We cover all of this and more on this Part 1 of a 3 part series on the #MandelaEffect.

Credits: Collegehumor Shazam:…

JFK Zapruder Film:…

Neil deGrasse Tyson: On the first moon landing –…

Carson on Letterman:…

Editorial Images: Getty Images Music: Audio Blocks:

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Theme Song created by Ben Chasteen and the great Enrico


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James True: The Credibility of Silence

The Credibility of Silence | James True

The difference between telepathy and empathy is nothing. We are hairy sweaty dolphins with kneecaps navigating the world with emotional sonar. Dolphins experience sound as a mandala. Our face is the sound of our feelings. Nothing lights the brain up more in an MRI than facial recognition. Nothing burns more calories than our thoughts. We are human empathy computers that have been hacked by a lying elite. Psychopaths have disseminated a million floating bottles with false messages. Each wash up on our shore and tear at our heartstrings. We are lost knowing which one to believe. We attack each other on the beach from the smoke of this emotional terrorism. That is until you see the face of Mrs Kavanaugh. Everybody drops their bottle and sees her face so very clearly. If you want to see how Congress honors women, watch Ashley Kavanaugh sit helplessly through her husband’s statement.

There is a credibility in silence. Mrs Kavanaugh has it and she never held a microphone. You could watch her face with the sound turned off and still hear every word as it was spoken. Dr. Ford was armed with a microphone and a cup of coffee. She was prepared by experts to be both cerebral and collegiate. But we are empaths and our words are silly decorations. Dr. Ford felt justified lying about Kavanaugh because Dr. Ford never had justice. She morphed back into a girl asking for help with her microphone. That girl is the real victim. A ten-year-old trauma victim still living in an unjust world. She owes no one any special treatment. Especially not someone who represents the very thing that failed her. There is no greater symbol of justice than the Supreme Court. But Dr. Ford does not know justice. She is still frozen in her own regression. Her entire history makes her a corrupted witness.

Why would Dr Ford give justice to Kavanaugh? She regards him as one of the guys that made it. It causes an acid to form in her wound. She feels completely justified making his world feel like hers. This is the essence of the equality movement. It’s okay as long as we suffer together. Her testimony is credible because she recalls her own trauma. A drunk man took her when she was too young to stop him. This is the meaning of “forced from behind.” She wasn’t surprised by his stealth – she was surprised by the violation. Her trust was raped at the top of the staircase as she was thrown into the bedroom. Ford said she couldn’t tell if it was Kavanaugh because it wasn’t Kavanaugh.

Anger is the natural reaction to injustice. Both parties are credible. Dr Ford was sexually assaulted a long ago and Kavanaugh wasn’t her perpetrator. The assailant in of this is Diane Feinstein, a democratic Senator from California. She took Dr. Ford as her victim and forced her up the steps of the capital. She told a ten year old Ford to say it was all “cerebral” and “collegiate.” But trauma is a somatic experience and justice was robbed yet again by a committee of politicians. I was falsely accused a few years ago and walked through this same gauntlet. I have seen firsthand how trauma justifies victims to act in ways where no one has justice. Ford thinks if she can’t have justice, why should Kavanaugh. Trauma is a dripping acid and our government failed both of them just like they always have.

Feinstein repeated Dr Ford’s trauma by raping her trust on camera. Feinstein was completely sober when she did it. She planned it for weeks. She pushed the girl up the steps of the capital and sensationalized her trauma for the cameras. She turned Ford’s real story into a lie and reduced it to a spectacle. She forced a political story into her head and demanded it look cerebral. Ford trusted the wrong person again. We are surrounded by these sharks. Sharks will never be sorry. We are lucky if they kill us quickly. The worst thing that could happen is for them to gently bleed us from our bellies in the water. Dr Ford was raped by a predator swimming in alcohol. Her trauma is a reverberating regression. It is the opposite of time travel. Pain makes us selfish because it has to. The worst thing we can do is call Dr. Ford a liar. She is a survivor who still hasn’t been rescued. Kavanaugh’s daughter, age ten said, “let’s pray for her.” Let that girl be our representative. We are empathic creatures swimming in a shark tank of Senators. Ford will never know justice now. She has been given dopamine instead. Her truth is a lifetime away because of it.

