Emmanuel Dagher: On the Brink of a Whole New Reality – November 2019 Energy Update

On the Brink of a Whole New Reality – November 2019Energy Update by Emmanuel Dagher



Hi my friend,  We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.


The energies of November will gently nudge us to continue moving out of our comfort zone, so we can welcome fresh new ways of living and showing up in our lives.

A Whole New Reality

We are currently moving through a potent timeline in which everything is changing at instantaneous speed.

Many people are feeling completely discombobulated and confused.

If you are feeling this way at times, know that you are not alone, and that everything will be okay.

A new heart-centered world has been waiting to birth itself for quite some time, and we’re now seeing glimpses of it everywhere.

This new world has been patiently giving humanity the time and space it needs to allow its karmic soul contracts to be resolved.

If we’ve been experiencing a rough time recently, it’s because our karmic soul contracts are being addressed and resolved.

A new way of living is now ready to be fully realized into our existence, and that’s why things are feeling a bit challenging and “all over the place” for so many.

This new world has been preparing itself for this, for a very long time.

It was set in motion hundreds of years ago, and has recently been anchoring itself by leaps and bounds, especially over the last 60 years.

This has happened as a result of the personal commitment and dedication of so many Way-Showers, Healers, Teachers, Empaths, Space-Holders, Indigenous Tribes, and Lightworkers, who have been anchoring great amounts of light into the Earth.

If you are someone who recently awakened spiritually, a big part of that has to do with all the lightwork done by those who came before you. They have been diligently contributing their light to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Let’s just take a moment to express our gratitude to all those who have paved the way for all of us to be here now. What a blessing!

As we move into the next few months, we will experience a highly concentrated window of time.

Once utilized, that window’s energies will help us collectively materialize a giant leap forward in the consciousness of humanity.

This will also show up in ways that will bring us together with our Soul family. This Soul family will offer us a sense of “home” and “safety.”

It’s important to be mindful of the people entering our lives over the next few months, as many of them will be part of our Soul family, who are helping us continue to anchor higher light into this new reality.

Many of us have already aligned with many of our Soul family members, but of course, families can always expand to include new members

What is the new reality?

The new reality is the New Earth—a heart-centered reality based on love, transparency, compassion, kindness, Divine Wisdom, and equality for all.

How do we align with this new reality?

Although there are many ways to align with the New Earth, below are just a few suggestions that will help immeasurably.


One of the most effective things we can do to align with the New Earth, is to be completely honest—first and foremost with ourselves, then with the world around us.

The first step is to take a quick inventory of where in our lives we are already being completely authentic, honest, and transparent, and what other areas might benefit from having more of these qualities.

Being honest and authentic is not to be mistaken with being intentionally unkind, rude, or hurtful, especially in the way we deliver our truth. The latter behaviors have no room in our new Earth.

Some simple questions we can ask ourselves to help evoke greater authenticity are, “What are the things that matter the most to me in life?” and “Who am I, when I express myself freely and fully from the heart?”

Loving Unconditionally

For thousands of years, the idea of love has suffered many misinterpretations in most societies.

We’ve been taught through religious and philosophical doctrines, the media, and cultural traditions that in order to experience love, we must earn it.

Most of these ideologies also lead us to believe that we must suffer in order to experience love, or that we have to worry about it, search outside ourselves for it, sacrifice for it, experience pain and heartbreak over it, expect it to be conditional, and so on.

True and authentic love is always easy, unconditional, expansive, joyful, eternal, steadfast, and nonjudgmental. It’s simply the way people have misinterpreted love that has created the illusion that it’s anything less than that.

During the next few months, one of the most important things we can do to align with the New Earth, is to rediscover what love really is, and then begin loving completely. We begin by loving ourselves, then with the world around us.

For so many generations, most of humanity has been taught that it is wrong for us to love and honor ourselves in the same way we are supposed to love and honor others.

This tradition is actually one of the main reasons why humanity once moved away from knowing our Divinity, and who we really are.

We were taught to look outside of ourselves for the answer, when all along, it was within every fiber of our being.

Thank goodness those days are winding down quickly now, and that people are understanding more and more that in order to be the most expanded, open, happy, and loving version of ourselves, we must first start by truly loving ourselves.

To the mind, this may not come easily, simply because we have not been taught how to love ourselves.

So, we can ask ourselves some questions, such as, “How would unconditional love treat me, if it were embodied as a person? And how can I open up to being that person?”

I would invite you to make a list of all the ways an unconditionally loving person would treat you.

Are they generous, kind, nonjudgmental, fun, playful, respectful?

Do they make you feel seen, heard, appreciated?

Do they make you gifts, sing to you, take you on special nature walks? And of course, the list goes on.

It’s always wonderful to connect with a Soulmate from our Soul Tribe—someone who can mirror these qualities back to us.

Yet in order for that to happen the way we truly desire, it’s important for us to begin showing up as our own Soulmate first.

