Mollly McCord: Taurus Solar Eclipse ♉ ~ Moving Forward with an Expanded, Reprogrammed Heart ~

Taurus Solar Eclipse ♉ ~ Moving Forward with an Expanded, Reprogrammed Heart ~ April 2022 Astrology

Apr 19, 2022

Molly McCord
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The Taurus Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees on April 30 is a powerful new beginning in your life based on your new personal values, self-acceptance, and sense of empowerment. Taurus looks for stability, security, and grounding to the physical world to create a meaningful life, so it is time to realistically go forward with this higher self-worth as your guide. Venus is the ruler of this Solar Eclipse and she is receiving so much support from multiple planets – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and the Nodes – signalling that what we love, want, and need is very important right now. Venus has been deeply reprogrammed and recalibrated to a higher frequency of spiritual love and self-love. Our relationship to ourselves has been dramatically evolved, which changes how we connect with others and the types of connections we draw in. Honoring your own spiritual evolution through relationships is key, especially as we see others as spiritual teachers on our individual journeys. Strong Pisces energies focus on closures, endings, and allowing a cycle to be complete. Strong Taurus energies bring our attention to what we are newly building, growing, and nourishing. Much more to discuss in this chart.

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