Powerful New Moon Sunday Use 3/30 New Moon to Prepare for April’s Wild Energy Ride by Selacia



Powerful New Moon Sunday
Use 3/30 New Moon to Prepare for April’s Wild Energy Ride
by Selacia

Get ready for an interesting month in April – a full-speed-ahead energy ride with two eclipses and unprecedented planetary lineups certain to stir things up! As I’ve been writing about on Facebook this past week, April’s energies will come with unique challenges.

While you cannot slow down the energy ride or stop the intensity, there are ways you can prepare and stay in your center this next month. One of these is taking advantage of Sunday’s new moon – the most powerful one so far in 2014!

New Moon in Aries

That moon is in the sign of Aries – which is about initiating new projects, creating new starts, and shifting how you do things. Consider some intentions to write and also voice out loud – things related to big decisions you are ready to make, forward action on stalled projects, empowerment in areas where you sense you have given away your power, and brand-new ways to express your light.

April Key Dates

Most sensitive people are already feeling uneasy as tension mounts ahead of the April 15 and 28-29 eclipses and rare planetary cardinal grand cross peaking April 23. Keep in mind that April is not the end-point of challenging energy crossroads that are part of these times. However, April is a key marker along the way – sure to stimulate new kinds of wake-up calls on both personal and planetary levels.

You don’t need to understand or care about astrology to be impacted – the whole world will be experiencing it in one way or another. After all, the patterns leading up to April’s cardinal grand cross have been forming for decades. If you were alive in the 1960s, you had a taste of this transformational wave then, witnessing how it changed history.

The key theme over these decades is radical revolutionary change – involving individuals like you, society as a whole, and the collective of humanity. This is the shift in consciousness I address in “Earth’s Pivotal Years” – the shift you were born to actively participate in as a divine changemaker. In that book I give you a map to the changes and what they mean in your own life.

What You Can Do

One of the best things you can do is to be present and in your heart – not just for those moments when you think about it, but in an ongoing way. The pace of everything in your life is about to pick up once again, and you will need to be mindful and heart-centered to prevent overload and creating chaos you must address later.

Huge Benefits of This Unique Time

There are huge benefits of this unique time of accelerated motion and intensity. It’s more than just going fast and wanting to be done with struggles. Amazing potentials for personal and spiritual awakening can occur!

That’s because you will have an incessant fiery feeling to be free and who you truly are. These feelings will drive you forward like a fast train. In tandem with that, you will feel determined to finally move past what’s not working in your life. This will be happening against a background of challenging planetary energies that will put the unworkable issues on your plate in full view.

Don’t take this personally, though it is of course personal to you. This is happening across the planet in one of the biggest wake-up calls humanity has had to date.

Using this Doorway

Use this for your benefit by paying attention to this doorway of opportunity – seeing what is there for you to address and doing the deeper inner work to clear root causes in your DNA. This truly can be your time to shine as the divine changemaker you are!

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.


Your Angel Messages for March 31 – April 6 from Doreen Virtue’s weekly angel oracle card reading

“This week’s emphasis is on balancing your personal life and your work life. Your relationships need time and attention, but work is also taking a big part of your schedule. Do your best to balance both this week, and you’ll notice your relationships — including your romantic life — improve! The angels also strongly advise that you notice the small victories that come your way this week, especially in your career. By focusing upon what’s right and good, and feeling grateful for these gifts, you attract bigger victories and gifts. Overall, a very good week with progress, learning opportunities, career advancement, and relationship improvements.”

Latest Message from Archangel Michael / Ronna Herman “ANGELS OF MERCY” Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-04-2014


Latest Message from Archangel Michael / Ronna Herman
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-04-2014

Beloved masters, during these unsettling times of great change while, seemingly, unending catastrophes and suffering are taking place around the globe, we wish you to know that we are always here to assist you and show you the way. One of the greatest gifts during these times of human evolution is your conscious awareness of your intimate relationship with the angelic realms. It has been addressed and explained many times before, but allow me to refresh your memory once more as to how the angelic realms fit in the Creator’s grand plan, along with a brief overview of what our functions are.

During these times of the great awakening of humanity, those of you who are in the process of integrating the many attributes and talents of your Higher Self, and who have tapped into the storehouse of wisdom of your Sacred Mind, are beginning to gain an understanding of how the universal laws work within your multidimensional world of reality. We have told you many times that you must evolve out of the “limited emotional concepts of religion/spirituality,” and begin to learn and abide by the sacred science and universal laws of spirituality.

We have explained in great depth about the multitude of Pyramids of Light that are scattered throughout every dimensional level of this Sub-universe. We have explained in great detail how you can create an etheric work pyramid within the fifth dimension where you may plant the Seed thoughts for any new creations you wish to manifest. You can also go there and through a ritual of forgiveness, break any and all discordant agreements that you have created with others from your past, present and future, thereby clearing any and all negative vibrational timelines. When you focus on a particular person, it will be his/her Higher Self that takes them into your work pyramid; he/she will be transported into the pyramid in their etheric body, enclosed in a sphere of protective Light. You should always envision a person’s Higher Self standing behind them, and your Higher Self will also be directing you.