A Will to Heal

Unconditional love will bring up all within us that needs to be healed—all the inner imbalances and feelings of loss we carry with us.

Often when we heal from an imbalance, a large burden is lifted out of our energy.

Although the Spirit loves to travel light, the mind sometimes takes a bit longer to be convinced, simply because it has grown accustomed to the burdens it has carried.

There are different levels of willingness, especially when it comes to healing. For many people, it’s not until their thoughts feel increasingly uncomfortable that they are ready and willing to heal and let go of the stories they have identified with for so long.

These are the stories that the mind uses to reinforce the idea that we are broken or lacking in some way.

These are the stories that create victim/survival consciousness, which is actually the lowest aspect of humanity’s consciousness.

Yet in this unique time we are in, we no longer need to identify with or operate from victim consciousness.

We have the opportunity now to shift our personal and collective timelines, so that we can truly begin to operate from the most empowered and sovereign part of ourselves.

This is also known as the Spirit/Goddess/God/Higher Self aspect of ourselves.

So then the question becomes, Are we truly willing and ready to heal?

Are we willing to let go of the dramatic emotional patterns, the insecurities, the stories, the fear, worry, lack, addictions, guilt, shame, self-sabotage, blame, and all other behaviors that affirm victim consciousness?

Once we get an inner “Yes,” we can begin asking questions like, “Who am I outside of the limiting stories my mind has identified with?” and “What steps am I willing to take to find that out?”

If you are finding that you are not healing as quickly as you would like–”healing” being just another word for remembering the wholeness, perfection, and abundance that has been in you all along—then invite your mind to see where it may still be identifying with the old victim consciousness.

The mind might immediately resist, and think something like, “I don’t want the old patterns! I really want to heal.” However, question it.

Ask, “Do you really want to heal? Because clearly, you are still finding comfort in the old discomfort.”

Once you begin questioning your mind in this way, it begins to light up parts of the brain that have been dormant.

These are the parts that allow for the highest wisdom and insight to come through, loud and clear.

Connecting with the Sacred Merkaba

A highly effective way to align with and anchor a new heart-centered reality for all of us, is to begin working with the sacred Merkaba.

What is the Mer-Ka-Ba?

The word Merkaba (Mer-Ka-Ba) comes from the ancient Egyptian term for Lightbody: Mer is Light, Ka is Spirit, and Ba is body. The Merkaba is an electromagnetic field, shaped as a unique pattern of sacred geometry.

This energy field is found in all living things in Creation. Its pattern is formed in the shape of a star tetrahedron—a three-dimensional, eight-pointed star in the shape of two pyramids, one inside the other.

One of the main roles of the Mer-Ka-Ba is to align the mind, body, and heart. This alignment then allows the Merkaba to serve as the vehicle that transports the Spirit and the body into higher states of existence and higher dimensions.

This usually manifests in several ways.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is often awakened through specific, dedicated meditative breathing methods and mindfulness-expanding practices.

It can also be awakened through consistent acts and thoughts of pure love, service, compassion, acceptance, integrity, and kindness. The Self would also be included as one of the recipients of these gifts.

The Merkaba is the manifestation of the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within all living things.

The Merkaba also balances the Feminine and Masculine energy within all living things, creating an environment for a peaceful existence, which then becomes each being’s default vibrational setting.

It enables us to experience expanded states of awareness, and restores the full remembering of who we are as Spiritual Beings.

Even though each living being has its own Merkaba, together we also have a collective Merkaba.

Humanity’s Merkaba

In the past, when the collective Merkaba was dormant, no matter how much of our time we dedicated to our spiritual practice, more often than not, inner growth would always feel challenging, as if we were climbing a tall mountain.

Now those days are long gone, because the consciousness of humanity has reached a point where this kind of struggle is no longer a necessary part of our path to greater growth and awareness.

We are in a time now when it is much easier for us to expand our own individual consciousness, remain steadfast in our spiritual practice, share our spiritual gifts openly, and feel more connected to our Higher Self than ever before.


This process will help you to connect with the Merkaba:

1. We begin by viewing a picture or an object that is in the shape of an actual Merkaba, to have a point of reference.

If you haven’t seen one before, simply type “Merkaba” into your search engine, and you’ll see lots of Merkaba images come up.

Here is one example:

2.Next, we close our eyes and visualize the Merkaba spinning clockwise in our third eye area (the space in between and slightly above eyebrow level).

We focus our attention on the spinning Merkaba for several minutes. If you prefer to see it in different colors, please feel free to do so.

3. Then we gently allow the Merkaba to move down through the body until it settles into our heart area, still spinning in the same direction that it was before.

From here, we can simply focus our attention on the spinning for a few minutes.

Now, with our right hand placed over our heart, we can affirm the following:

”Dear Humanity, I see you. I love you, and I know who you really are. On behalf of anyone who ever made you feel anything less than the wholeness and perfection that you truly are, I am so sorry.

