Just a Reminder, You Are All AMAZING (Uplifting Post For You)

Back atcha, Jonathan! ❤


Being guided to share a reminder here to all those who feel guided to read this, that each one of you is special beyond your imagination. No one is useless here, everyone is part of the master puzzle. Without you here on this planet, the plan for liberation would not go as well as it should.


You (yes you reading this!) need to realize how important you are and how loved you are. In all likeliness, things/life in general have been very hard on you recently (and probably long before that!) You might even use the word hell or any other word (perhaps one worse than that) to describe your experience on this planet.

But try to remember that you are the best of the best working on this planet for the good of the people here who are not able or willing to help themselves. The people, the animals…

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