You also have your own personal Pyramid of Light located within the appropriate level of the fifth dimension. If you are not familiar with this concept from the higher realms, we suggest you read the full explanations that have been given, and then we encourage you to make use of this wondrous gift, if it resonates with your truth. (Pages 125-130 * SCRIPTING YOUR DESTINY * R)

For those with a compassionate nature, down through the many ages, no matter the race, culture or religion, there has always been an inbred desire to pray for or to send loving thoughts and energy to others, especially to loved ones who were/are in distressful situations or experiencing great sorrow. In the past, this has always been a loving act of faith, for hardly anyone was aware of how or if this wondrous gift was received by the intended recipient.

We have explained this concept to our messenger, and she has shared it with those who are actively studying our teachings in-depth via the ongoing webinars she and her spiritual/business partner, Randy Monk, present on a regular basis. There is a division within the angelic realm called: the Angels of Mercy. This powerful group of angelic Beings is under the direction of the Feminine Archangels and the Order of the Goddess. They convey all the attributes, qualities and virtues of our Mother God, and it is their mission to receive the unconditional Love / Light that anyone sends to another person. If the intended recipient’s heart center is open and receptive, the Love/Light will flow into their auric field, and it will slowly be integrated into their four lower bodily systems, thereby giving them access to a special infusion of God Light. An Angel of Mercy will always appear and stay close to a person who is being sent pure unconditional Love/Light. For those who are still stuck / suffering in the density of the third and lower fourth dimensions, the Angel of Mercy will integrate the Love/Light and store it within their Sacred Heart Core, so that it will always be readily available when the intended recipient is ready to open their heart center to receive the precious gift of love. If a person never removes the shield of negativity and opens their heart center during this lifetime, the Angels of Mercy watching over them will go with them when they pass into the next realm. The Angels of Mercy will hold in reserve the loving energy you have conveyed to your loved one until he/she is ready to “awaken.” It should be a wondrous comfort to you to know that the recipient will be aware of who sent the priceless gift of love to them.

Remember that you do not send Adamantine Particles of Creator Light directly to other people; you are sending them Love/Light, which will be monitored by your Higher Self as to the appropriate “formula of Love/Light” for that person. It will also be monitored by the other person’s Higher Self as to when and how much of your gift a person will be able to integrate at any one time.

As we have explained many times, we give you these concepts in the simplest terms possible for your better understanding. However, you should be aware that all of the higher truths are much more complicated than you can understand at your present level of consciousness. We are revealing and explaining more and more universal concepts as you grow in Self-awareness, and as you experience the new, more powerful frequencies of Light. As you are ready to integrate it, we are gradually refining and expanding your cosmic knowledge. The more refined frequencies you integrate, the stronger your desire will become to share the powerful loving energy you feel pulsating from within your Sacred Heart center. You will begin to expand your vision, and your loving energy will flow forth beyond your family and close circle of friends, as you include more and more people, until eventually you will gain a group consciousness that includes all humanity, the Earth and all Creation.

There are many levels and departments within the Celestial Hierarchy of angels, which are still only one facet of the Creator’s conscious expression of Self. We, the archangels, carry the attributes and virtues of God consciousness, just as you do. But the difference is that we radiate specific attributes of the Creator—you might say the driving force for several major aspects of the God Mind. We embody faith, love and absolute obedience to the Creator and our Father/Mother God, always. The angelic realm in its many expressions was created by the Creator to assist, guide, nurture and instruct you, the bold ones, who agreed to diminish yourselves into lesser beings in order to experience God consciousness in its most fragmented forms. Originally, you embodied all the aspects and attributes of the God Mind, but gradually as you journeyed down through the ages and the higher dimensions, you left your higher consciousness in the care of your I AM Presence.

The Elohim, the mental radiance of the Creator, the great builders of form, and the wondrous Devic and Elemental Kingdoms, who helped create and now oversee the entire nature kingdom on Earth and in other worlds, are also standing by to assist you in these turbulent times of transition. We hope you have accepted as your truth that you all have guardian angelic Beings who were assigned to you at the time of your birth, who will guard and serve you faithfully within the limits of Universal Law, and to the degree that you will allow. There are other wondrous angelic Beings ready and willing to serve you, but you must ask, for they are not allowed to infringe upon your free will.

Love and joy attract angels like a magnet, for their greatest desire is to be of service to humanity. Begging is not the way to gain their favor, but asking them to assist you in your endeavors will assure their cooperation. They will help you to manifest your dreams, if what you desire is for the highest good of all; however, you must understand that it will happen in their time and in their way. The concept of money is confusing to them; instead, ask them to assist you in manifesting abundance, joy, love and peace—this they understand. But you must also do your part by taking the necessary steps, as well as eliminating any self-sabotaging beliefs that you still harbor in your subconscious mind.