Blind empathy is an insult. Discerned empathy is true compassion. Until we learn this, false accusations will continue.

Our government failed us again in that hearing. Our representatives are killing us one-by-one for their own sport. It is trauma to force us to watch it. They are filling the beach with more-and-more bottles and we are giving them money to keep doing it to us. I know how we can get rid of these sharks. We don’t even need a bigger boat. We have everything we need right in front of us. We must decentralize and disempower those who treat women like this. We have to stop pretending government is doing the best it can. Diane Feinstein is not failing our country by accident. She is here to gut you like she did Dr. Ford. She will only keep throwing more bottles. We need to stop reading her. We need to turn and meet ourselves face-to-face. We need to go back to using our empathy. This can never happen with a partisan statement on camera. Everything the shark says is a lie. Every single word.

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Tania Gabrielle: Pluto Stations Direct: 18:18 Renewal of Power!


On the final day of September, Pluto comes to a complete standstill…


Pluto stations DIRECT on Sunday.

(When slow-moving planets change direction, we feel their impact the most.)

Pluto, the slowest planet of all, begins its slow-down journey WEEKS before the actual day that it stands still and changes course.

So Pluto always “sits” on the stationing degree for a long, long time.

In this case Pluto is at a standstill at 18° Capricorn – in 2018.


Pluto is all about power and self control, going deeply into the core – the original spark of germination.

Finding the source through Source creates a profound transformation.

Pluto and 18° in 2018 create an energy purge and surge facilitated by rest and dreamtime.


Quite a paradox!

How can resting ad dreaming give you an energy surge?

  • 18 governs dreams, compassion, being of service – unconditional love and wisdom.
  • Pluto rules Scorpio – a deep WATER sign… water facilitates dreaming, like the womb of life.
  • Together Pluto and 18 purge, empower – release and restore your strength!

In this case, the release is quite emotional.

And, the deeper you go, the bigger the IMPACT will be … especially on your career.


Pluto in Capricorn, ruler of the 10th house in astrology – the house of your Divine mission, is awakening your true divine mission in this lifetime.

Take advantage of this milestone moment.

Right now you are discovering new ways to tap into self control and empowerment in a high vibrational way – and your transformation will positively impact the direction of your career!

You’re not gaining power over others, but empowering your core Soul purpose from within.

  • Pluto is incredibly psychic
  • 18 enhances your intuition during dreamtime…

So this weekend is an especially powerful time to experience an inspirational connection, transformation and change.


Take time to rest, and meditate on how you use your energy …

Pluto stationing direct (forward) again invites you to explore who you are at Soul level in a deep and passionate way.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron: Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

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Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

How is everyone doing???

What a week of Energies for all of us.

This week’s talk has been brought about by so many things that are happening in the world that it is difficult to pinpoint the true source.

However I will say it is The Divine Mother who is returning in us all and rising in Her Fullness to give birth to a New Humanity.

Once again this is my personal journey which I share as I have chosen to do from a place of Divine Compassion for all Life.

Video Version on YouTube

Audio Version on Yourlisten

2018-09-06 19.10.54

I include this chart below which unfortunately, I can’t find the original article and author of.
However it shows how many aspects of our lives that are being brought to our awareness to bring back into balance.

Focusing Our Conscious Awareness is really all we need to do, to begin this process of ending a separation within us, that no longer can be maintained without dramatic destruction.


Masculine Energy     vs     Feminine Energy

doing     vs     being

aggression     vs     surrender

analytical     vs     intuitive

concrete      vs     abstract

impatient     vs     patient

striving     vs    tranquil

rushing     vs    nurturing

assertive     vs     receptive

left brain     vs     right brain

thrusting     vs     receiving

organization     vs    synthesizing

logical     vs     creative

busy     vs     calm

hard     vs     soft

controlling     vs     allowing

So be gentle with yourselves as you call forth the Divine Masculine and the DIvine Feminine as you feel called to.

