Suzanne Spooner interview (QHHT session) with Todd 11-11-16, at 11 AM… “Startling Insight into Donald Trump’s Election, Intention and the Science of Ascension Explained” | Kauilapele’s Blog


Suzanne Spooner interview (QHHT session) with Todd 11-11-16, at 11 AM… “Startling Insight into Donald Trump’s Election, Intention and the Science of Ascension Explained” | Kauilapele’s Blog

suzanne_spooner_newer_1Both Suzanne and Todd mentioned this to me and I have just now (11-24-16 at 1900 HST) listened to it. All I can say is, “Wow!” If you feel drawn to listen, you may wish to check it out. Here’s one comment copied from a video caption.

“It should be noted that this session occurred November 11, 2016 at 11 AM (11-11-11), and just after the US election of Donald Trump. The client, Todd, seemed neutral about his political beliefs, in brief conversation prior to the session, but with a lean away from Trump.”

Suzanne has written an article about this on her blog, here.


Below the video, I have put some times and notes that I transcribed from the video, as well as a note from Todd which he sent me. The election discussion Q&A portion begins at about 4:45.
4:45 Q. Planet at critical juncture. What do you see about that? A. Huge tidal wave rolling across atmosphere, dark clouds being blown away. Big black inky stuff blown away. No more.
6:00 Happening now. Already been happening. Time makes no sense.
6:55 It’s a cleansing. A sickness is being cleansed. It’s like the sun is coming up over America.
7:35 Nothing hides from the Light. A decision has been made… the darkness no longer has power
8:10 Ego Trump is an “idiot”… the Higher Trump is guiding.
8:40 But the Light has won and there is no concern. This is the turning point. This is A GOOD thing.
9:10 Hillary was aligned with the dark; she was using dark forces. That would have worked 50 years ago, but no power now. She is afraid. Never saw it coming.
10:00 Supporters were under a “sorcery”.
10:30 Q. Effect on other countries around the world? A. White House pillar of Light. Higher Self standing in Light. Telling everyone, this is the way. This is how we do it… He’s owned by the Light.”
11:30 His ego must step out of the way. He doesn’t have a choice. Cannot fight the Light.
11:50 Q: One more question re: election. A. People of Light that are working against the people of the dark would not allow her to win. She tried to win.
12:50 War was going to happen if she were in. Her policies would have continued the NATO build up, etc. Could not be allowed. That had to be stopped.
13:54 He is gonna clean house. People leaving right and left. Just pay attention
14:30 Don’t pay attention to the “stupid” things the ego says. The Light is in charge now. He’s guided by a Higher Power

A note from Todd (hope he’s okay with my posting this, but I feel it sheds some Light on this entire message):

Follow your blog for daily updates. Love the energy of it brother. I have just experienced something phenomenal and wanted to share it with you. The video link below is me in a QHHT session where I am put into a light chamber (twice). I then begin explaining the science behind ascension and my higher self discusses with her (not in clip) that I have the ability to see future events.. Suzanne asks me about the election and off I go. I wanted to share it with you because you share so much with us. I think it would be good for others to hear this. It has changed everything for me



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