There are loving, angelic Beings to help you with affairs of the heart, and your mental or creative endeavors—they will help you firm your resolve and work with your Body Elemental to bring about good health and well-being in your physical form. The wonderful, playful cherubic angels are waiting to bring you joy and a sense of lightheartedness. These precious, little Beings of God Light love to be near you and to surprise you with little miracles or coincidences. Ask them to help you find things that are lost, and you can learn to communicate with them as well, but their language is a language of feelings and thoughts rather than words. They will cause “angel bumps” to rise on your skin when a truth has been stated, and they will buzz you with an angel kiss or sometimes surround you in a lovely fragrance. The angelic realm brings the love and radiance of God to humanity, and the angels’ greatest desire is to be of service.

The Essence of angels comes to Earth in embodiment through people like you and you and you—they come to be the representatives of the great archangels and to walk amongst humanity to share the virtues and attributes of God consciousness. Yes, they are just like you, and you may be one, my precious friends, making your way through human evolution as you grow from the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder through study, work and service. There are representatives of every level of God consciousness on Earth at this time, embodied in the physical expression in order to anchor the most lofty, rarified aspects of the Creator. Have we not told you that you are more magnificent and precious than you could ever imagine?

Dear ones, let us now continue to build the vision for the future of your world. You must realize that, first, you begin to build your vision in the higher realms of unlimited possibilities. Your thought forms slowly take form as they draw forth more Divine Creator Light substance, and then gradually begin to manifest in the physical expression on Earth. The greater the focus and intent, the more quickly your vision will manifest. As you come together in unified, conscious intent with the good of all as your motivating force, you create a synergistic thought form of dynamic proportions. This is why you are now making such inroads in the mass consciousness mind set. As spiritual Light warriors, even though your numbers are fewer than that of the masses, you are making great progress because of your unified, empowered thoughts of love, peace, abundance and harmony for all.

It is time to be bold and outrageous in your vision. Envision yourself as a loving, masterful sovereign entity, and then formulate in great detail how you will operate and function multi-dimensionally as a cocreator of love, Light, peace and joy.

Begin to look at fear in a new way. State to yourself until you believe it: “I have a new relationship with fear. Fear is an emotion that serves me, and I AM always in control of my emotions; therefore, I AM in control of fear.” Transcending fear means you can experience it, observe it, learn from it and then move through it. In this way, fear will serve you as a warning bell as to what you need to be aware of, what is out of balance—what you need to bring into harmony. Emotions consist of negative- or positive-energy thought forms, and you must control them instead of allowing them to become your master.

Lay the foundation for the emotional nature of your vision. What makes you joyous and fills you with gratitude? You must allow your Spirit to soar; however, you must also nurture the inner child as well as the soul. Be willing to express and claim that which touches or nourishes the innocence within: joy, delight, spontaneity, or sadness, anger and fear—feel these emotions, but realize that you are not these emotions. Freedom of expression should be an important facet of your vision. Know that you have a right to be completely spontaneous and follow your own inclinations and desires as long as they are for the greatest good of all. Begin to expect the best of people, and they will meet your expectations. Claim and envision your life being filled with miracles, beauty and joy; and gradually, your grandest affirmations will come true. As you support, love and cherish all things, you will receive support, and you will be loved and cherished in return.

Develop your own philosophy of life and living. Listen to your inner guidance and practice discernment. Begin now to interact with the multiple facets of your Being as if they were all around you, in your presence every moment—for in truth, they are. You are consciously accessing information and wisdom from the fifth dimension and above, and as you accept it as your truth, you will be able to clearly and truly communicate with your guides, teachers, masters, angelic helpers and all the great Beings of Light. Do not allow the barriers on the path to deter you; boldly walk through or over them. Do not allow the discomfort and pain to discourage you; call on your angelic helpers to soothe and support you. Do not allow the doubts and judgment of others to weaken your resolve—show them by your example and be bold in your convictions. Do not take your eyes or your attention from your goal, dear ones, for that doorway of greater Light is nearer than you think. We relay the loving thoughts of our Father/Mother God to you as the spiral of ascension takes another turn. Are you ready for the next awakening?




Transmitted through Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD

*Portions of this message were excerpted from SPEAKING OF ANGELS, The Golden Promise, page 386.

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DEAREST FRIENDS: Many of you are aware that this past year, I have been experiencing, what Archangel Michael has called a “Rite of Passage.” I have been married to my husband, Kent, for forty-five years, and we had many wonderful years together. However, sometime our loved ones choose a different path that we cannot follow, and we have to make some very difficult decisions. These past ten years have been a great test for me, especially the last two years. I have learned so much about staying centered within my heart, while rising above the negative situations with compassion and forgiveness. Beloved Michael said to me during this difficult process, “Remember, beloved, the Path of Light is also the Path of Freedom.”