Know in Your Hearts that none of us are innocent here after so many lifetime cycles, yet We Are continuously Loved by our Divine Mother and Father which could never be separated as the Source of All Creation.



A Message to Lightworkers – September 28, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – September 28, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

Our writer has asked us to address the issue of sexual assault as it is being discussed now on television and all other forms of media.

For many, this is a time of revolution—a time of freedom from the shame, low self-worth, sadness, and feelings of loss they have experienced since being attacked, or abused in an ongoing way.

We do not speak of this awakening of women’s (and some men’s) voices in an attempt to create further division between individuals, within families, or within social groups, such as some are using it to create.

That is not what this moment is about.

When we see the #MeToo movement and the bravery of those who identify as survivors (not victims), we see a reflection of the growing presence of the Divine Feminine upon the Earth.

At its heart, this is not a female vs. male nor even a survivor vs. predator movement.

In the bigger sense, it is an expression of the recognition in women and girls of their inner Divinity, their sacred individualism, the strength and wisdom of their voices, and the need for their equal participation in all matters of life in this new era of the Sat Yuga.

It is also an sign of the end of the old male power structure, and the presumption on the part of males in nearly every culture that their presence, ideas, and opinions matter more that than of others—and that their word carries far more weight than that of women or young people.

It has been particularly hard for white males, born into various levels of the eons-old patriarchal power structure, to develop certain aspects of their personal and soul growth—their Divinity—under a system that says, “Whatever you do is all right. Do as you please, and protect your brothers as they do as they please, by shoring up the system that ensures your immunity from being questioned, or made to answer for your actions.”

Certainly, this has not been the case in every instance.

Some males have been made to face justice and to answer for the crimes and other injustices they have waged against others, including situation in which they abused their power or influence in the home, workplace, or government.

But in this era into which you have emerged, the prevailing (and fast-increasing) energies of higher Light on the planet have created an environment in which exploitation, injustices, and inequalities of all kinds will no longer be tolerated by the masses as “status quo.”

It is disturbing to many to see the old order crumbling.

And yet, know that each of you in her or his own way has come here to contribute not merely to the end of the old era, but to the establishing and anchoring of the new one.

We see that many are feeling triggered by the descriptions of assault, and environments of intimidation and harassment, from those coming forward to speak publicly of their experiences, to stop predators from continuing their crimes.

This can be a difficult moment for many, as they relive their own painful situations.

Healing from any form of sexual abuse can take time in your world, as the subconscious contains so many layers of thought and feeling, and the etheric body, invaded by the presence of the perpetrator, retains those energies until they are washed clean from the survivor’s energy field by way of energy clearings.

Nearly every female in your world has, in one Earth life or another, carried the heavy weight of having been abused, and for many, it has occurred to varying degrees in multiple Earth lives.

Thankfully, there are energy clearing audio recordings and videos available online (some them offered for free), and energy practitioners who work with abuse survivors, so that the survivor does not have to continue to carry the weight of their experience or the perpetrator’s energies.

Please know that you are never alone in your journey.

Your Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self are with you at every moment, ready to download you with healing, wisdom, compassion, and guidance.

This issue is rising again for you now, because it is demanding to be healed more fully.

And because in the rising energies you are experiencing, your own vibration is rising to where it can no longer carry the density of these experiences, locked into cells, etheric body, and heart-mind.

Healing need not take a great deal of time, or years in therapy, though many find it a great help to learn the skills needed to create clear boundaries and to regain a sense of self as they deal with the memories of an attack or abuse situation.

Many also turn to methods such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), body work, Reiki,  and other forms of healing the subconscious, emotions, and body.

Whether the situation occurred a few days or ago or many years ago, the mind and heart will have recorded it at a depth and with a detail that requires an in-depth clearing and healing, until the survivor’s sense of self is built up to where they no longer blame themselves or carry the energetic intention of the abuse, and no longer feel trapped in the energies and intention of the one who abused them.

