On Sensitivity to the Influx of New Energies…

On Sensitivity to the Influx of New Energies…
by Phoenix Boulay on November 28, 2014
my comment in this thread: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/11/time-sensitive-make-this-viral.html

Everyone has different sensitivities…I tend to feel energetic things early (like full Moon energy, transits, even CMEs). Just because you don’t feel it does not negate that it is occurring. Similarly, there is nothing WRONG with NOT feeling it. It doesn’t make either party “right” it makes us different, and that is perfectly OK.

I really noticed a huge surge of energy on the 22nd, as forecast..it was much more than just the New Moon energies…it was like being bathed in a sea of love. I noticed that it allowed me to open my heart and thus draw and connect new clients and previous clients who came back to me for healing and relief. A loving feeling of mutual support. Win-win. Those are feelings to remember and cultivate when they seem absent. I loved how I felt on the 22nd and in the days following, how it seemed to open my heart, my life and my connections. I made new friends, and people from my past surfaced. I am trying to open myself to that feeling more.

But I don’t always feel everything people talk about. There is no wrong. Hold the intention to allow the energies to transform you for your highest good. The love is always present, we just don’t always tune into it. No one is coming to rescue you from your “dark cave” of illusion. YOU must step out of it -your comfort zone- and step into the Light, even if that makes you feel vulnerable…love does that. But as Love resonates more Love, you will find there is nothing to fear, and you will draw in people and experiences to reflect your new view. Hold the intention “I am always in the right place at the right time.” and you will be able to walk through fire, unscathed. This I know.

And don’t forget, when we meditate many dark things surface for release from the unconscious mind. This can be thoughtforms or nightmares, etc….do not give them attention. Observe and release. Focus on your dreams, not your fears, and always remember that you are not alone, we are all in this together. We are shifting a paradigm. We are doing a good job! Never give up. ❤ Much love ❤

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