It was not my choice, but my husband allowed one of his sons to convince him that divorce was the best course of action. It was a drastic decision I would never have considered; however, I can now see that, no matter how painful, it will be for the best. I have learned so much during the process, and I have released everything in my life to our Father/Mother God, and in service to my spiritual mission. I am at peace within my heart, and I know this is all part of my personal ritual of passage.

I hear from so many people these days that are being tested to the maximum in many areas of their lives. The tests we are experiencing are about maintaining our integrity, but also about taking our Spiritual Power. This is not an easy task for many of us, for we have always been followers, caregivers, and willingly assuming a “support position” most of this lifetime, and I am sure, in many past lifetimes as well. Archangel Michael has also told us, “We are to be actively assertive, with a loving overlay.” It seems we are being prepared for the next big step into a higher frequency State of Being; therefore, we must release all the fear, and the deep residual negative energy from within, so that we can function appropriately within our new environment.

My former husband, the father of my three children, has passed away, and so I have chosen to take back their family name: VEZANE. I have four grandchildren and two incredible great grandchildren, and our precious Zoey Ronna Vezane will make her entrance into this world any day now. We are a very close and loving family and spend as much time together as possible. I have chosen to use RONNA, my first name only, as my professional name; however, my legal name will now be RONNA VEZANE.

I am so very blessed, and I wish to thank all of you for your loving support and prayers. This has, indeed, been a time of miracles. I know the best is yet to come. “Thank you, Father / Mother God.” Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna

Dr Mehmet Oz: Your Body is your Temple (I Am Eco Warrior)

Dr. Oz is host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning The Dr. Oz Show. He is also Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and directs the Cardiovascular Institute & Complementary Medicine Program at NY Presbyterian.


I’m Dr. Mehmet Oz. I’m the professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Columbia University.
I also host a show called the Dr. Oz Show.

I’m passionate about the environment because as a healer I realize it’s essential to our
well-being. Doctors, in fact, all professionals should be speaking more robustly about the importance the environment to the society’s well-being. And I speak about professionalism when I speak about doctors because I think it’s the best way for us to explain the civic responsibility and burden we should all sense. Most professionals, I feel, have been silent along these issues. And when good people stand by and watch bad things happen – shame on us. That’s when society falters. We’re supposed to be the ballast that allows a ship of society which is traveling troubled waters to remain afloat. And we don’t provide that ballast, when we speak up and say the environment is essential to our society’s well-being and to our health, then we lose the ability to influence what society thinks. Too often it’s self-interested groups who are speaking most loudly on these topics.

As a physician community, we must be in the forefront, in the vanguard of this movement.
Without any question our well being is intricately linked to the realization that we
are sacred. The most valuable thing you are ever given by your parents is your body.

The temple of the soul is something we often ignore and a very basic awareness of how special it is is essential for us. When we realize how special we are, then we have to be appreciative of where the seed of our body has been planted, which is in the soil of the environment.

When we ignore the environment, it hurts all of us — and sometimes irreparably.

So to be respectful to each other, to love your fellow man, which is perhaps the greatest joy that one can sense, you must also love the environment around you.

There’s no way of teasing apart love for each other from love for the environment.

And when we feel that very deep responsibility to leave this planet better than when we found it, an obligation to make sure our children can prosper because of what we do, and not be hindered by what we did, then I think we all respect the reality that want to going to turn over the world and its environment in as clean a fashion as we found it.

I feel the Eco Warrior is individuals who have gained an insight as to how important the environment is to our well-being, but also have a deep sense of commitment in making sure that their voice is heard. And if we ignore the discomfort that we’ll feel, the pain that we’ll sense when we speak loudly about an issue that is controversial, then our fellow many won’t understand why it’s so important for them to pay attention to these issues that I think everybody should be following.

Find your eco health

directed by Roger Moenks

Jon Rappoport ~ Shocker: Comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars

Who really has your best interests at heart? We cannot rely on Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Ag, or the Medical-Military-Industrial Complex to dictate to us or to define what constitutes Health and Wellness of our bodies and our environment. We must learn, discern and choose wisely for ourselves, and fight for our right to live and be well on our own terms. -PB

Laura Bruno's Blog

And this, my friends, is why even if Obama”care” worked, I would still run for the hills. Mandatory US “health””care” is like mandatory Russian roulette. No thank you. Jon’s cited statistics don’t even appear to account for vaccine deaths and injuries. I’m all for real healthcare, beginning with real, non-poisoned, non-GMO (oops, redundant), fresh, local food, along with banning high fructose corn syrup (more redundancy), and no more ability to hide toxins like aspartame under new names.