Acquiring natural boundaries—physical, emotional, and etheric ones—requires a sense of self that most female children are kept well away from as they are growing up, lest they develop the inner strength required to stand up for their lives and that of others, and use their voice to resist the socialization and programming of the male power structure.

Hence, your media is full of narrowly defined, impossible-to-reach images of beauty, with assurances to young girls and women in particular, that they are not acceptable as people without their achieving at least part of the “beauty ideal.”

Likewise, film and television (and music video) constantly show women being abused or dismissed as irrelevant outside of displays of their attractiveness, and usually placed secondary in presence, voice, and importance to strong male characters.

(The lead female actor of your show X Files, for example, has said that the first four or five scripts for the series always had her character walking several steps behind her FBI partner. After a few episodes, she always ensured that she and her partner walked parallel to one another.)

You have seen tremendous changes in this kind of programming (social and otherwise) over the past 50 years, as the energies upon the Earth have required that women recognize and honor their humanity and their intrinsic equality with men, not only in terms of their ability to contribute to society, but in terms of the basic importance of their mere presence and existence.

This last frontier—speaking out against sexual abuse, judgment and intimidation—and refusing to allow it to protect itself behind a wall of assumed privilege—is one of the most important shifts.

It speaks clearly of the humanity and Divinity of all women in all circumstances.

In addition to supporting young girls in developing a strong sense of self, purpose, self-worth, and perfection, it is also working to assist young boys to grow up respecting, claiming, and honoring their Feminine aspect.

This rebalancing has been one of the greatest missing ingredients in your world.

You are here to see firsthand the revolution from within that is shaking your world at its foundations, in ways undreamt of before this time, except by a few visionaries, to whom we all owe a great deal.

And so we honor and celebrate the Divine Feminine with you, as it moves through your Earth, encouraging all on the planet to honor all of life, to bless and nurture all heart-based expressions of humanity!

And as it offers a demonstration of the Creator Goddess, who in all things honors, loves, and blesses you, and in this time of great and unprecedented rebalancing, calls upon Earth’s people to honor Her.

Namaste, Light Bearers! To you we bow, with all reverence and thanks, for the powerful Light you have come to establish upon your vibrant New Earth.

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.



About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on, Studio B. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Galactic Astrological Profile: Brett Kavanaugh by Alex Miller on August 1, 2018 DAYKEEPER JOURNAL

Very interesting, considering it was published in August…Astrology applied to Geopolitics is always fascinating! Since Astrology is a tool for insight that mathematically calculates and follows the movement patterns and alignments of celestial bodies, and studies the corresponding patterns of human behavior, it therefore becomes predictive. ~PB

Astrological Profile, Brett Kavanaugh[Editor’s note: we are delighted to publish this article by Alex Miller, with thanks to Alex and his website, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology, an incomparable resource for asteroid-related astrology. There you’ll find in-depth astrological analyses of breaking events, as well as the astrological meanings of many mythic named asteroids.]

On Monday evening, 9 July 2018, the Reality TV President presented the “big reveal” of his second pick for the United States Supreme Court. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 53, currently sitting on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, has an Ivy League education, a broad range of experience, and almost 300 opinions amassed during his time on the Federal bench. He’s probably the best we could have hoped for from this President, and considerably less controversial than some of the other choices on Trump’s short list for the position.

Kavanaugh replaces retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom he once clerked, but is markedly more conservative than the noted “swing vote” Justice, bringing the SCOTUS solidly into the Republican camp. A graduate of Yale and Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s early Washington experiences include a key staff position on Ken Star’s Whitewater investigation, helping to draft the report which recommended Clinton’s impeachment; serving as George W. Bush’s White House Staff Secretary; and elevation to the DC Circuit Court in 2006. Kavanaugh had been nominated to that Court in 2003, but a three-year delay ensued as rival Senate camps argued over his alleged partisan bias.

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s second pick for Supreme Court Justice

At least one candidate on Trump’s list, Amy Coney Barrett, has stronger natal placements for a spot on the SCOTUS, with a better dovetail into Trump’s natal chart, and we’re lucky not to have her, rabidly conservative, a fundamentalist Christian cult member, and avowedly anti-reproductive rights. But her connections are so strong, I wouldn’t put it past Trump to nominate her in the future, should another opening arise. Kavanaugh’s astrological bona fides are considerable, however, and it’s easy to see why he got where he is.