Forgive them, because they just didn’t know any better at the time. Know that you are loved beyond measure now and always, and I will always be here to remind you of this. We are One family.

And so it is!”

4. Later, we envision ourselves lovingly holding a miniature Earth in our hands, the size of a soccer ball. These mini-Earths act as surrogates to our Earth.

5. Now we see these mini-Earths being showered with unconditional love and compassion from our heart-space.

We see this love from our heart represented by the Pink Light of the Divine Feminine, and the Emerald Green Light of the Divine Masculine.

6. We see these lights radiate from our hearts, braiding themselves together and saturating every cell, fiber, and molecule of the Earth in our hands.

7. Afterwards, we visualize all of humanity holding hands in a gigantic circle all around the world.

See each person singing and smiling hugely!

8. Finally, we express our deep gratitude to our body, mind, and I AM Presence for facilitating this personal and global healing activation.

If you would like to connect even more with the energies of the Merkaba, so that it can support your continued spiritual expansion, I recommend printing out a picture of one that you really enjoy. Look at it and meditate with it at least once a day.

Connecting with the Merkaba has so many healing benefits, including: youthening (instead of aging), developing your intuitive and extrasensory gifts, experiencing instant deliberate manifesting, having physical and mental vitality, developing a deep connection to Spirit, and of course, anchoring in a new heart-centered world where we can all thrive and prosper!

The next few months are going to play a pivotal role in helping us set the foundations of a new Earth, as we collectively materialize a giant leap forward in the consciousness of humanity.

Here’s to all of us entering a brighter new reality together with ease, grace, and joy!

And so it is!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


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Dorothy Morgan: September 2 – 8, Significant Healing – Stepping Out Comfort Zone – Weekly Astrology

September 2 – 8, Significant Healing – Stepping Out Comfort Zone – Weekly Astrology

Published on Aug 30, 2019


This week we have opportunities for significant healing and stepping out of our comfort zone while continuing to feel stable.

#nhastrologer #astrology #Virgo

Dorothy Morgan is an experienced Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant – Astrology Mentor and teacher to many. She has been studying Astrology since 1988 and it has been her profession since 2003. She is also a skilled intuitive and Angel Healing Practitioner. She currently runs a Boston based Astrology meetup group and is the current President of The Seacoast Astrological Association in Southern New Hampshire. This group has been around since the 1990’s and they meet once a month, 8 months in the year. Visit her website for more information & join her email newsletter list for a chance at a free 15 minute session; chosen once a month. http://nhastrologer.com/ Consultations are easy to understand and practical, keeping the astrology jargon to a minimum, allowing you to gain a better understanding.

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WEEK OF AUGUST 9–16, 2019


Crystal suggests: “The week beginning
on Sunday, August 11 brings more
opportunity for positive change.”
Sunday, Jupiter, ruling enthusiasm,
opportunity, and vision, stations direct
in sextile to Saturn, which imparts focus,
organization, and discipline. With
Mercury entering Leo, we’re ready
to communicate confidently, warmly,
and expressively. Sound good?
Uranus retrograde at the same time
hands us the reins of our own
genius, enabling us to move more
easily out of our own comfort zones.

On Thursday, the Barley Moon
invites us to celebrate our harvest,
honor the ancestors who have
enabled our success, and share
loving vibrations with all those who
are here with us. Heed the
Full Moon’s call! Check Crystal’s
tips for your Sun and Rising signs.

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– Susan Pomeroy

The Psychology of Belief | Medium

The Psychology of Belief

How your brain distorts the world to support your emotional attachments to certain ideas

Illustration: Hisham Akira Bharoocha

Listen to this story

Belief is a powerful and necessary thing, governing our societies, our day-to-day and inner lives, our thoughts, hopes, plans, and relationships. You believe that the plane will leave the runway, that working hard will lead to a promotion, that the candidate you support is the best one for the job. Some things you believe because a pattern of experience suggests you should: The sun has come up every morning so far, so why should tomorrow be any different?

But other things you believe even despite logic and evidence to the contrary: The next lottery ticket you buy will be the big one, you can feel it.

Belief is like that; some things you believe because you just do. No one, no matter how brilliant or how educated, is immune to irrational convictions, says Paul Zak, a neuroscientist at Claremont Graduate University. For example, “Linus Pauling was a two-time Nobel Prize winner, one of the most respected scientists ever, and he believed vitamin C was a cure-all for things and spent a lot of years pushing it despite being totally unsupported by medical evidence,” Zak says. “He was as smart as they come, but he deluded himself that this thing was true when it wasn’t.”

That’s because the relationship between belief and fact often goes one way: “Our brains take the facts and fit them to reinforce our beliefs,” Zak says, and those beliefs don’t need to make sense to be deeply held. It’s a relationship that has both benefits and drawbacks — but knowing when it’s helping and when it’s doing us a disservice requires an understanding of how we form emotional attachments to those beliefs.