Per Mike Adams’ ongoing research into the heavy metal content of vitamins, supplements and superfoods from China, I’m all for random testing of toxins in all foods and vitamins, especially from China. … But all these Dick Durbin and Codex Alimentarius inspired attempts to ban or severely restrict “dangerous” vitamins? Start with the poisons we already know exist, like RoundUp and its Agent Orange buddy. Stop chemtrailing us with toxic aluminum and barium…

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The Rainbow Scribe: HILARION ~ March 30-April 6, 2014 by Marlene Swetlishoff

A truly inspiring message about the power of love, forgiveness, release and transcendence, offering us hope in challenging times through faith in ourselves. -PB


The Rainbow Scribe: HILARION 2014

March 30-April 6, 2014
by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

The times that are before you are filled with many cosmic occurrences that will bring an even greater increase in the cleansing energies and it is extremely important to stay attuned with the changes and stay grounded in your everyday lives. We call them cleansing energies but what this energy downloading upon your planet really is in actuality is the divine feminine unconditional love energy. When those upon your planet are touched by this divine energy, it creates openings in all those areas of one’s being that are still in need of healing and balancing. All old wounds are being brought to the surface to be finally healed and released. Many of these wounds were felt as trauma during childhood and these were stored in the subconscious realms of the human psyche. As these are reawakened and brought to the surface into the conscious mind, it can create emotional difficulty, which depends to a large extent on each person’s ability to face these traumas with the wisdom that has been gleaned in one’s adult life through adapting to life’s experiences. All depends upon the ability of each person to be willing to look at these unresolved aspects from a time when they did not have much experience in dealing with the complexities of life upon their world.

Each person brings their own unique perspective to each event that occurs in their personal world and these events can be viewed from either a victim point of view or as a learning and valuable growth experience which adds to the strengths and abilities that one has gained. Such is the way upon a planet that honors the free will of its inhabitants. If an individual chooses to look at events in their life from a victim viewpoint, then their life will give them more of what they choose to experience. On the other hand, if an individual chooses to look at an event in their life from a higher perspective as valuable lessons learned and gained, life will reflect back to them all that they express in gratitude. These times are unique and special, however, for what many people are now in the midst of releasing and revisiting will not continue to cycle over and over again. There is coming a time when the force of love upon the planet will be so great, that all old stubborn issues and traumas from the past will just fade from people’s consciousness. This will help to facilitate a new way of being for all of humanity. There will no longer be an endless list of infractions that one individual has committed against another. There will only be acceptance and forgiveness, with people understanding that love erases all that went before.

There will be a fresh start for everyone who chooses to remain on the planet and it will be like a breath of fresh air in the hearts of all. The higher qualities of love will be manifest within all souls as they remember and reconnect to the divine spark within them. Much progress will come as humanity works together in cooperation and unified effort to create a new world, a better way of serving each other in order for the highest expression of divine potential to unfold for each individual. This was the original plan for the experience of life in a human body, to allow the divine essence of the One to have expression through each of its sparks, each spark unique, special and evolving in amazing and wondrous ways. Through this diversity of experience, the One grows and expands.

The gathering of the new and powerful energies and integrating these into one’s human operating system while remaining fully grounded on Earth is the next step for all and is already in progress. The changes start within each individual, within their bodies and within their consciousness and as that which no longer serves a helpful purpose is transmuted and eliminated, more light enters the auric field of each individual and the frequency level rises accordingly. This process assists those within their sphere of influence to also release and absorb more light. More light within each individual creates a greater field of light within the community and this is what is happening as the changes continue. The light brings positive feelings of upliftment, joy, happiness, hope, optimism, and humanity will express these to their families and community members with greater ease.

In due time the denser feelings and emotions will be no more and humanity will not be hindered in their pursuit of experiencing life in a human body while developing their skills, talents and abilities that they will wish to share with others and this will enrich the life experience of everyone. The attunement of each individual with the higher aspects of their true essence brings many gifts to be shared with the world. These activities will bring more balance in Earth movements and weather patterns and all will be in harmony and stability.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.



Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.


Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman on Blog Talk Radio ~ March 26, 2014 ~ Guest: John O’Brien of Nature’s Blueprint Cow

Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman, readings & more
Jennifer Hoffman on Blog Talk Radio
last Wednesday March 26, 2014

Welcome to the Enlightening Life radio show with Jennifer Hoffman, a resource for self, life and spiritual empowerment. Jennifer his a top selling author, intuitive mystic, spiritual mastery guide and your resource for rich, happy and successful living.

In this 90 minute show Jennifer will provide you with resources for life and self empowerment, including discussion of weekly newsletter topics, special guests and caller questions too.

Image, an expert on cattle breeding, who will discuss the truth you don’t know about beef & dairy cattle (and you’ll also learn why today’s genetically altered cattle can’t live on grass).

Listen here each Wednesday at 8PM and join our community. Learn more about Jennifer at http://www.enlighteninglife.com and http://www.urielheals.com. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you on an upcoming show.