Born 12 February 1965 (no time available), Kavanaugh’s close natal opposition between Jupiter at 17 Taurus and Neptune at 18 Scorpio has the potential to make him another “stealth judge” in the mold of Kennedy and Souter—candidates chosen by conservative presidents who “grew” while on the Court, becoming more reliably liberal, at least on social issues. When Trump made his announcement at 9:06 PM EDT in the White House, the transiting MC was at 18 Scorpio, highlighting this polarity exactly. As well, transit Jupiter at 13 Scorpio was on that MC, and was just about to make its direct station, set for the following day, and this could also signal a literal “change of direction” for Kavanaugh once on the Court.

Kavanaugh’s Sun at 23 Aquarius forms a T-Square with Jupiter/Neptune, indicating a natural pull toward the judiciary, Jupiter-ruled, and personalizing this opposition, making it central to his core being. This becomes a Grand Cross with the inclusion of the Sun’s opposition to Nemesis at 27 Leo, a point which demonstrates an ability to block or frustrate others. Nemesis is a figure relating to divine justice, which trails retribution and reprisal in its wake; the question remains, will this power be directed toward the administration or the American people?

Kavanaugh swearing in

Kavanaugh’s conservative bent can be seen in the conjunction of asteroid Brett with natal Saturn, that ultimate upholder of the status quo, at 9 and 5 Pisces respectively. These form a T-Square with two asteroids which specifically resonate to the SCOTUS in particular, Justitia and Themis, named for the Roman and Greek goddesses of justice, the same word as Kavanaugh’s new job title.

This suggests a career (Saturn) for Kavanaugh (Brett) involving the justice system (Justitia, Themis) on some level, perhaps extending to the Supreme Court. Themis falls at 8 Sagittarius, exactly semisextile asteroid Whitehouse at 8 Capricorn, providing the vital link all SCOTUS nominees require, while Justitia at 4 Gemini is also stationary, having turned direct two weeks before Kavanagh’s birth, making it a lodestar in Kavanaugh’s biography, a pint of aspiration or focus. Natal Justitia was conjoined exactly by the transit Moon for his nomination.

The other stationary point in Kavanaugh’s chart is asteroid Washingtonia, which at 13 Libra turned retrograde on January 27, 1965, and indicates a strong pull toward the nation’s capital, where Kavanaugh has spent his entire adult life, from clerking for Kennedy right out of law school, through the Starr investigation, the White House stint, and the DC Appeals Court, now to continue that theme with the SCOTUS.


Kavanaugh’s natal asteroid Troemper, for President Trump, falls at 29 Capricorn, conjoined asteroid Karma at 23, suggesting Trump had an important role to play in Kavanaugh’s destiny. At the announcement, these points cluster on the 27 Cap Ascendant, but there’s a fly in the ointment: Achilles. This asteroid, which represents a point of weakness or vulnerability, opposes Troemper/Karma natally from 25 Cancer, while conjoined these and the announcement Ascendant from 28 Capricorn in the transit sky.

This is another indicator that Kavanaugh may not prove as reliable a partisan on the Court as his conservative background suggests, particularly for Trump personally. He has, after all, already participated in establishing wide grounds for one president’s impeachment, and although in 2009 he expressed the view that the law should be changed to prevent presidential exposure to legal proceedings while in office, that statue has not been altered, and faced with more serious crimes than Clinton committed, he may well support Trump’s prosecution, or recuse himself based on his earlier involvement with a president’s impeachment.

There is no “Kavanaugh” asteroid, the closest is Cavagna (pronounced “kah-VAHN-ya”, a reasonable phonetic match). This appears at 17 Capricorn in Kavanaugh’s natal chart, and has been transited by Pluto in the past two years, indicating some major transition or change in Kavanaugh’s life. Pluto will station direct at 18 Cap, just shy of this point, in September, while Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are raging.

