“Worst day by far…” – “Utterly horrendous!”

I honestly feel like so many people were tricked into becoming Trump-haters that they missed the obvious: Biden has dementia and is unfit to be in a position of such power and responsibility. He is quickly leading humanity to the edge of the abyss of darkness, IMHO.
I think this was all done DELIBERATELY! This administration has done nothing to protect citizen taxpayers and EVERYTHING to help non-citizens get the best of us, take advantage of us. We ALL come from immigrants, that is not the issue. The issue is the lack of screening of newcomers and limiting numbers so as not to overwhelm the system, never mind the fact we should never be arming and equipping our avowed enemies. They are bringing people here to hand them our rights that they have not earned, at our expense, and it is only a matter of times where the weapons we supplied will be used against us. As we see, those who used Biden for this agenda are already kicking him to the curb so they can seize power. God help us all, indeed. “The darkest hour is just before the Dawn.”

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay, [22.08.21 15:50] https://t.me/SAMcKay
[Forwarded from The Gateway Pundit Media]

“Utterly Horrendous… People Who Have Done Multiple Tours Say It’s the Worst Thing They Have Ever Seen – People Dying Outside Airport Gate” – Sky Reporter Tells of Horror Outside Airport (VIDEO)

SKY News reporter Stuart Ramsay tells it like it is at the Kabul Airport this weekend. Stuart calls the situation, “Utterly horrendous!”

Stuart Ramsay described the scene, “It is utterly, utterly horrendous… People in the front are being absolutely crushed and we believe people have died this morning. People who have done multiple tours say its the worst thing they have ever seen… I can’t see how really this is going to stop until they close the doors and leave.”

This is a man-made catastrophe thanks to Joe Biden and Democrats.

Biden surrendered and then armed the Taliban.

God help us.



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