“To become aware of our biases, we need to understand how our emotions play a role in our decision-making and belief processes,” says Jonas Kaplan, a professor of psychology at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute. “Most of the time, it’s a good thing. It’s an old, wise, biological system that’s there to help us, but it’s not always relevant to modern life.”

Our earliest beliefs begin to form long before we’re even really cognizant of them. Our brains, Zak explains, are designed to look for patterns, which “allow us to navigate through the world, survive, and reproduce.” Eventually, our dependence on a pattern becomes a belief in its power.

Some of those early beliefs form through observation. For instance, “by about three months old, children understand gravity,” Zak says. “They believe that if you drop a ball, it will hit the ground. So, if you let go and the ball hovers in the air, those infants will look at it like, ‘What the hell?’ The hovering ball violates this tenet they’ve already come to believe.”

Other beliefs are passed along to us from our families and communities, who transmit many of the foundational ideas that shape how we see the world. Evolutionarily speaking, we are herd animals, and there’s an advantage to going along with the crowd. Those group beliefs, in turn, work their way into our most basic concept of who we are. “The systems in the brain that light up when we access our beliefs are the same systems that help us understand stories,” Kaplan says. “We see a lot of the same brain systems involved when people think about who they are and about the beliefs that are most important to them.”

Kaplan describes a neural system known as the default mode network, a set of interconnected areas of the brain associated with identity and self-representation. “It’s the area that lights up in brain imaging when you ask people to lie there and do nothing,” he says. “Of course, they’re not doing nothing. They’re thinking — about themselves and their future and their plans. It also lights up when people read stories with values they consider deeply important to them and when people think about their political beliefs.”

When your most deeply held beliefs are challenged, “many of the most biologically basic brain systems, those responsible for protecting us, kick into high gear.”

In a study published in 2016 in Scientific Reports, Kaplan and his colleagues conducted brain imaging on participants as they read arguments that contradicted their views on issues, both political and nonpolitical, and documented their neurological response to the opposing information. The results of the team’s persuasive efforts were mixed. “We were able to change minds about things like whether Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and if multivitamins are important,” he says, but other beliefs — those Kaplan calls the “sacred values” — were all but immovable.

The reason those so-called sacred values are so difficult to change, Kaplan says, is that they’re surrounded by a complex network of mental safeguards. When your most deeply held beliefs are challenged, “many of the most biologically basic brain systems, those responsible for protecting us, kick into high gear,” Kaplan says. “These are things like the amygdala, which tells you when to be afraid, and the insula, the part of your brain that processes visceral feelings from the gut and tells you things like if you’re encountering food that’s bad for you. We have a strong motivation to defend those sacred values.”

Of course, not every belief is sacred. So, what determines the strength of our convictions and sets the ones worth protecting apart from the rest? Most of the time, it’s tied to our emotions.

“When you establish your beliefs, if they include emotional tags, the brain saves that information differently so it’s more accessible and impactful,” Zak says. “The strongest beliefs are tied to things like 9/11 or the birth of a child; highly emotional events create beliefs that are almost impossible to change.”

So much of our identity is social, and so many of our social connections are founded on shared beliefs. Ultimately, Kaplan says, most people find it simpler to maintain both their established beliefs and their social circle than to consider a drastic value shift, for reasons that are as practical as they are mental.

“People say, ‘I can’t change my mind. What would my friends think of me?’ People who radically change their political beliefs, for instance, lose a lot: social relationships, jobs, romantic partners,” he says. “There’s a lot at stake when you’re considering changing a belief.”

Our tendency to cling to our beliefs may feel better than the alternative, but that doesn’t mean it’s in our best interest. Our primary self-defense tactic is to remove the threat and avoid anything that might challenge our worldview, which is how so many of us end up living in a feedback loop, surrounded by people who share the same opinions. The effect is only exacerbated by our reliance on social media.

“The world is an information minefield right now,” Kaplan says. We also need to think carefully about which beliefs we allow into that protected inner circle, he adds. “It makes sense to share beliefs and values with people, and it makes sense to defend those beliefs. But to have beliefs that are epistemological — that things are true or false about the world — and be unwilling to hear otherwise could be very dangerous.”

As for all the other little beliefs tucked away in your head, Zak says, you don’t necessarily need to interrogate everything. “Praying the plane lands safely probably doesn’t change anything, but what’s the harm?” he says. “If holding on to the hope that winning the lottery is the solution brings you comfort, why not?”

“If you don’t have some beliefs, you just can’t get through the world,” Zak says. “These rituals and beliefs are really reinforcing, they’re really nice, and there’s something beautiful and distinctly human about them.”

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written by

Kate Morgan

Kate is a freelance journalist who’s been published by The Cut, The Washington Post, USA Today, Slate, O Magazine, and others. Read more at bykatemorgan.com.