Many blessings

Jennifer Hoffman

Q&A: My Life Should Not Be Like This
On March 26, 2014


Spiritual Guidance: Liberation from the Self-Imposed Illusion

This is about finding your spark, your creativity and your consciousness…and keeping it flowing and in balance.

The Annac Blog

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

If you could only fathom a portion of your indescribable beauty, you’d see that you’re glimmering souls of light who deserve to enjoy the rich and fulfilling experiences you seek.

Learning about the higher dimensions and your evolution back into them enables many of you to feel a greater sense of wholeness and freedom that the limitation of the earth just doesn’t offer, and we’re happy to provide a link to the other side by telling you all about the blissful realms you’re growing back into.

Humanity’s just beginning to rediscover spirit and the fact that there are numerous, brimming realms and planets beyond your conscious understanding that host intelligent life, and in speaking with you, we hope to get this knowledge out there and spread it as far as we can.

We seek to help humanity become aware by way of direct…

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Is the U.S. stock market rigged? – CBS News (YES!)

 Is the U.S. stock market rigged? – CBS News

Steve Kroft reports on a new book from Michael Lewis that reveals how some high-speed traders work the stock market to their advantage.

The following script is from “Rigged” which aired on March  30, 2014. Steve Kroft is the correspondent. Draggan Mihailovich, producer.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the current bull market on Wall Street, making it one of the longest andstrongest in history. Yet U.S. stock ownership is at a record low and less than half of Americans trust banks and financial services. And in the last two weeks, the New York attorney general and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in Washington have both launched investigations into high-frequency computerized stock trading that now controls more than half the market.

The probes were announced just ahead of a much anticipated book on the subject by best-selling author Michael Lewis called “Flash Boys.” In it, Lewis argues that the stock market is now rigged to benefit a group of insiders that have made tens of billions of dollars exploiting computerized trading. The story is told through an unlikely cast of characters who figured out what was going on and have devised a plan to correct it. It could have a huge impact on Wall Street. Tonight, Michael Lewis talks about it for the first time.

Steve Kroft: What’s the headline here?

Michael Lewis: Stock market’s rigged. The United States stock market, the most iconic market in global capitalism is rigged.


Steve Kroft: By whom?

Michael Lewis: By a combination of these stock exchanges, the big Wall Street banks and high-frequency traders.

Steve Kroft: Who are the victims?

Michael Lewis: Everybody who has an investment in the stock market.

“Stock market’s rigged. The United States stock market, the most iconic market in global capitalism is rigged.”

Michael Lewis is not talking about the stock market that you see on television every day. That ceased to be the center of U.S. financial activity years ago, and exists today mostly as a photo op. This is the stock marketthat Lewis is talking about; the one where most of the trades take place now, inside hundreds of thousands of these black boxes located at morethan 60 public and private exchanges, where billions of dollars in stock change hands every day with little or no public documentation. The trades are being made by thousands of robot computers, programmed to buy and sell every stock on the market at speeds 100 times faster than you can blink an eye. A system so complex, it’s all but invisible.

Michael Lewis: If it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be allowed to happen. The complexity disguises what is happening. If it’s so complicated you can’t understand it, then you can’t question it.

Steve Kroft: And this is all being done by computers?

Michael Lewis: All being done by computers. It’s too fast to be done by humans. Humans have been completely removed from the marketplace.

“Fast” is the operative word. Machines with secret programs are now trading stocks in tiny fractions of a second, way too fast to be seen or recorded on a stock ticker or computer screen. Faster than the market itself. High-frequency traders, big Wall Street firms and stock exchanges have spent billions to gain an advantage of a millisecond for themselves and their customers, just to get a peek at stock market prices and orders a flash before everyone else, along with the opportunity to act on it.

Michael Lewis: The insiders are able to move faster than you. They’re able to see your order and play itagainst other orders in ways that you don’t understand. They’re able to front run your order.

Steve Kroft: What do you mean front run?

Michael Lewis: Means they’re able to identify your desire to, to buy shares in Microsoft and buy ’em in front of you and sell ’em back to you at a higher price. It all happens in infinitesimally small periods of time. There’s speed advantage that the faster traders have is milliseconds, some of it is fractions of milliseconds. But it”s enough for them to identify what you’re gonna do and do it before you do it at your expense.

 Steve Kroft: So it drives the price up.

Michael Lewis: So it drives the price up, and in turn you pay a higher price.


“If it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be allowed to happen. The  complexity disguises what is happening. If it’s so complicated you can’t understand it, then you can’t question it.”


Michael Lewis is not the first person to allege the stock market is rigged or that high-frequency traders are front running the market but he was the first to find Brad Katsuyama, who is the first to figure out how it was being done.

