I AM Questions and Answers…from St. Saint Germain, by Andy Bojarski | Healing and Love

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I AM Questions and Answers…from St. Saint Germain,
by Andy Bojarski | Healing and Love

This e-book is designed to help all of humanity. Everyone should read this e-book. The information in this e-book gives the Great Universal Laws of Life that apply to all of humanity, as taken from Unveiled Mysteries…. The e-book is written in a question and answer format for easy understanding.

If you are truly looking to ascend, you really must read this information. It has instructions and applications that will help you remove all the discord that you have built up lifetime after lifetime within you. It will help you reach the Light…as only the Light reaches the Light…you must reach the Light to ascend…in the same way that Jesus ascended 2,000 years ago…

This e-book will help you heal. It is filled with the Ascended Masters’ Love and radiation…Any human problem that you are going through will be removed if you follow these applications in these books. This includes financial problems, emotional problems, anger, shame, guilt, depression, greed, lust, criticism, judgment, suicidal problems, it does not really matter…

Whatever human issues you are going through, they can be fixed. But, you must do the work…you are the only one that has free will and you are the only one that qualifies and misqualifies the God energy that is always flowing pure and perfect within you….And if you have misqualified this pure God Energy, through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you can fix it by requalifying it with forgiveness and Love in the heart…

Your only goal in this life and all past lives is to know who you are and to go back to your heritage, the perfect Son and Daughter of God that you are…you are here to ascend and go back to the Light, to be back in the Father’s house, His Kingdom!!

Anyone can ascend if they are ready…the information in this e-book will help to get you ready…but as mentioned…you must do the work…my energy healings do not heal you…I only provide the Light and Radiance to help sustain you through my I AM Presence, that is One with the Father, as you connect with your I AM Presence and Divinity.

Remember, God’s greatest gift to all of you was of Himself to You and His Beingness within You. His life force is constantly flowing within you…your physical body is a Temple of the Most High Living God. It is your eyes that God sees through, your ears that God hears with, your throat that allows God’s voice to come from your mouth and His energy and love that allows you to think, and move your arms and other parts of your body…God’s Full Divinity and Presence is within YOU!!!

Love this Presence within you…Accept this Presence as the owner, giver, and doer of all perfection in your life…and have gratitude for life every moment of your life…and there can be no holding you back in your ascension…

My Light enfolds you, My Power upholds you, and My Love breathes through you if you seek your home in the Light. May this same mighty radiance shed its Light to illumine, heal, and bless you with that Divine Love which will ever hold all close in the eternal embrace of The One Supreme Light.

Andy Bojarski


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