Jennifer Hoffman: Change, Choice, Control and Priorities

Change, Choice, Control and Priorities

For the last 5 days I had no electricity, as my area was hit by the high winds and heavy rain from hurricane Michael. When the power first went out I waited for a few hours for it to return and went to bed in the dark, thinking it would be on by morning. When it wasn’t, I realized it might be out for a while and I was going to have to change my routine and my life to accommodate this unwelcome, inconvenient, and unwanted change. I did and now that the electricity is back, I realized it was a big lesson in changes, choices, control, and priorities.

It’s funny how you don’t realize how much of your life is run by electricity until it is not working. I had no hot water, no heat or air conditioning, no way to cook, no phone or internet, and no lights. After the sun goes down it is very dark in the house with no artificial light. So I had to get out the candles, flashlights, and lanterns and they provided the light to help me navigate through my house. But I could not do the things I normally do because all of them required electricity.

Changes, especially surprising, unwelcome, and inconvenient ones like having no electricity for several days, demand that we make different choices and change our priorities. Here are some of my thoughts about the shift in priorities and activities with change, and how to stay in control in situations you cannot control.

Is it just me? The first thing I did was to see if my neighbors had electricity, as I wanted to know whether it was just me or if everyone had their lights off. They did, as I discovered after sundown, and every house on my street was dark. When we experience a disruptive change our first thought is to wonder whether it is just happening to us. It is somewhat comforting to know that it is not.

I had to become very strategic about how I spent my time during the day. Some things cannot be done at night, even with candlelight or a flashlight, which lights up a very small space. So I had to plan my activities during the day to make the best use of the daylight hours and save other things for night time.

I went to bed early. There was nothing to do after sundown except read, so I went to bed early and read by flashlight for a while. Now I know why my grandmother used to say they went to bed with the chickens and were up with the roosters in the ‘old days’ before electricity. The weather is getting cooler too, and that was the only warm place in the house.

I had to become very strategic about the use of resources like my phone or computer.  My cell phone was my only way of communicating but as I quickly learned, using it drained the battery and then I had to sit in my car and let it charge (which takes a long time). And my computer battery lasted a few hours and then died.

The third day without electricity I found a library in town whose lights were on so I spent the afternoon there charging my phone and sending a few emails. The library was filled with people who also didn’t have electricity and were there to charge their devices so I met some nice people and had some interesting conversations.

I had to be creative to solve problems. My stove is electric so I could not use it but I have a gas grill outside that uses propane. I used it occasionally this summer but now it became my source to heat water for coffee, tea, and for bathing, and to cook my meals. Luckily it didn’t rain while my power was out but it was cold in the mornings when I went out to heat water for my morning coffee.  And I had to cook my dinner before sundown or I would not be able to see anything.

And to minimize food loss, I cooked what was defrosting in the freezer to not waste too much food. I didn’t go hungry, although it was inconvenient to cook outside.

And I could choose to use cold water for bathing or heat water on the grill and use that. I dislike cold water baths so I chose to heat the water outside and although it was much more complicated than turning on a hot water tap, it reminded me of when I was very young and lived in my grandmother’s ancient house in France and we had no running hot water. My earliest memory of that house was a huge pot of simmering hot water that always sat on the stove, as this was our source of hot water.

I got things done that I had been putting off because I had no spare time.  Without the distractions of the internet, phone, and computer, I had a lot of time to do other things. So I painted my living room and upstairs hall, did some re-organizing, hung pictures on the walls, refinished a table, and completed some other house projects. All during daylight hours, of course. Then I worked on writing and other things on my computer at night, until the battery died.

I saw a lot of stars in the sky.  Since my entire part of town was without electricity there was no light pollution so there were a lot more stars visible at night than normal. I spent some time outside after dark looking at the sky and enjoying the beautiful stars.

There were things I could not control so I had to change my priorities.  I could not control when the electricity would be available again, that the food in my refrigerator was going to spoil if the power did not return soon, that it would be very dark in my house after sundown, that none of my electrical appliances would work, and that I could not follow my normal routine.

Now I knew that life would return to normal once the power was restored but in the meantime, I had to be very strategic about my priorities so I could manage my life around the circumstances that I had to deal with. It would serve no useful purpose to do nothing and wait around for the lights to turn on, or to not get organized for mealtimes so I wasn’t sitting in the dark eating crackers or chips instead of something more substantial and filling. Or to not find a place with electricity so I could charge my phone and computer.

Now that my electricity has returned I am using my modern appliances that make life so convenient with a new sense of appreciation. I do like being able to have a working stove and refrigerator, to turn on the lights after sundown, and to be able to recharge my phone and computer at will.

Sometimes change happens in life and we need to address it by shifting our priorities, making the best use of what we have, not regretting what we don’t have, and to become strategic with our priorities to manage the circumstances. We can’t always be in control of events but we can learn to control our lives even in the midst of situations we cannot control. Getting depressed and being scared are OK in small doses but eventually we have to accept the situation, face the facts, and make choices, and act on them, so our lives continue to move forward until the chaos has gone away and we can establish something more normal, easy, and in our high vibes energy flow.