Michael Lewis: A very unlikely character, a trader at the Royal Bank of Canada, a young Canadian man named Brad Katsuyama realized that the market that he thought he knew had changed. The market seemed to be willing to sell a stock. But the minute he went to buy it, someone else bought it, the stock went up. It was as if someone knew what he was doing before he did it.



RBC trading floor in New York City


Back in 2008, Katsuyama was 30 years old and running the Royal Bank of Canada’s stock desk in New York with 25 traders working for him. Every time one of them tried to buy a large block of stock for a client their order would only be partially filled and the price of the stock would go up. It kept happening over and over again.

Brad Katsuyama: The best analogy I think is that your family wants to go to a concert. You go onto StubHub, there’s four tickets all next to each other for 20 bucks each. You put in an order to buy four tickets, 20 bucks each and it says, “You’ve bought two tickets at 20 bucks each.” And you go back and those same two seats that are sitting there have now gone up to $25.

Steve Kroft: What’d you think the problem was?

Brad Katsuyama: I had no idea. I couldn’t get answers.

At first, Katsuyama thought the technology at RBC was slow, until he went to Stamford, Conn., and paid a visit to one of the largest hedge funds in the world.

Brad Katsuyama: The same thing that I was experiencing as a trader, one of the most sophisticated hedge funds in the world was also having the same problem. Then the light bulb goes off. You say, “Holy cow, this is, this is a huge problem.”

Steve Kroft: You were determined to get to the bottom of it?

Brad Katsuyama: Yeah.

Steve Kroft: Why?

Brad  Katsuyama: ‘Cause it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right that people who are investing on behalf of pension funds and retirement funds  are getting bait and switched every single day in the market.

Katsuyama suspected that the problem had something to do with plumbing, the way the trades were routed through fiber optic cables from his trading desk in lower Manhattan to the 13 public exchanges in northern New Jersey. But no one would tell him exactly what happened to his orders once he hit the buy or sell button. So he put together a team of technical experts, traders and most importantly, an Irish telecom guy named Ronan Ryan, who was an expert on high-speed fiber optic networks.

Ronan Ryan: I knew nothing about trading until my first day at RBC when I satin that three hour meeting on algorithms. I called my wife afterwards. And I’m like, “Holy crap, I have no idea what they just said.”

Ryan had done work for the high-frequency traders. He knew what they were building and he knew about the colossal amounts of money they were prepared to spend. He told Brad about a company called Spread Networks that had laid a high-speed fiber optic cable from the futures market in Chicago to the exchanges in New Jersey. They spent $300 million just to shave three milliseconds off the fastest route and were leasing access to high-frequency traders at $10 million a pop.

Michael Lewis: From Brad Katsuyama’s point of view, when he heard they were willing to spend that kind of money for milliseconds it told him the sums involved were vast. That was one of the first questions he said he had. He says, “All right, I’m getting ripped off. Everybody’s getting ripped off. But what does it add up to?” And I think when he heard the story of Spread Networks, he realized this is tens of billions of dollars we’re talking about.

Ronan Ryan also knew where all the cable was buried and had detailed maps of the fastest routes from the financial district in lower Manhattan to the various stock exchanges in New Jersey, all calculated down to the millisecond.

Ronan Ryan: So I would sit there, roll out maps, and roll out this data center as a box and a line going through it. And they had no idea what I was on about. And then I’d  be like, “Hey are you guys aware of where these data centers are located? Of course you’re arriving there at different time intervals.”

For Brad, the maps turned what had been an abstract idea into something he could actually see. The first place his orders were landing was the BATS Exchange across the river in Weehawken, N.J., and high-frequency traders were lying there in wait.

Michael Lewis: Brad realizes,”Oh my God, that’s how I’m being front-runned. I’m being front-runned because my signal gets to the BATS Exchange first and they can beat meto all the, all the other exchanges.”

It only took a tiny fraction of a second for Brad’s trade to reach the next exchanges on the network, but the high-speed traders were able to jump in front of him, buy the same stock and drive the price up before his order arrived, producing a small profit of just one or two pennies. But it was happening to everyone’s trades millions of times a day.

Ronan Ryan: That adds up.

Steve Kroft: You make it sound like a skim.

Ronan Ryan: What else would you call it?

Michael Lewis: One hedge fund manager said, “I was running a hedge fund that was $9 billion and that we figured that the, just our inability to, to make the trades the market said we should be able to make was costing us  $300 million a year.” That was $300 million a year in someone else’s pocket.

Steve Kroft: Is this illegal?

Michael Lewis: No. That’s the thing that’s so shocking about all this. It should…

Steve Kroft: Well you used the word front running. Front running’s illegal.

Michael Lewis: This form of front running is legal. It’s legalized frontrunning. It’s crazy that it’s legal for some people to get advance news on prices and what investors are doing. It’s just nuts. Shouldn’t happen.

Ronan knew the only way to beat the high-frequency traders was to take away their milliseconds advantage that allowed them to sniff out slower trades and beat them to the exchange. He had an idea how to do it.

