I AM Questions and Answers…

I AM awakening… ❤

Healing and Love

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This e-book is designed to help all of humanity. Everyone should read this e-book. The information in this e-book gives the Great Universal Laws of Life that apply to all of humanity, as taken from Unveiled Mysteries…. The e-book is written in a question and answer format for easy understanding.

If you are truly looking to ascend, you really must read this information. It has instructions and applications that will help you remove all the discord that you have built up lifetime after lifetime within you. It will help you reach the Light…as only the Light reaches the Light…you must reach the Light to ascend…in the same way that Jesus ascended 2,000 years ago…

This e-book will help you heal. It is filled with the Ascended Masters’ Love and radiation…Any human problem that you are going through will…

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