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Kelley Rosano: Scorpio New Moon on November 18

Scorpio New Moon on November 18


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NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for November 13 to 19, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune
TUE: Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron
THU: Venus semisquare Saturn, Venus trine Neptune, Sun trine Chiron, Mercury trine Ceres
FRI: Sun quincunx Uranus, Mercury sextile Mars
SAT: New Moon 3:42am PST (11:42am GMT)
SUN: Mars square Pluto, Venus square Ceres

is a profoundly complex sign. Perhaps that is why I’ve had a hard time finding the right words with which to begin today’s Journal. I’ve made five attempts at writing this opening paragraph, each one coming from a slightly different tack.

Here are the beginning phrases of my first five efforts:

“We look into the mirror this week …”
“The door to deep transformation opens before us …”
“We are truly in a Scorpionic time, with so many secrets being revealed …”
“It’s an interesting paradox, having a New Moon in Scorpio …”
“We often experience a healing crisis when we are transitioning from one state to another …”

Or perhaps I can blame the Mercury-Neptune square that perfects on Monday for my mind’s inability to get on board a single train of thought and ride it to its destination. But no matter what the reason, the truth of the matter is that we have another powerful week ahead of us, and I’m feeling some resistance about diving into its energies

THAT’S WHY the idea of a healing crisis came to mind — we rarely enjoy such an experience, but we accept it as a necessary step in the curative process. Our perception of such an event can change when we see it through the eyes of wisdom.

I received that message through two sources this morning — the first came as I read a few more paragraphs in John O’Donohue’s book Anam Cara, in which he wrote:

“To the fearful eye, all is threatening. When you look toward the world in a fearful way, all you see and concentrate on are things that can damage and threaten you. The fearful eye is always besieged by threat.

“The loving eye can look lovingly upon anything. If we could look at the world in a loving way, then the world would rise up before us full of invitation, possibility, and depth. The loving eye can even coax pain, hurt, and violence toward transfiguration and renewal.”

SYNCHRONISTICALLY, reinforcement of this theme arrived in my inbox this morning, through Shanta Gabriel’s “Inspiration for the Week” email. Her message for the coming week is:

“A disruption of energy serves to bring more clarity. Bless it.”

As Shanta explains, “Blessing the situation will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. To bless means to confer energy upon. When we bless something, it brings the Infinite Intelligence in Divine Light to the circumstance. It also gives us the opportunity to ask for a Creative Solution if it seems so dire that we can’t see our way through it.”

There is little, if any, difference between looking at the world in a loving way and blessing a situation. Whichever way we choose to verbalize the concept, this is our guiding directive for the coming week.

ON OUR WAY to the week’s main planetary events — both of which occur next weekend — we are first blessed by an alignment of Venus and Jupiter that perfects in the very early hours of Monday morning. This conjunction finds the two “benefic” planets joining forces, providing a helpful energy boost to our process of transformation.

We can feel more hopeful and optimistic with the assist of these planets, but since they are in Scorpio, they also require that we do some honest soul-searching as a part of our journey of renewal. And what do we need to ask our soul?

With Venus, we may want to ask: What do I really value? What does my heart need? Am I willing to reveal the truth of my being to loved ones, to myself? And with Jupiter, our questions may be: What do I believe in? What can I invest my energy into that will increase my joy and my sense of life’s meaning?

And with Scorpio, the questions might be: What do I feel passionate about? What empowers me? And what fears do I need to release so that I might experience greater depth, intimacy, and commitment in my life?

THE THEME OF HEALING is very present this week, and especially strong on Thursday. On that day, we have three supportive trine aspects, all perfecting in the morning hours (Pacific Time).

A harmonious Venus-Neptune trine, building on the energies of Monday’s Venus-Jupiter alignment, opens our hearts to new levels of forgiveness and compassion. Also in effect, a Mercury-Ceres trine increases empathic communication and expands our ability to relate to animals and others in our care. In other words, this is a great day to sit down with your beloveds of any description, since emotional and telepathic bonds are more easily established.

The third trine on Thursday is between the Sun and Chiron. This influence is also woven into the energies of Saturday’s New Moon, at which time both the Sun and the Moon are in positive aspect with the Wounded Healer. This means that we carry the potential for deep spiritual and emotional healing into the new lunar cycle.

TWO TRANSFORMATIONAL EVENTS occur next weekend — the New Moon in Scorpio and a Mars-Pluto square.

The New Moon occurs on Saturday at 26°19″ Scorpio, at 3:42 a.m. PST (11:42 a.m. GMT). This lunation is notable for several reasons — the trine to Chiron and its therapeutic effect being one of them.

But there are also a total of five planetary beings in Scorpio at the time of the New Moon: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Vesta. This line-up greatly increases the “Scorpionic” impact of the event, energy that is carried into the new lunar cycle. We can expect heightened emotions, more secrets and suspicions being revealed, deep transformations occurring, loyalties being questioned, and plays being made to gain power and control.

