Singularity, Uniqueness and Connection by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

|This article is an Archangel Uriel channeled message.

The separation that is being created by the ascension cycle is a process of spiritual distinction designed to allow new levels of energetic frequency and vibration to co-exist on the earth. It is the unfolding journey of multi-dimensionality as a many level process which allows everyone to experience this energetic cycle of transformation in their own way. This is the creation of ‘heaven on earth’, the integration of higher frequencies into the density of the third dimension. It is a separation that brings attention to singularity which is un-animity or the awareness of the single soul that all energies are part of, the uniqueness which is the spark of divinity that each of you embodies, and the connection that all energy shares in their un-animity.

Singularity is the presence of the one soul that unites all beings in the universe. You are part of the un-animus, the single soul energy which has an infinite number of expressions. Just as one drop of water is part of an ocean, each of you is one aspect of the one soul, a soul sea whose vast expanse includes all souls. The collection of all of the soul energy is the journey of congruence, the awareness of the Divine emanation that all share.

Uniqueness is the expression that each of you embodies as a spark of divine light. While you are part of the un-animus or one soul, how you choose to express that soul energy is unique to you, your soul mission, your life path, and your healing. Only you can embody the single spark of energy from the soul sea that you have chosen for this lifetime. Only you are the unique expression of that spark of divinity in the world. And only you are able to use that energy for your journey of healing to wholeness to congruence.


Connection is the energy that binds all of the unique sparks of divine light to each other. All souls are connected energetically so that what occurs within one soul’s experience is available to all. This is also reflected in your shared connection to the Earth’s energy grid, it is all one big energy system. You are never separated from this connection and can never be separated from this connection. Even when your spirit leaves the physical body you are still connected to all other lights, all other souls, and the earth, forever.

Singularity, uniqueness, and connection are the embodiment of the Divine Trinity, mind/body, emotions, and spirit. It is the flow of energy through this trinity structure that creates the movement from healing to wholeness to congruence, which expands the 3D paradigm to receive higher frequencies, and then which opens 3D to greater aspects of multi-dimensionality. The flow of energy from divine to human creates the divine presence of heaven on earth. It is the portal to multi-dimensionality that is expressed uniquely through you as a divine human. This is your journey home.

The ‘healing’ of the earth is created by remembering the singularity of all, the unique spark of the soul sea that you embody, and the connection you have to everyone and everything, everywhere. Your ascension is part of the overall ascension cycle, what you create for yourself you create as a potential for all. Each person’s unique journey includes connection and all are part of the singularity of the unanimity that is the divine spark of light you each embody as the emissary of light you are for Source, the ascension path, and for each other.


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