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11:11 Beautiful Gift
Use This 4 Step Gateway Ritual!

Many people in the community are asking about November 11th and what it means and how to prepare.  Important: It comes around once time per year…so maximize this portal!

11 is a what’s called a ‘master number’.  It has a very high vibration that can help create manifestations faster.

Its also said that angels and higher guides use this number to reach us and connect us with higher wisdom!  So use this 11:11 to shift your life!

November 11th 2017 is upon us and here are some suggestions to help make this special ‘gateway’ even more powerful for you!

Here are few steps you can use right now:

1) Get clear on what you really want – Take just a moment to be still and quiet.  Turn off distractions. Focus in and discover what you really want from your heart.  Then think about it and feel it coming true.

2) Call upon the energies through this portal (Today 11:10 or Saturday 11:11) to ASK with deep passion for higher help to make these dreams manifest.

3) Feel and Visualize it coming into reality and call in help and higher assistance in making this vision a reality.   You can simply ask while feeling and visualizing , “Higher light of God…I thank you for helping me bring this into my field for the greatest good”.

4) Take action on an idea or impulse related to your 11:11 Vision.  After you perform step 3 just look for subtle clues to take action.  It might be a phone call you need to make, a walk in the park or an idea you have.  Just by taking one simple action you can start to maximize this powerful angelic portal for manifestation and soul healing. Let your heart lead you!

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