The New Moon is also in a strong quincunx aspect with Uranus, which can feel uncomfortable, but is actually a helpful catalyst for necessary change. As astrologer Emily Trinkaus writes in the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer, this quincunx “reinforces the theme of being shaken out of our comfort zone. To renew our own vitality, and to breathe life back into our relationships, we need to interrupt our habitual patterns of reacting and defending.”

MARS AND PLUTO form a square aspect about once a year, so Sunday’s event is not rare — but Pluto and Mars are the modern and traditional rulers of Scorpio, so their conflictive relationship at this time (with the New Moon and so many planets in Scorpio) could have particular impact.

What can we expect? Most likely, an increase in the “Scorpionic impacts” I listed above. With Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, we see at essence a struggle between the desire to collaborate and the need to wield unquestioned authority.

With this aspect, we are challenged to rise above co-dependent behaviors to more fully claim our personal power. Our test may come through encountering feelings of powerlessness and needing to find new ways of asserting ourselves. To pass this test, we must not devolve into anger and competitiveness, or resort to old “work-arounds” such as passive-aggressive behaviors that never address the problem directly.

THANKFULLY, some of the other planets are well positioned to help us utilize the most positive characteristics of Mars in Libra. These qualities include the courage to fight for what is fair and just, and the ability to manage conflict.

Throughout the weekend, Mars is at the midpoint of Mercury in Sagittarius and the North Node and Ceres in Leo. This means we have access to the best qualities of Mercury in Sag — intuitive wisdom, a positive perspective, and the ability to inspire through meaningful communication — and of Ceres and the North Node in Leo — creativity, confidence, and the ability to lead with heart.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are in a healing cycle as you embark on your new year, with greater compassion and faith being incorporated into your sense of self. At the same time, your self-concept is shifting in ways that will ultimately allow you  greater freedom and autonomy. As you move beyond old emotional patterns, you will likely need to make adjustments in how you relate to others, and old contracts will need to be rewritten. This year requires you to explore themes of honesty and assertiveness, and to find new ways to express your desires.

In peace,



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THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:  take action, step out of comfort zone

Moon in Capricorn

Sun: 06 Libra – “a man watches his ideals taking concrete form before his inner vision”

True Alignments:  ideas made manifest (and often tested), the powers of visualization and will, seeing what is truly valuable, facing something, the inner brought to the outer

Catalysts for Change:  devalued, unsatisfactory, unable to see self clearly, delusions, emotional challenge/instability

Earth: 06 Aries – “a square brightly lighted on one side”

True Alignments:  thinking outside of the box, seeing what is missing, ability to transform, objectivity, making needed changes, bringing things together

Catalysts for Change:  lacking discernment, fear of change, seeing only one side, feeling boxed in or trapped, frustration, power and control issues

Today the powerhouse that is Pluto stations direct (appears to move forward) in the sky once again!  This is a happy thing!

Pluto will station direct at 3:36 pm ET/7:36 pm UT at 17 Capricorn, “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.”  Pluto has been retrograde since April 20, 2017 – a lifetime ago, it seems – and it retrograded at 20 Capricorn, “a hidden choir singing during a religious service.”  Since April, Pluto has been working to help us unify our voices and release ourselves from limitations and restrictions.

The day a planet (especially an outer planet like Pluto) stations retrograde or direct can be chaotic and intense.  Pluto is “underworld” energy, so things can come up from the depths.  As the planet stations direct, it has a slingshot-like effect, releasing things that have been pent up, blocked, withheld, or concealed.  Things that no longer serve the highest and best are being “thrown off” and cast to the four winds.

The locations of the Sun and Earth today add ample power to the cast-off.  The Sun brings us the power to make things a reality, and the Earth brings us the power to see something clearly or solve it.

It is hard not to overuse the word “power” with Pluto.  I have already used it four times in this report.  Pluto’s power is the power to transform.  It forges inner strength through a gauntlet of tribulations.  It brings about “the ultimate.”  Those born between January 4-14 have been under tidal forces of pressure to transform into something much greater than they were when Pluto began its transformation for them in 2014 (yes, it takes that long for Pluto to do the job).  These wise owls have earned their Wisdom Wings.  We salute you and the services your newly-transformed self will bring to the world!

The Moon will make conjunction with Pluto at 10:27 pm ET/2:27 am UT, completing Pluto’s transformation.  It is important to know that with Pluto, the sharp stinger of Scorpio is present.  This means that Pluto stationing direct may incite the Scorpionic themes of anger, withdrawal, darkness, depression, power plays, testing others and getting testy, sexuality, money, figurative death, the subconscious, and chthonic forces.  Pluto in Capricorn brings control issues (let’s let those go).  We will want to give people wide berth today, as the energetics may be unsettling for some.