When Trump made his announcement, transit Cavagna at 24 Cancer was an exact match for asteroid America, granted angular power and importance by conjunction with the 27 Cancer Descendant, and broadly conjoined the 17 Cancer Sun (which exactly opposed natal Cavagna), pulling focus to Kavanaugh for the day. Saturn at 4 Capricorn has been transiting natal Whitehouse at 8, while the upcoming Mars direct station at 28 Capricorn will conjoin natal Troemper at 29.

Transit Justitia at 5 Pisces is an exact match for natal Saturn, also conjoined natal Brett, indicating the new job (Saturn) title of “Justice” (Justitia) for Kavanaugh (Brett). Transit Themis at 22 Gemini conjoins Trump’s Sun exactly, making this a logical time for making this decision, and trines Kavanaugh’s Sun at 23 Aquarius. Transit Brett at 2 Taurus conjoins Uranus exactly, again suggesting some unexpected outcome, and is also within orb of transit Whitehouse at 7 Taurus, placing Kavanaugh personally at the venue for his nomination, with the full backing of the Oval Office.

Kavanaugh family

So why did Trump pick him? In Trump’s natal chart, asteroid Brett at 18 Aries falls on the midpoint of the trine between Justitia at 18 Aquarius and Themis at 17 Gemini, in sextile to both. And Cavagna at 8 Aries is exactly squared Trump’s decision-making Mercury at 8 Cancer, forming a loose T-Square with natal Jupiter, ruling judges generally, at 17 Libra. As well, Trump’s natal Justitia (which is itself stationary) conjoins Kavanaugh’s Sun, Themis is trine it, and broadly squared Kavanaugh’s natal Brett. His natal Whitehouse at 8 Capricorn aligns exactly with Trump’s natal Cavagna/Mercury square, bringing Kavanaugh to his attention while in the Oval Office.

What of the fate of reproductive rights in America, perhaps the most pressing concern for progressives, with a solid conservative majority about to be seated on the SCOTUS. Will Roe v Wade be overturned? In the announcement chart, asteroid Roe at 25 Aries closely conjoins TNO Eris at 24, squaring America/Cavagna at 24 Cancer, identifying the issue as one of extreme contention and discord (Eris) for the nation (America), and giving Kavanaugh (Cavagna) an important part to play. However, asteroid Wade at 22 Taurus is exactly conjunct transit Nemesis, so whomever Trump chose for this spot at that date and time was likely to contribute to the undoing of that law, though Wade/Nemesis within orb of Kavanaugh’s natal Jupiter suggests a pivotal role on the Court as regards this ruling’s fate.

Trump sports Wade at 5 Virgo on his Ascendant, squared Troemper at 2 Sagittarius, suggesting a powerful impact on how he is viewed by others, while Roe at 13 Sagittarius opposes Themis at 17 Gemini, itself exactly conjunct natal Uranus, provoking controversy and dispute. For Kavanaugh, Roe at 17 Pisces is the “String” of a Kite Pattern, opposing Pluto and Uranus at 15 and 13 Libra, while in exact sextile to both Cavagna at 17 Capricorn and Jupiter at 17 Taurus. With Jupiter, exactly opposing Neptune, is asteroid Wade at 18 Taurus. This certainly suggests, at minimum, a gradual erosion (Neptune) by the SCOTUS (Jupiter) of Roe v Wade (asteroids Roe, Wade), and possibly its controversial (Uranus) destruction (Pluto), in which Kavanaugh (Cavagna) has an important role.

How it all plays out is anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: outnumbered and outgunned, with a clearly qualified nominee in front of them, the Democrats really have no recourse, now that the filibuster on judicial nominees has been eliminated. If by some miracle Kavanaugh stumbles in his confirmation, then Trump will simply nominate someone else, who could conceivably be far, far worse. Take your medicine like good boys and girls, progressives, and dream of better days.

And hope this is where it ends—there are two progressive Justices on the SCOTUS in their 80s; if Trump should avoid impeachment and win re-election, he’ll replace them, too. And that’s a nightmare no one wants to contemplate.