Brad Katsuyama: And he said, “You’re probably better off trying to go slower,” which means send the order to the exchange located the farthest away first and send the order to the one that’s located to you last. So stagger when you send them out with the goal of arriving at all places, as close to the same time as possible.

Katsuyama and his team developed software that did just that, allowing the orders of Royal Bank of Canada’s customers to reach all of the exchanges at the same time, cutting the high-frequency traders out of the equation.

Brad Katsuyama: And essentially our fill rates went to 100 percent. We couldn’t believe it when, when we actually figured it out.

Steve Kroft: So you beat speed by slowing it down.

Brad Katsuyama: Yeah, as crazy as that sounds.

Katsuyama and his team went out and began selling and explaining what they had discovered to the big mutual funds, pension funds and institutional investors, people who had suspicions that they were being front-run but didn’t know how.

Steve Kroft: And nobody had really bothered or tried to figure this out until Brad Katsuyama came along…

Michael Lewis: It was in nobody’s interest to, correct. I spoke to dozens of investors, big investors, famous investors who, who said that, “When Brad Katsuyama came into my office and laid out to me how the market was rigged, my jaw hit the floor. I mean, I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know what it was and no one had told us.”

Brad Katsuyama: Part of those meetings led us to believe, “Holy cow, this is, this is really something.” ‘Cause some of the most sophisticated, largest asset managers in the world, this is the first time they were hearing this story.

And some of the most famous names in the American stock market heard the pitch…

Michael Lewis: The Capital Group, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, Vanguard, I mean, it, one after another. He was in their offices. They said, “This man walked in. Why is he gonna know how the stock market operates?” And, and at the end of the hour they said, “Oh, my God, he understands.”   Hedge fund titan David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is one of the believers.

Steve Kroft: Was he able to show you how your orders were being front run?

David Einhorn: Oh yeah. They had, they, they got the marker and the white board and started drawing maps and boxes, and wires and locations. And yeah, we went through it in some detail.

Steve Kroft: Did you find it interesting?

David Einhorn: It was. It was.

Clients like Einhorn encouraged Brad and his team to do something bigger. That’s when Katsuyama, a conformist even by Canadian standards, decided to do something radical. In 2012, he quit his high-paying job as head trader at RBC and went off with some of his team to start their own exchange.

Steve Kroft: You were making good money at Royal Bank of Canada?

Brad Katsuyama: Yeah, right.

Steve Kroft: Millions of dollars?

Brad Katsuyama:: Right. I guess, I guess everybody know that now? Right, yeah.

Steve Kroft: Why did you wanna go off and walk away from that job and start a stock exchange?

Brad  Katsuyama: Yeah, wasn’t an easy conversation to have with my wife, that’s for sure. It almost felt like a sense of obligation to say, “We found a problem. It’s, it’s affecting millions and millions of people.

People are blindly losing money they didn’t even know they’re entitled to. It’s a hole in the bottom of the bucket.

They set out to build an exchange funded exclusively by large traditional investors. They called it IEX, the investor’s exchange, and  quietly launched it in October with the support of some of the biggest layers on Wall Street. And it comes with built in speed bumps to eliminate the advantage of high-speed predators.

Michael Lewis: And the way they did it was they coiled 60 kilometers of fiber optic cable between themselves and the high-frequency traders computers. They call it the magic shoe box and it looks like it’s got fishing line init. But essentially, a high-frequency trader, if he tries to react on the IEX exchange, his trade goes (makes noise) for 60 kilometers until, so he’s, he’s in east Jesus.

Steve Kroft: So it gets there the same time as everybody else.

Michael Lewis: It gets there same time as everybody else’s.

Steve Kroft: Do you think they can game you?

Ronan Ryan: I think that they’ll try to game us. I think the fact, though, that we’ve gone and met with the majority of the biggest high-frequency firms to explain what the magic shoebox is doing and that people haven’tsaid, “Oh that’s rubbish. That won’t work.” We’ve had many ask us for a backdoor, to be honest. So that says something that it’ll work.  The exchange is off to a strong start, although it is still very small with  lots of powerful enemies that like the status quo and are trying to starve IEX by discouraging customers from using them.  Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn is one of the investors.

Steve Kroft: Do you think IEX will survive?

David Einhorn: I think it’s gonna succeed. I think it’s gonna succeed in a very big way.

Just last week, IEX received a strong endorsement from Goldman Sachs, whose top executives cited it as a model for a more stable and less

complicated stock market.

Brad Katsuyama: We’re selling trust. We’re selling transparency. And, and, and to think that trust is actually a differentiator in a service business, it’s kind of a crazy thought, right?

Michael Lewis: Why is this kid, why is he able to all of a sudden sit at the center of the American stock market? And the answer is, when someone walks in the door who is actually trustworthy, he has enormous power. And this is the story, story of trying to restore trust to the financial markets.


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