With all of these energetics, there is every reason to dream a bigger dream today, as it will soon be “taking concrete form from our inner vision.”  Release your mind!

(And stay tuned for tomorrow’s opposition between Venus and Neptune, which is a festival of loveliness!)

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse 8.21.17 in Denmark by wise owl chalotte

PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse 8.21.17 in Denmark by wise owl chalotte

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:  step out of comfort zone, take action

Moon in Sagittarius

Sun: 07 Virgo – “a harem”

True Alignments:  inalienable rights, liberty, groups, individuality, maintaining unity under divisive circumstances

Catalysts for Change:  undervaluing self, spoiled, overly-competitive, the need for the approval of others, indecisive, lack of depth, maintaining the status quo, human trafficking, envy, comparison to others, attempts to divide and conquer, double crossing

Earth: 07 Pisces – “illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist”

True Alignments: highlighted, recommitted or refocused, finding something or finding out something, helpful, assisting, faith, messages from Spirit, stairway to heaven

Catalysts for Change:  chaotic, betrayal, misplacing, sacrificing self, helpless, hopeless, purposely confusing or shrouding (possibly shrouding the complexity of something),

Today’s energetics are inherently diametric.  “Illumination by light” is as graceful as “a harem” is distasteful.  So we will walk through today understanding that we choose if we want to fall on the side of hope for the future or on the side of hopelessness.

The walk of hope may necessitate skill today, as we have not only a Black Moon Day (Moon in the same sign as the Black Moon) but we also have the Black Moon moving to 23 Sagittarius, “immigrants entering a new country.”  This is good news!  The Black Moon now begins to move into conjunction with the Galactic Center.  A direct line from “heaven” is incoming.

Exact conjunction of the Black Moon and the Galactic Center occurs on October 7.  As this builds, we stand in alignment with truth and love.  They prevail, no matter what.

It is important to remember this today, and it will be even more important to remember tomorrow, as we will have the Moon conjunct Saturn and the Black Moon – bringing repeats of last Friday in various ways.  The Moon conjuncts Saturn tomorrow at 10:23 am ET/2:23 pm UT.  The Moon conjuncts the Black Moon just after that, at 12:23 pm ET/4:23 pm UT.  Tomorrow is a Black Moon Day of rather stellar proportions.  We will load in the positive vibes today, in advance. 

It is also a good idea to remember that we are in the first of two months when TRUST is imperative (Gibbous solar cycles, meaning if you divided the solar year into eight parts, eight phases – like the eight Moon phases of a month – we are in the Gibbous time).

The collective consciousness of humanity will undergo “illumination” to an infinite number of things today.  Light can blind.  (Putting a little Led in as prescriptive “music of the spheres” may be helpful.  Led Zep is all over the misty mountain hop, immigrant song, and stairway to heaven of “illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist” and this report today).

The Black Moon in Sagittarius (and also, via polarity, the Black Moon in Gemini) challenges rebirth of our ideas of what is meaningful, true, acceptable, and personally approving.  The energetic of the Sun at “a harem” exacerbates the challenge.  At heart, the energetic is about seeking within and inner approval.  The energetic is not so much about the outer world.  We undergo a lesson on the ability to find personal meaning and personal acceptance (seeing oneself as valuable with tailored individuality).  Focus here today.  The “east winds” of this year’s theme of “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” are blowing at gale force.

What is illuminated for you today?

Note:  Below is the link to an article at StillnessInTheStorm.com regarding my report yesterday, with supporting data from deep within the Oracle Report archives:


THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, August 14, 2017




01 Leo: “under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head” (unleash your mind)


08 Aries: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (attune, align with new ways, hold on to your hat, stabilize)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom)

Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will)

Kathe, God of the South

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, August 14, 2017

Third Quarter Moon Phase:
revise, realign

Moon in Taurus

Sun:  23 Leo – “a bareback rider in a circus displays her dangerous skill”

Higher Expression:  courage, mastery, correct, prevailing against the odds, acknowledging risk to self

Lower Expression:  the need to be the center of attention, power and control issues, lack of discipline, enslavement

Earth:  23 Aquarius – “a big bear sitting down and waving all of its paws”

Higher Expression:  going outside normal expectations/the extra mile, drawing attention to something that needs correction, defiance of oppression, drawing a line/boundary, doing what needs to be done

Lower Expression:  excess, ungrounded, unconditioned, anti-feminine, giving up, giving in to fear

In lieu of additional commentary on today’s energetics, I will instead demonstrate:

Was a nerve struck?

From the Vatican News Agency, August 13, 2017 04:41 am: “Trust in Christ, Not in Horoscopes, Pope Francis Says”

How about trust in Christ, not in the Pretender Pope, Francis, who is a leader in the worldwide satanic pedophile ring?

It’s time for the cognitive dissonance to end.  Truth and love prevails.

Homework for wise owls:  THE QUESTION IS ALWAYS “WHY NOW?”  Why now?  Why was this said now?